How to Stay UP!

By Edna Lister

Edna Lister taught ascension in consciousness from earth to heaven, from a horizontal viewpoint to vertical joy consciousness. Moving up in consciousness is simple: Heaven opens to the singing, praising, prayerful soul. The hard part is how to stay up in consciousness.

Edna Lister mastered Joy consciousness. Indeed, we could call her the Queen of Joy. She knew just how to stay up and be joy.

We extracted these letters from among the thousands Edna Lister wrote to her friends and study groups in Buffalo, Cleveland, Tacoma and elsewhere. They cover the Great Depression and World War II, times of political tension and economic hardship that closely parallel our world today.

This book is meant to be read daily, to be reread often. Let Edna Lister fill your heart with God’s Promises of Joy. Let her profound knowingness reassure your hungry soul. Join her in the exhilarating journey home to God. Let her be your Companion on the Way.

July 10, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

To my loved Group:

It seems a month since I stood before you in class and talked with you at our lovely luncheon. However, only a day over a week as gone by, but much has occurred in that time of importance.

Business took me for a stopover in Milwaukee. From there I was sent back here. Am staying with a friend until I know whether a lecture tour will be opened up for me for the next six weeks. If nothing comes of it now, I shall go on to my family, but please pray that it may be arranged in the right manner.

We know that it is the right time that women should be awakened to their duties as Citizens, so stand back of me that this will mean an opportunity to do something to further our Vision. The Father is saying "Yes." Just stand solid in prayer that the ones I AM contacting will hear his Voice!

I love you all more dearly than you can know now. Be steadfast under the Light. Listen to hear God’s words dropped into your minds and know that all is well and we are going to establish our Christ government and our Temple as surely as I AM writing these words to you now.

My arms enfold you all. I shall never be separated from you. I love you, Edna Miriam

July 15, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

To my Glorious and beautiful and Loved Group,

My promises to write many of you shall be kept, but when I tell you all I’ve been doing, you will forgive all delay. Please remember that for many months I’ve told you we must Crusade and carry God into the Heart of the Government. That we, who know how it should be run, must get out and help run it, that we may have our great Theocracy established before it is too late.

I started West, but stopped off in Milwaukee to see a man who has been the Head of a great College and wants our whole educational system changed. He believed in me and sent me back here to Chicago to stay a few days with a friend of his to see if it were possible for me to do some needed lecturing to women.

On Thursday next, I AM Guest Speaker at a Luncheon for a Council of Women, broad in its scope, between 5:00 and 8:00 there. I AM talking on "The Power of Women." It may mean other lecturing right away, and it does mean that I AM to appeal to women to take a broom and clean up America! I have my "green light" on this, so I’m doing the next thing next. The Father has always sent me around overnight from place to place. Already I have had one small group for our work. They are so hungry for it.

Please pray for the success of whatever the Father has in store for me to do. Pray that I may be Divinely Inspired in this outer work, which will reach thousands.

The Father’s full Blessing be upon you all. May you be enfolded in His great Love and follow in His footsteps forever. Light lifts you. Love enfolds all you do. Your own, Edna Miriam

July 24, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

To my dearly beloved Group,

Today my love is even greater to enfold you. Your dearness, your love, your appreciation of our Path of Service for our one and only Lord, your ready obedience to the stony Path of our Master, all these make you so much more wonderful to me.

Each one of you is a Torch of Light shining out to Bless each other of the group. Each one of you is an ensample for all the rest. All of you together form an ensample for the world to see, and by what they see and hear, they will judge your Teacher and Leader and Oracle, and also our Master and Lord Jesus. Remember this. Make each word you speak a word from the very heart of our Father.

You are all considered as being of knowledge and therefore responsible for your words and actions in any group. Be sure that you make great sacrifice of anything that comes to you for lifting. The greater your sacrifices, the greater your advance into the Light. Beware of giving anyone offense, even the "least of these children." Beware of taking offense.

The Master forgave those who crucified him. Are you and I to hold ourselves of greater value to the Father than our Master? Are we to take upon ourselves the power of judging anyone else? Are we to declare someone else wrong when our Father declares them good and very good? Who would dare to cast a first stone?

Which among you is to be the greatest lifter? Which among you will make the greatest sacrifice of self? Let this be your aim rather than to see who is greatest in Service or who is the strongest in Faith or who is the most right as to opinion. I say to you: Only sacrifice makes one great in God’s Kingdom.

What have you to sacrifice today? Whom can you make happy? Whom can you exalt? Of what avail to declare another the greatest sinner? The greatest offender? Think not that our Father cares for our judgment upon any other of his children. He alone is Judge at all times and in all cases.

Shall we not therefore declare ourselves good, all seeking to grow better? Shall we not therefore ever strive to lift all that any of us can do in blunder and mistaken ideas?

Let each of us struggle on that we may all reach the High Goal of Christ Jesus — loving one another, making sacrifice of self for each other and above all, giving to each that glorious understanding which means the perfect Temple.

Our Sun is rising! It shines upon all alike unless one desires to stand in the shade! If one of us wants shade, is it not well to say, "We love to have you happy your own way. Always we stand ready to make room for you in our share of the rising Sun’s rays." What we share, we have forever as part of the soul itself. When we judge another unjustly, we send out a part of our own soul on a Pilgrimage of Darkness and it may be centuries before we can recall it.

If we send part of our soul out in anger or unjust accusations given in blindness, we may have torn off a precious part of our self and cast it into darkness. For even when the one accused is wrong, they have their debt wiped out when they grieve over what is said, and when they sacrifice the hurt and grief. Why then, by speech, put others in a place we ourselves should occupy? Let us "forbear with one another." To "bear for" is its meaning. Let us Vow never to cause a tear in another eye, nor a hurt look on the face of one of God’s children. No justification is worth that.

My sermon to you this day therefore is "This one thing I DO NOW. Reaching forth into the Light for my Master’s hand. Pressing onward into the Light that in all ways I may be a fitting Representative of His Glory and that I may SO surrender to be used by the power of love that the whole world, including my family and my Temple shall be a Radiant Light shining out to Bless, and enfold, and Lift ALL."

My deep love and my glorious Joy I send to you all. My arms around you always. Your own Leader, Edna Miriam

July 29, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

Dear —,

Have been awaiting Master’s Orders for the Temple ever since we moved [meeting location] May 1st. Couldn’t understand ’why’ the delay until the past two weeks.

Remember me cautioning and urging surrender and Selflessness, particularly during May, June and July, telling everyone that November Initiations would be partially gained by the practical application of Laws gained throughout the winter months? It has ever been so, and now definite Orders are coming through, for those who cannot follow the few simple Rules I’ve laid down as their Teacher and Leader.

The Rule most often disobeyed by all during these three months has been: "What is that to thee? Follow thou me!"

One general rule, "Eyes single on the Light!"

Each one had opportunity to advance years, literally years, above and ahead of where they were. Each one was lifted at Easter time very High. Some have gone even Higher through Sacrifice of Self. Some have held fast that bestowed, while a few others have slipped back into a place more comfortable for their watching of what everyone else is doing. So, these are to be considered as your Instructions in the following matter. Please read this full ’Letter of Instructions’ and pass this letter around so there can be no further misunderstandings. Most of the ’Orders’ which I herewith enclose, have been given by Word of Mouth many times. "He who hath eyes to see, let him see; he who hath ears to hear, let him hear."

It is only when some small traits of men enter in that confusion reigns. When each one lives by the Laws of the Christ, then all is well with all. When each one of our Beloved Temple Group will forgive all debtors first, then, indeed, will it rise into great prominence and Glory. As long as one refuses to ’forgive debtors’ first, just so long will the whole earth have debts to pay.

Therefore, let each be the first to forgive all debts and first to release Light and the first to prepare the way for the coming of our visible Great Temple. Let not desire for reward be the aim, but know that reward is yours for having no enemies within the Citadel of your own Soul or in your own Kingdom.

Build no barriers of over estimation of the little self between yourself and the world, but in all ways truly seek to be the Servant of all. Hold fast all that which you have and in all ways make way in your hearts for more of Greatness.

From time to time there may be further ’Orders’ added and given according to the needs and the growth of our Temple. Knowing that this will cover all needed ground and tend to the clearing of any clouds of mist, and in deepest devotion and love, I sign myself Edna Miriam

July 31, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

To my dearly loved Group,

The Glory of the Father be upon you, and to all of you Joy without end. My Message to you this morning comes to you from above. There is much to tell you when I return. There are still higher and greater Responsibilities. Go forward then, strong, courageous and blessed forever.

My deepest love enfolds you, my fondest hopes lift you, and in all ways I declare you filled to overflowing with Light and Love, which draws all darkness upward, to be transformed into Light. I love you most dearly, and thank you for the Group Wire. It had tremendous uplifting Power.

Hold fast to our Father and His Power. Surrender in ever greater perfection. Let the Power lift and serve AS you. Lovingly, Edna Miriam

August 7, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

Greetings to my own Beloved Group,

Remember my Joy in the fact that I have YOU! Remember how dear and precious you all are to me. Remember, I hold you high. I love you dearly and I love your letters and even the short notes you write me. I AM interested in the slightest thing that interests any one of you. I love lifting and helping all the time.

The time of our separation is shortening. Soon I’ll stand with you face to face. Soon I shall see the smiles light your eyes and feel your love enfolding me.

Until then, hold fast to our Master’s hand. Hold fast to the Father’s Light. Hold fast to all that we have gained together during a year of steadfast standing.

My Service progresses, and the further I go and the nearer the heart I reach, the more I know that we have the full and only answer to the chaos of today.

Stand therefore, and help me Release enough Power to further our Service to the final, necessary Goal. Alone we can do nothing. Together we can do all things in deep perfection and understanding.

Remember, my love for you is an unwavering, loyal and permanent thing. No loss shall be to any of us for our complete and absolute giving up of the little self in surrender to the Heart of God, the Source of all Power.

I love all of you very dearly. Know this, and hold me in love as I hold you, unto the full Grace of the Stature of the Christ. "Beloved, now are ye the Sons and Daughters of God, and in His name do ye serve forever." Your Leader, Edna Miriam

August 14, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

To my dearly loved Group,

The time grows short until my return to you. Many things have gone past which mean much experience for all of us, and we still stand one before the Father, one with the Master and one with each other.

"Love never faileth."

Shall we all decide now to use more of it, lest we do not appropriate enough for our needs and lest we do not collect our share? Shall we now Declare a greater and greater abundance of love and praise for each hour? Remember the one answer for all problems is: A little more Love. A little more Praise.

My love abides with you, surrounds you, fills you and works for you forever. I miss you more and need you more. Thank you for your continued prayers. They are "bringing to pass." All promises shall be fulfilled after "their degree and kind." Choose well, therefore, and then stand and love. It will open to you, whatever the door or need. Deep love and devotion, Edna Miriam

August 15, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

To my Beloved,

Greetings. The ways of the Righteous are not made too easy lest through satisfaction they forget God. The ways of the Righteous are planted in those desert places of earth to make them blossom into beauty through Creative processes within the Soul which the Soul calls forth upon need.

Be therefore glorious and free. Be Joyful and in a Prospering Consciousness. Hold your torches high, see well to the lifting of your own Path, and allow all others equal choice in their own direction. Be, each one, a shining light for the world to see and follow. Fear not that which will pass away. Glorify that which is of God and lasting.

No harm shall come near you and no sorrow shall touch your hearts. The ways of God are for Joy at all times. When you have learned well that which must be learned, lessons of experience which you have come to gain, then shall your tears be wiped away and sorrow erased from your hearts. It is of earth only, and in no way of Heaven. Hold each other’s hands and do your daily lifting and the Father declares food for your Soul, Peace to your Mind, Joy to your heart, Understanding to your little self and the White Light over all your doings.

Great rewards and have been your earnings. Fret not, complain not, destroy nothing of gain to you from your trials, tests, tribulations and temptations. Hold fast your gains in rewards and you shall remain under Law of Love. Protection, Power and Life sustain you. Feed the Master’s hungry sheep from the fullness of your own store. Your own, Edna Miriam

August 19, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

To my dearly beloved Group,

My love flows forth to you in a never-ceasing stream. Two weeks from today and I’ll be with you all "in person!" And I cannot tell you just how happy that will make me. My heart is singing with Joy today. Let your confidence in God’s Power be exalted. Let your Praise ring forth in Prayer and devotion of Love to God, Masters and each other and the whole world.

My words to you have been so simple and so oft-repeated: "A little more Love, a little more Praise." Yet they, with "It is now good," will bring to pass all your Desires of the Soul. The Master’s idea, "Let us Love one another," still holds a key. May I say to you this day: "Let us understand one another, for of this is Wisdom born."

My heart is with you. My arms hold you high. My love enfolds you, and all is well, and all is good now. Believe, ask, praise and thank, and the windows of Heaven shall open unto you. My deep Love and Abiding Devotion forever, Edna Miriam

August 25, 1938, Washington, D.C.

My Beloved Group,

Today is especially a great day to agree and adjust in newness, to tie Heaven to Earth in Power, to Spiritualize our Individuality and Unite it with its Source, to start a Vibration of Success for our Earthly Temple, counterpart of the Heavenly one, to lift all for the new College year.

One week and I shall stand before you and in your midst with a consciousness of a great work well done, and an advance made which means the opening Vibration in our Theocracy. Today marks the opening of a new Era or Epoch. Forget this not. Cease all vain babbling for and against. Open your hearts to the influx of Power from on high.

Every word of promise spoken shall be fulfilled in due season by those with the ability to make sacrifice of self entirely. To love one’s life means to gain it in the fullness of its beauty and power. The coming week, to those who accept, will mean a coming forth of new ideas and ideals in all Creative work. Lay down all self, immolate it upon the Altar that your life may be renewed at this Source.

Once the snow and ice melts in the hills, there is no holding back the life-giving water. When it is directed into right channels by right thinking, it brings forth life abundant. When it is allowed to go its own way or is dammed up by darkness, it destroys all within its path. Watch the life within you. Let no darkness destroy that which you have been long in building.

My declaration for you is that all is good now, and all shall come to pass after the Desires of your Hearts that only Light moves through you into your Creations forever. Love and Blessings from your Edna Miriam

September 8, 1938, Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved Ones of My Heart,

No group or idea was ever born on earth without much travail and pain. Be prepared, therefore, in minds and hearts to meet all tests with deep Devotion and Consecration unto the Father. Do this in remembrance of our Master.

Loyalty to God is our first Commandment. Live all it teaches: "To love Honor above all things." Drag no empty shell along, lest it retards your growth and hampers the expansion of your souls. Shed Light on all alike. Leave no one out. Your answer shall be "yea, yea" and "nay, nay," or perfect Silence under all things.

Our hidden purpose is to Lift, in the Master’s name, all darkness. Let nothing interfere. Hold a high Vibration that nothing of the outer may enter your lives. Lift in sacrifice before the Altar each outer vibration as it approaches.

Heed well all Foundation Principles. Light does overcome all darkness. Be sweet and firm and final. Stand steadfast under the true White Light of the Christ. Let your Light so shine. Be selfless, less and less of petty self. Each be strong for the other. Bring in darkness only to lift and not for gossip. Lift also your heart’s desires that they, too, may be fulfilled.

Desire shall exalt you and your purpose. Imagination shall make form for you from the void. The Spoken Word, "Let," shall open the Vibration to pour forth. Full Surrender of self to all the Power shall make you a perfect Instrument of Light. Full Devotion to the Father and the Master shall make for your Strength. Full Praise shall make you a Pillar in the Temple of Christ Anointed. Full use of the Master’s Joy shall be your complete Illumination forever and so, "loving one another," shall you be full fed and satisfied. I love you. I love you so! I AM still in a daze over being with you now. I’ve known it would come for three years! Am so happy. Love, Edna Miriam

September 14, 1938, Cleveland, Ohio

To My Beloved Group, Your letters have reached me, and I’ve been that busy! Shall tell you about it next week. Your week’s words are Faithfulness and Steadfastness under the Light, Loyalty to the Light, Surrender to the full Light to send it forth. Pay no attention to seeming foes. They have no power of any kind but run around in their conceits.

May the Love of God surround you, His arms lift you, His Voice be heard by you, His Peace possess you, His words move you to direct and sweet speech always. Be also firm in your stand at this time. So shall your reward be in Heaven, Edna Miriam

September 28, 1938, Cleveland, Ohio

Dearest folks in the world,

I love you! To know we are all back together again gives me tremendous joy. I’ll be with you! Much work was necessary to build the right Vibration to gather you into one place for this very hour. Many lessons for experience had to be accomplished before this date.

Your great, strong desires for God have brought you where you stand now. Nothing except your own false desires for more of earth can move you thence. It is not knowledge of the intellect, vain knowing or reading that opens the Gates of Heaven. It is the depth of honest desire in the heart and mind that opens all doors within and without. Sacrifices made with the mind only involve you in much confusion and discussion. Sacrifices to stand and to hold place must be made from the heart, backed by the mind, which means that reason and judgment both rule and hold the heart’s vain emotions under control until they may be conquered. The difference between living by self-expression and soul-expression is to be clearly defined.

Hold fast to all gains. Pray much. Praise more. Love all people. Love God. Let no vain discussions enter this group. Hold all high in the Upper Chamber. Let your hearts be at ease and your minds at rest. Let no clouds of darkness or doubt steal your high Courage. Allow no vain repetitions of words from outside sources to set you aside from your chosen and well-directed Paths.

Pay no attention to aught of darkness. Be again these four: "Speak gently. Walk softly. Be cautious. Be silent." When Principle and God are to be defended, speak wisely, sweetly, firmly and finally. Hesitate not to withhold speech and hesitate not, at the right time, to speak.

Seek balance in all ways. Seek to increase the quality of your desire always. The fulfillment of your dreams, your Visions, the reaching of your Goal, the clear Path before you all depend upon the quality of your desire to sacrifice the little self to the growth of the Soul.

Peace to your Souls. Tranquility to your Spirits. Rest to your minds. Ease to your bodies. I love you. I’ll see you next week. Devotion, Edna Miriam

October 1, 1938, Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved of the Father,

Each has faced problems seemingly insolvable. Each has also prevailed over the little self to the glorification of soul. Thank the Father for lifting you to such heights and pray for fortitude and endurance to continue in the Way of the Soul’s Ascent. There is only one Way: Sacrifice of the "little" of earth to gain the "much" of Heaven. You have gained. Be ever alert to gain more.

Your loyalty, discrimination and full desire for ultimate Truth has brought you through the Gates of Heaven. You are not found wanting, but have received your rewards. Hold fast your place. Allow no one of earth to disturb your long-sought gains, your hard earned Crowns. What you have earned, keep, hold, treasure and add to it. All promises shall be fulfilled as you express staunch faith of Law. It awaits you. Push it forth by and through love.

I stand beside you in this very hour. My love o’er-shadows you always. My love lifts you. Peace to you, Edna Miriam

October 12, 1938, Cleveland, Ohio

To my dearly loved Group and extra special friends, One week is such a short time, and so long. I love you all so very dearly, and am so happy to have you folded close in my heart once again. Also, to be securely folded in your hearts.

Search all secret places of your souls for hidden, menacing things of slow detriment. Lift up all vain emotions, opinions and prejudice that your hearts shall stand free in Joy for the greatness of your Service to be rendered unto your Father. Cleanse your imaginations of all vain images, all false gods. Pay no more tribute of fear, doubt or worry to false gods in the world. Arise, shine! You have been given much Light for use in dark places. Use it and be happy in Peace.

No one pushes another to the bottom. Each arrives there of his own soul’s consent and each has the privilege of climbing from the bottom. See to it that your souls consent not to any form of darkness. Leave all free to follow their choice of direction while your choice remains with the Light. Follow the Master, steadfastly overcoming. So shall all promises be fulfilled.

Remain in a prayerful state of full Grace, with your Lamps all trimmed and burning. Keep your eyes fixed on the Light. No darkness may penetrate the blinding Light of Glory surrounding you. Nothing of darkness shall hold back the full Ascension of your souls into full Communion with the Father. The time has come to lift all darkness from the face of the earth. No one shall remain in all its broad acres who has decided upon darkness as a Goal. Your Goal shall be Light and only Light. Keep your Vows of Silence. Keep your hearts clean. Remain under the Light. Continue your lifting. No one shall be gathered in except under high Loyalty, Sincerity, Devotion and perfect Desire to be high in Selflessness and Sacrifice. Endure in Love and Sacrifice always. Stand ready to come higher.

Allow no personal idea of what God desires to enter this group. Keep minds clear and hearts clean of all self and of all personal opinions of right and wrong. All shall be good and very good.

My arms are about you and my prayers are enfolding you in Light. Our next meeting shall be one of great Illumination for all. It is a beginning on a much higher Vibration for all, so keep close to your Father and the Master. Stand close under the Light. I love you and bless you in all ways, Edna Miriam

October 25, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dearest Friends, this note must do for all of you. I’ve been writing folks and in conference all afternoon and must mail this even if I do not get any dinner, for I have my first group meeting tonight.

Cannot tell yet exactly what we will strike out on but I am here and ready to shove off. Shall keep you posted on exactly how things go, what I AM doing and where.

Lesson: Great is the Joy over the Redeemed. Great is the grief, also, over those who retrogress into loss of all Identity. Prayers for such send the life sparks back into the Consuming Fire with greater Purity, although Identity cannot be held. Therefore, pray continuously for all such on earth today. There are many. The Progress of all on earth may no longer be held back by them.

The Finger of God has pointed, and no man may stay the results. Whether in high or low positions, they are removing themselves by their continued misuse of Light. The time is finished for using them as earth’s Initiators and Tempters. The Father does not make Tempters or Disintegrators of them. They chose so to do of themselves, vanity and greed for Power being the central motives sending them into unconscious-ness; vanity and greed consume them.

Steadfastness is the required virtue for all Christmas Initiations, also greater Surrender in Selfless Sacrificial Service. The key words for your full expression for these weeks shall be Harmony, Glory of Soul, Peace of Heart, Tranquility of Mind and Divine Energy quickening and vitalizing all your doings. These five shall be your freedom from self and your open door unto full Soul Expression.

Seek ever after more Light. Be fully assured of the protective care of the Father. Water your wishes with Spiritual Waters from on High. Nourish and sustain them with Love Divine. Give sweet rest to your souls with freedom from all vain darkness from the outside.

Allow only the good, the very good, only Light, the very Light in all your Kingdoms. Pronounce all things good and very good. Have no darkness at all in your Place. Neither be bound by the limitations of dark images of your past. Forward and Onward be your watchwords forever. All is surely and perfectly working toward perfection and the full dawn of the perfect day.

Set guards at the portals of your lips, tongue, heart and mind that when the Tempter comes, as he must for your strengthening, he may not find you in weakness but in the full Glory of your strength in the Stature of the Christ. Loved, protected, held, made alive and free are you. Peace to your Souls and Benediction to your Spirits. Make of yourselves pure and undefiled houses for the indwelling Glory of your Father.

I love all of you very dearly and remember that each of you has a wish on the Altar and if you hold it fast and nourish it, it shall come to pass.

My love enfolds all of you and our Light shall carry us through all darkness of the present world conditions. Deep love and devotion, Edna Miriam

October 30, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Beloved and Precious Ones,

Great is my Joy that all is being fulfilled according to promises given in the past. Carry on with great faith. Hold high in courage and all shall come to pass as spoken. My heart is with you, although I AM away in body. Still shall I be with you.

Ponder at this hour: "Many are called, but few can be chosen." Ask yourself why so few hold aloft the Master’s Standard. Ask yourself again and yet again why there are so few workers in his vineyard. The answer will ever be the same. The Way of all Messiahs of all time in all ages has been too difficult to attain.

Would you care to allow yourself pleasures of the emotions of the moment rather than to hold fast all gained through travail and lash? Rather would you not prefer the continued hard way of advance, now that the top of the first height has been achieved?

Press on then in full valor and devotion. Much is awaiting your choice for a further climb. Much Joy the Father sends unto you. Much Substance waits for you to use. Much Power waits for you to send forth. Much Light is now ready for all dark places. What is your pleasure of these gifts? What is your Joy for this year? How wise in use are you and how much Glory shall you achieve?

The Master shares his Kingdom with you for the price of Love and Devotion in Wisdom and Compassion. "Enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord."

My love to all of you and my Life flowing about you to aid and help sustain your Creations. My life from our Father added to you and your life from the Father added to me. Love and Devotion, Edna Miriam

October 31, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dear Friends and Group Chosen for great ventures, Am so happy! Today have met bankers and college professors, business men and women and even politicians who want our country spiritualized and speak of God as freely as we do.

Tuesday evening I spoke before the Uptown businessmen and women. Thursday evening I’m speaker at the regular meeting here in hotel. Next week at some large hall, radio announcements, loud speakers on streets, etc., my first large meeting. They are giving me a real build up. I’m having a grand time, and have more ideas than I’ve had in ages. Brand new bunch for my speech tomorrow night. I know it is going over.

Your eyes have been opened. See to it that you keep them open. Let nothing of small moment close them, or let bewilderment or confusion fill them again with clouds. Your true gains are great and will be greater.

There are those who are blind for a season. There are those blinded by their own conceits for many ages to come, and there are also those who have chosen in great vanity and conceit of delusion their own devices, which lead them down into full retrogression. They, too shall meet with their own reward, for our Father is a jealous God, needing obedience when His children are of all knowledge.

Beware of lukewarmness. It will lure you with thoughts of needed rest, ideas of overwork, of burdens too great, of efforts too great to make needed sacrifices. Better if you lash yourself into action than wait to lose face or place or both, for your failure to act. Better to lash yourself into all surrender of self rather than leave it to the Father. One gives you demerits, the other many credits and indulgences.

Which is your choice? Make your choice and hold fast to your choice. Let no false Christ, no false prophecy, no discontented muttering lure you away from perfect fulfillment. Remember all our teachings and all our lessons and carry your torches reaching high, and full blazing with Glory. Be happy and stand steadfast in all ways. It’s best to be ready in advance of need for sacrifice. Don’t wait until compelled by need.

Glory shines upon you forever. Light lifts you into high places. Joy makes you love life and its living. Surrender bridges all abysses of darkness. Devotion makes your paths plain. Love heals all mortal ills. Wisdom leads you upward into the green pastures of the Kingdom. Faithfulness makes all possible.

Everything is going on as we desired. My deepest love, and my love enfolding all of you every hour. Love, Edna Miriam

November 6, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Beloved friends and fellow travelers,

Our time has come. We are not "coming into," we stand within the great fold of Jesus the Christ. He speaks in ringing words and terms. He calls in no uncertain way for us to make a last stand against all darkness. But a little space and it will be over. Just a few more hours left in the long day of heat, toil and labor. We have stood through this heat, let us now hold high our standards of strength and courage and go on into an ever higher place of seeing and hearing.

Release much Power, Love and Joy. It shall come to pass as spoken! Never in all my life have I ever seen God fail, never. So be faithful and strong and all IS well. I love you dearly and will be with you soon now. Deep love, Edna Miriam

November 6, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Blessed Friends and Group,

This has been a very heavy week for all of us. Even if there are no heavy classes in which you must be examined, it is just as difficult to hold place after the Power is released.

"Be ye perfect as thy Father in Heaven is already perfect." Watch your step, your voice, your tone, your speech, your thoughts, your acts. Be urgent and zealous in well-doing. Seek all rewards for the price of using Light to make the world Light and a world of Joy and Beauty. Your reward shall be made manifest for love, compassion, loyalty and sacrifice. Continue and grow strong in stature and Grace. Abundant Light shine upon you to the perfection of your days. Abundant Grace o’ershadow you to the perfection of your living.

Please remember that I love you very dearly and I’m holding fast to you. Love and devotion to a wonderful group of friends, Edna Miriam

November 13, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My beloved friends and Group of Light,

This is a Day of choosing the Light. This date is one of going higher into greater Glory. This Day is one to make your hearts sing for very love of Life and Joy in a Kingdom which is open to all believers.

Sing therefore and make your hearts glad. Rejoice in all your ways. Sing Psalms and Praises to God above for all that is to come. Behold! It comes quickly and not one shall but Rejoice over the escape from all Darkness into all Light. Not one but shall sing hymns of gladness that night is past. The Elect all over the earth stand upon a Sea of Glory. The Elect all over the earth are born anew this Day.

Let us choose therefore that our Path from this time forth shall but make us to be lifted higher. That each footstep shall carry us closer to the Heart of an Infinite and Just God of all Fathers, Masters, Saints and Sons of God upon earth.

Peace to you. Joy to you. Love to you all this Day. The Christ walks close to you to bless, to lift, to make whole and perfect, and to make Powerful and strong. My Love and Devotion, Edna Miriam

November 14, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

To my own Group,

"There is that which increaseth and that which takes away." Many have been the words of Wisdom given you, many more are waiting for you if you heed all Laws of Obedience and Devotion.

Why grow weary in well-doing? Why tire of Light? Shall some be cut off and retard all? Or, shall Light be released which agitates and confuses the lukewarm and indifferent, that those ready may move on? God wishes all to advance alike. He cannot withhold Light and Power for the few who cannot or do not hold high thoughts of Him continually.

There is no place along the Path to stop. All must advance or retreat. Choose, then each hour, and choose well whom you shall serve, God or self.

You have earned high place. Release, then, the Power commensurate with this high Place. Allow nothing to retard you for an hour, for you cannot recall lost time.

Joy in your present place and position shall emancipate you fully to greater place and position. Love sustains all your Creations. Praise brings your Creations into the visible Universe. Devotion holds you facing the Light. Understanding opens your eyes and ears. Watchfulness saves you much misspent time. Adoration gives you grace, and to abound in grace means much gain, both heavenly and earthly.

Mastery of self means emancipation of Soul to hold you a Supreme Creator.

To live by the Star of your Soul is to be Godlike in very truth, and to be Godlike in very Truth means to act as God in very Truth and in all responsibility. To be fully responsible means fully obedient to all Divine Laws.

Full Obedience will finally bring you to full expression of Godlike qualities, faculties and powers, and so lead to all "added things." And in these there is no lukewarmness or indifference. All Blessings of Love enfold you. Edna Miriam

November 20, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dearest and most Beloved Group,

Great is the Joy of all Heaven. Let it be in your hearts also, for the releasing time has arrived. If now we just stand together and know, and push, and Praise enough, all things shall be added. The Stars have it so written.

All promises are being fulfilled. Make a stand this very hour. Go over your Declarations for needs and Joys, make definite and solid pictures of them and ask once more in the name of our Jesus that they may be added, and then keep on thanking the Father that you have all and more, both what you desire, and all that the Father can possibly see for you — added things, not subtracted!

I love you. I’ll soon be with you and so stand and Praise. Let’s push out! Love to all, Edna Miriam

November 27, 1938, New York, New York

Beloved Folks,

A few days and I shall be with you. Much to tell you. Today is a special Feast Day. Great things have come to pass. Those whose lamps have remained trimmed and burning, are about to partake of the Heavenly Feast.

See to it, therefore, that you are fully prepared. Leave no debt unforgiven. Leave the Gifts at the Altar and then forgive your brother his debts. Make full surrender to the Father. Give yourself unreservedly into the Father’s keeping. Know that the Everlasting Arms are about you. Know that the fullness of the Joy of Life is yours to express.

Feel that your Praise ascends in an ever-increasing abundance to the Throne of God, that He may hear your hearts’ thanksgiving and know the Purity of your love. Be obedient unto all sacrifice.

I love you dearly. So happy to be with you so soon. Love and more love, Grace abounding be upon all of you. Edna Miriam

December 14, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dearest Ones,

Am up to my k-neck! Everything ready to go! We are reorganizing and should get real results soon. Am sort of together again. Rested coming down and slept late this morning. Couldn’t get this off before, too much unfinished business.

I’ve made my reservation for the West. Have a little bit toward it and feel as if the rest would come. My heart is singing and I AM so happy I feel as if I could stand strong enough to remove huge mountains! Stand with me now and all shall be well. Every promise shall come true.

Didn’t we have a glorious time? Never have I enjoyed anything as much as being with you. So you folks can be happy. You are so very close to me and so very chosen in the Kingdom. Sing now, be happy and so push the load over the top of the hill.

I love you very dearly. Give my deepest love to all the rest. I shall send each a Christmas Message. Deep love, Edna Miriam

December 14, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chosen Ones of Light,

Great is your responsibility at this time. Much is required of you, since much has been revealed to you and much Power awaits your use. Use then this Magic Wand of Power extended unto you, the spoken Word: "LET." No misuse can occur when the "let" of the Father is used in Love and Joy.

Love and Joy must be a combination of Selflessness or the Power cannot move forth. Love opens all doors and Joy is the force to drive Substance through. More Power is released unto you at this Feast Season than any time except Easter. Greater delight in Law shall bring you greater results.

Stand still and know. Once you have spoken the Word of Clearance and Creation, then wait upon the Lord in great Praise given in full Joy-consciousness. Use your Father-Mother Virtues of Wisdom and Love and so shall your Son of Selflessness be born; then may you bear full seeing and hearing.

Peace and full Joy be with you. Be fully Happy and Feast in Delight at again being reborn higher. Blessings, Love and Joy be yours. Your own, Edna Miriam

December 15, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

To My Beloved,

I love you all tenderly and dearly. Great is my Joy and Praise that we have come through deep waters in triumph. The future spreads out in service so great it is almost blinding to physical eyes.

Our Destiny goes on together as ONE. No thing can ever put us asunder, for we are joined by the Nameless One! When Golden Light holds us together, no one of earth may see it to tear apart. What cannot be seen cannot be touched. Golden Silence binds all together as one and we are in and of the Golden Silence.

The Master said, "Feed my sheep." Feed them of your Fount of Joy and Inner Gladness and so shall your lives be filled to overflowing. You are doing Master’s work on the invisible side, though you do not yet express this full Mastery in the outer.

Have much Faith and all Joy, which is needed for your Creations. Joy and Faith are the Substance needed for fulfilling the Law, your needs and heart’s desires. Use all that your needs and desires demand. Fill them full speedily. The Joy, Faith and Power await you. Speak the Word, Let. In no way allow self to creep in.

Thank the Father for all things now. Give vast and mighty Joyous Praise now. Speak and say, "Father, let Your Power move forth, let Your Faith and Joy fill full these forms now." This is enough, provided you continually send forth the prayer.

Be faithful and strong. Be in Joy, Love and Compassion. Be in Peace. Be in delight in all Law. All Law is the Law of full Light, in which is no darkness at all. Joy, Peace, Love, Strength, Devotion be gifts to you.

All is well. My heart is ever with you and my arms are ever ’round you. Deepest love and devotion to each of you always. Edna Miriam, Servant of the Father’s Power

December 18, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dearly loved Group,

Our visit was glorious! I loved it and am ready for that which is to come. Watch and wait in great Joy, for all is about to be fulfilled. Dark places are being opened up to the Light of God’s Kingdom. Hidden things are being uncovered fast. Treat, Lift, Pray.

I AM with you even as you read this. The Master stands with me and we are dedicating his picture [Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane] to the Holy of Holies.

This picture is the Symbol of that wealth of the Temple which is to come forth from now on. There shall always be a Light upon it from on high. To sit and contemplate upon the Light, the Sacrifice he made will open blind eyes, deaf ears, or any manner of darkness of Mind, Heart, Body and Affairs shall be made whole.

It is a threefold symbol of the pact between ourselves and Jesus the Christ, between Jesus the Christ and all of us, and also between thee and me. To be forever bound in one Light, his Light. To be forever held together in Love and Tenderness. To be continually Steadfast unto all Perfection, Sacrifice, Devotion and Selflessness. That the exaltation of all is the business of all, and that we all lift one another at all times and see only Light upon each other.

So, when you gaze upon our Lord in the Garden, listen for your Father’s Voice, even as he was listening and hearing. Heed.

Abiding love enfold, lift, protect, guide, guard and make you all Joyous. My love to you, Edna Miriam

December 20, 1938, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dearest Ones,

Your Gift ($) just arrived! I AM still trembling. I’m altogether again, or so it seems. My heart is singing a song of Praise and Glory and Joy. And my Christmas Desire for you is so very great that it cannot be contained on earth or Heaven. It just spreads out into the whole Universe and fills it with Light.

I’ll write at length when I get home, I hope! I’m really leaving — haven’t enough yet, but I know I will.

Merry Christmas and Joy for your new Year beyond all Dreams of Earth is my deep wish for you. I love you very dearly. Merry Christmas and deep, deep Love and devotion, Edna Miriam

December 25, 1938, Tacoma, Washington

My folks and friends,

Merry Christmas to YOU! This is a Beautiful Christmas Day and as you read this, I shall be with you. I shall be watching you and, most of all, I shall be loving you. You see, the difference in time is so much that it will be only 8:00 a.m. in the West. I’ll be entering Seattle when you open at 11:00 a.m. Reach Tacoma and my family when you are finishing at 9:30 a.m. So, I can be with you during your Service.

I love you all so dearly, and I AM so gloriously confident that we’re going places together. I have my lines out for the West. All is well. Keep steadfast, stand and know. Pray harder than ever before, for only Prayer now will release what we need from the Inner Kingdom. I can’t tell some of the secrets behind this, but Light from above will "bring to pass" now and clothe our Ideas. Promises shall come true. Desires shall be satisfied, and all for the little standing we must do for a short time now.

Remember all Vows. Keep making your Sacrifices of self and so shall you all be rewarded. May the week between Christmas and New Year’s be the most perfect one of all your lives. May Beauty and Joy, Twins of Perfection, be your companions for every hour. I love you all so dearly, and I know that you are happy for me that I AM with my family, even as you go to your Merry Christmas Feast. Love and devotion, Edna Miriam

December 26, 1938, Tacoma, Washington

To my Group,

New Initiations open tonight. Remember that when we bring to the Father each night, a soul that He may indulge, we have brought Him the greatest gift in our power to bring. In this way we cannot fail or be found wanting.

So, each night before sleep, go over each hour of the day, pouring out more Light and more love upon it and so making sure that the day has been fruitful of only perfection, making sure that no weeds have been planted among the flowers. To root up each day’s weeds will keep our Garden of God beautiful and glorious and out of debt! Let’s decide this moment to "pay as we go," at least on the inside, even though we do not achieve it perfectly on the outside! I love you. I AM with you. Our prayers bind us fast together always, Edna Miriam

December 26, 1938, Tacoma, Washington

Beloved Friends,

Reached home as scheduled. Thank you for the $5 check! I love you so dearly and you’ve been so very good to me. God will take care of me, for I surely am His and on His business.

Watch and wait through the first twelve days of our new cycle. Be guarded and fully aware of Power’s use of Law. Be open in Love and Devotion expressed through Praise. All good is yours. All right is yours. All justification is yours. All Power is yours to use in righteous ways. Be heedful in all ways and in all things do well in Law. Beloved of God, be still greater in all your creations. Not yet have you used your full measure of Light; use it in deeper and ever deeper Love. Love is Law’s fulfilling. Love is the all-compelling attraction of the universe. Only in Love may you open all doors or have all your "lost sheep" return.

Be in a State of Grace that the Power may not find you wanting when the fine balance of the Father’s Scales is adjusted to your life. Greater than you can receive shall come to you. Power, Life, Light, Love and Substance to be created into ever greater desires. Peace to your souls.

I love you so! Keep thinking of and loving our last dinner together. I’ll be with you, "invisible" to the world, on January 12. You’ll see great and mighty Wings of the Almighty and the Tongues of Flame! My deep love and my greatest blessing always. Love, Happy New Year, Edna Miriam

December 31, 1938, Tacoma, Washington

Dearest ones,

I miss you so! Am so happy that you had a lovely Christmas day and such a beautiful day with your families. Today it is raining and I don’t mean maybe! Until now it has been lovely, just cold enough to enjoy. I AM leaving this afternoon for Seattle to spend New Year’s with Ted [her youngest son]. He is taking me to dinner.

I shall unpack my four boxes of household goods and share them with him. If I should marry, it would have to be someone who had money enough to buy me new things! Am not caring much about old things. By myself, I need nothing and I AM cleaning up on old memories! I love you very, very dearly. I hold you in my arms. Love, Edna Miriam

January 1, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Beloved Group of Chosen Ones,

This opening of a new Cycle is pregnant with meaning. It starts off a Vibration of Devotion, which will set a pace for our Lifting for the whole year. It will set a keynote sublime for our Temple work. It will Radiate from the inmost Holy of Holies unto the Inner Court, the Outer Court and the Temple Porch and so to the whole world. It will set the full keynote of the fullness of the Release of Power, enough to open the Way for the great Theocracy now.

Be therefore faithful unto the greatest extent of present ability. Use then all the Faith at your command. Let "according to thy Faith" mean something much more than ever before. Let your own idea of God’s Power through you be greater from this Day of Days than ever in all your past experiences. Let your Praise accelerate its voicing. Let your lifting of Darkness be greater each new hour. Let each second see you with the Mystic 3rd Eye of Vision turned higher and ever higher into the Kingdom of God. Let all thoughts be of constructive nature, going more and more into the Light for their Source and Substance. Let your voices be raised in tenderness toward all.

As a Group, let us each one strive to gain greater control through the use of our Temple Creed, New Ten Commandments, and our six Great Words,

Selfless  Sacrificial  Service
Sweetly  Firmly  Final

Let us be ever in Selfless Sweetness. Let us ever be in Sacrificial Firmness. Let us ever be in Service founded in Finality, of and from the One Great Source, the Father.

The year IS and shall be the greatest year of your lives. This year IS the year of complete Fulfillment of all your Heart’s Desires, and may you let God add to your own desires ALL He can add of his abundance. Lovingly and with great blessings, Edna Miriam

January 2, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Dearest Friends and Group,

The time seems long since our last Sunday together. But you are not far from me. You are so close in my heart that nothing of earth can ever separate us, not even for a moment.

September 16, 1936, the King’s Chamber was opened for the Ransomed of God, the Elect, to march into protection. These were all who believed on God as the only Power and in His Love now operating on earth. These who really entered the King’s Chamber, the Sanctuary, the High Place, the higher creative center, they were to have the vision of the third eye, the mystic eye opened, if they fulfilled all the Laws necessary for that purpose. They were to have their ears opened to hear God’s Voice speaking to them. However, only if they did all things in full obedience to Law.

This meant becoming like the Master, not only thinking about him or praying to him, but actually following him all the way. To take back all the darkness that has been sent forth by the little self, which we call the law of karma or the paying of past debts created by the little self. To assume all responsibility for all past actions. To know that the place we occupy at the present time is one that we, ourselves have chosen and so never blame anyone about it for anything that happens, always sending forth Light to lift and overcome all disharmony. Accepting our place as our own Kingdom and becoming fully responsible for its lifting. To follow Jesus, our Master, making a ladder of our cross, and ascending higher and higher while still on earth. Becoming once more as we were before our descent to earth, Sons and Daughters of the Most High God!

Since this is the hardest thing to do on earth, not all who entered the King’s Chamber on September 16th have been able to continue doing it for any length of time. Each one has kept at it according to the neurons built into his brain equipment, or according to his past achievements on the path. So, only a few have been able to "Hold fast to all gains and keep their crowns."

I love you and am so happy, so happy. Wisdom and Unity bind you all together in Love and Devotion forever and ever. Blessings in amazing abundance be upon you all, Edna Miriam

January 8, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Beloved Group and dear friends,

Today is a day of Power, very great and glorious. It will leave all of us in a State of Grace greater than at any period of this old Terra’s History. Be cautious as to your use of it and send forth hour after hour all possible Power and Light, for only that which is used for others unselfishly will move through us as Individuals.

This Power will be almost too great to be borne. Watch therefore all Desires that they may be Selfless and for your own greatest good. Watch all pictures that only those of good to yourself and all others may be allowed within the fortress of your minds. Watch especially for all Idle Words. Let all answers be "yea, yea" and "nay, nay."

Let nothing "touch you", because Light surrounds and enfolds you. Let nothing move you from your attitude of Praise and "Let." Let Light shine forth. Stand ready for the outpouring of Spirit the whole month of January. May Love enfold, lift, bless and help sustain you forever. Edna Miriam

January 9, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Beloved Ones,

To you this night is a Sign given which shall be unfolded in due season. Great Power is among you. Please remember how important it is that each one remains in as great a State of Perfection as is possible. Do not allow lesser things of earth nor lesser intelligences to disturb you — nothing of earth is worth a single instant’s loss of this Power. Stand strong and take it full. Do not make it necessary for the Masters to "cone" you because of anything from the outside disturbing you.

I love you more and more dearly. I AM with you at all times. Love, Edna Miriam

January 13, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Dearest Ones, close to my heart, Strong Ones in the Faith,

I love you. Let nothing of self creep in to cause you dismay, or concern among you. Pour out upon each other that Love which has pure understanding as its source and strength. Ask not for understanding. Let each one who follows the Christ with me give of such love to all others in the name of our one Master and Lord.

That which holds one back from Vision in some measure holds back all alike. Therefore, do one thing only. Lift any darkness instantly and lift it high. You all know darkness! It is anything which you would not be or have if you were standing in front of Master Jesus, and could see him fully and clearly. Why then, for you are standing beside him, allow anything of even small stature to enter into your minds, your houses, or our Temple.

Do any of you honestly think that the Father pours forth any darkness to you? Much depends upon each individual answer, to that Individual, for each one of us is a Law unto our self — and to no other at all. We can make any Law we wish and it will be so to us, but to no other.

Be faithful. Be strong. Be of Wisdom. It is much Wisdom to cast off all Ideas of darkness, at least while in the Temple Courts, lest there be a "coning" of you and you sit in darkness of your own Creating!

Our Temple is Light. The Father deals only in Light, and only Light can be sent forth by the Father. Where then does individual darkness come from? And from whom do you, each and every one, take your Power and your Light? Or what are you taking on? Heaven or Earth? Light of Heaven or dark of Earth?

Surround yourselves with the Power, the Light and the Life of God. Draw upon God’s limitless Power. Do not use any second hand Power or Light. Go to your own Source. You will dwell in weakness all your earth days if you have the Idea of drawing on the second hand Power which has dripped through another. Make your own Contacts. Keep your own contact. Plug in the socket. Keep your "spark plugs" clean and do not borrow from someone else who has not cleaned his for months! Go to your own Source of Light, which is your Father above — be a giver of Light, of Power to earth from Heaven, not a sponge sopping up the small overflow and drip from a neighbor. You are strong, Powerful, Divine and gods. Therefore, draw from your own Star the stored up energy waiting above, not on or near earth. I love you all dearly, Edna Miriam

January 13, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

To my Beloved Group,

Every effort I have made toward economic independence has finally come up to a barrier, where all I can do is Know, Pray, Praise and do everything my hand finds to do. I ’see to believe’ as many times as I AM allowed. Otherwise, I dare not ask ’Why,’ but can only ’believe to see.’

It has always been this way with me in the past. Nothing has ever come easy, or just through waiting or ’decreeing.’ I Know. That is all I’ve ever had or needed. Fortunately, my sister is happy to have me with her. I have a lovely room on the third floor where I AM really alone. I could still find it in my heart to wonder why? Only years of obedience and surrender have taught me to know all is well.

I fully expected to have plenty of funds before now. Every outside thing pointed to it. Yet, here I AM. So, until you hear that I’m moving, this will be my address. I find it queer to be in the Place of my Birth. There is something very great here for me and all of us. What it is I do not yet see. I would be with you, having enough to be able to carry on with personally.

I realize that all of you love me most dearly, and I dare not ask anything of you or anyone in the outer. You have all been most generous. You helped me here, and even though my expenses here would not have covered my expenses anywhere else for the same time, I AM in a most peculiar position, waiting, watching, working and Knowing.

I DO KNOW! All is well. I have never been left alone. AM not alone. I’ve climbed from my 3rd floor study to Heights Above All Above! And I AM content to stop awhile and rest. For that it what it is — a rest. The weather is still mild. I AM too warm. Very little sunshine, some rain, some grey days, but no snow, wind or ice! I love it! I AM happy except that I do not have time for enough personal letters. I help with the housework and cooking, we have much company — relatives and my sister’s friends, and I cannot always leave them, since they call upon me! I AM doing my best. Please bear with me, and love me much, even as I love you all close to the Soul of my Soul.

I shall be with you, this I know. How soon, I cannot tell you. (Walking takes too long! And my bags are heavy!) I hold you high. I love you deeply and dearly and I shall ever stand close to you and know you and understand you. I have a small Class next Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, afternoons and evenings. No chance for a large one here without much advertising. Can’t do that. Anyway, I’m told to rest. I love all of you dearly.

Deep love and devotion to you, my Stars of Light and only Light. Of very Light of Very Light and in whom can no darkness be found. Blessings forever, Edna Miriam

January 19, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Beloved Friends and Chosen Servants of all God’s Power,

You were created full Ambassadors of Light. Stand steadfast and in full Desire to remain with high contact with all the Power. "All the Power" is a rather large order, yet it must be released, and we, who know are the Ones who must do the work of standing steadfast under the Light and making of ourselves perfect and selfless instruments, allow ourselves to be used as full Servants of all Power, all Life, all Love and all Glory. This is not to make us proud or intolerant, since we are but servants, and even as a servant on earth who leaves a master partakes no longer of the master’s abundance, so also do we, when we lose our Heavenly contact with our Father by letting go of Soul expression to allow self control, lose partaking of and with our Father’s Life, Power and Substance.

We are gods. Let us be "Soul gods" and not "self gods!" Let us see only Light at all times in all ways. Follow the footsteps of Jesus hour by hour and all shall come to pass as decreed and declared unto us by the Father. I love you. My arms are about you. My Love enfolds and lifts you high forever. Love and Devotion, Blessings of Peace, Edna Miriam

January 19, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

To my loyal friends and Group,

I love you. I would do all things for you if it were allowed unto me to do so.

When I came West, as far as I was concerned, I had arrangements made for a sure $200 in expenses for January and February, and especially to cover the western trip. If this had not been so, in my vain conceits, I would not have come, for after all, I have paid my own way half around the world and back, and for some 50 years I have taken care of myself! Therefore, it is rather queer to find myself in such a very peculiar situation. I have only "stood still" to see "the salvation of the Lord." I have done all I could find to do.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I have had a tiny group of seven to eleven in afternoons and 15 to 23 on the three evenings, just those who can understand. The offerings are tiny, but they have given me $12, which I surely needed for expenses here. Of course, I have my room and food, but stamps have always been a larger item with me. Fifteen to twenty dollars a week is not enough money, yet a stamp is a stamp, and I sent out over 182 letters before Christmas. Our Christine B has solved this problem for me for some little time. Yet I shall use more than she sent for the one month alone.

The expected $200 was to come from the work in Milwaukee. Have had only one letter and no explanation of why the man has not sent it. I presume that something went wrong with his plans.

Meantime, I must have enough for my return ticket when I leave here on the 5th of February. I now have around $15 toward homeward-bound expenses! It was not my intention to ask for anything of anyone. No one desires economic independence with more greatness of desire. Can you imagine how it feels to know that every step you take and everything you do is open to criticism? I long for freedom, but I can also forget all desires and give the Service demanded of me under Law, even though the whole world misunderstood. And I love you, my Chosen and Beloved Disciples and my loyal friends, more deeply than at present you can guess.

Now, these are your watch words for the year.

Surrender  Obedience  Loyalty

Add them to your six others.

Selfless  Sacrificial  Service
Sweetly  Firmly  Finally

I love all of you most dearly, and I appreciate with all my heart your love and your help. Our Temple shall grow, and all promises shall be redeemed in due season. I AM as sure and confident of this as that we know each other.

Please, I pray you, uphold each other, for only so can we have fulfillment. Seek ever to keep Light and Light only burning for everyone. Have our Temple a place of such love and harmony that if anyone from last year comes in, they will just have to stay and also be in love with God! And so, with all men and women, who are also gods, though tiny at times! I love you! Your Edna Miriam

January 22, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Dearest ones,

Your lovely letters and information have all reached me. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to do what I should. Held three days’ meetings, afternoon and evening, last week. Will have three this week and next. Am not leaving here until February 5, staying for Ted’s birthday. Can’t leave because the man in Milwaukee who promised to see that I got $200 has never written a line in answer to my letter. Am doing my work now that I AM here. Will have a group of around 9 to 12 when I leave. This is some advance and they really want it.

I’ve spent three weekends with Ted, and what with housework and the visiting friends and relatives, I’ve never had a moment to myself except on the 12th when I locked myself in at 4:00 p.m. West Coast time and stayed in until 4:00 p.m. the 13th! How I did enjoy it!

Please send any class money you have to me here. Can’t tell you how I’ll appreciate it. Need $50 besides what I have earned here. My little group here gave me $12 in offerings for three days. This week and next will give me expenses here.

Wouldn’t have come if I’d not thought I had everything in finances cared for before I left. What I had when I left would not have kept me this long, but I’m doing a special work here, which was needed. They were just letting go. No one here can lead them all the way into the full Light. It means the spreading out of our Temple. So I know I’ve been in the right place at the right time.

I shall be in Portland, Berkeley and Los Angeles for a few days and then home! Should see you all between February 20 to 25. Will let you know. Haven’t heard from Milwaukee or what they are doing, so don’t know if I shall return there. Anyway, it won’t be until after Easter, for my Orders are to give my Lenten work in Cleveland and Buffalo.

By all means get in touch with the woman who wants to start a group. Plan the Friday at her home if possible and begin to announce it for February 24. This is an opening into a larger outer Group. I’ll come directly to you from Los Angeles. Hurray for the sweepstakes! I know the money is coming from somewhere for us. If only my days were longer! Or I could do twice as much with my present equipment!

I love you very dearly. I AM holding you so very high, you’d be surprised how high. All shall be well for you. Let us make this sacrifice a cleansing. I love you dearly, Edna Miriam

January 22, 1939, Tacoma, Washington


Am missing you so much. If only I could have my cake and eat it too! I was needed here by my whole family. All this besides 25 starved ones who love my work. It’s been so worth it, yet I’m eager to return. Will be in Cleveland and Buffalo until after our Lenten work. I know something will break for all of us. That it has been delayed is good, I’m sure but I’m sort o’ pulling at the bit.

My sister wants me to stay here and start centers in Seattle and Tacoma, however, I cannot see this. I know my next step is East again to my own folks. Am holding you high and fast, tight to my heart. I love you most dearly and all shall be well with thee and thine. Deepest love, Edna Miriam

January 23, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Beloved Group,

Friends in understanding and Disciples following the Master into the Light of the Source, there is so much to be done. Each day must see us with a little more Love and a little more Praise moving forth into our creations.

The final three Words are for this coming year: Surrender, Obedience, Loyalty. Lenten work will be very heavy and these Words are preparations. Work with these in your daily lives from this point.

Selfless  Sacrificial  Service
Sweetly  Firmly  Finally
Surrender  Obedience  Loyalty

My love lifts and enfolds each of you. Power moves through you and makes your bodies, your relationships and your affairs perfect and complete. You shall be all strength and all Love to all you meet. Your contacts shall be a Glory to the Father and give you all abundance of life and things now. You are all stepping up! A little more Love, a little more Praise will do the work! Lovingly yours, Edna Miriam

January 25, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Beloved friends and Temple Group,

The days roll by and we are each one in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time. For many reasons came I here!

Monday, an elderly woman, whom my sister has befriended for the last 15 years — a great believer in "it’s the will of God" to be ill — had a stroke! She’d been in bed, enjoying her "flu," and we’d waited on her for days. She fell when she was ready to get up and be well, was really passing out of her body. Stiff on left side, rigid and also in terrible pain on right side, with ice cold creeping up above her knees fast. My sister and I treated and did the necessary physical things, like hot water bottles, heat pads, etc. In an hour every sign of the stroke had passed completely, except weakness and desire to sleep. She had been the type who wanted to die "so someone would be sorry" — "don’t send any flowers!" She’s all ready now to do a little living. Death doesn’t really appeal to her much!

Also, I’ve been asked to sing! Then is when I AM completely alive as an individual. The rest of the time I’m only a "Servant of the Father." When I sing, I tingle and glow, and am just one sphere of Light, gloriously alive and happy. When in the East, I always miss this particular thing. Otherwise my heart is with the East, all that’s outside of Heaven!

Be filled with Joy, for all is well. Heaven has descended and is now part of earth. The Veil is lifted and there is no more separation to anyone who is ready to stand fully in the Light forever. I love and Bless you deeply. You are dear to my heart. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 25, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Beloved Group,

Your devotion is making you a truly shining group. The full Power you release shines out and the glow and Glory from it go forth in rays that circle our earth. There is no place on earth where our Vibration does not penetrate. Here and there are a few spots and places where some darkness gathers in cowering and hiding, but even that shall be covered until it can no longer harm anyone of earth, nor touch any activity of earth to cause any more darkness to go forth to destroy anything good that is started.

When we are perfectly agreed at all times and perfectly adjusted until each one of the group sees Light and only Light in all the others, then you’ll see the "added things" begin to come tumbling into the whole Temple — crowds and things, desires come true, affairs successful. Stand with me in the Light. Look neither to the right nor to the left. See not the thousand on your right nor the ten thousand on your left, for in this lies destruction of your creations, regardless of how near they are to being visible.

God is all Power. How much are you using daily? In Light? God is all Substance. Are you holding your hands high, and your arms, opening them wide? To fill them full of Light which is Substance, sure and ready? Are you holding your arms full of it while you see it take form as the things you need and desire? And how many hours a day are you pausing for an instant and either doing this holding with physical arms, or with mental arms if you are in a place where you cannot raise your arms?

You are a Creator! Every hour. Every moment. Create then, not only greater mansions for your soul, but better and greater living conditions right here and now on earth.

I love you, and I’ll soon be with you. And I shall look in your eyes and say, "Have you been a good Son or Daughter of the Most High?" — by thinking of yourself always as His Son or Daughter right now? By creating consciously with His Power, His Substance, His Light? Stand in the Light with me now. My love and blessings. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 29, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Dearest ones,

Have had a glorious time visiting. Am getting caught up with my folks but will be so happy to return to my "home" ground. I never dreamed that I would feel this way about the East but I do. Am getting my reservations in the morning and have my itinerary worked out. Will be with you in exactly three weeks and four days. So much news to tell everyone.

