Edna Lister's Sermons and Lectures on Promises

A promise is "a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen." To make a promise is to "assure someone that one will definitely do, give, or arrange something; to undertake or declare that something will happen; to make a pledge, to vow, to give your word that you will do a thing."

Promises are pledges or vows to do something or to act in a certain way, and they are based om your sworn word of honor. Some people make promises lightly, with little or no intention of keeping them later. However, the promise does not know that you did not mean it and so binds you to perform the promise no matter how long it takes or what it ultimately requires of you to fulfill it.

What makes a sermon great? Why were Edna Lister's sermons and Bible interpretations so wonderful? How did they manage to leave such an indelible mark on those who heard them? She ascended to heights of such joy that her message was undiluted, straight from the Source. Often shocking in their richness and simplicity, you may best savor her sermons and outlines by reading them slowly and aloud.

In addition to Edna Lister's written sermon and Bible interpretation outlines, we have included transcripts of her students' notes wherever possible. We have placed her outlines before the transcripts on any given date, and in many cases they are very different. While the outlines may seem sparse, a transcript of a sermon or lecture is much longer; her sermons were typically thirty minutes and lectures an hour in length. Ponder in the silence, and you may tune into the living record in Divine Mind.

Promises Fulfilled 1

Edna Lister created this speech outline for March 4, 1948 and reused it partially December 15, 1968. Scriptures: Job 22:28, Proverbs 18:16 and Isaiah 45:2-3.

God uses agents who have eyes to see and ears to hear with. Scripture is filled with proclamations of "Thus says the Lord," which are inevitably followed by, "And it came to pass." Something always happened between these two statements. Some person took action.

According to the laws of creators, you can apply what you know to what you do by three methods of: Love, praise, and joy. "Thou shalt decree a thing" implies that you must do something more than simply to speak the Word. If you want your decree to stand, you must love.

When you speak in love, the Power moving through your words causes an explosion, which is the Light, shining on your way. To do this, you must give enough love. Love is perfect, and sees only perfection. Love considers only love, and love considers everything as itself. Love creates everything in its own image and likeness, since love begets only love.

What is the difference between pure soul love and pure selfish love? How can I know which love I have? Decrees that you make from selfish love create indifferent results at best, and an explosion of negative evil at worst. Such a person loses friends, and finally his ability to "know," even while he is getting what his self wants.

Soul love gains everything, lifts everything up, and receives ten thousandfold in strength, success, beauty, compassion, and all the fruits of the Spirit. Selfish love ends with ten thousandfold minus, worse than nothing, a zero, frozen ice.

A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men. – Proverbs 18:16. The Mind of God contains all the ideas, which you can praise into expansion. Praise opens all vibrations, and increases all gifts and soul talents.

You can use the same Mind as a blessing or a curse, but it always starts something. If you lack pure praise when you decree, you will not like the lukewarm result, and do not want it when it comes. If you give in to grief, you find nothing to praise or to be grateful about.

Today's answers are in a book that opens to your grateful praise. You can see, read and understand those answers for which you have praised enough. In other words, it does no good to become angry because you cannot find the answers in the back of the book. The keys to deciphering today's problems are on today's page. The rest is not there, you cannot see it, for you are not yet ready.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matthew 6:33. Seeking God first becomes your challenge. Imperfections come as a test and incentive to greater effort in praise, in doing. To use your gift expands it and brings you before great men, to the attention of those who can help.

I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the Lord, who call you by your name, am the God of Israel. – Isaiah 45:2-3.

Your love of God releases substance from the fastnesses of Spirit. All Universal Bank resources are available to you, and praise starts the never-ending flow. Joy recalls the substance, while lowering its vibration and making it visible, something you can see and touch. Without joy, everything hovers at the edge of visibility, but never becomes visible.

Joy, the accelerator, vitalizes and quickens any process. Christian D. Larson said, "All things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song." Joy creates a singing heart, laughing eyes and an arresting and interesting face. A joyful personality is attractive and magnetic.

"Love fulfills the law," and your decrees of love cause an explosion. Praise increases the tempo of life, and expands as you use your gifts. Joy attracts your own home to you because you have become a creator, expressing. You are responsible for all that you say and do.

Your investments of love, praise and joy give you a life annuity of Mind, Substance and Power, according to your fervor. Mind constantly expands with new ideas. Power explodes constantly as energy for your use. Substance expresses as you constantly. The past is a footstool on which you may stand while you hold God's hand and reach for the stars.

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Promises Made 1

This Edna Lister sermon transcript is dated September 17, 1950. Scribe: Ruth Johnson. Scriptures: Hebrews 11:1-11 and Hebrews 11:29-34.

