Hate is An emotion of extreme or passionate dislike or aversion; inveterate ill-will; hatredCentury Dictionary and Cyclopedia When you hate, yoy feel experience these states of emotion.

Synonyms for hate include to abhor, to detest, to abominate, to loathe. These words express the strongest forms of dislike and aversion of either persons or things. Hate may include the others; it is more permanent and includes more ill-will toward that which is hated. To abhor, literally to start from with horror, is to have all the better feelings excited against that which is abhorred: as, we abhor cruelty. To detest, literally to bear witness against, is to condemn with indignation. Abominate, by derivation and the Biblical use of its congeners, has generally reference to what is offensive to moral and religious sentiment. To loathe is primarily to have great aversion to food, and hence to have like disgust toward that which is offensive to the moral nature or the feelings.Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

“You may not preach love and live by hate.”—Edna Lister

Hate is a sin, a transgression of a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate; deliberate disobedience to the known will of GodAmerican Heritage Dictionary

Sin is missing the mark, living by a negative, not a positive pattern. A sin is any thought, emotion, word, or act that can separate divine Mind, Substance and Power, thus creating mental confusion, illusion or delusion, diseased substance and denatured Power, or force. Sin and evil are born of conscious choices against the Light made by personalities. Hate is love inverted. Hatred is the destroyer that dissolves the bonds of love. It flourishes only in darkness and invites the presence of evil.

Edna Lister on Hate

If you have an enemy, he is your master; the one whom you hate is your master. Obtain mastery, which includes freedom from hate and negative thoughts.
  Cold, repressed hatred causes virulent illness. When you repress an emotion and mull it over, it stores acidic toxins in your system. If you express an emotion like hatred, it is out in the open. Cure it by surrounding, both the person who has repressed hatred, and those whom they dislike, with love—if you know who they are.—Edna Lister, January 16, 1933.

Lift all your hatred of a situation or limitation.—Edna Lister, The Gold Standard, 1934.

When you give to children grudgingly and talk about it, they grow hateful, cold and selfish, thinking they might as well enjoy all they can get because you don’t really care anyhow.—Edna Lister, 1934.

The Supreme Trinity is composed of Love, Wisdom and Selflessness. The opposite world trinity is hate, intolerance, and selfishness.—Edna Lister, Love, the Conqueror, April 12, 1934.

Hatred, criticism ,and black moods all return to their sender.—Edna Lister, Law and How it Works, August 11, 1935.

Hatred and excessive love both prohibit true judgments because they rest on the rotten foundation of opinions and prejudice. And inasmuch as both extremes lessen the most important aspects of the soul, so likewise they magnify the most trivial.—Edna Lister, Remember, January 1936.

Envy, malice, and hatred are negative expressions of love.—Edna Lister, Science of Character Building, Positive and Negative Powers of Life, January 4, 1936.

Hatefulness is hate-full-ness, an expression of hatred.—Edna Lister, Lenten Preparation, February 6, 1937.

Love overcomes all hate.—Edna Lister, February 3, 1939.

The law is love in which is not one lesser offspring of hate, which composes all darkness.—Edna Lister, September 1, 1939.

Although hate may open a vibration, you can close it in the perfection of love.—Edna Lister, September 10, 1939.

You cannot see hate when you are looking toward God, and if you look toward the world only to see hate, you cannot reach or hope to see God.—Edna Lister, March 3, 1940.

Those who hate, argue and distribute pieces of their mind are apt to live to a ripe old age, for they are working it out inexorably. God gives us each a long line and plenty of time to reach self-satisfaction through self-expression, creating and paying spiritual debts to divine law.—Edna Lister, A Design for Ascension, 1942.

More hate cannot avenge hate; only love may avenge hate, for hate hates love.—Edna Lister, October 21, 1942.

Hate, and the world’s indifference, form the ice to cool your soul’s white point of love’s pure heat, so you must love more.—Edna Lister, September 16, 1943.

