On Jesus' Teachings

To teach is "to impart knowledge or skill to, to provide knowledge of, to instruct in, to condition to a certain action or frame of mind, to cause to learn by example or experience, to advocate or preach."

A more modern definition of teaching is "to impart knowledge to or instruct (someone) as to how to do something; to give information about or instruction in (a subject or skill); to cause (someone) to learn or understand something by example or experience; to encourage someone to accept (something) as a fact or principle." The shift in meaning is notable.

Early on in her ascension career, Edna Lister wrote that she knew she must accept only Jesus the Christ as her teacher and touchstone for God's truth. She said, "A true teacher blazes a path toward the supernal truth, toward the heart of all Light and never steps from that path to please any man. The true teacher never teaches what she only thinks or believes, but teaches only what she knows is truth."

What Jesus taught the simple, usually very poor and uneducated common people of Judea, the Galilee, Jordan and Samaria, remains unparalleled to this day. He was a brilliant teacher, but his true genius lies in how he could render difficult points in Hebrew Law to be easily relatable and understandable by the full spectrum of humanity.

Every Bible verse has a psychological, metaphysical, scientific, philosophical and mystical interpretation

Pithy and densely rich in wisdom, his unique interpretation of how to live life in accord with law reveals his direct vertical connection, his contact with the Source of all life, which he revealed as God the Father of us all. No matter how often you read what he taught, you can always find new Light on the meaning meaning, unfolding your understanding and expanding your comprehension of God and His kingdom.

Edna Lister said, "Every Bible verse has a psychological, metaphysical, scientific, philosophical and mystical interpretation. Each letter has twenty-two different meanings and significations. Reading the Bible as a history of humanity is only a first step. The Bible's Author has filled it with allegories and parables. Taken as a whole, the Bible serves as a metaphor for the experiences of all living souls."

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Etymology of teach: Old English tœcan, "to show, to instruct."


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