Hebrews 11 is one of the mightiest chapters in the New Testament. It's all about the miracles showered on those who had unconquerable faith. Read it often to release Power.

Others had trial of cruel mocking and scourging, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented. – Hebrews 11:36-37.

These verses prove that early Christian groups had their fair share of nitpickers. Groups today have them too, but that is good because we need to have the discipline. Those who lean on others are with you always – those who are weak lean on those who are strong. One considers God and looks upward, while another considers evil and looks down to the mud. It is all a matter of personal choice.

You can make your kingdom into pure Light. Life hurts if you allow it to, but is glorious when you think it so and see it so. Your joy about one miracle is the blessing that brings the next. The law is "Let your Light so shine." So, you must do something about it.

Do you want to live by the horizontal earth-laws of emergence, maturity and decline? By age forty-five, you should truly begin to ascend. The vertical law is And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. – John 12:32. Step up. Give up a little more of the self to make room for the soul. You must learn your lessons of ascension here on earth to reach soul freedom.

What have you asked for? How have you asked for it? Do you want it when you get it? Analyze these three questions. Is this thing right for your ascension? Is it right for everyone around you, for the world, for your loved ones? Can you ask it for your neighbor and really mean it?

Three laws apply: First, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. – Matthew 6:33. Second, Get wisdom and let God. Third, With all your wisdom, you must get understanding, which is comprehension of law.

How have you asked? Have you just bombarded God with statements or petitions? You can pray for three hours a day, but if you are lukewarm the other twenty-one hours, it will catch up with you. Pray with praise, glory and joy in your heart. You have an altar on the inner where your Oversoul can go and kneel. Set part of your consciousness there day and night, saying,

"Father, You are my life and the Source of my life. Please fill my body with Thy substance of atomic energy."
You may not use the law of force, which sinks into the world mind. For example, say the house and car payments are due by a certain date. You do not demand the money-substance to pay them, but just praise, glorify and thank God that you have the funds you need.

Do you want it when you get it? Do not think ways to circumvent law, or that life exists to get what you want. This proves that you think you know better than God. You can get your way every time, if it's God's way. Make your great plan and put it on a cloud of Light. No failure is possible in God. Success comes when you have loved enough and your plan's power and glory haunts you day and night.

Remember, no matter how much you pray or how many words you use, all you can do is to prepare the way for God's Power to move in and use you to bring your plan into manifestation.

Before you do fine hand laundry, you shop for the right detergent to launder your good clothes. Shouldn't you be as choosy about the cleanser for your soul? Buy the right cleanser, even if it is not on sale. The Master said to sell the little that you have for the pearl of great price. That "little" is the little self, the dirty clothes you wear.

Then you sort your clothes, like sorting between super-conscious intuition and subconscious hunches. When you ascend in consciousness, Light pours through and waters your brain cells – what you include in your first wash load.If you do not sort whites from colors, you bungle, and the colors run. Just so, you must know the meaning of the words you use, for your words may offend and you could lose friends. Knock on God's door and put some thunder in your knocking.

You rub your clothes and agitate them to get the stains out, so you must rub self and agitate it, too. The harsher the rubbing, the better the polishing for perfection. Life is just one group of people stacked against another, all agitating each other. Democrats are a group, good, bad and indifferent, honest and cheats combined; Republicans are just the same. Changing parties does not change the nature of the people you meet.

You would not rinse your clothes in the same water you used to wash them. Take a life-inventory. Intuition is the Word of God dropping into your brain cells. Say, "I was created for law to use." Law is already clean, perfect and creative. When you let the waters of divine Spirit wash you, you have a healing. When you have given up your body for Light to use, atomic energy enters to possess and heal you.

No matter where you go, you take self along. Do not take your little self, but God's Seventh Cavalry. A humorous story is told about a U.S. Army cavalry unit uniformed in blue. When the North Koreans saw them, they thought they were sent by the gods, and fled in fear.

Wear Light like a magnetic wall of protection. Declare that magnetic walls of Light surround all nations. Always remember, our nation's watchword is "onward, upward and ascend."

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Promises Fulfilled 2

Edna Lister created this sermon outline for September 24, 1950, and May 13, 1956. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13.

Philosophy deals with God as principle. Mysticism deals with God as personality. Since I was twelve years old, I have asked why the Master used the term "charity" instead of "love" when he gave 1 Corinthians 13 to St. Paul. Today I was given the word "comprehension."

We all love someone or something; hate is inverted love. The Master's whole ministry epitomized intimacy with God the Father. I and my Father are one. – John 10:30. He that hath seen me hath seen the Father. – John 14:9.

