I AM Joy!

By Edna Lister

Joy is My Secret Weapon

"These things have I spoken to you, that my joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full." – John 15:11.

We have a secret weapon. The Master left us his joy. All you need to do is to apply it.

Light-as-joy is the secret of success, the root of enthusiasm, the root of personality and magnetic attraction. It has the power to go before you, to unlock all doors in the outer world, and to unbind every potential that God has given you from above.

Do not hide this secret weapon of joy, but wave it as a banner before the world. It is not enough just to feel happy — that grows thin and old. Light-as-joy from above is the happiness of God’s eternal youth. Your face grows old on feeling emotions, even feeling happiness. The face illumined by joy from above is youthful.

God’s Light-as-joy sets your keynote for the week. It’s a slippery gadget, and the slightest deviation tunes it out, like a radio dial, if you let it.

“Joy is Light as atomic power in action.” – Edna Lister

Do you know how high your joy dial is set? Its frequency is your measuring rod of life. Do you apply wisdom to your joy? Do you apply the love of God and effort to your joy? How much do you love God?

It is not enough to accept God as all there is. You are part of the one Mind that was in Christ Jesus, no matter what level you occupy. You are agreeing on a high frequency.

Keep your dial tuned to joy. Jesus left his joy with us that your joy would be full. Joy is the inner secret of the Fountain of Youth everlasting and imperishable. Joy is Light as atomic power in action.

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Joy is Christed Consciousness

In the beginning, within the All That Is, was a vast spherical Source, vibrant with life, but as yet void of all vibration of form. God breathed Light into the center of this Source until an explosion sent forth a whirling vibration of Light that we call an Emanation.

This Emanation filled a vast universe with active Light-as-substance for creative purposes. When its power was spent, divine will shaped it into a magnetic wall within which all other creations — micro-universes — could be formed. This first Emanation is Light-as-Wisdom, personalized as the Father-God principle, and it contains all of the masculine aspects of creation.

The second Emanation whirled forth after the return of the first Emanation to the Source, and it is Love, the Mother-God principle, which contains the whole of the feminine aspects of creation.

After the second Emanation returned to the Source, the third Emanation whirled forth, called the Son, or the universal Christ consciousness. The Three in action are Mind, Substance, and Power, which becomes all relative principles and laws.

Mind is the Father-God principle that thinks and plans. Substance is the Mother-God principle that nourishes and sustains. Power is the Christ principle that is the divine energy needed to send Mind and Substance into creative action.

“Joy releases the full Power of the Source
through my body and affairs.” – Edna Lister

Joy is the new name for the Christ principle in action through you as energy in your daily life. "I AM joy" is one of the most powerful statements that you can ever use, since it releases the full Power of the Source through your body and affairs.

To declare, "I AM joy," opens you to a vibration of life-giving strength that flows through every cell of your physical body. Joy lifts you up and beyond all weakness into a place of unbelievable divine activity.

Without joy, everything in your life slows. Since enthusiasm is based on the joy vibration, you can find no happiness in your work or relationships without joy. Without enthusiasm, your "love" for everything either lies dormant or is so weak that you have no "heart" for work or people.

Outer happiness, which depends on others or possessions for its life, is only a pale imitation of the joy principle’s action in your life. Joy is a bubbling wellspring within your soul. It needs no sound effects to make itself felt, no outer support from anyone to stand erect against all outer winds that blow.

Joy finds all expressions of life effortless and untiring. The more joy gives of itself, the greater is its strength and desire to give more. As the quantity of joy released increases, so does its capacity to expand forever, indefinitely and infinitely. The greater the rejoicing, the richer joy grows in its quality of giving.

Joy, the Christ principle of the Son, has no life of its own unless Wisdom and Love, the Father-Mother principles, fuse to use it as their combined quality of expression. There can be no spiritually based, lasting, deep joy without the balance of love and wisdom. They must share equally in their expression, as joy.

Wisdom, the Father-God principle that is the Mind that does the thinking and planning for all universes, also becomes the Love-substance of the magnetic wall, formed by divine will, to hold all universes. It is the substance that also forms the magnetic wall framework of your own creative prayer molds.

Love, the Mother-God principle, is the substance that holds your prayer molds erect and intact while nourishing and sustaining them. Love-substance fills your molds of creative desire full to overflowing. The Son, the principle of joy, is the energy that sends love into action for you and then keeps condensing itself into your molds until they become solid outer form, visible to the physical eyes.

