The First Mastery: 52 Weekly Lessons in Law

By Edna Lister

The material in this volume is drawn from a series of messages, written by Edna Lister from 1944 to 1946, to an earnest group of students who requested special, intensive study in spiritual law. Later, these messages were circulated among her study groups in several other cities. Introducing the lessons, she wrote —

"The Master's Path is steps and only by climbing one step at a time, while building the next step and gaining the strength for standing upon and defending that new step, can you become a "Master in Law." Take time to become law. Seek ever to live by and as law. One law well learned, until it becomes a life habit, is worth more to you than a book full of knowledge soon mislaid or forgotten in life's turmoil of actions.

"Remember, each is as important as his desire is perfect. No one is small. No one is great. Everyone is a neophyte at all times, for there are millions of realms and laws. Only surrender is great. Therefore, hold fast to all gains. Be friends of God, our Father. Love, each one, the other. Love is great."

The First Mastery serves as a source of soul inspiration and as a study text, your personal textbook of law. To avoid "spiritual indigestion," we recommend that you read one message a week, pondering and applying it.

The First Quarter

November 1, 1944
My Beloved Ones:

This is a class in mastery. In it law is the study. It is truly a class for effort, for memory, and for drill in law. Each week you are supposed to memorize some law given long ago. The Bible is your text.

You are to use notebooks and write laws in them. State in concise words, short and simple, what the law means to you, then the deep universal meaning also. Then, greatest of all, become that law for the week. Work at one law a week until law becomes a habit.

Remember the Seven Degrees of Initiation: The Master, the Priest and the Christos Degrees all deal with soul conquering of the self and Ascension. The Mystic occupies the balance point, the place of prayer. The Neophyte, the Disciple and the Adept Degrees all deal with self control and Resurrection.

This is a group of Mastery of all remaining "self" to clean up the odds and ends of all previous initiations in the first 33 Degrees of the Christ, and to enable you to pass your three final Christos Degree initiations.

All have part-credits of initiation, but none of you have finished all the three Christos Degrees on the Sun. Some still owe credits on Neophyte Vows. You are to study, not be amused.

You are to pray for Light to sink deep into your appetitive soul that the last bit of soul debt still crystallized under the crust of self may be lifted up to become part of the rational soul ruler of your body and affairs. One invisible, unknown, hidden particle of self left under the surface shall come forth as an erupted volcano, burning, searing and dissolving everything it touches or has touched in the past.

Only by overcoming, only by mastering Law, which will uncover all hidden things of the appetitive soul, shall you make true advance. I love you SO much, all the time, in every way, forever and ever, Edna Miriam

Week 1

The Father needs your power of desire to build up a great vibration of Mastery for the whole world. That vibration can be lifted no higher than your standing in Heaven. Law is your only safety and security. Now is the time to study it and be of the full knowledge of Law. This is your opportunity to advance by steady study, love and desire, to be prepared when your call comes. You are being prepared to go forth in service, and you are short on knowledge of Law.

“Law is your only safety and security.”

Do not lose sight of the miracle of being given so much so freely. You "think" you appreciate. You "think" you know Law. You "think" this and that in your conceit of still-remaining, unredeemed self. Take heed. Let God, the One, rule all of you with no "little-me" holdout. This is your opportunity truly to know Law. Your life, as well as the universe, is based upon Divine Law, exact, uncompromising, unchangeable. Do you think that it is to be changed to suit your desires? No. It is you who are to change and become a living ensample of all Law.

You have cried unto God the Father to have the Kingdom opened to you. You have come through darkness so far, then there has been a laxness in the application of high Law in your life. You have been chosen as the Elect because you chose God.

Now you must become fully redeemed as to self. No partial redemption is enough for further advance. Only full knowledge of Law may ever advance you beyond the First 33 Degrees of Initiation. The Second 33 Degrees consist of the Twelve Labors of Hercules finished completely, a task for Titans in Soul. Therefore, watch, pray and let no self involve you.

Week 2

You have been found worthy of entering the portico of the Neophytes of the Initiates for the preparation for the Labors of Hercules. Mind you well — you are the merest Neophytes. As Neophytes, you shall be required to finish all Laws of the First 33 Degrees, especially the thirty taken upon earth. Much has been given to you as gifts, but you must earn all that comes to you henceforth.

Only by overcoming, only by mastering Laws, which will uncover all hidden things of the appetitive soul, shall you make true advance. Free will is yours. You may exercise it as you will. No one is forced to enter the Hall of Almighty Wisdom. Many stand in the Portico unable to give up all self, and retreat to earth, never again to rise through the Gates into the Realms during the present incarnation. It is your choice.

“To ascend, you must become a perfect living ensample of God.”

Your Guards stand ready to aid you in holding fast to all your gains, but in no way to lift you through just because of the perfection of your desires. This perfection of desire takes you through the Gates of Light around the world into the Realms. Yet to go higher as a "creator god," you shall become a perfect living ensample of God. Choose this day your ways and whom you shall serve.

Your Guards are with you as ever, yet all else is yours to earn. Be in full surrender, not just words before the altars. No pride, no intolerance, no thinking of self may enter here. Before God you must stand, stripped and naked, before the Doors of the Portico shall open and make you a true initiate who has mastered and conquered all self unto letting God possess and truly use you. Choose. Be perfect. The Lord God Almighty does not play, but He opens doors when you are ready!

Week 3

This study will build up a mighty Power and mean the emancipation from all last, so long lingering traces of darkness. You are capable of carrying this Torch for the Master in perfection. No others are ready. Many pay much lip-service to Law with no full blazing appetitive soul desire to become as the Father now! You must know that you know Law. You all think you know it. It is something else to know that you know it. This comes only with Mastery of self.

“Guilt always causes terrible wear and tear in the physical body.”

As long as one tiny thing can cause you self-love or self-grief, self-blame, self-condemnation — and this has nothing to do with true repentance because self always seeks to justify all it has done, both to itself, others and God — you do not know Law. When the Law is used selfishly, a soul-knowledge of guilt always causes terrible wear and tear in the physical body. However, true knowledge of Law gives delight to the heart and makes you sing songs in the face of reprimand, danger, reviling and criticism. Praise, of such Love that one almost melts and dissolves, comes from knowing and being Law.

Week 4

Only those with a life interest in Heaven as a place and in God as personality, with no doubts, no reservations, with a full heart of surrender, with a full, complete and flaming desire to know Law can truly know Law.

Safety, in interpretation, comes from checking and rechecking. If all cannot check on a thing, then watch out! A cross-vibration is entering. And just one tiny line from the "self" of any in the group is a wedge. One small cross-vibration tears down the lines from above and no one receives. Therefore, check. This holds up the glory of protection given us from above. Fear of sharing and checking is proof the interpretation is of self-knowledge, appetitive soul knowledge. Let nothing of the outside enter ever.

