Edna Lister's Perfectly Powerful Prayers

Edna Lister prayed aloud and taught her students to speak the Word dynamically, and unrehearsed, as a flow from the soul. When she was not delivering a sermon on Sunday mornings, Edna Miriam led special prayer services for the world.

We offer these magnificent prayers as a source of inspiration and comfort for those who desire to pray perfectly powerful prayers. Please notice that Edna Miriam rarely used the first person pronouns I, me or my, but only we and our. To use the first person pronouns as you address God is to inject self into the conversation, and you demote your own soul.

Edna Lister's Prayers

Father, we open the doors to the chambers of our hearts, and hold up all our needs and those whom we seek to help, into the sunlight with us. We place them upon a cloud in the Light, and lift them into joy, peace, happiness and love. Release the power of love through us, Father. Our minds are wide open to receive understanding. We are one with all things, and with each other.

We know that the answers to our problems, the solutions to our difficulties, the healing of our minds, bodies and affairs are about to be given us. We are ready. According to the completeness of our faith, according to our ability to look to thee, putting all our faith in the Supreme, so shall it be poured out upon us, so shall it be given to us. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 11, 1933.

“Open thou our minds to thy great illumination and revelation.”

Open thou our minds to thy great illumination and revelation. Lift us so that we may more fully surrender to thee. In this very moment, we are open and ready to receive what thou shalt give us in great measure. It is so, and it shall so manifest. We are standing in the Light, a radiant center of Light. In this very moment we are the centers of a great radiant Being of Light. We are wide open to receive this inner revelation and Power, which we can express. We are seekers after truth, seekers after the hidden wisdom religion of the universe, and in this very moment it is being revealed. We are open to receive it, knowing it shall be poured out in great measure, pressed down and overflowing. We are ready. Let our eyes be opened to see, our ears to hear, and our brain cells to register. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 16, 1933.

God is almighty, all wise, all love, all kind, all good, all perfection. In this place of all perfection, we live and move and have our being. We are now radiant with Light and one with all that is. We are now standing in the sun. The power of love is now filling our bodies, minds, hearts and affairs, and those of all others. It is bringing to pass the spoken Word, the perfecting of desires. Our minds and hearts are being opened, and we are receiving this moment a greater capacity to love, to pour forth love, greater desire to deal unselfishly, greater loyalty, greater purity of heart, mind and purpose. In this place of the activity of love, the activity of the universe, that which brings to pass, we rest, and we are ready to receive. It shall be given us in great measure, pressed down and running over. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 24, 1933.

Father-Mother God, we are now holding up the desires of our hearts, great fundamental desires, planted in us since the beginning, that push us forth and urge us on, those God-given, God-urged talents that we must express. Here and now, we lift them up to thee so that Light may purify them of all selfishness. We would be selfless in our desires, so that the Light may make them universal, the power of love may pour forth upon them, bringing them into all perfection. That for which we ask, we are now asking for everyone. We are open-minded, willing to be led, willing to let thy Agent guide us, lift us and fill us with thy abundance. – Edna Lister, January 25, 1933.

We are lifting all the physical things, our own inner desires now, for greater purification, and asking for greater capacity to send forth thy Love. We know that we are one with all, with each other, and have been raised into that place of security and perfection. We now hold up those who have been placed in our keeping, and we hold them in the Eternal Heart of thee, Father-Mother God, alive and completely whole. Here and now our work is complete, and it shall manifest spiritually. Our minds are open to receive that revelation. Our hearts are open to receive that inspiration. In thy arms we rest, in thy heart we abide, eternally greater, devoted, eternally wise and eternally loving. We are ready, and knowing that it shall be given. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 26, 1933.

Let us now hold up everyone. See them at the heart of a perfect radiant center. In this we abide and rest. We open our minds to receive inspiration and revelation, our hearts to be filled with understanding. We are ready to receive the answer to our prayer, the solution to our problem. We are opening our eyes to see that open door to service, which belongs to us, our place to fill full of love. We have opened our eyes, we have opened our ears to hear, and soon we shall receive, in great measure, pressed down and running over. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 27, 1933.

“We are open of mind and heart, and in this very moment, ready to receive.”

We now bring our friends and families into this room. These magic walls expand to enfold everything we want to include. We lift them up and know that the right ideas will be poured out upon them, so that they will be sent into the right places, will see the answer to their prayers, will see the wide-open doors on both sides of the path. We shall look neither to the left nor to the right, but go straight to the door at the end of the lane, which is ours. It is wide open and the Light is shining through.

In this very moment we agree on all these things, and we are lifting up, oh Father-Mother God, all those who are close and near and dear to us, seeing them whole, perfect and complete. We lift those who seem incomplete, for greater perfection, for you to pour forth perfection upon them. Their bodies are filled with health. Let it radiate into their affairs.

We are holding up situations and businesses in this, God's hour of fulfillment. The doors shall swing wide to the answer to prayer, and to the solutions to the problems. What has pushed us forward, the stepping stone, those who have despitefully used us, we lift them into thy Light. We are surrounding them with the Light, making them our footstools. We are lifting them up and they shall lift us higher, and ever higher. We are open of mind and heart, and in this very moment, ready to receive. That which is ours shall be poured out upon us in great measure, pressed down and running over. We have already received, and it shall be so. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 29, 1933.

Fill now the body of thy handmaiden with the Light of God, so that in this very moment every cell shall be alive, every organ shall function divinely and perfectly, that she shall be lifted. Her mind shall be freed of all the ideas of the past, and she shall go forth glorifying the Master for her healing. Your body is the temple of the living God. Every cell in it is alive with the Life of God. These optic nerves are now fulfilling their purpose, they are now complete, they are now radiant with the Life of God and nothing can withstand the Power of God's Love. You are touched by the "Finger of God," your eyes are open and you shall see speedily. We declare it, and it shall come to pass. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 29, 1933.

