A Design for Ascension

By Edna Lister

Chapter 30. Soul Illumination, the Golden Silence

30.1 Preparing to Enter the Golden Silence. 30.2 How to Enter the Golden Silence. 30.3 How to Create Your Soul Garden. 30.4 Praising Your Way to God. 30.5 Working as a Soul Gardener. 30.6 Living in Your Garden.

Soul illumination is a supplying of Light, spiritual enlightenment or divine revelation. To sit and concentrate on the body or any part of it, even for a thousand years, can develop or awaken but 1/1000th part of the body. To develop new brain cells requires complete surrender to become the servant-creator of all the Power of Light. To live, move and have your being in Light forever, never descending from the mountaintop in consciousness, but holding full contact with God the All. Development increases the number of mental and spiritual faculties awakened and the quantity of cells ready to function those faculties already in use. Thus, you put in a larger capacity bulb for Light.

Moving through the marriages of the Lamb takes you to that place of poise, the heart of being of soul, where you may function the full Light of the Oversoul's star. Determination holds you in poise, then through surrender and praise of true prayer, you can express the balanced love and wisdom that creates perfection on the outer. Steadfast use develops new brain cells and opens old neurons until the full illumination of all Light penetrates and permeates every physical cell. Thus, you see and know.

"For whoever has, to him more will be given and he will have abundance." – Matthew 13:12. For whoever has what? Desire for more. Desire, harnessed to will, to practice and use what you now have. Desire for and surrender to the Light will awaken all neurons or life records, one at a time. Your desire, plus God's Light, will awaken all physical glands and plexus centers, vital centers, lotus centers and sun centers, the royal celestial centers of cosmic consciousness. Soul desire will give you full spiritual awareness, recognition, illumination, and inspiration. Your magic word is let. The magic Power does the work when you reach the balance between love and wisdom and hold in the place of poise.

30.1 Preparing to Enter the Golden Silence. Personality is what the world sees of soul. The closer you get to God, the more Light moves through, the more radiant your personality until it is a vivid glow. In the Light of God, you will find the Golden Silence in which you shall hear that still, small Voice that speaks to your soul. In the Silence, God feeds you Light. For the Light to move through, you must first draw in your personal reactions or sensitivity. You must draw the five physical senses — sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell — into the golden silence to become soul faculties. Your physical senses are supposed to be radar beams of protection from earth vibrations while you enter the silence.

When indrawn, the five senses serve the soul through the Oversoul star. They form rays of sensitivity, called the Rings of Saturn, which protect the physical body and the vital centers. [The Rings of Saturn are protective bands of rainbow lights around the waist-line that flood the lower three vital centers.]

"When you pray, go into your room and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father, who is in the secret place." – Matthew 6:6. The whole process of entering the golden silence is learning how to ascend to your closet of Light and close the door on the world. Then you can begin high prayer, which consists of praise, prayer and singing.

Through your fingertips, you draw in your expression of the five ordinary physical senses but not your radar screen of protection. You draw in your attention to create what the pioneering mystic calls the impersonal life. You become impersonal to the little self, not reacting to praise, blame, or condemnation, which you lift into the Light. To really enter the golden silence, you gather and draw your personality in with the little self's five physical senses and synthesize them into the great faculty of apperception. Apperception is the ability to perceive a thing before it happens.

Principle is first Light, then color, tone, number, name and finally form. As you ascend into the Light, love, joy, faith and all other soul faculties become intensified. When you have really learned how to enter the golden silence, you become humility, a balance of love and wisdom emanating as compassion in the world. This is how you open the soul faculties of illumination and intuition, acting as apperception. You must balance intuition and illumination. Intuition and illumination rule your life when you live in the golden silence.

30.2 How to Enter the Golden Silence. As you lift your hands — with your palms facing inward at the level of your ears — the gesture automatically aligns your vital centers, opens your lotus centers and sets alight the nerve endings in your brain, which whirl like little lights above the head to open the thousand-petaled lotus of the crown, the halo shown in old paintings. Apperception then descends as the white Light of the Christ through the crown of your head.

The world vibration — which is the subconscious-level composite world mind, the aggregate of the mental activity of everyone on earth — whirls up through your feet. The world mind will swamp you when you are looking out horizontally or down at the negative. Instead of pouring out compassion, which is Christ-consciousness, many people pour out sympathy that only opens them further to the world mind influx. This is why you must raise your hands!

You can use imagination only one way at a time. The instant that that you draw in the five senses and ascend to draw in only the pure Mind of God, your five-pointed radar projects to protect you through your Oversoul star. By doing this, your subconscious mind is then so interested in the high pictures it sees that it has no time to pay attention to the murky, static-filled contents of the world mind.

If you want to prepare your mind to relax, to read, to study, or to ponder truth, move up and imagine yourself in a cloud garden. Entering your garden is the first step in reaching the golden silence. Make self sit there until you, the embodied soul of you, can feel and see this garden through your Oversoul's eyes.

Reach with arms of Light and gather all your scattered parts together into one place. Say, "I ascend with my Oversoul, as one, to be absorbed into the Light." See the golden Light. You cannot follow your Oversoul unless you see the golden Light. Then you are there as pure Mind. You can use your soul faculties and have no trouble with the subconscious mind. You can read anything you like and it will be more than mundane, physical words, for you are reading from above.