“God awaits to see what you shall become.”

Keep your notebook on Law. Remember, you are to obey each Law, for you are fully accountable. Now is the time for strong meat or you shall not be able to go on. No saying, "I did not think, I did not understand, I thought I was right," will be received as an excuse. To be ready, you must become Law. Study. Become. See to it now. God awaits to see what you shall become in the future. This will be according to the depth of your soul's desire. A weak desire will bring weak results. A strong desire means a strongly entrenched soul in a strongly ascended body ready to stand and endure all things for the Master's sake, asking nothing for the self.

So now you shall pray that the flame of Shekinah glory shall burn deep into the self to the complete dissolution and absorbing into the Soul of God. This is true strength, study and prayer. You are responsible for all others. Lift them hourly. Stand together in Love as One.

Week 5

To those faithful in all things, glorious in all ways of God, filled with the Honor of God above all else, filled with the Joy of God to use as praise, filled with the Faith of God unto all self-conquering and all Mastery over darkness until only the Light of Shekinah glory remains for you as a fortress and a high tower of Love and Light: To you all substance is given that the Father's great need shall be full, unto the lifting of earth!

To you has Power been released, not to your gains but to the Father's gains for all of Creation. Can you lose when God uses you to His gain for all? Can your desires be ignored by the God who did create you for His use and expression of all Love?

No, rather shall your gains be gifts of God, increased to you ten thousandfold in glory, here and now. And if you do desire all gain, you shall let go of self to make room for all gain. The balance must be kept. Make room for that which you do desire, if you truly have a burning desire to be, to become, to ascend!

Surrender! Sell all that you have for the Ascension Pearl of Great Price, for the only pearl of great price is that full Ascension to the Supreme of body, material affairs, heart, mind and souls — appetitive soul lifted to become rational soul, rational soul lifted to become Oversoul, and Oversoul released from eternities of bondage to these two lesser phases of soul — to once more ascend to the Father to become once more His Body Glorious.

“Lift your self until no self remains in you.”

Therefore, lift your self until no self remains in you, and you are again the full servant of all God's Supreme Power Universal. Shall you not then be great? Shall you not then be Powerful and Divine? Shall you not then be ready to take your place before the children of earth?

Shall we send you forth to be a stumbling block to them? Shall you be placed in power when you lift them part-time and then cast them down through ignorance, innocence and self? Shall God dare allow this? No. You shall be sent forth trained in Law, a conqueror of all self unto Mastery, in fullness of soul, or you are not sent out at all. "Choose ye this day whom thou shalt serve." God or self? The Master is ever holding you unto all Mastery of the self. You are his!

Week 6

A Star is set before you to guide you, to be your beacon light forever. When it grows dim, seek advice so as not to lose your way. Do not set your heart on past things but only on that which the Father has for you in the future.

It is only of self if you keep pounding at Heaven's door and keep on asking or thinking of changing. It is legal to serve well only where you are, with all your mind, all your heart, all your soul, all your body while praising and thanking God that you are finishing an old vibration in Joy, while thanking God for your new place in just the right place He has already given you before you even thought to ask Him. When you keep asking, 90 percent of you is away stomping your feet because God isn't satisfying your demand right now.

All you need to do is to say, "Thank you, God. I already have this position. Let it come to pass now" — and it is always now! Then hour upon hour you move to meet it. Do this under Law and let God push you into your next place. Plan ahead, but be 100 percent on the job where you are — all there while there. This is winning hour by hour while praising the Fathers for releasing you into your new place now, not releasing you from the old.

“If it is yours, you will have it.”

To say, "if" or "it seems so," reveals a doubt. Your subconscious is leaving a loophole. Seek greater insight by pondering upon each Law. Ponder in the high place of glory and love, then you will find it made clear. This is the key. If you break one small Law, you pay a debt on all Laws. When praise is your whole life, there is no room for anything else. There is always more Power if "two or three" are gathered together and of one mind.

Every time you look into your own past for one minute, you push your present gains into your own future. We call it delay! Choose! This is called your Pearl of Great Price. Whatever it is, if it is yours, you would have it.

Life itself is your challenge to meet life as a conqueror, to be constant in your effort to ascend each day, and to be determined in your effort to live life fully every hour of every day. When you make sacrifice and surrender to become Law, the Father can use you more than if you were speaking to thousands! More Power moves forth when you speak and act unselfishly as God.

Once you become Law, you have earned the right to know. A Hindu adage says that "Nothing can be hidden from the one who understands." This means that once you have ascended, you can see everything below where you now stand. The higher the Ascension, the more is open. You can't avoid knowing, if you ascend.

Week 7

Remember that one small misused Law disturbs, lets down, causes disruption of the Father's Plan for all. The vibration finally fills the universe, like ripples on the surface of a pond, until all have been tempted and all have left been to choose their new way. Tremendous soul debts are to be paid by breaking even the least Law the Elect. The sum total of all disturbance caused by such is your debt to Law.

Only when your subconscious mind betrays you into looking backward and downward do you lose Joy or strength. Your Guards are your ladder to the Source. They hold the Father's lines of Power for you lest you lose them in hastening about in the world of affairs and of things. They stand ever firmly beside you as Power. They invest their own life with you, then hold and pray that you shall ever hold fast to your life lines of Light.

“Subconscious mind betrays you into looking backward and downward.”

Many times your Guards have had to lift your life sparks of soul substance, which you have misused, innocently sometimes, at other times rebelliously, eagerly and willfully. They then must go into Retreat until you have lifted your own soul substance back to be well-purified on high altars of fire, thus holding back all civilization until such time as you have once more lifted such misused substance.

How many times shall you find yourself withheld from so gaining your objective? How long before you learn that Law may not be misused for the self? Is it not high time to know and become a living ensample of full obedience to all Law?

Week 8

To have the full knowledge of Law, which you are now seeking, will strengthen you for any future outer work. You ask for information on what you are doing to cause certain effects in your life. You may ask why your prayers are not answered, yet you refuse to hear, to see, or to pay any heed when actually told the "what, the why and the when." There is only one answer — You are breaking a Law. "If ye break one of the least of these Laws, ye are guilty of breaking all."

So the work you are now doing together is the very most important of your whole lives! You must make each challenge pay you great dividends. Let Love be to you a Power that shall attend you at all times. Let Love truly fulfill all Law for you. Wisdom gives you Law. Love fills it with life. Love nourishes Law. Law forms the molds for Love to fill, and only the substance of Love can fill your molds full on your spoken Word.

“Make each challenge pay you great dividends in conquering self.”

Prayer of praise opens this River of Love until it flows in an ever-increasing stream of glory. Each hour of praise, of love, causes it to become more solid until it takes on the outer material form to be seen of men and to be used by you as your very life, both physical body form and wealth to be used. Love does fill all Law full, for Law is your form!