We bring in everyone in need, hold them up and know the truth, that we are lifting every person and everyone of God's agents, all situations, circumstances and conditions of our lives and the lives of our dear ones, and those who have broad interests and broader responsibilities. We are holding up the world, and we become a group for service. We have opened ourselves to release more selfless love. We are willing to be lifted, willing to lift and willing to serve. We are willing to go wheresoever you send us.

We are willing to accept our position of service for God, to have health poured into us and out upon the world, to allow our families freedom of thought, never to speak a word, but to pour out love, to be guided, sustained and protected, to have abundance poured out upon us, to have our minds filled with inspiration and illumination, and to receive in this instant, and in this attitude of acceptance, this eager expectancy. We are ready to receive, and our own shall be added to us. It is so, and it shall manifest. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 31, 1933.

We are one with thee, with thy Power, with each other. We are opening our minds and hearts to greater understanding, we are willing to stand steadfast, knowing that God is all-mighty, all-perfection, all-wise, all-loving, all-just, all-good, and these things shall manifest to us, through us, and as us. We are lending ourselves, we are eagerly expectant of perfection, and we are now receiving that which is our own. We are ready. Thy power of love goes forth from us this moment into all our affairs, to melt barriers, open doors and bring to pass, to create divine activity, and send forth divine abundance. Light fills our bodies. We are whole and complete, and this shall be manifest in our heart, our mind, our body and affairs. Amen.

We lift this little group to thee, knowing that Light and illumination fills them, that the freedom, which understanding gives, fills and permeates them, until the idea of service possesses them. Lift them. They shall go forward to conquer and achieve, and shall be sent forth at the right time, in the right way. We are standing before thee, oh Father-Mother God, in this power of love, which goes forth and lifts the whole world to bring the limitations and the hidden festering sores of evolution to the surface, to purify, transform and glorify. Forever we are lifting into that Light, into that heart. We are keepers of the laws. We are lifters, and we are lifting the world everywhere we go. Release these revelations through us now. Open thou our eyes to the Light. Open thou the doors before us. We are ready, and it shall be so. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 1, 1933.

“We are one with God, and in this perfection we dwell.”

Father-Mother, we are expanding now, and in this state of expanded consciousness, in this state of complete surrender to the Power, we are lifted and enfolded in the Holy Spirit, that flame of Light, the heart of which is now possessing us. In that we rest and abide, divinely conscious that we are one with all that is, and that all that is shall be added. We are one with God, and in this perfection we dwell, and in this perfection, illumination is given to us. We are now ready to receive, and in quiet confidence, which is the strength of God, we know it shall be given unto us. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 2, 1933.

From the Source of all glory to the lowest grain of sand, we decree an increase in vibration and a transformation, a translation of great Power. We declare exaltation, quickening, vitalizing and lifting to every spark of the universes, until all Light and glory exalts every Word ever spoken, all prayers of earth and soul visions of the Elect, and the least, who are good, for the good of families and organizations. Light exalts darkness into itself. Light exalts the diseased cells of the body into Light. Light exalts appetitive souls to Oversouls of the Elect. Light from the Source draws in Terra and us.

We accept thy glory, oh Father. We have become thy glory, and thou hast become thy glory in us to all: East, West, North and South. These, thy Sons and Daughters, go forth as a challenge to darkness! Thy glory, oh God, exalts darkness to become Light, and thy Light shall absorb all darkness on earth. Walls of protection shall surround those who patrol in Love. Light shall absorb and translate evil, and we translate those who withhold justice into Light. We say, "Light translates them into Light. It shall be seen of men!" We thank thee, Father, for these hours of beauty and heavenly glory. We have become. We are translated forever, transfigured, thine. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 19, 1933.

“Thy Light shall absorb all darkness on earth.”

Let the Light of the Christ now glorify every Son of Man upon earth. Let the way of life be clear before us. Let the full Power and glory of the Christ now possess each one of us until we ascend into that place of illumination where we are all become Sons and Daughters of God, radiating the Love of God. We now come to thee, Father of all glory, that thou shalt make us perfect instruments to release the Light of the Christ so that our lives shall show forth the Christ glory, to heal, to bless all whom we contact.

Let every Christed One ascend higher in illumination to become more surrendered to be used by the Power as a living enample of the life of the Christ and so "draw all men" unto the Light, lifting the seeking children of men out of despondency and discouragement into the greatness of thy Light. We have asked in Christ's name, Father of glory, knowing thou dost always hear us and answer. Therefore, we now declare thy love and thy Light in all faithfulness, knowing that every promise shall be fulfilled. Thank thee, Father, that the Christ Light now turns all paths upon earth into a broad highway of love, and the "greater works" are works of shining Light and compassion with all humanity rejoicing that "Light is come." Amen. – Edna Lister, June 21, 1961.

Oh Father, just make us perfect instruments of thy love and glory. Give us to eat of that inner manna. Touch us with thy Light and glory, oh Father. Let us go through these endurance tests on the outer, knowing that we have lifted so much evil by our endurance. Oh Father, wipe our minds free of idle words. Let us speak in terms of love and ascension, not only resurrection and ascension. Let thy Light move through every individual today, wiping their hearts and minds free of all darkness. In thy name, we declare that every word of good that we have declared in the past shall bring vast good to us. We now lift all. It is melted, dissolved and only the Light, the good and the glory can be returned to us, though we have sent it forth colored and dark. We are thine, and we shall have miracles of love going forth from this hour. Thank thee, Father. Thank thee so much. Amen. – Edna Lister, November 27, 1964.

