Omnipotent is almighty; possessing unlimited power; all powerful. The being that can create worlds must be omnipotent. Having unlimited power of a particular kind; as omnipotent love.Webster’s American Dictionary
  Omnipotence is having unlimited or universal power, or authority, all-powerful.Webster’s American Dictionary

“God’s Power is omnipotence, and you are its servant.”

Omnipotence is an absolute and abstract principle. Omnipotence means all-Powerful in all ways and in all places of all creation, through all things unconscious and as all things conscious, the principle of Power. Omnipotence operates through the law of freedom of choice: God gives the living soul the power of conscious direction and control — freedom of choice, which we often call free will — over substance.

St. Paul described our relative potential expression of omnipotence when he said, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.—Philippians 4:13.

Edna Lister on Omnipotence

Nonresistance is the principle of healing because you never use Power to heal anyone of anything. You learn in this work that you cannot use spiritual Power. You can use physical power, you can use mental power, but you cannot use spiritual Power. When you enter the Realm of Spirit, Power uses you; you cannot use Power. Power is omnipotence, and you are its servant. Therefore, when you work according to the principle of nonresistance, you do not use Power to cure disease, to provide supply for anyone, or to overcome sin.

You just know the truth that every appearance of evil is simply a form of mental malpractice. It is nothing more than the subconscious, which has no law, no cause, no life, no substance and no activity other than what you give it. Healing is not something you do. Power does the healing by using your consciousness as its servant. When you know truth, you become still and let God speak the Word. Then you hear the "still, small voice."—Edna Lister, God as Consciousness Appears as Form, 1933.

Omni means "all, of all things, in all ways, in all places." Omnipotent refers to the infinite Power of God, endless Power, without beginning, without end, widespread, always being met with. So omnipotently means with so great influence, all Power, God everywhere. Speak to God, and He hears.—Edna Lister, God’s Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence, October 5, 1934.

The Gospels teach the potential omnipotence of man under the power of truth, as illustrated with the resurrection of the dead. The mystery of the Resurrection is the transmutation of all substance into Light.—Edna Lister, Enfolding All Truth, April 27, 1935.

Desire is omnipotent.—Edna Lister, Seven Breaths in One, March 28, 1936.

God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. These three great fundamental principles of expression in the life of creation expand from all that is into all that becomes. God the Absolute is Wisdom, Love and the Logos. God expresses omnisciently, omnipresently and omnipotently.

To understand the powers behind these great principles of expression, you must know what the prefix "omni" conveys in meaning, exoterically and esoterically. Omni means "in all ways, in all places, of all things," as all, both in the Source and in all its creations. No clear thinking or sure analysis is possible until you thoroughly establish yourself in the principles of Mind, Substance and Power, the knowing, acting Presence of God.

Philosophy calls these principles omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. You must understand your relationship to principle. We are individualized manifestations of the One God as a knowing, acting presence. Therefore, it will pay great dividends to memorize these fundamental principles of omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. You must know how they operate, their relationships to each other and to the various life‑expressions on the outer plane of form and place.—Edna Lister, A Design for Ascension, 1941.

Omnipotence is all powerful in all ways of all creation, all powerful in all places of all creation, all powerful through all unconscious things and all powerful as all conscious beings.—Edna Lister, A Design for Ascension, 1941.

Omnipotence is the expressive principle represented by the number three (3), and its function is motion.—Edna Lister, A Design for Ascension, 1941.

Omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence, the outer trinity of principles, operate through three primary laws of action based on philosophical statements of being. Omnipotence operates through the law of freedom of choice: God gives the living soul the power of conscious direction and control — freedom of choice, which we often call free will— over substance.—Edna Lister, A Design for Ascension, 1941.

Imagination operates on the principle of desire, which is omnipotent.—Edna Lister, A Design for Ascension, 1941.

The law is to use only omnipotence under highest law and consecration in disciplining the young, until the child has lost ability for words of retaliation or reprimand. Speak quietly, firmly, and finally. "That’s enough, young man. We don’t do that here." When spoken by one who is himself or herself constantly obedient to law, it holds authority.—Edna Lister, July 13, 1949.

The Oversoul is white hot when it moves in, and no crystallization can exist when you keep the live wire of omnipotence plugged in. If you don’t like to be half asleep, you must begin exploding the atom. God has given man access to the Mind that was in Christ Jesus. Your cranial nerves and brain cells extend their antennae to catch ideas in divine Mind. You receive the quantity of atomic energy that you allow to enter, according to the quality of your devotion and your desire to be possessed of it. The Holy Breath, the Christ Light, is the atomic energy that descends to fill, vitalize and quicken you and earth.—Edna Lister, Atomic Energy and Creative Mind, September 30, 1952.

The greater the Source of Power you touch with your live wire of omnipotence, the greater the Power from on high touches you. You cannot take that degree of Power on earth unless you surrender to become the servant of all the Power. If you become an instrument of Power, it can flow through, and you then become individualized by the Power of God. People might call you egotistical because Power then expresses through you in all positivity.—Edna Lister, Your Life’s Practice, May 23, 1954.