Week 9

When great Power is released as full Light and glory [on January 12, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Ascension Day, Pentecost, August 10, October 20, November 1, Christmas], watch your mind and heart closely lest the Power disturbs you. It may cause cells to vibrate, even the heart to palpitate.

Only enough Love, enough praise, enough prayer, enough songs of rejoicing can absorb it without shock. See to it that you excel in these things. Otherwise, you cannot be prepared for glory. Only the very small self, seeking to use Power unto its own exaltation, can hold you back now, or ever take aught of gains from you.

Keep your lights of soul shining in exceeding glory. See to it that only praise comes forth. Build fine lines until your creations are visible. The creative ray is the blue ray. Move under it now and receive nourishment and sustenance to your soul's delight.

Remember that to break one Law creates a debt to be paid to all Laws. Stand steadfast, therefore, and love so well that Law shall ever be in balance for you.

Week 10

Because of your devotion to the Master, great rewards are given to you in Heaven. Great glories are opened to you for your so great Love of God. Your ever-ascending struggle to conquer the self of the past is taken into account and is added as gain to you in the outer. The desires of your heart shall blossom into all perfection and into all glory of love's blossoms in your life upon earth.

“Love so well that Law shall ever be in balance for you.”

God does reward you for each struggle to go upward. Each small bit of self lifted to Him, as a precious gift from you to Him, calls forth from His Heart of Love an avalanche of Joy upon you. The Laws of Love are perfect and exact. Yet a very small sacrifice, even as small as a mote in the balance, calls forth from above the Power of Love, Substance and ideas greater than you have room to receive. For one small sacrifice of self, glories are released that you could not consume in a full span of earth life.

So, do you think that your Father could withhold anything to your good? Sometimes delay brings great wisdom to be gained in no other way, but opening vast storehouses of great riches and untold treasures. For, though such delay is good for you, causing more sacrifice on your part, it is also repaid in a thousandfold manner.

When are you going to call upon and use in your creations all that now awaits your magic creative touch of Love to awaken into life? Cease clamoring for that which is already given to you and use "Let it be so" for all your desires while saying, "Father, now am I Thy worthy and perfect child, ever attaining in greater and ascending degrees."

Week 11

Let each spend the whole week seeking new ways of surrender and sacrifice, lest you fail in Law and so place grave trials before yourself upon earth. Your Guards do so watch over you and hold you that enough praise and enough love shall hold you high, if your sacrifices and surrenders, all new, are deep enough. Remain in the graciousness and loveliness of the Master, and hold fast to him in all your ways.

Week 12

You are the Master's loyal and steadfast Disciples of Love. Great Love has he given to you. Great Power of Love has he poured out upon you, and you have ever been true to his trust in you. You have ever sought to follow him. When you are in danger of losing his steps before you, when you are in danger from those little enemies of self within you, when old things (which should be erased from your memories by lifting, consuming love) assail your heart and mind, when new hurts and problems confront you, this is the time when the cords of Love he has wound about each of you shall tighten their power to hold you close to him.

Go to him at once when you stumble upon the rocks in your path. Waste not an instant. Bring all darkness to him instantly — even thought — and most of all, that which you cause of your little self in pity for itself and the hard way of sacrifice.

The Master is of knowledge of earth's pains and hurts, delays, and evil. He is ever waiting to have you place your hand in his. He is ever ready to succor you when you call upon him. Many times he lifts you when you call him not, yet you cannot see him unless you do call upon him or turn to him in your hours of trouble and need.

Week 13

Hearken. Heed. Hold. Obey. To you has been given a great Scroll of Life. To you the Treasures of the Kingdom have been opened. To you the power of right choice has been given. There is ever one right choice for each, over each hour's problem. That one right choice is to cast the self upon the altar of Light, all while loving God the Father with a great and a mighty Love.

With the very Love of God, should you love Him. Then, wait upon Him in praise while He releases enough Power to melt your problem. It shall then be acted upon by the Love of God, which you give to Him and which He then returns to you as a searing, burning, consuming fire to burn away all limitations of all kinds until only the good and the very good is left.

The only bad of any problem is in your consuming, to-the-self emotions and thinking. Know that this self-emotion and self-thinking consume only the good that is in the heart of each problem, causing the whole problem to be seared black, leaving only charred embers and ashes. While the Love of God, so returned to you after you have cast yourself upon His altar in Love, consumes only the darkness, leaving in its place all glory of Light and Love.

Even while you are cast upon the altar, waiting in praise upon the Lord, serving Him in praise, is all the work done and, when you return again to earth, all you shall find is perfection.

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The Second Quarter

Week 14

To you have been given the keys of Heaven and dominion upon earth. To you are open the doors of life. You may eat of the Tree of Life now and evermore. Only those who know the need of living by Law may be granted such privilege.

You are under the Power of full Ascension. This is gained only by full and complete surrender to be used and fully guided by God. You have placed yourself under Orders to obey, and instant obedience is the price paid for Eternal Life and Ascension into Immortality.

God does not require that you shall be able to see why Orders are given. Law assures you that once an Order is given, only good can come of it. This is true since the beginning and shall be true forever more. Therefore, you have the Keys to the Kingdom in your hands. Enough Love and Trust in the Master's faithfulness to perform shall bring all your desires to fruition. Enough praise shall enable you to create them into form.

Behold, a new door is opened wide to you. Can you bear the Light and so enter? If you can, all is well, for Power upon Power shall use you to the Father's perfect creations in His world. Do you believe? Then prepare yourself in Law. Doubt not. Let Love prepare you now. To Love enough shall open wide the new door!

Week 15

Why should you need to know anything beyond today's living? Why do you need to know beyond this present hour? If you surrender to Him and live fully this hour, is He not able to care for your next hour? And the next? Is He capable of letting you go alone? Is He one to forsake you? How can you possibly live more than today now? Can you live next month now?

Therefore, have faith. Use faith. Live just this one hour filled to overflowing with faith. He shall do all else. Each thing rightfully yours shall await you in the right hour. It is true, you cannot hurry it toward you! You can misuse only this one hour's substance fretting. To wonder is to doubt! This stands. What are you going to do about your own life? Waste it hour by hour, doubting His ability to bring your own to pass or use to the full each hour to build your pathway unto your own? That which He has for you is greater than that which you see blindly for yourself.

You must learn the difference between truth and illusion. When self-desires blind you, you are really blind to the difference between truth and illusion. Illusion is always founded on a fact that someone has distorted to fit a perversion of truth.

Appetitive soul is your source of danger, not what comes from the outer, but what arises from within the little self, trips you in the present. Everything rightfully belonging to you shall be waiting for you in the right hour. You cannot hurry it toward you, but can only misuse this hour's substance in fretting. To wonder about a thing is to doubt.