I love all of you very dearly and I’m so very grateful that you folks will help me come to you. I shall use what you send on a ticket from Chicago to Buffalo! Love to you, loads and blessings to overflow, Edna Miriam

1-30 P.S. Didn’t get this off, interruptions! This morning the check came. Thanks so very much to all of you. I’m still shy about $20 to cover all expenses. Know it will come. Have three more meetings here. God is so good to me and I love you all so dearly.

February 3, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

Dearest Ones,

Am in the midst of leaving. Shall be in Berkeley until February 14. Have my ticket to Chicago and almost enough to carry me to Buffalo. God is so good to me. Be ready. Shall open Ash Wednesday with you. These are your first Orders:

Understanding: Stand under the Higher Light now released. It blinds the eyes, but lifts another Veil of Maya.

Compassion: To express full compassion upon all alike. To spiritualize fully the Personality until all see the Christ in each face we present to the world. (Now we occasionally present dull faces without Light.)

Tenderness: To "tender" Love at all times. The expression benign of a god, which we really are now.

Service in Sweetness: All three to go forth as a Radiant Sweetness, which draws all good unto itself.

Freedom from all darkness: To lift all into the Light. To give up all burdens to be changed. To Love whatever service we have to give where we are, that we may be emancipated into God’s more perfect place for us.

These are your first week’s work. Copy before leaving. Read them many times a day. Ponder them for Meditation. The Rays released this week will aid you in being these qualities. You are Overcomers now. Love and deep love, Edna Miriam

February 5, 1939, Tacoma, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

When you read this, I shall have my face turned toward the East once more. My work finished here on the outer. It will be glorious to see you in the flesh once more, for I love you, and one others can take your place.

It is said that you are made in the Image and Likeness of God! Do you believe this? Here and now? God can do no wrong. God’s Image and Likeness has the ability to do no wrong. God’s Image and Likeness does know how to release His Power. God’s Image and Likeness does know Light from darkness. Do you know that you are in His Image and Likeness? Do you know that there are some things God’s Image and Likeness dare not do?

And you are strong like your Father. You are strong in all Faith and Joy. You are Wise with His Wisdom. You are Loving with His Love. You are Understanding with His Compassion. You are fully capacitated with every Power of your Father. Do you want to be convinced of this? Or do you know it NOW?

I shall convince you further when I speak to you on Sunday morning, February 28th. Be ready to know that you know this. You are made in His full, complete Radiant, Powerful Image and Likeness. Act it forth!

Love fulfills the whole Law. Love overcomes all Hate. Love overcomes all unkindness. Love burns away all self-erected barriers. Love burns out all self-created dross of illness, weakness, darkness and self-indulgence. Love manifests as Life to fill a weakened heart and a weakened intellect. Love creates Peace above all misunderstanding, even above all understanding also does it create the Peace of God.

Love is Substance to fashion into your own Creative Ideas and Desires. Love is Faith to go forth and lift all whom it touches. Love is Power to melt and dissolve all hardened hearts and all hardened bodies. Love is Light to burn and shine and to make all Paths plain and easy to follow. Love consumes all unlike unto itself.

Ye who have eyes to see, open and see. Ye who have ears to hear, open and hear. Which of these are ye? Open or closed? Willful or willing? Humble or proud? Blind or in Vision? Even now choose and stand. Deepest love to each and all, Edna Miriam

February 7, 1939, Portland, OR

My very dear and Beloved Group,

With my face turned once more to you and the place which has become home to me. Our Lenten work begins to come through.

Please, each one, open an hour, a new one, for pre-Lenten devotion. Make this hour one of Exaltation of Soul, whether it is "uttered" or "unexpressed." Prayer is your highest Desire to know God. It is your greatest Idea of Success. To be kindly is the finest prayer you can make. To be sweet is prayer incense going up to the Father. To be Compassionate is the prayer of the Master. To be Just is the prayer of the Judge. To be tender is the Mother’s prayer. To be Understanding is the Prayer of the Father.

Every virtue we express is a fine prayer going forth to ascend our Souls into Heaven. Every action in love is Prayer of Glory. Every movement of Joy sent forth is Prayer of the Realms of Light. Let us then spend one more and shining, new hour a day in real Prayer as our Lenten Dedication for 1939. Anyone can smile an hour a day. Anyone can Praise an hour a day. Anyone can sing an hour a day. Or hum or whistle an hour a day. It does not have to be a continuous hour. It can be in spots, like sun breaking through the clouds.

Prayer is the expression of the Soul’s Delight in Obedience to Law, and it is the Soul’s Glory in its own High Estate, and knowing that its Source is forever drawing it home and into its own Light. I love you all very dearly. Millions of blessings in appreciation of your loving assistance in my homecoming. Deep love, Edna Miriam

February 7, 1939, Portland, OR

Beloved Ones,

There seems to be an opportunity to have a second Group in Buffalo. Please hold them high in the Light. Please hold up all my own personal activities. There is release in sight. A little more Love, a little more Praise and it will go over the top. When one door closes, a dozen new ones always open.

Today I rode up to the Council Crest where the Indians used to gather in Council. Two great valleys spread before me, fifty miles in length. I could see that far. They are much longer. Willamette and Tualatin. Hills several thousand feet high all around and Mt. St. Helen’s, Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, glorious and Majestic in their grandeur. I confess that I tried to "inhale" enough "mountain" to carry me through my next lap in the East! And I’m bringing you some of it!

Get ready for your Lenten work! Much is to happen and quite soon. You are to copy these Statements and use them through the week as a pre-Lenten Vibration lifting for the Group and for the World.

1. My Yoke has become the Yoke of Light and Love and it leads me into rest and comfort of Soul.

2. My Peace has become that Peace which is from my Source, and it keeps me in Safety now from all disturbance and confusion of earth. I AM become Peace and very Peace.

3. Behold, I AM now become aware of my Source — Light. It shines through me upon my World. It overcomes all darkness found within and without. It is my ever-present help and my Servant.

4. I AM now a perfect Servant of my Lord and Master. His Power moves through me and my Service Glorifies His Name.

5. I AM standing before my Father in freedom of Soul from all darkness. Let Light shine in me forevermore unto the further glorifying of my Father.

6. My creations are all good and very good. I AM now determined to make this all Truth in my expression of Life.

7. Standing before the Throne of all Light, hear my Vows, oh Father, and send thy Life forth as me. Praise and Love unto thee forevermore.

Remember who you are! Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, and it "doth begin to appear what ye shall BE and DO." I love you and bless you and look forward to our Lenten work with great Joy. Spread the Word. Tuesday evening will be closed to advance unless they come in before the 22nd, Ash Wednesday. There will be special Services given for this night. Deepest Love to all, Edna Miriam

February 14, 1939, Berkeley, California

Dearly loved Group of Light,

I’ve just returned from a trip to San Francisco, across the high bridges, looking down upon Treasure Island and the "Tower of the Sun"! To me this feature of the San Francisco Fair is an omen, it is a proof from the outer world that we are Chosen! I shall be with you. There is so much new to be given that I know not where to begin. Plan full attendance for Services throughout Lent.

I love you dearly and am very eager to be with you. However, get ready to really "work out our Salvation!" Make sacrifice all over again of old things which you still recall. You will no longer recall them when debts are fully covered with Light of Love. Then shall they be melted, dissolved and absorbed. Deepest love and Blessings, Edna Miriam

February 14, 1939, Berkeley, California

Beloved Ones,

There is so very much to be done for Lent that it is difficult to know where to open. When you realize how much Power is to be released, you will also make a clean sacrifice of all and sundry "little-me’s." Opening February 22, Ash Wednesday evening, is opportunity to uncover hidden limitations which keep you down and also to pay all karmic debts in 10 short days.

If you lift all veiled, hidden things of your life the first ten days, you will be ready to partake of the Power for the full opening during the second 10 days of Lent. I love you dearly. Peace and Blessings, Edna Miriam

February 19, 1939, en route Los Angeles to Chicago, Central Colorado

Dear Friends and Beloved Group,

At midnight tonight, Ash Wednesday, February 22, we open a very important period in our world’s history and in the History of Ascension! The 7th Trumpet sounded January 12, 1937. This was the exact cusp between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages. For the next 50 years we shall be standing on the Cusp of the Ages or until the year 1988, when we move off and fully into the Aquarian Age. The influence of the past sign will drag over for fully 500 years before the last of the darkness is overcome completely. We touched the cusp in 1886, stepped on it in 1887. We’ll step off in 1988, reaching the end in 1987.

While we stand on the cusp, there will still be darkness to overcome. Influences of the past are still working themselves out but they have no power. We are full two years past the exact center of the ’Cusp of the Ages.’ All shall be light, and very Light. ’Ye are gods’ ascending in Power. Speak the Word — "Let" — for all your Creations and nothing doubting, stand.

Neptune is unfolding the Mysteries for the next ten days. How close to God can YOU stand to receive? This ten days can be the most important of this earth life for you. Surrender to be possessed of the Power. Let it move through you and your Creations fully, even now. I AM with you ever, in Love, Edna Miriam

March 18, 1939, Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved ones,

Your letters and all enclosed checks this morning. Millions of thanks for everything. Am so happy that we’re winning through. The time of waiting is almost over. Am so grateful that this is so. It has been a long, hard pull for all of us, but it is worth making.

Am up to my eyebrows, as usual, and everything will work out! You shall see the Glory and the Salvation of the Lord. Remember, the ’Right Side’ is the up side of the boat! Deep love and appreciation, Edna Miriam

March 28, 1939, Cleveland, Ohio

My Dear Friends,

My Joy in being with you is too great to express in mere words. It seems a dream now, looking back upon our separation and, of course, we were not separated at all at night. Our months of new work together have been dreams fulfilled for some of us. Knowing and sure are the two answers to these last months of work.

Now, remember that you "see" and "hear" with the mind. You listen for the Voice of the Father or the Master with the brain cells themselves. You see with the Mystic Eye situated in the nerve ganglia in the center of the head, immediately above the midbrain. Both are instruments upon which Mind itself plays, upon which Soul registers thought, a Vibration of Mind.

Just as you can "see" with eyes open or closed, so, also, can you "hear" with ears open or closed. Both physical eyes and ears must be closed to earth objects and noises for seeing and hearing above. I love you and we’re going to have a grand time together — you folks and these folks here. All blessings and Abundance of Light and Joy be yours, Edna Miriam

April 19, 1939, Cleveland, Ohio

To my Beloved,

Much is to be said. Serious tests come upon all who ascend unto the Father through the 40 Days of Ascension. This must be so. An airplane is tested for spots too weak to bear strain. The Father tests ascending Souls for weaknesses, dry rot, soft spots in structure that they may be able to bear all strains put upon them in strength and in endurance. Then no lines will be lost and so credited to them, for the Ascending Elect are Leaders, Teachers, Ensamples of Life and Law. For such to fail takes many others to the bottom.

So, hold fast. Take each hour in Joy and live it in Love. Take each day in Joy and cause it to be to your credit. Ascend each night in humility and penitence for even seconds misspent upon earth and so shall your reward be great. Your own, Edna Miriam

April 26, 1939, Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved Ones,

Next week I’ll be with you. Am so very happy that we have a Temple Room again. I’m sure we shall enjoy it, and I know we shall bring in many of those who have missed us. If only I could be "quintuplets!" It is so hard to divide up in so many small pieces! However, the work will spread, and it will grow, and Teachers will arise who can and will carry on the Torch of Light.

I love all of you so very dearly and am looking forward to our dinner with anticipation, and am hoping everyone can be there. My deepest love and devotion, Edna Miriam

May 7, 1939, Buffalo, New York

To my Beloved,

First of all, I love you, secondly and thirdly, I love you! Always remember that. I gave your love to the Group here and they send theirs in return. Please know how dear you are to me and how dear you are to the Father also. Anyway, I love you. I hold you high. I bless you in power, in Love, in Strength and in Joy.

May this coming week bring you great ’results.’ Large Results! Complete Results in all ways. Please lift this Group for Strength and Growth and to have all whom God hath touched to be drawn into it. We here this week shall do that for you and the Temple there. We’re on our Way. Marching back to God! Love, Edna Miriam

May 16, 1939, Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Friends and Glorious Ones,

The Group "here" greets the Group "there," and since "everywhere" is always "here," we are one! Everything is going beautifully with things here. They are planning the Group picnic for Tuesday, May 30 and asked about Buffalo and who was coming?

I love each one of you very dearly. We are going high and we are going to draw unto us all we need for sustenance. Blessings and my arms ever about you in deep love and understanding, Edna Miriam

June 14, 1939, Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Ones,

Miss you so much. Have been using the "oil can" on several situations here. Seeing my "regulars," who are beginning to "see" and "hear" and know when they go across. Everything is very beautiful and all’s well in God’s World.

I love you dearly. See you Saturday — I hope! Love, Edna Miriam

Questionnaire for Summer Work — Daily Guide

1. Am I in better control of my wandering thoughts?

2. Am I able to control my speech? (agree and adjust)

3. Am I better able to hold my imagination upon perfection? (What am I seeing about everyone else? I can’t see the other fellow who is mean as perfection; I have to put him on a cloud before I can see him as perfection)

4. Am I greater in my confidence in the faithfulness of the Father to fill all promises?

5. Or do I trust only in the promises of men?

6. Am I fully nourishing all my own creations?

7. Is my tongue silver-tipped and my voice of the tones of the Golden Silence?

8. Do I hold my full contact continually with the Light?

9. Do I trust myself fully at all times in my use of God’s Light?

10. Do I love my neighbor as myself; how do I love myself? (Do you love yourself as an expression of perfection and your own soul and your Oversoul high enough to want absolute perfection? The Oversoul grieves all the time until it is withdrawn if we keep getting ourselves into a mess.)

During the summer, we are credited with holding our position. Our soul-flights will be in comparison with our ability to hold fast and make a little progress every day. If we release Power to cover up something we have done (overcome), it gives us higher soul-flights.

July 12, 1939, Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Folks,

Be seeing you Saturday. Great events crowding closer. Remember to follow the four Words given for the summer: Harken, Heed, Obey, Follow. Each one to apply them according to present understanding of Law.

Keep high vibrations of love and thank the Father without ceasing. Love to all, Edna Miriam

August 6, 1939, Washington, D.C.

Dearest Group,

Am at the Stratford Hotel. Went to Shrine as promised. Lighted the candles and had a wonderful time. Have rested a bit, am writing, then some dinner and will do my planning for tomorrow. Very hot. Very happy. In all my travels, not one going has been so sweet. My corsage is on ice, ready for tomorrow also.

It will be only a short time now until we’re all set. Keep happy. I love you dearly. Deep love, Edna Miriam

August 10, 1939, Washington, D.C.


Am having to sit in my room waiting for a phone call. Hardest of all, however I’ve a real live line up now. One I AM sure of from last year. Sold myself to this promoter but had no concrete idea as now. He’s still alive and doing business somewhere between here and Baltimore. Can only wait. Do not want to spoil my chances by a blunder.

Yesterday’s heat floored me at 2:30 p.m. Had to lie down for two hours, dizzy, etc., until I thought perhaps I’d done myself a touch of sun but I’m all fine again. Been up and out at 8:00 a.m., me! I’m am early little worm. I’ll surely be caught! I’m quite determined to put this over. Wish I could get through and into action. I have three ideas, one will work I know.

I love all of you very tremendously and miss you all no end. If only we could have our cake and eat it too. I’ll let you know the instant I have any news. Meanwhile, let’s pray it forth and the money into our hands. I love you all dearly. Edna Miriam

August 13, 1939, Washington, D.C.

Belovedest and Most Precious,

I AM so very lonely for you all, and your letter on Sunday helped me so. Two weeks ago was told I’d go to N.Y.C. And now they tell me they sent me here since I would not even consider New York — and also, to find my man, who is in N.Y.C. now. I love you ’best of all’, Edna Miriam

August 20, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group,

I wish to thank each one separately and together for all help. I AM getting places. Today’s long Conference means that I’ll meet the right man who’ll handle raising the money. So, I know this is the time. One man will lead to another! And so God’s Laws be fulfilled! Hold fast, keep on praying and knowing and holding me up for Power to use.

My deepest of all love, and keep on sitting on our Volcano — when that white mass moves forth, it will melt all old conditions and robe all in white forever. When Lava cools, it is formed! I love you all so dearly. I hold you high and still higher. Everything is going on as spoken. Love and more love, Edna Miriam

August 23, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group,

As far as "our" Organization is concerned, my two men here are the ones! Today I’ve been offered the Women’s end of their new organization, the American Foundation Principles, Inc. To carry on as I want it, using all my people, and they do the financing. Had no time for any details. If, when we have our next Conference, they will incorporate enough of the right ideas, all right. They do not want my Ideas for their Men’s Division. They know what they want to do. So, one way or another, our work for our America opens soon.

Please hold me high for strength and the steadfastness to bring forth all we need from the Invisible. Our Agent is here in New York City. This is the one thing I’m positive about and also the Father’s Promise that I shall be led to him. I love you all so dearly, and I AM knowing much harder than ever before in all my earth experience. It Shall Come to Pass. Love, Edna Miriam

[August 24, 1939, the Soviet Union signed a 10-year nonaggression pact with Nazi Germany.]

August 25, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Ones,

Our quest is almost over and soon we’ll have results. Our organization is going to be financed this fall. I shall stay here long enough to get it started, then I’ll be with you again.

My Love engulfs you and all the Father’s Light possesses you. Power and Dominion over all darkness has been given unto you. How are you using it? There is Light for all our needs, and Light used turns into added things. God’s gifts are sure, so are His promises. Rely on them, not just leaning on them but standing upright and strong, letting your declarations of Light’s Supremacy move forth to fulfill all the Law of Love.

You are God’s full servants. His Power possesses and uses you. So know and be faithful with the Faith of God. Let Power move through you into the whole world. Let God say yes to all your beautiful plans. They shall come to pass as spoken. "The Father always says yes." I love you all dearly and miss you tremendously. Peace and Love, Edna Miriam

August 25, 1939, New York, New York

To my dearly loved Group,

Your letters, your messages and your love are so very precious to me. I love all of you very, very dearly, and I thank you with all my heart. Your Gifts are helping me stay here until I finish what I came to do.

My really great news is this: The men I came here to see have offered me the full control of the Women’s Division, to put in my own people, to use my own Ideas, they to furnish the money for starting.

These two men have put over two very great Organizations in the past. They were the founders and original Idea back of what is now the Chamber of Commerce! Their names were not publicly known, but they raised the money, called the first meetings, etc. — their Idea, and you know how strong it now is, though owned by the "moneychangers" now.

The two of them made the Southern Commercial Congress. T’would take pages to tell you the Research work this has been responsible for in the South and elsewhere. They are here now, both of them, putting over this Congress September 11-15. So, that they consider me great enough to handle the Women’s Division of "American Foundation Principles" does make me happy. And I’m very proud to tell you this. You have loved and backed me for so long without any outer sign.

Whether we go on with this or alone is a matter of choice, but I feel that to have the Responsibility would be a grand thing. I feel that this is worth all our sacrifices, don’t you? I may run home for a Sunday, and back again — would do it easily if I had ample funds. I’m so lonely for all of you. I sit here waiting, two days now, for a Conference, and it means real Faith and Steadfastness to know that this is the Right Place, the Right Time and the Right Men, which I’m assured is our Truth.

Let Prayer be in your hearts and upon your lips forevermore. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for the Law of Light hath come to stay on earth forever. No more sorrow or suffering. No more crying in tears. The Light shall now fulfill all Promises to all the Overcomers, and they shall partake of the fullness of the Life of the Lamb of God, here and now.

Be in Strength and in Assurance. Be at Peace and in great Power, for unto you, given in love only, has been placed Power and Dominion. Use both in great understanding, and only for yourself can you make Laws of living and use. Use it in selflessness for others, for the world, to overcome all darkness.

Stand therefore and watch with me in Love and great Praise. My arms are enfolding you and lifting you high into the Light. Peace, Power and Plenty o’ershadow you forevermore. Your own in love, Edna Miriam

August 30, 1939, New York, New York

To all my Dear Ones,

In my purse, this moment, invisible to the world, are six bundles of $100 bills, 100 to each bundle. It is there, plainer than anything I’ve ever had in all my life. This is unfailing. It is ours!

I’ve never asked "why" about anything, so I cannot say what the delay is, except that for me it has always been for several reasons, which I shall state here: To strengthen me in knowing. To show up my weak spots. To hold all Vibrations in balance. To give others a chance to pass their Initiations. To send me closer to God.

This one thing I NOW know: That this is our plan, given of the Father and to be added fully in the outer. We couldn’t possess it any harder than we do, even when we are using it visibly. It has been given to us. All we need now is the actual physical money. God could very easily give it right there. Open all doors. Declare them swinging wide. Let it come forth now.

I love you dearly and I’ve had a very difficult time overcoming my grief that it hasn’t come forth before this. I know this is also a handicap. Our Faith shall bring it to pass. My Love enfolding you, lifting you, filling you and the Love of the Father working as you always, in all places, in all ways. Love and devotion, Edna Miriam

August 31, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group,

My arms of Love reach out to you and there is no sense of space or absence. However, I should love to "see" you with my physical eyes, as well as with my "eyes of spirit," for while I know I AM with you, do you know I AM with you?

Every desire of our hearts shall come true. Every dream shall come true. No one Vision we have had but shall come to pass. Once we have seen a picture of something of need, necessity or beauty, it must come forth into Manifestation. It is Law. Not Chance. It must be brought forth by the individual who does the "seeing," sometimes as far away as in the next lifetime. Therefore, it is well to make our stand now.

See that which we desire for the World, for our Nation, for our State, our City, our Temple, our friends, our loved ones, and then thank the Father that he fills the mold of our personal desires full with all this Substance when it returns unto us.

God is working now. Are we? God is loving now. Are we? God is sending Life, Light, Power, Love, Beautiful Substance to us now. Have we fully accepted this now? I love you all, know all good for you, know all your desires fulfilled now. Peace and love lifting and filling you. Your Leader, Edna Miriam

[September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland.]

September 1, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group,

Faith is the first greatest thing in our lives and includes all other action. Faith’s Action permeates darkness with a piercing Light and all doors open to us. How, then, can delay enter when we have put Faith into Action? Many Degrees of Faith are there, from cold to white heat. The most delaying degree is the one we call lukewarmness.

When we suffer from delay, we have not used enough Praise, Love and Steadfastness. Somewhere during the day we are allowing darkness, which dilutes our grand stream of Light, to possess us. This darkness may be a negative picture, thought or emotion about anything in the world. It may have nothing to do with the goal upon which our Faith is unfalteringly fixed.

Law is Light in which there is no darkness at all. Law is Love in which is not one lesser offspring of hate, which comprises all darkness. Law is Power, which is the very White Light of the Christ, undiluted by anything whatsoever of self (even thoughts of bodily weakness). Law is Substance moving out and into only those things that are of Light. Law is Life going forth as strength of mind, strength of heart, strength of body, strength of affairs.

That which we desire and once have envisioned must come forth. Though we might lose sight of it until another lifetime, still it must come forth. Let’s get together in a stronger bond of silent effort at the Degree White Hot. My Love enfolds and uplifts you. Your own, Edna Miriam

[September 3, 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany, and President Roosevelt declared the U.S. neutral.]

September 6, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group,

How I love you. I can feel all the money we need, see it in my bag. It is close enough even now to touch. I love you all so very dearly and am putting all I have into this.

How to make this earth situation pay the most debt, how to move the right ones into place to receive their metes of debt is no small task. It must lift the rest of the world’s hate. How to cure Spain, Russia, Japan and Germany is now our task, with as little loss and waste as is possible.

Some on earth have willfully refused to heed heavenly suggestions, vibrations and commands. They have free will to choose. They have chosen death and the bottom of the ladder. So be it. It shall not hurt nor harm, except that which takes back national karma. Once again shall each nation be unto itself a law apart. The sheep shall be separated from goats, each to live with those of his choice.

We use this to lift, lift, lift all past darkness. Our aid is needed. Release Light for peace and more peace and ever more peace. Hold all high in the Father’s arms. The Father does work and work and work, doesn’t He? All my love, my blessing, my Joy be with you always, Edna Miriam

September 8, 1939, New York, New York

To my loved friends,

All is well. The Lights have been constantly upon earth. The Councils have chosen, discarded, thought out and planned. They have worked to put those whose earth life is finished, who need credits, who deserve, whose removal will aid, together in the right places. The work is tremendous for all Heaven when someone does run away with Power here. When someone goes wild with Power. And they depend upon us to hold everything so they can work good out on new lines forced on God from earth. "He does work everything we do together for good."

Stand and Praise and Love. Be more and more constant. All is well. I’ll be with you when this is settled. Am held here for the protection of our country and the Release of Power to Balance the world. War could have unbalanced it at this time. I’ve known this ever since I left. I love you all dearly. As you read this, I shall stand beside you, loving and blessing you all. Love, Edna Miriam

September 10, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group of Light,

The Sun is Rising to be full forever. No darkness may exist where it shines. We are fully responsible for its moving forth to lift, to melt, to dissolve, to absorb now all darkness, which is coming forth as hate and war.

The Father, Himself, cannot interfere with darkness as long as the individual hides it within. But once it is sent afar as thought, word or action, through us He can lift it and change it into Light. All Councils sit and plan to make this give the greatest credits for everyone. To make it cover up past karma for all. To make it work together for good.

Release, then, Light, more and more. Cover battlefields with Glory. Surround each line with Light and Pillars of Fire. Each individual soldier. Cover all cities. The war-idea shall be melted and made Light forever. Our work is harder than ever before. We must see only perfection in all this. Make each glorious with Light and the Life of God. I love all of you very dearly. Will be with you as soon as is possible. Blessings and great Joy by the Faith of God provided unto each of us, Edna Miriam

September 10, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group of Friends and to all Overcomers,

My heart is with you at all times. When I left, had no idea of being away more than two weeks. Didn’t know when I left that I’d be away at all, except for my week in Buffalo. However, it is a profitable time for all of us. You realize more and more that you can carry on in strength, also that there is no time or space. We are as close together as ever, even more so. This lesson must be learned by all. So, make this outer separation in the physical pay great dividends for your future. Remember, I AM with you always.

Place the Power of Love, which is Light, the White Light of the Christ, in front of every battle line. Surround each individual in all Armies with the Glory of the Father. Clouds of Glory over each City, over the land, especially bank Clouds of Glory and Fire between all battle lines. This is the "working out" of the "War" Idea. It must be lifted from the minds and hearts of those who hate and are greedy. It cannot be touched until it is expressed in thoughts, words and actions. Then it can be melted and dissolved.

The last great World War, many wanted to want Peace. This will and IS sending a burning desire for to end it. So, it will be ended. It is one thing to "want to want" Peace. Another to know you want it and work for it. And not one thing shall be destroyed beyond that which shall cure the World of Hate. Stand with me in love and devotions. Blessings of Glory, Edna Miriam

September 13, 1939, New York, New York

To my loved ones,

And you are loved and Chosen. You are the delight of the Father. I know Law IS. Love, praise, faithfulness, standing, knowing produce results. God cannot circumvent His own Laws. They must prevail. I know that disobedience, such as this war, anywhere, by anyone, disturbs all Vibrations everywhere. I also know time can be shortened.

Never in all Ages have groups stood together so. We are holding the balance for Terrah. The earth could have been destroyed at this time! Our work is greater than we know. So, if the Power we’ve released has held the earth instead of making money for us, then we should be grateful at being chosen and used for so great a work.

My Vibration is not to be disturbed from here. I cannot leave until the Father gives me leave. All I know is that it is the most important work of my whole life as far as uncovering darkness is concerned. I’d love to see you but God has His way to work. Be not disturbed. Am so lonely for you all. I love you SO, Edna Miriam

September 15, 1939, New York, New York

My Beautiful Group,

Whom I love deeply, dearly, whom I count as friends, whom I know as Saints and Selfless Overcomers. May the glorious knowledge be yours this very instant in the NOW and Eternity that all is well, for it is.

We have weathered the main shock of the uncovering of darkness in the minds and hearts of men. We have held the world in a poise and balance never before remembered. Men and women alike speak of it. And, thanks be to the Father, we have been mainly instrumental in the release of the needed Power.

It seems I was sent here on this Mission partly to entice all of us into a greater cohesive release of Power. For we have stood together more solidly than ever before. We know how great a part we have had in this great work of keeping the earth from actual shocks (tidal waves, earthquakes, electrical storms), which might have destroyed the main civilization of earth. What has happened in Poland is nothing compared with this wholesale destruction.

Please stand together with greater ardor, greater zeal, greater fervency than ever during this coming week. It is a crisis for all of us in every way. Remember, I love you with all my heart. I hold you all tenderly in my arms, as well as exalting you high in God’s heart. Deep love, Edna Miriam

September 15, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group,

Through this Southern Congress I’ve made many lasting, worthwhile contacts, one for luncheon to the City Business Women’s Luncheon Wednesday next. Judge Jean Norris, very fine woman, spoke at the Women’s Auxiliary yesterday afternoon. Met Clara Adams, flying passenger record-breaker in June! Will have my next conference on Tuesday a.m.

It is in the Father’s hands now. Only He can finish it. I’ve done everything under Orders. And God has the finish already planned. So, it shall come forth speedily. Meantime, I love you more than ever. I hold you close to my own heart as well as close in the Father’s heart. Knowing that the Masters have all things once more in their hands and they will use all Power we release for our own perfection and advance.

The Powers, Britain and France, are marking time, for they have high hopes that Hitler will be dispossessed from the Reich. Soon. There is, in the Reich, a subtle Power and revolution going on, which cannot be stopped short of success. Hold it high. Lift all the Dictators, and everything connected with them, higher and higher into the Light. We are winning, the Elected, whom God is using to Release Light, over the Darkness now being spewed out and up for this lifting. Nothing of evil can remain buried.

Who knows, perhaps this is the very greatest of all the good coming from this present crisis. Not ours to know, only to stand under, know, love, praise and LIFT. I love all of you, my most Precious Friends, deeply and dearly always, Edna Miriam

September 15, 1939, New York, New York

To the Stars of Very Light of Very Light,

My very deepest and most abiding love for your beautiful and most glorious backing during these trying weeks for all the world. To have Peace within the heart and mind, to know that God is holding all in His hands, isn’t this glorious? To know the Laws that will work when we do sacrifice the "little self" to be the great Star of Soul, think! God has given us this opportunity here and now. It is an inestimable privilege to so live.

All Law is inevitable in its action. What we bless, we increase. What we ask and "thank for," we have. What we love, we hold. Inevitably, what we truly desire shall come to pass. This is Law. God’s Law. Nothing doubting. Stand in the Light. During the next few days, stand in an even greater point of White heat. We have come to the crisis and we must prevail.

This war has changed the minds of men. Everything is different since it opened. No one wants to finish anything, so only God can do it for us. Probably, outer things force us to a more fully sacrificing of self for greater power to be released through us. Let us therefore seek new ways in which to stand steadfast, Loving and Praising. Let our slogan be: "A little more Love. A little more Praise."

I love you all so very dearly. I thank all of you for sacrifices and backing and hold you tenderly in my own arms and heart, as well as holding you high and ever higher in the Light. Lovingly yours, Edna Miriam

[September 17, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Poland.]

September 19, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved ones,

Forgive my long silence, but I’ve been about the Father’s business. After many delays, I AM able to announce success so far — as yet unofficially but in! I AM the head of the Women’s Division of the American Foundation Principles. Turned down twice, once on our original idea, second on fact war made it impossible to do anything at all about anything.

All of you stand and in prayer. Let’s increase our speed, intensity, fervor. You do know that if God can bring this to pass in the face of repeal, then He can bring all the rest to pass. We are making this war pay us dividends upon bringing women together in a Conference of Peace. Hold everything. All is well. All shall come to pass as the Father has promised. We are ready.

I AM declaring that any investigation shall be to clear up, to establish us on a greater foundation of Light. We invite all investigation, don’t we? Yesterday I heard a man on the street say, "Never mind. England always wins the last battle." So shall the Father, for us.

I love you, and I love you dearly. Everything shall be made perfect. You shall see the Salvation of the Gods. Even as the outer minds of these men have been changed as to their ability to float this Women’s Division of their organization. God is working. We work also in the outer and our main need is that steadfast standing under the whole Light. Can’t return until this is accomplished, although the Father told me I’d make a visit soon but must return to fulfill this.

Should have full expenses within two months. I’m declaring it now. I’m praying! In fact, I’m saying "Help!" I love you, Edna Miriam

September 20, 1939, New York, New York

To My Dear Ones,

Just back. Sat with four women for three hours talking over our work, etc. They want a group here. Also will work for peace, conference. My dears, my very dears, how I love you. We’re going places as sure as surety. Dearest love to all, Edna Miriam

September 22, 1939, New York, New York

To my dearly loved Group,

One week more and I’ll stand before you in person! Shall be with you from Sunday morning until Thursday morning.

All is well. There shall be no lasting war which is hard, except as all war is hard. It will be longer drawn out, but sure in its outcome. This is true and Godlike Peace which shall come from the very great sacrifices made. The "years the locusts have stolen" shall be returned. All we need is our Declarations of Peace Releasing Light and Power to be used in skimming off all darkness as fast as it comes up to the surface.

Russia is on the move! She will move down and crush out Japan’s domination of China and then, spread and weakened, will again be turned upon by all small nations now absorbed, and by those of Russia who are not Communists. God is working out this problem we call earth. Leave the answer and outcome to him. He is very capable of settling it perfectly if we give him the right kind of help.

I love you and shall be very happy to be at home once more, even for a few days. So, pray and love. Stand and praise with me. Blessings of deep Joy and Love. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 22, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Ones,

Your Golden Silence is being rewarded. Your standing has brought about the right thing. I AM the Head of this Women’s Division. We are marking out our Plan now, which is a World Conference of the Women of all Nations — to be called as soon as possible, February. We seek a name, means of financing. So, this many details are to be marked out, the main fact is — the Father has given me my own Plan of start, at last. I spoke a few moments at the Luncheon Wednesday for the City Business Women’s Club, and have an engagement to speak for the Luncheon of the largest private Charity Organization. So, I’m getting my start.

I’ve also met the painter of Liberty Bond Posters, seven of them. He is introducing me to the man who has just finished a portrait of Pershing. And the real artist, etc., of City. I’ve talked occult philosophy to him — and he’ll lead me to those who will want more. So my New York City classes are being born for our Third Temple Unit right here in this city of 7,500,000 people — all hungry. Not the old Metaphysical Groups — brand new ones who are starving.

I have to help Organize our Women into an Army for Peace. This Conference is to form a World Platform on Peace Principles for the women of every Nation to force into Clubs. Schools, Churches, etc. Our work shall stand. I love you so dearly. And shall be so happy to be with you for even a few days. I’ve much to tell you all. Two Sunday Services, 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Remember, I love you. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 22, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group,

This is the very hour of fulfillment of all desires and declarations. God’s hour of fulfillment for YOU. Declare it. Stand and know it. Hold it. God cannot set aside His own Laws. When we know and stand, all things are possible. This is so.

I love you. I’ll be with you Friday evening, October 6. Remember, I’ll be with you. I’ll have news for you and new ideas and plans. All my plans are maturing. I have the nucleus of a group here in New York City. I have two speaking engagements now at clubs. We will have our fourth Temple unit here in New York. Stand and pray. Life is so good! Light is so beautiful. Power is so great. Love is so all-embracing. Joy is so lifting. Praise is so drawing. Use all freely.

My deep, deep love. Blessings of Joy and Powerful Peace. Your own, Edna Miriam

[September 27, 1939, Poland fell and was partitioned between Germany and Russia. Thus, Russia annexed the Ukraine.]

September 27, 1939, New York, New York

Belovedest All,

Am in! Final Conference on Friday to come to more definite decisions. Also Conference in Washington for October 15th certain, with Directors of Southern Commercial Congress, Women’s Auxiliary and others! Should have salary and expenses by December! Anyway, am meeting those who can introduce me and sooner or later I’ll meet the Agent whom God hath sent. I love you. Deepest love, Edna Miriam

October 20, 1939, New York, New York

My beloved Ones,

Great is my joy in your faithfulness and in your sacrifice of self for the common good, and for the lifting of all the children of men.

Because you lift all else, you, too, shall be lifted very high. That which you lift will be exalted, and that which you lift shall exalt you. Be sure you stand in the Light at all times. Wait upon the Light in all ways. Release Light at all times.

Understand — Stand Under the Glory.

Overcome — Look up over into the Face of your God and my God — see not the faces of others — hear not the darkness of others. SEE only God’s Face. HEAR only God’s Voice, and all shall be well. Is it cause to falter if another fails? Is it cause to come out from under the Light if another sees darkness somewhere, some place, or in someone?

Stand. And "nothing doubting, stand." I love you. I hold you. I cherish you and lift you. Be in Joy forevermore, of prayer, praise and singing. Love and devotion, Edna Miriam

October 20, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved and Treasured Ones,

Your faithfulness under fire, your ability to carry on, your understanding of heart, the love you hold for the World and for each other and the release of that love upon the world, sets you apart as Chosen of God. My love returns to you, one and all in full measure, and overflows and again returns unto you.

You shall "see the salvation of the Lord." You shall see the confounding of all those who misrepresent in words, for they shall stand convicted of their own words. Love them more than ever. Lift them more than ever. Cover them in Light sent through you by love. So shall our Temple and those in it be exalted into the fullness of the Promises of the Father.

I AM with you. I love you. I AM confident in your ability to carry on God’s work under the Leadership of our Lord and Master, Jesus the Christ. We need no other Law than the "Spirit of Law in Christ Jesus" through us, as he would have it. Peace and Love be upon you and with you always. Love and devotion. Your own, Edna Miriam

October 26, 1939, New York, New York

Dear Group,

Miss you so! Miss you so! And no news. It takes so long to find folks and run them to earth — then this getting past secretaries after they are found. Some business but I can do it and since my lines are laid this way, I shall fulfill my next step. Always, we have to take something we do not like with that which we do like. This is my worst favorite — talking money, selling outer things, but our whole Civilization depends upon it.

Keep your Lights and Power moving forth. Keep them steadfast. We must win! We must. I must walk straight forward into the Door, which the Father has opened for me. Since this is the next step, I’m boldly taking it and the result is in God’s hands, not mine. All I know is that I’m sticking and doing until the next step is given me.

I love you all so dearly, and I hold you so high and so close. You just can’t know how high and close. Shall write individual letters as soon as my hours permit. My work is really physically tiring. I’m walking miles ’n miles ’n miles a day! I’m praying, standing, loving and knowing. All shall come to pass as spoken. "This one thing I do now, reaching forth, pressing ON! All my love enfolds all of you most precious and beloved ones. Edna Miriam

October 27, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Group of friends,

I AM with you in deep delight at your ability to stand and under-stand. The Light shines forth and Light is both Time and Life. How are you using it? A day of a thousand years length is long to us here, isn’t it? Yet we must assume the attitude of timelessness in order not to tear our own Creations apart by our pulling ahead, thus tightening the lines around the lives of others whom we have contacted.

Let us then use each day, each hour, each moment, yes, each second as the most precious possession we have. Treasured, they will be filled with Life, Light and Joy. I love you. Your own, Edna Miriam

October 27, 1939, New York, New York

My dearest Group, Friends and loved dearly,

I miss you tremendously, each day more. Time is an essence and a substance. Watch, therefore, how you use this precious, God-given essence. Even as the perfumer distills many tons of fragrant flowers to make his ounce of perfume, so does God distill into one second of time all the tons of His Power, Life, Love, Glory and Beauty for you to use.

Would you waste an ounce, a second of it in foolish endeavors or darkness? No. After paying the Pearl of Great Price, which is your effort of Devotion to the Father, you take time as your most valued possession and sip eagerly yet wisely of its nectar, then use time in wise ways and places. Heed your use of time.

The Plan of our Progress is not yet in form, still intangible. How the Father leads me to His Agent is his business. I AM going and doing each thing next. Sometimes it does seem that days speed by and days as units of time are behind but what of it?

A day with God is a thousand of our years! We must reach this attitude of having all time now, making each step without pulling forward, lest we tighten the lines around someone’s throat or feet to trip or choke them, for our lines do wrap around those whom we contact. Let’s keep them loose and unbound.

I love you all so very dearly. Am holding each very high. Am lifting each with me, as I know you are lifting me. Pray, praise and sing! Let’s bring this perfect good to pass NOW and carry on with the idea that each renewing second of time is NOW. Time does renew itself continually and it is new time. Let’s use each second beautifully. I love you. All blessings be upon you, Edna Miriam

October 29, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Ones,

I love you all most dearly. Hold everything. Something is breaking this week. Even I do not know what. All I know fully is my own readiness to move, even unto oblivion if necessary, under Orders from the greatest of all Glory, my love is so deep and great. My life would be absorbed in His and that is great enough. I love you all. Hold you tenderly always, Edna Miriam

November 3, 1939, New York, New York

To my Dearest Friends of Light,

Time has been shortened amazingly. Am waiting for new Orders. They are not clear yet and cannot "see" what is ahead. I feel the step is close and I AM all ready to take it. As far as the outer goes, I have not been successful. On the Inner I AM fully, completely successful. Something is coming! All I know is that our efforts have been successful: There is no war. They can fuss around, talk and use words, yet there is no war!

For fighting, there must be raging hate in men’s hearts and there is no hate in men’s hearts today. That left in the very few who are back of war is too little to swing outer fighting. Also, those old hosts of darkness, called the Dark or Fallen Angels, have been surrounded with Light and are now rendered impotent. Terrah, our earth, is lifted. Prayers have been answered and we are free.

Whatever the next move, I AM ready. Some way I feel it is not what I’m expecting. No one to look to except God, nothing on earth. The Father is doing the work this time. I’m standing and knowing that God is a success now and always.

Life and Light are Substance released in full Power and in full measure. Our prayers and Love are received and returned in greater measure. Nothing is given for no effort. Only true effort of Service and Praise brings forth those things we call "added."

Be ever more constant in burning desire. Keep the Fires of Desire going upward in flames of great Glory and Power. Whence shall come our help? From our Father who is ever ready with help, from the Heart of His desire to see us satisfied and filled full of all good gifts.

Does our Father desire us to be happy? To be filled? Of course. Does He desire our confusion? Never. He is ever ready to come forth in Glory to rescue us from any hurt, even of our own making.

We are ever borne up in Arms of Light to commune with our Father. Peace unto our Souls and Joy to sing in our Hearts is our special Gift this day. Be strong in accepting and in using what has been bestowed. Let it not fade from your sight, lest gifts once given return not for long cycles hence, after a hard climb up the Pathway of Desire.

More Prayer, more Praise, more singing and we shall have the Sons of God really Ruling earth in the Visible. My Love turns ever toward you all, lifting, upholding and enfolding you fast in the Heart of Light.

You are full Servants of all the great Power. Let every word be spoken in Peace and in Joy and in the sure knowledge that God’s Laws are inevitable in their ability to "bring to pass!" Hold fast to your desires. Hold fast to your Love. Lift and lift all about you. So shall all good be added unto you. My deepest love ever, your own, Edna Miriam

November 6, 1939, New York, New York

Dearest Group,

Only thing I know is this: I’m not retreating! I can only stick it out ’n starve ’n sleep in the park! So I’m sticking. I must be great because all of ’em sure had to do the same thing! Perhaps I’m better than I think, only that’s got to be something! Even fooling, there is truth behind it. I know the thing I must do is great, therefore, I cannot retreat. I must stand. I must stay. I know I’m going to win. I know it.

It is a bit tough on everyone, but one of these days I’ll be on top and the things we will do! Pay up back rent and everything. I also must eat. I must get stamps, so I’ll not have much left for food, but God always has taken care of me, so he will this time, too.

All of you pray and please understand why I must stick it out. I can’t back down now just because our first way did not bring the quick results we expected. I have to stick it out and know it will break at the right moment. All my deep love to all of you, devotion and kisses to YOU, Edna Miriam

November 7, 1939, New York, New York

Edna [Bender] Dearest,

When your letter came, my purse was flat empty. I had to send cards to Russell [her eldest son], who sails for the Philippines Saturday the 11th, from Vancouver on the Empress of Russia. One a Bon Voyage and a Birthday Card for November 26. Stamps, cards and breakfast took my last cent.

Madge called me to come out there for dinner and I told her I just couldn’t, didn’t even have two nickels for fare! Well, while wondering how God would fix it, around 3:30 p.m. there was a knock at my door. There stood Madge saying "I know why you can’t come. Here is $2 until yours comes." I’ll have to pay her back but I also have dinner tonight! Love, Edna Miriam

November 10, 1939, New York, New York

My Beloved and most Precious Ones,

You know I AM with you and you surely can feel me close. Ties of Spirit are stronger than any outer bonds can ever be. Yet I miss your physical presence, even as you, I hope, miss me.

You are Children of Light who serve in places sometimes of the dark, yet you shall make all places of Light. Your Heavenly Father has given you all Light to draw upon and to use. Why sit in darkness or become lukewarm? We are to be of the Light always. What value is it to love just friends? Love your enemies. This is sweet incense unto God. Let it burn night and day.

Remember who you are! Remember, you stand on sunny heights of Glory. They are of your own earning, your own gaining. Let nothing push you down from any height you have climbed. Hold it in both hands as your most Precious Possession. This Place of Glory is your only possession, and not even God can take it from you if you value it. Once you earn and He gives and your receive and accept, hold it fast. Keep your eyes upon it. Look UP always.

Love, and Praise. Give, give, give Love. It costs nothing. It is FREE NOW. Just use it in Joyous Praise. How much Praise can you give each hour of this week? How much? Make every hour count, more and more. I love you. I hold you. I Praise with you NOW! Love to all, deep love, Edna Miriam

November 10, 1939, New York, New York

Dearest ones,

Today something broke for me, which may be the first step into the very greatest of all!

Only owe $4.50 on back Hotel. Have eaten twice a day also. Have enough for "until" Sunday evening! How’s that for a Lecturer? Can’t do anything but pray. Have given whole day to Service and Plans and they shall come to pass. I love you most dearly, Edna Miriam

November 10, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved and extra special Friends,

At present, only prayer, praise and knowing is needed. The Father does work in wonderful, mysterious and marvelous ways his wonders to perform. He does fulfill his promises, soon, so soon it will be evident on the outside for all of us to see. So, stand fervently with me in Desire, and vividly with me in Imagination, and with all with a Declaration backed up by all Faith.

Queer, how long it takes us to learn how to stand and know. To stand on our Declaration even when everything looks like failure on the outside. To know as a God, with the Faith of a God, when everything is black, when men fail, when all things are weak, when everything depended upon goes flat — that is all we need to do. And when we reach the point and the place where we know we will not be moved fro our Declaration of perfection, then the Power moves through us and release comes.

Just stand with me now on this one Statement: "Thank you Father, it is so now, we have all promises added and fulfilled." Say this thousands of times a day. Let’s watch for the result. I love you with a great love. It shall be to you a rock and a fortress, a protection, a balance, and a lifting power-adder to your own. Devotion from your Edna Miriam

November 10, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Friends,

Your Initiations were truly wonderful. And there is stretching before us a vast fertile mesa of flowers and Light. Many Paths there are going through, but the flowered Field of Ardath is large enough for all. We meet at night. We plan. We talk and we play. Let’s let go of earth’s woes and hold only earth’s Joys in our hands. The Joy of being in a body during this Age, to earn heavenly rewards they cannot earn from the other side.

The Joy of the Golden Silence. The Joy of the Light making Miracles for us. Our newspapers bear out that our spoken Word has Power. They are all afraid to start a war. Because only one would survive — Russia! They know it before they start, Hitler is doomed. He knows that, too. So, let’s love together — as ONE. Agreeing. Standing. Knowing. Loving. Praising. I love you dearly. Your own Edna Miriam

November 12, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved and Cherished Ones,

This is God’s perfect Day of perfect fulfillment for you! Do you believe this? Do you know this? Do YOU know that YOU know this? Perhaps your whole future hinges upon this one thing. DO you truly KNOW who you are, where you are going, what your next step is to be, must be, and how to take that first step? These sound like such silly questions, yet they mean so much to each one of us.

Stop! Look! Listen! Take stock of your life. Take stock of your "self," that little bit of a fellow who limits you so much. How great is this "little self?" How much of your life does this very tiny little self dictate? How many pictures of lack, darkness, disbelief, hurt, offenses has it presented to you this week for your inspection? And how many of these things have you believed true for you now?

Take stock. Give up in surrender every last and single thing which is not of the fullness of the Light of your true Glory. Keep on seeing your high place above in the Light. Keep on knowing your high and mighty heritage of Glory. Allow no thing of lesser intelligence or content to disturb your highest knowing of all Power and Light moving through you now into your own great Creations.

You are Creators! Of what? Let your thoughts and your emotions and the "picture molds" of your Imagination be pure, simple, yet high, very abundantly great and very noble. As great as you can Vision yourself Being for God, here and NOW. My deepest, fondest love, my blessings and my mantle of Light on you. Your own Edna Miriam

November 14, 1939, New York, New York


This is a Day of Joy, a Day of Sacrifice upon which I write. To separate (14) oneself from all darkness, from all limitation forever with one sacrifice, one surrendering, this is Joy. Never to turn back. Never to "see" back. Never to "act" back. Never to "speak" back. Never to "think" back. This is true and real surrender.

This is the true crucifixion of self: To die daily. To rise again daily. To open our eyes each morning, lift ourselves again in deep surrender and like the prophet of old, say: "Here am I, Lord, send me" into the ways of Life, to Glorify Him as seeing only that which is invisible. To Crown Him with every breath, Holy Breath, we draw. To exalt Him with every Holy Breath we exhale. This is true sacrifice of self and true surrender of self. So shall we be, BE Soul.

I have three new lines to the consummation of our Ideals — our Goal. Any one of them will mean financial release and the first true outer fulfillment of all we need for completion. I AM under definite command of Silence. No disobeying this — not a suggestion, a Command. Hold. Stand. Pray in ever greater fervency and ardor, which is the outpouring of Love, coming from the full sacrifice of self, from the full surrender of self.

I love you so. I AM stronger than ever in this expression on earth. Something has descended upon me like a garment. I know as I’ve never known before: It is finished and shall be in our hands, our lives in such a short time, only a few more breaths. Once it is in evidence — real, visible — the credit for "believing to see" will never be so great in this whole Age. They have credited us sevenfold for every new stand. After this fulfillment, we go back to "double credits" for earth and single credits for Heaven.

How hard can we work in the short time left to us for sevenfold credits? How great our gain in Heaven? I love you, love you, love you, Edna Miriam

November 16, 1939, New York, New York

My very Precious Group,

My desire to see you is very real. I AM with you always but the physical, outer contact still means much to me and, I think, to you. Yet, we know there is no separation.

When we reach toward someone, despite the distance in miles, we touch that one at that moment. This carries with it a great responsibility. We must be certain that our reaching forth to touch them is in that perfect, selfless love and full compassion of the Master. We are apt, in our desire to help, to think in our own minds of some way we would like someone we love to act or something we would like them to do. This colors our love vibration as it goes forth, and if it is strong enough to change that other’s line of Destiny, we are guilty of breaking our new 10th Command — Thou shalt not desire another’s goods by look or by word or by action, such as: personal ideas, loves, friendships or the personal path each chooses to follow, for God will hold you responsible for their indirection from His directed path.

Therefore, in your desire to lift, be very sure that when you send out even love-thoughts they are pure White Light and not colored in any way by your desires for another. Let us have only one desire for all others: That they may be free to live out God’s Life through them perfectly, though it does not appeal to us as our way to have God make them live!

I love you all very dearly and am knowing the fullness of His divine and Glorious Power flowing freely through you to make you strong Sons and Daughters of the One God we all worship, adore, love and obey. Deep love and devotion, Edna Miriam

November 24, 1939, New York, New York

Beloved Ones,

Great is my Joy this Day. Out in the World I find fear, doubt, delay, one waiting upon another, one falling down, and all the "waiters" falling flat on that weak one. The delay is heart-breaking to many, yes, all. They lose houses, chances, etc., because of delay and are full of grief.

Now, as Sons and Daughters of God, we stand in the Light. Our waiting is upon the Lord. We have such glorious compensations. "Thy Joy, oh God, is my mainstay, my comfort and my delight." In this we have Faith and He, our Father, never fails, or falls upon us. He holds us in His arms and we have Peace.

We know how to pray. We know how to Praise. We know how to walk and Love and Stand. We may wait at times, but we know the time of fulfillment does come. We can use Joy, Faith Love, be happy, understand, and we know it is our own doubt and fear we are using, and not what God wants us to use, when we do fail a bit.

Let’s put on a whole week of Praise for these things. We are set apart. We have precious things of Joy untellable. We have God, our Fathers, our Masters who love us and hold us high. I love you so very dearly, and I send my love by message and by arms of Light to lift you. Love from your own, Edna Miriam

November 24, 1939, New York, New York

My Beloved Ones,

Am growing very eager to see you, which should be soon now, and I’ll do my coming suddenly, so be sure we do see each other! Couldn’t bear to have one of you missing at that time.

I love and treasure the letters I receive. Am hoping I do not have to spend my birthday here alone! I’m so happy when I’m with the ones I love so dearly.

God’s Time is always the right time, and His Way is the only way possible for any of us to choose or to use. Plans are maturing slowly but will be ready by the first of the year. Everyone is waiting for someone else for something. Really the queerest situation in the world and we, who are waiting upon God, are the only sure ones in the world. The others are filled with fears and doubts, live under delay in which there are no joys and no compensations at all.

The more I see, the better I feel over us (U.S.). We are protected, as we do not even now realize. While we "wait upon the Lord," we have all these unspeakable Joys to fill our minds and our hearts. Let us put on a week of Joy just because we know who we are, where we are going and how to pray and praise.

I love you all so very, very dearly. I’m holding you SO close. Deepest love, your own, Edna Miriam

November 26, 1939, New York, New York

My Dearest Ones,

This is a "thank you" to each and all of you for all the gifts of prayer and money. I couldn’t have made it without it. And I AM as sure as ever, more steadfastly sure than ever that "all is well." When our release comes, it will be so great, we will all help hold it, and yet it will run over the sides into the world!

I’ve one more problem to solve and then release! Pray with me, for me, hold me up as I hold you, and our boats will reach the shore together.

Remember how dearly I love you is more dear than you dream. And I’d like to surprise you one of these days with a visit. Think of me being down here all alone on a Birthday! That’s the day I like to be with those I love in the flesh body! Remember, I come to you each time on Monday evening. I love you, hold you, exalt you and know all perfect things for you. Your own, Edna Miriam

November 30, 1939, New York, New York

My Very Dear Ones,

My cup of Joy is running over, for there is a chance that I may be with you "in person" next Sunday. I love you all so very dearly that I wish to see you, although I AM with you and you are with me always.

Things are progressing nicely. All will be ready in the right time. I AM very happy and my heart is singing Praises of Joyous Thanksgiving that the Father knows and can bring perfection out of chaos and darkness.

Always do the Wings of Mother Love o’ershadow you, though at times you know it not because you doubt and are not in the full Light as it descends upon you. The full Light moves down at that instant when you call.

How can you see or feel the Light when you stand idly calling, "Where is that promised Light," and have no eyes left to see it and no ears left to hear the Voice calling you? Be sure and stand and know, Love and Praise in depth of Joy. I love you dearly and then a whole universe upon that which has just been given. Your own, Edna Miriam

December 3, 1939, New York, New York

My Dear Ones,

Another week, and this time I AM saying, ’I may be with you on Tuesday Evening December 12th and for a Special Service on Thursday Evening, December 14th. Pray and Praise to release enough Light as Substance to make this possible.

Everything is truly wonderful. "All things else" are about to be "added" in the outer. It only needs a little ore love, a little more praise, a little more standing, a little more knowing, a little more overcoming, a little more overlooking, a little more sacrifice, a little more surrendering, a few more words of love, a few more gracious and kindly words. And who dares to say ’I can’t’ grow a ’little’ more everything?

We can all grow to a higher place of the White Light of the Christ and into a place of greater White heat. That is all it will take now and we can each one do our ’better’ best this coming week, can’t we? I love you and have such Glory for you when I come. My deepest love to ALL. Your own, Edna Miriam

December 4, 1939,

New York, New York

My sweetest ones,

Your letter just arrived with check. I put it on my hotel bill at once or instead of just keeping all my things, they might even have locked me in their basement! Still owe $25. It sounds terrible, but I’m going to Madge. So grateful she can take me in and that I really have a place to "lay my head." They are allowing me to take my bag, folio and dress on my back, that’s all.

It won’t take long to clean up the $25. Madge will let me charge $6 a week room and board. And it’s my birthday. Our family always made a great fuss over them, so here is where I learn to forget it! But just the same, I’m desolate at not being with you folks whom I love.

I’ve had a tough time. Several times I’ve been without meals, always had a cup of hot coffee though. I’m starting a new cycle "without purse, scrip or extra shoes." I know it is good. I need filing, polishing and whittling down or it wouldn’t happen.

I can tell you one thing, I’ve had my signs, INEVITABLE and I’m WisconsinNNING. God’s Power can’t fail and all I have is what he sends through. I need more love and more Praise, so here goes! Still too lukewarm!

I’ll write you when I can leave, if at all. Of course, I’m terribly sorry that I wrote I was coming, but I had Orders to do it and I’d carry them out no matter what!

Yet a miracle can happen, and I could leave for Thursday. Anyway, I love all of you SO. Love, Edna Miriam

December 7, 1939, New York, New York

To my dear Friends,

Do you know that this is the "Day the Lord hath made"? That it stands out from all other Days? That it is a "milestone" — if we so desire it? That Power almost too great to be borne can be released through us to go forth and overcome all darkness?

Power is the very Substance of all "things" for which we hope. As we release Power, it returns to us as "added things," visible to all the world. This Day of Days will net us the greatest Dividends of our whole Life of the Eternities, not only this short earth life, which is but a Cosmic Breath.

To each is given the Power of an upright Mind, an open Heart and a Joyous Spirit. Continue to use them as befits Sons and Daughters of true Golden Light. Much Power is given to each to send forth. See to it that it goes forth in wholeness and Love. Let nothing of darkness color any of your Creations or move you from high resolves.