Lord Tennyson wrote, "God is closer than breathing, nearer than hands or feet." If you eliminate the idea of separation from God, you would lift all darkness. In the moment of soul ecstasy, you are yourself. Anything lower than that moment is unworthy of God, who has created you.

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. – 1 Corinthians 13:13. To abide means that a thing is deathless, ageless and abiding. This is the foundation of your intimacy with God.

Faith is the first step back toward God. Faith is action, the action of kneeling and praising God, the use of divine creative fire. Faith is your rod of Power, the activity of your life. Hope is the goal. Charity is love, the substance of all your creations. Faith is action. Hope is expression. Love is execution. The sum of your life can be totaled with these three words.

You gain all your experiences and accomplishments through action, expression and execution. If you are cold regarding them, you have a static condition. Thus, despite your prayer, you are waiting for words to start you. Faith is action, the starter, yet of what kind of action?

One morning this summer in Yellow Pine, Idaho, we went quite early to haul water for the day. The path was blocked by a huge, exquisite spider web, jeweled and glittering with dew in the early morning sun. We had to tear it down to bring the water through. We watched, and for nineteen days that spider worked to spin her web in the same place. We finally cut back the brush and helped her to relocate.

This spider represents the determination to rebuild each time your web of life is torn down. You must mix your deathless, ageless and abiding desire with faith to put faith into action.

Expression is the essence of the personality you show the world. Individuality is the soul, and personality is a reflection of the soul. Your expression of soul as personality may be hope-less or hope-full, but your expression must be founded on hope. Hope is born of soul vision backed by vivid imagination.

Hope is your expression, that which you show the world. If your hope is centered on material needs only, then you encircle your hope with needs until you spell it "needy." The law is Seek ye first the kingdom of God. – Matthew 6:33. In that kingdom "all else" is added, which supplies all your needs.

The connotation of execution has evolved to mean something not so good, but it still denotes the verb to do. First, you must have determination so strong that it brings faith. Then you must visualize your expression. This is how to see yourself accomplishing your goal. Whatever your goals, do not see yourself as drudging, for that dilutes execution to expectancy.

Charity enters here because your execution begins with the glory of God. Charity is the pure compassion of the Almighty. Like sunshine, it shares itself with all. You get compassion when you give of yourself freely with no thought of self.

Your life is a picture you paint, with foreground and background, light and dark, with richness of color and depth of view. Some people think compassion is sweetness, the perfect background. For example, many women bind their families by acting sweetly, but this has no depth of background. In the foreground, you paint that which is beautiful. Stroke for stroke, you paint your life for others to see. When darkness comes, that background does not darken. It is only a film over the white Christ Light to heighten the beauty of your brightness.

You build your new life pattern using your creative tools of imagination, thinking and desire as your action, expression and execution. If you do not build a new pattern, you limp along on an obsolete plan. It is all up to you. You must do something toward it and act as if you had it.

Faith is full of the glory of God. Hope is your goal, which is God. Charity produces your miracles. You have known just a faint breath of what is to come when you finally love God enough. "I am in love with You, Father." Get your credits on high by loving God.

Some women spend forty years seeking a companion to love. If all you want is a companion, you will get him, but you may not like him when he arrives. The perfect way to get is to love God. Lift your consciousness to Him. Say, "I have fallen in love with God," until you mean it. Then, if you still wish for a companion, or anything else, your desire will be anchored in God.

Declare, "Faith, my highest moment of ecstasy, is now full of God's glory. His hope, which is the goal of my life, now becomes my vision of humanity walking earth as creator gods. His compassion now becomes the substance of my perfect creations through Lord Jesus Christ."

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Promises Are Keys

Edna Lister created this Bible study outline for May 29, 1955. Scripture: Matthew 16:19.

I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. – Matthew 16:19. The promises you find in the Bible are each keys, and all are keys to your kingdom of success. Truth teaches that you do not wait for a hereafter to go to "a" heaven, but make your own heaven here and now.

First, what kind of kingdom do you really want? One of ease and comfort, given to you? Or one that you earn? Your privilege is to make up your mind. Many folks "make down" their minds, bedding down like sheep with indifference and lukewarmness, thinking to get out of paying their debts to God's laws.

You get back what you send out under the law of action and reaction. Your words, blessings, curses or gossip, come home to roost, and sometime, somewhere you will be forced to eat every word you utter that is unlike the love of God.

You can use promises as keys. The Bible is filled with extravagant promises, all of which carry certain responsibilities with them. Proverbs 18:16 promises that A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men, if that man keeps his gift alive, uses it and exercises it, but not if he lets it die by sitting down, folding his hands and waiting.