Week 16

You are tried by Law, polished by Law, led by Law, governed by Law, held by Law, secure in Law, lifted through Law, ascended because of continued attention to Law. You are now ready to know Law.

Some read Law. Some watch Law. Some misuse Law. Some destroy Law. Some distort Law for unlawful ends. Some substitute Law for Love. Only the very few, even of the Elect, know Law!

Become Law. Let Law use you for its unalterable fulfillment of all good things. Your rewards shall be of the greatest because the rewards awaiting those whose lives have become a living ensample of Law are very great and shall be divided according to the just earning of each.

Determine to become ever greater Law. Only by emptying your appetitive soul of all past negatives of the little self can you have room to comprehend Law. To know Law is to comprehend its meaning as applied to the self. Therefore, comprehension, above all else, is your present need, to lift the appetitive soul and incorporate it into the Oversoul — for the rational soul is lifted before the appetitive soul, called subconscious mind, can be touched.

Seek, therefore, the true meaning of comprehension. Consult your dictionary and, from your composite findings, make yourself new Laws for daily use. Make statements, or a statement to declare each day before the Throne that you are open to comprehend high Law and to live up to that high Law. The Master is ever with you in Love and in Power!

Week 17

To the rational soul has been given the full power of a creator. Hourly he creates unto himself graven images that he worships for a time, and only under despair does he turn unto the Light from this image he has created from his own distorted opinions and prejudices, unto his own undoing.

Seek, therefore, to live your life by Law alone, lest by your own use of that creative Power with which you were endowed in the beginning, you have self-opinions and prejudices still left underneath the surface of your conscious mind that are still creating falsely for you, unknown to you and without your consent.

You are a creator born. Yet, only under sacrifice of all self have you full power of creation released unto you for your use. Surrender to Love. Sacrifice your worship of the petty self.

Week 18

The Master is ever with you and does delight in your obedience to his Laws. Give ever greater praise to him, to the Father. You are fully His forever and forever.

All Power of faith has been given to you. You shall be equal to using it more and more. You shall burn in zeal to use it. Glory shall assail you to the consuming of all past indifference, and you shall stand free to serve God even higher above. See to it that you do love enough, and praise enough. Let your faith be unconquerable, even now!

Week 19

You have become Law on an ever-ascending scale. Yet, there is no withholding yourself from advance. To look backward is very dangerous. Therefore, though much comes to you — as your misuse in all past of the full Power of Love as force, a focal point, either body, possessions, things or affairs — look up!

Never seek causes except from a high, upward look. Stand and know that it is but the need to focalize into one spot, the need to lift that which went forth as force, as well as to have you send forth Love to melt dark clouds of misused Substance.

Force must also be lifted. Force of misused Power must move back and up through your life — body, things or affairs. Therefore, stand as Law and lift force high into the Power of Love. Each his own, each for every other, and all for the world. This is Law!

Week 20

You are now beginning to realize what Law is and what Law means. Until you understand what Law means, there can be no true Ascension, nor any true adjustment to the world. Always there will be a lack of full balance in your ability to adjust to people and to affairs.

Law is the only expression of God as man upon earth. Man is Law, the Word made flesh. To bring a cell together means Law acting as harmony and, under cohesion, drawing Light together into form. From the tiny particle of Light in the beginning to the body of a living god, or a universe, all is acting as Law. Any minute deviation from Law causes disharmony from the level of cells on up, which causes an unbalance in body, heart, mind and soul with all affairs reacting instantly from the first deviation from perfect Law.

To you is given an ever greater responsibility. You are considered as Law. You have become some Laws. Others, you are becoming. Make your list of Laws to become.

It is not difficult to consider a Law a week until it is your own. Fifty-two adhered-to laws for a year's work. Think of your wasted years, then try adjusting your lives to more than two each week. Be faithful in this and Law will be faithful and true to you in all ways.

There shall be great revelations given to you. Prepare the way. Live so and you shall be ready for further Ascension.

Do you think you have been given all? No. Rather has all before this been but a preparation for the great things and mighty which the Master now has in store for you. Be faithful to Law. Behold, the Master is your Law!

Week 21

You are given the keys to authority in the spoken Word. You are given a new Law. You are to make it your goal until you are Spirit-perfect in its personal application. Once you do truly heed this Law which is given anew, you shall find true freedom from all domination by other personalities.

It has been said that to "agree with thine adversary" is the greatest of all Laws except full Love for your enemies. Now it is said that when you truly accept all that is given to you as your own, and value it as precious jewels, then shall you truly be free of the small self.

You have been told, in many ways, that all that is yours shall come to you; that whatsoever comes, that is good; that you are to lift all that touches you or is spoken to you. Yet, you do still have to work at these things. You are still conscious that a thing of wrong has been done.

You are now to work at this Law until you have no enemy to agree with, no wrong to forgive, no thing of harm or hurt ever given, handed to you or spoken to you. Then, only, are you truly accepting all that comes to you as your own.

When your comprehension is so great that you think the thing given is Light, without need to lift, then are you in the Love of God and all is Light as soon as it touches anywhere near you. Greet each darkness as a precious jewel. Love all that is given to you as Light. Then shall you be free indeed!

Week 22

This is the Law: To pronounce everything that comes to you as good and very good, that God's perfect works shall be done in your life at all times, that His perfect plans may be brought forth speedily.

You now advance according to your ability to hold fast to that unconquerable faith which shall carry you through anything earth may offer. Your prayers, your faith, your love, your praise are foundations. Be prepared for great and ever greater changes. Pray now with the Father's Power that you may be ready to advance as your time comes.

Week 23

When you have not as yet received, you have not as yet released enough Power in praise, love and joy. This is the Law of All Creation: Give and you shall receive.

A tithing of each moment of praising is used to cover the world's soul debts, or they never would be paid. Therefore, it takes more to make visible each one's creations. The one who can praise the most in one day will reap the greatest benefits on the outer. God's promises are fast being fulfilled. You do not realize how many are now fulfilled. All that is needed is enough love and praise.

You shall find Power greater in your spoken Word than ever before. You shall know Law and you shall comprehend its meaning, and you shall abide by it forever.

Let the Lights shine upon you as revelation to place you in new Lights for greater service. Pray. Ask for full body healing — each one for self and each for all others.

Week 24

Live with the Master, hour by hour, leaving all others alone to live and to receive their lessons in God's ways of rightness unto them. Grant unto each the freedom to be right where he is and as he is, without speaking, only shining out from the Golden Silence to bless.

Seek to know how to love one another greatly, that you may be your own fulfillment of all life and Law. To live fully and have a full life, you must know Love and be Love.

There is only one way: Sacrifice of the "little" of earth to gain the "much" of Heaven.

