The Universal Magna Charta

By Edna Lister

We find the basis for our faith in two quotations taken from our Bible. The first one is from St. John, Chapter 1 and verse 1: "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The second quotation is from Genesis, Chapter 1, verse 1: "In the beginning, God created."

A lonely God, needing action, desired to create and universes were born. God, as Mind in action, opened a great Day of Manifestation. The fundamental obligation demanded that it should cover and contain all that was ever to be.

God's first use of His Word, the Magna Charta, was the action of the Mind of God as an in-breathing from the void, first causing a pulsation, and then an in-drawing of the tiny first original particles of Light substance, to fill a great Mind-thought center, there condensing this substance until there was enough brought together within this circle to cause an explosion. The built-up energy was great enough to send the vibration forth into space to form a gestating place for all universes.

The Word was and is a planned, controlled operation containing all that is. This breathing went on until the vast Power that filled all space was great enough to last a full great Day of Manifestation.

That Word was the Magna Charta of all the universes, containing all the plans for Creation. It is still the same vast vibration containing the plans, not only for Creation in the beginning, but for the end of a great Day, and all that is needed for time in between. When the space, as a place, was ready, God, as Mind, created individuals in His own image and likeness to populate and become perfect instruments to fill it and carry out His Creative plans.

"Charta" means "charter, the privilege to operate and do certain things." "Magna" means "greatness," enough to cover all needs. God's Magna Charta, the original Word that was God, is now God and ever shall be God in action, is immutable, indestructible, and can never be changed. It is!

The Magna Charta has not been changed, but it has been delayed through the countless combinations made by individuals through their misuse of God's perfect will. God did not arrange for such delay, but in His wisdom, has been able to work out answers to the new problems presented to Him through and by the misuse of Power in evil ways.

The great cost of such disobedience falls upon all alike. We have all delayed God's perfect plan for us and reap the reward of outer delay. God's original plans for His creation stands. Behind the scenes, God's all-knowing ability to control, to hold and to work together for good has ever grown greater. He is!

Do you believe this? Do you know, stand and hold fast to this confidence today, that God can and will make all things right? Do you accept that the Word is doing its original perfect work behind the veil that separates the outer and inner worlds?

From the lowest outer form of life, from the creature to the creator, from instinctive intelligence to conscious God-like intelligence, we are all under the original God-given plan, our Magna Charta of life. For one and all alike, the one absolute, fundamental and outer primary law of life is the one of perfect obedience. This cannot be set aside to suit the convenience of any individual.

As nature operates under the three great creative principles of expansion, explosion and expression, so must each individual accept and follow in obedience these laws of nature. No one can set aside these basic laws of life and thrive.

As nature obeys the call of spring and appropriates from earth, water and air God's original life, lowered in vibration to meet unconscious nature's needs, so must man appropriate from the highest vibration of his Source, through his breathing, all the original Substance he needs for his expression.

Unlike nature, man must accept and appropriate life with the consent of his conscious mental and emotional lives, as well as reaching up and extending his breathing to include the vibration direct from his Source of life. Only through this threefold and complete acceptance can man appropriate enough life for full health and success.

The First Voice declared, "Let there be Light," and so must man's first, and at all times conscious, declaration be: Let there be Light! Since Light is the original substance of which all things are made that were made, man must combine everything found in the lower vibrations and appropriate and combine it in the high, deep, constant breathing of the Breath of Life. On earth today, this substance of Light is called atomic energy.

A man's desire for more life burns high, he breathes and as he appropriates this life, he converts it into that atomic energy which inflates the cells of the atomic body within which he already dwells. By this conscious desire, man converts this Light into active atomic energy to produce any and all outer acts of expression.

Divine Mind sends an order to the brain, and that which filled the atoms, expanding them with pure inhaled Light, converts that Light through an explosion of atomic cells into the expression of movement or action. Original Light has been used by the individual, even as nature uses it on the lower level as expansion, explosion and expression. We have been obedient to the three basic creative laws of all universes.