God’s gift to you is all when you "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."—Matthew 6:33. Cooperation, Power, Love, Wisdom and answers are unlimited, if you listen. This is God’s Allness — omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence.—Edna Lister, Nor Shadow of Turning, July 15, 1956.

Three trinities of the Truth of Being operate in 33 Via Christa Degrees: Omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. The prefix, omni, means "in all ways, in all places, of all things," both in the Source and throughout its creations. The first great truth is that omnipotence is God as principle, all-powerful in all ways of all creation, all-powerful in all places of all creation, all-powerful through all things unconscious, and all-powerful as all things conscious. Omnipotence represents the Son of selfless joy aspect of God as personality.

Omnipotence describes potential Power, which provides the basis for knowing that you can contact all potential Power, and by decreeing and declaring, cause it to become the kinetic energy of your life. Potential Power, applied to bodies or masses, causes them to move into action. Kinetic energy is Power in motion, all the potential powers of God waiting to be used. God has given the living soul the power of conscious direction and control of all Mind, Substance and Power. Power and Substance must be acted on by soul because Power can do nothing of itself; Substance is capable only of becoming whatever Mind decides.—Edna Lister, Three Covenants Between God and Man, December 15, 1959.

Joy is the "live wire" of omnipotence.—Edna Lister, Joyous Praise, the Soul’s Exaltation, November 1960.

Cosmic consciousness includes omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence, attributes of the Godhead. "Omni" means "in all ways, in all places, of all things." God is One Mind, One Power, One Substance, all that is, and all these capacities are yours to draw upon. God is deathless, ageless, abiding, the same yesterday, today, forever. Add to this "Love is the fulfilling of the law," and you have the key to immortality. Our capacity for life is determined by our capacity to comprehend these truths.—Edna Lister, Your Contact With Cosmic Consciousness, September 7, 1962.

When you get up in the morning, stand and reach for the stars, fishing with your live wire of omnipotent faith, fly casting as far as possible into the universal pool of nonresistant Light to fill yourself for the day’s needs. Do this three times, declaring, "Name, get into your body!" Do this to inflate every atom in your body so there will be no dawdling or dangling half in and half out. Then say, "Let the Light flow through me into the world around me!" Through the day, cast your live wire high and remember to inhale the three higher breaths.—Edna Lister, December 17, 1962.

Pythagoras taught the omnipotence of God; that the one God Supreme and unapproachable conceived the universe by His intelligence before He created it through His Power and will.—Edna Lister, Pythagorus, His Three Degrees, June 8, 1965.

God’s omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience know no time or space.—Edna Lister, May 15, 1966.

Philosophy is the study of the three great principles of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. Since the prefix "omni" means "in all ways, in all places, and of all things," we realize that our metaphysical statement that God is everywhere evenly present has been modified from these three omni principles. It is a perfect example of how statements are modified from absolute to relative.—Edna Lister, What Is Principle? 1968, 2001.

We find the scientific approach to religion under the philosophical principles of God’s omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. "Omni" means "of all things and of all places." When we speak of an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God, we mean God as principle, God as all substance, God as all Power. God is all that is.—Edna Lister, Five Important Mysteries, October 27, 1968.

Faith is your live wire to omnipotence, your telephonic line up to the Source.—Edna Lister, How to Be Enfolded in Light, December 15, 1968.

If you find yourself daydreaming or from mentally wandering in any direction, reach for the stars and your own high place; then extend the live wire of omnipotence to tune in that double Power of Love and Wisdom from the highest Source.—Edna Lister, July 9, 1969.

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Omnipotence: The Principle of Power

God is omnipotent as the Only Begotten Son of Power. Power is the ability to do or to act; it is dominion, rule or authority. Power’s potential is limitless. Mind limits the exertion or action of Power (Energy).

We call the Son principle of Power the Logos, the Word, the Christ principle, the third red ray. The Son principle is the white Light of the Christ, the Universal Christ principle, the Christed consciousness in man expressed as selflessness and joy. The Logos includes the whole Father-Mother God, held in a perfectly balanced duality. The Logos contains all possible combinations of the Sons and Daughters of God as personality.

God acts through the Logos, which becomes harmony, equilibrium, balance and all motion and action in the universe. Energy is relative power, the exercise of absolute Power as actual operation or activity. Energy describes the vigor or intensity of action. Energy is kinetic power, Power actively exerted.

Power moves as the Holy Breath, the Father-Mother as One or Holy Spirit, which is universal Christ consciousness, the Christ principle, and the Holy Ghost to become the Christ life within man. The Logos is the Source of all the life that you breathe.

Knowledge of the Son as the red ray rightly names Jesus the Christ as the "blood of the Lamb." Because of this, certain dogmas declare that you cannot be "saved," except by the blood of the Lamb. This really means that you have no life in you except through the red ray of Energy, the Christ Emanation of Power moving through you.