You shall make further and even greater sacrifice of self. Each shall so live in the High Place that all of the appetitive soul still embedded in the world may be lifted, coaxed to ascend higher where it may aid in the Oversoul's Reign over body and affairs. Long has the appetitive soul been in command over the outer self. Therefore, it finds it hard to give up past reigning to be submerged in the Oversoul. Yet it must be so. It is the only way to come go through the Gates while still in the flesh.

Week 25

The time has come for Ascension of all things. You have been faithful in the study and application of Laws as they have been given to you, and your rewards are "riches, honor and life."

Yet watch in all ways lest self, like a "thief in the night," shall come and steal away your so hard-won gains. Allow no softness of spirit nor any weakness of self-pity to take your new crowns away.

Make a full study of the Christed Age Laws of the Soul, that you may most truly become a full Ascended One of Light. It will take long for you to fully comprehend all that this soul Law means. Only through full obedience can the Supreme be reached.

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Christed Age Laws of the Soul

I am now responsible for my own earth life.

The spot I occupy now I have made for myself.

The work I do now is as a servant of God.

All that comes to me is my very own, either Light or darkness. It has been created by me for myself or by my own use or misuse of life, Light, Power, Mind and Substance.

That which I do not like or enjoy, I have created.

From this hour forth, I shall live my life by Love alone and let God do His perfect work as me.

I am now in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time.

Week 26

Law is your shield and buckler. It is a Glory and a defense. Law is your fullness of life and your planned creations. Law is now perfect.

No man makes Law. Law is. Law can be twisted and perverted, yet, left alone, it shall strengthen itself and revert to its absolute perfection with no help from man. Law cannot be stopped. Therefore, let Law use you to its perfect advantage of perfection. To become Law is the perfection supreme. To know Law is well, but only to become Law creates perfection.

Therefore, become the messenger, the mouthpiece, the direction and control, become the vessel that only Law can fulfill. Become the instruments for Law's symphonies to play upon. Become Law! Jesus the Christed is the Law of Light!

Week 27

You are given the Power of knowing all Law. You shall each know instantly and have a new sign when you grow lax.

Keep the law of all constancy in watching your Light. Watch and be ready to obey when your Light flashes as a warning and shines upon your lack, and when it turns off, beware! Then shall you move back into the Light instantly.

Watch. Pray in ever greater fervor. Prayer covers all things when it rides on the wings of praise.

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Week 28

You shall attain unto the full becoming of all Law, if you will and desire it to be so. Your Law shall be, "I arise. I surrender. I ascend. I stand ascended and within the heart of cleansing fire even now."

To become is your motto. To ascend is your goal. To release Power is your service. Love is the only Ascension, now and evermore. Love one another now and ever with a deathless and abiding love that casts out all dissension of darkness.

Loose all others to live as God gives it unto them. Let Him be the judge as to actions, as to debts contracted and as to the right or wrong of all. Let Him do the work through you unto the Master's glory and the Father's glory.

Let each one go to the Master in his own right, with each his own hands cleansed and with his heart made pure. Let each care for his own.

When has the Master ever asked one us to come for another? When has he demanded of one to wash another's hands or to wash another's heart? He has ever said that each goes to him alone for grace.

Each pays his own debts to Law. Each lifts all others and declares them equal in his grace.

Take advantage of his love and become a greater instrument of glory. So shall he be with you, according to your faith and to the faith of the whole.

Week 29

Feed the Master's sheep, not by going into the byways and hedges, but by lifting, loving and letting where you are.

Much needs to be lifted amongst the Elect. There is still much soul debt to be lifted in each one. When you see a thing that needs lifting in your brother's life, remember to lift also the same thing in your own, for until you are unable to see critically but see only compassionately to lift, you also have need of cleansing.

Let each one wash the understanding of the other one with Love. This is the meaning of the "washing of feet." Then shall perfection come to the whole. Then shall you be able easily to "Love one another."

Week 30

Strive mightily against all that darkness left from all your past. Think not to win Heaven's glories easily, for overcoming is a mighty battle with the self until it has been fully conquered.

You are advancing rapidly. You are gaining much, yet not half of what awaits you do you gain! Open your heart and mind to the Master's voice. Hear him say: Praise in Joy. Praise with Joy.

So shall you fulfill promises when your love is the Love of God only. Follow the Lord Christ Jesus!

Week 31

Jesus the Christ is the Law. You are becoming his Law. To become the Law is the only shortcut to God. To become Law is the short Path of the Master. There is nothing else to hold onto on this climb to Law except Law. Law itself forms its own rungs in its own ladder. Principle is the ladder; Law becomes each rung. As you accept Law, the next higher rung is formed.

To one who becomes Law, no thing is impossible. Law is inexhaustible Mind, Power and Substance. Each portion of God comes with its Law, to be as Light or dark. Each cell is a Law in form. Therefore, to become Law, you must be used by Law. Yet, what good is Law without you? Law must have an instrument through which to express itself. Be surrendered to be used by Law.

Continue in such a high state of grace that much shall be given to you. Doors shall open to you. Illumination shall be yours and, in all ways, shall you advance. There is not space enough to write about the gifts that are yours for the future. Be prepared to let the Law of Love fulfill itself through you. Stand in Love forever!

Week 32

To you is given power of right thinking. Use it.

To you is given the power of right love. Use it.

To you is given the power of right seeing. Use it.

To you is given the full power of right hearing. Use it.

To you is given the power of right discrimination. Use it.

To you is given the power of right reason. Use it.

To you is given the power of right use of Light. So use.

To you is given all power over darkness. Use it.

To you is given the full power of all discretion. So use.

To you is given the power of right faith. Use it.

The right use of Power is letting. To "let" means that you become Law that is unconquerable and fully invincible. So become.

The Master is your Law. Follow him. Stand in his stead. Release enough Love to hold. Self must come to the top. You shall wipe it up with your so deep Love for him. Hold. Praise. Rejoice. Sing. Glorify the Father!

Week 33

Now is the high time of glory. These words are a Beacon Light. These few words are the Law of your Path. They shall lift you unto high realms of delight in both the awakening the faculties of the seer and prophet and in the awakening unto full ascension of your physical body to become an ascended body of Light.

You are to know, hold, recall and keep active within your conscious mind and heart, but only as you dig out from the depths of the appetitive soul all past memory impressions of all negative past soul debt shall Light be able to use such prepared chambers to God's honor and glory and so fill them with new soul substance of as to ascend the physical body unto ascension above all earth bondage to past weaknesses and add enough new robes to your soul for its complete awakening of the faculties of the seer and prophet.

Therefore, now is the high time and the right time of Glory.

Week 34

Whatever you lift shall be made one, which is good. Whatever you call good shall be made again into Love, which is full Light.

Can this fail? Can God fail if Law is the user and lifter? Love is. Law is. Both work only good and very good.

Let love of Law use you unto its own perfection. Love is all. Be all love now. Let love control you fully. Let Light only abide in you and in it no darkness at all.