Naturally, then, the quantity and the quality of your joy determine the time involved for bringing your creations into manifestation. Our steadfastness of expression determines the quantity and the quality of your joy.

When you forget your identity or allow anything from the outer world to cut off your love-supply, the molds of your partly-gestated creations wither or wear too thin to hold love-substance. Then what you have gathered into your prayer molds oozes away until nothing is left. You must begin all over again to plan your molds and refill them under delay.

“The stairway to joy is love.” – Edna Lister

The countersign of joy is "I love." To love your work, to love the world, is the key that opens the magic realm of joy to you, for the stairway to joy is love. This joy flows freely and gives of itself unstintingly and selflessly, sharing itself with all as does the fragrance of a flower.

Joy never thinks of asking about the worthiness of the object or person upon which it falls. Joy is incapable of asking, "Am I doing too much? Am I giving too much?" Joy is too busy just being joyous to bother measuring itself for either quantity or quality of expression.

Since the Son Emanation is the pure Christ principle within you, and the Holy Breath you breathe with every physical breath, it follows that to be whole in body, you must live as joy always. Since joy is the new name of the Christ principle, you must call this new name upon yourself.

When you cut the joy principle below a minimum quantity, your life runs low because the active joy in your life determines how much strength you have. When you reach the maximum quantity of joy and reach up for more, strength brims over because your life vibration increases to a full capacity of Power. When you touch the highest possible point of your present ability to function the joy principle, you have what we know as healing, and record another miracle.

Joy sets every cell of the physical body vibrating at an ever higher rate. Joy increases the action of the glands of the body and every nerve vibrates with the tingling Power direct from the Source of all Power. It actively renews glandular secretions and all sluggishness disappears.

Joy automatically increases the depth of your physical breathing, and sets the glands and nerve centers in the head to a higher vibration. This reacts at once on the thyroid gland, stimulating it into divine activity. You start the return journey to physical youth.

“Joy is an ever-constant, ever-flowing vibration
that is immune to age.” – Edna Lister

Joy is an ever-constant, ever-flowing vibration that is immune to age. It absorbs all past signs of aging and tolerates nothing less than itself. Joy is limitless and ageless and forms the conduit through which your unconquerable faith pours to stand steadfastly in protection of all your creations.

Joy is the armor of Light, a God-given robe of invisibility for your protection. Only when you allow your joy vibration to become diluted by outer obstacles or people — or more often by your own feelings and thinking — do you remove your cloak of invisibility to stand unprotected, vulnerable before earth’s cross-vibrations.

This cloak of invisibility is your miracle protection both within and without. Joy reminds you of a thousand things you should do, warns you of what you must not do. Joy is the magnetic wall between you and any outer influence, the protective wall to catch you, which upholds you so you do not fall. Joy is the only mountain-mover.

To move up in consciousness on the joy vibration ascends you above the cross-vibrations of earth and you become immovable and untouchable. What people have to say about you no longer disturbs you, nor do you act self-satisfied before the world. Thus, you give no offense.

You are no longer dulled to half-efficient living because the joy that uses you is the true "joy of the Lord" that "remains within you," which holds you and your affairs open to divine activity.

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Joy is the Source of Power-Filled Substance

An Exercise to Release Joy and Harmony.

Joy is the permeating, sustaining beauty of my days. My life is beautiful because joy fills it with divine activity. I am beautiful because I surrender to the vitalizing, quickening thread of a joyous rapture of love.

The beauty of joy enthralls me, and my heart bursts with the need to express more of the love of God. Rapturous joy sends thoughts of loving compassion winging toward all men, and breathes the beauty of unconquerable faith upon all whom I love.

This divine rapture of joy lifts my eyes to the stars. It sends my spirit of praise, my sense of devotion and gratitude, soaring toward the Source of all Power in words of thanksgiving.

Joyous praise is the Source of all increase. Because joy is the first immutable law of increase, "the same yesterday and forever," it must be a necessary part of my original inheritance as a child of God and a joint heir to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Without joy, I am inactive, powerless to create from invisible substance. Joy, as the first law of divine activity, is the key that starts substance into action. Without joy, my desire molds remain empty. One clear moment of unadulterated joy opens wide the floodgates at the Source and Power acts to fill my life with "added things."

“Joy leads me upward from an earthbound consciousness
into the beauty of the Christed consciousness.” – Edna Lister

Joy leads me upward from an earthbound consciousness into the beauty of the Christed consciousness. I become perfect in joy for this one moment. I become perfect in joy for another moment. So, step by step and moment by moment, I hold myself steadfastly in this perfect spirit of joy just a moment at a time.