Another proverb declares, By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honour, and life. – Proverbs 22:4. True humility is a state of grace, where having become law, you are used by love, and the glory of faith, with no thought of self. "Fear of the Lord" is love of obedience and worship that brings "riches, and honor, and life," which you earn by serving where you are.

What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. – Mark 11:24. Do you know that all things are possible to God? Can you stand unwavering, steadfast, never decreasing your vision, but always letting it grow?

He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. – John 14:12. Can you do greater works because you are greater? No, but because the Power released is greater.

Finally, A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. – Psalm 91:7. Nothing can come near you but love, when you are safely tucked under the hem of God's robe, but first you must be there.

All these promises are the God-given keys to your kingdom of success now.

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Fulfilled Promises

Edna Lister created this Bible study outline for May 13, 1956 and also used it December 16, 1956. Scripture: Luke 24:44-49.

In Jesus' last meeting with his disciples, as recorded by Luke, he charged them to preach the gospel of repentance and remission of sins in his name. "Repent" refers to your "penthouse," moving up into the city of Jerusalem, the high place, our fortress in the higher creative center, your head. "Remission" means to go back to the original place from where you descended, as a Christed one, but to do so, you must "tarry in the city of Jerusalem," the city of peace.

To do all this, you need to remember your action, expression and execution. Action refers to what you are doing. Your expression is how you look while you are doing it. Execution refers to how you are doing it.

A spider has only one idea for action, to spin her web. You choose your place. You choose your goal. You choose God. You either stick to your chosen action with deathless determination or act in an intermittent way, lacking continuity. Some even stop and let go.

If the world tears your construction down, rebuild with more determination than ever. For what you fulfill in life is what you choose to have fulfilled by standing undismayed, and knowing that God's plan for you is unchangeable perfection.

Your expression includes your approach to life. How do you face life? Every glance, smile, frown and gesture tells the story of your approach to God and to life. If you center your life's expression on needs, the needs multiply. If you hate life, it will provide more to hate. A life centered on promises fulfilled will multiply the miracles.

Some peoples' execution is blah, like a painting without a background. Others paint their background as sweet as honey, until they are invisible. You cannot leave the place you occupy, or send your family back as damaged goods.

Beauty comes from the contrasts between light and shadow. Use the dark strokes that come to make life's highlights stand out. Then you stand out by seeking to create more beauty. By your action, expression and execution, you fulfill the promise.

"God is the upholding faith of my life. He is the hope, the foundation of my life. He is the love, which fills my creations, because I am in the city of perfect peace and harmony, Jerusalem."

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Promises Made 2

Edna Lister created this sermon outline for May 4, 1958. Scriptures: Joshua 1:1-6, Joshua 3:8-17, Joshua 5:13-15, Joshua 6:1-5, Joshua 6:9-10, Joshua 6:12-16 and Joshua 6:20.

A promise is an assurance given, a word-token expressing love, admiration, respect, and a desire to serve in some way. A promise should be a pledge of honor, even on the outer. On the inner, a promise is a vow made under honor.

Promises in the Bible often begin with, "It shall come to pass," and end with, "And it came to pass" as spoken. A promise always implies a responsibility to do something, an alternative. We all know that we get "nothing for nothing."

Promises lightly made, then left unfulfilled are worth less than nothing. Yet you must use your own soul substance to compensate the one to whom you made the promise. The receiver of the promise has a duty, an obligation to accept the promise, and steadfastly expect its fulfillment, even when an unstable person makes it. Why?

God is under solemn obligation to fulfill all promises believed in and thanked for, even when the repayment comes through another agent. For example, Joshua had taken over leadership from Moses and God immediately sent him to the Jordan River. He returned with orders for the priests to take the ark and stand in the waters until all Israel had crossed the river.

First, they kept the Passover and ate the produce of the land, "unleavened bread and parched grain." God fed them no more manna, which they had eaten in the wilderness, for now they were in the Promised Land.

Shoes serve to cover or limit your understanding, which the feet represent. "Take off your shoes" means to open your mind, give up personal opinions and prejudices.

The Lord then gave Joshua more orders. These orders hold true for us in taking any new city in the Promised Land of inspiration, from the diaphragm to the shoulders, while climbing to the Garden of Eden, the higher creative center in the head. The first orders applied for six days. Six is the creative number, balanced Love and Wisdom doubled in the trinity of perfection in creation. We always have an "armed guard" preceding and following us when we stand serene and confident.

Twelve priests carried the ark, six on each side. Seven priests each blew a rams' horn, which totals fourteen, the number representing choice and separation. The rear guard included the people, who represent the subconscious emotions, pictures of imagination and thoughts. They were to make no noise, speak not a word, but to be still. Yet they all participated by marching around the city, working out their salvation, while the priests held the high vision of success.