Let the pure shaft of Shekinah glory from the Source come for each Son or Daughter of God on earth, enter their Star of Oversoul, instantly to become a spiritualized chemical substance to enter every atom of Name's body, inflating each atom with this new spiritual combination of physical chemicals instantly to melt, dissolve and absorb every unlikeness to God's original image and likeness, causing a complete, miraculous physical healing for Name. And let this process continue until the last of Name's limitation is completely changed into wholeness and perfection. This is good and very good. Let there be Light. – Edna Lister, July 20, 1965.

“We come to thee with clean hands, heart, mind and purpose.”

Thou, the Exalted, the Awesome, and the Glorous, we come before thee. Thou hast lifted us far, far in advance of our real earnings, for we have limped at the very best of our surrender. At the highest point of our devotion, we have not been adequate. Yet thou, backing us on our climb home, hast ever protected us against slipping, despite the world, for our needed initiations, consecration, appreciation and comprehension, for the greatness of thy need to release Power through us so that we conquer evil.

We know that the time, though shortened a thousand years of ordinary work, must still be shortened to meet with earth's needs for cleansing, holding, compassion and understanding of the wavering and inadequacies of the world, even among the Chosen who would, but are weak. We know we must move higher. The only way is to cast out the ballast and the excess weight of earthly distractions.

So, this morning, as we speak the Word at the close of this prayer of consecration, all the sons of the Father of Lies are to be exorcized, all names on our so-long lists. We do ask of thee favors of steadfastness, to become immoveable, untouchable and truly be able to look in the face of the greatest darkness of evil and see it as Light. Let there be no blemish upon our vision or knowing that we are with thee. Let us see others as perfectly as thou, our heavenly Father, see us. When we can see as perfectly as thee on earth, though evil wells in upon us, we stand. This is our goal: Thy will and thy Power doing the work thy way.

We come to thee with clean hands, heart, mind and purpose, and we lift and hold those thou hast given into our charge and keeping. (Extend your arms upward on this prayer.) Begin at the center with your neighbors and close ones and declare, "In this hour, (speak their names) even the heads of nations, all the Sons of the Father of Lies left to be lifted now, this hour, are forever wiped clean of all consorting with evil." (Read your list of these names and situations.)

Let the beautiful shaft of Light, descending like a wave to cover the earth, cover the heads of all those who are concocting darkness. Exorcize all the caves of evil left to be lifted this hour so that the devils of the Father of Lies may be exorcized. The great Archangels stand with sacks of Light and we say, "Come out!" (List all the names on your list ever given and your own, all those who are fomenting hatred and misrepresenting truth.) All shall be exorcized!

We know the work shall be done in this hour. The time is now. This exorcizing shall remove the exposed tentacles of evil. This is the beginning of the complete collapse of the enslavement of man by evil. We take all these lines and lift them to thee. And now we exorcize: With both hands to the lower left, lift up and to the right three times, saying, "Come out! Come out! Come out! Let there be Light! Let there be Light! Let there be Light!" Amen. – Edna Lister, August 7, 1966.

Beloved and Beloved, time and space have collapsed. Eternity is now, oneness now, fulfillment now. Thy mysterious ways are beyond our ability to comprehend. For this we offer our gratitude, complete devotion, consecration and dedication. We are glad just to take one step at a time, knowing the next is prepared and draws our footsteps into thy path like a magnet. Let there be Light. Let the Light glorify thee and cover earth with thee, the Creator of All. We walk the ways of glory. We hear thy Voice, thy many voices singing "Hallelujah" and "Glory to God in the Highest."

We are one with thee, and thou art the One. Thank thee, thank thee that every vision shall be fulfilled. Beloved, fulfill the promises for us. We are ready, and we wait upon thee, knowing thou hast given the word to do so. We accept. We ascend. We hold fast to thee and shall ever follow the will of glory. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. We wait upon the Light. We see fulfillment, evil frustrated and fallen of its own weight in that oblivion of perdition, in that lake of fire to be consumed and made Light once more. The sun stands still upon our labors. We do two days' work in one. Speak to us from the great Source. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 14, 1966.

“We hold fast to thee and shall ever follow the will of glory.”

Oh thou, God the Many, greater than our imagination and vision can grasp, so many. Each is busy about the business of being, just being. Our imaginations at the greatest are futile and just play with the ideas, but our hearts' devotion, our consecration and worship of thee are as great as thou art. We have dedicated ourselves. We have consecrated ourselves. We have renewed vows so many times on each new level, as is fitting and according to law. We know that it means assuming greater responsibility. We ask in this hour that we grasp the full consciousness of responsibility of oneness with the One, which thou art. If the One would consume all else, the greatness, the glory of thee would fulfill every healing prayer now.

In this moment, we thank thee that we have been part of the exaltation of those who have come to earth in purity to lift, who have now ascended all over earth, whether conscious of it or not. Wherever they are — gestating in the Ark of the Mother, children or adults — we surround them with shafts of blue and the sheath of white Light. They are indrawn, uplifted and ascended on a special Mount of Transfiguration. They are to be made pure again, as they were in the beginning. Wherever they are, Light shall establish them in purity of heart, mind and purpose.