Misuse of the creative fire for any purpose whatever is the source of all hate.—Edna Lister, May 7, 1945.

Revenge, anger, jealousy, envy and deceit may grow from the single root of hatred.—Edna Lister, August 1, 1945.

You degrade the wisdom and love principles when you dwell on political hatreds.—Edna Lister, June 12, 1947.

Hatred quickly stems from a possessive selfish love.—Edna Lister, October 27, 1947.

Review the past, dig up all old hates and resentments, and fully complete the cleansing, for you can conceal nothing. All past and hidden thoughts, words, or deeds shall be unveiled before the whole world. Only that which has been erased and made white can remain covered from prying eyes.—Edna Lister, January 10, 1949.

Much hate is directed at anyone whose great Light is unbearable.—Edna Lister, January 31, 1949.

Hate is love inverted.—Edna Lister, From Light to Form as a Creator: Seven Breaths, August 2, 1949.

No soul can live on his true path of destiny unless he recalls all his misused soul substance. Actually, you must redeem every bit of misused substance, convert all past hate into love and give it to the Father.—Edna Lister, May 3, 1951.

A blunder is caused by hatred left where soul substance was misused or given away.—Edna Lister, May 3, 1951.

Praise and rejoicing can overcome earth’s hatred.—Edna Lister, May 19, 1952.

You may not preach on love and live by hate.—Edna Lister, August 13, 1953.

You can hook people by their animosities and hatred more easily than you can hook them by love.—Edna Lister, October 19, 1953.

Coat the darkness of hatred with love, to absorb it, leaving nothing but love itself to shine.—Edna Lister, Black Pearls, 1954.

You cannot eradicate hatred from anyone’s heart until you remove its root.—Edna Lister, May 27, 1954.

When you use love on the lesser negative side, you let negative, not positive virtues, take over your life. The opposite of love is hate. As love descends into even mild modifications of hate (indifference, for instance), the little self takes charge.—Edna Lister, Eternal Youth, 1955.

Law adds what you conquer and love to the whole to return to the original balance, with darkness and hate forever consumed.—Edna Lister, May 19, 1955.

You feel so good inside when you love the good things rather than hate the evil.—Edna Lister, August 4, 1955.

Evil is always based in hatred and rebellion.—Edna Lister, December 1, 1955.

Boredom thrives on hate and resentment. The most saintly people may be filled with the poisons of resentment and hate.—Edna Lister, November 26, 1956.

If a man hates enough, his hatred will consume him.—Edna Lister, March 12, 1957.

When you stand in the Light, people react in many ways. Some people may hate what they see in your Light because you become a mirror in which they see themselves; they hate their own reflection.—Edna Lister, August 22, 1957.

If you are jealous of or hate another, put him on a pedestal and grant to the world that he is greater than you. It is devil worship to put another on a pedestal of hate, revenge, jealousy or criticism.—Edna Lister, September 30, 1957.

You can misuse the Creative Impulse by negative imagination, thinking, or emotions such as hatred.—Edna Lister, Conquering Space, October 15, 1957.

What is not love will eventually become hate.—Edna Lister, October 24, 1957.

Red-hot tears reveal a root of hatred.—Edna Lister, November 18, 1957.

When you realize that a soul has turned from God in hatred, speedily reach with arms of Light to magnetize his dropped lines of Light around earth. If all God’s Elect always lifted the fallen lines of Light and responsibility on earth, those who hate would concoct fewer miseries.—Edna Lister, December 15, 1957.

Your real enemies are your own fear, hate, and resentment.—Edna Lister, March 13, 1958.

Every problem presented on earth enfolds its own answer, but you often throw that answer away with the wrappings. To hate having a call made upon your time or effort throws away the answer as hate.—Edna Lister, March 13, 1958.

The ultimate struggle of the Armageddon shall be the final lifting of hatred.—Edna Lister, May 13, 1958.

Setting aside war is no more than setting aside the hatreds of men.—Edna Lister, June 12, 1958.