Joy has become the eternal Source from which the spirit of youth springs to dominate my life and all of my affairs. Joy is the firm foundation on which I build my whole life, and by which I hold conquering power over self. Joy is the strength of my soul and the Power moving through all of my personal creations.

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Joy Fuels My Soul’s Desires

In joy, I now accept full responsibility for all of my past and present creations. Today’s creations are the result of my past thoughts about life and me, every imaginative picture I have ever held and every word I have spoken.

My present joy tells me that all I do not like in my life, all the delays, are due to the drab and monotonous way I have made my proclamations of truth, the way I have prayed. Thus, I have buried the divine activity, which is the Source of my life.

I have "received of the Lord" exactly in proportion to my use of joy. A weak joy brings weak results. Substance cannot flow into my molds freely when my prayers are one degree above zero. I have miracles of expression only when my prayers, founded in joy, reach the white point of heat.

Only joy can unleash the high potencies of Power to work for me. Only joy can set my Power tools —vision, thoughts and words — operating as miracle after miracle. Only I can set my creative tools — desire, thinking and imagination — into perfect joyous motion.

What is the present degree of my desire? Is it weak and wavering? Or does it flame with the rapture that only joyous praise can give it?

I accept that God’s plan for me from the beginning of time has been one of lavish abundance. Only my lack of comprehension, my weakness, has caused the delays and partial miracles that have been mine.

My weariness in waiting must have closed the windows of heaven often, just when they were wide open to pour out my full share of "added things." I know I have cut off my own supply when I have turned away and looked toward the world’s darkness instead of to the Light.

Tears of self-pity about delay have put me at the end of the line often, but I have greater strength when I have accepted and learned my experience lessons. Joy has melted all barriers, all obstacles. Joy has wiped out all tears, all self-blame for my weakness, and my feet become winged on my perfect path of joyous destiny.

The joy in my heart has made me the "servant of all" — all the Power of God moving through me in its already beautiful state of complete perfection. This one fact I know: God created me for His Power to use perfectly.

I discard forever the old idea that God created me to use His perfect Power or that I desire it for myself. If left alone and allowed to do its perfect work, the Power of God can create only beauty and harmony. Stand still and "Know that I am God."

My joy is no longer a forced expression I must think about continually, or consciously hold fast. My joy is a flame and a glory of love, a self-sustaining rapture of fulfillment. I surrender to the idea of every promise telling me that all divine Power must move into action when I persistently pray with my heart filled to overflowing with the joy of God.

I live free and unbound because joy tells me God has agents everywhere, whom He uses to fulfill His promises to His loving children, to His simple and faithful children who love Him enough just to believe.

Joy has taught me that God must have my full cooperation always. Joy must be an ever evenly flowing current from my heart into the world of my molds if I am to collect my daily dividends from my own share of "inheritance."

I now ask for full comprehension of each law presented to me for my use. I stand in joy of continuity of purpose. I am constant in my prayers of praise and rejoicing for each miracle as it comes to me. I surrender to the Power of driving strength to possess me as I joyously accept my share of perfect health, understanding and success.

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I lift my eyes and surrender completely in the fullness of joy to God’s love, which now possesses me, my soul, mind, heart and body. I am filled with the joy of living.

In joy, love goes before me, opening all doors. The glorious Light of love shines in all dark places of my past dreary days and shines before me, clearing my future way with the Light and Life of God.

In great confidence and joy, I realize that God has kept my place in His kingdom open to me since the beginning of my life. Realizing the greatness of the place God has always had waiting for me makes my past life seem unsatisfactory and dull. I now know why I have been reaching toward something wondrous.

Best of all, I know I have been living in a place I made for myself with mistaken ideas of God, His Power and my relation to Him and His Power. I worked hard to build a place when I needed only to step up, into the one waiting for me as part of my inheritance.

As joy rules my life, dullness gives way to alertness, drabness to beauty, and conquering of that old and troublesome "little me" becomes the joy of my life. Joy is the key handed to me to open the door to my kingdom. Joy shall keep it open forever. Joy teaches me the glory of conquering each new lesson.

In full surrender to the ruling spirit of joy through the love of God, I now hold myself faithful to law. Joy shall be the "light upon my path" until I reach my goal to full comprehension of everything I now think I know. In joy, law — already perfect, unadulterated and undiluted by what I think about it — shall adjust my life.