On the seventh day, they repeated all this seven times. They fulfilled the law of no looking back, but maintained their steadfastness of purpose.

To summarize, your armed protection always comes from balanced Love and Wisdom, which forms your armor of Light. The six priests on the left side of the ark represent your gifts to God, while the six on the right signify the gifts you give to humanity.

The ark is your higher creative center, where I AM consciousness dwells as you express the twelve virtues. Your rear guard is your desires, thinking and imagination lifted above the self's control.

You may not let self make noise as the Power is building for a miracle. If you let self cut the vibration, all the substance for the miracle scatters and must you must gather it again. You start over at the beginning.

For six days they marched around the city once, but on the seventh day they marched seven times, totaling thirteen circuits, the number of the Via Christa. Seven is the number of the Priest, who stands in the position of protection, in front.

"Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon, have I given you," God said. You must defend every foot of ground whereon you stand. How do you do this? You must love enough.

How will you know when you have reached the seventh round on the seventh day? This is the difficulty. Seven is a mystical number, meaning to stand until the miracle is visible, without complaining.

Rejoice while holding your trumpet of steadfastness of purpose and unfaltering vision. Then one morning, noon or night you'll want to shout. That is it. Use your voice in praise. Declare, "I am become unconquerable faith. I am in love with God."

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Promises Made 3

This Edna Lister sermon transcript is dated May 4, 1958. Scribes: Ruth Johnson and Virginia Whitehead. Scriptures: Joshua 1:1-6, Joshua 3:8-17, Joshua 5:13-15, Joshua 6:1-5, Joshua 6:9-10, Joshua 6:12-16 and Joshua 6:20.

A promise is a pledge of honor made to give assurance and comfort to someone. A promise is the soul's desire to make an offering, a word-token of love, respect and appreciation to another. Promises are difficult to analyze. Wherever the Bible says, "Thus says the Lord," it means that God has made a promise. The receiver's responsibility is to turn to the Lord and obey until fulfillment comes.

A promise charges a debt to Mind, Substance and Power. Some never say thanks for a promise, but answer flippantly, "Oh, I can't accept that. Just forget it." Promises are binding on the giver and receiver and create a two-way obligation.

Some people promise carelessly, and swear away their soul substance. "I wish I'd never made that promise" forfeits the soul substance you invested in making the promise. God subtracts the promise's substance from the giver's account, no matter whether he fulfills the promise. If you cannot fulfill the promise, pray for the one to whom you promised, to cover the debit. God makes up the difference in prayer substance for your soul expansion.

The receiver's obligation is ten times greater. Law grants the receiver enough soul substance to cover the promise if the giver does not fulfill it. You obligate every power in the universe to send an agent of fulfillment when you declare the giver will pay his debts and fulfill his promise under God's law. The position you earn is equivalent to that promise, and all Power is added to you, if you accept it as such.

"I'll believe it when I see it" is a deadly curse on the Power a promise releases. No matter who makes you a promise, accept it as if it were from God's mouth, to lift the giver's soul substance to be restored to him.

To understand how Jericho's impregnable walls fell, you must comprehend the laws involved. Among the Israelites who wandered the wilderness were the men who had been in Egypt, and it took forty years to wipe the memory from their minds. When the last elder had passed from his body, God called Moses home.

Joshua assumed responsibility for establishing Israel in Canaan, the Promised Land that God said would be theirs forever. The Lord ordered the priests to carry the ark of the covenant across the Jordan River on foot. The waters receded so the Israelites could walk across dry shod, which was Joshua's first miracle at the Lord's command.

The Israelites were accustomed to miracles. They had witnessed the plagues, seen the Red Sea parted, and had eaten manna, the Lord's bounty, for forty years.

Joshua ordered that the men be circumcised when they reached the plain of Jericho, to "roll away the reproach of Egypt." Then they celebrated the Feast of Passover, making unleavened cakes of parched corn from the Promised Land. The manna ceased after the Passover, and Israel ate the fruits of Canaan. How they must have rejoiced.

Jericho was a walled city held by the descendants of Cain and Ishmael, who practiced human sacrifice at their altars to Baal. Jericho, which means "a great enterprise," was a city of darkness where they sacrificed soul to self. The darkness of the godless had seized the gate to the Promised Land.

In the fifth chapter, Joshua lifted his eyes and saw a man with a sword standing over him, who said he was the Commander of Hosts, the Archangel Michael. Joshua fell on his face and asked if he had come to aid Israel or its adversaries. Verse 14 says the angel answered, "No, but as Commander of the host of the Lord I have now come."