Make Laws for our Textbook of Laws. You may use anything given for your books. Yet Law must be formula and made into formula. Each is right after its degree and place. The Master's word stands as Law. Yet only strict Laws may be incorporated for the world. The Master's Laws of Responsibility are for you, not for the world that still resists all responsibility.

You are faithful to all Law. Use, in your textbooks, all Law you do desire to become. Learn.

Week 35

Study, in zeal and fervency: "God is not the God of the dead, but of the living." – Matthew 22:32.

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." – Matthew 22:37-40.

Pray for Light upon these Laws. Use them. Ponder on Love. Make of your life perfection in the release of Love. Find other Love-ideas. Study our Declaration of Unquenchable Love. Make it your goal in daily living. This is your full Ascension work. Love until you are become Unquenchable Love.

Declaration of Unquenchable Love

Love is a flame and fire that burns ever. Love cannot be quenched. Love cannot be put out. Love is. True Love needs no assurances. True Love knows itself and its own. Love is the fire that enthuses. Love is a fire that ever burns higher, always upward. True Love is the end as well as the beginning. True Love feeds upon itself and not upon the loved one. True Love magnifies the one whom it loves.

Love asks no favors and gives all. Love's strength lies in its self-sustaining ability. Love's keynote is a deep, abiding devotion to the one who is loved. True Love burns steadfast under all conditions, joy or sorrow, separation or unity. True Love counts no effort too great nor too small, and no task too hard nor too long. True Love is lifting, opens all doors and is all-compelling in its power to unite. True Love is never conscious of giving but, like sunshine, shares itself with all. True Love withstands all separation and lives forever.

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Week 36

Those who remember to operate upon the following words, which really are states of consciousness when lived, shall reap rewards and credits greater than at any future time.

Recognition: "This is mine or it could not come to me. It has my name upon it, which I gave to it as I sent it forth."

Acceptance: "This is mine to lift right now. I accept this as my present Lesson. Let me, oh God, gather from it every tiny bit of knowledge for my future guidance and protection."

Repentance: "Here I am, Father. Let Light shine upon the spot of unconscious memory which drew this lesson to me, and let Thy Light cleanse and scrape clean the platter of my appetitive soul and lift it into thy Glory now."

Surrender: "Here am I, Father, now surrendering unto Thee all my past, present and future, that I may be Thy perfect servant of All the Power."

Sacrifice: "Father, let me find new things of self, those still buried in my appetitive soul, hidden from my conscious mind, to lay upon Thy altars forever. Accept my soul, heart, body and affairs as living sacrifices unto Thee, to be used as Thy servant and strong pillar in Thy Temple."

Remember, Love is Unquenchable. Faith is Unconquerable.

Week 37

Beloved of Law, be in Joy! Great shall be the multiplication of your gains. You shall sow and reap ten thousandfold as your harvest. You shall Love and you shall receive ten thousandfold greater Love in return. Your prayers shall return to you magnified and increased. What you give in prayer shall be returned to you in abundance. This is your year of increase and your lives shall be abundantly added to.

Health shall possess you forever. Strength shall flow through you in high tides of Joy. You shall be more than equal to all tasks and have knowledge above all your seeking.

The Master has opened many doors to you and no man may close them. Keep these new doors wide. Sacrifice self to so do. Be in grace and in prayer together and alone. Pray much for release of Power to complete the path to Glory.

The greatest of all Laws shall fulfill itself through your prayers. Pray forth the full amount of released Ascension Power at this time. Let the super Law of Unquenchable Love burn away all remaining barriers from before you.

Stand steadfast in full knowing and let Love reign Supreme forever. The Master's Love ever enfolds you. All our need is now Love's release through prayers of Joy. Abound in Praise. So shall all promises be made flesh, blood and wealth to you. The law of fulfilling love is all that you need now!

Week 38

The Master's Love does enfold you, his arms of Light do ever encircle you, and his Wisdom is your high tower of strength. Can Law be Law and fail? Can God be God and fail? No! Law shall stand as time does stand. Law shall still be Law when all else is fully indrawn. Law shall still be God as God is now all Law. You are now Law because you are in God's image and in His likeness.

Let His Law use you. Let His Law strengthen you. Let His Mind rule your life. Let His Power lift you and enfold you into all Glory, all life. Your Joy is now full. Joy is Law. Law is Joy. How can you be less? Be evermore as God is evermore!

One Law encompasses All Law. Love will fulfill all Law. Yet, how can Love fill an already full vessel? How can Love fill you unless you empty the old from your vessel?

Many Laws must be well-learned before the full emptying of the vessel can take place. You might empty it all at once, if you would. But you do not so. You empty the vessel but a drop at a time, and the Master so puts a drop of Light in that space within your vessel. Drop for drop, so he gives.

He touches you with a Magic Scepter of Love and you, will you, can you give up to Light all past appetitive soul? Have you the strength? Or must you go on surrendering it, one drop at a time? You are the Chosen, strong to live in Glory. Why dally in surrender of the little self?

So shall you come fully to the Master, one bit at a time or all at once. What is your choice now? This is the daily "dying," which can be overcome by the complete sacrifice of self now.

When Love Supreme possesses you until no drop or spot of self remains, Love shall then fulfill the whole Law within you and for you.

Week 39

Mother Love abides with you forever. It is a consuming fire to burn out all dross in each rational soul, which lies in the hidden rooms of the appetitive soul until the Oversoul seeks to ascend its all. Then, that which has been hidden for ages, boils up to the surface in many ways, thus allowing itself to be remade again into Light, as it was in the dim beginnings of time, before the appetitive soul traveled up through all life of evolution.

When the rational soul gives it free lifting and succumbs not to its clamoring for power, then the body ascends with the soul and full stature of the Christed One is achieved.

When the conscious rational soul listens to appetitive soul's plausible vaporings, it adds to its power until it boils around underneath, eating away or dry-rotting the cells of the body, in some cases also crystallizing the cells. Yet the ever-ingressing consuming fire of Love, the consuming ray of the Mother, so principled to burn darkness, enters and the war between Light and Dark goes on in the body itself, as the battleground it then becomes.

The Law of the consuming fire of Mother Love is that it shall either burn out the dross or burn out and consume all darkness. Obedience to the laws of "letting" and "lifting" will cause the dross to be consumed to the complete purifying and full ascension of the body with the soul.

"Let" all hidden things come to the surface of the conscious mind. Look yourself in the eye, then conquer all petty self. Search and "lift" all that does not come up, ruling it in its foul lair of the appetitive soul. You would not drink from a foul cesspool. Past self-prides, self-conceits, self-satisfactions are the foul residue left in the hidden caverns of the appetitive soul. The time is now when even the worldly appetitive soul either must be lifted, leaving the body free to be healed and lifted, or leaving the body to be burned out, thus freeing the hidden things to be taken to their own place to be chained for a thousand years.