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Joy Forms My Wings of Glory

In joy, I arise and reach for the stars. I ascend into higher realms of consciousness of Light and glory, and the joy of walking with God day and night expands my soul. Joy shows me the perfect way to apply what I have learned.

Joy registers the right answer upon my heart and mind, and I am never at a loss for divine guidance in times of stress and needs. My true answer is always waiting for me.

God’s joyous Power is using me now as I move through each new earth lesson in a perfect spirit of confidence. I arise, ascend and stand in the Light. I "dwell in the house of the Lord forever" because joy has opened wide the door to my own special room of Light.

Because I now dwell in my Father’s house, a table is prepared for me in the midst of everything on the outside. In joy, I now fill the table with a feast of love. It does not say that God will put the feast on the table, just that He will provide the table.

Joy chooses whom I shall ask to my feast. Since joy cannot dwell in my heart with any "enemy" idea, and since I have surrendered to be possessed of joy, I choose to prepare my "feast of love" for all my loved ones. Since joy has set me free, I love all men and invite everyone to feast with me on love and joy.

In joy, I listen to everything available to me as truth — reading, studying and praying much. I am not dependent on either teachers or books, although I appreciate truth everywhere because joy has opened the way for the love of God and the perfect faith of God to possess and rule my life.

I am a free pilgrim on the path laid out before me, and joy puts wings of glory on my feet to send me dancing onward and upward. No teacher or book can do anything for me but be a guidepost to show me the way they have traveled.

Joy teaches me to do everything for myself. This frees me of disappointments if others’ laws do not seem to apply to my life. Only my own law of joy, ruling my life always, can work for me.

To follow the love of God in its perfection of action leads to ever higher consciousness. To follow love, joyously praising and rejoicing, blazes a trail of glory for others to follow the Light.

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Joy is Beauty in Action

Joy has ascended me unto the Christ-stature consciousness where I know that my inheritance is boundless and limitless, as great as my wisdom can make it. Joy tells me my inheritance will be "added" to me speedily and in lavish measure, for through Joy I have "sought first the kingdom of heaven."

I find myself in the golden silence of Christed illumination. As I stand folded within the golden Light, joy gives me a sense of limitless protection for both myself and all my loved ones.

The beauty of the Light fills my soul with an ecstasy of divine joy. I see new ways to go forth and serve. I answer each new call upon my time ungrudgingly, even when it interferes with something I have planned to do for myself.

A song pours from my lips as joy flows through me as the Light from above. Joy now wells up from that newly created fountain of joyous love and hope awakened within my heart. This fountain of joy is my continual source of eternal youth.

As my eyes seek the Light, as I love more deeply, as I ascend higher in consciousness, my ability to enjoy life, to appreciate everything for being good everywhere increases, thrives and expands. Without thought of having it returned, I love more joyously and steadfastly. It is an unconscious giving that pours out because it must.

In this new Light, I find myself wanting to redeem every past moment of my life, all the wasted time, all the things left undone. Joy aids me to begin, to open this new vibration for myself, by doing one thing at a time, even one small word or deed each day.

I probably cannot catch up with all my past neglect at once, but God will accept every small daily service of sacrifice and prayer as proof of my intention and as payment on my account. To be interrupted without grudging, but with a smile, will cover many old obligations.

The old promise of obedience is now working itself out through me. I find "added riches" in the increased quality and quantity of the love and compassion I pour into the world as my service.

"Added honor" comes with the glory of knowing how great God is and how wonderful the beauty of the Source of all His Power. This honor fills my soul with rejoicing to know such joy, such glory, which is beyond the world’s ability to bestow.

The "added life" promised comes at night or trial’s end when I have more than enough energy left to meet any new demand. All of this is mine because I "live and move and have my being in Him."

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Joy is My Christed Crown

I ascend in Spirit each day in joy, finishing new tasks set before me, learning new lessons, seeking new ways to serve freely and lovingly, seeing new visions to follow, finding new friends and new ideas to bring forth into outer forms of expression. Above all, I discover new ways of conquering self, of mastering each new lesson.

Each night I ascend close enough to the heights of glory and illumination, so that I may stretch my arms of Light and touch them. Each night, stars of beauty and brilliance entice me onward and upward into limitless space for new answers to all problems and greater comprehension of law.