Fourteen is the number of choice; Joshua was asking if God had already chosen. When the angel said no, Joshua understood that the choice to obey and worship was his. The angel ordered Joshua to remove his sandals to permit the uninterrupted flow of Power through him. Thus, he ascended high enough to hear the Lord's orders to take Jericho's walls. The walls represent conquering the spiritual walls of the throat center, the last "I-me-my" center of the self-will. Symbolically, the creative fire must possess the Promised Land before it can ascend to the Garden of Eden.

For six days the Israelites blew their horns as they marched around the city walls, then seven times on the seventh day. The steady blaring of horns and constant tramping of feet created a vibration to shatter darkness. God instructed them not to say a word, but to work in silence. We have all opened our mouths prematurely and destroyed our own vibrations.

Seven priests marched for six days, which represents the double trinity of creation, and the time required mystically to gestate any creative desire, prayer mold or idea. It took six days of marching to build the right vibration for action on the seventh day.

These people had walked constantly forty years in the wilderness, and had no trouble marching six days around Jericho's walls. Marching before the ark brought them into rapport with God. The trumpets blew while they worked out their salvation in silence. An armed guard led them, as an angel with a flaming sword leads us when we gestate ideas as miracles.

Seven is the priestly number that protects your creations. Seven priests blowing seven trumpets represent the action of divine Power as Light, color, tone, number, name, the spoken Word, and form.

The Ark of the Covenant represents the head, your sanctuary, a high tower of refuge, room of Light. We also call it the Garden of Eden, Christed I AM consciousness, the golden bowl that holds the pineal and pituitary glands. Six days symbolize a perfect balance of Love and Wisdom in your life. Then your armed guard, the angel of the Lord, goes with you to deflect harm.

Fourteen (seven priests and seven trumpets) represents Power, Light and tone preceding us to prepare our way (twice seven equals fourteen, the number of choice and separation). You must make the choice represented by the number fourteen before the ark can follow. You choose God or darkness of self, and separate yourself from darkness or from God. How will you act? What will you say?

Six priests were on either side of the ark, totaling twelve, the number of primary soul virtues protecting you. You develop six virtues on the left as gifts of devotion to God, and six on the right as gifts of devotion to humanity.

They ordered those at the rear to remain silent, which means ceasing negative expressions of imagination, emotional desires and wrong thinking. The little self is your "rear guard." You cannot lift self until you love your fellow man and express love to the world. You must turn your virtues toward God to have a "rear guard."

The Children of Israel were still shocked with grief and mourning their loss of Moses. They loved Joshua because he was Moses' protege. The Lord used him to perform two miracles on their first day in the Promised Land. He caused the River Jordan's waters to recede and filled their stomachs after forty years of manna, which brought them into balance on Love and Wisdom. The Lord had promised them Canaan Land and had kept His promise.

God told Moses to defend every foot of ground He gave him: The Children of Israel did defend the Promised Land and we still defend the land, for we are the Children of Israel. Defending the place you occupy is necessary. How? Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your enemies.

How you regard yourself is how you regard your neighbor. Smile when you look in the mirror, and let God paint your face with glory. Declare, "Here I am. Here is Your face, Father." Love yourself and you will love your neighbor. God waits for you to defend the land He gave you. Go to Him for help. Plant your feet firmly and give up trying to do the whole job alone.

How do you know when the seventh day arrives? You do not know. If you look back once, you cut your cables of Light to the Source, and must spend time gathering the scattered lines and substance.

Six represents the time that it takes to fill and gestate the prayer mold you create. Seven represents mystical fulfillment, and seven times seven is how long it takes to spark a project with a soul. You must clothe a project with divine substance if it is born without waiting. Ask not when the seventh day, the Sabbath, a day of rest, a quiet period, will arrive. You weary of waiting for the right time, ask when, and must do it again. God says, "Be still until I can make it visible."

Whenever God instructs you to remove your shoes, it means to clear the blinding cover from your understanding. You are not ascending high enough unless you comprehend. Give projects time to grow and become, and you can look up and say, "I am now that great Light and glory. I am now become the established one. I am now this unconquerable faith."

You have a finished miracle of seven times seven when you declare this every day, seven times seven. You will be happy, joyful, singing and praising, knowing this is your seven times seven, and God will say, "Shout!"

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Promises Fulfilled 4

Edna Lister created this sermon outline for May 11, 1958. Scriptures: Hebrews 11:1-3, Hebrews 11:7, Hebrews 11:17-19, Hebrews 11: 27-30 and Hebrews 11:33-34.