This ray, released here in this temple, so perfected, would go forth to shatter, to scatter or consume all perversions, especially pornographic books and their purveyors. Their own evil minds shall divinely impale them. Their minds will be incapable of thinking new things. Light shall blot out their camera film, blank. This, oh Father, had to be. We, the people of earth have been incompetent to stop it. It is too deeply rooted in the mind of the Father of Lies and the sons of Ishmael. It is just and right that they are rendered impotent and they are incapacitated in mind, body and affairs. Let them be made static in all time. Thank thee for giving us this glory, for this need covered will penetrate the whole of earth. It covers drugs and all things related, even the children who take them. This is the source and root of the Father of Lies' evil. This frees peace to prosper. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 21, 1966.

The Light, the Light as the Word is fulfilled above and coming to pass below. Let there be Light. We rejoice and give praise. Thou knowest our hearts and the fullness of our love. We are thine. Thy glory is over all. Thy glory is touching all, each according to his devotion and love, and those who know thee not, each according to prayers of their loved ones, of teachers, of ministers. Explosions of Light from the highest to the lowest, from capitals to homes, into hospitals and all buildings housing commerce — Light, explosion after explosion in every city, town, village, hamlet and hut over the world.

An irresistible Power of Love is holding, folding and ascending. Our words stand fast. We have thee. We have received thee and accepted thy Power and thy glory. We have the fruits of thy love, and we have all things. Let there be Light until Light fills our hours, Light vitalizes our creations, Light answers our prayers, Light fulfills our dreams, and every last Word of declaration comes to pass as spoken. Let there be Light. The world is afire and aflame to glory. We are afire and aflame and a glory. Thou art the Light that we are. Thou shalt be seen of men as us. Let it be so. Let there be Light. Thank thee, Beloved Ones, all the way back to the Source. Let the Light become intense fulfillment. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 4, 1966.

“Let there be Light until Light fills our hours.”

Oh thou, the Only, the Glory. We need no words. We are. We have ascended. We are become Light and thy glory expressing on earth. Whatever we have touched with Light in this hour is now ascended. Wherever we have been, evil is melted, dissolved and absorbed into Light. Light absorbs all space into life and Light at the Source. From this hour on, our very glances shall be an enticement to others to go higher. We are ensamples of thy glory. In thy Light, life and glory, we stand ready to fulfill and bestow a newly ascended mission, for because of our devotion, sacrifices, consecration and rededication, we have lifted earth and the whole of Creation higher and higher.

We know thy rejoicing, oh Father, since even thou didst not know how great the lifting could be. Thou just opened every Kingdom and every Source, then thou held us and how thou held us that we do not fail thee. We thank thee that thou held us beyond the ability to endure, and when beyond our endurance, thou held us past the danger point. We, thy creations and thy glory, go forth as a thousandfold challenge to remaining darkness. We realize that thou wilt send us into the midst of it and that it shall be broken, shattered and absorbed. And it is Light, and all molds we have seen are now become visible. That which has held us shall hold us all the days of our lives. Keep us surrounded and close, unfaltering, unwavering. Thank thee, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 11, 1966.

Oh thou, the Glorious One, before whom we prostrate ourselves in this hour, completely surrendered with renewed vows for missing the mark. We are repentant for the whole world's past, reaching out arms of Light to lift all darkness from self and earth's substance, releasing and ascending it in this great wave. We lift all force used to cause wars, fighting, and accidents to cause delays. Lift it through us as our share of bringing Terra back. For every word, thought, name and face we have seen, let there be Light. Let there be Light. Oh Father, let there be Light. We know that it is finished under the Heavenly Councils. We are mopping up and lifting the fragments of crystallized force, the clouds of darkness and misused substance.

Let the Word go forth in prayers for the highest and lowest, for the savages, and the masses. Let hatreds be caught up above earth and changed to Light. Let there be Light. We ask for a miracle to convince the evil ones that their day is over, smoothly, lightly, even as a meteor burst, scattering and absorbing in a final glory. Thank thee, oh Father, that thou hast heard us and always do hear us. Thank thee that thy strength, thy Power, thy glory is for us. We walk forth, oh Lord, holding fast to thy name. We lift all thy Creation up to thee. Every star of each galaxy is perfect and divine. Thank thee that thou hast answered prayers of added substance, Power and life for each of us. Make today a blessing to all the worlds. Send the Elect forth to stand forever. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 18, 1966.

Thou, the Greatest One, as thy mouthpiece, we declare confusion of tongues, foreign and twisted for those who sit in committees at the U.N. Let their minds be blank and let them speak confusing words. Let the governments and committees plotting war be Towers of Babel, all babbling like infants, that they shall not conspire against Light. Cleanse those who could become instruments, prophets, ambassadors of Light and glory, political candidates, national and international figures, newspaper publishers and reporters. All are equal, glorified and a part of God, and shall have everything equally, for the earning only. Let them come up in ascension of consciousness. Those taken across, the workers above, all who now look back on the world, let them be lifted. Wherever thy o'ershadowing reaches, let them be successful to thy glory. They are successful to thy glory.

Thank thee, Father. We have now built the molds as greatly as for all that we have ever prayed. Let there be money now. Let financial aid and legacies become visible in abundance. Let every word spoken about health and bodies come to pass. Let every soul have the vision to hold. Let them be put on clouds and let us all be free. Let us all have the equal of ten hours rest and sleep in two hours. Let us do thy hour's work through us for "letting." We go to the mountain top and stand uncontaminated. We have all reached a high point of all seeing and acceptance, all glory. We surrender to thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 25, 1966.

“Let every soul have the vision to hold fast to Thee.”