First, God created space by in-breathing consciously until the condensed Substance expanded and filled the need for space in which the Creation and gestating of all universes could be carried out. At the proper moment, an explosion of condensed Substance took place and the first three Emanations filled all space.

Secondly, God then created a form for a part of Himself to use, called the Only Begotten Son, called so because he had the Scepter of Power that only the original Mind, the Father, could use. Then came begotten sons and daughters in the image and likeness of the Father, and later came created sons and daughters who descended to fill all space.

As Light continued to flow on in rhythmic cycles, it lowered itself in vibration until the successively heavier substance could be used by the sons and daughters of God to enfold themselves in a sheath dense enough to sink to the outpost of divine expression for experience, called earth. The still radiant spiritual beings called their new covering a body. Each individual is still this radiant created son or daughter from the Source, with an identity forever unchangeable.

With the first declaration of "Let there be Light," the Magna Charta of God went into effect and it is now in effect. Original Light created space and populated it with divine Mind in form for expression. All of this came from that first declaration, and "Let there be Light" is still a first declaration in obedience to the basic creative laws of expansion, explosion and expression.

As Light filled space, it created three lowered vibrations, three distinct levels between Light and form. First came color, then tone and then number, all three necessary for the creating of an outer form. This process of descent is still going on under God's creative principles.

On earth it operates under the control of the seasons. As the dormant winter season awakens to the call of spring and countless tons of verdure, flowers and food opens the new cycle in the process of growth, the bulb, the seed, the root, responding to the warmth of the sun, draws in the Light which is life until enough substance of Light condenses into the power of expansion, resulting in an explosion which sends the sap from roots to the tips of tree branches, and green shoots from seed and bulb to find the sun.

This process of drawing in goes on until the full cycle of production is fulfilled according to the original idea impregnated within each type by the original Word. The call to spring in nature represents the same thing that inspiration for higher things represent in the individual, the Power of the Light of the Source calling everything upward.

How does this process apply to the individual? The impregnated idea in nature corresponds to the desire in the individual and, in both, the expression will follow the original desire. Fortunately, the individual is a creator, and by a simple desire-declaration of "Let there be Light," can open a season of fulfillment for himself at any time in any place.

With the original declaration, "Let there be Light," plus obedience to law, the opening process of melting, dissolving and absorbing the ice, the crystallization dormant in either body or affairs, is started, a whole new cycle of growth.

Wherever the declaration of Light is directed in a body or affairs by any individual for self or others, the old pattern begins to fade out and a new pattern is established. However, the in-drawing of life must be as constant as is that of unconscious nature, nothing must interfere with it.

Where the old cells are absorbed, the new creative life as Light enters and creates new cells. Each cell expands, then explodes into two cells and continues this growth process until a whole new organ or part is created. We call this a miracle.

A miracle may be a slow process or an act. This is determined by the fervor of the declaration which pre-decides which type of miracle is to be ours. The depth of acceptance and of expectancy add speed to fulfillment. The new business, the new body, organ or part, unfolds under the third principle of expression. The one great need is steadfastness of purpose, for the rhythm must be kept through faithfulness under the great laws of creation, expansion, explosion and expression.

As we have entered the new Aquarian Age with its conquering in scientific fields, we become aware of the need for a greater knowledge of the Magna Charta of Creation. We learn and realize that all healing and success are but the dense outer form of the Magna Charta being touched by divine Mind and called back into a higher vibration of tone and then color, allowing the pure Light of our Source to take us over with all our creations.

We begin to realize that we are descended gods, already immortal now, and that it "doth not yet appear" what we shall be through our obedience, each one doing the greater works, raised into that original immortality which is Light. The Word does the work. The Word is the work, now ready to expand, to explode and to express. Let there be Light!


Let There be Light. Let, oh, Father, our new idea of our own immortality take over every part of our lives. Let our new illumination permeate our lives fully, broaden our love, enrich our compassion for others while filling us with a greater devotion for Thee.

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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 – 1971
The original Christian Pioneering Mystic,
Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister

This is an Edna Lister recording script used January 15, 1969.

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