Therefore, search in the hidden rooms for negative little-self-me things. Surrender them for and unto Mother Love to be consumed into pure Light, which is then added to your rational soul substance for daily use now.

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The Fourth Quarter

Week 40

You are building a vibration that shall last throughout all the eternities of time. Nothing can retard the steady advance along all lines, for all nations. What God has said shall stand forever and for ever. His promises shall be fulfilled, one at a time, in Heaven-miracle ways. Out of total black the Father shall bring forth full Light and glory. He is strong to fulfill all Law.

Let Love be your Law. You do think you know Law, yet you have only learned that Law is. How can you now know Law? To know Law and to abide in the Law of Love is fulfilling — this is true knowing. Whenever you depart from Love, you have departed from perfect Law, and so no longer do you know Law. Yet, when you return to Love, then have you returned to the Law. Be in Love with all!

Remember forever that you are only as great as your least obedience to the least of all Laws. Your weakness in your least obedience shall be stronger to cause a fall than all your strengths of love, devotion and humility.

Therefore, watch daily, hourly, for the least forgetfulness and for the least of your failures to be the Law that you have been given. For in this way shall your greatest strength be born from and of your greatest weakness. Only so can you ever attain the Supreme, which does await you now.

Make yourself a chalice of purity. Empty the old every day, every hour, lest when you come to the Fount of All you either have no room for the real or you have dirt and sediment within your cup and so muddy your stream of life.

Only a cleansed mind and heart can receive the fullness of the perfection of God. Be pure. The Master is always with you as Love!

Week 41

Because of your faithfulness, your delight in Law, your willingness to learn all Law and your so deep desire to become all Law, you are given special blessings in heaven. Let nothing of the outer cause you to falter in this so-great climb to Power and glory.

There is no small thing. Your smallest weakness is stronger than your greatest strength. For, it is your smallest hidden weakness that sends you to the bottom, while your greatest strength may only gain one step at a time.

Be on guard, therefore, with Law, to uncover each small, hidden weakness in your life, lest it sends you down from heights of consciousness that may be regained only through deep travail of soul.

You shall advance and ascend only upon fulfilled vows and earth duties well-performed. These must be done in joy and in delight. Vows and duties done only from a sense of duty cannot ascend you. The Joy and Delight in Law do the Ascending.

Your Guards cannot hold you against your indifferent or lukewarm attitudes. Once you fail to heed their warnings and allow yourself any self-made excuses for not becoming the Laws you are conscious of knowing, even for a short time only, then you are considered as "of knowledge" of right and wrong and have free Will to choose your paths of life.

Unless you are beloved enough of someone on earth who will again sponsor you on the path, your Guards can only stand by and hold you on your path. When you awaken again to the high glory, they can then aid you, but not until you have returned again fully to the Light to hold fast and become Law. The Master is ever with you in Power. Be vital and quickened with it!

Week 42

Your path is narrow, sometimes with room for only one foot at a time. This is when doubts, fears or self-pity assails the conscious mind, when all hidden detriments will arise from the deeps of the subconscious. Lift them. Stop at once and raise your arms in surrender to the Power of love. Let the glory move in to possess every corner of both mind and heart. Let the glory of the Almighty move in and possess you! Darkness is absorbed by Light! If there be darkness, the answer is more Light, more Love, more Power. This is always your first step.

"In quiet and confidence shall be thy strength." So enough Love, Light, Power is enough quiet and confidence.

Surrender of self and soul discipline are your very great needs at this time. Many become bored with the pettiness of these so-small details — they grow too weary and bothered by the so-necessary every day small things and so lose time, because the very meanest of life's daily duties can be made full stepping-stones to the fullness of all glory. Let no small daily task in any department of life be too humble for your care in self-discipline for soul-expansion.

Redeem time. Redeem each moment of humblest task to do it better or with greater speed. This is the Law of "use that which you now have in your hands." For the climb upward there is no greater need for any of you.

To keep your own Word of Vows unto yourself. To watch each task and finish it. To leave nothing for another to stumble over as he may seek to redeem time. To make each moment pay the greatest of dividends, not only with a task well done but with some discipline unto the self to exalt your own soul.

Week 43

Your desire for perfection is good. Yet your performance of self-discipline has too little heat to melt and dissolve that petty self to raise your appetitive soul to rulership of the conscious use of mind.

You are cooling to a point below that perfect white point of heat that must be maintained for soul balance and a three-way daily expression — three ways at once, with appetitive soul ascended to the old throne of self-will, ruling as pure Love, with Will crowned as ruler of the pineal gland, as Oversoul living within the Golden Cities of God, the rational soul with full consciousness in the Realms. This is being a seer and a prophet.

Do you desire this with enough fervor, enough desire at white point of heat to lift you fully into complete Light? If so, then seek to praise longer moments with deeper soul fervor, until you have reached a place of Light from whence you cannot be dragged down by aught that can come upon earth.

Make vows anew to be ever lifted to this so-high point of fervor with complete continuity. You shall pay the same price as all who so do achieve the status of seer and prophet. Use all that you have to feed your undernourished souls!

Week 44

All you need is a full, a complete, a continued surrender. For you have only begun to surrender, even at your greatest point of present surrender. Therefore, seek ever for new ways of vowing, then becoming that which you Vow. Surrender your whole self. Gather from your deepest past still more attitudes, opinions and prejudices to surrender unto God, the Father.

Remember, the only spoken Word is "Let." The greatest of your past surrender is only a crude beginning. You are still only learning how to surrender. Surrender itself takes time. Yet you shall keep on learning how to surrender while you are in the ways of true surrender before the altar. You are still but small babies in even knowing what surrender is all about. Seek to learn what the true giving up of self is about, what it truly gives you to be possessed of Love.

True surrender to be possessed of Love gives freely without counting the cost to self or of hoarding of self or things for some distant day. Give while you may, to God and to man. Wherever you see or feel a need, there give. Surrender. Praise. Love.

Week 45

Peace be unto you as a River of Life, forever tranquil, flowing through you as a continued glory and as a Power that holds you in a state of high enough consciousness to make of you laws of glory shining out to bless a world in travail and in darkness too great to be borne. You have now become some Law, yet not enough to fully ascend either your souls or your bodies.

The Master's Pathway is a long, continued struggle with the lower self, the appetitive soul, until all soul debts are paid in full. And then, unless you are constantly watchful, you can slip back into a worse state than before, causing ever greater soul debts to be paid than in the past.

Do you inquire how this can be? Your past debts have been softened and modified by the Father because of your deep ignorance since the Fall. In one disobedience at this time, you can make as much soul debt as you did in one whole lifetime under ignorance. Therefore, your needful Law at this time is watchful obedience. See to it, therefore, that you are in watchful obedience at all times. Then shall you stand victorious, because you have no present-made debts confronting you upon the altar when you would ascend.