Thou Beloved above all, thou, oh Father, all-inclusive, before thee we bow. Before thee we come with clean hands, pure and contrite hearts serving thee. Every cell of us is thine. All the original life sparks are now perfect, as in the beginning. In this wonderful hour of communion with thee, let that divine glory, the original substance of the beginning, come forth anew again in as great a quantity as may be. Let it fall directly upon these bodies and all those we are lifting, from thy ruling Hierarchy to the least of us. Let it be so in this hour. Let this new substance, stamped, named and numbered, move into these bodies, coordinating, consuming everything unlike thee, which we have gathered on the way. Let it recreate us in this instant out of time, when time and space meet as one. Let us walk forth as thy original image and likeness, with all the added glory of experience spread throughout thy image and likeness, oh God. We are not of earth's forming, but of thine, thou the Creator, thou, Holy beyond Holy, thou the Computer Mind and all the glories gathered as One. We shall walk earth as living ensamples of thee, proof that God is.

Father, it is time that every Holy One above and those in the flesh declare, "Let the Light abound!" Vitalize, quicken, and let the Light, let all the substance thus released, oh God, let thy perfect work move forth now, lifting and absorbing all pain, sorrow and grief after every perfect Word spoken. Let all words that have been spoken in faith and love, oh God, now be thy perfect Words released as the substance to heal, lifting minds and hearts. Now we rejoice together that thou hast made them fill bodies and affairs, all working as one great Power. Earth worships thee today. Let there never be a sinking on earth again, never again. We rejoice and are glad. Lord of Light, part of the Father again, wielding a scepter of Power greater than before, all Power through thy name, let it be so. We love thee and know that thou art ours. Amen. – Edna Lister, December 25, 1966.

“Thank thee for all fulfillment of desires and dreams.”

Thou, the Holy One, the Glorious One, the Perfect One of all Light, thou who hast crowned us with thine own glory that the world shall see and believe. Thou also hast made us the Chosen, way-showers, parts of thyself expressing. We, thy servants-in-bonds to the Christ, bonded unto thee, taking captivity and making it captive to the Light, we know thy glory. We know thy strength. We know the end from the beginning. We become the law. We thank thee for the prayers that thou hast answered in the flesh, that we still breathe and have bodies despite the world. We walk, act and speak thy Power in thy name. We are grateful to be held in these bodies to fulfill thy joy in the world.

We would become more conscious of thy strength through us. We would become more aware, moment by moment, of glories moving through us to the world. Let each who touches us and thy Kingdom this morning, let their awareness of strength from thee take over to fill them with joy and laughter. Make this a joy filled laughing world, shaking loose the old in heart, mind, body and affairs. Let it be so. Thank thee for opening the glories of the Kingdom to us.

Thank thee for this haven of rest and chapel of awareness of glory and knowing. We thank thee. We have learned what the golden silence is, and in it thou dost fulfill our golden destinies now. Thank thee. Thou neither slumber nor sleep. We walk within the glory and the beauty of thee, our Companion, as we have touched thee in these hours together. We know these hours have allowed thee to build a vibration for the whole world for perfect expression of life and glory, which moves in, absorbs and makes all like unto itself. The Power goes forth and absorbs that which has been dark, evil and force, and changes it into Light. As it moves forth, it forms circles of Light around all, consumes it, and it grows smaller with less influence.

Let the "idle rich" and internationalists [elites, globalists and corporatists] be one with thee now. Wherever their millions touch, let there be Light. Let all who are connected with their businesses, consortia, corporations, wherever the conglomerates seek to take over again, let all connected with them be a source of Light, bonded by Christ, releasing glory because darkness is not. Finish the mindlessness of dark ones, the sons of Ishmael and the Father of Lies, so that their orders are a jumble of confusion. Let their servants contradict each other until thou hast robed them in Light so bright that it blinds their eyes. Release greater Light there, through them and their strongholds, than any place on earth.

Thank thee for completion in further shrinking and absorbing of Light from any who are treacherous remains of the Father of Lies, and have sought to take over again. Let Light prevail. Thank thee for all fulfillment of desires and dreams. Let there be Light. Let there be Light all over earth, the darkest places to become radiant Light-centers of earth. Thank thee for bodies like unto the original begotten creators. We stand in the golden Light and wait upon thee, doors open, Power released, Guardians of Law briefed for fulfillment in order because, having done all, we stand and make whole to endure, to hold. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 1, 1967.

Thou, the Supreme Nameless One, we know thee as thy representatives, thy Chosen, the ones who rotate from thee, the Supreme, to whom we give our fealty and love, we receive thy benefits and glory. We kneel in adoration and loyalty and know thee as thou hast known us. We know that the Power uses us and that even as one act of disobedience disobeys all, so does one act of kneeling penetrate all. The Light moving through us fulfills all laws, vitalizes and quickens all words, melts and dissolves all darkness in the one act of kneeling. Let Light move through all those whose thoughts turn to thee. Let them recall the need to kneel in devotion this hour and release the greatness of this Power upon the whole world. Let them be healed and made one in consciousness, whole.

In this moment, we declare that Power moves into every dark place of earth, shattering and absorbing situations, instances and processes of evil. Individuals are impotent for darkness, to be used only by Light and Power. Oh God, how we are thine. How we worship and adore thee, and rejoice that thou hast created us in thy image and likeness. Let all thine own smile, and envelop others in their love and sweetness. Let them see thy Angelic Hosts standing about them. Let all who have ever contacted us be lifted and held. Thank thee for the new incarnation of glory. Thank thee. We feel the stillness of earth receiving the Baptism of Shekinah glory, oh thou the Crown and the glory. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 8, 1967.