Power Acts in All Ways of All Creation: Just as our lives encompass many days and nights, so does the universe’s life embrace vast Days of Manifestation and Nights of Rest and Assimilation. During a Night of Rest and Assimilation, a time known as the "void," God rests from all labor of creation and stores as potential the Power needed to activate and set in motion the next Day of Manifestation.

"Envision" vast space as filled with infinite substance in its primordial state as life sparks, each a minute particle of Light whirling in the void. Each life spark rotates individually within itself, with a complete and independent life of its own, whirling too rapidly for the finite mind’s eye to register the motion.

During a Night of Rest and Assimilation, each minute cell of all that is assimilates all knowledge gained during the previous Day of Manifestation. Thus, each rotating life spark adds its share of potential power to the whole universal power and substance God uses during the next great Day of Manifestation.

Without mass-motion to cause vibratory cycles, each life spark rotates within itself only, then the One Power is in its potential state of being. In this potential state God is creating no new substance into form as is done during a great Day of Manifestation.

Throughout a lesser or greater Day or a Night of God, the One Power is ruling and reigning. Though in its potential phase during a Night of God, Power is still working with Mind on Substance in all places of all Creation. This is a most important point; reread this until you embed it forever within your consciousness: Power is always working. Substance is always becoming. Mind is always thinking, planning, directing and controlling. The Three — Mind, Substance and Power — are forever One.

When Eternity as the Father-Mother-Son opens a new Day of Manifestation, Light emerges, even as an earth dawn. Mind as Light directs and controls Power and gradually quickens the life sparks to greater activity.

As Power reaches the necessary volume of potential, Mind gently stirs, causing Light to assume the first form: "And I saw a great white throne and Him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heavens fled away."—Revelation 20:11 describes a thought-form of Light through which Mind operates to postulate a perfect Source Sphere. This thought-sphere becomes exactly the right size to hold the Substance needed to create the planned universe.

The life sparks begin rotating ever more rapidly, gaining momentum to create an explosion-vibration great enough to fill the universe. As Mind quickens Substance, the first tenuous, mindless, unconscious thought-forms begin to solidify and take form.

The One Power is leaving its potential phase to expand into its active or outer phase as kinetic energy. Steam is potential while still locked within a boiler, yet it becomes active and kinetic when released. So is Power static potential when each small life spark is moving only within itself. Power becomes active, kinetic energy when the Father-Mother releases it as an emanation of creative Power to open a Day of Manifestation.

Power Acts in All Things, in All Ways and in All Places of All Creation: Power moves through all things, in all ways and into all places first as Light. Then Power as Light forms the first spheres of fire that become the gaseous plasma-substance described by cosmologists. This plasma solidifies into a heavy "mist" of "water" (Genesis 2:6), then into the mineral stage of substance in material form.

Power Moves Through All Unconscious Things: Unconscious stages of evolution include gaseous, vapor, water, mineral, vegetable, amphibians, insects and reptiles, birds and mammals. Vegetable life forms progress in turn to the fish, fowl and animal stages of evolution. This opens the first step toward what we call consciousness, although it is still unconscious in these stages.

In the animal stage, Power acts as energy in all ways, throughout all places and through all unconscious things. For example, we call the urge to propagate, each according to kind, "affinity" in the mineral stage.

The unconscious inner urge in the vegetable and animal stages is to appropriate Energy and Substance to feed and build cells, renew life, grow and follow the Light, whether it is following the sun (called phototropism in the vegetable world) or seeking a warm cave or a nest when it is cold.

Power Is All Powerful as All Conscious Beings: The urges of instinctive, unconscious intelligence and desire combine the fundamental principles of Mind, Substance and Power. Mind—whether instinctive and unconscious or thinking and conscious—and Substance, ready to be appropriated for mineral, plant or animal life — are useless without the Power to act. Power operates through all unconscious things and as all conscious beings.

One Power operates through all unconscious things as Energy. Power operates as all conscious beings. God is all-knowing, has all knowledge but not all consciousness. Consciousness is acquired. God has all Love and Wisdom, yet desires an instrument through which to express Love and Wisdom.

The manifestation of the Godhead as many living souls brings us to the place where Love and Wisdom may be expressed consciously. Mind planned the creator-servants. Mind used Substance for their divine form, the vehicles, the physical bodies in which consciousness dwells. Power moves through form, giving humankind the ability to think, choose, feel and act, whatever the phase of expression, physical, mental or spiritual.

Omnipotence is all power-full through all unconscious things and all Power-full as all conscious beings. Creatures are unconscious, but creators are conscious in varying degrees. The difference between creature and creator is the difference between the two states, unconscious and conscious.—Edna Lister, A Design for Ascension, 1941.

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Edna Miriam Lister
The original Pioneering Mystic,
Christian Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister

Etymology of omnipotence: Latin omnipotens, omnipotent-: omni-, "all" + potens, present participle of posse, "to be able."

Omnipotence is an absolute principle; God is omnipotent.

Omnipotence is an abstract principle rooted in the Logos Emanation.

Omnipotence becomes a relative law of doing as Power.


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