Pay your vows, word by word, and do not change at later dates to suit your convenience. The time has arrived when there is no more delay for any. We now move up, and only those of complete honor can stand the great Power.

Week 46

The Master is your Mentor and your Sponsor. It is he whom you do Love and whom you shall follow through all Ascension and all Glories of all heights of Glories.

In following the Master, you shall cleanse all traces of self from each center in your body. All crystallization and all weakness in your bodies is now caused by those yet remaining traces of self in the cells. Each cell of the body has its individual memory, therefore, each must be cleansed. To do this means the constant watchfulness of every detail of your life.

There is no detail of daily living too small to be censored by you. Idle words, actions, idle expenditures of energy, such as gossip, criticizing, even self-condemnation instead of proper repentance and lifting, surrender, giving up of self-things — all must be accounted for in each day's final judgment.

Therefore, watch for small and idle things in each detail of your lives. Make of your life a symphony of joy. This is your week's Law.

Week 47

You are becoming Law. Your efforts are great and very great, and your prayers have ascended to God, and He has heard them and He has answered them. Yet, at times, you fail to hear His answer when He sends the answer in pain and grief that it also may pay past debts. By your failure to receive His answer in joy, you have cut off the answer of success, which is ever enclosed within the sorrow and grief.

Therefore, open your hearts and minds to the Master's coming as all that is, even heartache. For in suffering does he uncover you to yourself, that you may have room to receive him and the answer to your desires by prayer. Spend much time, therefore, seeking him in all things, lest you overlook the answer and so cut off your good, or delay it o'er long.

Week 48

Peace, joy, love and glory pour out upon you forever. You are becoming Law. You shall find Law your fortress. He who lives by Laws of life shall never be distressed, shall never be in darkness, shall never be in doubt, shall never be in fear.

Nothing shall cause that one to waver or to grow lukewarm. He shall be forever held in the warmth of the Love of God. He shall forever find the Arms and the Wings of God upholding him. He shall be protected from all that disturbs in the world and saved forever.

His creations shall wax strong and they shall be alive and complete. Therefore, be Law. Let Law rule you through Love's ways of glory. You are the Master's. His Love uplifts you evermore.

Week 49

Be in Joy. For one week, you shall use all your effort and time holding fast to the high vibration of Joy. You must once more gain further steps upon the climb to Glory. Only upon the principles of joy may Law be fulfilled. Love is the substance, but it is the adherence to joy that opens the door to love and starts it moving forth.

The joy principle is reached by using praise. Praise constantly for a week to raise yourselves from all lesser places. Praise always. Let no hour go by without some praise leaving your lips, formed in joy.

You shall then desire to praise God forever. You are weak in praise and, so, weak in the joy vibration. You may burn at the white heat of joy, and yet you seem content with a lukewarm joy. See to it that you apply the law of praise to the principle of joy!

Week 50

Each has the capacity to release the full amount of the Power of Love. Not one has so far let enough of this so-great Power of Love move forth. The only need is a deep and ever deeper desire, plus the praise increased enough to raise each one's vibration to that white point of Shekinah glory where anything of miracles is more than possible.

Do you so believe in the possible miracles to be greater than all miracles gone before? This shall fulfill all Law to each of you, that you shall praise and sing in enough of the Love of God that Power shall move forth and make each hour a greater miracle than ever before.

Week 51

You shall become Law. Law shall be to you a great fortress and a great strength. You are houses built upon the Master's rock of unconquerable faith, and only faith shall hold you fast.

To you, chosen because of your so great desires, the Master looks for full perfection in obedience to Law. Remember that each smallest task, each simple detail is based upon Law.

Hear this Law and heed it now: If a thing is not good to do or to leave undone always, by all upon earth, then it is not a good thing to do or to leave undone at any time, not even once, by you!

Memorize this. Carry it with you on a card. Read and heed! So shall you win Heaven and all its compensations!

Week 52

Law so declares that each soul shall be given enough substance of Light — stored up for each in his Star — to fill all his molds of desire full, and to bring to pass all his needs promised him of God. It also declares that each soul must release this substance by transforming it from invisible Light to a lower form of substance that can be seen. This must be done by each soul releasing his substance, from its storage in the Star, to earth mold.

Therefore, you have not yet praised enough. For the law further declares that only praise of singing and praise of rejoicing shall release enough love substance to build into fulfillment the promises given to you.

Love more. Love enough to spill over into the Father's building for the world. Sing and praise more — enough to spill over into the Father's building for the world. Give the Father enough substance under the laws of the soul as conqueror, builder and creator.

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Your Personal Textbook of Law

You can begin your personal Textbook of Law by purchasing a coil-bound notebook or bound blank book. Begin with the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20 (see the Mystical Ten Commandments used in comparative study). The King James Authorized Version of the Bible is recommended.

Write only one commandment or law per page, leaving the back of each page blank. This is important. You are leaving room in this textbook for writing the results of your future pondering over each law.

Important: In your pondering of law, it is best to limit yourself to study of only one or, perhaps, two laws at a time. Each law brings its initiations, and too much of a good thing leads to spiritual indigestion.

Metal coil binding or a bound blank book is suggested, rather than ring binders or computer filing. This way you will not be tempted at future dates to edit, remove or delete what you may come to consider naive interpretations or misinterpretations of what a law means. What you write down becomes your yardstick for growth in comprehension.

Follow the Ten Commandments with the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5. Then carefully read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) and write in your notebook every law you can find. You may need several notebooks before your study is complete.

Zealots in Law may also include the laws given to the Seven Churches in Revelation 2-3 (be sure to read Revelation 1:11 first). At some future point, you may wish to study Psalm 119 in the same manner. Be sure, also, to make a special notebook to include the laws found in this volume.

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The Christed Ten Commandments

Thou shalt love honor above all things.

Thou shalt love justice and live it continually.

Thou shalt live with thy neighbor as thou dost desire to live with thy Master.

Thou shalt not live by false pretenses.

Thou shalt honor thy Father and Mother virtues, that in thy soul and heart they may be lived, and glorify thyself before thy Maker.

Thou shalt not kill vision, lights, prayer or love.

Thou shalt not disturb by word or by action or by deed, by false prophecies or by false pretenses.

Thou shalt not steal one's faith, ideals, hopes, aspirations or inspirations, for God will not hold him guiltless who disturbs a soul's peace.

Thou shalt hold thy neighbor close: his joy shall be thy joy, his sorrow shall be thy sorrow, and the understanding of Christ in you shall see the Light to shed.

Thou shalt not desire another's goods by look or by word or by action, such as personal ideas, loves, friendships or the personal path each one chooses to go on, for God will hold you responsible for their indirection from His directed path.

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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 – 1971
The original Christian Pioneering Mystic,
Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister

The First Mastery Copyright 2016 by Linda Mihalic, Society of the Universal Living Christ.