I accept joy as the crown of the Christed One. I surrender to be the servant of all the Power of God. I arise to stand in the House of the Lord forever. I ascend to be absorbed into the Heart of the Flame and the Glory because I know that God is joy and that joy is "deathless, ageless and abiding."

Joy is my fountain of eternal youth. Joy is the illumination for all my visions. Joy is a flame, and the fire under the burning desires of my heart. Joy is the crowning glory of my life.

"Of the angels He says: "Who makes His angels spirits and His ministers a flame and a fire." – Hebrews 1:7.

When you are not ecstatic in joy, you need the following treatment:

With your hands, reach for the stars and move up in consciousness, declaring, "I arise! I ascend! I stand in the heart of the flame."

Reach for the stars and say, "Father, take me, lift me, fill me, hold me, use me."

Declare, "I rejoice and am glad," on the rhythm of nine: Swing your arms wide, and declare, "I rejoice and am glad."

Sweep your hands together, as though holding a huge ball, and declare, "I rejoice and am glad," as you raise your hands up for the release of Power.

Reach for the stars, stretching your hands up and palms slightly outward, and declare, "I rejoice and am glad." Repeat these actions and declarations in three sets of three.

Take seven deep breaths, saying with each, "Father, move in and possess me as joy now." Breathe, raise your arms on inhalation and drop them on exhalation.

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Joy is Eternal Youth

Edna Lister wrote this article for the June 1957 issue of the quarterly International New Thought Alliance magazine.

Joy is the living fountain of eternal youth. Joy is the permeating, sustaining life and power running through all my creations, and the foundation upon which I build all my affairs.

Joy flows through my day in a never-ceasing, vitalizing and quickening thread of divine rapture. Joy is the spirit of youth upholding the laws of life, which express my attitudes of love toward God and my compassion toward others.

Joy leads me upward, from earth consciousness to Christed consciousness. Step by step, I accept. I surrender. I arise. I ascend.

I accept my inheritance as God’s child and as a "joint heir" in the Kingdom of Heaven. I surrender myself to be the servant of all God’s wonderful Power.

I arise and enter my room of Light in the "house of the Lord," where I shall dwell forever. I ascend into the heart of the Light and the golden silence, where all creative ideas flow freely, and it enfolds me.

I now desire to accept my responsibility for all my past and present creations. I accept responsibility for every word I speak, knowing that I am accountable for them, and that they are my creative tools.

I accept full responsibility for all delays in my life and in collecting my great inheritance. God’s plan for me since the beginning of time has been lavishly abundant. Only my own lack of comprehension of divine law has limited my collection in the past.

I realize how often the windows of heaven have opened to pour out my share of heaven’s bounty. Yet, I have grown weary of waiting, and turned away to face the darkness in self-pity. My scalding bitter tears have flowed in blame of God and the world for the delay.

Each time I had stepped out of life’s line, and on my return (for I always return to the Light) I have had to take my place at the end of the line. However, with each return I have found greater strength and understanding of law. So I have stood and declared the lesson good, while my prayers have gained in the joyous expectancy of receiving my inheritance very soon.

So I have learned to know and accept that God must have my full cooperation if I am ever to collect my daily dividends, from this inheritance of love, health, strength, understanding and success. I ask to stand without shadow of turning, in continuity of purpose.

I offer unwavering prayers of praise and rejoicing for the understanding that enables me to stand steadfast and conform to the laws of the Spirit divine that bring all success into expression.

I accept every promise telling me that divine Power and every agent of God shall move into action on earth, bringing together everything needed to fulfill my heart’s desires of good.

“I surrender to the idea that God created me for perfect law
to use in a perfect way.” – Edna Lister

I surrender to this new concept of an upward, forward look that will hold me determinedly upon my pathway of Light until I reach my goal of full comprehension of the laws of God and how to apply them in my daily life.

I surrender to the idea that God created me for perfect law to use in a perfect way. I discard the old notion that God created me to use His laws in my own conceited idea of being powerful in my self.

I surrender to God’s Love so that it may open all doors before me and shine a glorious Light in all dark places, making my future clear as it uses me as a servant of all Power. I seek to realize the greatness of this inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I know that God, my Father, has held my place open for me since the beginning of time. I have learned that my present place has seemed so unsatisfactory because it is one that I have built for myself, and only I can change it. I know that I must conquer where I am, and seek new ways of conquering self and mastering everything sent to me.

I arise! I arise, reach for the stars and knock at new doors of illumination so that I may know how to translate all past experience-lessons into new laws to aid me in creating new outer forms of success. I arise into higher realms of consciousness and glory, and my soul expands with the joy of walking with God.