Seek Light, Truth and Love always. Seek true Peace of Mind, which is always the Mind of the Christ Light. Seek Joy of Spirit, which is the Substance you send forth. Seek to bless. Seek all Graciousness. Seek all Selflessness. Seek all Understanding. So shall each day, each hour of earth life be blessed.

So, let us determine this very instant that only those things that are just, true, perfect and divine shall have any part of this day. Then let us decide that each day given to us, new and shiny, shall be a Day of Days, until a trail of blazing Light stretches behind us for others to follow. Before us into our own futures, stretches a Pathway of Light waiting for us to follow, and in it no darkness at all.

God does know best in every way. While my outer body is here, my Heavenly body moves easily and is with you in the real Soul, even as you read this. Know and Stand. Love and Praise. Be Joyful and Sing Psalms unto the Lord. We are all one always.

My deep, abiding love flows to you in a never-ending stream of Light. I feel you all close to me. Your own, Edna Miriam

December 11, 1939, New York, New York

Dearest Ones,

We have won so much during the past six months. We have once more shortened time tremendously. We have lifted the black clouds of karma, the exact equivalent of 20 whole years of work. Think! Isn’t that a wonderful thing? What has occurred is bad enough, yet with the knowledge that our Service since Easter, especially the past four months, has actually set aside that amount of darkness.

Personally, there is nothing of reward earth could have offered me, nor any place, nor any outer achievement to make me feel as this does. I knew that our work was important, but not how great a thing we were doing. It is not yet ended, but it will not be so bad as it might have been. I AM content with all delays, since so great a thing has been done. To always have delay is a great test and trial. But when taken in Peace, with full content that Law is now acting, whether we can see it or not, makes for a strength great enough to stand throughout all Ages. And against anything of obstacle, hindrance, delay or apparent hurt that the world can manufacture against us.

Let us go on in such very sure knowledge that we have done our best, and that we are making a "better best" every day of our lives — that we face the world as One, against all comers who challenge our Faith and our Goal.

I love you all dearly, We have won! So happy. Deepest love. Your own Edna Miriam

December 11, 1939, New York, New York

Dearest Ones,

I’ve been in deep Retreat, both soulually and physically! Left the hotel last Monday evening and sprained my ankle. Had to keep it higher than my head five days and two days off floor. Tonight I can stand my full weight and bend it slightly.

All is well. The things I’ve learned, the reasons, the needs, the whys. You’ll love it. Plus sacrificing all myself! Even plans to go out and just disappear! And I do not mean maybe! I was ready. AM.

My Orders came: Sing! I quit singing because no one wanted it anymore. Never asked. Looked peculiar when I sang. Now I find that I stopped my own vibration, also group vibration. When I stop singing, I stop "ticking" inside. Did not realize that even with singing I could not ask credits nor yet wait for applause. Funny, isn’t it? I never stopped until two or three looked nauseated. So, I AM not supposed to see them look seasick when I sing. Poor folks from now on!

The doctor has just left; bandaged my ankle and told me that I can walk on it tomorrow, at my own risk. It certainly stopped me short! Couldn’t step on my one foot. D’ja ever try to hop on one foot? Found out I AM not even a 32nd cousin to a toad! Can you folks see me going along stiff-legged? Must not move ankle for two more weeks. Now is your chance to lick me!

I have my house in order. I’m all caught up with sacrifices and surrender, plus taking back all leftover bits of old karma hanging around.

Each is to go over all past Vows of self, in Retreat, alone. Each is to remake Vows according to present capacities. Each is to make a full new surrender. Each is to decide what is worthwhile in his life and what is not. Each is to eliminate anchor, burden, bondage. Each is to make clear the way and open a place for new strength, new ideas, new design of life at the close of the Cycle of the Joy month, December 21, at midnight. A change of mind, heart and purpose. A body cleansing to make a fitting habitation for the Indwelling God. Carry torches high like banners. Let Joy sing Psalms in your Hearts. Praise for what you have of the Father. Praise for that to come.

Long ago we were sent forth with Light. We are Descended Creator Gods. Ask, each, of self: How do I return this so very great Light? How do I return the Power of all Substance I have used as Light? How do I return time given unto me for my consumption and filling? As Light? Have I more of duty toward clearing of darkness the time I have filled, have squandered, have neglected to fill?

For every hour of squandered time shall there be an accounting in the Day of Judgment and the Day of Judgment no man knows. It comes upon you like a thief in the night. Yet, you may prepare for it by always being ready, by always standing in the Light, by always releasing Light as Very Light.

Use every moment of every hour in full surrender of self. Only so may you be certain of readiness when the call comes to reckon time.

I love all of you so dearly. Am so very close to you this very hour. So close. We are truly One as never before! Shall arrive Saturday morning. Shall write time of arrival later. So, I’ll see you soon after this arrives.

I love you all most dearly. Hold you all very high. Devotion. Yours, Edna Miriam

January 21, 1940, Buffalo, New York

My Cherished Group,

I love you! First, last and all the time, and I miss you so.

Everything goes on as we would have it here. I AM to have my "Speaker’s Card" for New York State. Am dated up for several Lectures, and when the money is collected I’ll receive the compensation. My expenses are paid wherever I go. Have enough for a Charter now. Want a hundred to open and organize with. You see, my National Official recognition I have to earn. Clubs and members! With calls for Lectures — popularity. So far, I’m all right, now it is work.

I have to be here all this coming week, and am dated for Jamestown, N.Y. for 2:30 p.m. Sunday the 28th. First extra large call. Hope to get paid for that. Meantime, I AM carrying on to my best and am gaining in those who come to the Temple. We’ve had to cancel two dates because of this storm, which certainly is bad today. Even business houses closed.

I’ll try to see you all for one week from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, if possible. However, will let you know.

Am very happy. My heart is singing once more, and I know that all is well. For ALL.

My deepest love to all of you until I can see you in person once more. Blessings and devotion, Edna Miriam

January 26, 1940, Buffalo, New York

To my very dearly loved Ones,

Am missing you all so much, but I’m about our Father’s business in a big way. Remember, steadfastness does bring its own reward with it in due season. And this is the season.

"More love," "more praise," that’s all it takes! God is so good to me. To us. Let’s go. Let’s lift UP — give UP — then COVER UP with the Light of Love all the transgressions of others. Even our "other" small self!!! Love does melt, dissolve and absorb. Power is working! Power is busy. Everyone reach UP for your share to use in strength of purpose, spreading love, and praising in gratitude.

All IS well. I love you, deeply, Edna Miriam

February 25, 1940, Buffalo, New York

My Most Precious Ones,

I AM SO happy! My lectures and addresses are going over. I AM being called upon more and more. I know I AM getting closer to the Light at the Center. And the rest must come.

It seems, however, to be a waiting time, the trough between the waves. So, pray hard. Stand fast. Praise much. Increase your fervency in every way. We have the load nearly up the hill. Let’s hold on together and push it over together, and together reap the harvest of great rewards and then use them together in play and service.

I love you all so dearly. And hope to see you very soon.

All my deepest love, my most abundant blessings, enfolding and uplifting you at all times.

Remember, Prayer, Praise, Singing is our only possible approach to Success here and now.

I love you, Edna Miriam

February 26, 1940, Buffalo, New York

My extra dearly Beloved Ones,

So much is going on in the world. So much is coming to pass, have you seen? The time has arrived. Stand staunch and steadfast through anything which may seem to be or come on the outside, for we have won.

If only I could see you and talk to you! But for some reason, which I know can only be good and bring good, the funds do not come in to allow me to travel to you. It is my next step. This is all I need to know, but I would love to see you every other week. We must make it pay us great dividends. We must know love will burn all barriers, break all chains of bondage and free us at last to finish the work we have so well started. We shall so do — together as one!

I love you SO dearly. I AM with you always. Deepest love, Edna Miriam

March 1, 1940, Cleveland, Ohio

Dearest Ones,

Shall be here every Thursday for noon meeting and a 1:30 Class in Healing whenever I AM in the city, and by all counts it looks as if it would be for some time. Can’t see ahead. The vibration is greater than ever before. Things are ready to go pop! We must be steadfast at the heart of the "pop," so we can’t be affected by the whirling sparks on the outside. Stand back of me. Pray. Release Power. I feel something coming! Let’s be high in the Light, waiting.

What are your beliefs? What do you get from our work? Is it worth your effort? Time spent? Are you bored? Discouraged by delay? Do you think some unworthy? Are you the only chosen one? Do you hold yourself above others? Are you humble in your heart? Are you ready and willing to give outer place to all others? Do you think only upon things of good repute? Do you dwell upon others’ sins?

When the sins of others are pointed out to you it is for lifting so that special cloud of darkness may be lifted. How then, should God have all blackness lifted if He didn’t give us the places, people, things and conditions that are in present darkness? How could you know where to lift, whom to lift? See to it, therefore, that you lift continuously and in all ways to cover all manners of things.

Am very happy. Some darkness has been lifted while I have been writing this. Know not what. I love you all dearly, Edna Miriam

March 3, 1940, Buffalo, New York

My very Precious Ones,

It seems so long since I’ve been with you and so long since your dear smiles have greeted me, that I sort ’o ache for you! It just can’t be much longer now. I know I shall see you very soon.

As far as the outer promises have been concerned, not one has materialized. The Plan, which I was told as present Truth, has not developed so far to cover the expenses and payments for Speakers. When I came here, it was after being told that I’d receive ’so much’ a lecture for the work, after I made good! I’ve made good. Have plenty calls to speak! Which I do. Because I’m serving God. However, I haven’t covered my expenses yet, and nothing toward traveling back and forth. This is why I do not spend a few days with you. When I lived in Cleveland, Buffalo always paid my expenses here and back — no hotel bill, of course. So, please forgive this seeming neglect of you, whom I love so very dearly.

My work is loved here. Have many calls as a speaker. It has polished me considerably in every way. So, whatever the next step is — I AM ready for it. They need me nationally, but whether they use me or not, only the Father knows, and at present, He ’won’t tell!’

Meantime, I have several things almost ready to start out — writing, I mean. Please open prayers that the success of God shall follow whatever they send out through me.

Nothing opened up! Am now told to send what I have. So, I AM using every moment possible at writing, knowing that it is already perfect and prepared for, and that our dreams shall come true. Unconsciously, I think I looked toward the outer for my sustenance! So easy to do that. Well, God rewards me as He always has.

Deepest love to all of you, Edna Miriam

March 8, 1940, Buffalo, New York

My precious ones,

There are fiery trials for each one of you during these next two weeks for Steadfastness and Devotion. To hold your contact unbroken for 7 Days is no simple task. It means good hard effort for everyone, but it can be done. The Masters stand ready to aid, although each one is supposed to know exactly how to hold up, look up, lift up, give up and cover up alone!

These are where your trials will be found. Seek there for any weakness, and overcome — come up over — it. Look up over it — overlook. All is well. Keep each hour at the white point of heat and allow no darkness in your Kingdom. They are full Kingdoms of perfect life and perfect light.

You live and move and have your being in God’s life! I love you. I’m with you. I hold you and shall stand and bless you all at the final prayer! Watch and see!!! Deepest love, Edna Miriam

March 12, 1940, Buffalo, New York

Beloved Group of Friends,

My heart is with you and I stand beside you many times. Please remember that nothing earth can do or say shall ever stand between us in any way whatsoever.

This has been a much better week than any since my return — not that I haven’t been busy as busy could be — but outer results have shown more.

Pray much, love more and more. Praise more and more and release Holy Breath as pure Light. That is so simple to say and write, yet so hard in accomplishment, yet we can increase along "all fronts" in these things.

Please remember how dearly I love you and how close I’m holding you in my heart. The Laws we know and live cannot fail — "Love cannot fail."

So, with my arms around you and my most abundant blessings for you all, I stand before you now.

Deepest love and devotion, Edna Miriam

March 22, 1940, Buffalo, New York

Beloved and Treasured Ones,

All is well. I AM writing this from my desk upon my return from Good Friday 3 hour Service, and it was a "Good" Friday. Our room was full.

Please know my arms are around you all and my "wish" at the Altar, for all of you, is Success! Both Inner advance and outer "added things." This is my desire and my prayer also.

The snow, new, covers everything. White falling the whole 3 hours both Thursday and Friday.

Let us look ever higher and make every effort to ascend until Earth does ring with Joy, all of Earth knowing: "It is finished. Light hath Risen and Glory enfolds all forever."

Always yours in deepest love, Edna Miriam

April 4, 1940, Buffalo, New York

My "extra-well" loved Group,

As I write this, I’m so Happy! All is well and very well. All is rapidly coming to pass as we have spoken the Words.

Yet a short time for the ripening and then the harvest. The reapers shall be to you a release. You have planted in the heat of the day. You have watered when faint and weary. You have had no help in upholding the Temple of Heaven on earth. You have shared when you had not.

Therefore, thus shall it come to pass: Those who scorned you in the past shall do your reaping for you and give you the fullness thereof. They shall have only what you share with them, for they have planted none of their own to reap. They shall follow you to fan the heated brow. Enemies shall make of themselves your footstools.

Because you have borne the burden, have shared, have held the pillars upright in the Temple, be watchful and in no wise misuse Power or fail by lukewarmness in sacrifice. Carry your loads full to the top of this Mountain of Desire and lay them not down when nearly over.

I’m holding you, lifting you, glorying in you. Soon the whole world will know why and how we’ve sacrificed and worked.

Deepest love, Edna Miriam

April 5, 1940, Buffalo, New York

Beloved and Precious Ones,

Everything is coming along beautifully. I’m kept so busy that I AM not able to do all the things I should do, but I AM building every step of the way toward "our" Goal. I can see that each new order is carrying all of us closer to the grand climax. One visit’s not enough! I no sooner return than I wish to see you again. But I can also see that it was necessary to do these things here in N.Y. State before anything else was tackled. The ice is gone at last. It seems funny to travel fast again. We’ve been crawling along at snail’s pace for all these weeks. Taking three hours for an hour’s trip!

Remember that we are working for one common end. The emancipation of the whole world. We must hold fast and pull together to get anyplace. Remember that our prayers, our Praise — so important — is the only thing that will bring release to countless millions who will otherwise, without the Elect, perish. We are actually saving a whole civilization. Your devotion, your Temple work is surely building the Foundation that the New Heaven on Terra will be raised upon, or brought down to rest upon.

I love you dearly. All is well. Is it well with your soul? Is it well with your household? Is it well withy our Temple? Make it SO. My love and devotion. Your own, Edna Miriam

April 8, 1940, Buffalo, New York

Beloved Ones,

There is so much to give you, time is too short, it will most of it have to wait until I can have a class. I’ve so much new, absolutely new to give you.

Please hold fast. We’re now almost at White Heat as a Group! Yet we have not reached the point of highest White Heat! Let’s Go! All we need now is more and more and MORE of the same things! Love and Praise! I’m winning! It’s a bit slow, but it is gaining in momentum. So hold on. Climb. Stand. BE YOURSELF! Who is your self? You, the Ascending Gods! Know = DO!

I love you most dearly, so dearly, and I AM writing every spare second of my time! Changed my forms entirely but they should go now. Help me keep the world prayer UP!

Deepest love always, your own Edna Miriam

[April 9, 1940, Germany attacked Norway and Denmark. By the end of May of 1940, Germany had overwhelmed Norwegian, British and French forces, occupied Norway and Denmark and swept through the Low Countries to the English Channel.]

April 12, 1940, Buffalo, New York

My Beloved Ones,

As I sit writing this, I can look out over roofs and gardens into six inches of snow! My first experience of the kind. Unusual. Anything can happen! It must be so or this snow could not be here in April! Nothing is impossible! Anything can happen!

What is the impossible we have in our minds and hearts to bring forth? What is the thing we desire to have happen, which the world says cannot come? Let’s take these very "impossibles" and let the lights shine on them. Let’s take these things that can’t happen and hold them up higher and higher. Let’s bless them and praise them. Let’s thank God that he can do anything at any time, and that our impossible becomes his most possible and the easiest thing he can do — provided we say it is!

So, let’s say "Father, you can do anything at any time, therefore, You can do this for us now." "For us" because God wants us well and strong, so we can love and praise, so we can serve him, so we can make others realize how wonderful it is to be with God, to be like God as nearly as we can. Be happy and joyous for God. Sing for him. He must want us this way, therefore when we ask and stand and know, when we love and praise enough, He will aid us in building what we want! For him, too, not just us! To glorify Him! — not just for us!

I love you all so dearly and am so certain that "all is well." Am longing to see you. It shall be soon. Deepest love and devotion from your own Edna Miriam

April 12, 1940, Buffalo, New York

Dearest Ones,

So much is happening. The bloom is about to burst. Let’s stand together more solidly than ever before. Prayer, Praise! Anything can come instantly. If we’ve enough substance to make it! We can have it only by looking at the Light, by standing in the Light, and by thanking God we can see the Light. That is all we need to see. Until we see only the Light, we’ll never see anything!

Look at the Light. Stand in the Light. Live in the Light. Take everything into the Light with you. Give only light every second. And you won’t need to worry about seeing!

I love you all with a great undying love. I AM with you always. Shall see you soon — in person! Devotion, your own, Edna Miriam

April 19, 1940, Buffalo, New York

Beloved Ones,

As days go on, I miss each and every one of you more and more. Distance does "make the heart grow fonder" in this case.

I AM so busy, every moment things are happening, and there is promise of so much yet nothing comes to a head.

However, looking back, it is certain that each day has built something into our lives. New bricks in our new roadway to God.

Remember, they who praise shall reap all their desires. Praise is the key, the door, the substance and the form. Also, the Power to "bring to pass." It is the one thing or idea which will give all things to all people, and the only means of fulfilling our own lives. So, prayers of praise are our only true need.

My heart beats with yours. My love goes to you hour by hour and mile by mile! I’ve got you all folded up in my heart, and surely I will be seeing you soon. Keep our Altar Fires burning brightly. And I AM sending each one of you a nice pair of "rose-colored glasses!" To use. To watch everyone with — always wear them. Keep the dust off them so you can see truly through them! I love you dearly. Your own, Edna Miriam

April 26, 1940, Buffalo, New York

Beloved Ones,

Greetings and blessings so great you have not room to receive them, love to fill you to overflowing, joy to shower upon the world, a song in your heart, a strength great enough to bear any possible burden, all these are my wishes for you in this hour.

Everything seems to be opening now. There is so much to tell you all, things which can only go from mouth to ear. When we are together, we shall have the hours to get caught up again. Heights above heights have opened. Be sure to look up. Be sure to keep for this week in a State of Grace. Remember, I love you most dearly always, Edna Miriam

May 3, 1940, Buffalo, New York

Beloved Group of Light,

One week from today I shall be with you! We’ll have a feast of love and life. All is well. God’s ways are so mysterious and yet his wonders are performed. His miracles are brought to pass day after day.

At one of my Lectures over four weeks ago, a man came in before the meeting holding his right hand within the left one and looking ill and in pain. The hand was bandaged. I was waiting in the back where he walked up and down, so I got up, went to him and asked him what it was. He told me the day before his blowtorch had broken and in order not to burn the woman’s curtains or start a fire, he’d had to carry it out the front door, with the full flame on his right hand. A first degree burn down to the tendons, muscles and bone — all flesh gone from front and back across thumb and up wrist. The doctors told him he’d never use the hand again — it would shrink even if they didn’t have to amputate!

Meanwhile, I was giving him a treatment, taking all anger out of it by using our own Healing Methods. When he was finished, I told him what I was doing — using the example of a cut, when nature fills in the cell tissues and heals leaving only a scar! Told him how easy this was when left to the Father while praising. Before I finished, most of the pain was gone. By end of meeting practically gone. Afterwards I talked to him about how easy it was to trust God.

I saw him on last Saturday night. He came 40 miles to show me his hand! Well. A horrible red scar, huge all over hand and wrist. He shook hands, fingers all loose and working, muscles and tendons free! Healed. Perfectly. He was so happy. So was I. The most perfect healing the Father has ever done through me, I think. The impossible made easy. Use this phrase. The impossible made easy. Always. Shall tell you more of it. The man said "yes" to my words!

I love you most dearly. Your own, Edna Miriam

May 14, 1940, Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved Group,

"The end of the world hath come." The cycle closing out Darkness and the "end of the world" comes at midnight tonight, Tuesday, May 14, 1940, = 5 + 14 + 14 = 33! Much remains to be done before all Law is fulfilled, yet all is well. Surround each nation with a wall of fire. Keep declaring Light. Lift.

Concentration camps with walls of Light take care of all who now "come over" in hate, etc. Nazis who go out fighting like wild beasts claw and tear and bite each other but cannot die! When they fall exhausted, invisible ones take them out, bathe them, robe them and nurses tend them. Nearly all have no mind left. Ages before they’ll have identity again. So much work to be done. More when I come!

Deepest Love, your own, Edna Miriam

May 25, 1940, Buffalo, New York

To my Beloved Chosen Flock,

Peace flows like a river. Peace enfolds like a river. Peace gathers unto itself things of beauty and of love. Forever does Peace embody all delight. Peace always overcomes wrath of darkness. Peace enfolds hate like the downy blanket a mother uses to enfold the tiny newborn soul. Peace hovers even as a bird’s wings hover o’er tiny bursting eggs now hatching.

Peace is open to receive its own. Peace is ever ready to lift. Peace tends to its own furrow. Peace lays hold on a task unto the close. Peace consumes the fever of restlessness.

Peace flows like a river of Light throughout the world and earth is now Heaven-born.

Peace is plentiful. Use it. Peace is all powerful. Let it use you to all powerful overcoming.

My love abides in you always. Edna Miriam

[British troops were evacuated at Dunkirk May 30-June 4, 1940. June 10, Italy joined the war. June 22, France surrendered to Germany.]

June 26, 1940, Cleveland, Ohio

My Very Dear Ones,

Am so eager to see you and talk with you! So many new Revelations coming through again.

Law is Law. Light is Light. Law may not be set aside and Light may not be set aside. All Life is contained in Light. In it is no darkness. Truth lives in Light and lives forever. Be of the Law of Light. Praise that Light is the only Truth and all Truth is contained in Light.

Therefore, only Light, which is Truth and Truth, which is Light, shall endure. All else shall fall of its own weight. Light has no weight. Truth has no heaviness. Truth carries itself because Light can only lift. Light cannot fall, neither can it fail. Shall anything that is Truth fail? Nay, rather shall Truth know its own and so shall it create its own.

The Law of Light, therefore, is to know Light. Let Light place its seal upon you and so shall your creations stand established. Waver not, neither have any shadow of turning. Let Light lift and let Truth establish your Foundations. Hold fast all you have gained and reach to further and higher Heavenly gains, even unto the highest.

Shall be home late tomorrow night, so I’ll be with you as you read this and during the meeting. Deepest of love, Edna Miriam

July 28, 1940, Buffalo, New York

Beloved Ones,

I AM so Happy! We are going to own this Unit [976 Delaware Ave, the address on her letter]. Pray for the way to open. It means running the whole house and we can make money besides paying for furniture. Everyone is enthusiastic and happy.

So far we’ve paid our room rent — my expenses and lady Clara May’s room and half her food. Paid an old obligation of $10 plus $10 on back rent for Old Arcade Room. And 27 cents in Treasury — rent paid until a week from Monday. Sunday morning offering 22-25 people $5. Classes well attended.

This has grown from White Point of Heat prayers of 12 Stars! Our dinner was a success. Promised 65 — attendance 48 PAIdaho! Beautiful day. Garden a dream. I talked to them afterwards, standing in front of the church’s stained glass side windows, with the church’s hollyhocks 6 ft high behind me! They border our grounds, the walk is the dividing line for the two properties! The trees tower up into the sky.

We even have our next dinner planned. Chicken fricassee with gravy and biscuits, plus apple pie with cheese. Going to give a prize for best pie brought in and a Gate prize! We’ll have a hundred this time.

So much to tell you next week. Pray. Pray. Pray. What has been one time or in one place can be done another! Nothing impossible — nothing!

I love you most dearly always. And I’m lifting, holding and blessing each one.

Your own, Edna Miriam

August 2, 1940, Buffalo, New York

To my Dearest Friends,

My heart is with you and I miss you very deeply. Yet my work is still here at this time until business details are all settled. Everything is sort o’ suspended between "here and there," but I know it will be as promised.

Pray with us and know with us that release is ours now. That no ideas of men may clog the ways and work of God.

We stand in absolute confidence in the Faithfulness of God’s Power and Love to fulfill all his promises.

We wait upon the Lord in the High Place of Sanctuary and Poise while we work out his salvation below in our daily affairs.

These are our statements for the month. Continue "Miracle after Miracle." It shall be so, to all alike. The power moves forth and performs Miracles beyond man’s mind to conceive as a possibility.

In the deepest of love I bless you and hold you in the Light. Your own, Edna Miriam

August 4, 1940, Buffalo, New York

My Beloved Ones,

I miss you tremendously! We have Vespers opening September 1st, Sunday! We had a wonderful sermon. I used Shangri-la — will give it my first Sunday with you.

Pray — our work is slow and I must stay until all papers are signed. Woman came in and offered herself to help in any way we need her — and we’ll need plenty of help. I’m so happy!

I know Cleveland will soon blossom! You’ll SEE! Just stick around long enough. I’m almost bursting with ideas again. And they are going this time. I’ve got a base from which to work at last. Now I know why the Father sent me here to build up a Vibration.

Let’s go! We’re ready, aren’t we? Ready to receive all our worked-for, longed-for "added things" — "Because I’m a millionaire. In my Father’s House, I’m a millionaire."

Wish you were here tonight. I’m personally serving supper-tea, coffee, too. Ginger cake, toasted cheese sandwiches — open, browned, plus the best cinnamon toast you ever ate! All my little self. I’m doing it! I’ll have helpers to serve, etc., of course.

I’ll see you SOON! I love you very dearly. Extra dearly! Edna Miriam

August 9, 1940, Buffalo, New York

My Best Beloved Ones,

There’s a chance that I shall be with you Monday, and for the Tuesday Class. I’ll stay until Friday morning. Everything is progressing here toward our perfect Goal — slowly, but step by step. This is my Message to YOU!

"It is a marvelous thing to wait upon the Lord in the High Place, the City of Peace, the place of Poise and Power, the City of God, while we work out our own salvation where we are. This is the supreme test of our confidence in the faithfulness of God’s ability to fulfill His promises to us."

"We live and wait in that High Place of Absolute Trust. We walk and work with the candle of Joy burning in our hearts." May it ever be so to you, one and all. I love you. Your own, Edna Miriam

August 11, 1940, Buffalo, New York

To my Beloved Flock,

May the Spirit of Divine Love nestle close in your hearts this day. May mercy temper all justice for you and through you. May compassion be your treasured and greatly treasured possession, possessing which you sell all that you have and buy it with this so great sacrifice, for all you truly possess is "self," and in selling that, you replace it with immortality of Soul. May understanding be a Light unto your feet. May wisdom be your daily guide. May power fill you to overflowing. May Light be your burden and your companion forever.

Peace unto you and the everlasting arms uphold you in all your going in and your coming out. May the heavenly tabernacle be your dwelling place and may your rest therein be sweet. You are blessed and lifted and held in safety. Your Father neither slumbers nor sleeps. Blessings, Edna Miriam

[The Battle of Britain began June 18 and ended in October 1940. Russia incorporated Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into the Soviet Union. September 14, the U.S. passed the first Selective Service Act, opening the way for the draft. September 27, Japan entered the Axis Pact, followed by Hungary and Romania in November.]

October 18, 1940, Springfield, Massachusetts

My dearly Beloved,

Am so happy! My Mission is successful this far. My work is good. Am going on to New York City, so that I may make my contacts.

Keep on praying and praising. A little more love and a little more praise, every single hour, will put over our Ideas now. Thank you, Father, you always say "Yes!"

With all my love and devotion, Your own, Edna Miriam

October 22, 1940, New York, New York

My Dearest Ones,

Here I AM and there you are! Am trying to catch up on my mail. I could not write letters for months, going from one thing to another. Am seeking in every way to get my writing in shape for publishing. Can’t see anyone until I have something to show. What I did is no longer up to date. Has to be changed all along the line. A lot of good ideas, all in a mess.

Enough LOVE, a little MORE LOVE, a little more PRAISE and we’ll be over the top. This is the only way the Law knows how to work! Toward perfection. If each of us carries all the load and each of us is determined to do all the lifting on the inner, the burdens will be lighter on the outer. It works that way — each more than sharing his part.

I miss you! All of you all of the time."Watch and wait in the High Place" with me, while we all work out our Destiny. My love enfolds you, my love upholds you and my love protects you always. Miss hearing when you do not write me, like leaving the baby alone! Deep love and devotion, Edna Miriam

October 25, 1940, New York, New York

Beloved Ones of my Heart,

I miss you tremendously but also I know that each day cements us more solidly into one block of Light — the center of radiant Light shining out to lift all world darkness as fast as it arises.

The Master asks: Can ye still trust my word? Can ye still follow me all the way? Can ye still know all is well? Shall I then carry on our great salvation from darkness according to the knowledge held within the minds and hearts of ye, my Elect? Shall I run divine Law after thy degrees of perfection of seeing and hearing? Or, rather, shall it be after the fullness of the Father’s Commands? It shall be done unto each after the faith you are using now. Each shall be left where his faith takes him; he shall go no higher. God moves on. Come or stay. Stay or go. Choose, stand, then partake of the joys, delights and rewards of the righteous. These be strong words. Who then can bear them? Only those stout of heart, who truly believe to see the Glory of God manifest.

Reprimand? No. Counsel and Warning? Yes. Do according to the foolish little self or as to the Soul of Glory. Lend aid and be strong or slip into weakness and climb once more without a hand to uphold you. All Love, all Peace, all Wisdom, all Joy is ours and in His name, cast out all devils of self for all time.

God is working in mysterious ways His wonders to perform, even more than usual. Light is all there is. It is the Substance of your bodies, your affairs. It is the life that you are and are to become. Love is all-embracing in its Power to release you from every bondage of earth. Faith is your Rod of Power, your measuring rod, your staff to lean upon, your life itself.

Look up, lift up, give up, Praise UP! Unquenchable Love backed by Unconquerable Faith can melt, dissolve and absorb any bondage earth can create NOW!

Thank you, Father. You always say yes! Your own in love and more love, Edna Miriam

[October 28, 1940, Italy invaded Greece.]

October 30, 1940, New York, New York

My extra precious Ones,

Three weeks can seem such a long time and yet is so short. Missing you folks makes hours longer than otherwise, but working hard makes them zip by! Especially when I want to accomplish so much.

I haven’t accomplished anything so far. I’d neglected all my personal work for months and it has taken me this past week just to find this and that. My notes get buried under clippings until I can’t remember who I AM.

I know partially why I was sent here but not all. Of course, I thought it was only my writing but it was more than that. As far as I now know, I’ve no orders to leave New York now. My writing is not ready to present to an editor. Nothing I do pleases me, so far. I can touch it but the expression — clumsy. Am knowing success is ours. All we need to do is march steadily toward it.

My heart is with you, my arms are around you and my love enfolds you always. Always your own, Edna Miriam

November 1, 1940, New York, New York

My Beloved Ones,

My love reaches out its arms and enfolds you and my love lifts you all high into the Light. During the next ten days, we must release more Love and Light through Praise than ever before since we’ve been on earth. A culmination of hate is coming to the surface and it must be skimmed off as it rises or tragedy too great to speak of would result.

Every prayer of earth is needed. Yet, ordinary prayers are not enough for this. This must be as special as the work in making new jelly. We add that jelly-skimming to all other work we are doing. So, in this it must be special lifting and praising and holding high.

Let the Light shine forth now to lift all sudden darkness sent forth to relieve the minds and hearts of men. Let the Light of God shine forth absorbing all darkness, making earth shine with great Glory.

I love you all most dearly and I AM holding you, lifting you, loving you more than ever. Always your own, Edna Miriam

[November 3, the U.S. proposed Lend-Lease for the Allies as preparation for defense.] November 8, 1940, New York, New York

My Beloved Group,

My heart is with you as well as my presence. Watch! Use these key words to raise your Vibration through the Season of Joy and the weeks of Rebirth. Take advantage of this Season’s release of Power. Resurrect all old darkness during these next two weeks, then prepare to Vitalize and Quicken all your affairs with Joy.

Walk softly before God. Speak gently before men. Keep Golden Silence of high things. Make wise speech under need to defend truth — not self. Hearken to God’s Orders, Voice or impressions. Heed all commands, Laws. Follow the Master under all circumstances. Obey all Wisdom-Love-Selflessness. Give Sacrificial Service. Be sweet in all Light. Be firm in all Principle. Be final in Lifting all darkness. These will fulfill the Law of Love in your lives.

My arms are about you in Love — my Life and my Light stand beside you always. I love you all fully and dearly. Your own, Edna Miriam

November 13, 1940, New York, New York


We must hold closer together than ever before. We must see only Light in the other one’s actions or words. Each must see only Light. Each must ask only for the exaltation of all the rest. Ask no rewards or recognition for self, lest even the group of Elect we have been, should, as often in the past, be sundered by petty squabbles, petty seeking after self-recognition, after consciousness of what the self has done or given or any thought of self in any way.

Stand and Hold. All is well. Not one inch of ground are we to give up — not one move, except to mind our own business and release Power and Love as never before. Let all petty things of self be lifted. The Law is "give and ye shall receive." When one asks for outer credits for giving, he or she is taking full payment for all giving. If one keeps this up long enough, there will be only outer things left.

God knows that I have done all I could do to outline the way of Selflessness. This means no thought of what another does or leaves undone and accepting each command as if you were the only one concerned with it, never allowing one thought of criticism to enter mind or heart, never looking to the right or left. It does apply to all alike.

Only God can judge as to merits or demerits. Only God can say, "They deserve. They do not deserve." To so say is taking credit as self-satisfaction. So, wise Silence. Golden Light is the only answer. Plenty of Golden Light and all darkness is overcome.

My deep love for all goes with this. Stand by. We’ve already won! The battle is the Lord’s NOW. Always your own, Edna Miriam

November 14, 1940, New York, New York

My Beloved Flock and my very dear Friends,

This week begins in earnest our work for the Joy Month. Every thought, desire and imagination should be lifted into that Place of the Most High where it can be censored and made perfect before it leaves "Home," your Home of Glory, your head.

Law is. We are. Law is created by the One God to move forth into expression on the outer. We were created to be used by that Law, which is perfect, whole and complete, here and now. Let us resolve this very moment to make ourselves perfect instruments upon which the Laws of God may play those perfect, harmonious Symphonies of the Almighty that will ring ’round the earth.

We can plan to make the next few weeks the most beautiful we have ever lived. Love makes everything beautiful. It creates beauty whenever it has a free, clear passage through us. It moves forth to quicken our creations, to bring joy to everyone we touch. Let us now Vow to make each hour of the Rebirth Season greater than the whole of our past life. Let us determine to allow nothing to keep us from Love or Joy for a moment. Let us Surrender now to the full Power of God and as its Servant. Let us move forward on an ever-ascending current of Joy until we truly shall have Miracle after Miracle.

I love you. I miss you. I fold every one of you close with the love of my heart. You are beauty and strength. You are grace and understanding. I AM yours in love, Edna Miriam

November 20, 1940, New York, New York

Most Precious Friends,

This is to tell you of my appreciation and my gratitude for your ability to stand under the Light, without thought of credit or reward.

Prepare yourself by fasting and prayer for the next great Initiation. Nothing that the world can fashion against us shall prosper. All shall prosper in the Light under the Law of Love. My blessings flow to you this Day of Days. The Love of God is upholding you in strength to stand.

Our Visions shall grow and become outer form under God’s protection in His own time and way. I’m loving and lifting you high in the Light.

Ever in loving appreciation, Edna Miriam

November 21, 1940, New York, New York

My most precious Ones,

Your "composite" letter came this morning! Gee! It was good! They are the most I have had from the Group, and I always wait for my "love" letters hard.

Some day, you are all going to be proud of "us!" For if I AM ever anything in outer affairs, it is as much yours as mine. Your precious love has taken me through these very trying years, and it has been years, hasn’t it?

And now, all our dreams are about to be fulfilled — I know it. My own heart misses you more than these words can ever convey to you. Sometimes I find myself feeling so very strange, just suddenly, on the street or in this little room, as if I’d been asleep and were just waking up, looking around for you, my sweet friends.

We can take it! We can hold together under any condition, any given set of circumstances and, what is more, we know we can. Anything under the sun, which we all, in one accord, make up our minds and hearts to do, that we can = CAN DO.

So, therefore, with one accord we now make up our minds to accomplish each thing we have envisioned as a Group, for the Group, as a Temple, for all our new Universal Temples, as a Group for every individual of our Group. We make up our hearts now to stand steadfast forevermore under the Light, to the Glory of God, praising every moment of every hour for all those things we have envisioned as perfection for each of us, leaving each of us alone on his or her own Divinely directed Path, as the Vision given on each one’s own Mount. Giving each other Individual Member of the whole Group, yes, the whole world freedom from domination of our little self. Ever seeking new ways of sacrifice unto the Master and the Father, knowing that this sacrifice can only be of the little self, until that little self becomes true appetitive soul, honoring the Master and the Father in true humility and devotion of effort of time, effort of strength, effort of love, effort of giving, effort of praise, effort of understanding — not people, friends, family or the world — but God’s Laws, effort of greater Service, rendered without thought of credit to self or rewards to self from the Father.

Finally, perfect Obedience to all Orders. If this seems to cut off something we ourselves have planned, then know that is best and call it by name, and its Name IS GOOD. This is the only name we really know.

Remember, I AM with you Thanksgiving Day, closer than physical body can make it. I love you most dearly, always my love folds and lifts you.

Your own, Edna Miriam

November 22, 1940, New York, New York

To my Beloved Group, Greetings,

It is my deep belief that our Father wishes our Praise and our Gratefulness spread over two weeks instead of for just one day, usually a rather formal, indifferent day at that. So, the week’s keynote is still Praise.

Have you spent as many hours in grateful Praise this past week as you could? Have you been as close to that white point of heat as you feel you can get while on earth? Write these two questions on your hearts this very hour and then ask yourself every hour of every day this week the same two questions.

Has this past hour been one of complete Praise?

Has this past hour been at that white point of heat, which produces results, which "brings to pass," which fills all my molds full of love substance until they become fully visible?

Love + Love + Love = Praise + Praise + Praise

These are your only duties this week and they will bring you blessings greater than you have room to receive. Miracle after Miracle. All things impossible to man shall be made to you a Miracle and added unto you.

I love you with all my Soul, with all my heart, with all my mind. How do you love everyone?

My Blessings overflowing. Always your own, Edna Miriam

November 26, 1940, New York, New York


Your letters have come on time. I’ve tried to write everyone whom I’d neglected for a year, out West, etc. In ten days over 100,000 words in practice trash and 15,000. I’m coping with indifferent results. The copy, I mean. Can’t, just can’t do 100 words a minute! Anyway, I’m going to win. Some day I’ll be good and then!?

As far as Temple advance, we are winning, every day, every way, we’re winning. We had to dedicate a real Altar and establish it on the outer side. It had to be done, regardless of what folks said or what they thought. The Vibration was too high for most, that’s all. And yet, if we, everyone, had stood on inner Law, refusing to hear anything started by jealousy, it could have stood. The instant minds began to consider what was said, and some always wanted me to go back to "simple" stuff for a crowd. That is not my work, however, at present. The multitudes will come later. Meantime, all is well. I AM going along as ever doing, knowing, building. And one day I’ll have the "added things." It finally became silly to sit and wait for something to happen. God has never worked through me that way. I waited, however, for Orders, before making any move.

The Temple work must remain in my hands, with only me as head. And, it cannot come without my financial independence. So, I’m digging away at it and shall do it.

Carry on, money must come in, would faster if everyone would stand and see, really see only Light. Remember, I love you, Edna Miriam

November 26, 1940, New York, New York

My Most Precious Ones,

It has been outer neglect but not inner nor yet of outer loving my most dear ones. All I can write is work. I’ve been out twice, once to Carnegie Hall for that Democratic Freedom on Wednesday after the election and once to Radio City with Madge.

Writing way over 100,000 words takes time! Letters, letters, letters, I’ve written and I’ve a grand story in my running rhythmic form of the Christ Child. It’s good. Have another in mind for Easter. More ideas than time. Do you gather that I AM practicing? And one day soon I’ll be GOOD, extra good and then! It is too late for Messages tonight, it’s midnight and a half. But I can only run my machine until midnight.

This is hard work. I’ve been at my typewriter since 9:00 a.m. until exactly midnight. Stopped for a bite of lunch a half hour and three-quarters of an hour for dinner. Of course, I got drinks, etc., but no letting go. If anyone thinks it’s easy, let ’em try. You know that it takes something that isn’t soft for making success this way. When I’m there, oh boy, won’t it be fun? Some day plans will come true.

I’ll be in Buffalo for three days as soon as I finish, around the 15th, I think. Meantime, keep going, seeing Light, praying, holding lifting, praising and loving. Must hold an even keel there in spite of all.

I love you, Edna Miriam

November 27, 1940, New York, New York

My beloved Ones,

At last I have definite Orders. I’ll be with you Sunday morning, December 15. So happy.

I’ve practiced and practiced over 100,000 words. Not much but two large novel’s worth and of it at least 10,000 good. I know I can write. It’s only a question of time until I have the income promised. Anyway, I’m digging and should know something definite before I see you in person.

I miss all of you SO! I’m extra happy, both my groups, Seattle and Tacoma, need me again. All my work seems coming to life. I’m ready to push when my money begins to roll in once more. Oh, am I happy?

How I love you all! Hold our healing work high. It shall come to pass. I know it hard enough for everybody.

Deepest love to all, Edna Miriam

November 29, 1940, New York, New York

Beloved Friends and Followers of the Christ,

My heart is filled with desire to be with you, to see you and to hear your dear voices. I shall be with you in person Sunday, December 15. I AM so pleased I AM coming to you. I’ll only be there with you for three days.

Our work is growing. I have more calls for myself as Leader and Lecturer and for help, than for two years past. This is our sign. A group in every city on earth, with trained Leaders and Ministers to take care of them. My dreams have been with me since my first conscious thoughts. I’ve never let go of them and they are coming to pass.

Nothing is impossible to our God. Nothing we cannot envision and have come to pass, nothing of good to lift and bring God closer to earth in the fullness of His Power that cannot be done.

God’s Power has not stopped—only men’s ideas of that Power stopping has held the world back. Why? Because of selfishness and greed. God’s love is still lifting. It is still Healing.

When our hearts are clear on the subject, when our minds are fully cleansed of silly opinions and worse prejudices, all will move forward under the Light. God and His Love, might, majesty and Glory are ours. He will use us to further the work of overcoming all darkness.

Therefore, I say to you now: All our Visions shall be established now, for God cannot fail and those of us with enough Faith Unconquerable shall win. My love, Edna Miriam

[December 9, 1940, the British attacked the Italian armies in North Africa.]

November 29, 1940, New York, New York

Dearest Ones,

Today this goes to YOU. I’m running away at 3:30 p.m., meeting Madge and go to a Friday Movie. My weekly dissipation. I’m doing 12 full hours a day of nothing but writing. When I get too cramped from typing six straight hours, I write letters and correct my typing. I’m just no good as a Stenographer. 100 words a minute just won’t spell right on my old machine!

Now: I’ll be in Cleveland in time for a 7:30 p.m. public meeting on Wednesday Evening, December 18th. Soon going to be there until midnight the 20th Friday Evening. Then, I’m leaving for the West. Sure must be something v ‘taking’ of my stuff— ’cause it’s a long, cold walk out unless I’ve sold enough to finance it. However, that’s the way I’m always sent. First orders, then acceptance, and then, after I hang by the eyebrows until I’m well toasted and browned, the money to go! SO, I’m mentally getting ready.

Give everyone my deep love. They are all so very precious to me. I love you all a million.

My love around you always, your Edna Miriam

[When you have read the following personal letter, you’ll know that it may well have been written to you!]

December 11, 1940, New York, New York

My Beloved ——,

Got my ticket today. Again, thank you. Shall be there 7:20 a.m. on New York Central. Your last letter did me good. And I meant to write a wonderful letter for you, but had appointments in the City, which just made it impossible. Comfort is such a sweet thing and your letter to me as a comfort and a joy. I loved it.

You shall succeed. You shall hold fast to your Vision of Fire and Flame. It must be so. You must prove yourself the one who stands and sees only the perfect and the Light. You saw one of your Initiations over there. You should have held to that point of consciousness where you heard and saw me! That’s the trick! To hold it.

You have a long trail before you and even as I have had it to do, much conquering of self. But one step at a time, well taken, will finally bring you to the high goal, which is ours. There are many to whom we cannot speak in terms of high vision. They count us daft or worse. So ever hold in mind your Golden Silence. A few times in my life my pen has been dipped in silver as I write. Shining, glowing silver of spirit, not quite purified yet into the high gold.

Stand firm on your Center of Light. You do not need to understand anyone else. Let God understand others. You aim always to understand Him and release Light over all. Calling all by its only name: GOOD. These few rules, followed forever, will take anyone to the Central Circle, when never again do we see any unlikeness to Light anywhere, anytime!

Remember, pure gold is yours to use from above. Your advance shall be as great as the sum total of your experience up till now. May your year bring success beyond your dream-visions and Love’s Glory to carry you on and through.

Love, Edna Miriam

December 11, 1940, New York, New York

My Beloved Ones,

All goes well. Have accomplished what I came to do: Found the woman to handle my stuff and coach me.

Will be with you in one week, telling you how I love you.

Be faithful, be steadfast, be loving and tender toward one another, be full of grace, be just with all mercy shown toward men.

I love you always. Yours, Edna Miriam

December 11, 1940, New York, New York

My most precious Ones,

Only a few hours, really and I’ll be seeing all of you again.

So much has happened since our last face-to-face talks that I doubt if all of it gets said.

However, if you have watched world news closely, you must have seen much to cause your faith to grow and expand. This is the difficulty, not allowing any darkness from any source to disturb your vision, your inner wisdom or shake your surety of faith. Not an easy task when all seems dark—to what?

Eyes! Ears! Feelings! These alone will play anyone false. So, I know how you have grown, because the whole world has grown — some more, some less but it has grown. Therefore, our duty is to grow! More! Never less!

How I love you! Deeply, dearly, sincerely, with all of me. May all love and peace abide with you every moment and forever. My deep love and lasting devotion. Your own, Edna Miriam

December 19, 1940, New York, New York

Dear Ones,

Am leaving Saturday 4:00 p.m. for Seattle. I’m a miracle! Our new statement. Actually, everyone has given me money toward it. Didn’t know there were so many $5 bills! And, God will take care of me when I get there, so that’s that.

I love you, remember that. Sincerely yours, Edna Miriam

[In December 1940, Greece repulsed the Italians, the first important defeat of the Axis land forces in WWII.]

December 26, 1940, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Group of Friends,

Am so happy! Arrived on time Tuesday morning. Ted met me at the train and we came up here where I have a room near him. Had the most wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I’ve ever had with him. We’ve always been in the whole family with their "girls" and their "beaus," but this was Heavenly. I missed all of you more than I can say. Why can’t I have everyone I love at the same time?

I’ve a corner room, east-south. Two great windows. I can actually see without a light in daytime!

Pray, and praise hard for everything we love. My writing especially.

Unconquerable Faith, Unquenchable Love. These are active Principles and to the one who holds to them and Honors God above all things — and "Honor" the greatest of all — nothing is impossible. This is the Truth and cannot be gainsaid or set aside.

Let us, then, hold fast to this Truth and carry our Torches of Glory high above all that earth can produce of doubt, fear and subtle, insidious ideas of lack and limitation.

We’re on our way! Let’s go on in strength unfaltering. We shall win! Miracle after Miracle. "I AM now a miracle!" Deepest Love, Edna Miriam

January 2, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My most Precious Ones and Beloved Friends,

There is no distance between us. I AM standing with you, beside you, and my love reaches around you as easily as if I were beside you in the flesh. This is absolute Truth, but I miss the "in person!" Something to the handshake, the look from eye to eye means much. So, I miss standing beside you Sunday mornings and other times, yet, I AM always with you.

Please remember that I’m loving you deeply and dearly and that I AM knowing all good for all of us. Keep on praying for the success of the writing and I AM praying and praising until all has been fulfilled for you, my most precious and dearly loved ones.

God is working in such perfect and beautiful ways His wonders to perform. God works when we obey and LET Him do it. I love you. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 7, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My own Beloved Ones,

I’m missing you all more and more, though I AM digging in to make every hour count as never before.

Continue your prayers of love for all our financial release. It’s queer but always when my supply is apparently cut off, it means release in large ways for all my people. I know it means the great opening of greater doors. I know it means the opening, full, of the whole of the windows of Heaven to pour out upon you and my loved ones as well as for myself. It’s queer but always when my supply is apparently cut off, it means release in large ways for all my people.

I’m so happy that I know God and know you, my dearest and sweetest ones and your faithfulness. The Law is, Ask, believing, then Praise and act as if you have it. So, I’m getting ready to move into a tiny place somewhere. We’re watching all ads and looking, just as if we could move in with all our possessions tomorrow, thanking God we now have all we need.

I love you so dearly — please write me. I need all of you. Knowing that you are all back there waiting for me enables me to carry on here as I AM. I love you all so dearly. Am seeing this bountiful supply for all of you! You should see my table! Some table and loaded. Each of you has your place with your desires heaped like a mountain in front of you. As fast as you take them away, it piles up again.

All my deepest, fondest love always. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 7, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My dearest and most precious Friends,

I AM SO HAPPY! Yet, I AM SO lonely, too. Words will never express exactly what I feel about being way out here and you being "way back there." Seems sometimes as if I can’t stand being separated from you, but I also know this is my present work.

Remember how dearly I love you. Hold together. Allow nothing to break the solidarity and tear apart the points held. We are all going on from Glory unto Glory and win in the greatest, grandest way.

I’ll write personal letters from now on — my hours have been so broken until now — and the lessons will come. Shall I send you copies of my new-old lessons, which I AM giving here and sending to Cleveland? Let me know — you can use them to tie up old and new work. Some, the base will be review but they always come up different, you know.

I love you my very dear ones. I hold you close and high in my heart. I love you dearly. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 9, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Greetings of Love,

When you open this letter, a new Vibration opens. This new Vibration is on an ever more balanced and on an ever increasing higher balance than all previous Vibrations. The weeding-out process has gone on unto all fullness and unto all Glory. Those whose own lives mean more than surrender, those whose "self" must be made a high god to their glorifying of "self" — they now take a place fitting to their own ideas of Glory.

No one is forced to stay. No one can be compelled, for compulsion can come only from within, to follow the Light into high places. The Light travels high and ever higher. The self travels low and ever lower. The self and the Light cannot both go, only one may go. The Light cannot become the self. The self must become the Light. Only through surrender may the self become the Light. Only through Soul compulsion can surrender be fully made.

No one is lost. Each takes his own earned place. If no further Soul compulsion carries the self higher, he holds what is earned. If further heights are to be attained, the Soul must set the pace by compelling the self to give up and let Soul do all dictating and all compelling into all Light of all Glory.

Follow our Master. Let no thing of self cause you to falter by the wayside, lest even what you now have is lost.

Following this reading, read the 13th Chapter of I Corinthians — love does fulfill all laws.

I AM your own, Edna Miriam

January 12, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and Treasured friends,

My heart yearns over all of you. My mind is with you so much of my time that I haven’t done my full duty here in writing. You have grown so close in my heart that your every need pulls my heart-strings and I long to be with you "in person."

I know it is well for you to be left alone for a while. I know you must all grow strong and dependent only upon God. But my heart-strings don’t know it yet!

I have a new Game! I call it "My Creations." Ted and I are building a home. We have even named it! And because we both have sort of crazy ideas of what we like, unusual, we’re calling it a potpourri — it is to be built on the Lake! [Lake Washington]

We have a scrapbook. Ted is doing the lettering with the name on the cover. Some of the things we’ll draw — the rest will be cut out from here and there and pasted into the book — a large one to hold all be both think we want.

If you want to see my private bathroom, look the inside the February Companion cover page. They certainly got my picture, for I’ve seen that for four years, colors and all. An Architect will have nightmares when we turn it over to him, but we’ll have what we like to live "in and among."

I’m opening another one of my "Goal Creation." In it will be views of the "city of my dreams," things about my work, even horseback riders in the park!

Thick hair? Cut out all the heads of beautiful hair you can find. Fill your mind’s eye so full you can’t SEE anything thin!

Vacation trip? Pages for new luggage, new clothes, all you’d love, even if you couldn’t possibly wear as many as you paste! You’ll think and feel NEW! Scenes of train, auto, city, lake or whatever you want.

Business success? Cut out Ideas of success. Ads for writers, engineers, etc. Office furniture.

Start your "Book of Creations" NOW! Then show them to each other. Save bits for each other. Go to giving away success, homes, positions.

Health? Cut out perfect bodies and paste them in a five-cent notebook. It is the cutting and pasting and filling a book that changes the subconscious mind from failure, delay, lack to success and fulfillment NOW.

If you can draw, do that, but this is the first step in building your outer form or mold. Whenever you feel "low," cut and paste!

And may God’s infinite mercy and love, His compassion and His strength of Joy abide within you and surround you forever and forever.

Remember how dearly I love you. I hold you lose in my heart. Love and devotion always from your own, Edna Miriam

January 14, 1941, Seattle, Washington


Thank you for your letter telling me that you still love me! I needed that. My heart is filled to overflowing with happiness because I’m with Ted, but, my heart is also empty when I AM away from all of you.

I’m so certain that all is well. That we are all winning. It is taking me a bit longer, but I’m going to win, and every dream we have shall come true. You know how our plans will some day mature, all we need is to hold fast the vision. And how we can do that!

Please write me soon again. I miss you more than I can say. Always in the Master’s Service and with love, Edna Miriam

January 15, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

Days do not make it any better. I miss you just as much as ever. You are all a part and a very great part of me and I need you close and ever closer to me. Nothing can ever alter this. We are going on throughout all eternities together.

We are, at midnight Monday, January 20, opening the New Cycle of pre-Lenten 40 Days of Retreat from all Darkness. These Vows of Sacrifice of Self are personal, not general. No one is forced or even asked to make them. It is the fact, as stated and may be followed or not, as one chooses. Yet only by sacrifice of self, more and more, can the world’s darkness can be lifted. Further surrender of self to be used by Light, further giving up of emotional shadows to allow more love and more praise to move forth, these constitute the kind of personal sacrifice we should make to have our own creations made perfect.

A little more love. A little more praise. No one ever uses enough at the greatest of use. Let us Vow today that we shall use more and ever more each hour. Let more Light move forth over all battle grounds. Let more love lift all who have ever misused or may misuse the Law. Let more Joy move forth from your hearts in Song.

I know these are old ideas. They may bore you, but they are the very simple Laws of the full, rich Christ-life. They are the most fundamental of all Laws and will build anything for you. While without them, life fails to become complete, creations are not always perfect. There are blank spots where nothing happens. Enough love, enough praise, enough joy and all life responds.

I love you all deeply and dearly. Always your own, Edna Miriam

[January 20, 1941, Britain attacked Italian East Africa.]

January 21, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved o’ my Heart,

My arms are about you so close. I’m loving you SO hard and I AM SO HAPPY! I need to do sky-writing to give you an idea of what I feel!

I’ve completed my first new lesson in Foundation Principles. Will be our textbook when published [published in 1990 as A Perfect Design for Ascension]. When I get it copied, I’ll send you your copy. I know you’ll love it. Prepare for it next week Thursday. They are partly review but are coming in a new way, so I’m very thrilled besides being SO happy!

Miss you ALL more and more. You are a part of my very Soul Essence you know.

Deepest of love always, from your own, Edna Miriam

January 22, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Friends,

I AM with you in love, in understanding, in knowing the Truth. Two things only are needed to make the greatest success the world has ever seen: Unconquerable Faith and Unquenchable Love. These are the greatest of all. They will conquer anything of darkness the world can produce. They will part the Red Sea and overcome the little self. They will uncover the hidden treasures. They will turn any darkness of failure into the fullness of success. They will close the mouths of lions and render impotent any illness. All we need to do is exercise our Unconquerable Faith and Unquenchable Love instead of the limitations.

We are Creators. What are we creating? We are Conquerors. Are we conquering our own weaknesses? We are strong in the Power of God. Do we know this in all moments of doubt? Instantly? We are gods. Are we expressing our God-like qualities? Are we an ensample of God’s Majesty to the world?

Do we "stand under" when our brother falters? Do we magnify and exalt the Christ in our brother? Or do we magnify and exalt the things about our brother that we do not like, thus giving them life and making it harder for our brother? Do we gather ’round our brother when he is in fault to lift him and strengthen him? Or do we gather our skirts aside lest we become contaminated by the weakness we use our God-eyes to see and our God-ears to hear and our God-tongue and lips to speak about?

These are daily, yea, hourly questions for the Initiate of the Christ-Life to ponder. These are the weaknesses that hold us back in our climb upward as Creators. Only Unconquerable Faith and Unquenchable Love shall carry us over the bridge across the great Abyss.

My arms enfold you close. My love lifts and exalts you all high. Joy is your heritage forever. Always your own, Edna Miriam

January 28, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My beloved and "special" dear Friends,

Am more happy than I can write. When I left you at Christmas, I could not see any outer way at all. It has always grieved me when I was sent from you, more so this time than ever before, because I knew the waters were being stirred from the bottom by some unseen force and that there was a current, swift and strong, which might sweep much before it unless we stood in strength, mighty and powerful. I also knew that there would be some blow that would seemingly further tear down any outer building we had done. In spite of anything, we stand together as one.

We have won through whatever it is and again "all is well." Our roots are deeper than ever and they go through the earth for foundation. Our vine twines into the hearts of everyone on earth and our branches give them shade. Our vines are now branching into Heavenly Roots in the Heart of God. So what can harm us?

I AM sending a copy of my new lessons. This is my Textbook for Teachers and my present Correspondence Course. Anyway, despite what it looks or seems like, our work is growing. Outer separation may seem hard and I love you enough to make it so, yet you are growing in strength and beauty because of it. Your places on the inner are unassailable and grow greater every day.