Father Supreme, Creator of Universes, who did send us forth as part of thyself, even as the many small individuals with all the powers, the glories, the potentialities and wonders of thy abilities. As we ascend into a greater realization and comprehension of the greatness of thy Creation, give us, grant unto us the ability to know as thou dost know instantly, all comprehendingly, with that yearning, brooding quality of thee, reaching to the outermost rims of the universes, standing, holding, knowing that darkness is but a shadow of nothing. Our gratitude goes forth that in thy greatness, oh God, thou did conceal and concentrate darkness in one place in the beginning.

We thank thee for the awakening into full blossom that is a glory unto thee, even in thy eyes. For in the darkness, thou hast sometimes planted a seed that bursts eventually into greatness that moves the world. The treasures of hidden places are bursting forth, for thou art the heart, the soul and the life, even of darkness, and it must succumb to thy life and Light.

We plant our feet firmly on that treasured, hallowed ground thou hast given us, and know that no man or thing can detract from that expansion of thee from within every seed of life planted in the minds of men. Thank thee, Father, for prophets of old. Thank thee for the spirit of Isaiah in William R. Hearst [who revealed uncomfortable truths about the U.S. position in Vietnam], and he can say, "Thus saith the Lord of Hosts," that from the height of the news kingdom, the Light is to come forth and shatter all evil in the whole of publishing.

How we love thee. How thy magnificence and the glories of thy justification awe us. Thank thee. We see the way clearly. The Light has gone forth, and many see this Path of Light. We await the caution signals and the go signs, the green lights. We stand to fulfill that place beyond the open door, trained by thee, held by thee, upheld by thee. We glorify thee from this hour forth. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Amen. – Edna Lister, January 15, 1967.

“We stand to fulfill that place beyond the open door, trained by thee,
held by thee, upheld by thee.”

All glorious Almighty, all Power divine, thine the All, the words, vibrations of substance and glory move through us as all thy Power, oh glorious God. The Power we need to lift and hold is stepping down to be transformed to each to meet their needs and cares. Permeate our projects. Touch all firms to give and meet the needs of those due for promotion. Every man and woman unemployed shall be hired back in positions, and better ones, and glorify thee. Let there be no loss, only gain. Oh thank thee, Father. We stand on this firmly and finally.

Touch our income that it shall expand, and multiply it until it covers every need. Father, we are grateful for thy upholding Power. Thou hast brought us through. Thou hast taken us to the next climb as a challenge for the release of Power. Bless all who are ministering this hour. Bless them, oh Father. Send Power and bless each who has heard a spoken word today. Give us all to eat of that heavenly manna of the Tree of Life. Keep every channel wide and expanding that we may release more Power as we go through life. Quicken us and make us alive to thy great and holy work. Prepare the way before each of us. We accept the healing of mind, heart, bodies and affairs. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 22, 1967.

God the All, the greatest, magnificent and awesome, the Power — oh Father, we watch thee and thy use of all Power. We, who are thy servants, take heed that we may not in haste seek unwisely as did the Father of Lies to speed things up and create such chaos. For we know, we comprehend at last that thou art in constant watchfulness and thou hast thousands of great Messenger Angels watching over the chaos the idle words of the world create. We only begin to realize the tremendous work for thee to keep the good coming and earth balanced, ascending.

We realize that as Gates open, unbalanced statements and curses strike, causing interference and delay. We know, Father, that we have doubled, trebled, and increased our responsibility a thousandfold to hold. We call upon thy strength, thy glory and thy illumination. Father, we know that this does not mean words and statements part of the time, but every word that passes our lips, and our thinking, too. Hold us. Let us not be servants of lip service and part-time thinking but altogether surrendered. Make us strong enough to hold thy gains day by day.

Thou art gaining. Thou hast released Light to conquer the last of darkness. Thou, who dost know the way before us, and the ones who also work for ascension, do thou hold thy gains as us, not wavering, wobbling, but as thy devoted ones. Activate and quicken the Elect, especially those who know thee. Quicken and hold them safe in thy Way. Release a special shaft of Light over us for brotherhood, love, harmony and glory. We hold our loved ones close, to be held and to hold their gains.

Thou dost always say yes, Father. Let the Light in this special shaft doming us, spread forth as a beneficent cloud, healing darkness as it goes until it adds to all glory over earth, erasing darkness, holding souls. Thank thee for special Light over America. Let the shafts of Light spread forth over the whole world, and those who are men and women of God. Let special great streaks, funnels, lines and shafts of Light do thy perfect work now to spread confusion among evil ones. Let each be a Tower of Babel, not understood, even by their close associates. Uphold the glory of thy Kingdom, oh God, as never before. This is thy day of glory. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 29, 1967.

Father, thou the greatest Beloved, as we adore thee, as we love thee, our capacity grows. We expand and are assured, we are confident that the capacity of the world to receive us is growing and expanding for the Light. Our love, our delight in knowing this is great. We have no words to express the glory that thou art, but use us in this increased way. Send thy Light, thy love, thy glory through open doors for us in our needed service to thee. We reach out with our extended arms of Light. We lift all that our vibration has touched or contacted. In this instant, we partake of thy glory, and strength of soul confidence in thy glory, and Power and Light fills our bodies to be healed in this moment.

Let all justice prevail. Send forth the Power that is to shatter darkness and evil. It is now bursting forth. Send thy Power to conquer it. The evil ones are futile, like fish in a bowl within this magnetic force, unable to touch thy children or add confusion to the world. Let glory and Light go forth. Let every guerrilla [terrorist], wherever they are operating, let everyone who would hinder thy Light be encased in such Light that they are helpless and futile. Place a wall of fire and glory around those who would destroy thy Golden Christed Age.