In your garden, love fills you with a sense of praise for God, which is your first step in high prayer. Enter the golden silence on praise, praising God. You go through the silver fields, the rainbow fields and into the golden Light. From here, declare, "Thank You, Father, that Your mercy and Light flows forever and ever, and that You never turn them off. God, the Father and Mother whom I worship and praise is both eternally dependable personality and unfailing absolute principle."

In the spirit of praise and exaltation, say, "I arise and enter my Father's house. I stand under His Light, which He shares with me from above. I wait upon the great Voice and the great Face always while I work out my salvation through outer attention to details."

30.4 Praising Your Way to God. Praise starts the whirling action of life sparks and raises your rate of vibration. Praise expands your substance under joy and opens the floodgates of your star to pour substance into your prayer molds. Praise opens the inner eye to the beauty surrounding you in your garden. Then you turn our mind to the abstract by visualizing this beauty. At this second step, you are there.

How can anyone who is drained dry of vitality, who is weak, give anything of lifting to the world? How can such prayer be more than mere beautiful words? Your prayer efforts must lift the world by your personal application of God's Light, Power life, and glory.

Singing is the highest form of praise and rejoicing known to man, and is the second step in high prayer. Singing is one form of rejoicing that takes you from a weak, puerile body into the power of soul strength. Nothing on earth can resist the power of a singing soul.

Singing opens high vision and you see the Light so clearly that nothing the world presents can stand before your discerning eye. The walls fall down. The bonds of self fall away. All negativity dissolves and you are free. Nothing bothers or touches a singing heart and soul.

Finally, your soul's song, wordless and wonderful, arises to the Source. Your fervency, love of God, praise, singing and music open heaven's door. Someday the world will learn to enter the golden silence on music. Each soul will sing a new song, play an instrument and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

30.5 Working as a Soul Gardener. When you have reached your garden and begin visualizing beauty and praising, your radar screen extends its rays of sensitivity and protection. Now you review your lines of responsibility and Light to everyone you have contacted, beginning with your family and worst favorites, the ones who need you most.

The Master came to save the sinners and transgressors, not the righteous. "I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." – Matthew 15:24. Blame, criticism and condemnation are curses, words numbered and named with your rate of vibration, which create after their degree and kind. Your worst favorites are your "sinners" to save first. All you can do for them is to put them on a cloud of Light and speak the Word for their healing. The Power does the work.

You cannot make the Power do anything for anyone, yet neither can you save the sinners you abandon in a dark alley. You need not love their sin, but you must love them into Light. You need not love the ugly things people do but you certainly cannot afford condemnation or blame. You cannot make anyone change, be what you think is better, be what you want them to be, or think they should be.

All you can do is sit in your garden and see them on a cloud filled with Light from above. See them as pure souls, perfect in the Light, perfect before God. When you have held them there long enough, when you have loved God enough, they are healed. You are privileged to sit in your garden in the golden silence and lift everyone you know. When you devote ourselves to this golden silence, you begin to receive calls from all the people on your lines of Light who need prayer.

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." – Isaiah 40:31. After you ascend to your garden, t"hank the Father and praise Him, you look up and "wait upon the Lord," which is how you attain being a seer and a prophet. This brings an ecstasy of soul that you can achieve in no other way. You just meet life from your own private garden. At first it is the living room, bedroom or wherever you pray.

At first, your consciousness of your garden may seem a bit unreal. Gradually, as the garden becomes more real, a little more of your consciousness remains there each time you ascend. You begin to deal with everything that comes to you while still seated in your garden. This turns your faculty of imagination up instead of down, out into the world. You remain in the garden to study, because this turns imagination toward divine Mind, and this garden you are creating is your Source of divine Mind.

Your success in entering the golden silence depends on your ability to turn your faculty of imagination up to the Source of your strength. The Power you invoke in prayer for the millions moves through your body as strength.

30.6 Living in Your Garden. When you return to outer consciousness, do not descend from your garden. Stay in that high place of consciousness Arkand turn your attention to the outer. Remain in contact with God, knowing that Power is using you. Eventually, you live in your garden and wrap arms of Light around everyone and everything. This is God-consciousness, cosmic Christed consciousness. Every hour's investment increases the flow of soul substance from your star, and insures against lost time and effort in holding your gains. So spread the wings of your soul and rejoice. The love of God becomes your law of life. You are no longer conscious of a need to love. You love. Love becomes a flame and a fire, a glory to you.

Even as the heavenly Seraphim and the Cherubim lift their wings above their heads when at rest, so do you lift your wings of joy until their tips touch above your head. You kneel in reverence before high altars to pray. Now you are ready to arise, spread your wings to soar into an ever higher golden silence, where even greater than comprehension is the Power of becoming one with God. Declare, "This is now become my hour of fulfillment, for I have declared my heaven and my earth good and very good.

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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 –1971
The original Pioneering Mystic
minister, teacher, and author

Edna Lister

Note: A Design for Ascension was published only privately during Edna Lister's lifetime. We have altered and added to her original in accordance with instructions she left for her successors.

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