Thanks with all my heart for your check. I do appreciate it more than words express. I may have an opportunity to work one day a week in the Center here in Seattle. If I can, this will aid me to do some things I must do. And I AM doing my best to bring to pass all that everyone wants me to be and do. Meantime, strange as it might seem, I please the Father. We’ll all joke and laugh over these times, even as we already have, some day soon. So, I do thank you and love you tremendously for your love and your help. I know it means sacrifice but rewards for you on earth, too. We’re going to win this glorious battle with darkness, whose life is over on the whole of earth.

I AM with you always in love, in joy, in light. You are free and you are glorious. You are life, light and the expression of all Law.

My arms around you and my Love enfolding you always, your own, Edna Miriam

January 29, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Friends and most Faithful and Precious Group,

I love you. I miss you more and more. My work progresses, not too fast but with a steady growth. All promises shall fulfill themselves as spoken.

Kingdoms and Principalities may pass and those who head them, but Truth shall stand forever. Truth is a living monument which nothing of earth may ever disturb. Those foolish enough to use not-Truth for any reason whatsoever shall find themselves with no proper footing over some quicksand or abyss, in due season. The world forever tries to make Truth a liar; it forever seeks to destroy Truth. All the world may do is build a garment of darkness around Truth for a time. Then the gales and storms of the world cut down the covering and Truth stands revealed once more in the Light.

What IS Truth? Your Truth must be an individual Truth. Once admitted, there is the solemn obligation to live Truth, not to talk it but to live it. Truth is one’s highest present concept in Mind of Action. It is a standard of thinking, feeling, picturing, speaking and acting at this moment. It must be an ever-ascending concept or retrogression will set in on the day when a bulwark of Truth is the greatest need. Truth is your ideal of the Christ-like thing to BE, to DO, to SAY. Let us make our Ideal of Truth a concept so great that we shall be living, growing, climbing ensamples of the Christ-life.

My mind includes you in its action. My heart enfolds you in its warmth of love. My arms lift you to the heights. I love you deeply, dearly and forever. That means always. Your own, Edna Miriam

February 6, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Friends,

My work has settled into a somewhat humdrum routine at last. I’ve nothing fit to send an Editor yet! I AM going to be better satisfied myself before I send anything. However, I’m more confident than ever. After all, three months, two in New York City, is not much to learn to write and that’s what I’m doing.

Am glad you like the Lessons — one leaving today with this. Only a little revising and my First Set of Correspondence Lessons [A Design for Ascension] is ready! At least, don’t know yet if it’s to be a book or a correspondence set. I send my deepest love to All. Your own, Edna Miriam

February 5, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My most Precious Friends,

Remember how very dearly I love you all and keep love moving forth in wave after wave for the complete healing of the nations. Waves of Love, Compassion, Understanding, Praise, Gratitude are moving out for healing. We must send them. Otherwise, they are lazy in their creating and work too slowly to accomplish anything in time to do any saving from darkness.

Never has my Vision been so clear. Never has my love enfolded you so closely. I do love and appreciate you more and more.

Tiny leaves are out an eighth of an inch on some hardy shrubs. Pussy willows breaking through. Heather blooming in the yards. Crocuses already blooming. Bulbs, flags, etc., already up three and four inches. Golfers are golfing! I love the winters here and this year we haven’t an over-amount of snow. I do not even mind that!

Use this statement with me this week, please: "Let Love move forth to fill my desire-molds full to overflowing. Let Love the Creator now bring forth Miracle after Miracle, Miracle upon Miracle until all my Creations are visible. Thank you, Father. You always said yes. You will always say yes and you are NOW saying yes. I NOW pronounce all my Creations GOOD."

With all my deep and abiding Love to all of you, I AM your own, Edna Miriam

February 12, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

My heart is overflowing with Joy sublime. Joy is the only Power to use for our next steps.

Faith IS Unconquerable. Love IS Unquenchable. Joy IS Invincible. Nothing on earth can stand up to it and live except it is Truth. Joy uncovers all secret, hidden things of dark intent and brings into the Light all clouds of darkness to be melted and remade.

Joy is Invincible. The use of the Joy Vibration in Praise will open all doors, cut down all barriers between you and any goal of good for you.

Praise, Praise, Praise. It will build our lives. We are God’s Servants. How, then, can anything fail? Let us carry our banner of Joy on our faces for the whole world to see. If they see something attractive, they will seek to get closer to it. Joy is the expression of Faith and Love. Always.

Unconquerable Faith, Unquenchable Love, Invincible Joy: These three only. They are free. Do not cost anything except the small sacrifice of self. What is self to anyone? Does it pay dividends? Does it draw toward or force away?

Joy attracts. It draws to you your own. Seek, then, to use the Joy Vibration. All shall come to pass!

My heart enfolds you all high. My love enfolds and surrounds you always. I love you deeply, dearly, sincerely. Always yours in Joy, Edna Miriam

February 18, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

The weeks fly by. Forsythia is blooming and all pussy willows with yellow pollen and such sun as we have in summer. The cold wind off Siberia reminds me at night that it is still winter.

I AM taking it for granted that you like the new-old lessons. Everyone in Cleveland has written me how they like them. I would never have done this except that I was forced West. So, we plan, then the Father steps in and simply shows the whole way ahead, lighted. All my writing, except this correspondence course, has been stopped for now! Queer, isn’t it? I wanted to sing! So, I lectured! I wanted a PAIdaho column! So, I’m forced into doing God’s writing for His chilluns! I’ve decided all over again to do the other — both of ’em, too, if it takes me until I AM 1,000 years of age!

Meantime, I’m happier than anyone can ever imagine, though I miss your loving eyes and glances so hard at times that I can scarcely stand it. Won’t we talk when I do get back?

I’ve so many new ideas that it will take me years to get them all down on paper. I’m more alive than ever before in all my life. So, therefore!

Remember how I love you and miss you and we’ve got so many places to go that it is wonderful. All my love, my dears, Edna Miriam

February 19, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Most Precious and Beloved Friends,

My heart is singing so hard I think you should hear it with your physical ears. I know you can feel it this very moment.

Do you really know how great God is? Do you feel the tenderness, the protection, the compassion in His care? The Wisdom of His great mercy when He sometimes withholds things from us, which we waste precious moments crying about, when simple Praise, Joy going forth, would attract His own for us, to us at once?

Let this sink into your Heart. When we ask for anything in Faith, anything, though it is not the thing we should have, it unlocks the Door of Life to the thing we should have, the thing waiting for us from the hour of our birth. Asking wrongly, amiss, does unlock this Door of Life to our very own, and our own is always plus. It is always better than what we can see here on earth.

God never takes from us our very own. He does withhold that which is not ours and would involve us with others to our undoing.

Our very own is waiting for us! NOW! Let us determine to Praise it into visible form NOW.

All my deepest love and devotion to you, whom I hold high in the Light. Always yours, Edna Miriam

February 25, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My most dear Ones,

Such good news! Keep it in the Golden Silence, however — no unwise announcements of the growth of our work. It shall speak for itself after it is so very firmly founded that nothing of earth may stop it, delay it or tear down one brick. Golden Silence!

Today I received a letter asking again for a formal opening of the work in Great Falls, Butte, and Helena, Montana. Have the Tacoma group coming together nicely, and this means "six," the creative number.

Didn’t I tell you SO? Give ’em time. We’ll keep our shirts tucked in, our slip straps short, so no one can see what’s at the bottom of our silence, and our noses clean! One day we’ll have the income to go after exactly what we want. SO, hang together by the cord of and under the White Light of the Christ and God will win. Can He fail?

I’ve told you so often that I have more foundation work than you could dream of, all waiting for the superstructure. It must grow as we keep on toward our goal. Not one thing of earth can withhold it from us once we have earned it.

My writing, my letters, my Lessons, my housekeeping, my Tacoma Group, and my dressmaking — I’m making over all my old clothes until I’ll look like $10 million walking in on them! They are eye-minded and impressed by things. So once more I’ll give it to them. I can do it for myself, but I’ve not been able to buy. We’re going places! Get ready! Do all you can with what you now have and God will take care of the rest of the increase.

My heart’s deep love to you, all my very dears. Your own, Edna Miriam

February 26, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My dearest Ones,

I miss you tremendously, but I AM now planning my trip back. Also planning our work while I AM there. Shall plan to stay two whole weeks the first time.

The work is growing. Am building upon an already well and strongly laid Foundation. One day the tree will reach the sky and spread over the whole earth, as a wonder tree in South Africa sometimes covers more than an acre of ground.

How is your joy-maker today? What have you now that you could use to make fun, happiness, a better life? Haven’t you something you could use that is now lying idle? Something that wouldn’t cost you anything except the effort of Being and Doing.

Look around and make another try to express more Joy, more Love, more Praise. Give someone an added understanding, a bit more of compassion, a bit more graciousness of Light. Life is so cheap and life is so rich. Cheap in that it is free and we may use all we like of it. Rich in what it brings to us of loving friends, new Vision, new Faith in God.

I love you! I miss you! But I also know how strong you are growing, both to will and to DO. When mother always holds your hand, you never grow UP!

Let’s go! Let’s resolve to DO something special this week about Joy from Substance, Joy all shiny and new, never been used before.

Miracle after Miracle! Miracle upon Miracle! Tune in on Station Miracle for what you need and desire.

My deep love always. Your own, Edna Miriam

[March 1, 1941, Bulgaria joined the Axis to become the base for the German attack of the Balkans.]

March 4, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My most Beloved Group, who are very dear and sweet, loyal friends,

These lessons grow and grow and now I AM revising to send out further afield. Soon have them in permanent print, I know. Let’s pray for that. Have a new idea for writing. Shall tell you "when." Just keep on a-praying!

Have no news except the same, sweet old story of God’s goodness to me and of the old story, sweet to me: How dearly I love you.

My deepest love always, Edna Miriam

March 5, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My most Precious Friends,

How happy are you today? You are happy in direct proportion to your efforts expended in trying to make others happy and yourself good! How good have you been this past week? How good are you going to be this coming week?

To be good is only God on earth, for are we not in His Image and Likeness? When we act AS He acts, then we are good. So, when we aim to be as perfect as possible always, we are good. Then others are happy because we allow them to do all the talking and we never contradict them. We stay busy under the White Light doing all we must under Divine Principle, a balance of Love and Wisdom, and free everyone else to do their "musts" their way. We need not say, "I’ll do it your way." Just let them talk and smile. Then, when we must "do" differently, they are happily moving about their business with all their little feathers as smooth as velvet, because they think we are doing their way, when we are only agreeing with them that it is their good way.

Let’s set a new high this week. Let’s speed up on everything in every way and put more zeal into our Praise. Let’s put more Praise into each hour.

Miracle after Miracle! Miracle upon Miracle! I’ve spent a goodly portion of the years of my life with you. You mean so much to me. We shall do ever greater things in ever greater ways but only if we DO in ever more fervor every breath we draw and improve day by day in every way!

I stand with you in blessings for the world and Praise for the great Goodness of our Father, who bestows all Power, all Substance to use in creating, all access to His Mind for new ideas. Let’s be ever more alert and aware of what this means. When we fully grasp this, there shall be no more limitations in the whole world. For a "little leaven leavens the whole loaf." Darkness is not when Light comes. Remember who I AM, please, and how dear you are to me. Deep love from your own, Edna Miriam

March 10, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved,

God’s Plan is greater than any of us and we can only "see" when we have life as a "past" to look back upon. Now the trick of joyous, glorious living is not to wait until it is past to call it good but to call it good here and now while it is the beautiful present.

Our hearts should be constantly singing Psalms of Praise for all we are given to know. We are so privileged for "trying to be." So very little is our "trying" in comparison with what we are given as a reward. Think, then, how very great would be the rewards and gifts IF we actually lived at top Heavenly speed every hour of our lives.

The Creator-servant’s stance is like a baseball player on third base, ready to go forward, backward or around under our next Orders. Ready to accept as our very own each new thing as it came into our lives. This is all we are asked to DO.

We’ve actually paid 20 years of karmic debt, not only for each of us, but for the whole world. Could anything be more wonderful than to be found worthy to do this great thing? Let us be in Joy over it. Let us Sing. Let our voices soar UP to the vaults of Heaven. Let us Pray without ceasing. Let us Praise without one moment’s loss of time. These three back up our Joy and they are free NOW"!

I love you SO. I’m thinking of you always. I’m knowing that any step taken now is a sign of old karma finished and our new vibration is building strong and true on honor and loyalty. In due season on the outer, a world success. I AM going on. I know success for us, who stand under the Light, under the Law of Honor above ALL things! Every step we take now is into greater freedom. Those who can’t stand the tests fall away, thank God. Dry rot is exposed! And on we go, UP.

I love you with all my heart, my very dears. Your own, Edna Miriam

March 12, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

Am with you SO solidly and so longingly that you must feel my presence.

Please remember, we are living as if Honor were the only thing in Heaven or on earth right now. All else shall follow. Nothing can be lost, unless one declares it so. When we build a new vibration, though outer things enter to make a plan impossible to follow through as we planned it, we only need to know that it is still a good plan. Every prayer, every effort that anyone puts into its unfolding is still building into outer form that original plan. Nothing is ever lost. It is in God’s hands and He can’t lose. Even when we are foolish enough to declare a loss, our Father still says, "I AM holding safely all your substance and form as far as you have gone with it until you are once more ready to work at it. Perhaps the next time you will be able to finish what you have started." So we carry on in love, praising God for His tender Mercy, knowing the only loss is our own loss of confidence in His ability to "work all things together for good." We do know we love God, so that promise shall come to pass.

I have not left you, though I may not return just when I expected. God’s work here is also important to Him. We are building. A great deal more love, a great deal more Praise and all our dreams shall come true. Carry on in "Honor above all things" and Loyalty as the greatest of virtues earth can have. Be steadfast in faithfulness to our Father.

Events are building toward our Society that may not be spoken or written but one day shall blossom. Watch and pray. We are higher, stronger, more loving and the Joy Magnet is pulling toward us our very own. Let’s keep our arms open wide to receive it. Love deep and strong, from your own, Edna Miriam

March 18, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

All the Foundation is in place, strong and true. The golden steel framework of selfless Spirit is also erected. If you could only see it as I see it, you would stand ready to do it all over, even harder, to accomplish as we have such an edifice of Glory. It shall be copied in the outer one day! Think of it!

Meanwhile, the building of an unbroken wave of life and light must be kept hour after hour — nothing but spotless golden substance. This can be done since we now all know on the outer just how great or how little a burden of responsibility each can carry. Each is great enough to carry according to his desire to be selfless in God’s service. Everyone is important to some degree and from now on we shall depend upon each only to their saturation point. I’ve been waiting a long time for this TIME that now IS.

With all my love, my very dears, always. We’re ready to GO UP. Edna Miriam

March 19, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Most Wonderful Ones,

It will not be too long now until I AM with you again, I AM sure.

I know that you are stronger in Unconquerable Faith and Unquenchable Love than ever before. I know you can stand any further tests and trials. You are born from above of pure Golden Light.

Only Love can work our Miracles. Only love can fulfill our needs and Laws of perfection. Have you tuned in all week on Station Miracle? Miracle after Miracle! Miracle upon Miracle! This is yours to use. Let Love possess you now. Let Love work through you for you.

I love you. I hold you. I AM with you in the strength of the Almighty Father above. All my deepest devotion and my arms around you, now and always. Your own, Edna Miriam

March 26, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Most Precious Group,

I AM SO happy! There is so much to be happy over. Everything we have ever been promised, everything we could possibly desire or dream of is going to come to pass. All things are now working together toward a common good. We are part of that good. So is the whole world. We’ve been privileged, we’ve been allowed to do a great share in releasing the Love-Substance that has gone forth to make a great perfection for the world. The whole world is lifted from the depths of despair and blackness into the splendid Light of a greater day. The world may not yet know this but it is so!

So, be ready. Open wide your arms for all good now ready to descend upon us. Pray now for the fulfillment of the rest of our desires, in every way. God has done some. He is more than capable and ready to do all. Let us be more than ready to receive.

This is our Day of Days for our Miracle of all Miracles. Miracle upon Miracle. Wonder upon Wonder! The years the locusts have stolen are all restored forever.

God be with you in all your ways. All the love and devotion of your own, Edna Miriam

March 27, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My most dearly loved Ones,

If only I could see you and speak with you this moment, or be with you when you read this! Seems a million years since I saw you all, and then some. However, it can’t be too long now, I’m just sure, although I do not "see" my way ahead clearly, only in a general way. I’m told to be ready for anything at any time.

I do love you folks so much, and will have much to tell you when I see you.

With all my love and I’m sending you a breath of this balmy, sunny weather. It is glorious! All my love to you all, Edna Miriam

April 1, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

At last we’re having some rain after three wonderful months. However, I happen to love the rain. There are so many letters to write!

Initiations are going on. All who are initiated must descend into a pool of fire-water! And does it look hot! You’d be surprised how few from earth will enter. They will take all they can get by going around it on soul-flights. But when it comes to the point of entering to "see" or "hear" anymore or to go higher, they prefer to settle back to the City of Preparation, rather than take a chance at losing all desire of self, which is what bathing in it will do. Lukewarmness is the first sign of one who has run from it. Full indifference is the second, even forgetting the real Mysteries.

After knowing, one can consciously desire to be taken there to go in at any time for a fire-water bath! It rids the soul of desire of self in any form. It wipes out all desire of profit by the little me or self! When one of earth still wants profit by self — rewards, recognition, credit — they just won’t go in, that’s all.

We are in attendance to aid others of the Kingdom to go through. We are personal conductors through the fire-water lake, which is more difficult than fire alone.

My arms are about you, my love enfolding and lifting you. In love and devotion, Edna Miriam

April 2, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Dearest Group,

As the planets, suns, stars and heavens remain above us, so does the Glory of our God abide as our Glory. His mercy is from Everlasting unto all Everlasting and it may not be put aside by what man may say or do. This Holy Week must mean greater dividends to us! It must mean greater Life and Glory shining forth AS US.

I AM convinced that our greatest point of high Exaltation, our greatest moment of joyous Praise, our utmost melting-ness of Unquenchable Love, our strongest point of Unconquerable Faith has but touched an outer fringe of the fullness of these things awaiting our use. It is but a lukewarm, indifferent use of what the Eternal Father of All Glory has in store for us to call upon, to draw from right now.

Let us make this Holy Week one of the greatest surrender of which we are now capable. Nay, let it be beyond our present dreams of our own capacity to surrender "self-me" to become the Creator-Servant of ALL Power. Let us resolve to release enough Power in Joyous Praise to cover earth anew. The Elect are only those who have Chosen responsibility rather than ease and the comfort the world gives for a time then takes away. And by releasing redoubled Power of Unquenchable Love through Unconquerable Faith, we shall be finely-tuned, willing, ready, surrendered instruments through which His Harmony, Love, Life, Light and Power may pour to the complete uncovering and mopping up of all that yet remains in men’s hearts to do against Light.

By letting enough Love go forth to finish the melting, dissolving and absorbing of all darkness, we shall become living ensamples of the Glory of God, shining through and showing a weary world how God really wants His children to live here on earth.

This is my desire for our Holy Week together, for there is no separation between us. We are God’s Creator-Servants and we must BE, DO, ACT as God-Creator-Servants.

Forever, in deep love, your own, Edna Miriam

[April 6, 1941, Germany attacked Greece and Yugoslavia and defeated both by month’s end.]

April 8, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My dearly beloved Ones,

Seems sort o’ heartbreaking that I AM not with you in the flesh for our Easter. Truly. However, I AM with you at every meeting and loads of times in between.

My whole message is: "All is well." When we insist upon declaring only that "All is well," we have some vibration. It is the keynote for the next 40 Days of Ascension, which we open at noon Easter, although we truly set the vibration from this meeting.

So, all is well with my body, with my mind (which is already perfect, since I let God’s Mind use me), with my heart, with my soul — All Is Well.

"Is it well with thee?" asks our Master. Let us answer as One Voice, "It is well, Master." Let us continue this until every debt is paid, both as individuals and as a group. Let us declare it after "Miracle after Miracle, Miracle upon Miracle," then, "All is well."

This is the Pure White Light of the Christ. This is the perfect Substance we are releasing. How can we allow anything else to touch us, hinder us or delay us?

God has a million ways for us to earn money, a million ways for us to give Truth while many millions, await the substance of the Truth we have to give and have to give. "Have" in the sense of its coming through us every second in our fully surrendered estate and "have" in the sense of being under a compulsion of desire to release and keep all channels open. We must ascend together. I cannot leave one behind any more than the Master could.

Do you realize how dearly I love you ALL? DO you? My love surrounds you. Never can you avoid or evade it. Never. It is as sure as the Heavens and our Father’s care. May all blessings abound. May Miracle after Miracle and Miracle upon Miracle cover this whole earth and give us the Grace to say under all situations, "All is well." With all my heart’s deep love and devotion, your own, Edna Miriam

April 9, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Group of All Light and Glory,

Easter greetings and love. Unquenchable Love to overcome any and all darkness. Unconquerable Faith to lead you on and on from Glory unto great Glory after His own Image and Likeness. Joy to fill your Soul so full that in spite of anything earth may send or do, it will spill over into your hearts and minds, recreating your body temple, fulfilling all your desires.

At noon we open 40 Days of Ascension. Do stand steadfast, walking valiantly into the Light each hour until all things seem radiant to you and you cannot see any darkness anywhere, even in war.

This is our Ascension motto: All is well. Look into defeat and then face the Light and say, "All is well," and the Light shall instantly turn anything into itself. Please believe this. Consciously know that you know this.

So, today on an ever Ascending Vibration, I say unto you, my loved friends, all is well with us, with our souls, with our bodies, with our Creations. "All is well. Miracle after Miracle. Miracle upon Miracle."

Tune in Station Miracle and never tune out!

Forever and ever yours. Happy Easter to YOU! In love and devotion, your own, Edna Miriam

April 14, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My most precious and beloved Ones,

Your Easter letters reached me on the 13th for the tying up of Power from the East. It has made a round-trip! I AM so positive that my coming here was a very great necessity and that the Law has been fulfilled.

It won’t be long now until I AM seeing you, I know. And I AM loving you with all my heart. Please remember that I AM with you at all times.

Please love me and pray with me that we allow nothing lost but all held, exactly as the Father does desire. We’re losing no one — some step up but we cannot lose one. All Is Well. This is our theme song for Ascension, and it shall be made so to us.

Please know I love you, all of you, forever and ever. My arms around you in deep, deep love. Your own, Edna Miriam

April 15, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Best Beloved,

It was a breath from "home" to have all your letters at once. To know that you were carrying on perfectly is a satisfaction supreme. Any group can hold together with the original Founder-Leader, but a group that holds steadfast and safe in the Light when that Leader is away, that means a Foundation of the Church of God, it means an established Church that can and will fulfill its destiny. So I AM happier today than I have ever been in all my previous lives or this life! We have won!

We have much more conquering of self to do as a group. However, we have proven our right to be Chosen. We have held Chosen Place. We are ready for the next lap, whatever that may hold in store for us.

I still feel that it has been more important to hold our gains in balance as the "original" group, rather than add the "many" to our group without having gained such definite, unshakable bonds to stand without "personality" as self.

We stand surrendered as servants of God. We stand as Creator-servants of the Power, ready to DO and BE and BECOME whatever else He wishes for us. This is the most important phase of our lives. We have really learned HOW.

So, our Vows must be to hold fast what we know and while we hold it fast, also work it out in Love and Joyous Praise. A lot more love and a lot more praise. This will accomplish Miracle after Miracle for us now.

My blessings and the deep, sincere love of my heart to unfold, lift, warm and comfort and form a wall of Light around you for your protection. Always and ever your own, Edna Miriam

April 23, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Cherished and Beloved Ones,

Our week’s work is on Realization, to stand only upon the Real Foundation. To know only the Real as Truth. To use Real Honor at all times, the Honor that places God first and "me" last, the Honor, which is above all things of the earth-self. To live by the REAL of God as a Creator-servant instead of false emotions, instead of the unreal of self, instead of the nonsense of earth’s ways. To BE REAL, to DO only the Real, to act only Real, not "put-on "or "pose" attitudes, trying to impress the world, "self-conscious acting." To give only the Real. All this is to Realize. Let us endeavor to Realize Soul Consciousness every moment, Realize the true self in each other, looking past this outer un-real.

"I now agree and adjust in the high Light from above instantly, under all conditions. I now Honor God so highly that I cannot realize any of earth’s negatives. Only that which is Real can register upon my consciousness."

I love you and bless you with His Abundance and in His Name and Service. Always your own, Edna Miriam

April 29, 1941, [The following is a personal letter of encouragement.]

Seattle, Washington


Your letter is pure Joy to me! Imagine how eagerly I have watched your growth into Vision. Imagine how hard it has been to stand aside when you were groping for height, puzzled and concerned. Yet it had to be hands-off if we are to work closely together. I knew it could not be unless you learned to set a full guard upon your lips and tongue and learned to surrender all the way. You are the fifth I have watched but none ever got so far. There is no limit to where we can go for the Fathers if we can keep on in utter surrender of self, until our tongue is absolutely used by them only.

Once more, I’m stepping out on Faith, which is the Substance of things I hope for. After all, this is my Ruling Law. No time to tell you how I feel except deeply humble and deeply grateful and deeply Joyous. You shall succeed. It is SO written in the Book of Life which I AM given to hold in my hands.

Pray without ceasing and ask the Father to bless every step you take. Yet take each step as under the Law of Change in business. Pour out Love, especially where you are. It is finished, fill it full, overflowing. All my deep love, Edna Miriam

April 29, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved,

Your beautiful and glorious filling of Orders and Vows, your ability to stand steadfast, holding all our gains and all our Points of Progress, gives me more joy than I’ve had in several years. I’m so very proud of you. My zipper is strained. (Got no more buttons to burst off!)

Praise more and more. A "little" is not enough. Remember how I used to say, "A little more love, a little more praise"? Well, I’m NOW saying: "A million more loves. A million more praises." Then more and ever more on top of that, always increasing your use of the White Point of Heat for joyous, loving praise.

We are supposed to use Mind, Power or Substance only in and as Joy, Love, Praise, Prayer, as words of Truth and Justice, as laughter and song. When we really do this ONE thing without ceasing, with no moment of blankness between uses, when earth and its affairs no longer distract us and cause us to lose that fine, high Point of Contemplative Receptivity, then truly, it is my true knowing, ALL will be WELL in that very "night" of wrestling with the "little self" of the individual and the world, as Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. The "night" of the soul means exactly as long as we are in less than our perfect soul and affairs! "Night" is exactly as long as we have a need to wrestle with God and do we come out limping, though victorious and Conquerors?

I love you! Forever. Shall need a full Sunday with you. All my deepest love, my Precious Ones. Your own, Edna Miriam

April 30, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Dear Ones,

My heart is SO warm with the gratitude of knowing that we have held all our gains. Our "gains" are not of the world-worldly, for show or to impress the world. Rather, they are for the Inner Gains and our Treasures are most certainly laid up where neither "moth nor rust doth corrupt." They cannot be taken from us.

Law is sure. We have sacrificed all. Therefore, all shall be added unto us. It cannot be avoided. As we cannot avoid paying our dark debts, so also, is it with Light. There is no getting away from it. It is coming to us now. So, after living and expressing for three and a half days in the new month of Freedom of Personality — 5th month — MAY — how do we feel? As if we had lived and expressed at the fullest of our ability under and with and as the servant of the fullness of the White Light of the Christ? How about it? Satisfied? Are you victorious over all outer things? Do you allow the Triumph of your Soul free expression? In Joy? In Peace?

We all have three and a half days of Light, which we have lived in, moved in, had our Being in. They are behind us, for we are facing the Light. Did we get our money’s worth from each Golden Hour? Three days of the first ten days of May gone into the past as you read this.

What have you of further gains to show for them? Have you let God "pick ’em up" as He did for the small one running a race? Have you "put ’em down" lightly, quietly in the full Joy of Praise?

Let go! Let God do the "lifting up" of all your life. Let go! You do the letting out, not down, of the Power. Every step must be one more step toward Triumph, Victory, Glory!

All my love and Joy enfolding you ever. Your own, Edna Miriam

May 6, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Dears,

Miss you more than ever now that I AM going to see you so soon. So, we must surely pray, for I’m going to get the fare to Cleveland. That I’ve now only $2.50 in my purse is beside the point.

Faith is the substance of all I hope for and my evidence that I have what I need! So, therefore. Am writing letters and addressing envelopes, acting as if. Single fare is $74.59. For Clergy, I pay half: $37.29! God is good to me! And I’m a comin’! Letters are going to be short now, with Lessons [A Design for Ascension] every other week until you get caught up with them. With all my deepest love, Ever your own, Edna Miriam

May 7, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My most dearly loved Ones,

Time is not! And more than ever, I feel this is so, as I use my brain and hands to close out this cycle of Service here in the West.

Did the last really hard labor on Monday. [She had moved.] Everything packed for so long was so yellow and streaked with dust and dirt. I had three large laundry trays full of everything a house has in odds and ends. Everything was full of pepper. Some way a pepper shaker got out of its wrappings and sifted into towels, doilies, baby clothes, pieces of material, etc., and was it good? My "old fashioned" hands are still swollen, but I’ve had them that way many times in the past — never did care much about "lily white" ones. Always rather have everything sweet and clean and finished. Anyway, it is done — except ironing next week — have only so many hours outside of my writing for housework. I need a thousand years to finish all I’ve started!

I AM with you in mind and spirit, and soon I’ll have you in my arms again.

This absence has been great for you. You’ve been tempted, tested, tried and you have stood. You are, of choice, God’s Chosen. You’ve won such a high place. Please stand firmer than ever. Lose no ground gained now. We hold fast every single inch from here on! Remember this and hold and grin and say, "yea, yea" and "nay, nay."

And no advertising about my coming. An announcement in mail to all alike, whole mailing list, nothing else. From now on we’re cagey. I’m hard to get! If anyone wants us, they’ll find us. We are not seeking them. We’re seeking God. If we find Him hard enough, the Light will bring His Chosen to US or though us to Him! From now on, we "avoid the appearance of evil" — in this case, trying to drag folks in because we want a crowd or fame or what have you! When we digest and truly assimilate all we’ve been given, when we truly are the embodiment of the Life of the Christ, then and then only, will our Lights so shine that "they" will see our good works and Glorify our Father in Heaven.

This is Law so given for our Group action. Let all know alike, in a quiet, dignified way, notifying mailing list, by word of mouth, person or phone. Yet no trying, just "letting God" do what He knows is right for His Chosen work at this time. Our work from here on must remain unpolluted by gossip, envy or incitement to envy, jealousy or criticism. We are now asked to protect it at all times. And then lift anything caused by any of the above-mentioned things.

My deepest love ever. Your own, Edna Miriam

May 7, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Treasured and Beloved,

Time is so wonderful! It is such a Joy to fill it full to overflowing with what you know is Divine Activity, the pure White Light of the Christ going forth on the wave of each hour’s Golden Light to make perfect the "Way before us" to all perfection of our desire-Creations.

Today, the Mother Ray is potent. Use it in its great fullness to cherish, to lift, to make perfect every thing and idea of your life. Know that nothing can mar the Glory of your Creations. Nothing can cause a delay in your bringing forth of your "idea-ideals." Nothing can tear down one thing or cause you to lose ground so hardly gained and won.

Use the power coming through today, Unconquerable Creating Love, in more glorious ways to further every part of your life. Mother Love is the fulfilling of all Law forever.

Put arms of Light about everyone you know. Put arms of Love around your "worst favorites," around those old emotion-enemies and the "unruly member," the tongue, with the deeps of mother-love welling up within your heart to recreate all things instantly.

Make of this Mother’s Day a day of Life, Light and Glory with a making up of past neglects in loving — covering everything with the warmth of the deeps of a greater Love, an Unquenchable Love, which will reform, remake, revitalize, requicken all your life.

With my arms of Love around you and my love lifting and blessing you ever, your own, Edna Miriam

May 13, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Most Beloved Group,

I AM so happy! Everything is so glorious. Everything is coming to pass. All is well! Only two more days and one week before I start on my way toward you. I AM filling each hour with a full thousand-fold greater service than ever before. My capacity for loving has increased so greatly since Easter through Ascension Day. It has been glorious. You get to a place and feel you just couldn’t contain any more or release anymore and then suddenly you are stepped up to another level. Someday, when folks touch us, they’ll sizzle! Won’t that be something?

Just know we are only beginning. Just know we are going on and on forever. Just know that we are ready for the next cycle and be glad and rejoice that we paid 20 years of old karma last year and are free.

Stand with me now and help me as a Creator-servant to bring into visibility all fares, etc., for my trip. I can "see" it but I’m not so certain the ticket agent would at this moment.

Do you know, I could be placed where you’d never have to help me again? Just take my present "dark and void" purse to the ticket office and ask him to take out my money — insisting it was there! I DO INSIST that IT IS! It shall come to pass as our decree and my firm declaration. Hold fast gains. Keep on rejoicing.

Always your own, Edna Miriam

May 14, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Ones,

Joy is King and Emperor of Earth! Let Joy Reign. Let Joy Rule. Let all else be bathed, be drenched, be watered, be nourished and fed with Joy. Joy-Faith is Unconquerable. Nothing else beside may stand in its way. It cleaves the waters of the Red Sea. It opens the impossible. It conquers invisible, unknown enemies. It opens all doors. Joy-Love fulfills all desire-molds and brings them to your door — living, vital, perfect things you have Created by letting Joy-Love-Faith control every thought, picture, emotion, desire and above all, your Will. Let Joy-Praise make all perfect before you forever.

Be seeing you so soon. Deepest joy-love my dears. Your own, Edna Miriam

May 20, 1941, Ascension Day Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

Thanks to all of you for your help in moving East again. You really do wonders for so few in numbers! What we can do when we have ten thousand! God speed the day that we are all strong enough to hold our Points and allow no confusion of darkness among the thousands!

The Father cannot have any darkness seep in again, so until we are strong, we shall just be the "hidden few."

I love you. Deeply, dearly. Always your own, Edna Miriam

May 21, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

The keynote this week is Praise and Praise and Praise. More and more. Gratitude. Thanksgiving. Love. Joy. Praise.

Remember, I love you. Always your own, Edna Miriam

May 27, 1941, Great Falls, Montana

My Beloved Ones,

Am not certain this letter will reach you by Thursday evening but am writing it to release the proper vibration for your meeting. Did you realize that is what I’d been doing? Setting the vibration for you? I love you so very dearly. Do you realize how dearly?

Received $2 from class. A million thanks. Want to hold it toward my ticket East. All we need is enough Unconquerable Faith and enough Unquenchable Love. More and more of it.

I love you all so dearly, and am on my way to you! Deepest of deep love. Your own, Edna Miriam

May 29, 1941, Great Falls, Montana

My so dear Ones,

I love you. Am six days nearer to seeing you! Thanks once more for your Class offering. Shall need all offerings for rest of my ticket to YOU. God is good to me and surely his Glory is shining through me at this time, for I’ve reached an even higher place of surrender.

Unconquerable Faith cannot be used. But we may surrender to it and let it use us! "Unquenchable Love IS that Vision which can see no darkness at any time in any place or in any thing and especially can see no darkness ever in any ONE!" This is your statement of Truth’s full expression. I love you devotedly. Your own, Edna Miriam

[By June 1941, Germany had conquered all Western Europe except Great Britain. June 22, Germany invaded the Soviet Union.]

June 3, 1941, Great Falls, Montana

My Most Wonderful Ones,

Your Gift came this afternoon. A million thanks! The collections here are 45¢ to $1.65 tops. I get half!!! Two 50¢ appointments today but this now is the greatest campaign I’ve ever conducted, for this was double anything I’ve ever had to handle.

Praise with me! God is good to me, His servant. Such Realms are open. Such visions and glories. I’m so happy that I’m found worthy to be used by the Light. Faith is the substance of our desires. My faith is the very substance of my expenses here and my ticket East. Miracle shall follow after Miracle. Miracle shall pile upon Miracle! I love you all so! Your own, Edna Miriam

June 4, 1941, Great Falls, Montana

My Cherished Ones,

Please know that I’d love to write each of you a letter. I love you all so very dearly and it is only three weeks and three days until I AM with you "in person."

Am doing a wonderful work here. The spiritual work is almost finished, that is, the Inner Realm work. The outer is now opening up like a flower. Everything is well. Love does fulfill the Law. Have the most beautiful picture of Heavenly ways that has ever been given me for my first Sunday with you. A "table" of Law is "prepared in the midst of your enemies." Who? Where? For what? Partake and live.

I love you all so dearly. And I AM so deeply happy. God never has forsaken me. And I had another surprise! When I looked again, fare was $26! Hooray! Things are funny. Couldn’t look any more. I sort of feel God so close, SO CLOSE that all is well.

I can even contemplate walking! Ought to make it by Christmas! Better than swimming, anyhow!

All my deepest love. Your own, Edna Miriam

June 9, 1941, Great Falls, Montana

My Dearest Ones,

God can do anything! God’s Agents shall come forth. This is a good time for a "precipitation" Miracle! They all talk about "precipitating" it right into their purses. Well, I’m sure all out for some fancy precipitation!

Shall leave here by train or "ties" on Thursday evening, June 19! And how, HOW I love you!

Always your own, Edna Miriam

June 10, 1941, Great Falls, Montana

Edna [Bender] Sweet,

It is now June 10, 2:30 a.m. and still have my Tacoma Group letter. Busy after 10:00 p.m. with someone from another Group who has influence and wishes to aid but can’t quite see how, except prayer. Everyone is in such bondage. God never has forsaken me. And I had another surprise! When I looked again, fare was $26! Hooray! Things are funny. Couldn’t look any more. I sort of feel God SO close, SO CLOSE that all is well.

And I AM so deeply happy. I can even contemplate walking! Ought to make it by Xmas! Better than swimming, anyhow!

All my deepest love, Edna Miriam

June 11, 1941, Great Falls, Montana

My Dear Ones,

The work progresses wonderfully on the Inner unfoldment. Everything has been met in full devotion each day and each day more interest is being shown. The next time I come, I’ll have many, many more. Tangled skeins are now almost unraveled. One trouble-maker has written and said she was sorry, which is a triumph of the Power.

Stand by in Honor and in Joy. All shall be fulfilled and I’ll be with you SO soon now that only a few breaths are between us. Many new and glorious revelations are being given me. Really marvels.

"I AM now Pure Gold and undefiled by anything of earth, tried in the Fire of God’s Glory."

Until then, my arms about all of you. Your own, Edna Miriam

June 16, 1941, Great Falls, Montana

My Glorious Ones,

I AM almost with you now. Only two more weeks, less two days!

Use this: "I Praise for what I desire with constant Joy over what I now have."

Try it in fervent love. It will create miracles.

I love you all so dearly. Your own, Edna Miriam

June 19, 1941, Great Falls, Montana

My so dear Ones,

Your sacrifices have reached me! To say "I love you" and "I appreciate it," doesn’t tell you anything, but I shall in person. I AM so grateful and I bring you more and more. Beautiful revelations and mysteries unveiled and tales of Heaven, which I hope I shall be allowed to give.

The wire came this morning. Again, thanks. The money order came Saturday. Nearly fainted having it come from you folks whom I love so dearly.

Everything is lining out here. Will tell you "all" when I come. Only a few days now. Leave Thursday evening 7:40 p.m. Doesn’t God work? He does when we pray together.

How I love you! Please know I do appreciate your sacrifices and will aim to make it up to you. I’m sure I can. I love you enough.

"I AM now Pure Gold and undefiled by anything of earth, tried in the Fire of God’s Glory."

I love all of you deeply and dearly. Edna Miriam

June 24, 1941, Cleveland, Ohio

My Dearest Beloved,

Please forgive this outer neglect. I’ve truly tried to write each of you letters, but it is impossible — not enough hours in the day. I’ll make up for it while with you, and you will love all there is to come through.

You are all pure gold. Tried in the Fire. Everything here is perfect and All is truly WELL. Glorious things in store — be ready. Pray.

Deepest love, Edna Miriam

July 16, 1941, Cleveland, Ohio

My most precious and dear Ones,

Am writing between appointments. Very busy. Am only just in time for the mail.

My very deepest love to each of you, now and ever. A million blessings and a million thank-you’s for my lovely time while with you. I dream of it by night. Every moment was a delight. Every day was a jewel to wear in my hair. My love for you all grows deeper month by month. We are now in our Cycle of "added" things. I know. Clothes, gifts, still coming. When this keeps up, my particular drought is over. You shall all benefit, for it opens all our release Vibrations.

Our Miracle after Miracle time IS HERE NOW. Let’s pray it through now, together: Let’s go! "Because we’re millionaires."

I love you ALL, Edna Miriam

July 23, 1941, Cleveland, Ohio

My SO Beloved Ones,

Pray with me with even greater fervor, please. One of those places where I must stand and know through some interference, which causes a "drought!" I have to leave next Tuesday at midnight. Have to pray through everything, except $40! God never fails. Therefore, I know and am very happy.

I love you all so dearly that it hurts, and my heart swells. And I know we are moving up fast. Is Law doing the perfect work? IT IS.

I’ll be back. John Doe said, "You go like an arrow, but the arrow comes straight back!" So, therefore.

I shall let you know whatever comes. God is good to me! I AM so grateful for your love and your steadfastness. I love, love, love you. Always yours, Edna Miriam

July 23, 1941, Cleveland, Ohio

Most Dearly Loved,

I miss you more than ever, yet am closer to you than ever before. All is well. Glory descends on you. Glory moves through you and your affairs. Glory shines from you and ’round about you always.

Shall return speedily. Am certain, positive as never before. Joy is your magnet. Joy is your very essence of all Life. Let Joy be unconfined. Let us rejoice and be exceeding glad NOW.

All my love. Your own, Edna Miriam

July 28, 1941, Cleveland, Ohio

My so Dear Ones,

I AM not leaving you. Though I seem to be turned toward the West, I AM really coming to you.

Hold every Point gained. Hold every hour precious in release of Power. Count every hour as a Glory, every condition as a privilege, as an aid in the next step onward and upward.

Received the $30. Couldn’t make it at all without it. Have my hotel bill here and a cleaning bill, just had to do it. But only $2 to eat and tip on! I do need a little to eat! Have a few appointments tomorrow and God never fails me, never. Will be at the Coit Hotel, Oakland, California from August 2 until August 6. Leave 5:15 p.m. August 6 from Oakland, arrive Seattle 5:30 p.m. August 7, Thursday.

I love you beyond telling and bless you in joy and deep love. Always your own, Edna Miriam

August 5, 1941, Oakland, California

My Most Beloved Ones,

The money order arrived this morning. Thank you again and again — can pay my bill here and get home.

Had all my meals paid for here Sunday and Monday, and $2 I earned! Would have earned more, but woman had no money — but I gave more time.

So much to tell you all. Everything working in grand "Order." Oh yes! $5 was waiting for me. That and money order will take me through. It’s now 1:00 a.m.!

Deepest love to all, Edna Miriam

August 12, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My SO Precious and Dear Ones,

Arrived "home" on time. Shall get to my work again now, and write. Please keep anything in love offerings for the Lessons separate from other funds. And send on to me whatever is left, after Lesson expenses are covered. I really do need the income from them mightily. I so want to get at the rest of my writing, but I must pay my way. I do have all food and my own running expenses. So I’ll appreciate anything, if and when the Lessons do bring it in.

At present, the ones to whom I’ll send the Lessons in California are not in a position to pay. They will, later. But it is getting my Group together once more. They want me now. Should have stayed on for two weeks, but couldn’t. No money! They will pay, however, once I get them going again!

Pray harder than ever. Stand stronger than ever. If I hadn’t gone to San Francisco, I’d not have seen my folks and started the Group again! God’s ways are past knowing! He is the only GREAT there is! In Heaven or on Earth. All Honor, Praise and Glory to the Highest, forever and ever.

I love you so dearly. I miss you SO HARD. Hold all Points of Progress and Places of honor. Always your own in love, Edna Miriam

August 13, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My SO Dear Ones,

My heart is needing your actual physical presence. I miss your loving voices and your eyes and just being with you. Do you realize that I love you all?

Well, I DO and I’m praying a silent, unvoiced prayer, sort o’ easy-like, that it will not be too long until I’m with you again in the flesh. Of course, as you read this I AM with you. I can walk among you and touch you. You know I AM there but still, I like the outer, too!

I AM resting after putting out those first three Lessons. Aren’t they wonderful in print? Our first publishing. God is SO good to us, isn’t He? I AM SO proud of you. We are now about to set the world afire. The Disciples went out and burned things up and it has lasted all these centuries. So shall we DO. The time is now.

I love you deeply and dearly. Hold all Points of Progression gained. Hold fast all your personal gains through sacrifice of self. Release Power in limitless quantities. All is well. You are now complete in the Graciousness of our Lord. I love you always. Yours, Edna Miriam

August 13, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Group so sweet,

Am getting ready for Tacoma Day! Up and get Ted’s dinner and his lunch. Off to the races loping down the hill to catch bus — two hours of clinics in morning, ride out half-hour to pay a call, luncheon, 20 women, afternoon meeting. Clinic an hour. Dinner with my 79-year-old Aunt, last one, mother’s sister. Evening address, talk, home around 1:00 a.m. Friday! Although its still Thursday night! I’m all poohed out on Friday. Then house cleaning, laundry, Lessons! Letters! So it goes! Be seein’ you!

Love my dears, Edna Miriam P.S. Just received second and third Lessons. Aren’t they fun? I’m too, too divinely happy. SO happy, I mean!

August 19, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Group,

Your letter came this morning. The $2 saved my life! Everything stopped! My Thursday Tacoma Day just barely paid my expenses there and food over Sunday. Ted’s pay check was very short. He’d been ill for four days and he gets cut for each day, of course. So, he’s not even bus fare this week. And the one Ordained in Great Falls on dinner with hubby and a young man, once Dr. Boyd’s student, also mine, now working over at Bremerton, came in yesterday. Had to ask them for dinner! I’ll stop with her next time I’m in Great Falls! So it goes. Some day! And it will be soon.

I’ve had these people from Great Falls, another woman from Tacoma stopping here for a week, plus my family dropping in at all hours. I’ve been busy. But not at my revising of Lessons. I shall do them now as soon as possible. I was all in when I got home! For the first time in ten years, my heart acted up! Had to keep as quiet as possible until it could be strengthened to take more Power. Had to do it! Couldn’t drive myself anymore. It has been hot here — real summer. Only two cool days since arriving. Last two days red hot.

I’m loving all of you SO dearly and am praying and standing by. All is Well. Keep on praying hard. Am really knowing release for you. Increase in salary, etc. Every time I’ve started, I’ve been interrupted! I love all of you more and more and miss you the same way. Deepest love, Edna Miriam

August 19, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My SO Precious and SO dearly Beloved,

Here I AM! And there you are! And, I miss you so very much more each time I have to leave you and get so far away.

Had to almost quit all physical effort, except absolute necessities, last week. Kept on after I was told to stop, and really, I guess what made it so, was fretting, unconsciously, over not being able to drive myself! On Friday, last, after a real humdinger of a day, my Tacoma Day, up at 7:00 a.m., dressing, loping downhill for the 9:30 Tacoma bus (no bus line near, it takes longer than dashing downhill from here) ride of an hour, then a half-hour city ride, out to Clara M’s. Two hours there with her ironing out kinks in emotions and wrong thinking. Back 20 minutes on bus, after six blocks walk to and from Tacoma city bus to my place-home meetings. Luncheon with them, talking until 2-3:00 p.m. and 3-4:00 p.m. more visits! No chance for quiet.

Dinner, back to "home" for evening meeting. On bus once more at 11:30 p.m. — busy every moment, almost missed it, closed door on my coattails!!! Dozed and treated for an hour! Waited on street corner 20 minutes for my bus and then — an empty house! It was bitter cold for summer — wind off Olympics. Heated bath water, bed at 2:30 a.m. with my heat firing on one cylinder! So, I stayed in bed until 11:00 a.m. but had to go back after getting something to eat. By degrees of a half- hour, I finally got things done, with company in between. But, I couldn’t drive myself further to do my writing. Am going to be a "good girl" now, until my wonderful heart can take it again. I can’t do everything at once, although, I can "almost!" Do not have to quit everything, and can still carry on what must be done.

I’m missing you, please know this as hard as I feel it. And, I’m getting ready hard for getting back to you!

With all my deepest love and my Joy of Heart, overflowing upon you every moment, I AM always your own, Edna Miriam

August 20, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Most Beloved Ones,

Glory is in my soul on this day the Lord hath made! "How is it with thee?" Such an important decision for you today!

The first need is to make a choice of your particular idea of Right. Then make up your mind to take one step toward that Goal of Right with every step you take! Then dare to defend that Idea of Right with your soul, your mind, your heart and your body. Anything less than this is unthinkable. Anything less is weakness.

The last is as great as the first. The three steps must be made to let the Father’s Strength flow through to bring that Right to pass: the courage to dare, to stand for that Chosen Right, the Love to Lift all toward that Right Universal, the Selflessness to be used for that Universal Right. This is your most important step today. What is your Ideal of Right? Make it a right you can fight for with the weapon of Love, an Ideal of Right with a conviction strong enough to stand ALL for it.

This is my desire for you today and my Joy is complete in Knowing that you will follow and choose a selfless, great Right — Unconquerable Faith to move all "mountains of self" from your path, and Unquenchable Love to build a Fortress for the Soul of all on earth. We build for the Sons of Man when we Choose of True Right and Hold Fast All Gains.

I love you deeply, dearly. Your own, Edna Miriam

August 26, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Dearest Ones,

Am so glad that you enjoyed the class work last week. I’ve been so very busy doing what had to be done that it was a shock to know we were all so near accomplishing "wonders" right here on earth. I’ve always known that we would do this, but after looking forward to it for 30 years, it is like a blow to find out that what we’ve gone through together has actually brought us right UP to the Gates of Pearl. Aren’t you all very happy?

It gives me pause. The only difference between the world of men and the Elect is the height from which we make the fall! The higher we are, the less there will be after a fall! It truly means "holding fast all gains lest we lose our Crown!" Am certain we all shall "hold" and allow nothing to hold us back, or tear us down, or cause us to do any of our climbing over again. It does not mean so much to make great climbs, but it does mean much to move on, even though only an inch at a time, and then hold and defend our gains. Never losing one moment, this is what counts.

Let’s go forward in ever greater surrender and sacrifice. If what we have already done in so little understanding will bring us this far, think how great our advance, inner and outer, with the Faith, the Love and the STRENGTH we now have gained from past sacrifice of surrender.

Each still has parts and places of darkness in the dense physical, according to that what has been done already and that which is to be done now. In Ascension of the Body, it must be made into Light. Dense substance must fall off and life sparks be indrawn to the Desire Body. From this substance of the Desire Body, it must be indrawn to form the Mental Body and the Substance of the Mental Body be indrawn to build the Fire Body. When one clings to old opinions and resentments, it leaves spots on organs in Physical Body, dense and prison- bound. Many lose their bodies because of one small, unlifted part.

SO, I send my deep love and appreciation to you, that we have all gained SO much together. Let’s carry our standard higher. Let’s flaunt our banners of Joy to the four winds of Spirit.

With all my deep love and blessings, Your own, Edna Miriam

August 27, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Most Precious and Beloved,

My soul and my heart cry for you and your love, which I appreciate and miss more than words can portray. Am loving and holding, lifting and surrounding you with Light, with the burning, consuming Fire of the Christ.

A little girl of six, on being asked what patience meant, replied, "Patience is waiting in a hurry!" So, the more we struggle, strive, battle and work for what we call patience, the more we "wait in a hurry!"

To move up to our High Place of Poise, where our Throne Room is, and open ourselves to that great River of Life flowing from the Throne of God and to let it flow through us and from us, this is Power unlimited. Let this Power move smoothly, quietly, silently, for this is the only time it can DO God’s perfect work — bringing His perfect results.

Let’s make Vows never again to "wait in a hurry," but to let God work AS us now. With all my heart and soul, I love all of you forever. Forever and always, your own, Edna Miriam

September 2, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My so Dear Ones,

Another Tuesday — they roll around so very fast. In fact, days just do that ALL the time!! Just can’t keep up with Time, no matter how hard I try — it always eludes me and "slips through my fingers!"

The Joy Vibration is the only Vibration needed now for polishing the little self, and for the continued raising of body Vibrations, unto all release for all, from the last of the outer physical shell. Of course, some have more work to do on this than others, but all have enough to need watchful standing every hour of each day from now on.

Much sacrifice of self, time and place was given through Lent, before Easter. Then came application of new, learned Laws throughout Ascension, for the lifting of Soul from earth bodies in Soul-flight, for Place, Position and Power. Then came diversion, play time through the summer, for the purpose of lights upon you to see how deeply embedded within your hearts all new Law had become. To see how automatic and unconscious all reactions had become to darkness, whether it would be considered as darkness, entertained, or lifted into Light at once without hesitancy or delay. Now, once more, opens the learning of new and higher Laws. How much more are you willing to learn, since an added and greater responsibility comes with each new Law to live it and all old Laws perfectly?

Search your Souls and Hearts for weaknesses. Make no new Vows with half-Souls, half-minds, half- hearts, since we have no further time to lift up and carry along any who allow themselves to become indifferent and lukewarm. All any may do is spew out what is in the mind and heart. If it needs to come out, the Father always sends one with a knife to open the festering sore within the little self, even though the one who needs is never in love with the servant of the knife of God’s fashioning.

Watch for hidden weaknesses in yourselves. Look not at the weakness of any other, lest you become weakened from loss of high Light, which becomes less, if you dare to look around. Look up. Watch your own Light of Joy and then aid another, who shows up a weakness. Watch, and pray at all times in Unconquerable Faith and in Unquenchable Joy, lest any be found too weak to follow this so great Light.

So thrilled to write you all this. Love you all deeply and dearly. Always your own, Edna Miriam

September 3, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My SO Beloved,

All is well. How well is it with thy Souls? How do your Souls burn? Slowly, without much heat or at that White Point of Consuming Fire that burns up all dross of any manner of darkness? Choose. NOW. Today is the day the Lord has made for a renewal of Vows and choice.

This is your statement for the week: If someone wants the "last word," give him the "first word." If he wants the "best of it," wants to be greatest in the kingdom, wants to know the most, keep your Silence. You cannot finish anything. It will always be finished for you. Don’t argue. Keep your full Golden Silence when you can’t use golden speech. It isn’t golden speech when you argue — it becomes heavy with handling, it becomes wrapped in the soil of darkness. Therefore, give him the "first word."

Release no Power to be used against you, which is the case when your "words are flung back in your teeth." Remember that one. Keep your Golden Silence always, unless the Master places Golden Words upon your lips. Let the other fellow have the "last word" by giving him freely, gladly the "first word." Let it end before it starts.

Isn’t God good to us? Isn’t Life in Shekinah Glory grand and rich? We are wealthy NOW. SO WEALTHY! In the deepest of Love and Joy, Your own, Edna Miriam

September 4, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Edna [Bender] Sweetest,

Just not enough days, let alone hours per week! Am so happy I could leap with one stepping, right into Buffalo!

Wish you could have a dish of my lima beans — use garlic to cook ’em, nothing else except three cloves to a cup of dried beans, put garlic in diced tiny then put them on stove.

Love all of you extra dearly. Writing everyone over weekend. Deepest Joy to all of you, Edna Miriam

September 9, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Oh, my Beloved Ones,

My heart yearns over you so! I miss all of you with all my heart. Yet I AM with you, as close as close can be. However, there is still much satisfaction over seeing you with these physical eyes! This I continue to miss!

My life is full and I do not mean maybe. Couldn’t tell you by letter, we’d not have time! It’s just full. I’m so happy. But, pray that I’ll be able to work faster. Don’t pray for me to grow another pair of hands! Might be awkward!

Taking you back to New York City and the cracked ankle two years ago in December: You all know how it paid back debts and how I was never off it. Well, it left its mark! Wrong use at time, instead of obeying physical Laws of earth. Should have been off it 3 weeks at least. Well, little toe was dislocated because I had to walk on it so long — gradually pushed out of place! Thus, all weight on right foot weakened instep bones and it began to spread. While with you in summer, little toe began to "sing minor." Developed what is called "Morton’s little toe," only it grows into what you’d call a bunion on the large toe joint, plus an ulcer unless it’s cared for! Well, I favored that toe, which spread the instep on right! I knew it was all right, but God aided me again. Coming down steps into flat in dark, I missed bottom step. Landed on outside of right foot! Stood and stretched it back, forth, up, down, around, pulled it and twisted it as I’d seen M.D. do when I cracked ankle in New York.

Well, can you see me? As good as no feet! I shuffled along, doing nothing for a week because I had no money that week. Then, was told to go for straps. Couldn’t find any. Finally sent to basement of Bon Marché where Shoe department has a foot doctor, an expert! He corrects feet! He padded me up enough in spots until I could buy arch supports. That week I took in enough from the Lessons to buy the $6.50 supports and pads, etc., to push little toe back into place (a la teeth braces), and pouch up the dislocated instep bone from twisted ankle, plus bracing the strain from December last year! And then not an old shoe I have could I keep on my feet! When arches went in it raised the heels and they slip off! I couldn’t walk at all — nearly killed both feet! Try having shoes slip off at every step and imagine how it rubbed that little toe, going and coming, and strained the other! So, I used rubber bands around the house — my own system.

But, to stand and walk, I had to have shoes, I mean corrective shoes. Must wear these for six months. So, last week, in Tacoma, I had two gifts from Lessons. Two "fives." Got a pair of plain black Stetson oxfords, built especially for this! Isn’t God good? Even when we disobey Physical Laws and wreck ourselves, as I did my toe and instep nearly two years ago.