You adulterate your own creative faculties with idle words, negative thinking, wild imagination and wrong desires such as revenge, resentment, hatred or jealousy.—Edna Lister, Ten Commandments and Beatitudes, November 4, 1958.

People add negativity, hatred, resentment, revenge motives, opinions, prejudices and criticisms to the world’s subconscious world mind. Edna Lister, The Pioneering Mystic, May 5, 1959.

Those who have had their shells of darkness cracked try to crawl back into their empty shells, but cannot. They feel naked and exposed, and may hate the Power that cracks their shells until love overcomes hate.—Edna Lister, May 11, 1959.

Every demand carries its own power of fulfillment. Everything life presents us is possible to lift, even others’ outrageous demands. If you descend in consciousness on a demand, you use your vitality in a toxic hate or resentment-filled adrenaline rush that poisons your bloodstream.—Edna Lister, All Substance Is Universal, May 12, 1959.

If you are filled with anger, hatred, resentment, opinions or prejudice, you cannot water your Garden of Eden.—Edna Lister, God as Personality and Principle, June 9, 1959.

Baptism by Fire always brings us a choice of love or hate, positive or negative.—Edna Lister, Eight Powers of Being, June 23, 1959.

A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.—Proverbs 18:16. If a man uses his gift as hate, it brings him to great hatreds.—Edna Lister, May 12, 1960.

God did not create hate. Man exercised self-will and inverted His Love Substance into hate and into the darkness known as the void. Edna Lister, How Can I Help Myself? May 31, 1960.

God did not create hatred, but uses it as a hook so we can learn the "point" of wisdom.—Edna Lister, Is Praise Necessary? July 5, 1960.

When you receive a physical blow, it erases records of hate and evil from the world mind consciousness from the world.—Edna Lister, December 4, 1960.

If you can resent, hate or grieve about criticism, you have not become law.—Edna Lister, December 19, 1960.

Hate grows when you recognize it as hate, but decreases and disappears when you term it "love." To declare, "This is changed into love," consumes the hatred of, say, your in-laws.—Edna Lister, The Key to Integration of Soul and Spirit, June 6, 1961.

The spleen symbolizes either hatred and anger, or tolerance and consideration.—Edna Lister, August 10, 1961.

You must declare that hateful words are changed into love rather than to see, consider and talk about the hate.—Edna Lister, The Seven-Branched Candle Stand, October 17, 1961.

When people hate a leader, speak the word and the Masters sack the hatred and take it out.—Edna Lister, March 28, 1962.

If you are following the Path of Ascension, you cannot take in anything that deals with personal disturbance, hate or anger at other fellow; to you it is not there.—Edna Lister, July 8, 1963.

You cannot afford hatred, for it destroys.—Edna Lister, July 24, 1963.

Vacuum clean all the hate out of people’s hearts.—Edna Lister, July 25, 1963.

When you hate, you fasten a cloud of your soul substance to the one you hate.—Edna Lister, August 15, 1963.

You must know the difference between honor in love and dishonor in hate.
  Hate affects the heart.—Edna Lister, November 13, 1963.

Evil corrupts thought and hatred corrupts emotions.—Edna Lister, August 2, 1964.

Many souls hold on like grim death to their small hatreds of self and so prevent their own ascension.—Edna Lister, October 1, 1964.

Man made a god, partial, shadowy and relative, in his own image and likeness. Through observation of scientific laws, man found flaws in his god and said, I don’t believe in this god, and began to hate himself and his own image.—Edna Lister, I AM, God the Triune, God the Absolute, God the Sevenfold, October 20, 1964.

Hate forges chains of bondage between souls that only love can dissolve.—Edna Lister, The Eternal Son’s Relationship to the Universe, December 15, 1964.

Curses are like verbal dynamite. God uses good people’s curses to blast open the crystallization in the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Where He uses hate to cure hate, the hate can fasten only upon some other hate being expressed: Like attracts like.—Edna Lister, November 8, 1965.