Today is Mothers' Day and the last Sunday in the forty days of Ascension, the number of days Jesus remained on earth before he ascended. The Gospel record ends with his Ascension. The title and the subject of a sermon are also factors in how it is presented, since we must relate the three, the sermon's date, title and subject in some way.

Each minister faces the same problem in the sermon fifty-two times a year: How to tie together alien ideas, when they have no seeming relationship. Most ministers labor over it. In this case, the ideas are scattered through the verses. One must find some common denominator. What can we find here?

First, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1. This verse directly relates to Things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. – Hebrews 11:3. Second, Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark. – Hebrews 11:7.

Third, Abraham had such faith in God's promise that When he was tried, offered up Isaac: and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son, 11:17-18. Fourth, By faith [Moses] forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible. – Hebrews 11:27. Finally, Moses performed miracles and wonders through God's aid and by Him delivered Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land, through faith.

All these verses speak of something invisible and unseen. In winter, a tree stands barren, its life invisible. Spring draws forth that unseen life, and buds appear. Faith is the name of this invisible substance of life when it appears.

Faith really is "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." A metaphysical declaration states, "God is everywhere evenly present and available." This means that God cannot be left out of any part of Creation. So faith is a high, working vibration in Mind, Substance and Power. Mind is the idea forming the prayer mold, Substance is the visible material, and Power is the energy acting upon the idea to make it visible.

Is this practical? Is this logical? We must have a base for all our operations, a family home, a business office. An explorer has a ship. A mountain climber has a base camp for supplies. Our base is faith, which is composed of the pure Love of God, whose simplified definition is "loving God enough" to trust Him completely with abandon, with no time wasted in doubt and fear. Without faith as your base of operations, you have no sustenance, no food. You are weak, fall back, and must start over.

Faith is love. What is love? Love is the mothering aspect of God. Therefore, faith is the full expression of God's mother love. Mother love is penetrating, permeating and pervading. It never stops giving of its self and soul, so it yearns and broods. Mother Love must fulfill itself, always pushes forth, is always seeking and persistent. It is brisk, firm, and dependable. When you lean on mother love, it does not collapse, and you do not fall through it. This is the difference between softness and tenderness, between sentiment and compassion. You can lean on tenderness and compassion, but soft sentimentality is dry rot that collapses.

Mothers Day exemplifies true love. Sentimental love finally rides the individual with a whip and spurs. Its love-giving becomes a hated duty, and it falls in on itself in a "nervous breakdown." All promises are made from the substance of faith upheld by nourishing mother love. Promises are always invisible, therefore only through mothering love can you have the promises made to you fulfilled, or fulfill those you have made to others. Somewhere, sometime, you must fulfill all your promises.

A promise made silently to another, or one made to your own soul, immediately releases enough new substance to become the equivalent of the promise in Light, love, healing power. It goes direct to the home, business, the aura, wherever the need is, to the other person. If you promise yourself, the substance goes into your own prayer molds. To love as faith is ascension. To make a promise is ascension, for ascension is a moving up in consciousness.

Promises made to you are but the Father saying, "Come higher, and pick up the precious jewels of wisdom you laid down on each level of consciousness as you descended to earth." This is why God's promises must be fulfilled. They are yours from the beginning, and you must take them home.

The fact of your ascension is your "claim check" at the altar, where you laid down your jewels. As you ascend, mother love, as faith in action, becomes the universal "timing" of your life. You become God's promise fulfilled.

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Promises Fulfilled 5

This Edna Lister sermon transcript is dated May 11, 1958. Scribes: Ruth Johnson and Virginia Whitehead. Scriptures: Hebrews 11:1-3, Hebrews 11:7, Hebrews 11:17-19, Hebrews 11: 27-30 and Hebrews 11:33-34.

Today's texts from Hebrews, chapter eleven, appear to be filled with heterogeneous subjects, but is all about promises fulfilled, about faith as the invisible substance of things hoped for and the visible evidence of the unseen. Faith is the common denominator of the world's ascension. Faith's invisible divine substance fulfills every promise.

Noah feared God's warning, heeded the warning and built the ark as God ordered him. He was obedience, shaking knees, and faith. The obedient soul has faith, though his stomach quakes and knees shake. The rainbow, the visible spectrum of light, symbolizes God's promise to Noah fulfilled.

God called Abraham to do many things for no visible reason, and Abraham instantly obeyed. Abraham and Sarah had faith in God's promise that their seed would multiply to fill the earth before their son, Isaac, was visible.

The "fear of the Lord" is obedience to law. Fear was the only way to unite the children of Israel. Moses delivered Israel from fear of Pharaoh's wrath and led them into the desert to live forty years with no visible means of support.