You should feel my feet saying, "thank you." They’re perfect already. I’ll see that they stay so, too! Queer how I had to hit both left and right for balance, wasn’t it? Learned that we have to take it back, reaction of force, both left and right. And this right instep, this year’s, not December ’39, has hurt me after a ten-mile climb or a 15-mile horseback ride in mountains for the past ten years. Shoe man told me that it had been "letting down" for that long! So, to get this corrected, New York City force-blow, to lead up to this twist — oh! I forgot to say that even though it hurt so, I felt some bone go back in place even as I landed on it. (Last one, I mean) to correct for new body, even a small bone, and taking back an Eastern Coast wallop of force, and here finishing Japan’s blow of force, so it couldn’t hit on the Western Coast! Left — old world karma-force. Right — new world, present-created karma! All taken and done.

And the new Lessons took care of remaking my feet — and we’re in the "feet of clay!" [Described in the Book of Daniel.] Never thought of that until this minute. Of course, it had to be taken on feet!!! God uses each last thing to bring perfection for us. But how you would have laughed to see me shuffling around — 199 years old! I didn’t have a cane, but I’d of used one! Couldn’t understand "why" I was to write "feet" to you, but last paragraph is sequel to all the rest. Everything has meaning and fits in, doesn’t it? Seems like a long way from my right instep to Japan, but it really isn’t. They’re one!

Glad you’ve enjoyed the Lessons. Remember, I love you and I AM so happy. One day soon, our Lessons will keep us going.

Deepest love to all. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 10, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of God, Greetings and Blessings,

My whole heart holds you in the truest and deepest of love. My joy grows so great that I’m too small to carry it, too small to contain enough.

Joy is a vast River of pure Gold, flowing and winding through all our lives and affairs, in an endless, moving, filling stream of Light and life. Joy is the Power held within Unquenchable Love. Joy is the Flame of Love. When we hold enough Joy, Love will move through us to fulfill all Law. We all know Joy in Love. That is a happiness that we all know about, that we all look for but mostly cannot catch! It is always just out of reach.

But Joy of Love, that is quite different. When we find that Joy of Love, we never again know darkness, pain, sorrow, doubt or fear. All becomes full Light. The Flame of Joy in our hearts ascends into the Heavens to return to us, always nearer the White Light of Shekinah Glory. This is true bliss. We may have and know it now, if we desire it enough.

The Flaming Candle of Joy, once lighted from above, can never be put out save by self. So, sacrifice of self to be possessed by the Flame of Joy is our earthly Goal. To the one who wins through to this, Heaven is truly here and now. Let us allow the Joy of Love to possess us with its Unquenchable Flame of pure Glory.

I love you deeply and dearly. Miracles are made of the Joy of Love. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 16, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Dearest, Precious Ones,

This is truly a Golden Day. It is truly a Day of Rejoicing. So far, everyone has held true to the ’Beam.’ The weeks fly so hard and fast. I live every moment of every twenty-four hours, yet it is not enough. It surely will take me 1,000 years to do all I must do.

Remember, I love you all dearly. Can you smell my prune butter cooking? I made some peach butter, about 10 glasses. My sister brought the fruit to me. I left it on the kitchen shelf on cabinet. Ted comes in at 7:15. I’m not usually up yet — been working until 2:00 a.m. And he cleaned up all but five glasses, one slice of toast at a time! He was starved for ’mother’s peach butter’ — so, I left it out. But he isn’t full yet, so I rescued 5!

All my blessings and love, Edna Miriam

September 17, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of my Heart,

I miss you. I AM ever with you. I do not ask "when," but I do wonder how long before my call comes, that I may be with you. I’m positive the Father has His Plans now made and I AM ready, as ever, to obey any Orders but I miss you. No one else can ever take your places. Never.

Our motto for the week is "I Conquer." In fact, it must be our motto for all time. Conquer what? Self. When? Now.

We have no right to use Power in any way by consciously forcing it forth. But we have all right, it is our very Birthright, to use Life. God has put Life at our disposal and no matter how much we have used until now, we have only played at using it! Think of the limitless, inexhaustible Eternal Life, the same yesterday, today, forever, abiding, deathless, ageless, never old, never young, just perfect in God’s own Maturity of Wisdom. We, His Sons and Daughters, may USE all we want of it.

So, the real Conquering boils down to a very fine essence: How much Life do we want to USE? We have used Power and then we’ve waited for "Life to use us"! It is the other way: Let Power use US while we USE LIFE more and more and then more! Yours to Conquer weakness.

Always, Edna Miriam

September 17, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Ones,

Am so happy and so thrilled. Feel as if something must come soon. Anyway, I’m ready for anything. Am sort of generating energy. Feel as if my storage batteries must have been empty for a while.

Another Tacoma Day tomorrow! And September almost gone! Nothin’ done yet! Except on the inside. I’m so shiny and nice and new. I feel so good inside! It is good to break routine at times, gets like a rut unless you watch your step. Anyway, I’m squeezing my mail in between.

Deep, deep love and blessings to all! Edna Miriam

P.S. Wonder when my call East will come? But I’d never ask "when," let alone why.

September 23, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My So Dear Ones,

It seems my cup is over-flowing with more Flame than ever before.

Ted signed up for his "Home" yesterday. So, his problem is settled. Ted has been on my mind and heart for eleven years. And though I’ve aided several thousand fathers and mothers with problems of a like nature, and so very many boys and girls — always there has been a line pulling to Ted, knowing that some day, the same Father who sent me away from him, would send me back, when I couldn’t spoil him, as I surely would have done, if I’d been allowed to stay with him these past ten years. So he is now on the way for him and happy. That he has such a heavy responsibility means he will keep on the Path. His girl trouble was because he wanted a home. He’s happy having me "go and come." Some day "Miss Right" will come along for him, and he’ll be ready for her.

We move Friday night. This place is a dream. It is as perfect as could be, solid and good. So, I’m packing and unpacking again! Cleaning for leaving, cleaning for entering! Just a mere nothing! God has plenty of time, for which I’m certainly thankful.

I’ve put in a very queer six weeks. First absolute quiet on "account of because" all bodies were recreated for high Ascension. Then further restraint from full activity, even mental. (Didn’t really understand until yesterday about that part.) Then feet all fine, home-hunting. Now packing, cleaning, unpacking!

Isn’t it queer how we’re used to remake ourselves? A heavy spring, hard physical labor in housework preparatory tearing down of physical cells. Then an extra-heavy campaign of Spiritual activity, burning out all old, loosened crystallization from old Desire Body. Then quiet and rest for rebuilding a Fire Body. Now renewed labor for testing, "tightening up loose joints and screws!"

I love that. Anyway those "preparatory" "tearing down," "burning out" and "up" and "rebuilding," then "testing for weakness" steps are worth figuring out. Just apply and see if they do not fit into your life, too.

Remember how I love every last one of you dearly, deeply and abidingly. Always and forever yours, Edna Miriam

P.S. Please save me all your old stockings, dresses, anything cotton, wool, rayon, socks, shirts, anything. I’ve decided to become famous during the next 1,000 years with my hand- made rugs. I’m going in for hooked rugs. Can do ’em a "mile a minute" almost!

Anyway, I’ve plenty to start on and you can all help me "floor" my new "home" with rugs! I’ve two almost done for my lovely, large bathroom. Just old stuff I’ve had — now nice, warm rugs to stand on in our bathroom. Just odd minutes, I’m using every minute for something. When I must rest and pray and commune, I can cut and sew and "hook."

How I love you ALL. Please continue to love me, for I need you so. I love you with all my heart, Edna Miriam

September 23, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My so Beloved Ones,

I’m so happy. We’re moving into our own home [2950 S. Graham Street in Seattle, where she lived until she passed to the other side], Ted and I. After this I have a "place" to rest and recuperate, to outfit myself and go into Retreat, with all my things together and able to see what I need. God surely is good to us, isn’t He?

We are always tested and tempted while on earth, by delays and disappointments — but as each strand that makes up a great cable must be strong to bear the strain, one weak strand will eventually weaken the whole cable. Therefore, we must be tested for weaknesses and it is usually through "delays" that "take the heart out of us," as earth would state it.

To stand and know that Unquenchable Love will prevail and give us every desire of our heart, that Unconquerable Faith will "bring to pass" whatever we Decree and Declare — these are our only necessities. To be willing to step up one step at a time — not jump upstairs — to lift everything and everyone with us as we lift ourselves up that next one step.

How I love you all and I’ll be with you. I AM told it will come unexpectedly, the call and the finances necessary to make the trip. Be of good cheer. All is well now. I AM using God’s Time, of which there is an abundance. Hold, release Power by "letting," pray, praise and lift that all plans and lines to them shall now hold strong.

My deep, abiding love enfold you and God’s love bless and lift you always is the desire of your own, Edna Miriam

September 30, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Am so happy. Another miracle! Gas Company is trying to install briquettes, and will bring out enough for a 2-day trial. Then by ordering two tons, we get a contract for 4 months and 4 payments! Isn’t God good to us? Because Briquettes do not have fumes and two half shovels last half a day. It’s most amazing!

It takes me two hours to go to the city to make connections! There is a "shuttle" bus from end of trolley bus line, leaves end of line at a quarter after and a quarter of out here — so that leaves very little time downtown, if any, for me between happenings here.

Washed china, fine cut glass of which I have a few good pieces — all dated in the ’80s! My good set and everything else from moving — for four long hours, washing, drying and trying to squeeze into a small space.

The house is beautiful. The Tacoma Group is coming over on Sunday, bringing hot dishes, etc., for a buffet dinner and supper. We’ll spend the afternoon and evening together. If only you, my loves, could be here, too. I’m doing for these lovely ones, and this Group is as thrilled over it as if it were Buffalo Group. But my home-sickness for YOU! You are my delight and joy — just my folks! I need to see you. I miss you. I wish you could see "our" house, ’cause it’s yours, too. Guess you helped Create it! Doesn’t that make it ours?

Thanks so much for the money. I did so need it. Got a quarter cord of wood on Saturday with part of it, paid lights with rest.

Am going to get all ready to come to you when call comes. I’ll be ready to step on the train, I hope! I’ve scrubbed every inch of cupboards, closets, bedrooms and bath. Still have living room and dining room. And am I happy? Ted and I have been planning this for exactly 13 years. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? And of its kind, it’s quite perfect. The furnace is almost new. There was an almost new gas range and beautiful linoleum on the bath and kitchen. Built-in book cases, brick fireplace, a large one. Plain, dignified and guess what? A wonderful 6-pointed Star on the living room ceiling to match the woodwork of 3-inch strips of wood, with a drop fixture — circular, 5 lights downward coming through a Heart with a swinging gadget of brass on bottom. The brass is painted in lovely shades on underside, rose and blue. But, imagine, a 6-pointed star on ceiling. Never saw one before in a house! Even Ted likes it. Am I happy? How happy? A couple of large SO’s!

Love and more love, Edna Miriam

October 1, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Very Precious Friends,

I love you. I love you as a Group. I love each and every one of you separately and distinctly with a deep and so abiding love. This has been a truly Joy-week for me. Since Friday we’ve been in our home. And each day we love it more. I AM so very grateful to the Father above for so grand a place.

This morning a meadow lark greeted me as I closed my bedroom window — think of it! My favorite of all birds! A sign to me that "all is well" here and now and ever.

The key word for the coming week is "I WisconsinN" by the Quality of my effort in Joy of Love released at all times over self, over selfish demands on others’ time and love, over all misunderstanding anywhere found. I WisconsinN by letting Light go forth to DO all the work for everyone. Of myself I do nothing. The Father does all the work all the time.

Let us Vow to make each day a new beginning. Let us plan to re-earn every day all we have, all we are and all we hope to be. As "little children," let us be led. Let us walk in honor to obedience. If that obedience causes another to misunderstand, let us be wholly responsible for the results, to lift all that comes as a consequence for that pure, unadulterated obedience to Law.

So we shall WisconsinN through all murk, dark loss and pain into a Heavenly Place whereon we may stand in deep Love of God, releasing Love upon all earth.

I AM yours in love as you are mine in love, to lift, to hold in our hearts and to surround with Light at all times. Forever your own, Edna Miriam

October 3, 1941,

Seattle, Washington

Brothers and Sisters of Light, Let no shadow be allowed to darken your minds at this time.

If you but understood the need, if you could for even an instant glimpse behind the scenes, there would be no more delays, no more dalliance, no more petty thoughts amongst one another, no more dawdling or playing with life. You would never be the same again. Yet in order to ’see’ behind the veil, you must first reach the place of full obedience to the check rein, to following Law in instant obedience.

Remember, you never apply just one Law to get an answer. Each Law must be applied in turn to get your true balance.

"Surely she speaks in riddles." I must, since I AM forbidden by Law to give anyone the full answer before his examination. In riddles you can find all answers, if you will apply yourself to seeking and listening to your own Father-Source for indications, for Lights on different spots on your path. All is given in riddles. Yet the full Truth lies therein for each of you.

Diligence in seeking will give you what you need. Diligence in Loving all in selflessness will give you your own full note of love and desires fulfilled.

Remember, you are a prepared and fully worthy, qualified and Chosen Group. Keep this in remembrance. Let nothing else interfere with it. Release Joyous Praise on all your own problems and needs, release Power to cover all outer things.

Keep your Points high. Hold Points in Love.

Always yours in joyous love, Edna Miriam

October 7, 1941, Seattle, Washington


Am working hours on end. All curtains to be made over! You know, usual work moving! Ted is giving his first housewarming to his friends, ten of them, who helped feed him for a year. Of course, they’re bringing cocktail makings. I’m doing sandwiches, canapes, at which I excel — toasted cheese crackers, potato chips, salted peanuts, etc. But it means hustling to get ready in time. We’re so happy here. If only you could come in Sunday.

We have a phone: Rainier 9404! Isn’t that some number? If I were a millionaire or had collected my million, I’d phone you all!

Hold everything hard. A million thanks to the Group for the $2!

All my love, Edna Miriam

October 7, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My So dearly loved Stars,

And how you do shine! Your colors are so very bright. Hold what you have. The Power coming through now would cause untold confusion in any unwise Group. It will take all we have now to carry us through this next six months. The earth could be lost, even as far as it has been lifted, if we let go! Think of it.

It is worth all sacrifices we can make of self. It is worth all that can be said against us, or about us, isn’t it? And isn’t God good to us, to allow us to hold fast to our Choice? I’m so very deeply grateful that I know. God surely is Gracious unto me.

Double your Guards at each door of Life: Imagination and its pictures, emotional desires and their "self," which always subtly sneaks within, thinking and its wild, uncontrolled wandering about. Watch and pray. God cannot make it easy for anyone. To be saved does not always mean a complete Healing of self-ways. It is only the first step. And those saved from annihilation would also need to work out of their self — and this means, for many, stepping up, falling down, repenting, climbing back, aiding, undoing, harming, repenting. Please understand, once you start to "save" one or a million, the work of saving goes on, no matter what they do, until they are completely saved. This is just our Service.

During the next 6 months more darkness will be expelled than during any time before or after, during the Armageddon. So we must work as we have never worked before. Lifting, holding, standing.

How dearly I do love you. Know this, please. With all my heart, your own, Edna Miriam

October 8, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and most Wonderful,

Your week’s motto is pure Gold. Do you use them? Every hour of every day each week?

"In Love stand. Understand in Love."

Do you know that every hour is all new, shiny and golden? Do you know that God has sent them to us as pure Light? What if He sent them all gray and drab and we had to make them into Light? That would be hard, wouldn’t it? But He hasn’t. They are sent to us as perfect as God can make them, and we are fully equipped to take care of them and see that they are not made into dark.

We have feet, hands, heart, brain cells, faculties, voice, tongue and lips to form words and send them forth, our great Creative Center of a Creator god, all to keep these golden hours pure Light. Isn’t that an easy task? He gave us the easy part to do, to return to Him each night every day’s Page of Hours unspotted from the world.

This is our hour to open a new account with life. Place in this account all we desire to draw upon for our present now. We cannot draw from it unless we have already deposited in it exactly what we expect from life.

What have you already deposited with life? Cold emotions, dark thoughts of doubt and fear? Or are you now drawing upon an overflowing account of Joy? We must place our own account with life. No one can ever do this for us. We can open it with whatever deposit we want.

How about a new account with God’s Bank of Life, all Joy Plus? Let’s resolve to deposit a huge new account right now of all good things overflowing. God is abundantly able to supply all you can imagine or desire. So. Always your own in Love, Edna Miriam

October 14, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Friends,

Today is so glorious that you’d think it was summer. We’ve had a lot of rain since August, but days of sun in between. This morning I could see the first snow on the Cascade foothills to the east, in my side yard as it were. This is what I think I miss in the East: the mountains towering around on every point of the compass — not tiny hills! But I miss "you all" much more than I miss "my" mountains! Always.

Are you happy? All things are working out, but we must release more Power of Love-Light. We must lay aside all personal ideas and opinions. We cannot even judge or have opinions about governments or dictators. How much more necessary then, to hold all in the Light and see each other one in absolute perfection? Now is the time to use our knowledge of Laws.

God has given us blessings unnumbered. Can’t we stand together as One? Lukewarmness in one affects the temperature of the whole Group. Therefore, each must stand in complete White Light. When each is in the Light, all will know it. Why? Because: When we stand in the White Light, we are incapable of seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, touching, voicing or knowing anything but perfection. You can’t see, hear, feel or speak anything but Love when there. You can touch it, contact it and come forth from it a thousand times a day, but if you think of the little self or see wrong anywhere, you have come forth, lost the perfect contact.

The longer we stay in the White Light, the greater is the Power expressed through us and the use we are to God. Let’s stand AS ONE. I love you so. I hold you there so hard. Please stay close with me each hour. Please see each other only from and in the Light. Let’s really BE the Master’s servants — complete.

I love you so. Always, Edna Miriam

October 15, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My so very dear and Beloved,

It seems as if I were touching you at this hour, you are so close. Such a sense of "no distance," "no separation" abides in my heart always, but especially so today.

Joy is so wonderful. Joy is the all of Love. To be Joyous over our friendship, our closeness, this is a Miracle. Today we revive these phrases: "Miracle after Miracle, Miracle upon Miracle" with: "The Graciousness and the Loveliness, the Tenderness and the Mercy, the Compassion and the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ does abide within me and does move through all my affairs."

Use these. See how many Miracles you can report next week. It does lift your Vibration to the very heart of God. It does lift all affairs into the pure White Light where any manner of darkness is dissolved. Our Father-Sponsor is great and the only one. He releases Plenty of Substance for us to Release as Love, as Joy, as Praise. Let’s do our "highest best" this coming week. Higher than ever before.

I love you with all my heart and soul forever. Am awaiting Orders on our next being together: Pray with me more Joyously, more nearly at that perfect White Point of Heat. Always your own, in love, Edna Miriam

October 21, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My so cherished and Loved Ones,

I miss you! I love you. Am eagerly awaiting the "call." This delay is good, I know that, and is making you a necessarily stronger and ever stronger Group. You need to stand and know this fullness of complete Oneness as a Group.

Everyone must carry a torch and sometimes one torch is burning and flaming brighter than all the others and sometimes another. Sometimes one torch seems almost to burn out, sometimes another, but what has that to do with our common goal?

We are all going, each in his own way toward this common goal, the Source of All. Therefore, it is so important that while we go, we hold hands for comfort and that companionship of soul we all so need. It is not necessary for all to do the same thing at the same time, though we must all learn the same lessons in one earth life or another.

The only thing necessary to release the needed Power is for each to free all the rest to go back to God on their own beams. We do each have one, you know. While freeing each other, we still hold fast to one another in love, in giving appreciation, love and in lifting silently. When we release the Power of Love upon another, then let’s leave him free to use it as he sees fit upon his own "beam."

The Master said, "Love one another." To reach this pinnacle of Love’s giving, to love enough, covers all transgressions of others, to free all whom we love most, then declare all they do as perfect. For they may be pleasing God even when they please us least!

God does send each of us our own lessons, whether others think so or not. So let’s resolve to carry our torch and blow upon it the very Breath of Life, which is giving all others everything we would have them do for us in like circumstances.

What do we desire from others? Are we GIVING enough of what we are really asking from others? Can we increase our compassion and kindness toward everyone else?

My love for you flames out and enfolds you in a new Robe of Glory. My heart yearns over you so. I would gladly assume all your debts to Law, so gladly would I pay them, but of what avail would that be in your soul growth? I can and do hold you all close in my arms and lift you in love and in joy. My arms are around you every hour. vOur motto for the coming week is: "Bear and forebear." To bear: "bear ye one another’s burdens." Fore: "in front, something coming." If we bear another’s burdens out front, more and more Light is coming to all. With all my heart and Soul, I love you ALL forever. Your own, Edna Miriam

October 22, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved, Chosen and so sweet Ones,

I AM with you. Always, always remember that. Always my arms are around every one of you. Have we faced this past week in the greatness of Love’s Compassion? Have we forgotten the name, "Enemy?" Or do we still consider people and things as enemies to us?

Life has been silently flowing by each of us for this past week, hour by hour, full to the brim, overflowing Life and we have been standing in the midst of it. All of it is ours to "let" move through us in a life-giving stream. How great a value have we placed upon this Life so freely given to us? What Value have we placed upon our own Life?

To the Father, each of us is precious, even the evil, the wicked, the users of Light as darkness. How much more precious unto Him are those of us who place so high a Value on this Life exactly like His that we cherish it, love it, "let" it work through us as it can, while we live, move and have our Being in it.

No one can ever collect even a tiny fraction of "our" share of Life. It cannot be stolen or sold, neither can it be withheld nor turned off! The only way we can fail to collect is through our own indifference and lukewarmness.

Some folks seem so full of life. Their Joy in Life and their Joy of Life makes them put a high valuation upon Life. In consequence, they open themselves so more of it can use them as instruments! They have an intense flaming Desire for Life and collect all they can hold and release every hour.

What Valuation have we placed upon Life? What is Life, plenty of it, worth to each of US? Is this too much for God to ask that we place a proper Value on Life and let these earth-bodies be filled with it after He has given us His very own Life to release?

Life is Inevitable, Unchangeable, Eternal forever and forever the same. Deathless, Ageless, Abiding: ALL OURS. Let’s place upon our use of Life, upon our in-drawing-releasing of God’s Life its full Valuation and then "let" it move into our bodies and possess us.

"This is the Right Time, today! Where I AM now is the Right Place!"

I love you so much that I yearn over you deeply. If only I could lift each of you into that High Place where you could "see" with me and "hear" with me, then I know you’d never grow cool again but always flame at that White, pitch-tone of glorious Exaltation with me.

I love you. Your own, Edna Miriam

October 29, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Edna and Ruth [Bender],

There were so many interruptions this week that I’m still far, far behind. Please forgive me. At least I seem to have worked out of a heart condition brought on from grief and concern over the Buffalo Group and on top of that, moving and too hard play, labor at the wrong time. I know better, but I love you all so dearly, and I can’t, of course, make anyone forget all about self or what the other fellow should or should not do. After all I’m fairly high and I’m not given any right to say what anyone should be or do. That’s God’s business. However, when folks who could gain all Heaven seem unable to give up petty things, I grieve unconsciously with something that slaps me down.

Well, I’m fine and so is all else. God can take care of His own. Stand in humility, leaving all talk and smartness to others. We care and shall hold this Group AS ONE by the Power of sacrificial love moving over them.

I love you dearly and deeply, Edna Miriam

October 29, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My So dear Ones,

My Love flows forth to you in ever-increasing waves of Light. Miles have no effect upon this wave, since it always goes to you with the speed of thought. My heart is large enough to hold you securely and safely away from the outside world of things.

There is One God, One Mind, One Heart of Love, One Substance and One Power and there is none else besides. Only in our sweet little imaginations can we ever be separated, either from the Highest or the lowest. Every cell of Life adds its heartthrob to ours. Every unconscious breath of the very rocks of the Earth adds to our own breathing, because there is only One Breath.

Is it any wonder that when we decide we are something all alone as a "little self," that we get into a state of confusion and all mixed up about everything? From the very moment when we think to God that we "can’t do" or that we "cannot accept" something that means letting go of the little self, we are closing out our own share of this marvelous Mind, which thinks through us and thinks as us. Consequently, we grow cooler, we begin to step into a fog, which is the absence of Light from Above!

This week our Vows of Service are higher than ever. Our Motto is to keep us in the fullness of Glory. "I now resolve to be quickened and made alive in the Glory of Christ Jesus. I vow to see only his Glory in all whom I meet. My affairs are now quickened and raised from the dead fog of past ideas of lack and weakness. I AM now strong to live Life where I AM and to endure in the name of Jesus Christ."

Don’t you love this new statement? I suggest you copy it and use it faithfully "a thousand times an hour," plus our "Miracle after Miracle!"

We are forever One. I AM yours to love, as you are mine to love, to lift, to exalt and to enfold in His Light. Forever yours in Love, Edna Miriam

November 5, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My so Beloved Ones,

Do you know that this is the very Day of Days? Do you know that this is the exact Day for your prayed for, praised and nourished Miracle? If this is "just another day" to you, then you are not "expecting" anything new! If you are waiting for "tomorrow," "sometime" or "after a while," you are putting off your prayed for Miracle. If you do not know it is coming this very Day, this very hour, then you are not expecting your miracle. You have not really prepared for its coming. You prepare for a guest, you know.

Expectancy is our week’s Motto. When we grow into that expectant attitude, which looks for the Miracle Guest every moment of every Day, then we shall truly have Miracle after and Miracle upon Miracle. To our practice of the presence of Joy we must add Expectancy, for this is the final push from within that brings to pass or into the Visible our Desires. Expectancy of pure Joy pushes away all mountains of doubt or indifference. If you want something you lack or if you have something you do not want, it is because you are not expecting your real Desire hard enough. More love for all. Praise.

Do you know that God is greater than yourself and all others and the world? Do you? Then let Him do the work while you sing with Joyous Expectancy. Let Him quicken and vitalize and open your doors. He can and He will when we turn all over to Him, just singing our Song of Gratitude because He is All there is anywhere.

Everyone follows someone’s Light. How can your loved ones follow yours if it is out because of indifference? Let’s "let our Light so Shine." Let’s be Expectant NOW!

I love you, I love you, I love you! Your own, Edna Miriam

November 6, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Friends,

You are so staunch and steadfast. Your work is so very beautiful, and your Soul-searching over the weekend covered more than any of us will fully understand until we are all on the "other side" together, looking "out" and "down." Initiations were glorious. Everyone made credits and some more than a dreamed possible.

I’m so happy. God is so good to us. This should make us ONE as nothing ever could have the outer. Petty things of personality are so little compared with what we are going to be allowed to do, but how can we ever gather the misled, misguided together, if we are not on one breath before we reach out to them?

We have a Mission. That Mission is much greater than any one of us, yet we must have each and every one to close up all gaps in the Circle of Light around the Master, and on earth, the President. And we cannot circle anything perfectly, if as a Group there is a pinpoint’s worth of self. It isn’t the place we are in, or who we are, it is how do we live where we are, and as we are!!!

Let’s be so cohesive that a gnat cannot creep through between us. We’ll each one have a full justification for our sacrifices, a place to live, and exaltation someday. Let’s work as one perfect engine toward that place. It is ours. We’re marching toward it with each hard step we take, unless we stop to look around and rest! Forward! March!

Oh, how I love you all and ever. I want to be with you in person. Am with you in person, though not in body! All my love, your own, Edna Miriam

November 11, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Cherished and Beloved Ones,

News that thrills me is enclosed with this. On page 4 of her letter, Jane Doe underscores two words that also must thrill you folks, for it is the opening gun of our triumph over obstacles and outer circumstances! Instead of saying, as in the past, "I will not come until Edna Lister is here," she says, "What sermons! They are marvelous."

Does this pay each of you for your so constant sacrifice and labor of effort to do God’s perfect will? Does it pay you for giving up your time, your study, your prayers of the Faith of God, the Love of Joy and the Praise?

To say I am grateful cannot ever express what I feel. I’ve won! By following the Light as God has given it to me. By obeying Orders as given unto me! We’ve won! How could you have ever learned to really preach with me there? How would you have grown strong in Love and Surrender, wise in "letting" God use you if I’d not obeyed and left you by yourselves to carry on? I’ve felt so helpless doing it. I’ve lived on nothing to do it. Yet this letter proves that to establish the first step in the outer is to proceed until the Ordained Ministers are accepted by the people. This is my first sign! "What sermons!"

To leave you helpless and motherless to sink or swim. Well I hope none of you are ever called upon to turn your lifetime work over in the same way to see it made up into a "smelly" hash by those who call me names, untrue to my trust, even "liar." Have you ever stopped to think how you would feel to step out after having the key in your hands? After waiting 15 years for it to come? Then to leave once more under a cloud from earth? To have those whom you know God has trusted, step by step, descend from a high vision and destroy what He has brought to pass with a million years of His effort? And He is still waiting for us to come through all the way. To give up self, not ask "to sit on His right or His left hand."

Please, oh please, praise more! Pray more! Sing more! It is coming now, as sure as surety. Let nothing creep in to mar the lines of Light, between each other. For the outside world responds to any lack or coming down from that great height of pure Love, which is the only fulfilling of Law between us and God.

God is ready to fulfill Law now. He will never cut a line He has established. Which of you has any desire to be the one to cut one of God’s so hard to erect lines to the fulfillment of our so great Destiny? Not one. Therefore, let Love censor every thought, every picture, every self-emotion until we do stand AS ONE IN LOVE with each other and with God.

Can you realize how hard I’ve waited for this first sign? Can you imagine what it means to me? If you can, then I, who ask of you as little as possible lest I be the cause of debts of blame anywhere, ask that you stand firm and in the Joy of Love on each of your Points. Hold every line that God has established without allowing one to be broken or even worse, to become tangled in self.

If you could only realize the depth of my love for you, how deeply it affects me when Orders or my obedience to Law is misunderstood. If you could only know the ability placed in my heart and two hands, to hold you in love AS ONE — given me in the Master’s stead, for He holds my hand — then you surely would be unwavering and steadfast as Love itself, for this group is ONE and shall prevail over the blackness, even of the outer Abyss itself. So it is and so it shall be.

My heart is singing to YOU with a Joy so deep it is inarticulate, and can only be felt. We have won — TOGETHER. Those who have held themselves aloof are not left out. They shall again pick up their Points. We cannot give them the same rich inner rewards we have received for standing without understanding every "why," and for accepting each step, as it came, as necessary, or it would not have been sent. We cannot give other hearts the deep, thrilling joy coming to us from knowing now that we have won, but we can stand firm and knowing that no one can be lost or left out, who we hold fast and "draw" and lift with us, "if we are always lifted up" — UP.

Pray, Praise, Sing evermore! This is all we need now, more and more. Prayer, Praise, Singing. Our week’s motto! Let’s sing together as Stars, not as "of" or "on" earth. Let’s give and give and GIVE of Prayer and Praise and SINGING TOGETHER. Use Prayer, Praise, Singing, Give, Together, Lifting, up, us. Some Lesson!

My heart holds you close. Can’t you feel it? Can’t you feel my arms? Your own, Edna Miriam

November 12, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Dearly Beloved Group,

Love is all there is. "Love is perfect and considers everyone and everything as itself: perfect."

This is our week’s motto and keynote. Love expresses only Love. Love is the only Miracle. Love contemplates only Love. Love creates only Love. Love creates in its own image and likeness only and so you can know if you truly Love.

Law cannot fulfill itself. Only Love can fulfill Law. Law cannot create Love, but Love can create through Law and fulfill itself in perfection. You cannot create by using Law. You can create by letting Love fill all Law full of itself. So, "much more" love and "much more" praise and "much more" prayer is all we need.

I’m so happy. I love you all so. I’m holding you fast in my heart. Deepest love from your own, Edna Miriam

November 17, 1941, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Stars, so dear friends,

I love you! And I AM so happy. From the outside it looks absolutely and utterly impossible for me to come to you next week.

Yet I feel I’m coming! God has sent me many Miracles in the past, too numerous to mention, and HE IS STILL doing business in the same old-new way! Therefore, I’ll probably be seein’ you! No Orders on it yet — except to be ready!

Plans were all made, but sometimes humans "dispose" of them by refusing to listen to God’s ideas or suggestions.

I have to be here for Christmas. God wants something done and I’m ready to do it. There is something to it that is hidden to me, but some way means release for everyone. So, I’d have just three weeks. One and a half in Buffalo and 1-1/2 in Cleveland. Doesn’t the written look a longer time than the 1-1/2? It’s what I like it to be, anyhow. I’d be grateful for anything. And I can see them getting me ready — so I can be there for Easter!

My heart is with you. Now. I love you all so dearly. Always your own, Edna Miriam

November 19, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Most beloved Group and so dear Friends,

As it grows nearer Thanksgiving Day, I grow ever more eager. Surely a Miracle is needed. There are no "Orders." Just "Peace" is given me, and "when the call comes, be ready." So I’m busy setting my "house in order" to be away. Please treat and pray with me over this. [Edna Miriam did travel to Buffalo for Thanksgiving.]

Our week’s motto is: "The Joy of the Lord pours down and radiates through me as Health, Strength and Success in all my affairs." In your Silent times and throughout the day, use the Rhythms of Nine this way:

I AM Joy! (9 times)
I AM Love! (9 times)
Success is now mine! (9 times)
Joy is now mine! (9 times)
Love is now mine! (9 times)

Also keep on tuning in with your keyword, Miracle. Remember, I belong to you and you belong to me, to LOVE. I am with you ever. Your own, Edna Miriam

[December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entered Wisconsin. Germany faced a critical defeat at Moscow and was forced to retreat. Japan attacked Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.]

December 9, 1941, Cleveland, Ohio

To the Group of my heart,

I’m "too divinely" Happy. If I wrote it to cover our visible sky, yet it would not express my Joy in you, my beloved ones. You really are Angels, you know.

Carry on! All is well. Pray for financial release here for fare! Only $5 so far and $5 I brought from Buffalo. God can’t fail — I’m not asking or expecting more from you precious ones, please know this and someday I’ll make everything up which you have sacrificed, but if I could have some from the Class funds — you all know and understand. Remember, it is almost here! Bountiful abundance!

I love, love, love each of you. Your own, Edna Miriam

December 12, 1941, Cleveland, Ohio

My so Beloved Group,

My dear friends, I love you. If only words could express to you the might of my Love, if only my expression of love for you could be a tiny ensample of the Father’s love for us, if only I could make you to feel "cherished of God," then my Life’s Mission would be fulfilled. Our Motto this coming week is, "Now am I cherished of God into all Joy, all Confidence and into all Glory."

Think and ponder upon the vastness, the greatness of His Cherishing Love. Let it permeate every cell of your consciousness, every fibre of your body and business. God cherishes YOU, wraps you in His tender, fleecy, downy Love and Mercy. God covers and blankets and hides you safely under His Understanding Heart.

He always says, "Come," never go! He always says, "You are mine own." He always glorifies you that He, Himself, may be in Glory.

The ecstasy of His Glory shall keep you lifted and my arms of love reach out to hold you close. I miss you deeply, always but this one thing I know: My absence in the visible does increase your strength and we cannot be separated. Neither height nor depth nor any manner of thing of earth can keep us apart. We are One forever. Though absent, still am I with you, that we are one, that our work is one.

Hold fast the Faith. Lift high the banner of the Christ. Let Love Reign amongst you always, for nothing is impossible where Love is King. With all my heart of Love, I am your own, Edna Miriam

December 15, 1941, Cleveland, Ohio

To the sweetest, dearest Group in the world,

All my love. Got every tiny "trolley" on here again! And also a stepping up and change in chairs, which has tightened the Group into a keener, more definite solidarity. So my work is done for this time, although every hour is now full until I leave at 4:00 p.m. Thursday. Watch your steps. Keep your Fires burning.

If you need me, I’m on at 11:55 p.m. Thursday the 18th December, Lower 2, Car #51, train #15, Olympian, Milwaukee Railroad out of Chicago as above.

I’ve written a few tiny notes, but I love all of you with a great and a very deep love.

P.S. Dearest friends, I’ve all my Cleveland expenses in my purse this moment and almost $5 over. Christine has $15 for me and I’ve plenty of appointments and am praying they’ll love me hard! And I’m praising with all my heart.

I appreciate all of you, my so dear ones have sacrificed to aid me, but it shall return ten millionfold to bless you. Please pray that I’ll have some left over for Christmas at home!

Tacoma sent $2.25, for which I’m grateful and am putting it on my hotel bill, but they usually have managed $5! So, God will make it up.

Merry Christmas from me to all the Sunday Group, please. Love, Edna Miriam

December 16, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My most Precious and Loved Ones, Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for unto you is born a New Cycle of the Joy of Love! Darkness is now giving its last and final death struggle. The apex is reached on January 12. Great and wondrous things are coming forth.

Brought through a new set of Lessons today. Get ready for dynamite and thrills! Let Love build the bridge between us for my speedy return to you! Let Rejoicing build your future here on Earth.

Hold everything. Sign an Armistice today not to bother "each other" about "each other’s" dispositions! Just leave all the little green shoots to grow on each other until I come in January and your Mommy will do all the needed pruning!!! Just grow and grow and grow in Love and Joy. I’ll attend to all the rest! Release Love. Lift! Hold! Keep strong in the Faith of God and "let" the Joy of God possess you!

I love you all and miss you so. Love and blessings, your own, Edna Miriam

December 22, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My Deeply Loved Ones,

I’m missing you more and more this time. You are very, very precious to me.

I’m getting a cable through to Russell [her eldest son, a mining engineer, who was working in the Philippine islands] today — I hope — no word yet, although I’ve heard the government is keeping all mines open — putting up all manners of defense works. Need the tin.

Came into rain! Real rain — Seattle surely can do big business when it comes to a real rain! No snow anywhere, only on highest peaks through Cascades.

Remember, I am with you hard. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for all you’ve done for me. We’ve so much to do and so many places to go together. That’s the big thing: Together. Aren’t we happy?

Just follow out all previous Orders. Plan large plans for US through 1942. Pray them into outer form. Prayer can and will "bring to pass" when it is ONE prayer by all, for all and ALL the time. Together. That’s our word this week. Together we conquer! You cannot know how deep is my love for you all. Stand. Know. Be.

Wish I could write each of you a long letter telling all about my love! It folds you in close. Please hold fast to each other and to me and we shall WIN! All my deep love. Your own, Edna Miriam

December 30, 1941, Seattle, Washington


Your letter and stamps ’n everything reached me Christmas Day and I loved that and the wire. Miss you all more and more and more! I’ve worked constantly and hard since returning. Mice had moved into the cooler and held high revel while I was gone! It was some dirty job to clean. Took me exactly three hours on Sunday afternoon on my arrival home, then the house. Ted working seven days a week hard.

Then my guests for Christmas Eve, had to shop for food. And only three days, terrible bus service out here for those three days before Christmas, and Tacoma on Friday with a big dinner at my sister’s home between my meetings and a part afterwards. Then entertain these guests from Mountains. She took them off my hands for the day! Then more Saturday food shopping downtown at the market with Sunday dinner — well, between my physical labor and dinner work on Monday I was really just too physically tired to do anything. I only got out of bed to cook.

Feel fine today. And am ready to go! One day’s rest and sleep turned the trick. Just didn’t have time to take a breath after train hit Seattle and was too worn to really rest on the train. Some way I feel this is our last real test — I mean large and hard ones — we must push through on ’love-high.’ Each one of us doing our own love-high and all together doing our love-high will bring to pass every dream of our lives.

I miss you more than ever and feel closer than ever before. Surely a sign of fulfillment.

This has been the loveliest Christmas I’ve ever lived, despite the fact that I’ve had such hard, physical labor to go through. Loads to tell you when I come and we’ll have TIME for it, too. I’m determined. My heart is so full and my mind such a Glory, the hours go by so fast and no time to do the writing.

My love to all, give them this news, such as it is, and my deep love. The cards were all beautiful. Deep love always, Edna Miriam

December 30, 1941, Seattle, Washington

My so dear and Precious Ones,

Seems like an Age or a "forever and a forever" since I left you all, my sweets, and I AM missing you more than ever, because you always will be my "first loves."

The weather has been bright and cold — am not boasting over it one bit! No snow or ice, though, except frost in the mornings.

All I can say is — Wish I could do what I must here, and be with YOU at the same time. Can hardly stand it this time without you.

Carry your torches very high and hold the "Love of the Gods" aloft as a Beacon. Love, love, love — we just haven’t loved enough yet to cure everything.

Do not go out after Jane Doe. Let her work out her own salvation elsewhere, for she is not cured of "pride of self" yet and cannot be asked "in" until it is finished. Just open meetings, if she comes of her own desire.

Hold her high at all times, but let her make her choice. We are not seeking anything or one. The Light must be wanted above all else and it must be sought for itself alone — just to worship the Light, not to get something.

The Light is all there is. When we give enough to the Light, then it fills us and we become the Light — but we have to give it self completely in worship of IT as the only Light of Glory. Forgetfulness of self in worship of and Service to the Light. Then we shine.

You are ALL my Treasures. And my love enfolds you and lifts and holds you High in the Light of Shekinah Glory forever.

Stand. Know. Love. Let your Hearts be aflame with this pure Glory NOW. Always in love’s devotion. Your own, Edna Miriam

[January 1, 1942, the United Nations was formed by 26 nations at war with the Axis. Central and South American nations joined next; only Chile and Argentina maintained friendly relations with the Axis. Japan attacked in all directions in the Pacific. Manila, Philippines, fell January 2.]

January 4, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Most Dearly Beloved,

Another week — and this makes two since a Sunday letter — gone into that bourne of things past. We open a new Cycle of Service, which bids fair to be the greatest Cycle that we have ever given in Service together. Let us determine now, this very instant, to make it the greatest Year of "togetherness" — Oneness in Purpose, Oneness in Heart, Oneness in Mind — that we’ve ever lived.

The Keynote for the Year is "Get Together."

Do things together: Share Praise and Credits with each other. Seek to love everyone else more than anyone else. Be determined to give more Praise to everyone. Be determined to get closer, further into the Heart of all others. Increase your love-capacity every day the whole year through. We can make this Year one of Shining Glory. All we need is more love — all we need is more Praise of and for the Master.

Let’s make all we see the Master. Let’s see only the Master AS ALL. Let’s look only for the Master in everyone, everywhere and in everything. Get Together AS ONE. This is ALL, THE ALL of God — we call it Unity — but you can’t have it without first getting TOGETHER on earth.

My Love for you is so great. You must be able to feel it around you. It enfolds you like a warm garment. Love never "asks for your cloak." Love always gives you a nice, warm cloak of Light, which warms and lifts and makes safe. Can’t you feel this nice, new, shiny cloak of Love I’ve just now given each of you? For my Love does make a Robe of Light around each of you.

Say together now, "We are together now ONE."

With all my love to you, your own, Edna Miriam

January 5, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Friends,

First, I want to thank all of you for all your letters and cards and as fast as possible I shall write each one of you, whom I love with a deepness and a devotion you know not at present.

Secondly, I’m freezing in Seattle! Not boasting about any "salubrious climate" this year! We’ve no snow — deep frost every morning and brilliant sunshine day after day — but cold — down to 20° at night several times. This house is the warmest place I’ve ever lived in — the furnace a honey, every nook warm. Really rather remarkable.

Haven’t heard from Russell "in person." But the head of the mining syndicate heard one week ago today that "all was well." The mine and smelter is somewhere about 20 miles North and East of Baguio, about 190 miles North of Manila and 45 miles up from the beach on the East, with a private road to their own dock. Anyway, they are still running the mine "up to."

Am so proud of all of you and love you all dearly, please remember that.

Also, a million thanks for the extra three dollars! It came this morning! Looks like a thousand! Had plenty for Christmas and New Year’s from my Christmas Gifts. However, we had creamed tuna New Year’s — no turkey for Christmas or New Year’s! But we had good meals.

Anyway, this carries my love to all of you and shall close. All my love to you, my dears. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 7, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Precious Friends and Elect of God,

Do you know that today is a wonderful Day of Days? Yes, another Day of Days. For, until we each open our eyes in the morning as if it were a special Surprise Day, we have not touched even the outer fringes of true Joy.

"Thy Kingdom is come today."

Where? How? To last how long? The answers to these questions set the pace for our coming week. "Thy Kingdom" is perfect, whole, complete here and now. In my affairs, in my home, in my business, in my life, in the world. How? By letting the perfect Law of His Kingdom use us, by letting go of yesterday, by looking forward to our high Goal, by holding fast each precious hour in the Chalice of our Heart and Mind, to extract from it the very last drop of Joy. To know Joy is born from above, the Logos; when it uses us, it moves through us, we must move onward and upward toward that great Destiny God has waiting for each who will accept.

I love you so. I miss you so. "This, too, shall pass," and when I look into your eyes I want to see your conscious knowing that you have lived to your highest desire for perfection through these weeks when we are apart. With all my deep love and devotion to you, my so-dear ones. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 12, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My So-Precious Ones,

It is just going on toward midnight here, but I spent midnight with you in the East. We’re still holding. The main thing is the work we do consciously, day by day, to lift more than we’ve ever done before, to hold earth itself for Light. Darkness could win even now, except for the Elect! It is not our business to know how many others are doing the same thing but to be sure, certain that we are working day and night. Everyone who prays helps to lift this karma. The one who consciously knows what he is doing and why he is doing it is, of course, able to do a greater work, unless that one gets cocky — then he’s doing exactly nothing, except to exalt the little self for self-satisfaction.

Watch and pray. Praise in Joy. Love and Honor God above all else. Love each other. Declare each other perfect now. Only AS ONE can we do this mighty work now required of us. For this one thing have we been prepared. Many have been called. We few have declared for standing so we are become the "Chosen Ones." Therefore, let us resolve that no matter how many groups of the Elect there may be, only one idea possesses us: to be found standing steadfast loving one another.

Remember, I love you deeply, dearly and with a devotion you know not of even now.

Let your "Light so Shine!" Be those perfect "ensamples" you’ve been trained to BE. Make Praise your Password to High and Heavenly Places. Be the Master’s aids. Be Servants of All the Power, for a ten thousandfold of the full Power of Light is released to all those whose minds are stayed on God.

My deep, deep love to my so-faithful, beloved of God. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 13, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Precious Friends and Loved Ones,

Everyone has asked me if I’ve heard from my son, Russell. No. Went in today to see the Head Resident Engineer of the Syndicate this afternoon. They’ve had no word. They say that the Staff of Engineers will either be interned by the Japs, or used to run the mine, or perhaps they’ve sneaked through the lines to join the fighting forces of General MacArthur. No way of hearing. And I’ve had no personal word.

I know he is all right, in God’s arms wherever he is and whatever he is doing, and I’m very close to him.

This is a glorious Day. A "day the Lord hath made" for us to use and to live. We’ve no time to look backward or to falter about anything or over anything personal. We’ve a certain duty to do: to lift darkness every moment of our lives. "Greater works" we must do now, believing it is so that we can do the greater works by greater surrender of self.

The Keynote of the week is: "I Surrender. I now surrender more of self that I may be used by more Light and more Power. I now surrender all of self to be the complete servant of all the Power."

I’m always with you, close. Holding you in love, lifting you in Light, praising you because your goodness and your faithfulness are so great. I love you always deeply and dearly, Your own, Edna Miriam

January 20, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Edna Beloved,

Your $2 is my "all" for this week. If someone in Great Falls hadn’t sent stamps, well it would be just too bad. Yet, I’ve two new ideas for two books to submit to a publishing company. And I think they’ll sell. One, my old Fairy Tale coming through new. And another in the form of a Diary [Welcome, My Son]. Had the idea for 20 years but no practical way to present it. No plot or hook, if you get me. Now I’ve been given that. My last chapter done for publishing. Now, TIME! That’s all I need. Getting these off by May! SURE, CERTAIN. Caps mean a Vow!

Pray, my dear. Keep Silence. And go to thanking the Father. Praise, praise, praise. Yet, I’ve never been so close, nor so confident, nor so assured of touching the hem of real outer success! So stand with me. We’ll release all the inner Power They need in the Heart of the Silence of God.

I’ve got so much to tell you. Must hasten to city Post Office to get this letter off, two hour job. How I love you. Deep love, Edna Miriam

January 20, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved,

At last we have a warm sun. It begins to look and feel as it did last year at this time. The wind is still sharp but not as it has been since my return.

Today the Christmas Box I sent to Russell was returned. No more mail received for Philippine Islands. Anyway, it isn’t on the bottom of the ocean! No word of any kind. The Army is much better. No news is good news. You do hear if anything is wrong. Civilians just suffer it out. There was a staff of 20 at Lepanto Mine — Russell was one of the 5 Mining Engineers.

The Power is almost overwhelming at times, yet it isn’t enough! The work now is heavy, more so every day. When just one person directs Power to any spot, then the Father can direct all Power from prayers all over the world. General prayers, like "Send Love out to lift the world. Let darkness everywhere be lifted" are all Love-Substance to work with but must still be directed to a specific spot. This can be done if one person or group speaks the specific word or direction and control to a specific spot. This we have done. Let us do more. Speak words to send it into the minutest corner of the earth.

Our motto for the week: "The Righteous shall prevail." Don’t you like that? I do. To prevail is to conquer, to triumph, to be victorious. Say, "Even now am I determined to be the surrendered Servant of all the new Power released in Glory, that it may use me unto the utmost and in no wise shall I try to use the full Power of God. I AM the Servant of all new Power now."

I’ve so much new work coming through that I’m at a loss for time in which to get it down on paper. Think! I’ll be with you either Palm Sunday or Easter.

All my love to my so-dear ones. Ever your own, Edna Miriam

January 20, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Friends and Followers of the Master,

Are you as happy as I AM? Do you know how good God really is to us here and now? Do you realize that He has opened His Kingdom to us completely and our only admission fee is effort?

Is this too great a price for us to pay for the privilege of using His joy, love, faith, wisdom and understanding? Just the small amount of effort we put into our Love for others? Our Faith of God expressed as confidence in His ability to perform Miracle upon Miracle? Our joy over having all His Life to use every hour of every day?

Isn’t it amazing how much God really does on earth when you realize that He has to depend upon our puny efforts at Being and Doing? Our weakness in truly living our best every hour? The number of times we forget God is "closer than breathing," nearer than hands and feet? The times we wander away from Joy? Poor God. If only He could depend on our constant Joy every moment, our constant loving of everyone, our Faith of God unconquerable in our emotions and our imagination.

These are ours to use NOW. Let’s go forth this noontime unconquerable in our desire for the Faith of God, with the flame of Love Unquenchable in our hearts right now and forever. Let us just see how much Joy we can radiate this coming week. It is our Magic Wand. Let’s use it together in Love.

I love you entirely and forever. I’ll soon be with you. How I love YOU! Your own, Edna Miriam

January 26, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

I do enjoy your letters more than I can ever tell you. Plans are being made now for my trip East. I must have at least two weeks in Buffalo and two weeks in Cleveland pre-Easter work. So, that would mean I’d leave here near March first, either just before or right after. Then I can stay on for as long as necessary to get everything humming.

You see, I’m here for two things: Balance in the West — to hold everything. And the Tacoma Group! Both important. If they had not come through, I’d have been free on February 10th, for then we’d have to do all the "holding" from the East. It seemed that it was hopeless, even for two weeks, after my return. Then, suddenly, it changed, just the Thursday before 12th Night, and there they are, eager for more. All meeting in the afternoon only. They’ll have special meetings while I’m away, and it seems now as if that will be most of the time, although I have to keep these four active Groups going. Here in Tacoma, Great Falls, Buffalo and Cleveland. I’m quite puzzled at times, although so very much is coming through.

Nothing from Russell. Glad you are hearing from your "boys."

Something tells me that there is a third reason for being kept out here! "I smell it’s a mice!" Something is cooking! Watch. That must be held. Now.

I’m so full of a number of things, but can’t write. Easter is going to be glorious and I still feel it is to be spent in Buffalo this time.

Remember how deeply and dearly I do love you right now and ever. Blessings and Love. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 28, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved and Chosen of the Lord,

Another Day the Lord hath made. Another Day of Love. Another Day of Praise. Another Day of Glory and Light. Have you used your share of Life this week? Have you used your share of Love this week? Have you collected smiles this week? You can, you know. It makes the grandest "hobby." Just to see how many brand new smiles you can create on grouchy faces. Ever tried it? Well, this is your motto for the week: "I AM a Creator of Miles of Smiles."

I’ll bet you’ve all created miles of frowns, because it is so easy to create a frown on someone’s face. (I can see you all looking "sweet and innocent" over this one!) So this week we’ll create "miles of smiles" when things go "dead wrong." We’ll make them "alive right" by smiling. Even a mechanical smile of tense lips does something for the muscles and causes a whole body relaxation. Try it. A smile is the opening gun for Praise. Look up and smile at God at least once every hour! We shall have Miracle after Miracle and Miracle upon Miracle this coming week.

I AM with you now and shall be in person in four weeks, I hope! Can’t walk! Love from your own, Edna Miriam

February 1, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Special and Glorious Friends,

This is a day of such fullness of Joy that surely some of it is spilling over to YOU, all of you! I’m S———O Happy! Wish I could say it hard enough!

Am thrilled over "orders" to "get my house here in order" and for "an indefinite stay." So, shall leave here Ash Wednesday — queer, but it must have something to do with "taking the Light from the West to the East" again. I’ll open in Cleveland on March 1st — Buffalo on the 8th.

So, if I’ve been busy before, watch me now! I’m going exactly 17 hours a day, really busy and active. Am working part-time on house-cleaning and part-time on my files, which have been some mess. Letters and writing! Lessons from now on will be "peeled!" Down to the barest essential work. For when I arrive begins the Dynamite! Get ready.

I’m opening up in a review on all work — in one Class of and on "Relationship of Law." Tell everyone about it — Tuesday night. Plan Monday evenings through Lent.

I love you all deeply and dearly and forever. Pray, pray, pray. Praise, Praise, Praise. Forever your own, Edna Miriam

February 4, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

Just exactly three weeks from today I shall be leaving for the East. If you could see all that I must accomplish before then, you’d know it couldn’t be done. Yet it must. So, I’ll do the work and, in this instance, you all do the praying.

Our motto for this week is: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the Light and Shekinah Glory shall descend and fill me to overflowing with Life, Light, Strength and Joy."

This may seem long but it will really give you an overpowering sense of strength and Lightness if you use it. Use the first phrase a thousand times a day. Just try it and see if it does not lift your mind, your heart and your body into a greater sense of Lightness, in "color" and in "weight."

Remember how deeply I love all of you. Your own in devotion, Edna Miriam

February 8, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My deeply loved Ones,

Am more than thrilled over seeing you so soon. We are going to have a marvelous time together. It seems that all our work has been toward this one thing, that we might ride out on Glory as "One" together.

Hold everything High. Hold all close. This is an important time, until I get there. We could lose what we’ve gained the past few months. A crucial time. Stand in love, enfolded by it.

Love in Joy, filled to overflowing with it. Let Unconquerable Faith use you hard. Let Unquenchable Love BE and DO AS YOU! We’re winning, but it is close to the top of the grade, and we dare not stop to rest for a second, not even one. We must lift, boost in fact, sort o’ heave ho!

Remember, I love you! Every plan will come through. This is so. Stand. Know. Love. Do. Let. BE the Servant of all the Power.

I AM with you, in love, Edna Miriam

February 10, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and most dear to my heart,

The days are flying fast now, probably because I have a thousand things to do and complete before I leave. I’ll spare you details! You all know what house-cleaning, sorting the final unpacking and storing away is like.

And the days cannot go too fast for Edna Miriam. I’ve missed you all more than ever before. This time I did not "leave a piece" of my heart. I only brought a tiny piece with me, so you can see what a state I’m in!

Our week’s motto is: "God now works to add and multiply all good in my life. God now works to add and multiply all good in our lives. God now works to add and multiply all good in your life."

This means all, not half or a quarter of good but ALL. Use it. It will not do you any good to just "think about it." Say it a thousand times a day! If you start to say it a thousand times, you may at least remember to say it three times! If you’d really use it a thousand times, you’d have a Miracle a day.

So our words are: "A Miracle a Day, 365 days a year." Think of it! Try it. It might work.

Remember, I’ll soon be looking at you and saying "Is you been good?" Better get prayed UP! All my deep love my dears, Edna Miriam

February 14, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved and Precious Ones,

Your check arrived yesterday and nearly floored me! I can report, however, that my heart has withstood the unexpected shock of actually having personal funds to cover about — well, if you, every one of you, suddenly received $45 where you absolutely had to have $25, how many times would you figure out just where to use it to cover the most territory? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing! You should see the lists, made and revised. It’s been a Glory to my Soul.

Thank you, more than you know and I can promise you I’ll do my best for you at all times. You shall not be sorry for aiding me, nor for having me with you. We shall do a great work together. I’ve my class work all lined out. "Foundation Principles" I AM calling it. No fuss, no feathers, no frills. Just plain Law! I know it is exactly what you desire. And you know that I can do it! It will be only a breath or two now before I’m with you, so get all prayed up, so we can go right forward and no delay.

Keep in mind that I must find a place to live where I can cover my expenses, near enough downtown so folks won’t cry, "It’s too far, I can’t make it." And it must be private. All my typewriter writing has to be done after 10:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.! Not hours anyone else can stand. So my room and bath must be where it will not annoy anyone else. Because I cannot change my hours. In order to cover my personal expenses, every hour a day must be filled. Pray over this with me. I know the right place is waiting.

Remember, I AM thrilled. The way you are digging in now will most surely bring great results. Now is the right time. This is the RIGHT TIME NOW. So, Let’s go! I’m all ready.

With so many thanks, so much love and devotion, ever yours, Edna Miriam

February 14, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

Please accept my ’thank you’ for the Money Order for $10.

It was such a surprise — my heart has survived the shock, however! Believe it could stand many of a like nature!

Anyway, it means so much to me. And I love you for making such sacrifices.

A million Blessings until I arrive! Love and devotion, Edna Miriam

February 15, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Just ten more days until I leave, and I’ve about six months’ work still to do! But my papers are all in order after being "scratched" through when I needed something for over three years. My housecleaning is in a state where I can leave — not really done though!

You’ll be on short rations until I get here but I’ll make up for it — so much new for you.

Remember, I love you deeply and dearly, and I AM with you always. Deep love and blessings, Edna Miriam

February 16, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Group,

Am thrilled beyond telling. My love for you flows forth in a living stream of life. Surely you can feel it. Surely you know how deep and true is my love and how I treasure each of you.