Oh, Father, thank you for giving us the spoken Words to speak the glory of the new Christed Age. To evil we say, "Here we come! Light absorbs objections and delays, wheresoever we walk. The Law goes forth! God has spoken." Thank thee, Father, for all healing and that the way is clear before us. All legacies and gifts are to come forth. Release thy glory, thy Power now! Amen. – Edna Lister, February 5, 1967.

“Thank thee that thou hast given unto us the power of perfect choice.”

Thou, Father, the glory, thou, who dost hold all things in thine arms of Light, thou who dost say yes to all good things, thou dost know the depth of our devotion, each of us. Thou dost understand the heights of our rapture over being one with thee. Thank thee that thou hast given us the power of perfect choice. Our gratitude and our devotion double day by day until, through the constancy of the Elect, we double the devotion, to equal the whole world — and we can, in our attitudes of grace and of love, equal all the release over the world.

We know that thou hast made us the determining factor of prayer. We thrive upon it, and we love it. We rejoice and are glad. We know we are set aside in dedication for thy fulfillment of conquering Light. Father, increase our capacity again that we may fully appreciate what thou hast placed before us for love and conquering. Thank thee that we know the greatness of thy mercy and love, and that we grow more in delight, desiring to grow more responsible for all and to increase our service until all would become Light.

We ask thee now the favors of knowing behind the scenes, previews of thy glory. Refine us with every breath we draw. Create us and recreate us and our capacity to lift the needy and all who aspire. Open thou the door of life to us now. We would see behind the scenes. We would have all veils lifted. We are grateful that we see the release of that glory to all whom their responsibility has prepared. We see with thine eyes that each of us has become the outermost point of a funnel that regulates and controls the quality, quantity, tone and color of the Power that must go forth.

Thank thee, Father, again and yet again that we are thine, under thy firm hand, safe, protected and ascended. Let us partake this hour of the Tree of Life armored in thy Light, thy perfect servants, steadfast and ready. Thank thee, Father. Thank thee, Father. Thank thee, Father for the inner and for the glorious ones on the outer, standing. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 12, 1967.

Father, we have the vision of thy greatness for us as thy Sons and Daughters, and in this greatness we would stand. Oh, Father, we love thee so. We love the might of thee that uses us. We love it when we look out into this world, because we know that thou has almost skimmed off the evil. We want to stand in that place where the glory is moving through us equal to lift what is being skimmed off. It is coming up so fast for lifting. We have skimmed off a teaspoonful when we should have lifted a whole continent.

We hold this, thy planet, as a glorious heaven and the New Jerusalem here and now. We accept thine immortality now and we are going forth as thy crusaders. Light only, glory only, strength of thy strength and love of thy love only as we walk upon our own moving base of Light which is faith. Thank you so much, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 19, 1967.

Thou Almighty, all-powerful, all-glorious Supreme, use us from the greatness and vastness of thy Source. Let the earth bodies of thy servants be exalted into the shaft of Light above for purification, to raise and accelerate their vibrations. Let us be receptive to the Power in its fullness, so that wherever thought touches, there shall be Light! How we thank thee that we have earned the place, position and right to be used. Let the fullness of thy love and compassion move through us to wipe out each slip and loss of vibration that would close opening doors. For we know that unless we stand in the full Light unwavering, thou canst not open doors before us. For we must stand, hold, endure and give beyond giving wherever we are, taking on every neglected line the indifferent ones drop, making up the Power for those who stupidly, selfishly let go of the Light.

We know what it means to hold for a thousand days, and our debt of gratitude is without limits that thou let us start over to win. We have gained in strength, knowledge and understanding as we have repented of stupidity. Hold us in this shaft of Light forever and increase our desire to hold. Let this shaft include our President Johnson, all those who want peace and the Light, and let them decide to conquer darkness and evil. Let them consent, and stiffen the shaft of Light to hold. Close the mouths of those politicians and reporters who are misled because of fear. Close the mouths of those who distort truth. Let there be Light. Let there be Light. Let there be Light. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 19, 1967, Palm Sunday.

Eternal Light, Eternal Glory, thou the great, the mighty, the powerful, we thy lifted ones, thy held ones, thy used ones adore thee. We worship thee. We accept our places on earth as fulfilled as far as we have come. We are ready for an exaltation greater and even greater, almost too great to be borne. We experience the ecstasy of soul. Thou hast established that oneness, closeness of being absorbed into the Light, and now we shall hold forever. Each hour shall be eternal holding, standing and rejoicing, for we stand, we rejoice and hold.

In the high Light of the golden silence do we wait upon thee only, knowing Light is all. Light is the Mind that creates and the Substance that becomes the form of Creation. Thou dost uphold us surely. This is God's great day of Light and lifting, opening wide of doors. Light has resurrected and now ascended all. The earth shall take it out in talk, talk, talk, for at last it penetrates every evil that thought to terrorize with threats. We are winning. The handwriting is before them. So it is.

Let the conquering Power now move to finish the Armageddon. Let it be so. The right time, the right hour for the hordes of Ishmael to finish what they thought to be conquering, which has only been the means of God's conquering. Thou hast established us and every thought, every prayer and every creative idea is building, creative and lifting. So it is. We rejoice and rejoice again and thank thee that thou hast brought us through earth's mess into Light to remain with thee forever. Speak, thou Glorious One. We hearken, we hear, we heed and we obey. Love, love, love! Amen. – Edna Lister, March 26, 1967, Easter.

“In the high Light of the golden silence do we wait upon thee only,
knowing that Light is all.”

