Indifference, Lukewarmness

Indifference is the absence of feeling for or against, want of zeal, interest, concern, or attention, unconcern, apathy.Oxford English Dictionary
  Synonyms for indifference include apathy, casualness, complacence, disinterestedness, disregard, incuriosity, incuriousness, insouciance, nonchalance.—Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  Lukewarmness is having little warmth or depth of feeling, lacking zeal, enthusiasm or ardor, indifferent.Oxford English Dictionary
  Synonyms for lukewarm include halfhearted, tepid, uneager, unenthusiastic; apathetic, disinterested, dispassionate, emotionless, impassive, indifferent, neutral, uncaring, uninterested, lackadaisical, languid, listless, perfunctory, undemonstrative, unemotional, unresponsive, unfeeling, unfriendly.—Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Indifference and lukewarmness act as opiates to consciousness, and eventually paralyze the soul’s will and desires, and kill the mental faculties. They are terrible soul taints.

Edna Lister on Indifference and Lukewarmness

Beware of lukewarmness, which will lure you with ideas of overwork, desire for rest, and thoughts that your needed sacrifices of self and personal desires are great burdens that require too much effort to make.—Edna Lister, October 27, 1938.

A teacher may lift you in love, perhaps beyond your degree of attainment, but if you slip in laxness or lukewarmness, you must earn your place again by travail and hard climbing.—Edna Lister, November 6, 1938.

God requires nothing impossible of you, only to sacrifice of opinions and prejudices. However, He does require your full appreciation and gratitude for lessons given, which you may not take it lightly or matter-of-factly, lest lukewarmness causes dry rot and disintegrates what He has joined—the light of illumination and your brain cells.—Edna Lister, January 19, 1939.

Delays cannot disrupt your plans if you put faith into action. Your degree of faith, from cold to white heat, sets the timing for a miracle, and the most delaying degree is lukewarmness.—Edna Lister, September 1, 1939.

Lukewarmness in one affects the temperature of an entire group. This is true no matter which area of life you consider—home, family, friends, work or church.—Edna Lister, October 14, 1941.

Indifference is a curse, which you can build from one fall in consciousness, but the world can build a mountain of lukewarmness created by a thousand people in an hour.—Edna Lister, April 19, 1943.

Indifference, lukewarmness and selfishness leave a job undone or for another to finish, which may cause him to waste time and place blame in irritation or condemnation. The shirker must pay the debt, even if it means another embodiment to do so.—Edna Lister, June 23, 1945.

Nothing can hold you in safety against the quicksand of your indifferent or lukewarm attitudes. Once you fail to heed warnings or allow any self-made excuse for not becoming the laws you consciously know, law considers you as knowledgeable of right and wrong, and you are free to choose a backward path of life. Unless someone on earth loves you enough to sponsor you on the forward and upward path again, your Guardians may only stand by and hold you at that level. They cannot aid you until you reawaken to the high soul-glory and return to the Light again fully to hold fast and become law.—Edna Lister, July 2, 1945.

Today’s completeness must be higher than yesterday’s or lukewarmness has set in and you have lost the point of white heat in your desire to ascend.—Edna Lister, July 12, 1945.

Heed not the laggards nor the lukewarm. Beware their company!—Edna Lister, November 29, 1945.

A mental and emotional dullness comes from too much physical rest.—Edna Lister, September 4, 1946.

You can and must let love prevail, to do the work without giving up, faltering in vision, or allowing lukewarmness or indifference of heart or mind.—Edna Lister, June 2, 1947.

You cannot afford one moment of lukewarmness, dawdling, indifference, or lowered vibration. Your hours must be golden, twenty-four hours a day plus.—Edna Lister, July 3, 1947.

Like attracts like. The indifference of earth’s “good people,” and among the Elect, releases more darkness into the world than anything else.—Edna Lister, September 25, 1952.

If you don’t grow ten thousand times hotter every day, you will become indifferent and lukewarm.—Edna Lister, May 28, 1953.

It takes grueling effort to make up for lukewarmness and indifference. God must use the effort you put forth to fill the spaces you left empty, but you will finally succeed.—Edna Lister, November 13, 1953.

It’s good to win, but better to remember that you’ve too often won halfheartedly under lukewarmness, indifference, and lack of enough soul fervency to conquer. you cannot slip when your soul fervently and constantly holds to beauty and joy.—Edna Lister, May 19, 1955.

Indifference appears to cover blame, but it colors another’s darkness and makes it worse.—Edna Lister, October 15, 1956.

You can afford no more indifference to physical or spiritual law, from traffic signals up.—Edna Lister, November 18, 1957.

Your percentage of lukewarmness and indifference measure the quality and quantity of your love for God. Though you give Him all adoration and pour such love upon humanity that it envelops all evil, it is less than one percent of the love available awaiting your spoken word to send it forth.
  When you become lukewarm, a warning sign always flashes to put you back on track. Pay attention!—Edna Lister, March 6, 1958.

Laziness is being too mentally or emotionally negligent to love God enough. Mental laziness causes indifference.—Edna Lister, February 4, 1960.

The greatest of the world’s evils are lukewarmness, indifference, and idle words.—Edna Lister, December 29, 1960.

Indifference is always deadly to the soul.—Edna Lister, March 27, 1962.

Indifference bleeds the Light from Power to go out as black clouds that return to you as accidents.—Edna Lister, March 26, 1963.

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”—Philippians 3:14. Never excuse yourself for dilatoriness, lukewarmness, or forgetting the high calling of Christ.—Edna Lister, January 3, 1965.

Indifference and lack of interest are credit cards for soul debts.—Edna Lister, January 16, 1966.

Your declarations go wrong when you ruin them with lukewarmness and doubt. After you speak the word for a miracle, keep your declarations vitalized and quickened with the Light.—Edna Lister, July 19, 1966.

The “good” people’s sins of lukewarmness and indifference cause so much trouble. No sin is little.—Edna Lister, December 2, 1966.

Indifference is a lack of compassion, which is a Christ-like virtue.—Edna Lister, Awareness and Becoming Law, May 26, 1968.

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New Testament on Indifference and Lukewarmness

These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.—Revelation 3:15-16.

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Edna Miriam Lister
The original Pioneering Mystic,
Christian Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister

Etymology of indifferent: Latin indifferens, "indifferent, not differing, not particular, of not consequence."

Etymology of lukewarm: Old English -hleow, "below" + warm, "warm."

Indifference and lukewarmness are soul taints.


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