My plans are fully made for three months with you, longer if everything we "Vision" together "comes to pass," and that, I’m positive, is only possible if we pray, praise and sing enough. Only Joy will bring this desire into outer fulfillment. Therefore, let Joy be our Aim and our Goal. To praise enough in Joy, to sing enough in Joy, to pray enough in Joy, to Love enough and then some more in Joy. Let’s smile at God, not only for God.

So, "Let’s smile miles of smiles for God to see." It must be a relief to Him to watch a few smiles when there is so much of "man’s hatred for man" that He must watch. "I AM steadfast in my smiles of Joy at all times. My smiles are from my heart. I now smile in Joy." Keep on: "A Miracle a Day."

I love you, soon be with you in person. Your own, Edna Miriam

February 22, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Dearest Ones,

When you read this, I shall be upon the "high plains" of our precious country. I’ll also be with you.

Words fail me to express to you how I feel and how deeply and dearly I love you.

Two weeks from today I’ll be with you "in person." This is pure Joy to me.

Anyway, my love to you, dears, all of you. Be seein’ you! Your own, Edna Miriam

February 22, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Dearest Ones,

When you read this, I shall be nearer you by over 2,000 miles! Seems fantastic, doesn’t it?

Your motto for the week is: "Love wins NOW! Let Love win now!" Love has won, and it shall win. Darkness shall be overcome.

I’m only a few miles in earth-distance from you as you read this. Am loving you and knowing Love wins all your hours of need.

Your own, Edna Miriam

March 3, 1942, Cleveland, Ohio

My Beloved,

So near and yet so far! Love, love, love. That’s all we need. Plenty of love. More love. Love of God. Love of Honor. Love of Truth. Lift, love, hold.

God’s Power shall use us in Justice, Honor, Love and for its own Glory. The Truth only shall stand. If everything were canceled, I’d probably give you the best Sermon of my life! Because I AM God’s own Servant! Now. So, love shall win. Love has won! Love always will win! Love always wins. Love is the only Miracle. We win through Love. The Way is now open. I’ll be with you! I love you. Your own, Edna Miriam

March 25, 1942, Cleveland, Ohio

My So beloved Ones,

Have my ticket home! $77.50 = 775 = doubled Priestly Power and Freedom — 14 = choice — or 12 + 7 — or 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = first step of earth’s commandments completed, opening again on the next spiritual phase. It surely is "separation" — from earth! And how!

It is now 10:00 p.m. and I’ve had one meal today, at exactly noon. Have been busy, busy. Am thrilled at being with you so soon. Much news for you. Feel like "licking lions" again! Let’s go!

How I love you all. Pray. Your own, Edna Miriam

[The Japanese occupied Bataan, Philippines, between Manila Bay and the South China Sea. After an extended siege, including the infamous "Bataan Death March," U.S. and Philippine troops surrendered to the Japanese in April 1942. U.S. forces recaptured the peninsula in February 1945.]

April 24, 1942, Buffalo, New York

My Very Dears,

Saw the Editor today in Tonawanda and he is going to help me syndicate my column. Will have one to send you tomorrow. Please subscribe for it. After you have a dozen or so, pick some city paper and go to them and ask why they don’t print them every day! Leave big papers for syndication to sell later!

[Edna Miriam’s columns, originally printed in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Tacoma News Tribune, are in Life in a Nutshell.]

Anyway, this is it! I’m positive. Isn’t God good to us I’m just hanging on by the eyebrows, but I’m a hangin’ on! And one of these days I’ll have a million! Have to do 200 of these 200-word articles for the Syndicate before he can try for syndicating six months of them. Ask me, am I busy?

Remember, I love you always! I’m with you ever, Edna Miriam

[May brought the first success in the Pacific as the U.S. Navy won the Battle of the Coral Sea, followed with our victory at Midway in June, which restored the balance of naval power in the Pacific.]

May 26, 1942, Cleveland, Ohio

My so Beloved Group,

I AM missing you after just two days away.

Go over ideas given these last weeks, pray over them. You are to pray and pray. Copy statements as given in last Saturday’s class and use them. Be "irresistibly, rapturously expectant." This is the time of fulfillment. You are next at the "window of fulfillment." Step up, accept your gifts of courage, strength, joy and love of Faith of God now.

God is good to us. Someday we’ll know how good. Meantime, I AM with you and I’m loving you and holding you safe and fast in the Heart of the Light. Stand with me for the fulfillment of all our desires for the world and each other.

Always and ever your own, in deepest love and understanding, Edna Miriam

P.S. Enclosed the sign for which we have waited [see clipping of an article in Cleveland News, below]. I’m having folks stop me in Hotel and on street — telling me they are sorry and thanking me for Gift! Which was taken out of ticket proceeds. Christine and Lotus have done marvels. It fusses me!

Gift for Bomber Is Memorial to Son Who Died on Bataan vThe mother of a boy who died fighting as a civilian volunteer under General Douglas MacArthur on Bataan, today gave her bit to help save the lives of other mothers’ sons.

The gift came in a letter from Buffalo, N.Y. The letter was signed by Dr. Edna Lister, internationally known lecturer, and was addressed to the "Back MacArthur Club." On her check for $50 was written,

"For a Bomber for Mac Arthur From Russell."

Dr. Lister’s letter was a brave attempt to conceal her emotions.

"We just can’t stop to cry," she wrote. "We must work all the harder now to end this war quickly."

"If it had been possible to send bombers to MacArthur four months ago, Russell might still be alive. Millions of other boys are now joining the battle. America must not fail them. Our greatest need is for bombers and more bombers."

The story of how Dr. Lister’s son, Russell J. Elliott, met death was told in a dispatch from the mining company which employed him near Baguio on the Linguayan Gulf nearly 100 miles north of Manila. Briefly, it was this:

Russell, a graduate of the University of California College of Engineering, went to the Philippines in 1938. Last July his wife was sent back along with the wives of other Americans. Five months later the Japanese struck.

"Most of our men stuck it out at Baguio for more than a month," the company told Dr. Lister. "Then they decided to try to reach the peninsula and join General MacArthur’s men."

Late in January 26 Americans started southward afoot through the jungle. For 10 terrible days and nights, armed only with revolvers, they struggled on, always seeking to avoid Japanese troops circling north of Bataan.

They fought but could not cope with machine guns. Only six survived. When they reached General MacArthur’s lines each volunteered his services.

Russell was assigned to help man a field piece. Two weeks later he and the entire gun crew were wiped out by a direct shell hit.

June 4, 1942, Cleveland, Ohio

Dearest Ones,

Your letter with $18 in it was a shock. Am salting the $15 toward July’s expenses to Seattle. Under Orders to go to hold Pillar there. Gave up idea of Temple work in Cincinnati because time has been shortened again and everything moving on. West Coast must be held. But I love it and know I’ll be able even though it seemed from the outer that I’d be "flat" and bound here. However, I’ve never paid any attention to the outer in the past.

Leave Buffalo July 8 for Cleveland. Leave Cleveland for Cincinnati July 14 in morning; leave in morning July 16 for Chicago, leave evening of the 16th for Tacoma.

I haven’t paid on one obligation since coming here! And I’m using the $6 to pay on two, just a drop on two but the drop coming often enough shall cover a million obligations. So a mere "thank you" does not cover what’s in my heart at all but I’m writing it and you know its depth, breadth and its height without words.

Your last letter thrilled me, for I do need your love. This is what it tells me, soul conquering at last! So, pray and stand as even with me, knowing this $15 shall grow into my full expenses West.

Had to scratch this note to you, must hustle, still trying to do 150 more columns! Deepest of love always, Edna Miriam.

[A decisive World War II Allied victory in the Battle of Midway (June 3-6, 1942) was a major turning point in the war in the Pacific.]

[The following is personal correspondence to a student. She could have written it to you!]

July 3, 1942, Buffalo, New York

Dear ——,

At last! And this is the first time, since receiving your last two letters, that I’ve been allowed to get so far as getting out paper and pen.

I knew that it was only a matter of time, if you continued in any way at the Temple, until your confusion of thinking and emotions would clear up. Time is such an excellent teacher.

After so much Law is learned, then for a season applied, there always comes the ’worldly mission’ where we must prove every step of Law we’ve thought about, let alone taught.

Of course, many tragedies occur along the way, owing to intense egotistic leanings, or equally intense opinions and prejudices. Perhaps these last are worse to work out of than the former.

Anyway, you and I have come through this ’Red Sea’ of materialism, at least as far as we now are, and the supposition is that we have what it takes to climb the rest of the way.

I’m leaving here on Tuesday morning, July 7th, for Cleveland — be there until Tuesday July 14th. Then to Cincinnati for two days — leave Chicago on the evening of the 16th for Seattle and my Ted.

Sunday, the 12th, am knowing you can make it for the Service. We must build our new Vibrations. Be sure and call me. We also should get together this time without fail — personally and privately.

There is much more to come through for you if you so desire now. I’m so happy over you and your unfoldment. Carry on. One day our ’Golden’ Book of Life shall go into print. Will that day thrill us?

My deep love, and a new mantle of Love over you. Sincerely always, Edna Miriam

July 7, 1942, Cleveland, Ohio

Dearest and Most Beloved Group,

It is always with a deep pulling at my heartstrings that I leave you, especially this time. These few months have been truly glorious and every minute has been a joy. I’d planned so many hours to be with you for just pleasure and visiting, yet something interfered each time. I never have enough of you, even when we spend the better part of two days together.

Wasn’t Sunday beautiful? Aren’t we happy? I’m positive that "all is well." I AM going to work harder this year than ever before for the fulfillment of our dreams. Shall dig at my Column and know that release is now touching each one of us — all our dream-desires being fulfilled.

Something great is here. Please watch everything closely and let me know, because when I write, I’ve no time to read! Just can’t do both simultaneously! Hold every point we’ve gained. Stand with me for our full Glory in outer expression. Pray with greater diligence and fervor.

I love, love, love you always. Your own, Edna Miriam

July 9, 1942, Cleveland, Ohio

My Precious Group,

I can leave any place easier than you folks. Only Orders could cause me to do it. I love you all very deeply and very dearly.

Remember, each of YOU is important to our nation and world at this hour. No one can ever know when one prayer may tip the scales for conquering. Let us be ever alert and pray without ceasing, for we cannot have as our own anything we do not give. Prayer does return to us as added things. It does come home. Strong prayers of faith are needed as never before. We can do this wherever we are working.

Choose anew to be more fervent and steadfast, more faithful and more loving. A little more faith is possible. A little more love is possible and the duo is unbeatable. They create. So, we stand and DO.

I love you so very dearly. Your very own, Edna Miriam

July 14, 1942, Cincinnati, Ohio

Beloved Ones,

Am getting this in Post Office and then praying you’ll receive it in time.

Am so happy over everything. Watch closely between now and the 14th of August — something momentous is happening. More later.

"I AM now established in Joy." Pray — Praise — Singing in Joy will do it — anything.

Deepest of love, Edna Miriam

July 15, 1942, Cincinnati, Ohio

My Beloved Flock in Christ,

There is but one way to live, one way to climb, one way to grow and unfold, one method to achieve: Prayer, Praise and Singing.

When Joy sings its song in the heart, anything is possible, anything can be done. Where that Joy is released on song, it makes Miracle upon Miracle. It is only when there is no release of Joy as song that things get dark and we become bored with life.

Forever and forever your ability can always equal your desires. Forever you can draw upon unknown strength to do things when your Desire is a Flame of Glory. It is your determination that equals X, the unknown quality of your achievement. Keep determination piped to your effort and you’ll win! Let X be your crossing out of indifference. Let X equal indifference and "let" determination equal desire. This can win. It shall win.

All my deepest love, Edna Miriam

July 16, 1942, Chicago, Illinois

Beloved Ones,

Editor of Western Union weeklies likes my column. Said, "You’ve an idea, well presented, complete, compact, no waste words or space." Can’t pay much. Royalty. But I’m pretty sure he’ll take ’em. Left him 57, to cover a year’s column. And, he gave me the name of Seattle Star Editor. Went there from his desk here! So, I AM positive we’re off — anything will be better than nothing — and from here on we’ll GO!

Remember I love you. Everything is beautiful. Writing soon. Love to all, Edna Miriam

July 20, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My extra-precious Ones,

I miss you ever more each hour I’m away from you, but we can pray and sing and praise and be together at night.

This is your time of acceptance and Glory. Full surrender and acceptance shall be a Glory and an Ascension. There is need for greater Ascension and surrender to achieve this Ascension. Accept in ever greater fullness your need to release more Power of Love. Accept your greater ability, even now, to do this. This acceptance of greater usefulness shall cause greater Power to flow through you in conquering all darkness. And it shall return to you to fill your creations with life.

This shall be your Glory: that you have fulfilled Law and promises. This shall be your full exaltation and it comes to you even now.

With all my love forever, Edna Miriam

July 27, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My dearest Friends,

It seems longer than three weeks since I left you. In some ways it seems a year. I can understand "Joshua and the sun standing still." Time seems longer when much is accomplished and many things happen.

Ted is getting partially filled up. He was one hungry boy. He’d been working too hard to do anything except open a ’can.’ Not very satisfying after three months.

Am in a dither of everything. Cooking for Ted tomorrow. Getting ready to go to Tacoma, up at 5:00 a.m.! And, all my letters, yesterday I spent from 3:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. just cleaning, unpacking and trying to squeeze things in — we’ve no chest of drawers and Ted hasn’t had tools or time to put shelves in clothes’ closets — none there when we came in, and that’s awful!

Anyway, I’m busy, in case you wonder what I’m doing!

It isn’t quite so hot today, and a good thing, because I’ve been struggling with another batch of "Column." To get into it again in a new environment is difficult for me.

Can’t see ahead as to the "how" of doing all I must do before I return. But I’m just going to march steadily on, hour by hour, doing my best to fill each one full of tasks well done.

Wish you could see "my" mountain. It looks exactly like the picture I had on a calendar, which I showed to some of you.

It is 6:30 p.m. I have several letters to do, proofreading of eight columns, and a trip to Post Office — takes two hours any way I figure it. So, all my deep love, my dears. Your own, Edna Miriam

July 29, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My So dear and precious friends,

To hold this Coast is about all we’ve done these weeks. The heavy work is holding the earth-disturbances back to keep from having it get out of hand and destroy the Elect, rather than the enemies of Truth. So, we must do all we have been doing, plus all we can crowd into every hour now coming. Pray, Praise and Sing through the Light, enough to really overcome the darkness.

To be read at every meeting in August: By looking upward you shall receive great revelations. Yet, for every seeking and release of a Mystery of Wisdom, even a small one, you must assume ever higher responsibility to become perfect as your great Father is perfect. If you do not desire to be perfect or seek truth just to be wise, then a gate bars your progress into Wisdom.

It is of Wisdom to know. It is of Love to understand. When Wisdom is greater than Love, then knowing is greater than understanding and there is no compassion to cover the transgressions of others. The desire to parade that knowing grows, wisely and unwisely, an intolerance for others and their knowledge, a coldness of intellect that bars the way. Intellect is that gate, put there not by the Father but by seeking greater Wisdom without giving enough Love for that Wisdom.

Wisdom is God’s Bank. Forcing Wisdom is robbing God’s Bank, unless one has deposited plenty of Love. Put in the Love deposits: Love for God, Love for neighbor, Love for humanity, Love for the ways of others to lift self into soul responsibility. Manifold are the Loves to be deposited before you may lawfully withdraw Wisdom.

Wisdom may be courted only by Love. It must be wooed as a jealous mistress. It brooks no doubts nor whys. To hold Wisdom fast and receive more, one must be constant in devotion, praise and the Joy of Prayer.

Love is purchased with the great price of sacrifice of self, with full surrender of self. Only lifting self makes room to receive Wisdom. It may not be had for the asking only, nor for fevered, constant seeking. Only Love opens all doors, burns down all barriers, makes dark into Light and fulfills all Law. Make your sacrifice unto Love and Wisdom gives full knowledge of your fullness of responsibility.

To seek Wisdom without lifting and being fully responsible deadens those delicate nerves and glands of the head until all that is left is the ability to seek and tell again that small portion of Wisdom yet retained, which, too, is finally given away in words until only seeking and no Wisdom is left.

Look up, lift all up, hold all up high unto the Master and let him make it into the fullness of all Light. Remember how deeply I love you, each and all. Your own, Edna Miriam

August 3, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Very Dearest Ones,

This is for my extra-precious ones, each of you a treasure right now, right where you are "DOING."

To have to leave you is hard and yet, if I did not leave, you never would exercise your own wings. And you must learn to use your own abilities for seeing and hearing.

First of all, remember that you do both of these from the time you are conscious, after reaching earth. You do both whenever there is some unusual need for extra faculties — usually under fear or great stress, unexpected.

With all of you, at the present time, it is a "sense of knowing." This is purely spiritual-intuition. For a while it remains like this, but as you continue "looking" and "listening," it reaches down into the actual physical nerves that function the "All Seeing Eye," and then, vaguely and dimly at first, gradually growing stronger, you begin to see the forms — "like unto a Son of Man."

At this stage a "doubt" or "why" sort of scares it away! And you are always doing one of these two, or both. So, just "keep on keeping on" and someday, inevitably, you can’t avoid seeing and hearing. Just keep on.

Remember, I love you, each one, deeply and dearly, and my arms are around you at all times. Your own in love, Edna Miriam

August 5, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and Most Perfect Ones,

Words fail me to tell you of my deep love for you. Or how I miss each of you and your smiles and laughter. My heart needs you and enfolds you and lifts you very, very high.

Am busy — trying to write. It just doesn’t mix so well with house-cleaning! I love both and enjoy doing both. Just wish again for more hours a day! Then I could make "hours" and "work" meet.

"Love shall fulfill the Law of Glory for earth now. Love shall fulfill the Law of Glory for you now. Love shall fulfill the Law of Glory for me now."

My love goes on and on forever. I’m lifting and knowing all Glory for each of you. Deepest love, Edna Miriam

August 12, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My dearest and most Beloved Friends,

In the outer I miss you tremendously, but we are always together on the Inner and last night we certainly laughed in the Gardens. Never was there so beautiful a night spent. Everyone was through with Initiations — midsummer — and so very happy over gaining so much. Remember, Joy must be used as smiles, laughter and Praise of Songs. You can’t use enough this way.

I’m loving you so very deeply and dearly, and know all is well. Everything each of us has ever asked, prayed or imagined is about to be made manifest on the outer. So, stand, hold, laugh, love and Praise. You do KNOW HOW — WHAT — WHY — WHERE AND WHEN.

I love you all so very dearly. Your own, Edna Miriam

August 12, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Glorious Ones,

We are ONE with each other and we have WON new robes and crowns for our midsummer initiations. "Over there," we all know, and our freedom is complete. We have no "whys" and we do not "wonder" about anything.

We serve and then we play and how we play! For the last five nights the laughter has been so beautiful, like laughing blue-bells and Madonna lilies, twinkling and exquisite with Joy.

Carry on as if you could both see and hear every tiny thing you do at night. You are free to do both. It just takes definite time and effort to bring it through. It comes not on dull, serious intolerance or pride of attainment but on the Logos of Joy. Be more and more Joyous. I love you all very dearly, Edna Miriam

P.S. I’m lonesome for you-all.

August 19, 1942, Seattle, Washington


I love you, I love you with all my heart. We’ve always been together and we always will be together.

Hold fast to your "wishes." Allow nothing to cause you to let go of your Point of Contact, nothing. Take these heavenly gains from your lives and what have you left? Where would you go for assurance, confidence, strength and understanding?

Hold all your gains. If by any chance something of the world does cause you to let go, just reach up again and grab hold of your live wire from your Source. Waste no time in vain self-condemnation or foolish grief. Just grieve enough to go to the Mercy Seat in repentance. Grieve properly for allowing any silly thing to cause you to lose a moment’s time but grieve while "praising up, looking up, lifting up and holding up." We can always climb back, but let’s just climb!

Remember, I’m with you. I love you. I hold and understand you. Deep love to each of you. Am going to write each of you, special. Love and deep blessings, Edna Miriam

August 19, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Dearest and Most Beloved,

The weeks do fly by and hours, though crammed full, never finish everything. My desire is to write each one of you a special letter. It will come. This has nothing to do with my love, I mean, it is not the great measure of my love. That grows so very much deeper all the time. Please remember this — always.

This afternoon’s paper tells of the Allied "Commandos" raid on France. They are getting ready. They’ve learned how. They are drawing out information about the strength or weakness of the Axis. From now on, the Allies will hold practically every line. The Nazis may gain a few short distances, but they’ll not gain enough to count. And they are not much better prepared for winter than before. Although, same. They expected to take over all Russia’s clothing factories long before this to supply their forces with winter garb!

They can’t do much more than just hold all lines. The rest of 1942 and another four to six months of ’43 will be used to "ferry" supplies of all kinds to strategic points. And one day we’ll do this same thing from South Africa, France — south point, Norway and Siberia, Manchuria, China, and all Islands from both Australia and India and Vladivostok north point. And, of course, Solomon Islands.[1] We’ll hold those now.

Hold all gains. Make all walled in Light. I love, love, love you most dearly. Your own, Edna Miriam


1^ Guadalcanal, capital of the Solomon Islands, was occupied by the Japanese in World War II, leading to an invasion by U.S. troops in August 1942. After fierce jungle fighting, the island was captured by the Allies in February 1943.

August 26, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Friends,

The further we go, the greater our conviction is that Love is all there is to KNOW or to BE or to DO. Enough Love deposited means plenty of everything else to draw out. All we need to do is to love all barriers away.

I’m waiting for "Orders." And if they are what I’m "feeling" now, they’ll be quite a shock — surprise for all of us. Last week I wrote about 21 letters. Thursday in Tacoma. This week, 17 Columns besides window-washing and "regular" housework and meals. Today letters again. So, I’m hustling right along. And "waiting on the Lord" — Orders — in the "High Place." Probably come through these next few days.

Meantime, hold everything. Labor Day most important ever. Pray, enfold, lift. We must hold all gains. We are the ones to release the Power. We are the ones to hold and stand. We — all who pray, doing their part — have so far, made good. Let’s get into a "huddle" of Love and know Light through and know our own creations are gloriously good.

"I AM now gloriously irresistibly expectant and joyously, fervently knowing."

All my deep love, Edna Miriam

August 31, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Dear hearts,

Am writing you fully as to plans and ways and means. I’ve waited until last Thursday for any kind of Orders. Received nothing. Then Ted tells me that his Draft number is coming up within six weeks to two months and that he’s sure to be called, since they’ve taken 500 others right around him. And, he didn’t ask me to wait until I knew, but I knew at once my choice must be to wait here until then. For I couldn’t get back again in two months, just wouldn’t be able to raise enough money. So, the outer sensible thing to do would be to wait, so I can pack and rent or whatever and hold this house for Ted.

After seeing this, I went for Orders. They came, hot and heavy. Also, exactly what I must do here. I was — am — needed on this Northwest Point. Also, I AM to do something here in Seattle.

So, I AM staying on here; Buffalo and Cleveland can get on without my presence and I can make Ted’s last days at home lovely. It will be easy for outsiders to understand that I’d have to be with him as long as possible after losing Russell. Doesn’t God work it out beautifully?

Meantime, I’ve slowly whipping my column into shape. And one of these days I’ll have that bringing in my large income. I know.

I miss you so much! Your love and appreciation and standing means more to me than I can say in words. I love the fact that you do want to aid me if you can and I love it and appreciate it. You know this. Meantime, accept my love, my blessings, my holding and my lifting. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 2, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My So Dear and Precious Ones,

To say, "I miss you" is so trite a phrase and it is so empty, but it is the only one to use for just this — I do miss every one of you more than I can say. Yet, I must stay here until Ted leaves. I left him when he was eleven to do God’s work as it has been given me to do, and then for years I had to be away from both boys.

Russell is gone. I’ve only Ted, on the outer. And God is very good to me to allow me these weeks with him. His first reclassification papers came today. He wants to go, and I want him too, to do his share, but I know you will all understand my need to be here with him now, though I promised to come back on the 18th of this month.

Remember how deeply I love you and that I AM lifting you high into the Light, that my arms are about you in deep love, that we are all marching "Forward, onward, upward in Joy that is irresistible and expectant, in Love Unquenchable, in Faith Unconquerable."

All my deep, deep love. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 2, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and dear, dear friends,

Isn’t God good to me to allow me to be with Ted until this is settled? I do not see from here just how I could have stood being away from him these next few weeks. His first papers came today from the Draft Board on his reclassification.

Plus Orders: Too dangerous about earthquakes here. Something "big" almost ready to pop! Not shown as yet. Just help release power for holding as is now. It must not be too soon. Both Coasts, harder than ever.

Hold together in love as never before. More important from now until November 1st than at any time previous. Hold. Love. Stand. Let Faith be Unconquerable.

Ted wants to go, so I want him to do his full share, regardless, only I’m so grateful to the Father, allowing me to be here for these weeks. Isn’t God good to me? To us? I love your love. I do miss you and we’ll have a real reunion this time, when I get there, won’t we?

Remember, I love you. Be sure to pray hard and to love more and more. All we need now is more love and more Praise.

With all my heart and love, your own, Edna Miriam

September 2, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and so sweet Ones,

Pray and fast from outer things this week. So hard. It is so important and so necessary to have one Group which can stand together in absolute and in complete love — together and I know our love bears this great quality of "togetherness" for each other, and with all of us, in our love for and devotion to God.

"Love shall fulfill the Law of Glory for earth now. Love shall fulfill the Law of Glory for you now. Love shall fulfill the Law of Glory for me now."

Remember, I AM with you in person NOW as you read this. I shall write each one! All my love, my dears, Edna Miriam

September 9, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My So Beloved Ones,

My heart is with you as you open our "New" Cycle Vibration. It was about the hardest thing I ever did in following Orders last Spring, when they came through — "Move." We’d been so happy. Yet now that the "vision and text" for the Orders, now fulfilled and past, has come through, it is very clear. It had to be closed out — the "Old Cycle," in just this past way.

Let’s move all our hearts, all our minds, all our bodies and affairs into our new building-mold. Let’s let our souls do our "hearing," our "seeing" and our "speaking." Let’s take the three little "monkeys" as our symbol for this Fall’s new work.

Most of all, let’s build love between each other, love in which there is no criticism at all, no condemnation at all for either self or others. Let’s do our very best each moment and truly leave the rest to the Father. We must be free to follow Orders "whenever," "whatever" and "wherever!" That must be the greatest thing in our minds and hearts.

Let’s never again ask "why" we are not an outer, popular group. Let’s go forward in Love, knowing that right now we are truly building the Great Foundation for our New Outer Temple, in due season and then not ask "when," but just let every word and sermon dig out old debris for the New Foundation. When we’ve done our work, we’ll have the new. We do know this.

"I now use all the Joy my Father gives unto me, AS JOY. In this Joy lies my present strength."

I shall be with you. You’ll feel me close. I love you deeply and ever. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 16, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of God,

This is your Day of new choice. Whether you choose to "settle down" into the old ruts and places or whether you choose to "work up" into higher Light and Glories, our motto for the week is:

"Wake up, oh my soul. Work up, oh my soul. Be ye exalted higher with an exceeding great Glory and be ye One with the Soul of God."

I AM loving you. Holding you. Lifting you in Unconquerable Faith into Glory and perfection NOW. My deep love. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 23, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Group,

Can’t you hear the Song in my Heart? It is once more singing as it has not since I got pushed out of the nest in 1937. But now its Song mounts to the heights above and my Praise knows no limits in its Exaltation.

We have won this Round with the darkness being made anew right now by those who think to be God, and we’ve conquered all that past Karma released through the Gates since January 12th. All the misused Substance has been made into Light again and all the force has again been returned to wait for that next time of release when it will swing the New Age into Power and Glory.

"We are ONE in LOVE NOW. We are ONE in PURPOSE NOW."

Let Praise move mountains. Let Songs of Praise release Power to bring our new creations fully forth into the outer expression of form. Praise can and does "bring to pass." This week is our PRAISE week, 24 hours a day. If you awaken in the night with a Song of Praise on your lips, then you will know your daytime praise is hot enough.

Deep love from a singing heart, Edna Miriam

September 23, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My dearest Group,

I’m loving you so very dearly, surely, surely you can feel it surrounding you every minute.

I’ve been unable to do all the letters I wanted to do this week, but I’ve done much better — I’m only four months behind, instead of six!

Hold everything, especially each other, very high. Let Love Plan and let Praise Create for you. Love can only Plan to send more of itself forth in greater Joy each hour. Be happy and know that Faith is Unconquerable.

I love you so much. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 23, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My so dearest,

I never can write to tell you of all the Love in my heart for each one of you, nor the delight of knowing that you are so very constant and steadfast to the Ways of Truth, which are the true "Inner" of the Master’s work.

Thank you, a large one to fill the sky, for helping me to get my winter coat before it is too cold. As I have said, I now say again, You are precious.

I love you all SO. Deep love, high Joy and Unconquerable Faith be yours. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 29, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and Glorious Friends,

My gratitude and my love cover the miles between us in a blanket of Light. Surely you can feel how my heart yearns for you and how much I miss you. Every moment you are in my thoughts, and my praise for your love for me wings itself to our Father. I love you, and thank you for your help, and when my coats finally cover my anatomy below my waistline, I’ll be even more fervent! At present, I’m only warm enough above it. I can wear my fur jacket over my summer coat!

If we can all Praise enough during the coming week, I know our desires shall be fulfilled. Just enough Praise. Praise for what we truly want. Praise for the things we do not want, saying, "You’ve been a fine lesson (old hearts, bodies or affairs) but now you are lifted, melted, dissolved and you make full room for all the new!"

Even your vague "wishes" shall grow up into burning, flaming desires, because a faint "wish" is a "baby desire." So, let’s go! Praise enough. More and more Praise!

I love you deeply and dearly and I do miss you so much! You own, Edna Miriam

September 29, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved "little" Ones of Love and Light,

My arms are around you so hard, can’t you feel them? Can’t you feel me close to you always? I love you and I do know Glory for you. Your words shall stand fast. Your eyes shall be open. Your ears shall hear beyond earth’s noises! Your hearts shall swell in loyal gratitude until the Heavens resound with your Songs of Praise.

You ARE Chosen. Therefore, put on the whole Armor of Light. It is yours now — to use. Let Praise echo between you and God. Let Love vitalize and quicken every spot in your life, your body and in your affairs. Sometimes we allow our body and affairs to stagnate and almost die, but the same life that gave us the first idea, that opened a business in the first place, can again make it alive. IF we grow hot enough in our Praise.

Lukewarm Praise produces lukewarm results. Let’s burn. Let’s flame. Let’s sizzle and be consumed by the full heat of the White Light of the Christ.

I AM holding you closely and love you deeply and ever more dearly. ENOUGH PRAISE. Ever your own, Edna Miriam

September 29, 1942, Seattle, Washington


Our keynote for the next 30 days is the very old, simple word: Praise. Praise whips Joy into a Flame of Glory. Praise quickens the heart into a Flame of Love. Praise vitalizes any dying thing, whether a deadened or paralyzed cell of the body or a crystallized and paralyzed business. Praise fills the Form invisible of our creations until it becomes visible. Praise moves the Love Substance forth to become our Creations. Praise is the key to the finished Kingdom here and NOW.

So, let’s take advantage of these absolute facts and use Praise. Praise is the ONE thing we may USE as hard as we like with not one result of force. It is given us freely to use freely.

Let’s do thing one thing now. PRAISE. Our results with Praise are in exact ration to our use of Praise. The heat with which we Praise determines the result on the other end: our Miracle. Let’s Praise ENOUGH this time!

With my whole Love. Your own, Edna Miriam

October 7, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Your decision to carry on has made the Joy Bells ring in Heaven and special feasts and credits have been given all of you. Remember, it is the concentrated quality of our prayers of Praise, our songs of Joy and our love releasing Power, which we have always known was required of us as Elect, that counts for us — never numbers or being seen or heard of men.

It is always hard for me when I must stand aside without a hint as to what your Inner Orders are, and then, stand and pray and watch, while you work out your own salvation. So, when you make the "right choice" and choose to stand and hold, it gives me a real thrill and Joy, which you, too, someday will know, to see those whom you have aided and trained carry on and through all outer things.

You are building a glorious vibration. While others are still seeking for the "self of earth," you are building a vibration to raise earth and let Power use you, and so finding a high soul vibration, which will last forever.

Your motto for the week is: "I AM now FREE with that freedom that comes from knowing how to stand."

Do you know how deeply I love you? Do you realize how I miss you? But I’m here, holding the 3rd outer Gate. I AM doing my work while under Orders. So are you! Stand with me in Love. Always your own, Edna Miriam

October 12, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Darlings,

We are free! We are winning! We have won thus far! Lines are now holding and we shall go forward. TOGETHER. Pray and above all, Praise. Sing Psalms of Joy NOW! Whatever songs you know, sing this instant and hum them if you have no words, but sing! Create a new Vibration now. By singing. Even a "Millionaire"! Vibrations are holding but must be stronger.

I love, love, love you! Ever your own, Edna Miriam

P.S. Perhaps some day I can tell you of the Glories revealed unto me this day. I’m above that White Point of Heat!

October 14, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved "All",

I AM loving you so dearly. Yet we can tolerate no spots of dry rot in the heart. We can do our work with one or two or three or more, if those together have only love, and in it no doubts — and love for each other, and in it no jealousy or intolerance. All we need is Prayer of Love, Songs of Joy, Psalms of Praise. Enough of them.

I’ll be with you. Deep love, Edna Miriam

October 14, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Let your Light so shine! In Joy, in Love and let Unconquerable Faith be your great strength, your only answer and your confidence.

Love enough. It shall melt all obstacles, all barriers, any limitation. I AM with you in Faith believing and we shall see the Glory of the Law working NOW. "I AM now safe in Faith Unconquerable."

Your own in Love abiding, Edna Miriam

October 21, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and so dear Ones,

My Faithful Ones, I call you in my heart. God is so good to us because He does hold us together with His Everlasting Love. We cannot love enough, Praise enough or laugh enough. Has your Praise been tops this week? Has your love been even "boiling"? Or has it only touched the White Point of Heat a few times? It takes at least the boiling point to accomplish enough.

Praise is the stuff of which our success is made. We have to hunt the timber, cut it down, cut it into lumber, then form what we desire. All good, hard work, not dawdling along.

Let’s work at our success NOW. Together. Let’s increase our quality and quantity. Let’s speed up!

Remember how deeply and dearly I love you, my precious ones. Your own, Edna Miriam

October 21, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Most Beloved Ones,

You are truly wonderful, no less. You have learned one lesson well: to accept.

The first lesson is always: "I accept."

The second lesson is always: "Let Power fill it, make it over, recreate it, vitalize it, open this door, move this mountain, fill with strength." Add anything you need under this "Let" as a statement.

The third lesson is always: "Thank you, Father, it is so. It is finished." And then again, "Let it be so."

This looks simple but it is one of life’s hard simples. To keep it up day after day, week after week means a determination that few people have developed. This is the full formula, though thousands of words can be said about it. "I accept. I let. I praise without ceasing."

I love you with a deep and abiding devotion and I’m holding you in my heart and in my arms. I AM busy, without doubt busier than ever before in my life. But I AM not leaving you. I AM coming toward you!

With deep love. Ever yours, Edna Miriam

October 21, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved friends,

It seems only a moment ago that I wrote "September 21st." Just can’t see where these four weeks have gone, because my accomplishment in writing is nil. Had "Orders" to rewrite my Column. Work it over and try to push it here.

I’ve cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Cobwebs ’n dust in attic two inches deep and it’s large. Then that freight came! I just chucked it in! But I’ve had to handle it, paper by paper. So, I’m getting my "house" and my papers in order for the first time since 1935! It gives me a deep satisfaction inside, for it hurts me when my things aren’t in order, and between East and West, and moving dozens of times while in the East, I had reached the place where I couldn’t find anything. You’d be surprised at the lost articles I’ve found again!

And now, a friend of Ted’s has given him a pup, and I’m being "Mommy" to her — I’m "house-breaking" her — I hope.

I feel that great things are coming through soon. It has puzzled me greatly that Classes were closed out after the last Karma was released. When the 7th Seal was broken, something greater occurred than we’ve yet been given. I’m positive of this in my own experience this late summer and early fall. They have been tremendous and high. Yet the "tablets" on them for the rest of you have not been given me. I’m sure it means that we had to have the others "in" and "out" again to tie them to their original "life wave," and then, once this was accomplished, our own vibrations had to be built all over again. So, I say, I feel things will be coming through now soon — if not sooner. May be something today, since I’m under Orders to do all my own writing.

Remember how deeply and dearly I love all of you and know we’ll have grand times when I return East. Ted is still waiting. They keep everyone suspended so long.

My love for you all grows. Your own, Edna Miriam

P.S. My "Pup" just got tangled under the basement stairs behind three posts and wound up tight. Have her on a leash and wire in the yard, but she can come in to her bed!

October 28, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

I love you! Forever!

"I now ascend into the Light, where I wait upon the Lord while I work out my salvation."

When you go into a store for something, you want someone to "wait" upon you. When you go to a restaurant, you want a "waiter." These "waiters" are giving service. So, when we wait upon the Lord, we are "waiters" upon Him! How do we wait upon Him?

He comes to us only for prayer and praise and singing. Do we give it to Him as good waiters? What kind of servants are we in our "waiting upon Him?" This is up to each of us. We can be good or indifferent "waiters." Personally, I’m a 100%-er about my "waiting." The Master was a "1,000%-er." What about you? I’m under addition and multiplication. Are you? In "waiting?"

How I love you all. Your own, Edna Miriam

October 29, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved o’ My Heart,

I AM so happy. High Gates stand open. Praise ascends the soul for travel. Take advantage of it. Prayer and Praise and Singing are our only needed tools.

Great Power is being released. Let’s see that it is directed through us into every place or thing we’ve ever treated in the past and all new places.

I shall be standing in your midst Friday night. Glory of the Lord shall be blinding. Let’s pray our vibration up far enough to be worthy. I know you’ll see! All my ever-growing, deep love. Your own, Edna Miriam

November 2, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Ones,

A little more prayer, a little more Praise — a little more love and we win!

I love, love, love you, Edna Miriam

November 2, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved ’o my heart, I AM so happy. High Gates stand open. Praise ascends the Soul for travel. Take advantage of it. Prayer and Praise and Singing are our only needed tools.

Great Power is being released. Let’s see that it is directed through us into every place or thing we’ve ever treated in the past and all new places.

I feel great revelations about to be made. Let’s pray our vibration up far enough to be worthy of them. I shall be standing in your midst Friday night. Glory of the Lord shall be blinding. I know you’ll see!

All my ever-growing, deep love. Your own, Edna Miriam

November 4, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Precious and Beloved,

Do you know how glorious God’s Glory really is right now? Do you know how miraculously His glorious Light can shine as you? Upon all your creations, your spot?

His Glory makes darkness into Light. His Glory turns the common and sordid into beauty beyond compare. His Glory makes free our lives. It makes weakness into strength. It turns defeat into success. How do you know this? In a lukewarm, lackadaisical way? Or are you in very truth fervently expectant? Joyously, gloriously in love with His Glory?

"Glory for you and Glory for me." Plenty for all. Praise with me. Pray with me. Sing and shout Psalms of Joy with me. Love, oh love with me. Enough Love. Great Love. Glorious Love. Healing Love. Joyous Love. Faithful Love. Beautiful, surrendered Love. Powerful Love. With me, for Him.

All my love forever, Edna Miriam

November 4, 1942, Seattle, Washington


Enough Love shall set us all free. Enough Praise shall cover all transgressions in Light. Enough Praise shall now make visible all our present and past desires. They shall assume visible form now.

Can you pray with me enough? I AM in your midst, loving, lifting, praying.

I love you deeply, Edna Miriam

November 4, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of God,

Greetings and my deep love. This is a week of Glory. The Joy-Glory of Jesus’ Love is now pouring forth. The Vibration between now and Christmas shall be stepped up a million-fold greater than ever before.

Everyone still faithful has passed, and is ready to release the full Shekinah Glory of God. Yet, should anyone fail to hold this gained High Point, the Father must turn off the Power to hold that one’s body safe for his future work here on earth.

Oh, let’s work together as One. Let’s hold fast every point gained. Let’s truly be the servants of ALL the Power for once! We can work together as One, build a Vibration glorious beyond words. For Revelations are now due when Points are secure.

I love you above all. I love you deeply, Edna Miriam

November 11, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of my Heart,

Years are beautiful. Do you believe this? That every year has added a wing to your body for Ascension? DO YOU? Each year has added and multiplied your Joy, your Love, your Desire for perfection. Hasn’t it?

All right then, YOU are NOW beautiful! Feel beautiful inside. Express in beauty always. Voice-tone and sweetness, laughter bubbling with Joy, compassion enveloping your expression of love. So shall it be unto you. A beautiful life in a beautiful year!

"I AM NOW bubbling inside with a beautiful feeling. I AM now become as a Fountain of Beauty."

I love you in deep devotion. Your own, Edna Miriam

November 11, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Rest awhile. Ponder upon Beauty of Soul. Then tend this Beauty as a Shrine. Feed upon it, and then feed it with Joy.

Be Beautiful as Life is Beauty. Express Beauty with eyes, with lips, in thoughts, Praise and Love to God.

I love you, Edna Miriam

[November 1942 — The U.S. sent 400,000 troops in support of the invasion of French North Africa. In a decisive battle of World War II, the British forces, under Bernard Montgomery, defeated Erwin Rommel’s German troops at El Alamein, in northern Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea.]

November 11, 1942, Seattle, Washington


Am I happy? Our FDR has his detractors in the hollow of his hands, convicted and hoisted on their own petard. They’ve shouted for "information," and action, a second front. Here it is — if they do not back him now, they convict themselves of un-Americanism and personal antagonism against our President, allowing them to fail in protecting their own boys. Hooray!

And, is he slick? Churchill giving FDR the credit. It is our President’s on the Inner guiding him in this — he’ll bite a chunk at a time, taking it all back. South of France weak spot. Axis will have to spare troops to protect. They’ll take Greece — Italy, then contact Mikhailovich [resistance fighter] in Yugoslavia! Then also from Ireland to point on France where they are nearly ready. Arming Free French from there now. This is why Stalin and Russians have put up such a battle! Watch closely now. Pray Light. Hold. We’re winning! We’ll lose some, in spots, but next year will begin our slow drive back.

I love you, Edna Miriam

November 18, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of My Soul,

If I could but find new words and new ways to tell you how deeply and how dearly I love each of you. Words fail me but I could show you with my arms and my eyes!

Can you see the "salvation of the Lord" in all this? Our invincible new front? From the tip of South Africa to the Mediterranean. Can you see Ephraim and Manasseh [England and America] coming together? From the opening of an Age to its close.

Many prophecies given have again been set aside because the Children of Israel have once more turned unto the Lord. It seems a long time since I came West but my Love enfolds you with greater Power each week as it goes by. Thank you all for your love and for your faithfulness to our small but earnest Group.

This week is a sacrifice to become ready for the Christ Child Joy and release of Power to fulfill all promises. What can you sacrifice of self? Of holding to things? Of grief or sorrow over delay? Of tiny doubts or fears? Search and release them all over again.

"Today I let go of all past negative things and move into the Light forever."

I love, love, love you. Edna Miriam

November 18, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Dearest Beloved,

Thirty days of precious Sacrifice are ours. To gain untold ability to "see" and to "hear!" The Kingdom is now open. Let’s "let go" of all earth while we work out our very great Salvation here below. Let’s prostrate ourselves, each of us, hourly before God’s Altar in love for Him.

Let’s let love fulfill the Law for us. It does work. Though we face the worst earth could do. Yet can He change it. When men are saying "no," He can send men to say, "yes."

It is SO and all else is a lie. "God is, and God, He doeth the work."

I love you, Edna Miriam

November 25, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of my Soul,

Rejoice with me. Ted has been deferred, and he’s detailed to special duty and work, also. I’m positive this is "why" — or one of them — I’ve been held here.

So, God is good. He does the work. He plans for us, even when we think we have made all the plans. We do know what to do next. We rejoice and Praise God that He does know what we need and He does plan way ahead for us, even before we begin to plan in the outer. So, only good can come to us. We do know how to Praise next. Let’s Praise and rejoice and thank God that He DOES say YES.

I miss you all SO. I never have a birthday when I’m not with you, and this is my "13" year: 58! Wings!!

All my deepest love. Edna Miriam

November 25, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My So Dear Ones,

Tonight is to be spent in rejoicing. In Prayers of Rejoicing, in Psalms of Rejoicing. Pray and Praise and Sing.

Surround our forces in North Africa. Surround Darlan [French admiral and politician] — English people — Free French. Darlan shall keep his word.

I love, love, love you. Edna Miriam

November 26, 1942, Thanksgiving Day Seattle, Washington

Dearest, dearest Ones,

Your Faith hath held through the bitter battles over darkness succumbing unto light. Light has truly won and so shall truly win forever. Light has been loosed for Earth’s full lifting back into the Sign of Ascension.

Peace shall run like a River into the hearts of the Children of Men. Deserts shall blossom in fruits and flowers. Swamps shall dry up and biting, stinging creatures shall be no more.

It is the Light of "Fire and Glory" of the Ascension. It means the second Christos Degree for the whole Group. And those of you in its Descent, become fully responsible as "Fathers" and "Mothers" for all of the rest. It means to be as forgiving as God, who knows not the term, because He can’t see anything to forgive. It means continuous holding and lifting of any who have ever touched the Group. They are all on an elastic, and someday will be back. Experience must not only be fully garnered, but also many unfinished debts must be paid on the outer. So, each one is free. To carry their torch. Yet, it is very necessary for us to be faithful in our minds and in our hearts to these Truths which have been given to us "behind the Veil." So, be grateful, be alert in Sacrifice. We now have 30 days of it before our Joy can be filled unto the "fulfilling" point.

How deeply I love you all. Forever, Edna Miriam

December 1, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My So Beloved Ones,

I AM so happy! It seems that my heart will burst with its load of Joy. It flows out and envelopes you in a cloud of Glory. I love you.

Let us resolve to release more Light. Let’s let our torches flare up into great Lights, which will speed up all things, more and more. You and I are ready to surrender to be the ever greater servant of more and more Power, aren’t we?

"Here am I, O Lord, send me forth to conquer in thy name. Let my service be great and let me be humble in my acceptance of it. Let all Power move through me to lift and to make Light in the ways of the world."

Great and stirring times advance upon us. Let’s be great enough in our surrender to be able to do God’s work perfectly and without a thought of self.

Ever and ever my love surrounds you all. Love from your, Edna Miriam

December 1, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My dearest Ones,

It remains for the few left standing in effort and desire to release as much Power as has been done by the whole in the past. It can be done. Effort of desire, desire to surrender until only that which can be used by God is left within us. Only that which allows the free-flowing and complete Power to move through us must be left within minds or hearts. We must surrender more deeply to be possessed by the full Power of God.

"Where, oh where, wouldst Thou have me go? What, oh what, wouldst Thou have me do? Where Thou leadeth me, I AM eager to go. What thou givest me to do, that I AM eager to do, yea, fully eager to do right now."

Then live up to this. Never by look or word or thought complaining because the way is too hard or rough. Never faltering, though bowed down by the heavy burden. A heavy burden means definitely that we have not surrendered it that our Father may make it Light.

How deeply and dearly I do love you all. I AM with you as one who serves now. In deep devotion, Edna Miriam

December 3, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

The time has come to stand in Love as One. Darlan must be held up — with all Free French and English. He shall come through. Cover our movements and Convoys. Our troops in North Africa. And surround all enemy forces with great Light and Glory. Hitler and what he stands for is now in first of great confusion. It will continue, but not end yet — I mean his warring on the world.

Lift our Senate especially. And above all, Dewey. Self-interest alone moves him. Surround him in Glory — hide him in Light. He must not do anything undercover, as he plans, to undermine our present Government setup. Divinely hold, lift, restrain every minute. He must be unable to carry out his undercover plans. He is being used. By Wall Street — remnants of International Powers of darkness. Our work shall prove the Power of God over all. Everything he starts shall be uncovered at once.

We’ve work to do. Ted’s skinny — he’s so thin — just doesn’t fatten up from his "batching" last spring ’n summer. So, help me with this. He is perfect NOW. I’m so glad of Ted’s deferment! Boeing’s put in his papers and Ted is now assigned to special and private work. God is so good to us, isn’t He? I’m so sure I was held here to help Ted over this long-hanging cold stuff. He got all run down "batching!"

There is something on the West Coast I can "feel" but not "see." Stand under and know with me.

Miracle after Miracle, Miracle upon Miracle shall follow!

All my deepest love. Your own, Edna Miriam

P.S. I AM SO lonesome for all of you, but "Orders" are for February! My coming, I mean!

December 9, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and Glorious Friends,

Today is a day full of Joy, so be Joy-full! Let your heart flame with the fire of Joy. Let your mind rest in Joy, that even your thinking may be full of the Joy of the Lord.

Increase your surrender to the Power, to be the full, complete servant of all the Joy of the Lord. Let it possess you. Let it sweep through you in waves, renewing body, soul and affairs for you now.

"The full Joy of the Lord now moves in all my affairs. The Joy-full-ness of the Lord now possesses me and every bit of darkness now moves into the Light of God forever. I AM Joy."

Forever your own in love, Edna Miriam

December 10, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Am thrilled over outer events. Especially the ones saying that the War will be long! You’ve known this since ’39! Also, "Mussy" [Mussolini] in bed — heart failure — is he the "natural death" amongst the Three? [Stalin died naturally, Mussolini was hanged, Hitler shot himself.] There are several other things which I fail to recall right now — but you can scarcely pick up a paper without some notice which backs all we’ve heard for several years. So, I’m more thrilled than ever.

Please, each one of you, watch your steps closely. Try to recall your Vows and past Orders for each occasion, for they have been given and are ready to reread and obey. Each year is a higher Cycle of Advance. Each year, trials, tests and temptations are on a higher vibration. But they are on and for the same things we passed last year this time.

Remember how deeply and dearly I love all of you and that it is forever. Ever and ever in love, Edna Miriam

December 14, 1942, Seattle, Washington


Stand with me and let’s push these last few inches of darkness into real birth into sunlight with our creations. We just need more push. Like a bulb coming up, our crusts or our affair-crusts, are hard to crack open, but enough pushing will do the trick.

So, let’s push UP NOW! Our only push is joyous Praise. Always and forever in love, Edna Miriam

P.S. I need more help on this pushin’ business. Let’s go!

December 14, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved ’o my Heart,

This has been the most glorious Birthday of my whole life — and I’m now on the Path of the "13" — fully on my Master’s Path.

My love for you is boundless. My holding of you is limitless. My Joy for you is Complete. My Glory-knowing for you is as wide and high as the Universes. So, Let’s Be Joy. Forever your own, Edna Miriam

December 16, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Friends,

May this Sunday be a Golden One to YOU! May the high Joy of the full Christ Consciousness take hold of you and never again let you go. May the halo of Joy be a Light over your head and abiding Light that the world may see and know you are touched by the Master’s Wand of Joy. May the Wings of the Christed rest close upon you evermore.

I AM holding and loving you deeply and dearly. In devotion, Edna Miriam

December 16, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved o’ My Heart and Soul,

With these words, the greatest, most Powerful Vibration ever sent forth is opened. It began January 12, 1938, when we opened the 7th Age of Love. We have been releasing an ever-mounting Powerful Vibration ever since. It has so increased that at times it has even shaken the highest of the Elect. It has definitely shaken some right off the tree. If they had not left, they could have lost their balance and some even their reason. I need not point out further, because you all know those who have been with us and have left in rebellion and misunderstanding.

We are not told to understand others but to love them, to loose them, to agree with them and ever to seek the depths of understanding of God and His ways. Nor are we told to demand understanding of a single individual of earth but never to misunderstand them. Thus, shall true Freedom come to earth.

On Friday, December 18, the fullness of the Power of the Age of Love is to be released. The Gates are open to the very Soul-Heart-Center of Glory. There is no barrier to Love. The one who truly knows love, understands self-less love, Wisdom-Love, is free to climb where he will to Glory unknown to earth before, unsung and untold. Glory that transcends anything in bliss ever given to man.

No price is too great to pay, no hurt too deep to sear and burn out dross, no disgrace — so-called by the world — too heavy to humiliate too much, no reviling or "called names" too ugly to have friends and the world believe, to pay for this bliss of Shekinah Glory.

Believe me when I tell you this and let’s double and redouble our sacrifice of self, our surrender to become a perfect instrument of the Allness of this Glory-Power to lift earth and mankind on it into the full light.

How greatly can you love now? My heart enfolds you, lifts you, hugs you all closer than ever before. Your own forever, Edna Miriam

December 16, 1942, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Faithful unto all Glory!

At this time my Joy-Wish for you is a depth of happiness welling up from the Heart of your Body into the Heart of your Soul as an artesian well bubbles endlessly, crystal clear, without ever losing its sparkle or showing a shadow. On the darkest day, each bubble in the artesian wells in Utah has a spot of Light!

Be so this lovely Christmas time, when the full Power of Love is to be released upon earth. It will be enough to upset the very reason of many, especially those of evil ways, in selfishness and self-pity. All our love-power is needed for this final pushing the "camel through the eye of the needle." Ponder deeply this mystic saying for release to you of a newly unfolded mystery! More I cannot give you. But just pondering will give you more Light and other Revelations. "Seek and ye shall find."

Merry Christmas, my so-beloved Ones. I AM surrounding you even now as you read. Edna Miriam

December 22, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved,

As we face a New Year, let each of us choose once more: What shall we BE? What shall we DO? How shall we THINK? How shall we SPEAK? How shall we ACT? How shall we desire? Expectantly? What shall we desire? What shall we conquer? How shall we conquer? When shall we conquer?

God is with us every step of the way. We now resolve to be and do only our very highest at all times, in all ways and in all places. Let God rule, control and conquer AS US. My deep and abiding love ever, Edna Miriam

December 25, 1942, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved of God,

Greetings to you on this Birthday of our Lord, whose great Messiahship we know as Truth and Law, whom we love, worship and adore as the only Begotten Son of God, holy and complete. We Honor him as being Head of all lesser Racial Messiahs and the Head of Earth’s Glory.

We meet today in spirit, if not physical bodies to declare His Glory for all Earth in all ways and through all His Creations. His Vibration is Love. Let us truly surrender all of the self to be possessed of Love, to be held by Love, to be sustained by Love. Let Love abound amongst us, one for the other. Let each one of us vie to give up more and more to follow Him.

No price is too great to pay, no words of hurt too great to be borne, no cross too heavy to carry for the privilege of being one with Him, and one with each other.

How much love can you carry? How much Love can you love forth? Let’s set an ever greater Goal for ourselves throughout this coming year. Let’s plan our new Vows today. Let’s renew our old Vows today.

My own is to Love you more and hold you closer, to pour out upon you lavishly from a full heart all the Love of God. Ever your own, Edna Miriam

[By year’s end, 1942, the Nazis had completed construction of their gas chambers, and begun murdering Jews, Gypsies, persons with disabilities and other "defective" groups.]

January 3, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

The New Year! Glorious and NEW. Shining and golden, ready and waiting for us to fill it full. Of what? Have your Vows been kept? Your plans adhered to and your Praise kept at least boiling? Have you accomplished everything you wanted to do?

If not, take stock. Sort out your weak spots and build them into strengths. If you have, then determine on a higher Goal for 1943 and extend your pipeline of determination to it now.

I love you. I miss you. I’m with you in Praise. Are you Praising in 24-hour shifts, 365 days a year? This spells SUCCESS. All my love, Edna Miriam

January 6, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved o’ my Heart, Greetings,

We open this beautiful year in Joy and willing Sacrifice to God of all self. We determine to make our own spots the most fascinating, desirable, gloriously beautiful in the whole of earth. We want to share all our Love, our Joy, our Praise with the world, but we also desire to share the want and sorrow, the lack and misery with our weaker and lesser brothers and sisters.

Unless we are eagerly willing to share their poverty and gladly do without food of all kinds, to share our abundance with them, then all our sacrifice of self is an empty thing and our love is a hollow mockery. And, to do this in JOY! We face more rationing, more walking, more losses, more grief, more chances to beef and whine. How are we going to do? How are we going to take it?

In Love, in Joy, in willingness to carry the world’s burden up the hill. Because it is Terrah we are really carrying! Think on these things. Praise. Love. Give UP!

I love and hold you, gather you unto my heart, uplift and unfold you. Forever yours, Edna Miriam

January 6, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Dear and Beloved Ones,

My heart is with you every minute. Am so very lonely for you that words do not convey it. Have no "Orders" on leaving. Know I face some sort of change, but it’s not a "usual" one, because the "Red Circle" which is my Symbol of "Change" is a flash inside of a flashing blue Star. Never given to me before. This means something different, and I’m entirely ignorant of what it portends, except that it is a sign of Joy and very near. Whatever it is that is coming.

I’m quite eager to know "what," "when" and "where," but not forcing, impatient eagerness. Rather an expectant, "desirous of service" eagerness.

The "Veils of Illusion" being lifted, seven of them, are the "seven ascents" of the Creative Fire from the Sacrum Plexus Center. Each time there is an ascent — "7 x 7 = 49" remember? — there is clearer vision.

And any self-desires allow it to sink, and this causes a deeper blindness, leaving only ideas of smugness because of past knowledge, self-righteousness because of past understanding of Law, and a sense of always-being-right because of past obedience to "orders." And, finally, descends into the state where "I AM always right and you are always wrong and you’d better be prepared before you tell me." I love you all dearly, Edna Miriam

January 13, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

I have my "Orders" — shall be with you on Sunday, April 18th, Palm Sunday. Ordered to spend Holy Week in Cleveland at the Temple. This gives us time to save up for expenses and I’m happy to know. I’m certain I’ll be allowed to come! Travel, I mean. Miss you, but happy! So, "all is well."

Let our week’s motto be: "I AM now crowned with the full graciousness of the Lord Jesus Christ forever."