Only a personality can express hatred. The more people express their hatred, the greater God can invoke the laws of protection for those around them.—Edna Lister, December 13, 1965.

Possessive, sentimental love usually covers deep, deep hatred or jealousy.—Edna Lister, April 7, 1966.

Take the world’s hatred, wrap it in love and give it to God.—Edna Lister, Eight Powers of Being, October 25, 1966.

You have no room for criticism, hate or despair when you are one with God.—Edna Lister, June 20, 1967.

Every hatred must be lifted from the whole world; every contaminated life spark must be lifted above the amosphere.
  Hate’s peculiar radiation kills love and Light. Hatred reacts to Light by activating all associated past evil to be lifted.—Edna Lister, July 23, 1967.

Power, even though meant to heal, can utterly destroy when it meets a strong vibration of hatred; it acts like a short-circuit and burns out.—Edna Lister, The Source Above the Supreme, November 21, 1967.

We must stand, brisk and firm, in bringing hate back to love.—Edna Lister, December 10, 1967.

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Treatments for Hatred

Treat one who hates by declaring, Father, please raise this beautiful substance of love Name has sent me. Please ascend, purify and restore this love to Name."\ You may use this to redeem the lost soul substance of those who criticize and curse. Stand in love, gird your loins, cross your arms, declare the curses are love and thank God for them.—Edna Lister, The Eight Great Powers of Being, 18, 1966.

Build heavy radar walls of Light between nations, declaring that the hate that touches the walls is consumed.—Edna Lister, January 10, 1955.

When another throws you lines of hatred, they surround him, too. As you lift and declare them all love, the lines drop from him to form a footstool, which is the first step in healing. Declare that his lines now form a footstool.—Edna Lister, June 4, 1957.

The perfect challenge to hatred is, "Darling, you’re wonderful. I love you right where you are now." Edna Lister, October 3, 1957.

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New Testament on Hate

{In Scripture, to hate signifies to love less.}

If the world hates you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.—John 5:18-19.

Do good to those who hate you.—Matthew 5:44.

Blessed are ye when men shall hate you.—Luke 6:22.

If any man come to me, and hate not father and mother, etc.—Luke 14:26. Top ↑

In Scripture, to hate signifies to love less.}

You shall not hate your brother in your heart. You shall surely rebuke your neighbor, and not bear sin because of him.—Leviticus 19:17.

How long will fools hate knowledge?—Proverbs 1:22.

Six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren.—Proverbs 6:16-19.

Do not correct a scoffer, lest he hate you; rebuke a wise man, and he will love you.—Proverbs 9:8.

He who hates correction is stupid.—Proverbs 12:1.

He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly.—Proverbs 13:24.

He that hates dissembles with his lips, and lays up deceit within him; when he speaks fair, believe him not: for there are seven abominations in his heart. Whose hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness shall be showed before the whole congregation.—Proverbs 26:24-26.

A lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin.—Proverbs 26:28.

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Hate in Other Sacred Writings

{In Scripture, to hate signifies to love less.}

Pride is hateful before God and man: and by both doth one commit iniquity.—Wisdom of Ben Sirach 10:7.

A whisperer defiles his own soul, and is hated wheresoever he dwells.—Wisdom of Ben Sirach 21:28.

Come to hate hypocrisy and the evil thought; for it is the thought that gives birth to hypocrisy; hypocrisy is far from truth.—The Apocryphon of James, Codex I, 2.

Men wise in their own estimation, putting Christ to the test, but he confounded them, because they were foolish; they hated him, because they were not really wise.—The Gospel of Truth, Codex I, 3 and XII, 2.

Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted. Wherever you have been persecuted they will find no Place.—Gospel of Thomas, Codex II, 2.

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Edna Miriam Lister
The original Pioneering Mystic,
Christian Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister

Etymology of hate: Middle English hate, hete, "hate, anger."

Hate is a sin.

Fire and Ice
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
—Robert Frost


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