Faith is the invisible substance that makes miracles visible. Faith is the invisible substance of the promise, and the visible seed. The trees stand barren in winter, their buds invisible, yet by May, they have blossomed. Trees fear no lack and so produce their buds.

Earth yields countless tons of produce each year from invisible substance under the laws governing nature. We harvest unimaginable amounts of material substance from the earth, yet each year it produces more. It loses nothing. All this abundance comes of faith alone, operating through natural laws. Obedience to law can make invisible substance become visible reality.

God is everywhere evenly present and available as Mind, Substance and Power, forever one. You cannot strain and separate any attributes from God. They are rates of vibration acting together as one. Mind builds the prayer mold. Faith becomes visible Substance that fills the mold. Power is the divine activity that energizes the mold to express as outer manifestation.

At the Source, absolute Wisdom, Love, and the Logos become abstract Mind, Substance, and Power, to form a supreme trinity that operates as relative desire, will, and action in lower realms. For example, a radio operates by using a carrier wave of Power to convey tone. The Light, color and tone principles act together as one transmission in a television set to produce a picture with sound. Without faith, you are like a television running with no sound or picture.

We must have a base of operations: Our home is one, our office is another. We may have many bases of operation, the military, factories, businesses. Yet we must each have a personal base of operations for our emotional, mental and spiritual life, and this must be our faith. Faith is loving God enough to trust Him completely.

You cannot base your life on faith unless you love God, or you lack the working tools of the trade. Mountain climbers and explorers establish base camps of supply. Where will you get your substance unless you establish a foundation of faith? Faith is the base camp from which you operate, above and below. Faith without loving God is impossible. Love is God's feminine aspect, the mothering power principle.

Today is Mother's Day and this coming Thursday is Ascension Day. We must weave the two into one. Mother's Day, a feast day for all mothers, is the one day when everyone does something for his or her mother. Celebrating Mother's Day is the beginning of a child's expression of love, and this fits with the Creative Plan.

The deeper love penetrates and permeates the soul, the more it becomes true mother love. A mother will "kill" herself to see that her child goes to school or college and succeeds. You can always depend on permeating, penetrating mother love. It stands like a rock or pillar in the world. Any woman who mothers people has spiritual children who cling to her. They accept her as a mother above though she has no children of the body.

A vast difference lies between love and sentimentality, which is born of a possessive self-love that squeezes its loved ones to death. Love stands firmly. Sentimentality collapses in a crisis when you need it most. You cannot lean on this. Sometime in life that sentimental love will ride the loved one with a whip and spurs. Nervous collapses are often due to possessive sentimentality posing as love.

The love you need nourishes and sustains, and will brood and gestate for years, if necessary. Mind builds the prayer mold if you want to bring forth a vision, but you may not waver in filling it. Act from a continually held faith as your base of operations to gestate, nourish and sustain every idea you bring forth from heavenly realms.

To have faith, you must love enough. Mother's Day is based on the invisible foundation of unconquerable faith. Mother Love counts no effort too great and no task too hard or too long.

Faith in God's promises is your base of operations, your trust that the material object or condition will emerge from invisible Substance. A promise is invisible and sometimes remains that way. Continuous belief in a promise fulfills that promise as an actuality. You are responsible for bringing it to pass if you receive a promise. Accept it as love itself, fulfilled, and declare its maker faith-full, which follows the law of I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. – John 12:32.

The promise is perfect, even if you know the person is lying. You can fulfill it from your rock-solid base of faith. You must fulfill every promise, even if you must reincarnate to do so. God releases the Love-Power for you to fulfill every silent promise you make to yourself. Love-Power becomes healing, added gifts of abundant Substance. When love fills your aura, you are an invisible pillar of support for others. No one can ever forget a promise to do a good deed, for something reminds him, and that becomes his future base of operations.

Mother's Day releases love, the inner substance of faith itself. Ascension Day reminds us of promises, ours and God's. You grow, unfold and ascend in consciousness with every promise, and lift your base of faith higher. Whenever you read of God's promises, the Father says, "Child, come higher and just ahead are these jewels of glory waiting for you here upon your altar." God gave us these jewels when we first came to earth.

Ascend a little higher in consciousness and you will receive every gift promised through the ages. The aspects of self you are the most stubborn about lifting are the prices of the greatest gifts awaiting you. Reach a little bit further. Just one step, then another and the gift will be in your arms, added from the inner to you on outer. The Father says, "Your every prayer and promise you desire to fulfill is a claim check on the altar as you ascend."

As you stand on invisible unconquerable faith, upheld by God's arms, you ascend. God's mothering love becomes the timing of your life. You live in harmony with universal timing when you become Godlike unconquerable faith and unquenchable love.

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