Each has received a great benediction these past 14 days. All have attained in the Kingdom. Therefore, duty demands that you pray more on earth, that you stand firmer upon the Rock of Faith. His graciousness be upon you. In deep love, Edna Miriam

January 27, 1943, Seattle, Washington

My Most Precious Ones,

We were frozen in all last week. Ted didn’t work from Tuesday to Saturday. Boeing’s was closed. All Tuesday night we sat up and prayed. Four telegraph poles were cracked off right over our house and the next one down the hill. Only the strung wires holding them up. If they had fallen any further, they would have fallen against the great high tension line tower, which runs through our back yard — high up, of course. The folks below moved out to a neighbor’s. We stayed in and prayed. They did not fall, but hung over at a 60° angle until Friday, before getting tied into place.

There were great flashes from all four quarters of city where high tension lines went down. We could look down over two valleys and see the fires set by them. It was a fearful and an awesome thing. But we were protected. Our coal lasted and our food lasted until it was over.

Read again Marie Corelli’s "Life Everlasting"— chapters on "Lessons on Love and Will" by Aselzion. Try to realize just what this balance means in your own Creative work. Love backed by Wisdom. Love moving forth to Create.

I love you. I missed you much last week. No way to mail letters until Monday. No mail until Monday, 25th.

All my heart is yours. Hold it safe within your heart, as your hearts are held safely within mine. Ever your own, Edna Miriam

February 4, 1943, Seattle, Washington


The sun is shining above the clouds. Light is pouring down from above. More Power is released for us and through us, every hour of our lives. You are stronger this year than you were last year. You have had many miracles to prove Law to you and for you.

What is your present desire? How hard are you boiling inside to achieve? To fill your creations full?

This IS your year of complete fulfillment. No man may or can stop you! No idea on earth is great enough to change your mind once you have made it UP. Nothing on earth can deter you or turn you into the shadows. You are stronger than all the powers of darkness, provided God is your Master and you are His Servant, full and complete Servant of all His Power.

"Let’s go! Where? UP!" With all my love and blessings, your own, Edna Miriam

February 10, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved-est and Dearest Ones,

Today is a Day of Love, a Love Feast. Are you in love with God now? Do you want a brand new way to show your new love for Him?

Here it is: When you see, hear or think a person, group or nation is doing wrong, just ask the Father to release enough Love and Light upon them to store up great credits for their use in time of greatest need. So they can pass an initiation and make right their wrongs as you have made right all wrongs credited to you by others. Isn’t it glorious to find new ways to mind the Father’s business instead of the other fellow’s?

"I AM now SO BUSY minding my Father’s GREAT business of Love His large business of Love, that I have no time to mind my neighbor’s business or even see or think about what he’s doing, while the Father minds my business perfectly."

How deeply and dearly I love YOU! Your own, Edna Miriam

February 20, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

"The strong and the High Right Arm of the Lord, YOUR God is now upholding, defending and making clear YOUR WAY before you!"

But do you KNOW this? Do you truly believe it to the exclusion of every other "thought" or "feeling" in your mind and your heart?

Do you know this with All your Mind, All your Heart, All your Soul? Or do you dis-color His Mighty Power as it comes through you to move into your affairs and life? Do you think yourself out of place and off-color or off-key? Can you truly "get along" without the true color, the true Harmony of God? If you can’t, get in step NOW. Get in line now. Get on God’s Beam for YOU.

Stop pulling and jerking away from Him! Stay within His High Right Arm and "let" it uphold you now and ever.

With All my deepest, dearest love to you All. Your own, Edna Miriam

February 22, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Daughters of Light,

All’s well, even though it seems of complete darkness. We shall hold all in our hands of the Father. Only by constant vigilance can we so retain our hold. Only by constantly permeating all zones of war with love can we hold all. Only by continued praise and by prayer can we lift and harmonize those whose ruthless power in all past Ages hast torn down our work and hurled civilization after civilization into utter chaos.

It is only by the Power of Love released forth now in great enough quantities that we can even now avert great delay because of torn down lines built at such cost. Protect our President. Lift our Churchill. We shall save and avert with Prayers of Love and Praise.

Be constant. Be steadfast. So shall you earn fabulous rewards in Heaven. I AM ever with you as Love, Edna Miriam

February 24, 1943, Seattle, Washington


My arms are around you so closely. My heart sings in Joy at thoughts of being with you soon. I LOVE YOU.

It is not necessary to know "how" and "why." Only one word means anything to US: NOW. Do it now. Do something toward your goal now, if only praise to the Father that you do know how to serve now while "waiting upon the Lord" now.

Clean out some old underbrush now. God can only show us our Path after we have cleaned all those unfinished things from under foot. Do one thing toward it now. Then it will be another "now," so do one more thing to clean out that undergrowth.

It doesn’t matter how you’ve done your cleaning, in joy or grief or why you’ve done your cleaning, for self or in service for God! Your Path will stand revealed "when" you’ve done your cleaning. So, we have no questions to ask, ever. Because we do know NOW.

I love you deeply and dearly. Edna Miriam

March 3, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Elect,

Tonight, as I write, the sky, all over, is a blaze of color. God’s lavish giving impresses itself upon my consciousness anew. As you read this, "Interference" is to be contemplated for a moment.

"Interference" is the keynote of Lent. All interference means growth and strength. All initiations shall center around "interference." Light cannot be interfered with. Only darkness needs interference.

Sometimes interference saves us from a mistake, though we do not like it. Always, we can make a gift to God through interference! The gift of time and effort. Many times interference in our plans and our life doesn’t seem important to us but it may well be the most important thing in the other fellow’s life. We have so little we can really give God. Time and effort can always be laid on the altar as a gift to Him.

Our plans are important. Our budgeted time and effort are most important. Still more important is our willingness to run and our joy in running, in spite of interference, doing the next thing next, even when it seems to take us far from our planned hour, doing this lovingly for our Master, laying a gift of this time and effort upon the altar. All my deepest love, my so-dears! Edna Miriam

March 8, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Another Lent is here. What have you planned as your "Sacrifice of self" for "Soul’s attainment"? What have you determined to give up as a gift to the Father? This is the time of Soul-cleansing. Think not to attain with lip-service, but what you may give up unto God. All that self which interferes with your Soul’s Desires may be laid upon the Altar now. Why hold fast to the self which limits your release of Power?

Free yourself, now and forever. You can. Give up all that limits you, even now surrender all self. I AM enfolding you. Your own, Edna Miriam

March 10, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Before we can turn around a few times, I’ll be with you, in person. Remember, no "interference" with our Joy, our Love, our Faith and, most of all, our prayers of Praise. It should be simple to remember, yet it takes all we have to do it. Look at the trees and bulbs. Everything breathes of more and more life. Let’s partake of it, breathing deeply, then "letting" it go forth colored with our "knowing satisfaction" that it will create our desires NOW! I love, love, love all of you! Edna Miriam

March 17, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and Precious Ones,

Almost time for me to start. Almost time for me to see you with my outer eyes and hold you in outer arms!

Remember, Lent is a time for sacrifice. Can you make a "giving" sacrifice of love, time, effort or things? Something as simple as giving a "cup of cold water," done in love, opens your New Vibration for this year. Can you give greater fervency to your prayers? Greater Love to your "waiting upon the Lord" as Joy? Greater time and effort to your praise, NOW?

A little more love. A little more praise. A little more Joy is all you need to recreate your bodies and affairs. Add it to what you are now giving, just a little more! With my deepest Love, Edna Miriam

March 24, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of God, Greetings,

"Behold! The Light of the World is the Lamb of God." And this Light is free! This Light is all the Power there is, on earth or in Heaven and we are so equipped that we can use all the Light we desire.

We can’t use God. We can’t demand for ourselves. But we can use all the Light and the Love we can spend time, effort, mind, heart and soul releasing, hour upon hour.

How much Light have you USED this past week? Your return in "added things" depends upon your answer. All my deepest love, Edna Miriam

March 31, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Dearest, most Beloved,

I AM almost there! Use all Love, Joy and Praise this week in thanking the Father that all promises are now being fulfilled and that all desires are being added. Hold fast, concentrate, use Love as never before on this. "I AM now confident of success."

I’ll soon see you and my love is deeper and great in Power to hold, lift and speak the Word of Release. Always your own in love, Edna Miriam

April 7, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Another Sunday and I’ll be with you.

The only need for success, for "miracle upon miracle" is to but "touch the hem of His ROBE." So, loving you, holding you, lifting and blessing you, let’s touch the hem of His robe in deep humility and KNOW Him. Love, deep and abiding, Edna Miriam

April 27, 1943, Cleveland, Ohio

My Beloved Ones,

My week with you was surely a Miracle week and "Miracle after Miracle, Miracle upon Miracle" follows here. We are having a Feast of the Soul.

I’m so happy that I’ll be with you May 9. I’m not all full yet. I need more of your dear love. Words can never tell the Joy of your love and "nearness."

"I now both dare and do in the Name of Jesus, the Christ. There is plenty for all and I AM now prosperous, whole and complete."

My deep love enfolds and lifts you always, Edna Miriam

May 19, 1943, Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved Ones,

Do you truly know the "Language of Love?" It has but one word: Giving. Giving of self in service, in surrender, in exaltation, in ecstasy, in Joy beyond Glory. Remember, Love never seeks to justify itself, nor explain. Love needs no reason for Love. IT IS.

Touch the hem of Love’s garment and be healed. Speak Love’s language and become success. Reach Love’s sublime Gates and create Harmony with a glance. This is Love. This is my "love-in-delight" for YOU! Your own, Edna Miriam

May 25, 1943, Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved Ones,

I’ll soon be leaving for the West. It’s been glorious here and my love for you advances and is great enough to fill space.

Let Life fill you. Plenty to do all you need or want to do. Let Expectancy thrill you until you grow wings and are Light on earth. Let Love support you and sustain you in all your ways and let Glory be your Crown of protection. I AM with you. Deepest love, Edna Miriam

June 21, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Dear Ones,

My visit with you was all too short, yet we did so much in those few weeks. My assurance and my deep confidence in your ability to stand is serene and positive in your knowing is greater than ever before. I KNOW that nothing can ever destroy our Oneness. This is as sure as knowing can be.

To think of our having won through all doubts and fears and storms, to think of our having gained such a place in Heaven gives me thrills above all earth can produce. We stood the "test of time" together and the Truth we follow has justified that stand.

On Friday I speak for the Pen Women. The Lecture-Entertainment Chairman is a Mrs. Jones, the "Mrs. Parsons" of Seattle and is opening all Luncheon Clubs in Seattle for my talks! The first gun! Tomorrow begins our first Plan Conference for the next step. Keep on praying. This is IT! With my very deepest of love to each of you and a million Blessings of Light, Edna Miriam

June 27, 1943, Seattle, Washington

So Beloved Ones,

The Lord is in His Holy Temple now. And His Holy Temple is your dwelling now. Therefore, honor the Holy Temple in which you dwell now.

Are you dwelling well grounded within your Holy Temple? Are you really in-breathing you, yourself, back into your body every morning upon your return for your day’s "work" and "lesson" upon earth?

If you are feeling weak, try taking seven deep breaths, with a good stretch between each while the lungs are emptied. Do it slowly and use this statement on your out-going breath, "I AM now One with all the universe. The Universal Breath now moves through my soul and body all day long, making them over into God’s perfect Image and Likeness of Power, of Strength and of Glory."

You shall be renewed and made glorious and strong NOW. With all my deep love, Edna Miriam

June 28, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

All is well. You are seeing and hearing as true Mediators should. It doth expresses through you as a perfect knowing and an ability to go forth and do that which Registers within you as a true knowing.

Meet in Love’s Deeps. Let Love be your Prayer, your Light, your Path and your Goal. With deep, deep love, Edna Miriam

June 29, 1943, Seattle, Washington


Glory be unto you a living Crown of Illumination and Wisdom unto all your Plans and affairs. Glory abide within you and express as you and make all your going in and coming out a Joy unto the world.

Remember Prayer releases Power. Keep your mind and heart on the Power moving forth. Use the time of the others’ prayers for trying to see God. The words are but bombs to carry the Power, which explodes forth in the same way.

You can’t pray too much. We need many more prayers. Pray, pray, pray! Yours in Love, Edna Miriam

July 18, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Friends,

We have now reached a very important time. Everything needs another push to cause enough action to get our load over the top in time. All enemies of darkness are making a final stand to eliminate the Power of Light if possible. This they cannot do. Yet, they could cause another irreparable delay in our plans. Therefore, we must have action now. More unity. More ONENESS. More love between the members of the group. This is of vital necessity. Let nothing of earth mar the shining brightness of the Lights of our group.

These are important times. We must have more Love-Power released. The Father has so few to ask in aid. How great is your desire to serve? How deep is your love of God? How deep is your full ability to give Him extra service? We must each be a perfect instrument for His service. More Power is needed everywhere. Hold. Lift. Love. I AM with you in love now, Edna Miriam

August 8, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Friends,

Time does fly! I’ve been doing 24-hour shifts. Think I have things under control now though and can count upon some time for writing. I love you all more than I can say and have more to tell you than time to write.

Stalin is still crafty. Watch him. He is furious over not having our forces in western Europe and perhaps this is the very reason we are at his back door. We have checkmated his queen by so doing.

This war is not over. Licking Germany is only the first half! Stalin does want most of Europe. Russia is already as large as Britain and the U.S. Watch this and pray. He’ll even make a separate peace to beat us to Berlin, but he does not want us in the Balkans when he does.

If we start anything on the western coast of Europe now, it will take millions in men and supplies to win; great losses in men, supplies and equipment. Churchill and Roosevelt both know this. I think they know exactly this. Russia refused Siberian bases until we made a landing in France, Holland or Belgium. We just ignored this ultimatum, took it as bad faith on their part. It would have been secret; we hadn’t enough men or supplies for invasion. We’ll use China instead, also gain Burma. U.S. and England wary with Stalin, playing him as he tries to play us. He is now resorting to threats. If he makes peace, he’ll move into Romania and Germany.

Sweden getting ready to resist Russia! This threat is behind all. Dissolution of Comintern is to throw dust in British and U.S. eyes. I knew this would have come in some way. Russia couldn’t have won without our food and supplies, planes, guns, ammunition, tanks, etc. Watch closely.

Greed and intrigue are back of the continental chessboard. We’ll win, but step by step, just as in Africa and now in Sicily. Nothing spectacular. Germany may collapse, but that is only the beginning of the end. I can’t see it, however, for a long time.

Something is happening to shake this country together into Unity. Can’t see. There is still weakness to be overcome and dawdling to avert. The way is rough, steep, slippery and there is no rest on the climb. To stop means great delay, even tragedy. Therefore, gird yourselves anew that there be no more delay. We need love and more love to carry forth the Plans that our present way shall remain open.

Remember how much I do love you and that this is the time God’s Promises shall be redeemed. We’re ready and not backing down. Deepest of deep love. Your own, Edna Miriam

August 15, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Dearest, my Very Dearest,

Am so happy! Everything is surely "coming to pass," even as we have planned. I’ll have more news this week, I know. If only I were twins or triplets, I’d be all right. I got bogged down for ten days. So much power coming through on top of extremely hard physical labor. Had to slow up until my heart could catch up with my desires. Darlings, my arms are wrapped around you and my love enfolds you. Shall know every door open before you and love opening the way. All my deep love, Edna Miriam

August 18, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Ones,

I love you. Deeply and dearly and forever.

The work is much greater than I dreamed. Witness this name "Edna Lister," placed on the back of all literature — sent as letters — from New York. It could have been in the middle or not on at all, for I never dreamed it would be. I knew they had just started, but didn’t know I’d be so sort of "in" on the "first" ones. These letters go to every Club woman in the U.S.! God surely has his ways of getting his Publicity out, hasn’t He?

[Edna Miriam was deeply involved in the Women’s Action Committee of the non-profit organization, American Foundation Principles, founded and headed by Carrie Chapman Catt, her good friend and fellow suffragist.]

May have more news this week. Remember how dearly I love you all. Your own, Edna Miriam

August 31, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Stand in Faith. A Living, Flaming Faith that recognizes no limitations, that says "YES," though the whole world is saying no, that sees no lack. That reflects no darkness, though all seems dark, that bows to no man-made barrier at any time, but ever keeps the eye single on a Goal of Glory and perfection. Faith that truly is Unconquerable because it stands divinely active and divinely glorious, despite people, their "no," their "it can’t be done," and their sometime desire to help tear down our work.

Our work carries on. I’ve an egg hatching that must really HATCH. Pray. Love. Stand with me on it. It shall come to pass NOW.

I love, love, love you all. Edna Miriam

[In September 1943, the Allies conquered Sicily and Southern Italy; Italy surrendered unconditionally September 8.]

September 6, 1943, Seattle, Washington

My dearest,

There is so much to tell you and nothing I can write. I’ll be "over" on time! That’s all I know now.

My plans are better than ever, that’s sure-certain. They can’t fail. And, since I’ve trusted God this far and every year has seen a step up, I KNOW He cannot fail if I stand. And, I’m standing and holding every inch of ground I gain.

So. We’ll go forward as we’ve planned. This trip East will release everything. Faith is unconquerable. And we have All-Faith. The Faith of God.

Remember how dearly I love all three of you and know this is really the finale. Our work together is now opening.

All my deep love, hear hearts, Edna Miriam

September 9, 1943, Seattle, Washington

My Dearly Beloved,

My heart is so full of love for you that it feels as large as Earth itself. It is a-thrill with the Joy of anticipation, and fulfillment. Also, a deep regret for all those who have so failed to hold fast and "wait upon the Lord." They can never see their names in the Great Book of Life for this Age. It can’t be made up. It just is. My heart is finally purged of all grief over it. It took our last "round" with those who came "out," only to fail once more. You see, they blamed me for leaving them, when they themselves made it impossible for me to stay. They were no more ready the last time than the first, to stand and surrender themselves, blame only themselves or to sacrifice "easy ways" for the hard Via Christi Way.

It hurt all over again but I can now see that they were only used to open that door again, so they could "houseclean" and mop it out! And we are going on. ON UP.

I’m under "Orders" to leave here after October 20th for Washington, D.C. No one except you, are to know I AM East. Lest one of darkness hears, and tries to build a Vibration against it.

I’ll spend one day with you! On my return, which is as fast as I can make it, in secret. I’ve been delayed from earning money. I’ve met everyone except the Democratic State Chairman and the National Committee Men. Will meet them this week. Am being given carte blanche by them, also for my Club organizing. So. Pray. Am going ahead as per Orders. It always does come out right. Women’s Action Committee going fine. Hold, stand, Pray. Lift. One more good shove and we’re on top!

I do love you. Edna Miriam

September 12, 1943, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved,

Love works the only Miracles. Love is the only key to open closed doors.

It seems hard to blame ourselves when doors stay closed, but it has to be so. It isn’t that we’ve grown lukewarm compared with our past loving, but we are very lukewarm when compared with our future abilities.

The only way to make us ever greater in Power lies in facing the fact that last month’s love is not great enough to fill our creations this month. It is the only way God has of telling us that there is much more Power for us to draw upon, much more love for us to use.

Therefore, we have all manners of delay because we are also hit by the lack of the whole world to love. The hatred and indifference of the world is the ice to cool our White Point of Heat of Pure Love. So, we must love more.

Faith is Unconquerable, yet faith without works is dead and love, LOVE is the "works." It is the leaven to vitalize, to quicken, to fill, to full-fill our creations. Love is Queen of Creation NOW.

I love you with a warming, lifting, drawing and protecting love and forever. Your own, Edna Miriam

September 26, 1943, Seattle, Washington

My SO-Beloved,

I’ll be seeing you! Have my reservations for Washington, October 24. Pray hard. Have to pick them up the first of next week sure. Times have changed, SO—O! However, God has never let me down and I’m certain He will never start now, because I’m certainly hanging onto the ends of His robe now. This must go through NOW. And — "It shall come to pass."

Everything goes here — though still slowly. I’ve arranged for a Conference on October 20th of all Heads — present time, of State Federations of Women’s Clubs and all past presidents. This gives us our start here.

Write your Senators now that you want them to pass the "Bell-Burton" Resolution or one like it, and not an ambiguous one, either, but one to start the machinery for our Post-War Peace collaboration. It will help. Mention the "Women’s Action Committee." This is a must. [Such efforts resulted in The Marshall Plan for postwar reconstruction.]

We are marching on, to victory. We shall have peace. But the men who make money out of war are now blocking our peace work, especially in the Senate. They are concentrating all efforts there. All is well. This time we are moving out and up. Lines are firmly established and are securely holding. I’ve Orders to advance and in no way retreat. I’ve waited nearly 15 years for this Order. So I’m really ready to hold every foot of ground I gain. I also know how to defend it.

I love, love, love you. Ever your own, Edna Miriam

October 2, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Friends,

Glory above all Glory is being poured out upon us. There is more Power to go forth than ever before. Our new motto: "This is my day of Miracles!" It is. There is no end to them — no limit. Bigger and better Miracles.

If I could only tell you what’s perkin’! You’ll know soon. I’ll see you before November 15, I’m sure. Fare $79.90 to Washington, D.C. Have now $15 toward it. I’ll gather the rest of my expenses during the month. And God can do this NOW. Never have I been so completely, confidently, totally assured over His ability to send me where His Orders tell me to go.

Pray, pray, pray. More Love. More Praise. More Song. What we’ve done is bringing such great results. What we do now shall magnify results a hundredfold, I KNOW.

Remember how deeply and dearly I love you always. Your own, Edna Miriam

October 21, 1943, Seattle, Washington

My Precious Ones,

I AM in great exaltation over your courage and over your bravery! If I dared write of the way the Father has opened the doors in Washington, D.C., from here, you would glorify God with all your heart, as I do.

Am enclosing our advance publicity. Whole day a huge success. Have dates for every Women’s Club in Seattle, one at a time, of course! State Action officers all elected. Am enclosing this; send it to me in Washington, D.C., Stratford Hotel, Capitol Hill, arrive 8:45 a.m. Thursday the 28th. Can get my mail there, anyhow. Every Women’s Club and Federation was represented yesterday. Am I thrilled? I can see the full completion of our plans on time.

Thanks ten million. Will write from Washington. Deepest love, Edna Miriam

November 2, 1943, Washington, D.C.

My Beloved,

Gee! To hear your voices last night was grand, I was — and am — so lonely for you that I could cry.

I needed this rest. Really needed it. I AM sure of myself again — not trembling inside at the "awe-some" greatness of it and the tremendous responsibility. I have that back where it belongs — on God’s Altar. All I need or can do is to go forward, carrying out Orders, one step at a time, and to Him all results. After all, I AM only an Agent here doing His Will.

All this to tell you that I couldn’t have stayed here without your help. Couldn’t have gotten here, in fact. But we shall all reap the same rewards. Advance for all of us. I’ll stay here until this is finished and ready for the next lap, which must be up. Can’t be anything else.

It takes longer to "worm" your way in through the back door, but no one knows you’re there. You escape having to tell your story to unsympathetic and hard-boiled ears, and those who aid feel an interest, or as if they were the ones who "discovered" and, consequently, cannot fight-at-you!

Hold fast together with me. We form our four-square foundation of the new Priest-King Government. I so appreciate all your sacrifices that I feel like crying. However, we are one, and "when" I have, it will run freely.

I love you all so very dearly. Am holding you and loving you every minute. Your own always, Edna Miriam

November 4, 1943, Washington, D.C.

My Beloved Ones,

I can stay with Mary until one week from Saturday, so pray that I’ll be taken care of, either finished and return tickets (to Coast — cheaper that way) in my purse to come to you or another home! And being successful by staying.

I do feel that this is perfect. Am moving in from the only angle that would not make me a "bone of contention." So, it must be the way and time, because it opened up, got the advice from Seattle. It’s longer on the outer, apparent side, but from the inside it will be permanent.

I need this four days of absolute rest given me. I couldn’t ever have got quiet as I have here. First of all, I love Washington, and second, this Hotel is extra quiet. It really is quiet here on the Hill. So, I’ve been able to check and recheck on what I AM to do and say.

Enough prayer, praise and singing will now put us over the top. I’ll try to be with you on a Thursday.

Anyway, I’ll see you all soon. That I do know now. Will love to "tell all" I can then. Please stand with me now. This is the climax of our years of prayers and study together. Everything else I’ve ever done is only a prelude to this. Seems queer, looking back, but so it is.

All was experience for ripening and maturing abilities, until nothing could shame, humiliate, disgust or disgruntle, but all could be included impersonally in facts to be gathered for purpose of finding a way through outer facts to the full establishment of methods, cures and ways to advance in spite of them — facts.

All my deepest love and devotion. Your own, Edna Miriam

November 11, 1943, Washington, D.C.

Dearest Friends,

Your letter was a lift for me, when it came. Of course, I know God will take care of everything in absolute perfection, but! When I have to act here as if I had a million backing me, it makes it much easier when I, too, can see on the outer with my physical eyes! I go on and on without it, but I do "love to see" here and now.

I have to pick up my tickets next Wednesday the 17th. Meals are terrific here and I’ve averaged 75¢ a day for cabs. You can’t make appointments on street cars when they are close together, and I get sent from one place to another. Just wait until I tell you this tale! Everything looked like a dead end Tuesday. I couldn’t see one inch before me as to what to do next, and wait until I tell you what. I had to break into the $50 for moving out here, meals and cabs and street car fare. You’d never believe how much street car fare I’ve used, and once I had to use a cab three times in one day besides.

My fare to Seattle from here will be around $101. Isn’t it awful? $5 a day nearly and no Hotel bill. Also I have had to take my hostess to dinner three times, $1.25 each time! So, I’ll need another $50 towards my fare. This $15 has to last the rest of my stay here. Just has to do it, that’s all. God is so good to me, I want to cry on His shoulder tears of great Joy over my precious and my dearly loved friends.

Now, I’m leaving here Monday 8:05 p.m., November 22. Arrive in Buffalo at 7:55 Tuesday morning, November 23. So I don’t arrive until Wednesday sometime or around midnight Tuesday 23rd. But I’ve planned my Thanksgiving with the Group! Do you like that? Our dinner together in Commemoration of our past together and the opening Feast Day of our New Age Future together. We should all be together on Thanksgiving Eve, too. At least, as many as?!

I love, love, love you so much and forever! Edna Miriam

P.S. Pray I do not have to take the Chairman Woman’s Division of the Democratic Party to lunch or dinner; it would shoot one of my so-precious fives!

My Darlings,

I’ve written and now I could write again. The man, whom I got through to today, God Bless him, told me that I had one thing different, which they certainly needed: enthusiasm. He sent me to Chairman of the Democratic Party. I’ve nothing but my nerve, you know, so PRAY. This is it! I know. They do need me, just me with my own peculiar abilities.

All my love, Edna Miriam

November 15, 1943, Washington, D.C.

Beloved Ones,

Next week I’ll be with you. I’ve missed you all so. We all can build a grand vibration, and have prayers as well as fun — no restraint.

I can scarcely wait to see you! I love you so and our Vibration is now built here in this city. All my Inner work is done. The outer still to develop. Pray, please, harder than ever. This MUST GO NOW! Therefore!!!

All my deepest deep love, my so dear ones, Edna Miriam

November 30, 1943, Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved Friends,

Never have I had such a happy time. Never has the Power done such perfect work through us as a Group. God is so good to us. I’m so happy!

Give everyone my love. I’m too busy to write. Someone canceled this half hour, thank God! It’s like old times. Should have $25 above all expenses, I hope!

Remember, I love you, deeply and dearly and this is it! Am holding for everything. Deepest of love, Edna Miriam

December 12, 1943, Seattle, Washington

My Dearest Ones,

Each of you is like a thermometer. The fluid indicates your energy. When it falls, some go to 75° below, the dry ice stage and sizzle and burn everything around them.

Some move up and fade into the White Light of the Christ and lift, overcoming all else below.

"Lift your Lights and walk with me." No crosses left!!!

All my love to you and ten million thanks for my many Birthday Gifts. I love you, Edna Miriam

December 13, 1943, Seattle, Washington


I love you deeply and dearly — enjoyed my visit more than words can tell you.

Just finished closet-cleaning this morning. The house was sompin’ terrible after 6 weeks! Got home to a cold house, no coal! Had to use my extra for coal. The house was so dirty, took all last week, plus Thursday in Tacoma — to dig out from under.

I love you deeply and dearly and am so happy over everything that I could and do shout for Joy. All my deep love, Edna Miriam

December 20, 1943, Seattle, Washington

My SO Beloved,

Russell is alive! I received word from the Japanese Imperial Government. He is a 1st Lieutenant in U.S. Army, prisoner in Military Camp #1, Philippine Islands. Says he’s well. His right hand is all right because his signature is perfect.

I’m so happy! All should be out for this. Plan it and then have a prayer meeting over it — this Camp to be exchanged, etc. — all Camps released. Am I happy!

This is to wish you a most beautiful Christmas. Remember, all is well NOW. God can do anything, can’t He? Yes??? Let’s double and redouble our fervency and redouble again our absolute conviction of our Word coming to pass. He promises.

I love, love, love you — Merry Christmas my dear ones, Edna Miriam

December 23, 1943, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Friends and Elect of God,

This is about the greatest Christmas earth has had for me: The Japanese Imperial Government has just informed me that Russell is alive and is a 1st Lieutenant in our own Army in Military Camp #1, Philippine Islands.

I have the whole story now. A false report! The first report from the Mines was wrong, but this [report] is Army, this is from Government, and that he is a 1st Lieutenant in U.S. Army. After all, many have been reported dead and later, found alive.

I’m so happy! If God can do this, He can do anything, can’t He? It is perfect. Think of the many I’ve prayed for, and declared alive and they have been! It certainly does happen all the time.

I fully think that they are all too busy "at home" now, to pay any attention to this, anyhow. Our Joy and nonchalance will keep talk from spreading. This is right. Therefore, all is well.

What a Christmas Gift! Am I happy? And do I love, love, love YOU All?

Merry Christmas and deep Joy in your sweet hearts, always and ever. Your own, Edna Miriam

December 27, 1943, Seattle, Washington


Am now decided. Am going out to form the Lister "44 Clubs" as an independent. Opening here in State of Washington. And just as a Jeffersonian Democrat voting mass for next November.

I’ve stood up and decreed. Let’s Go! Now I’m really on my way. Just using what God has already given me to use!

Here we go! Pray — pray — pray! The Power is coming through US now to put this over!

All my love, my dears. Edna Miriam

I love you!

January 5, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Good work!

You folks are really learning, not only to choose Law but to FORM LAW from circumstances, words, episodes and for necessities as they arise.

You are becoming true "Law makers" for yourselves. Love, Edna Miriam

January 16, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of My Soul,

It is so long since I’ve written you! And so much has happened.

Everything is ready now for the finale. Pray for my continued strength of heart, mind and purpose, to be fully possessed of God, fully surrendered to Him and ready for any added responsibility, "without wavering or shadow of turning," steadfast and poised under all conditions. Pray.

We opened that vibration of "darkness changed to Light" on 12th Night. No one else may use or touch this Power, for Power and Light, when changed from darkness is more bright than in its beginning. It shall do the work tenfold of its original Glory and Power. So, if you desire to partake, it is best that to stay in an attitude continuous of Joy, Praise, Singing and Pure Love Prayer.

We’ve won! We are winning! I love you all. Your own, Edna Miriam

January 30, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Redeemed and Blessed of God,

In all ages, there has been no greater Faith. None have ever held so great Faith. From your so great Faith shall arise great Glory upon our Earth. It shall blossom as in rose time and be exceeding fruitful. All hungry children shall share equally in its fruits. This is now coming. Much trial and tribulation must yet come before greedy children of men shall find and follow the Master and his way of plenty for all and hoarding for none.

Hold all in the very Light of very Light. Let Miracle follow Miracle and wonders never cease. Watch. Pray. Be ready. For things are going to pop one of these days! Peace be unto you blessing too great to hold all. All my deepest love. Edna Miriam

February 10, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of God,

Just received a second card from Russell. Almost the same but different enough to know he has sent two. My letters have not come back!

Now, for a tale. Hear ye! I’ve had a heart! It has put me to bed, flat, at least once a day for four weeks now. Most peculiar. Accompanied by trembling and a queer nerve vibration. I’ve been told to be still. That my physical body, as grand as it is, couldn’t stand the amount of Power without lying flat. So, they put me there. It has cut my writing to the bone. Have had to do all the necessary things. So, I’ve really come through another strenuous time.

Light is now released to cover all darkness, both that which we, ourselves have created and that of past karma. We have been told that great losses and tragedy would come to these United States to seek ways to bind men closely together. The Powers of darkness have concentrated upon labor factions, through their selfish and greedy leaders. Only great grief can cause a mending to last long enough to hold all lines for us.

Italy is only the beginning. Many in high places shall be brought low. Their shrunken souls can no longer cover their misdeeds. They shall stand soul-naked and exposed before those people whom they have misled. All waits now upon Lights. There are many things which must come and pass first. Watch. Wait. Pray. Watch Spain, Argentina and Turkey (she grows fearful over Russian domination). The pot boils over soon.

We need more prayers of Faith and of Love. We need lines of Praise for weaving into God’s cable of crossing. I love you so much. Deep love, Edna Miriam

February 22, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and Dear Friends,

This is the very greatest Lent in all Ages. More Power to be released. Greater progress to be made in every way on every step and in all Departments of Life above and below.

We are of all knowledge and Love. Oh! Let us so lend ourselves and so love as to make a new book of credits in Heaven and "ensamples" of Love-life on Earth.

I AM so happy! I was not allowed to see the reasons for what I knew I must do. I felt the Washington, D.C. pull and the traces holding me fast to earth. No progress to be felt or seen. Marking time. Held tight as in a vice. Then, suddenly the Flame of Glory opening everything and I could see. This delay is GOOD in creation. The more advance made in tearing out, down, the old and cracking up the shells of greed, the more ready they will be for Love to Reign and lead.

ALL IS WELL. We can pray these needs through. We are ONE now. I love you all SO.Deepest love. Edna Miriam

March 13, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and Dearest of Friends,

Time marches on! I seem to stand still! Marking time has ever been my worst favorite!

Ted passed his physical exams — "limited service" because of eyes. He is now waiting his call for induction. Also, he is bringing his friends in for weekends, unexpectedly and I’m Chief Cook and bottle washer. I got breakfast for them at 4:00 a.m. Monday morning!

I’ve loved every minute with him, and I love entertaining for him BUT! It has taken every hour for three weeks which I’ve put aside for my writing. I must spend every minute with him. Yet, one part of me hurts because it is not doing the thing it loves — writing to you! Do you understand? Russell is alive, but haven’t seen him since ’37! Ted leaving! So. Am doing the next thing next.

My love for you is so very great. I AM with you. So much to tell you. When? No Orders at all except to stand by for future Orders!

I could work 6 days during every 24 hours and then not finish in months. So. Hold me up for greater efficiency and ability to speed up, so that every hour will produce 12 hours’ worth of accomplishment!

We’ve brilliant sunshine, but a wind direct off Arctic mountains. I long to see all of you. God will let me write at length, I know. Also, see you sometime soon — I hope.

Always my love flows to you unceasingly and forever. Your own, Edna Miriam

March 23, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Ones,

Just received a wire from the Provost Marshall’s office, Washington, D.C., that the International Red Cross has confirmed Japanese report of Russell as a 1st Lieutenant in Camp #1! This means he’ll receive my letters! I’m so happy! God is so good.

Spent 2 days in Tacoma — 5 days chasing from bank to FHA — different ends of city to try to get a refinancing on the house so payments would come within mother’s allotment. I’m sure there’s a "Ram in the bushes." If I need to refinance, someone will do it. Pray with me. I love you all so. Deepest love, Edna Miriam

March 31, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of my heart,

Easter week and I’m not with you! No word from Russell.

[Edna Miriam’s son, Russell Elliott, was captured, and died aboard a Japanese prison ship that was sunk by "friendly fire."]

Ted still waiting induction call. I needed this fine polishing. And I did go to the Father. He smiled and said, "All things are prepared before thee. Do thy loving best and let me do all the rest."

Pray hard with me over it. And, my Orders have come. I’m to be in New York City May 1-3 for Women’s Action Committee Convention. Then, back to YOU and Cleveland for a month. They need me. I need you. Not long now.

I love you so. I’m comin’! God is preparing my way. Thought I’d have earned plenty by now. Well, I’ve worked day and night on God’s next step for me. This is Truth, I know.

It’s good to have definite Orders even when all I see is a Light of Glory and not the "how." Pray with me — hard. Please love me hard. I do love you all SO. And love does fulfill the Law. Love, love, love. Edna Miriam

April 2, 1944, Seattle, Washington


I AM with you. I AM holding you close and high. All shall be well and very well. Our promises shall be fulfilled.

Am coming East. Orders. Know God has way made perfect before me. Pray and Praise an overflowing abundance through to all of us! We’ll have a week’s feast. And time together, I know.

I love you so much. Be brave, be courageous, be triumphant. Every last thing shall come true for us, I know. I have an unlimited, unconquerable conviction. My deep love, Edna Miriam

April 9, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Friends and Elect,

Easter Sunday! Happy Easter to YOU! Thousands of miles separate our bodies, not an inch our Souls! I AM with you now. Heavenly Hosts are around you. You are "passing over" a Rubicon into a New World of Joy. So, leave all else behind.

Make your Vows to live now. To fill each hour with Glory, Light of Glory, Shekinah Glory, Glory with Bells ringing for Joy. Power is greater. We are higher. Love still is the Crown of all Life. Love still fulfills. Praise still is our greatest Creator’s tool. Let’s resolve together to do, to be, to stand, to know, as Creators of Joy.

God is waiting. We are ready. Faith always WisconsinNS. God always says "YES"! Let’s Go! Let’s Win! If we’re cooled off, let’s turn on the heat! Let’s blaze and flame with love. All my heart, mind, soul holding you UP! Forever and ever yours. Edna Miriam

[June 6, 1944, D-Day, the final Allied campaign began with the landing at Normandy.]

June 11, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

I’ll soon be with you again. I love you so and am thrilled over us.

Did you know that it’s raining thousand dollar bills? Also $500 bills? $100s, $50s $20s and $10s. It IS NOW. I’ve got all my bags open to catch ’em. My share — plus. I love you all so, Edna Miriam

July 13, 1944, Cleveland, Ohio

My Beloved Ones,

Weather no less than boiling! Am now well done.

Yesterday we had a picnic! While there after lunch, I told about 30 of our Buffalo "Temple Fund" and one man got up, put down a dollar and said, "What about us?" They raised $12 — and appointed a Treasurer of "Building Fund," and so it must be the RIGHT TIME. Just easy, starting with what we have now.

Wish I could see all of you once more, but I have a feeling that I’ll be back soon. A sort of a feelin’. Pray, love, Praise. We are NOW winning. I KNOW. Deepest love, Edna Miriam

July 14, 1944, Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved Flock of the Lord,

My love enfolds you unto all Joy. My heart sings Hosannas unto the Lord God of Hosts every moment that we have come through great tribulation unto the Light.

Therefore, hold all. Let no man take aught from you, now or ever. Stand ready. It is important. Peace unto you and much strength, Edna Miriam

July 24, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Group,

While I do know how very near I AM to you at every moment, I’m still feeling far away, because we had so little time together. It was such a great little time, but still all too short.

I love all of you so very dearly and I need you all so much. I’ll write as much as possible. Keep on praying that I’ll have the ’—’ fortitude to get this book done! All my deepest love, Edna Miriam

July 26, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Dearest and most beloved,

I miss you! Very much. More than ever before. There is now a bond of closeness that nothing of earth can break or set aside. I know that you feel this, too.

The nearer we [Edna Miriam and Ruth Bender Collord] get to the mountain top, the more important it becomes. And please pray hard. I AM standing by and knowing the greatest results ever gained by anyone, for you, during this Retreat.

You shall see Visions and you shall accomplish every one of your Soul Desires. I AM ever with you in love, Edna Miriam

August 10, 1944 — Atop Mt. Rainier

Beloved Group,

The Glory today is almost too great to be borne. "Crystal clear" is the word for the atmosphere. And what a contrast with the past week. We arrived Wednesday in a real cloud-mist, which grew darker and darker all afternoon, until it was rain at dinnertime.

Thursday early, 6:00 a.m., the same. So we crept back into bed to keep warm, and prayed! By 10:00 a.m. the sun was lovely and everything except the mountain top was beautiful. That was in deep mist. After lunch Thursday, we started our 1,000 ft. climb. Paradise Inn is at 5,557 ft altitude. We went to 6,500 ft plateau where we stopped. At 4:00 p.m. we found a couple of rocks on flat Plateau before "the face" of the Mountain. At 4:45 p.m. (7:45 p.m. EST) we prayed. Meantime, from lovely warm sunshine, clouds dense and dark, had covered the whole mountain. At 5:00 p.m. (8:00 p.m. EST) we began to see the clouds over Mountain turn black and blacker.

Well, it got cold!! And we prayed. We worked hard. Sang. Prayed. Praised. Spoke the word. Finally, at 6:00 p.m. clouds began to lift and we saw those on the mountain itself grow black. We began to sing with the Heavenly Choirs and watched a pure shaft of White Light — brilliant and blinding — break through in a circle exactly over the Summit. It was magnificent. It was the most glorious thing I have ever seen, because it burst through the heart of evil itself. The Mountain was clear for 15 minutes. Then it all closed in again, and it became dark and gloomy all ’round.

We have 40 Days now of New Ascension for body and Soul. To each is given Power to Release for Creations. Only we, ourselves, can determine "what," "how," "when." Our desires, our choice, our Love and Faith. Let’s make this 40 Days pay us greater dividends than ever before we’ve had from any investment.

I love you all so deeply and so dearly. Ever your own, Edna Miriam

August 28, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Dearly beloved,

The Power is so great that you can hear the Songs of the Planets and Stars. Glory is great enough to make Light any darkness. Let’s stand together more and more closely. Let’s hold each other so high that only Glory can possess all of us.

Darkness is overcome. Yet, some darkness is coming up and out of men’s hearts to be lifted, that will almost cause us to tremble. Every nation will have all stumbling blocks removed. To stand together is all we need. I love, love, love YOU! Edna Miriam

September 11, 1944, Seattle, Washington

My so beloved ones,

If only I could give this "in person." Writing takes so very long, and I just can’t do all I must do. I love you so much and I AM SO happy! Everything’s comin’ my way! Our Way, which is the Master’s way. There is so much to be done before then. Not enough hours.

I love you so and would write you miles and miles, yet I seem to have so many obligations that I must take care of now that it just takes extra days which I should use for writing.

I’ve been thinking we couldn’t make trip to Vancouver! Yet, this a.m. I have positive "Orders" — must go! Lines must be built up here, so Power can be released through high Canadian Rockies — into Russia. A must. Not just a pleasure trip at all. Has to be. I dread packing and leaving again. Need the time so hard.

We have our Hotel Reservation for October 10th for Vancouver. Only $2 extra fare to stop overnight in Victoria, so "Orders" are to do so. I have enough for both fares and my Hotel bill and eats. I’m sure we’ll have enough by then.

You must be with us for release of Power — through Olympic Mountains North and then Alaska and over into Siberia, across North Pole and Arctic Circle — all for the purpose of lifting earth. Otherwise I should never take time or money for it, because I’ve long past due obligations to settle with just plain money. Anyway, God will take care of it. He always will. I AM with you every minute of time. I love you dearly, Edna Miriam

September 19, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Ones,

Enough Power is coming through to truly perform any Miracle for anyone.

Hold to the Power over Sunday, the 24th. Make up your minds, each of you, exactly what you want. Then, decree it, thanking the Father that He always says "YES." Then keep your minds made UP, praising Him without ceasing, day and night, until your Miracle "comes to pass." And, it Shall Come to Pass, as spoken. In His Name, Edna Miriam

September 22, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Flock,

Great things are now brewing. Pray for enough Love to conquer all darkness within your appetitive souls. Then, our President, enfold him in Light and lift him. Also, the opponents. Encircle them in full blazing Light and Glory. Also, all enemies of God everywhere, especially here in New Jerusalem. Only so may we do our own perfect, needed work.

Then each consecrate himself anew in surrender, in devotion, in love, in faith, in joy, in understanding, in service, in renewal of Vows, in desire to be ever ceaseless in prayer, praise and sing Psalms to God. Each must be in a State of Grace over the 22nd to see, to hear. All Heaven is open to you, Edna Miriam

September 25, 1944, Seattle, Washington


I really miss you more and more. I cannot picture the time when we were not together. It is so wonderful to know you are there in the background, that I can reach out to you if and when I need you.

A little more sacrifice, a little more surrender, a little more praise will bring your dreams into the outer. So, I AM doubling and redoubling my prayers on it. I feel the same about my own. For we are on the same breath and vibration.

Remember, you are as great as your Love is great. You art as great as your surrender to be a perfect instrument of God’s Power. You are as great as your ability to sacrifice self. You are great by the Grace of God only. You are great because thy Love causes you to live by the Honor of God. Honor God. Praise God. Become the fullness of Law and nothing left to self. Be selfless and abiding. I love you always, Edna Miriam

October 16, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of my Heart,

If only we could understand love. If only we could hold love high enough as our ideal. If only we could remember to lift everyone else when they seem to stumble.

Love enough will make all things Light. Love enough will cover all our transgressions, no matter how great. Love enough will hold anything or anyone high in Light. Love enough will cast out all fear. Love enough will make all things new. Love enough will cast out all doubt. Love enough will pay all debts we owe Law. Love enough will forgive, give love for anything or anyone.

Love enough for each other will make each other one beautiful. Love enough will make each one of us good. Love enough will make everyone else very happy.

Let’s pray, "Oh, God, create within my heart enough love this day to make my Temple a true Temple of Love forever." My Love for you has no limit. It is as great as God is great. Love does fulfill all Law NOW! Your own, Edna Miriam

October 30, 1944, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

"Forgive us our debts as we have forgiven our own debtors." This is our statement for the week to be used in deep, seeking love, to be held close to our own souls for searching out any debts deep in our subconscious minds, which we are unconsciously holding against anyone in the outer or on the inner.

This is our key to ascension, This is our ladder to God’s Power and to His Life. If we still hold a debt against another, whether a person, a nation or even an administration, we are holding ourselves in chains of bondage.

To blame anyone or anything is counted as charging a karmic debt to that person or thing, karma which the one who charges the debt must pay, not the one blamed. The one blamed may even have repented before we charged him with the debt.

I love you so always. I stand and hover over you and yearn to lift you all above the earth’s plane of debt-charging. Let’s rid ourselves and earth of all karmic debts now together. All my deep, deep love, Edna Miriam

November 2, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

To know that, at last, we have a Class once more, well, it delights me beyond measure. I know that it will build up a mighty Power for us and mean the emancipation from all so long lingering traces of darkness.

This Group means much to the Master. Once more we establish this Study Group for Mastery. You are capable of carrying that Torch for Him in perfection, and I AM positive that you will keep it free and loyal. There are no others ready. They have much lip-service with no full, blazing appetitive soul desire to become as Gods NOW!

You are Teachers. You must know that you know Law. We all think we know it. It is something else to know that we know it. This only comes with Mastery of self. As long as one tiny thing can cause us self-grief, self-blame, self-condemnation (and this has not one thing to do with true repentance, because it always seeks to justify all it has done, both to itself, others and God) or self-love, we do not know Law. True knowledge gives delight to the heart, and makes us sing songs in the face of reprimand, danger, reviling and criticism. Praise of such love that one almost melts and dissolves comes from knowing and Being Law.

When Law is self-used, it always causes a soul-knowledge of guilt, and terrible wear and tear upon the physical body.

Visions should be "pooled" and each one given proper analysis or interpretation, lest the "little me" of the one with the Vision misinterprets for that one. Safety comes from checking and rechecking. If all cannot check on any thing, watch out, there is a cross-vibration entering.

Remember, every Group is ringed around, beyond the Fire protecting it, by subversive things seeking expression — to disrupt all Groups. And just one tiny line from the "self" of any in the Group, and they grasp the line as a wedge to enter. The White Brotherhood needs more Mediums, and gladly uses one with just a tiny bit of self.

Therefore, check. This holds up the Glory of protection given us from above. Fear of sharing and checking is true self-knowledge — appetitive soul knowledge. Therefore, keep this Group as One in Love for each other, and God that One! You are protected. Open this not, by a thought of self, to any seeking whom they may devour!

I love you so deeply and dearly that my heart hurts to bursting with it! Some day you will know, all of you, just how deeply dear you all are to me. All my deep, deep love, Edna Miriam

November 9, 1944, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved,

Prepare for the Month of Joy. Build "Wings of Joy" for yourselves from the Joyous Praise you make continually unto the Most High from this moment onward and forever.

Eagle’s wings weather the fiercest gales by riding with the storm, not fighting it. Then, in the sun, the breezes help blow them home. No wasted effort. Just ability to "stand with" even the Gales of Life, letting them rage in fury.

"Wings of Joy" can only be built of the Substance of Praise. There is plenty of time to build them, Mighty and Strong, to carry us Home. I AM ever with you in Love and Devotion. Your own, Edna Miriam

November 27, 1944, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved and Glorious Stars of Love,

I AM with you in love. My arms are enfolding and lifting you to the heights of all Glory.

Love has won now. Love does create the perfect. Love does lift the burdens. Love does cure any physical ill. Love does create every harmony. Love does change all else into itself. Love fills all, not one-quarter, not one-half, ALL. Let love conquer through you. Let love sing as you now. Let love praise God with your tongue. Let love form your lips into perfect, creating words of life for you. All my deep love, your own, Edna Miriam

November 30, 1944, Seattle, Washington

My so Dearly Beloved,

There is Glory and to spare for everyone now. There is Joy overflowing for you now. There is Power awaiting your Midas touch to turn it into the Glory of outer and Inner Success for you now.

Reach forth your hands and touch each thing in your life that you desire to be changed. Let this touch of Glory through you turn all into the Glory of pure Gold.

Pray the Substance of Love into outer perfection of body-healing, gold for purses, gold of loveliness of Spirit for Character, gold of beauty of thine own form and lives to stand forth as living ensamples of Law. I AM with you — pray. Edna Miriam

December 5, 1944, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Friends,

I send you all my love, and share with YOU my whole Kingdom of Joy on this my 60th Birthday! It does mean this coming year — from right now — we can do anything, be anything, have anything AS CREATORS.

What is our Choice? What do we desire to separate ourselves from? To lift it? Our choice. This is the strongest year Earth has ever had.

All my Joy is your Joy. All my love is your love on this so Great a Day of Joy for your own, Edna Miriam

December 8, 1944, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

When I opened that Card, I was thrilled, just having a Card from All of You! Then, I saw a dollar bill! Then, I took it out and said, "Oh, it’s two dollars." Then, I almost gasped for breath. It was a TEN. It looked like a million to me!

Thanks more than I can say, wonderful friends, and know that this is the Very Happiest Birthday I’ve ever had. Sixty is wonderful! I feel like sixteen, eager to see around the corner of 1945, because I’m positive — sure — certain — that this is the very "Year of Fulfillment" for all "Promises and Plans." Let’s Pray! Let’s Praise! I love you All so. Ever your own, Edna Miriam

December 11, 1944, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved,

To have the full knowledge of Law which you are now seeking will strengthen you for any future outer work.

We ask for information on "what" we are "doing" to cause certain effects in our lives. We ask why our prayers are not answered, yet we refuse to "hear," to "see," or to pay any heed when we are actually told the "what," the "why" and the "when." There is only one answer: We are breaking a Law.

"If ye break one of the least of these Laws, ye are guilty of breaking all." So, the work we are now doing together is the very most important of our whole lives.

We must make each meeting pay great dividends. Because I AM with you surely, certainly. Thank you all for your so lovely Birthday Greetings. It’s been the Happiest Birthday I’ve ever had, bar none. I love all of you SO! Your own, Edna Miriam

[Edna Miriam wrote the following encouragement to a gentleman who had received a crushing disappointment at work. This lesson and her advice is priceless.]

December 14, 1944, Seattle, Washington

My So-Beloved One,

This is a Day of Glory. My wishes would fill the Hall of Wisdom, and that is some large! And one thing I do know, my every "wish I wish" for YOU "shall come to pass." Period.

Know — that all is well and your heaviest "trials" are over, if you make it SO. Remember, your "hurt" over "boss’s treatment" of you has delayed all "plans of joy" for you twice already. Resentment (on your part) has cut the lines twice for you. You can’t be hurt or offended without resenting and blaming, which is judging another. "This is an hard saying." Yes. Law is hard to Become, but it is Glorious to BE, after you get there. And, there is no easy way.

When you feel at any time that you ’do not deserve’ whatever it is, then know that it is because of your Vows to help! World Karma you are helping to lift and lift the ones who bring it to you! Bless them and love them! They are your stepping stones to your own great place and your own great life. You are winning fully this time, I KNOW, POSITIVE.

Until you serve God only, and never even see how you are treated, you will have this same situation arise. In fact, it will always arise wherever you are, whatever you are doing. This is what ails the Government and all "appointees." Just exactly what you are in a position to learn not to be or do. Darling, Vows are one thing! Practice of Vows always hurts.

No one can keep you out of God’s Place for you. It isn’t lack of a College Degree that is your handicap. It is what you think of it and about it. Because God can put you anywhere He wants you, over College Degree men, any place, any time, when you forget all "but God."

You are my grandest friend, pal and "worker." But when are you going to truly forget self, and Serve Joyously, Gladly, Lovingly, Freely and Graciously, even — most of all — your enemies! Cut this out NOW. This is God, scraping clean the "inside of your Platter" for you! Submit. Look UP.

This is to be the greatest year of your whole life. Great! All "dreams come true." All Visions fulfilled. Nothing is going to "take your Crown of Glory" from you, especially not that "little old self-pitying self!" You shall be consumed with the Fire of the Glory that fills you. You are so good. But any offense taken at anything means self. And a lack of love enough going forth at that particular hour, even though every other hour is over-filled.

If you could know the Glory ahead of you, there truly is no man or situation could force you to look at the meanness they do, even for a minute. Remember, we’ll always have the mean ones to deal with. Learn now to love, lift and know God’s love, even when they are in action with it. You are now being polished to a brilliance unbelievable. Are you going to hold one tiny facet of the diamond to the self — dull — while all the others are Glorious?

I’m lifting, loving, holding and knowing you through this Initiation and above it forever. Of course it comes when you are physically tired, lonely and alone. Then is when our weakness rises up to slap us down, until it becomes our greatest strength. Do you think I do not know?

Blessed Birthday, my dear. Happy Conquering of the last trace of self. Let’s love this boss into Heaven NOW! You shall be promoted over all heads into God’s own place for you! All my deep, deep love, dear, Edna Miriam

December 21, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Dearly Beloved,

If only I could fly to you for this night, or Christmas Night, or somethin’! Wouldn’t that be Heavenly? Just wait until we get our little planes that dash 500 miles an hour!

This is our greatest of all Christmases. On the Inner, pure Glory. In the outer, political chaos. Muddle. No one knows where to turn, nor what has happened. All that can save us are the prayers of the "Stars." YOU are Stars. What must you do to truly be a Star? You are a Light, Steadfast in shining, Constancy in obedience. Being without self. Doing without Reward. So. Pray. It grows more important every single day we live. There will be more and more confusion.

I love you, my dear ones with a deep and a vast love always. We can reach a "hotter" Point of Praise in Joy because we know. I AM with you as ever. With my deepest, dearest love to each one of you. Your own, Edna Miriam

December 28, 1944, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of Love and Glory, Joy and Praise, Greetings of Joy on this the Day of full Release of Power. The New Year approaches on silent "Wings" of Light. What are you planning for this year? What are you filling each shining hour of each perfect, unspotted day with, Joy and Love? Without a Charted Plan you will lose too much Glory, too much Time, too much Substance.

Today God gives us enough Joy and Love for the year. He shall fulfill all our hours’ desires — with what? According to your Charted Plan, "so be it unto thee." My love to you always, Edna Miriam

January 4, 1945 Seattle, Washington

To My Beloved,

You have achieved a fitting humility and worthy Desire to be humble enough to appreciate Heavenly Gifts and to hold them very high in the Soul’s Mind and in your Hearts. Now you are fully ready to move forward upon the High Pathway.

Yet, the need is for greater humility, lest unwarranted pride slips into your actions or thinking. This has caused all "devils" since the beginning: pride. Pride of beauty, pride of Intellect, pride of Place, pride of Position — and none of these belong to us, except through the depth of our Love. Love alone places us. All else is apt to prove a Tempter and cause us to lose ground, thus making us climb to regain ground held and then lost.

Be watchful and hold fast all you have, lest any man take your Crown (Revelation). Each go over in his mind and then state aloud what has been a pitfall in the past. Make each into a Law: "Guard against pride, resentment, arrogance, self-exaltation, etc., lest it subtly creep upon one, slip into one’s speech, cause action such as … at unlawful times." You need not state exactly so but it must be clear enough to be our framework for a later Book of Warnings to Neophytes. It is Service and it aids each to become observant of self-delusions, to speak truth upon each thought, action or desire of self. It teaches Law as well as forming a bulwark against misuse of Law.

This is your year’s Inventory and taking of soul-stock while throwing out all spoiled stock on mental shelves. Be honest, be searching, be humble. When hearts are self-scrubbed, minds self-swept, pray that the Light of Shekinah Glory shall polish minds, hearts and bodies unto His perfect Glory. All my love, my dears, Edna Miriam

January 8, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Your New Year,

This is YOUR year of fulfillment. Do you know this for yourself? Do YOU know exactly where you are going this year? Have you charted your new course to fit the new and changing times?

It does not matter how many small ports you are forced to visit by circumstances beyond your control, how many times you have to stop for forced repairs, how many contrary winds blow you off your charted course, if you constantly hold before yourself your original course, clearly outlined on your new chart and always set your helm on a straight line back to your course of life, or if you return to the original line the instant your ship is free to move again.

Delays cannot keep you from finally reaching your chosen goal! Keep your own mind made UP. Do not allow anyone or anything to UNmake it for you. God’s winds are always with you. Do you know this deeply enough in your own heart to keep you strong in confidence that you can win? Constant in your thinking and determination to strive and struggle with life itself until you have won? There is nothing too hard for you to do. There is no effort too great or too long for you to make. No goal too distant for you to attain.