I know that I must work out my own salvation through my own illumination and by applying the laws I have learned by accepting and surrendering to the Power of God and the spirit of joy. I listen to everything available as truth, reading, studying and praying much, but my faith is in God as the love that fulfills all law.

I do not depend on either teachers or books. I am free. Others can show me their way of life and tell me how they "ask, seek, knock and find." However, they cannot do it for me. I cannot be disappointed in another when I may make demands only upon myself.

I arise and step into my own Christed consciousness and do my knocking at that high consciousness of illumination that gives me to know that I stand firmly within the House of the Lord, Christ-statured and waiting upon the law to receive my inheritance in boundless, lavish measure.

I ascend into the heart of Light and there I find myself in the golden silence of a Christed illumination. As I stand, enfolded within the Light, I know that I must go about my Father’s business in the outer world.

I find new ways to serve God through serving His needy children. I give my service with a new song on my lips, a joy that wells upward from that newfound fountain of joyous love awakened in my heart — that perennial Source of Eternal Youth.

As I ascend into ever greater, higher Christed consciousness, my ability to stand with loving persistence thrives and expands. I find myself waiting to redeem every moment of wasted time, wanting to do all those things I have left undone, one at a time, of course.

I know that I cannot do everything at once to catch up with all my past obligations and neglects. Yet God will accept each daily service of prayer and helpfulness toward others as my proof-of-intention and another payment-on-account for the past.

I find myself endowed with "riches, honor and life," as the prophet of old promised. My riches consist of the increased quantity and quality of the love and compassion I can pour into my service in the world. I find myself honored with the glory and the joy of soul that is beyond earth’s ability to give.

At night and trail’s end, I have plenty of life left over to spare because I live, move and have my being in the life of God. I ascend daily, finding new friends, new ways to serve, new vistas opening, new visions to follow, new ideas to bring into outer forms of expression, and above all, new ways to conquer self and master all new experience-lessons or conditions sent my way.

Each morning, I face the day with a blithe spirit of joy and expectancy, and with the spirit of eternal youth possessing me. Each night I face my God with such love in my heart that I can reach forth to grasp the heights of glory and illumination stretching in limitless ways before me.

I accept. I surrender. I arise. I ascend.

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An Exercise to Release Joy in Greater Quantity and Quality

Stand somewhere, either before a window with a view of garden or sky, or in front of a long-distance favorite picture — anywhere that lifts your heart from everyday matters.

Head up, raise your chin and fasten it to the ceiling. Raise your hands in the attitude of surrender, as did Moses of old when the Israelites won their battle in the Promised Land against the enemy. Raise them in surrender to joy.

Repeat the following rhythms exactly as they are written. Pause for a few seconds between each declaration, with a longer pause between the groups of three declarations. Each group of nine declarations forms one set of rhythms, and you can use them as often as you like throughout the day.

Keep to your rhythm as you set it for yourself. Regularity counts in opening and holding your new vibration.

Joy is the one vibration on which you cannot force anything. You can reach high enough in consciousness to open the door and invoke the full Power released through joy only when you have given the countersign, "I love."

When you lift your hands in token of surrender to be used by the power of joy, you will become an open channel for the almighty power of joy to move through you. You become an instrument of love, which will fill your desire molds.

When you lift your hands to speak the rhythms, you harness yourself to the pure atomic God Power. It becomes your creative power, moving into action in every department of your life. Give it a fair trial, at least three times a day.

Be constant and steadfast in joy, moving up in consciousness again the instant you feel you have "let down" for a moment. If old thoughts intrude, immediately use another set of rhythms, until you have conquered. Use as many sets of three as you need for soul assurance and feeling free again.

I rejoice and am glad! I rejoice and am glad!
I rejoice and am glad!

I rejoice and am glad!
I rejoice and am glad!
I rejoice and am glad!

I rejoice and am glad!
I rejoice and am glad!
I rejoice and am glad!

In the joy of the Lord, I now rejoice until I am set free from the limitations of my life, and I stand serene and confident in God’s Power.

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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 – 1971
The original Christian Pioneering Mystic,
Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister

Edna Lister originally wrote I AM Joy as a book section to be published with Time, the Adjuster and Faith, the Challenger. Her students privately published the chapter as a booklet in 1958.

Second edition copyright 2016 by Linda Mihalic, Society of the Universal Living Christ.

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