The long-range view of life is the success view. When you cramp your view down to fit today’s despair, you lose the incentive and the power to move forward into your success. So, make your 1945 vision a long-range vision. Make it part of a 10- or 20-year plan. Give yourself TIME enough to accomplish a truly great plan. There is no such thing as "old age" or "too late." Now is the time of fulfillment for YOU!

Life is "deathless, ageless and abiding." Life is "the same yesterday, today and forever," and YOU are life. Chart your new course. Tie down your helm and no contrary winds of earth can blow you too far to return to your own course. No heavy gale can take the helm from your own two hands, or make you alter your direction toward your goal. You are complete within yourself and you already ARE your own fulfillment for 1945.

January 11, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Beloved of God, Greetings of Power and Glory, now and evermore.

You have earned great credits on the Inner and great compensation in the outer. However, there is no withdrawing of the Law, which declares that each must work out his own salvation. Each has the Power to bring it through into his own life. Each has the ability to plan his own Creations. Each can be constant in Praise of Joy.

Do you regard God’s Kingdom as great enough to content you until you learn to create as a God? Do you believe that God’s Glory is greater than all? Shall God fail you ever? Shall He take aught from you? No power of man can cause you one lack if you place all dependence upon God while you use all you have to His Glory.

Do you truly use all that you have? DO all you can do now with what you have? Praise through all the Great Power given you now? Upon your answers to these questions depends the fulfillment of all Glorious Promises. Consider how much more effort of time in both hours and Praise you can give. Consider how much more in duty and service of giving you can do now. Consider what you have left undone or failed to do the past year. Then declare to spend a few moments of time and effort to pick up these lost stitches in the web of life so you shall have space for the Release of greater Power into your own planned Creations. Make this a meeting of resolves to make better use of minds, hearts, bodies and affairs exactly as each is now.

Pray for me. Send enough substance of Love to weave into dreams and glories for the whole world. I AM ever your own, Edna Miriam

January 15, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Dearest Ones,

You and I are making a New Age Plan of Ascension. We shall release it upon earth, gradually lifting and ascending earth. Isn’t it worth your price of "time and effort of love"?

I AM again amazed at God’s ability to do new things. Just when I think, "Well, this must be the end of His Imagination," He does something so great that I’m left breathless and speechless. All my deepest love, Edna Miriam

January 22, 1945 Seattle, Washington

My Beloved,

Behold, a New Covenant is made, and so shall it live forever and forever. Never again shall there be darkness in any universe. Never again shall we stay so long away from our Father. Continue in lifting all darkness and when it shall be fully lifted, so shall it be accomplished. Darkness shall be gone forever.

Stalin shall announce his policy once he enters Berlin. He shall tell of his demands and stand. He is now ready to take over the world, as he thought he was ready when the Nazis prevented him. Yet Germany shall make it hard. Many men shall be taken from earth, for Germany is not yet ready to surrender. They will spring a thing upon all fronts soon, which will horrify all peoples.

We now have our lines clear and open for advance. All shall come, though it may seem too slow. It is a very steady climb and each step is solid and leaves firm ground under our feet. Victory and Triumph for us are surer than sure.

Pray much. Lift more darkness for all depends on this. I AM ever with you. Pray each now for the other’s strengthening and lifting forever. Edna Miriam

February 1, 1945 Seattle, Washington

To my Beloved Ones,

Greetings of all Glory. It is come. Life for the weary world. Love for the nations. Faith for all seeking hearts. We have won the Aeons and Ages-old battle with false doctrines of selfishness. We have won.

We have waited long for this. Watch, therefore, lest anything of self cause you to lose this exalted moment. Hold all up. As you accept this as Truth, so shall your Words stand fast. Can you believe? I AM with you, Edna Miriam

February 2, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Dearest Edna,

Two Seattle boys were named in those 500 prisoners released! It is very hard, this waiting. This is the third time.

Please have the Group pray for ’release of abundance’ for my finances. Must get my writing out and sold. Have had no mail all week. Thanks one million for the $10! $4! (Wrote $10, must be coming!)

I’m very happy over all Inner work — everything is moving in a perfect way. I AM certainly loving you with all my heart. Deep love, Edna Miriam

February 15, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Beloved, Chosen Elect of God,

You have entered 40 Days of Passion and Sacrifice. Pray before the Thrones and give up your limitations. Consecrate these days to Release a great Power.

Are you satisfied with your fervency, hour by hour? Can you increase your Praise? Can you hold fast to your sacrifice? Praise God together for His Release of greater Power through each. See how many things you can praise God for in your present life. Pour out Love upon all earth.

Bless those men who are even now preparing for the final war with Russia and darkness. We shall win but not soon. Roosevelt and Churchill know that they need to put Stalin down. Pray. Sacrifice your small and petty holdings against others. I shall be with you, as you pray, blessing and Lifting, Edna Miriam

February 28, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Beloved of Love and Life,

Be in Love with God. Be in Love with Love. Let Love be your guide, your strength and your Deliverer. You are in the greatest period of Ascension. Remember and know your own glory.

Is not our God a God of Glory? Is not our Father a Fortress and a House of Comfort? Does He not answer all calls and send Power for our creations? No one has used all. Very little have you needed of that storehouse of Power in your own Star. Just a little more Praise and a little more Love added to each hour would give great and vast glories in your creations.

You have filled some prayer molds, others a little, some not at all. Your molds dry and become lifeless from neglect. The molds are held and await your good pleasure at some time, now or ages hence. Why not Praise and Love enough now?

Rejoice and be glad. Be in Joy. Be in Praise. Most of all, be in Love with God. Be in Love with Love. Each let Love flow over the other. Let Love, all creations of Good, flow into full expression. I AM yours in Love and Joy. Be one with me. Edna Miriam

[March 7, 1945, the Allies broke through Germany’s Siegfried Line, crossed the Rhine and overran Western Germany.]

March 8, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Beloved and Glorious Ones,

Blessed are you because you are found glorious in Unconquerable Faith. When the Master stands at your Door and knocks, he is invited in at once. Yet, why should you ever close him out? Why? If you can open your Door at his knock, you can hold it wide for him at all times so that he need waste no time knocking. Then he may come and go with Power at all times. Then you would always be filled with Love and all strength for daily needs and all Joy under all conditions.

Keep your Upper Chamber wide open for him to enter. He has given you oil. Keep your lamps filled or else how will trimming affect your lights? To trim is not all. Fill your lamps with oil and he shall bring the Light. And when he brings the Light, who of earth can put out your Light? None, for he holds all Lights and gives all Light. Look to him and be alive and in Power forever. Edna Miriam

April 5, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Beloved Elect of Glory,

This is your time of full Release. By Loving your own places, by Praising your Father always and in all ways, by praying in Joy, so shall you find release from the world darkness.

Live in your High Place of Glory. Let the Master be your strength and Joy. Let him be your words and innermost thoughts. He is ever with you. He is ever surrounding you with his Light. He is ever watching over you to your protection and complete Ascension in Glory. All my Love, my dears, Edna Miriam

[Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker in April 1945.]

May 5, 1945 Cleveland, Ohio

To my most Beloved,

You are Rays of Light moving forth under Joy. You are instruments of Love, which is the Law of Creation to bind all Creation together as One. You are now worthy to carry the Master’s Banner of the Law of Light into all dark places. You are true Sons and Daughters of Joy. Joy shall conquer all hate. Release Love as a Joyous Vibration, for only Joy can send it forth far enough or powerful enough to overcome all world darkness.

Praise unto Joy. Praise again until you stand bathed in Golden Silence. Praise again with Love ascending and your bodies shall be filled with Light.

The Law is perfect now. Be Absolute Law and perfection shall manifest through and as you forever. Become Law. How I miss you! Love you so much, Edna Miriam

[Germany surrendered unconditionally May 7, 1945.]

May 18, 1945 Cleveland, Ohio

Beloved of God,

Live with the Master hour by hour, leaving all others alone to live and to receive their lessons in God’s ways of rightness. Grant each the freedom to be right where he is and as he is, without speaking, only shining from the Golden Silence to bless.

Seek to know how to Love one another greatly, that you may be your own fulfillment of all Life and Law. To live fully and have a full life you must know Love and be Love.

There is only one way: Sacrifice of the "little" of earth to gain the "much" of Heaven. Make further and even greater sacrifice of self. So live in the High Place that all the appetitive soul still embedded in the world may be lifted, coaxed to move higher where it may aid in the Oversoul’s Reign over body and affairs. Long has the appetitive soul been in command over the outer self. appetitive soul finds it hard to give up past reigning to be ascended to the Oversoul. Yet it must be so. It is the only way to go through the Gates while still in the flesh. I AM your own, Edna Miriam

May 21, 1945 Cleveland, Ohio

My Beloved Friends,

You are Faith Unconquerable. Ascend ever higher. Your Lights grow with sun-brightness and shine forth to glorify Terrah. Earth has become a Star of Light and full Glory because of the Elect who "so let their Lights shine forth."

All past Promises shall speedily come to pass. Let more Love possess you. Let more Praise move through you. Let Might and Majesty o’ershadow one and all. Above all, Love one another. Provoke not one another to darkness. Each call the other full Brother and Sister, with Love only between you. Each hold high his own Torch and look well to his own life, lest an unwary thing be said to grieve another. Love one another and so shall Law be fulfilled. Let Peace move you into all comfortable living and into all happiness now and evermore.

I received the money you have provided for my expenses West. Please do believe me when I say that I AM very eager to become a Capitalist!!! My purse always bulging with gold — in fact, not fancy! And it shall come to pass. I AM exceeding grateful and I shall give you very lavishly of that which I have — LOVE. I pour it out upon you in a never-ending stream of Glory. All my deepest Love, Edna Miriam

May 31, 1945 Cleveland, Ohio

To my Beloved,

I miss you so much. And I love you so very much. The wire came to hotel Friday morning. One million thanks! I hope to pay my expenses here this week! And hold all I can toward our summer’s expenses in Yellow Pine. The work here goes along. Some glorious work toward the future, as well as getting the Temple together as one. They’ll all carry on now.

Feed the Master’s sheep, not by going into the byways and hedges but by lifting, loving and letting. Much karma still must be lifted. When you see a thing in your brother’s life that needs lifting, remember to lift the same thing in your own, for until you are unable to see critically but see only compassionately to lift, you also need cleansing. Let each wash the understanding of the other with Love. This is the meaning of Washing of Feet. Then shall perfection come to the whole group. Then shall you be able easily to love one another. There shall be no failure. I AM ever with you, to surround you with Love, to hold you fast in my heart and to give you precious gifts of Joy, strength, Light, life and Glory. Pray as One. Edna Miriam

June 7, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Beloved of God,

Greetings, one and all. To you, Love has been given in full measure and in full Power to use first with one another and then upon the world.

Love is your true life. Love is your true expression. All else is born of that final gasp of darkness, which seeks to take with itself to oblivion all it may devour while it still has a spark of life left with which to destroy. Do not lend yourselves to its ways, either as individuals or as a group. Stand strong and with Joy in your Souls. Love one another with mighty Love and the Light shall make you safe and secure forever. Edna Miriam

June 8, 1945 Seattle, Washington

Most Beloved of All,

Whatever you lift shall be made one, which is good. Whatever you call good shall be made again into Love, which is full Light. Can this fail? Can God fail if Law is the user and lifter?

Love is. Law is. Both work only good and very good. Let love of Law use you unto its own perfection. Love is all. BE all love NOW. Let love control YOU fully. Let Light abide in you only, and in it NO darkness at all.

It’s late evening — 10:00 p.m. The trunk is crated, and all the rest is in a large freight box — wooden. I’ve packed and wrapped and tied up ten boxes — cartons for Yellow Pine Camp. Has to go in morning. We’ve over a dozen parcel post packages to mail. Silver, towels — bath and kitchen — food, sugar, cooking spoons, etc. Have to furnish the Camp, except just kettles for cooking and dishes.

Had two wonderful meetings in Tacoma. On Wednesday they had the largest luncheon they’ve ever held in all these years — 125! Gave me $12 for my 3 hours! Wish that you were here! How I love you! Deep love, Edna Miriam

June 14, 1945 Yellow Pine, Idaho

Beloved of Love and Glory,

Love has no limit. Love has all Power back of it and Love Releases the Substance for all Desires.

Open this night with Decrees for all your Desires for this whole group and for the world. You may be only that "two or three," but Light shall use you in such Might of Power, in such Might of Glory as has never before been Released.

Each pray a prayer of Love and Praise first. Then pray Prayers of Decrees. Then pray the prayer of "Let Power go forth and fulfill these Decrees." Each choose one personal thing to release Power upon and, in turn, all shall release Power on his week’s Decree. Each week make such Decrees with all releasing Power upon them. Love enough will bring it to pass. I AM ever yours, Edna Miriam

June 21, 1945 Yellow Pine, Idaho

To my most Beloved,

Stand in the Light forever and Light shall shine through you upon a weary earth. Light shall lift you high and it shall be a Fortress and a Bulwark before you. No enemy of God may penetrate it nor move through it to touch you.

Our prayers are heard of the Father and all shall be given as we decree. When you make decrees, you must remember to stand on and by your own Word. Why doubt and waver? Do you say, "I doubt not, I waver not, It’s not so" and then do both?

Decree your Soul’s Desires, true and steadfast, then lift all buried past doubts and fears as they arise in the conscious mind. In no way prepare a table for them to feed upon, either in minds or hearts. We have been granted all our Souls could ask. We already have both Vision of Spirit and of the Soul and full vision for physical eyes. We have been given health of Mind and body, physical strength and Success of affairs.

Much shall be given soon. Prepare the way for its coming. Be in a State of Grace and a State of Glory. Let all Glory be your Staff and Glory shall shine and lift all about you to a higher Realm. You can never rise high enough to satisfy the Father; therefore, seek to please the Father by diligence in joy and in effort.

All is well and very well. All is good and very good. Be in Love of Joy. You are somewhat remiss in praise. Can you not, each, do more of Praise? Pray now prayers of Praise. Be in Love steadfast and serene forever, each hour. I AM with you, Edna Miriam

June 27, 1945 Yellow Pine, Idaho

So Beloved Ones,

The Lord is in His Holy Temple NOW. His Holy Temple is YOUR dwelling NOW. Therefore, honor the Holy Temple in which YOU DWELL NOW. Do you dwell well-grounded within your Holy Temple? Are you really breathing YOU back into your own body every morning upon your return for your day’s "work" and "lesson" upon earth?

If you feel weak, take seven deep breaths with a good stretch between each while the lungs are emptied. Do it slowly and use this statement on your outgoing breath, "I AM NOW ONE with all the universe. The Universal Breath now moves through my soul and body all day long, making them over into God’s perfect Image and Likeness of power, of Strength and of Glory."

You shall be renewed and made glorious and strong NOW. With all my deep love, Edna Miriam

June 28, 1945 Yellow Pine, Idaho

My Beloved Ones of Glory,

Be in Peace. Cease fretting over mundane things. Do the next thing next. Do all to God’s Honor and Glory and God shall make Increase of all your Substance. He shall make Increase of money, strength, business and Love, for one is as important as the other.

Shall He not provide for you in Abundance? Shall He not provide enough for your sustenance and what you shall wear? More than you can use or desire, when you "let" Him do so.

Let God be your True and Only Source. Let Him do all things to your Honor, for is not His Honor our Honor? What Honor and Glory have we of ourselves? All we have comes from above. Do the next thing next without any self-doubts, self-fears or in any way forgetting that He is the only Source.

I AM with you, holding, standing, knowing and waiting for God to fulfill all promises. Edna Miriam

July 3, 1945 Yellow Pine, Idaho

Beloved of Law and of Glory, The way before you is now filled with Glory. You are well established with your feet upon the Way of the Masters. Self-surrender and soul-discipline are your great, very great needs at this time.

Many become bored with the pettiness of the so-small details. They grow too weary to be bothered by the so-necessary everyday small things and so lose time, because the meanest of life’s daily duties can be made full stepping-stones to the fullness of all Glory. Let no small daily task in any department of life be too humble for your care in self-discipline for soul-expansion.

Redeem time. Be constantly constant in detail. Seek to love each task more. Seek to do it better and in greater speed. So shall you redeem time, which shall be credited to your soul expansion. This is the Law of "use that which thou now hast in thy hands." For the climb upward there is no greater need. To keep your Vows. To watch each task and finish it. To leave nothing for another to stumble over as he may seek to redeem time. To make each moment pay you the greatest of dividends, not only with a task well done but with some discipline unto the self to exalt your soul.

Each is to copy these Laws for use, moment by moment. I AM ever with you in Power, Love, Life and full Light of Glory. Your own, Edna Miriam

July 5, 1945 Yellow Pine, Idaho

Beloved Ones of Joy and Full Praise,

I AM with you and my love encompasses you ’round about, now and forever. Glories beyond all Glories are in store. Joys too great to bear.

All we need is a full, complete, continual surrender. You have only begun to surrender, even at your greatest point of present surrender. Seek ever for new ways of vowing, then becoming what you Vow. Surrender your whole self. Gather from your deepest past still more attitudes, opinions and prejudices to surrender unto God, the Father.

Your only Spoken Word is "Let." Your greatest surrender is only a crude beginning. You are still only learning how to surrender. Surrender itself takes time. Keep learning the "how" of surrender "whilst thou art in the ways." You are still babies in knowing what surrender is all about. Seek to learn what the true giving up of self is, what it truly means to be possessed of Love.

True surrender to be possessed of Love gives freely without counting the cost to self or things for some distant day. Give while you may to God and to man. Wherever you see or feel a need, there give. Surrender. Praise. Love. I AM ever with you as Love, Edna Miriam

July 17, 1945 Yellow Pine, Idaho

My So-Beloved Ones,

These next two months are filled to overflowing with earth-lessons for everyone. Those who remember to operate on the following words, which really are States of Consciousness when lived, shall reap rewards and credits greater than at any future time.

Recognition: (Instant) This is mine or it could not come to me. It has my name upon it, which I gave to it as I sent it forth.

Acceptance: (Instant) This is mine to lift right now. I accept this as my present lesson. Let me, oh God, gather from it every tiny bit of knowledge for my future guidance and protection.

Repentance: Here I AM, Father. Let Light shine upon the spot of unconscious memory that drew this lesson to me. Let thy Light cleanse and scrape clean the platter of my appetitive soul and lift it into thy Glory now.

Surrender: Here am I, Father, now surrendering unto thee all my past, present and future that I may be thy perfect Servant of All the Power.

Sacrifice: Father, let me find new things of self, those still buried in my appetitive soul, hidden from my conscious mind, to lay upon thy Altars forever. Accept my soul, heart, body and affairs as living sacrifices unto thee to be used as thy Servant and Strong Pillar in the Temple. These explanations need not be followed exactly. The idea, "what do these words mean as given through me?" must be followed by Prayers of Praise.

One Law encompasses all Law. Love will fulfill all Law. Yet how can Love fill an already full vessel? How can you be filled unto all fulfilling except you empty the old from your vessel? Many Laws must be well-learned before the vessel can be fully emptied. You might empty it all at once, if you would but you don’t. You empty the vessel a drop at a time and the Father so puts in a drop of Light in that space within your vessel. Drop for drop, so He gives.

The Master waits to touch you with a magic Scepter of Love. Will you, can you give up to Light all past appetitive soul? Have you the strength? Or must you go on surrendering it one drop at a time?

You are Chosen, strong to live in Glory. Why dally in surrender of little self? You may ascend fully one bit at a time or all at once. What is your choice? Now? This is the daily "dying," which can be overcome by the complete sacrifice of self now. When Love Supreme possesses you until no drop or spot of self remains, Love shall then fulfill the whole Law within you and for you. Hearken. Heed. Surrender. Obey now.

It makes me very happy to know how close we are in Spirit and how closely we shall serve together in the very near future. Your prayers added to our prayers will shorten time, I know. Love is Unquenchable. Faith is Unconquerable. Edna Miriam

July 24, 1945 Yellow Pine, Idaho

Beloved of Light,

Hold the Torch of the Master’s Light high enough to take on the full brilliance of the Shekinah Glory now pouring out upon earth. Power is coming from a Supreme Source of All Sources, direct from the Supreme Father. This Power is might beyond all might, Glory beyond all Glory, Love above and beyond all Love.

Now, shall one who neglects Love’s releasing every hour be found worthy to release this Power? Shall one who grows lukewarm every other hour or every other day be found worthy of such Power? If it causes such great confusion to allow a little Power to move through, how can the Father dare to allow much to flow through you? If the little you now can accept and "let" use you causes distress, how can the Father dare to "let" you have the whole Power of God? When you are half-alive, half God-conscious, half "trying," only a little Power moves through, unless you are moved by Love to a high point of the White Light of the Christ.

As a barometer measures falling temperature, even so do pain and weakness register your fall from a high state of consciousness to a new, low state of consciousness. Fall not beyond your highest point of white heat. It is your choice. Where shall you be found? High or Low? The Power moves forth. Stand ready now. Edna Miriam

July 25, 1945 Yellow Pine, Idaho

My beloved Group, most precious and dear,

Wednesday, 3:00 p.m.— As I wrote this greeting, the postmistress came in with the following wire.

Washington, D.C., via Seattle

The Secretary of War regrets to inform you that your son, 1st Lieutenant Russell J. Elliott, was killed in action in the Pacific area the 15th of December 1944, while being transported aboard a Japanese vessel. Confirming letter follows.

E.F. Withel, Act. Adj. General of Army

It’s a blow. In spite of the fact that I’ve expected it. When I think of the home in Seattle that Ted and I had ready for Russell, I’m laid flat! All I need to do is keep my eyes and mind on God! I think you know how my heart is aching. I so wanted to see him and hear him again here on earth.

My Soul is singing above the break in my earthly heart and its lonely pain. I love you very dearly and always, Edna Miriam

July 25, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

My Beloved Friends and Chosen of God,

I love you! Each time I write that the Power is greater than ever in the past. It is true. Be quite certain that those words do not bore you when you listen to them, lest you lose an opportunity to release your own quota of this most Holy Power. God is not fooling. God will not be mocked. He has chosen as His most Holy Elect all those who choose to stand ever ready to be His chosen servants!

The fact we most often forget entirely is that our vibration falls and falls. When God’s need arises, when He needs us most as perfect instruments to "Let" His Power move forth to lift something in the world, we are as deflated as old, cold flat griddle cakes and no Power can move through the soggy mass. Therefore, "keep your lamps trimmed and burning, filled with oil" lest when His need and your call comes, you are too low in spirit to do anything but gasp and cry! When something hits YOU, it is God calling for your help to release Power!

When YOU are releasing it all the time, you’ll never need to be called. You’ll go along on an even keel, with life singing to you and for you. Problems are God’s call to arms! Be ready! His Power has already answered them. God’s perfection is YOUR answer NOW! You are free!

All my Love. Your own, Edna Miriam

July 25, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

Beloved of Light,

The Blue Ray of the Mother abides with you forever. It is a Consuming Fire to burn out all dross. This dross in each lies in the hidden rooms of the appetitive soul until the Oversoul seeks to Ascend its All. Then what has been hidden for ages boils up to the surface in many ways, thus allowing itself to be remade once more into Light, as it was in the dim beginnings of time, before the appetitive soul came up through all life of evolution.

When you freely lift it and succumb not to its clamoring for Power, then the body ascends with the soul and full Stature of the Christed One is achieved. When the rational soul listens to appetitive soul’s plausible vaporing, then it adds to its power until it boils around underneath, eating away or dry-rotting the cells of the body. Sometimes it crystallizes the cells. Yet the ever-ingressing Fire of Love, the Consuming Ray of the Mother, so principled to burn up darkness, enters — and the war between Light and Dark goes on in the body itself, as the battleground it then becomes.

Therefore, the Law of the Consuming Fire of Mother Love is that it shall either burn out the dross or burn out and consume all darkness. Obedience to the Laws of Letting and Lifting will cause dross to be consumed for the complete purifying and full ascension of the body with the soul. Let all hidden things come to the surface of the conscious mind. Look yourself in the eye and then conquer all petty self.

Search and lift all that does not come up, ruling it in its foul lair of appetitive soul. You would not drink from a foul cesspool. Past self-prides, self-conceits, self-satisfactions are the foul residue left in the hidden caverns of appetitive soul. Now even the worldly appetitive soul must be lifted from the appetitive soul, leaving the body free to be healed and lifted or leaving the body to be burned out, thus freeing the hidden things to be taken to their own place to be chained for a thousand years.

Search the hidden rooms for negative little-self-me things. Surrender them for and unto the Ray of Mother Love to be consumed into pure Light, which is then added to rational soul substance for daily use now. Substance has been released to go forth as Power of Love. Be in constant devotion and in constant Praise, now and every hour. The need for more Power of Light for our use in building is greater hour by hour.

Credits and gains shall be given according to your ability of Release now. Pray with ever greater fervency, with ever greater Joy, with ever greater strength. I AM ever with you in Love, as Faith. Use Love. Use Faith. Use strength. Stand then. Pray. Love. Faith is Unconquerable unto all conquering of all things. My Love enfolds you. Edna Miriam

[August 6, 1945, the U.S. dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.]

August 6, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

Dearest Friends,

Your preparatory work for August 10 is almost over. Today, the Masters open the new Vibration. At midnight, between the last hour of July and the first hour of August, there was a stepping up of the Power moving through all of us. This continues until the 10th when the apex of release of Power is reached.

Be in Joy. You have, by continuous and unwavering allegiance to the Master, gained much in scaling the heights of Glory. All are to remember that the Master’s Path proceeds in steps. Only by climbing one step at a time, while building the next step and gaining the strength for standing upon and defending that new step, can the student become a "Master in Law."

Take time to become Law. Seek ever to live by and as Law. One Law well learned, until it becomes a life habit, is worth more than a book full of knowledge soon mislaid or forgotten in life’s turmoil of actions. Remember each is as important as his desire to be perfect. No one is small. No one is great. Everyone is a Neophyte always, for there are millions of Realms and Laws.

Only surrender is great. Hold fast to all gains. Be friends of God our Father. Love one another. Love is great. Consecrate yourselves by prayer. All is well. With all my deep blessings and my love, your own, Edna Miriam

[August 9, 1945, the U.S. dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Japan surrendered unconditionally in August 14, 1945.]

August 20, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

My Beloved Ones,

Behold! An open door is set before you. Once you enter, see to it that you don’t back out, lest your backing out should again close it, lest it should one day close forever. Should God wait upon your giving in to self and backing out again throughout all ages? No. A time speedily comes when there will be no door opened unless you begin again at the bottom.

"Love rules me now. Love lifts me now. Love is my Shield, my Fortress, my High Tower. Light is my constant companion."

Allow no door to Realms above close upon you. Only when you present your backs to God’s doors are they closed. When you face the Doors of Light, they are held open until you lift your weakness to God’s strength. Let Love rule now, Edna Miriam

August 23, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

My Beloved Ones,

God’s Door stands open. Have you entered? Have you again backed out into the cold and dark? Stay within the Doors of Light. Let naught cause you to fail. Hold fast to the Light. Let Love rule your heart. Let Love rule your Life. Let Love Reign as you. Stay firm within the Door of all Love.

"Love rules my heart. Love rules my Life. Love reigns as me." Some week’s work! Edna Miriam

August 24, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

To my Beloved, Blessed Ones,

I bring tidings of Love. Love is Crowned. Kings and Queens shall rule, not earthly potentates but those of the Elect who have won through to be Crowned by the full Glory of the Christed Consciousness. You are Crowned by that Love, which brings the ability of Creators.

To Love God with the Love of God, this is the sum of all your needs. Love fulfills all Law. Let Love be your Power. Let Love move forth in ever-increasing volume that your creations may be fulfilled. Ask what you may, then release the Love to fulfill your wish. Let Love be the Substance to make solid your desires. Let Love fill your desire-molds. Love more. Let Love possess you.

When you cannot love a condition, turn from the condition and love God. He will then send through your Love enough Power to change the condition. This is Law. Let the Law of Love do the work. Love must flow freely through you to fulfill the Law of your life. And this Love must be the full Love of God, pure and undiluted by self.

Lift the self to be soul. Let the Love of God possess and use you unto the fulfillment of all desires and needs. So shall perfection follow and through the spoken word it shall be completed. Love is all. Love is complete. Love is success. Edna Miriam

September 4, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

Dearest Friends,

To "know" means an incentive to active service. To be so much a part of Inner activities of service has a compunction comparable to nothing of earth. The time will soon pass. I’ll be back early in December, long enough for many lovely happenings and good times.

New Initiations began September 1. We win the new places on conquering on the same old things: "dispositions" and "conditions," as we are in appetitive soul and where we are as to spot, right now.

Of course, we all feel that a few new things to conquer would be easier but they wouldn’t because all we have to bring to the new is exactly what we are this minute. So, let’s tighten our belt, dig in and make every hour count. I love you most dearly, Edna Miriam

September 8, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

To my Belovedest,

You have come through this summer in higher Glory than all past summers. Yet we are lower in the Joy Vibration that Creation demands. Therefore, our Orders are to Praise more. Praise enough to open each one’s new Initiation Vibration is a necessity. See to it, therefore, that your prayers are prayers of Praise. Praise for past favors and more Praise for those to come. It is with your own Praise that God fulfills all promises to us. He cannot fulfill completely unless we do so Praise. This is the one Law that cannot be set aside for any, God or man.

Praise without end. Let each hour ring with Praises. Let each hour see you higher in Vibration than the last, until the Joy of Love brings every Creation into outer expression. I AM ever yours and ever your own, Edna Miriam

September 10, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

Dearest Friends,

We have so few days left before September 19 and each is important because the amount of Power released through each of us is "set" by that midnight and will not be stepped up again until after November 1.

No limit is placed upon the amount to be released by each. The only limit is what each one’s heart will stand. When Power is sent forth upon a full Joy Vibration, the heart can take a limitless amount. The pure Joy Vibration is pure Shekinah Glory direct from the Supreme.

Miracles are performed upon a Joy Vibration. To reach the highest Joy Vibration, in fact, the only way it can be reached is through the Praise of God. Praise alone will bring Miracle after Miracle, Miracle upon Miracle.

This Praise of God is just a continuous saying in reverence before the Thrones: "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts," without thought of self, wants, needs or earth. To Become the Consciousness of God in ecstasy too great to be borne — this is the Praise of God that releases the Love of God as Substance, which does bring anything we have ever desired into full visibility. So, let’s Praise all we can in the remaining days until the 19th. Let’s form the habit of living each hour by the Praise of God. Rejoice and be glad. Now is the right time. All my deep love, Edna Miriam

September 17, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

Beloved and my own dear Friends,

This is your hour of fulfillment of all desires and all the Promises of God. You are, each of you, your own Creator. You are your own present fulfillment.

Enough Love, enough Praise will surely release enough already God-given Substance — your own — to fulfill your dreams, desires, plans and needs. You can release as much Love and Praise in Joy as you desire in any given hour. Enough Praise fills your hour to overflowing.

Fulfill your own Promises. Enough Praise will do it. Fulfill your own Destiny. Enough Love will do it. You’ll never reach too high a point of Zeal, Love or Joy. You can keep on expanding, however, into a greater capacity. It takes more Substance to build a great ideal than for a small, "after-the-world-pattern." YOU can increase the fervency of your Praise each hour. YOU can increase the Power behind your Unconquerable Faith each hour, if you care enough about it!

Pay ever more attention to those small things of life. Details shall be your continued Law. And this is that Law. Heed. If there is a thing you have done or that you have left undone that is not good for all the world to do or not to do, then you are breaking a Law.

If all the world may do it at all times, if you can do it at all times, if your family can do the same thing at all times or leave it undone at all times, then it is good. If it cannot be done by all forever, then it is of darkness and so small a Law broken breaks all Law. This is Law.

To leave undone or to half-do a detail and leave it for another or yourself to stumble over, causes you to lose your high Vibration, for Law is broken. To cover one detail in carelessness or in a way which all the world cannot use also all the time is a broken Law and the least Law broken is all Law broken. Such causes chaos in the world and delays too great to be borne. For each Chosen to watch, therefore, all details shall release a mighty wave of Power to lift Terra again and to fulfill all Promises, all Plans, all needs and desires.

I love you so! And I declare for each of YOU a capacity so great each hour that your life will ever be one "Miracle after Miracle" and a thousand "Miracles upon Miracles." Ever your own in love, Edna Miriam

October 11, 1945, Yellow Pine, Idaho

My Beloved Students of Law,

To the individual has been given the full Power of a Creator. Hourly he creates graven images that he worships for a time. Under despair only does he turn to the Light from this image he has created of his own distorted opinions and prejudices, unto his own undoing.

Seek Truth and lift your lines, lest by use of that Creative Power with which you were endowed in the beginning, you have self-opinions and prejudices remaining underneath the surface of the conscious mind that are still creating falsely and without any consent of your conscious mind.

You are Creators born. Yet only under sacrifice of all self is full Power of Creation released to you for your use. Sacrifice petty self-worship. Surrender to Love. Edna Miriam

October 23, 1945, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

Let the Flame of Fire from above that consumes all else unlike itself consume you.

"I AM now possessed by the fire of the Flame of Life Immortal and all I do is touched by its Glory."

Use this constantly and see the Glory of God descend upon you. Edna Miriam

November 25, 1945, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

No time. Everything to be done this one week. All needed ends tied up — half packed! Enough to get by. In Cleveland at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 28th. Thanks for $5 — needed it. Much to tell you! Isn’t God good to us? Won’t be long now.

Leave at 9:30 p.m. Good old train! Wish I could fly! Have good reservation, though and hope to really rest. Been hectic this last few weeks. Love you so! Edna Miriam

January 7, 1946, Seattle, Washington


Because of your Faithfulness, because of your so great Love, you shall Release Power untold for the Saturday Meeting, our Heavenly Twelfth Night. Great Glory shall descend upon you. Great Joy shall be yours.

We open our New Year on this Night of Glory. We set a new keynote for the coming Year. Be wise and joyous enough to have the full benefit of this so-great Power. Pray. Release Power to all earth, lest darkness swamp earth even now. How I love you all, my so dears, Edna Miriam

January 25, 1946, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

"This is my year of fulfillment and each hour is full of miracles for me, for you and for the world."

This is my year of fulfillment. No one can hold us back. Hold your place on your steps. This is your chance to prove God’s miracles. How? By letting God use you. Ask, seek, knock persistently, constantly. Make yourself do all those things you have planned so long. Do one something each day. "This very hour I AM one step nearer my miracle."

All my deep, deep love forever. I shall always be your very own, Edna Miriam

February 4, 1946, Seattle, Washington

Beloved and my most precious Group,

I love you so much. Have a beautiful kitten! Last Wednesday I heard a kitten crying on field side of house. Looked out front door — nothing to be seen. Heard it again on Thursday night — heavy rain.

On Friday morning when Ted went to ice box, a beautiful tortoise shell kitten dashed up the screen, rubbing its head against the screen right in front of his face! And purring like all get out. I fed it milk. It was famished. Knew it was the one I’d heard crying for two days. Thought it must belong next door because of its coloring. Just left it on porch. Still raining — hard.

In about two hours, Ted went to build a fire, and that kitten had found the broken pane in basement window and had crawled down via coal — was filthy dirty, but rubbing Ted’s legs and purring. He brought her up and she ate another whole "cat dish" of cereal and milk. And she purred LOUDLY every minute.

Well, we put her in the basement with another bowl, which she cleaned up by 4:00 p.m., when I went to fix furnace. I supposed she’d go home. But she’s still there! She’s housebroken.

She’s adorable, never knew a cat so full of lovins’. She adores crawling into a huge paper sack. She’s cleaned up some "arrogant" mice who would not go into a trap and stood on cans on top cooler shelf and actually flirted their tails at us! And she’s the most beautiful tortoise shell I’ve ever seen. Her tail is ringed — black on the end, with yellow, then white to the spine. One ear yellow, one black. Beautiful green eyes! God sent her surely. She loves Ted, and he loves her. Wish you could see her, you’d surely love her! And she’s chosen the chair by register, next to me! She loves it. It was quite lonely until she came. Miss you so much!

Can’t imagine if she belonged to Oscar why she’s here or how she’d leave anyone and stay. She moved into the basement and "owns" it.

Had 25 at Tacoma last Thursday. Have luncheon tomorrow and 14th Thursday. All traces of the flu are gone. Cough gone. I’ve had a tough time. However, I’ve been made over now — for keeps.

I had the hardest four days. I was glad to lie still and flat. I could scarcely get back upstairs from furnace when Ted was at work. Twice I just put on blankets and Ted had to build fire at midnight. Five days in bed with flu — another five with an abscessed throat — guess next time I’ll go to bed when I’m so Ordered. Was warned, but I had two meetings one week — one the next and company here, and dirty house, etc., etc. and I just couldn’t manage more than three mornings until noon. Hoped that would turn the trick. Well, it didn’t. I’m as fine as silk now. So, I’m very happy. God is good to me, isn’t He? I love you very deeply and dearly and for always. Edna Miriam

P.S. I’m winning this year on TIME, too!

February 14, 1946, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

Initiations for Easter are already under way. It is a time of polishing old details, which we’ve gone over many times. List as many details as you desire to make perfect as Soul-habits. Then strive to Become a Law for each one. Talk this over, but not in futile words. Make words count against passing time, lest you be guilty of idle words. Be perfect, therefore, in the use of Words — when in discussion.

An announcement of an Alliance between Turkey and Russia is being made. Confirmed on outer by Radio: "’Russia to aid in Palestine." This is the beginning of the 3rd Armageddon. Watch for each move now. I AM always with you, Edna Miriam

February 25, 1946, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of God, the Father,

Greeting to YOU as Love, living, breathing ensamples of the Love of God. At this Lenten preparation, seek to learn what "love ye one another" truly means.

First pray one for another now. Then each shall speak and state what loving one another means now. The Lights shall be upon each and in these Lights shall each be judged as to place during Lent, the greatest of all outpourings of Spirit that has ever been upon earth.

Watch, pray and know. Time has again been shortened. How dearly do I LOVE YOU! Edna Miriam

March 18, 1946, Seattle, Washington

Beloved of my heart,

I’m so Happy! The "Divine Fire" has descended upon me, and I’m writing! I’ve always had it for "talking," but my writing — well it transcends what I’ve had before. So, May 1st we’re off to Hollywood, because you’ll all go with me, won’t you?

I’m thrilled over your special meetings. I know you are all building my "bridge to Hollywood" by doing it! Have my first appointment from my ad! It’s coming! God is so good to me! I love you so much, Edna Miriam

P.S. Had ’40’ up for laying on of hands on Friday. Meetings are good. Takes me 3 or 4 hours to get my Bible interpretation and afternoon talk ready. Time! Time! Time! I’ve so much I must DO. E-M

March 28, 1946, Seattle, Washington

Dear Ones,

Am enclosing this advertisement for a special reason. Remember how I was told in ’37 that I’d go back to my "Beginnings" and from then on everything would fall open and like an avalanche, all my dreams would come true? Listen to my story: I was born in Tacoma. If that isn’t "my beginnings," what could be? I’ve never liked it there. I’ve always left it as fast as possible. So!

Friday, March 15th, Fern Mills, President of Truth Temple — asked for my picture for papers. So, in Tacoma, I’ve had my picture in paper again after many years! Also, began to sing and talk in Tacoma! This is it! My Sign! God is so good to me! I love you so! Pray and Praise! All my Love, Edna Miriam

April 7, 1946, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Group, I have my Reservations South. Leave here Wednesday, May 8th. Am trying to get a room somewhere! Pray about it, please? Hope to have the first part of my writing surprise soon! Please pray with me hard. I know that it is your prayers that keep me going.

I have housework, meals, 2 days a week in Tacoma. Heavy new Lessons in Bible Interpretation, which I’ll give when I come! I love you so dearly, Edna Miriam

Easter Sunday, April 14, 1946, Seattle, Washington

My Dearly Beloved,

Today there shall be a Vibration Released that will open our ’New Temple’ Success. It shall be called Great, for it will send us on until our very great College is well established.

Everyone shall Ascend upon the Wings of its Power and everyone shall bring forth unto an exceeding great outer Success.

You are now Joyous and beautiful in His Power. You are now Radiant in His most Holy Unconquerable Faith. You are filled with His Glory and it shows forth to draw your own success unto you.

Your Soul does Magnify the Lord and you are fervent and you are free. With all my love to Ascend you high, Your own, Edna Miriam

April 18, 1946, Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones,

May [Wilder] wrote me of your wonderful Service. You folks cannot dream of what it has given to you in Credits. You will know though, one day.

Prepare the Way of Joy for your own Increase of Power through the 40 Days until Ascension Thursday. Your continued fervency of prayer shall determine how great an Increase it builds.

So much to do! Book not done yet! Work no end. But all of you remember how I love you and keep right on praying — please? All my deepest love, Edna Miriam

August 13, 1946, Los Angeles, California

My Dearest friends in all the world, I need loads of ’Prayer’ material! Please. Both my contacts have been on vacations! I’m so very lonely. Waiting makes it much worse. I miss you all more and more. And it’s getting hotter and hotter here! But even then better than Cleveland.

Waitin’ grows more and more difficult and less and less agreeable. Must break through this wall somehow. Have only enough for one week’s full expenses now. It was all I could earn — but that was good, wasn’t it? My fare here and a bit over 2 week’s expenses. Every single time before I’ve had to leave because I couldn’t pay my expenses. I must break through before that can happen.

The Light is now shining on an open door. I AM walking through that door now. This promise shall be fulfilled. Everyone pray.

Love does fulfill the Law. Love does open all doors. Love does supply all of us with an earning place now. Love does give us the key. Love is the door wide open to success. Love is the way of life.

Faith is all-conquering when backed by Love of God. So love, love, love is our watch word and our sustenance and our barrier-melter, where all else is melted, dissolved and Light reigns as King. We go forward, upward. All my love to you, my so-dears, Edna Miriam

August 29, 1946, Los Angeles, California

My Beloved,

Your letters came! Also the $5 for which my thanks some more! I ran out of necessaries all at once. Took over $5. Then $5 of stamps — money melts!!!

Meantime, one Writers’ Agency here, high class — tells me I’d better break in from New York! To submit the Book to George Bye and have him contact his Agents here! Broke it down for Movie! Now build it back again for Book. Why doesn’t someone "know" and "tell"’ me the first time? I’ll DO IT RIGHT or bust, and I ain’t bustin’!

I’m in touch with another Agency and will get further advice on this before I start over again. So far — up to date! Isn’t God good to us? We’ll all have plenty one day soon, too! I love you most dearly. Deep love, Edna Miriam

September 7, 1946, Los Angeles, California

Dearest of my heart,

Wonders never cease! I AM Ordered to Tacoma to take over the Unity Temple until Easter! Start my Youth Movement, the Golden 49ers, run the Temple as I did Unity Statler (Buffalo)! Hard work and write. Write. Write.

Tacoma will finance me completely for a while until I can reassemble my Baby Book [Welcome, My Son]. It will, of course, be better for the breaking down and re-writing. I did need the polish that practice gives.

Keep on praying. Without you I’d be lost. Received the letter with money! Shall leave here next Friday by bus. I love, love, love you, Edna Miriam

October 7, 1946, Tacoma, Washington

Dearest ones in all the world,

Talk about work! Do I travel some? Getting results but have no time for anything else. No apartment. Am busy part-time being a "guest." They are wonderful to me but they’ve had friends and relatives in to meet me all my spare time. Pray for an apartment [in Tacoma]. I must have one NOW! Must!

Time for noon meeting, then a cup of tea in the kitchen and the healing meeting. Wish I had all of you out here for these new classes. You’d love them. You’d all better copy the new Psalm 119. It will be my textbook on Kabbalah.

Did I write that I’ve received Orders to be in Yellow Pine June 1 to October 1, 1947?

We’ve had several Indian Summer days then squalls and sun again. Today is cloudy. Rained early in the morning. My work here is coming along fine. Bus strike over a week now. No sign of stopping. It’s cut my clinics to zero! Trying to save first payment on apartment rent.

Today, with no buses and no clinics, have no visitors! I love you all so much. Am holding you fast, close, high. Keep praying. My deep, deep love, Edna Miriam

October 10, 1946, Tacoma, Washington


I AM like that man who wrote Acres of Diamonds. I came here to serve. The second person who came to me is a writer! Professor of Drama and Writing at U. of W., is a writer, two plays on Broadway in past, one on the road now and for $75 he will, if he takes one on at all, teach you all he can about writing as he criticizes, chapter by chapter, the book you write. He is the man who helped write in this way the present bestseller, The Egg and I!

Isn’t God good to me? To us? God has everything cooking. And in His own right moment, all shall come to pass. I AM working long hours. Until I get this Center really organized, there will be little time for letters. You have many Laws to review and talk over and the important thing is to PRAY.

All is truly well. I love you all very deeply and very dearly. Ever yours in love, Edna Miriam

November 8, 1946, Seattle, Washington

Dearest Ones,

I’ve been writing miles in my mind. "No time" is my refrain. How to do all the things that must be done, I do not know. This one thing I’ll write now. Since the buses are running, things are better. Keep praying for $100 a week at least. It shall be so.

I’m writing this after my appointments, 4:00 p.m. I’ll leave in a minute for home, a ten minute rest and then class tonight. I’m very happy. Must go, more later!

Monday, November 11: Much later! Almost time for my noon meeting! But so much to write you! Sunday evening, we had around 40, which is good for Sunday evening. I shall fill the room.

Much, much, much, much later! November 18. What a mess this turned out to be! I’ve read it over! I’ve been going day and night! So much to tell you. I’m working hard to establish our College, for this is part of it.

We are conquering all darkness sent here for lifting from all over the world. It is perfect. First, one month — no buses! Then, wham! A real ten-inch snowstorm since midnight! Please pray hard for enough extra clinics to make up for all delays for me. Get together on a prayer for its complete lifting. Today all appointments were canceled just when I needed them. Prayer will DO it. Let’s pray together.

I love you mightily and then some! You are doing well. My arms around you forever, Edna Miriam

November 18, 1946, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

Bus strike and now snow! Imagine! It’s November; we never have that! Appointments canceled, no columns, no clinics. But never have I done such wonderful work for God and we’re winning.

I’ll go over to Tacoma next week for two days. Gee! It will be good to be free! I’m happy. I love the work. I’m doing well but, it is very confining. Up early every day and in bed late, heavy classes.

Can’t leave until Easter. Will spend at least a month with you then. Can’t control this pen yet! (Ballpoint) Can’t use the old one I had fixed, either! But I love this one, an Eversharp — one whole month without filling it. Supposed to last for two years. But is it one of those where the ink fades in six months? [No.] I love you so dearly. All my deepest love. Edna Miriam

December 6, 1946, Seattle, Washington

My Precious Ones,

I love you SO MUCH! I AM actually working day and night here [Tacoma Truth Temple], never get time for letters. Need the money so very much that I have to take ’em as they come.

This letter opens your new ascending prospering vibration. It shall be a sign between us for legacies, positions, gifts and immediate visible direct ’loaves and fishes’ in our purses. NOW IS the high time, the RIGHT TIME for increase directly from substance. Bills shall grow, wax strong, become visible NOW. We’ll pray it through!

My roses are most beautiful; they lifted my hair! Thanks you for your so grand Declarations of Right. I love you so. My birthday has been beautiful. They gave me a lovely party but I missed you! I needed to see all of you. I’ll keep on praying and praying and praying until we bring forth all our dream desires. I must get this in the mail now. My deep, deep love! Edna Miriam

December 27, 1946, Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones of Love, Great is the rejoicing in Heavenly Places over Earth’s Ascension. Power is perfect, doing its perfect work. All is truly well.

All lines are up for Glory. Everything is about ready for the first break. When this comes, all doors shall swing wide before the Might of Power.

Pray mightily that all lines shall hold. That all shall keep to the Laws of Obedience and in no way prove unfaithful or unworthy. Be constant and unceasingly faithful in Praise.

Close with saying, "I AM Healed." And the Father’s Power shall move in for your full Healing, one and all. Arms of Light support and lift you now and evermore. Ever yours, Edna Miriam

February 7, 1947 Seattle, Washington

Beloved Ones of Law and Order,

You have come through such "trials by fire" in the past and are now ready for that next step into full Ascension.

Meet together on Ash Wednesday for prayer. Prayers must be in great fervency of Spirit. Only by the utmost in fervor can the Father release through you enough Power for His needs. Your fervor and ecstasy of Soul in praise and prayer determine the quality and quantity of your released Power and Substance.

Each has been through great tests and trials of endurance of Faith, almost too great to be borne, at times. Yet these trials are part of each one’s share of World Karma and aid in lightening the burden of darkness from the world.

No one pays only self-debts. Each one helps all others, for the past Karma of each, when paid, releases the bound Soul-Substance of many others to be returned to them to aid in building a new health, business or opening doors to high and Heavenly places. Remember, your living lifts, pushes down, or is so indifferent that it cools ardor.

Each day, hold to one point of pure Law. Live up to that high point of Law and hold each day’s gains. Prepare for the Kingdom’s Glories released during Lent by taking strict Soul Inventories now. See to it that you seek proper cleansing from self. Practice one virtue each day until you have stepped up your release of Power.

The ways of Life lie clear before you. Choose more life now. Choose more sacrifice now. Choose the way of full Responsibility. I AM always with you. Ever your own, Edna Miriam

March 5, 1947 Seattle, Washington

My Most Beloved,

You are Chosen. Are you fully ready to choose? All Light? All Glory? All Love? Are you ready to make greater Vows of greater sacrifice? Your Vows shall be registered only as far as your present ability to hold fast and fulfill them. To register them too high would bring tests too great to be borne.

Think well before making new Easter Vows. Let Light sink deep into your hearts to search out all hidden places of the self. All are good, seeking strength to be a higher good. Let your hearts’ desires be greater service. Let your souls dictate fully your way and steps forward.

Desire is one thing. Performance, practice and holding are another. Which of you is ready to pay all others’ debts? Remember, this means to carry all blame, all burdens, never seeking for self, never asking credit. It means a complete silence about self. It means a quiet, constant working to perfect the soul and letting go of all else, no possession of either people or things.

Who is ready for so great a sacrifice? HOW I love you! Your own, Edna Miriam

July 3, 1947 Yellow Pine, Idaho

My dearest and most beloved ones,

To let go of self and let God use us is our only true task now. The addition that "I" makes —or unmakes — of us is forgotten. Just one tiny "I" enters between us and the fulfillment of every dream of our lives, our hearts and our souls.

So, let’s go! Let’s work at becoming full Sons and Daughters of God. Let’s bring all the Might, Power, Majesty and Glory from our own Stars, all that is waiting there for us to use as Love-Light going forth to do and to lift all darkness from earth.

Let’s KNOW that we are Conquerors now, that we cannot fail now, that love makes all desires visible now. As Creators, every promise of the past, present and the future shall be fulfilled NOW. Hold. Stand. Know. Become. Always yours, Edna Miriam

November 27, 1947 Yellow Pine, Idaho

Precious ones,

This has lifted me all these past months: "Noble hearts shall win their way at last" (Fenwick Holmes). And we are! We have! Darlings, the book is almost done [Welcome, My Son]. It’s been a hard, uphill pull because of constant company and interruptions. I have much to do in the kitchen, four hours for dinner yesterday. I’ve never had so many calls for letters.

Each day I write. The prologue has grown into six chapters, necessary and good. The diary, which is the core, is finished, ready to copy. If only I had help on that! I AM such a rotten typist that it takes a dozen tries for each sheet. I had to stop for two blessed and whole days to pack and send my stuff back to Seattle. Someday, I’ll have my own house here and it will be completely furnished! I’ll just lock it up or leave an elderly couple in it.

God has been good to me. I’ve been able to carry our food bill so far and I know that I can finish. I love doing it. All I need is money to use! That’s us! Dig, dig, dig! This time on earth every last bit of pride and ego, all self. Remember, we are triumphing over self right now. All is well.

I wanted so to sell my book so I could do as my heart desires. Then I suddenly was taken up and shown. I can’t write for money! And I was! I had to write for perfection. And have and I AM. Therefore, it is sold now.

Stand in your own place, high. Lift. Lift. Lift. Be your soul! Remember this while doing the next thing next, and singing praises, praying praises, loving praises, saying, "Thank you Father for plenty, for life, for position, for money, for love, for the just rightness of all things now!" "Enough" is the word. This opens your door and my door because they are one.

I love you, my dears. I’m with you! Edna Miriam

December 8, 1947 Yellow Pine, Idaho My Beloved, most Beloved, We have won. For ’47! What are we going to do for ’48? Shall we increase our Love Release until we do complete 1948, a ’22’? Our perfect ’completion’ opportunity!!! Are we ready to take advantage of this Release of Universal Power? ARE WE? It can be increased for us to release up to one millionfold. How about it? Let’s PRAY NOW together! I AM with you, holding you, loving you, kissing you as you read this! All my Deep Love, Edna Miriam Merry Christmas!

January 9, 1948 Seattle, Washington

Dearest Friends, deeply loved and Ascending,

I love YOU! The Power which we have built during this past year is Glorious and Magnificent. On ’12th Night,’ we all reap our full ’Rewards’ of Service and we also open the Keynote of our Year, 1948 — to ’Complete’ that which we have really only just begun well — yet, it can be completed. If we have enough strong and well-directed desire of soul to finish our work this year. So, let’s dedicate ourselves anew to what must be done.

We hold fast to the ’Overall’ Vibration of Light. Recognizing all error and darkness for what it is, and lifting it as we go. Trusting no one on earth beyond their present capacity to live, and using them to advance upon!

Pray. Hold. Lift. Know. Love all UP. Rejoice. We have won! All my deep Love, Edna Miriam

January 26, 1948 Seattle, Washington

My most dearly loved,

Love is the only Ascension now and evermore. In love, there is never bondage. Love is an empathetic understanding, each for the other. In love, there is nothing but love and the greatest of all Laws is to love one another.

Enough love, each for the other, will cover a multitude of sins, let alone each one’s pet corns. We must love more. We do not yet love our Master enough. We do not yet love our Father enough. Who is brave enough to follow love all the way?

I AM now declaring that there is only love in our Group. Only love shall lift us higher, ever higher. We shall all let love lift us higher together. There can never be any separation or darkness where love as great as ours for each other lifts each burden into the Glory of the Light. Love shall fulfill or fill full. Love does the work through us. Forever your own, Edna Miriam

March 28, 1948 Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Friends and Loved Ones,

This is a very great Day. Greater Power is Released on a single Word than ever before in all Ages.

Throughout Ascension Days, Miracles as of the Master’s Days upon earth shall abound. Choose to have every one of your projects fulfilled. Only by ever increasing diligence, an ever Ascending Desire can we finish winning. Darkness remaining must be lifted. It is by Prayer that Lifting is done. Light must move forth to overcome darkness. We’ve only to push a little harder, rejoice enough more.

"I Rejoice" is the Ascension Motto. Use it hour by hour. Use it again and again. Let your hearts go singing through the hours. Singing! A Singing heart is your first Miracle! Dozens will follow that.

Remember, I’ll be seeing you the last of May. Remember how deeply I love YOU! My deep love and blessings, Edna Miriam

February 26, 1949 Seattle, Washington

My Beloved Ones,

I love you so very, very much and I AM able to spend so little time writing to you. However, some day you will all look back and know how great is the thing you have all done by standing as you have, panoplied in the full Faith of God, in the full Love of God, in His full Glory. At present, it may seem at times that darkness is rampant and that our prayers are puny. It is not SO.

Our prayers have added enough on the Right side of the Balance to lift Terrah. Without the struggle we have made as a ’Group of Love,’ there would not have been enough ’Light of Love’ to do what has been done. From the weakest to the greatest in Power, all ’prayers of the righteous’ are added together to do the work of God. It has taken the Heat in our Love of God, for God and for each other to lift earth, and I AM assured that it is our love for each other that has made our ’Released Substance’ enough. Isn’t this Glorious?

Love enough. Let’s determine to make our love for each other more than enough, during this Lent, to have the darkness blow up sky-high! Remember, it will take more love than we have ever achieved in the past, great as that love is! If only I could enfold you in enough love. If only I could ever achieve that height of love I vision and have it open wide the windows and doors of Heaven to all of YOU! As high as I see, as I know for YOU!

I love you SO! I shall reach a much higher Point of Ascension through Lent. Hold you much closer. Such a small part of us as creator gods comes to earth to o’ershadow us, because only as we forget earth can it Descend upon us.

Pure Law is always hard. Yet, only as we become that Law can we Ascend. It is a tragedy when that Law makes us over-critical, intolerant of those who cannot become Law.

When the Becoming of Law is balanced by more than enough of the Love of God, then our own ’High Oversouls’ can move closer to earth to o’ershadow us.

"My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" our Lord cried when His own ’Highest Soul’ had to withdraw from him, or he couldn’t have died on the Cross.

This Descent of our "Real Supreme Oversoul" is what we sacrifice and surrender for. So we can even begin to touch the hem of the garment of our own "High Estates."

Enough more love will allow this Descent for all of us. And, only this great love poured out on each other can bring it to us here.

So, my love shall surely come from Higher to enfold you. My love for you shall be more glorious — greater. I love you so very much. Let’s make this Lent our great LOVE-LENT! Your own, Edna Miriam

April 11, 1949 Seattle, Washington

Dear, dear loved Ones,

This is a wonderful time of All-Power. It is our opportunity to Ascend fully.

We have our Vibrations opened full. All lines are now become Cables of Light. Let’s keep the Power flowing. Let’s keep the lines high. Let’s allow nothing,


to stand between us and the full Life of God. His ways are ’Miracle Ways.’

"I AM NOW firmly walking the ’Miracle Pathway!’ All things else shall be added unto me through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Please repeat these Truths together until I see you ’in person!’ Happy Easter to all of YOU! And my love, Edna Miriam

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Edna Miriam Lister
The original Pioneering Mystic,
Christian Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister

Those of us who transcribed Edna Lister’s correspondence often spoke together of the inspiration and comfort we found in her letters, and so the idea for this collection was born of the desire to share what we view as a hidden treasure. Special thanks in this go to Mona Rainwater.