Thou the Glory, thou the Light, accept our gratitude and thanks for holding us through the darkness and weakness of earth. Do thou, God, hold us, strengthen us. Finally, oh Father, grant us that complete comprehension of Wisdom that releases the Light, that uncovers all darkness as it approaches, wherever we step, and makes us aware of needs, of the places drawing in darkness. Keep us alive, alert and divinely responsible for all that touches our names or into which we step. Grant to us the all-seeing, all-knowing and, oh God, the Power, the magnetism, the glory of thyself going forth to lift.

We are consecrated. We are dedicated. We rededicate our lives and reconsecrate ourselves to thy honor and glories, and to the finishing of the Armageddon. We hold the President up where the Power and glory of all thy saints and martyrs of heaven stand by him and hold him.

Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that the chicanery and the Father of Lies' last words and instructions to dynasties of evil, agents of and from the sons of Ishmael, the wealthy heads of arms, chemical and banking empires, those who have inherited these dynasties in England, Europe and the Middle East, especially the heads, and every house of inherited wealth everywhere, the unions and all the rest stands revealed. They shall exalt themselves in darkness until they explode and are absorbed. The U.N. shall be reconstructed only under thee.

Let evil in words, in every way, come to the surface, with the spotlight of new rays upon them for fulfillment of glory. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that thou knowest thy business and our business and push us to the doors we must see. Keep us as thy servants. Let prophecies be fulfilled. Thank thee, Father that we stand as One. There is no space or distance between us ever. We have moved into that infinite place of eternity. We have seen the faces of all, past and present, personal and universal. The Light is doing the work in every word that has gone forth to establish molds. So it is and so it shall be. Let the work go on between us as One wherever our physical bodies are sent. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 2, 1967.

Oh thou, God Eternal, Everlasting, we rejoice and are glad to be brought to this Mount of Transfiguration. We pray from this high place of glory at the Sources without using words of earth about mundane affairs. We have taken our places in release of this Power. The lesser words are for the lesser ones who speak endlessly in repetitious prayers. The results have been slow because the high ones who could release Power have wallowed in words, purely mental and not the great Power that is to be released.

We know there are times to lift special things, words to be used so that every line and cable of Light shall release and become expanded. We also know that thou dost need us standing as pure Light, just praising and knowing that thou dost take care of every cable of Light so that the substance will be great enough. On this day we have ascended.

We, as thy ambassadors pure and undefiled, shall continue to release the Power Light sent through us to the most primitive jungle and the highest altar of earth. We consecrate ourselves anew that thou shalt not need to spread the Light and glory too thin to do the greatness of the work now. Speak the Word through us. Thank thee that our praise has spread the Light all over earth, undiluted and perfect. We are thine. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 9, 1967.

Thou, of the eternities and glory, thou, the Great One, it is our privilege to know thee as thou art, to see the beginning of laws and how Emanations open. Thank thee for showing us. We face the whole of earth, with Power pouring through from thee. We declare such a glory, such a penetrating ray into every agent that the Father of Lies has left behind.

We speak the names we know, to close their mouths. The great hate-mongers and those who seek to divide and destroy the Brotherhood of Man, speak thou as them so that they say words whose meaning they know not. Let them be possessed by the Light and by God Himself. Let them face this darkness they have created and see the Light as it is. Let them face their followers in a shaft of Light so bright that it is blinding.

As all evil ones now standing speak of oneness and wholeness, let them be so possessed of Light that they can stand only as servants of Light. Where willfulness and rebellion are found, Light scrambles them into confusion until they sound like creatures, animals in the jungle. The roar of the lion and the hiss of the snake escape from them without meaning. They are formed of Light and only Light may escape them.

With our scepters raised, so we declare the last of darkness, and the Light to conquer them. Let this Light possess the lesser ones in lesser degrees, too. Thy Light is all, now and ever. Light is all. In rooms, parks, streets and any place where darkness has called, they are together for thy holding and are being possessed by a soft penetrating cloud. Light is possessively calling every spark of darkness back to itself as Light. Thank thee, Father, that no cathedral, church, hall or room is left out.

The Light penetrates, permeates and possesses. We, thy servants, are penetrated, permeated, possessed and sealed now, more greatly than ever. The lesser vows we took, because we knew not where we stood at the time, shall stand. These shall be the strongest bodies on earth, like God Himself, begotten! Thou hast made us begotten again. No fear, nor any lesser thing stands between us and thee. Wherever we step is perfection. Thou, who hast always held us, and dost know how to hold, hold us forever. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 16, 1967.

Great One, we are privileged to look into Thy Shekinah glory, the Source of all Sources, from earth, thine outpost. Thank thee. We are in awe and the devotion of awe, grateful that we have been found worthy to glimpse the whole. We have climbed, we have surrendered, and thou hast accepted the little we have done. Thou only can wipe out the continued failure and missing of the mark when we have degraded ourselves emotionally with taints of self.

Thou hast countless scores of pure saints releasing pure Power untainted by earth. Yet thou, in thy glory, hast need of us to act as this purity of heart, mind and purpose upon earth in action. Oh God above, we mean our words and vows, we mean them as far as we have climbed. Yet only by thy glory and thy strength using us do we hold at all. We hear thy Voice, oh God, soft-spoken and firm, taintless. We know that when we speak, thou dost hear and release the Power, despite our weaknesses. The Power coming through is greater than any ever in manifestation. Thank thee that this Temple is purified. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 23, 1967.

“We know that when we speak, thou dost hear and release the Power,
despite our weaknesses.”

Thou, the Over-Eternal, the Above-Supreme, the Mind, the Power, and the glory behind all form, we kneel, we prostrate ourselves before thee that thy glory shall fulfill itself as us, thy creations. We hearken as we listen unto thee. The glory of thee permeates all the universes because we do hearken. We hear thy glory pulsing through humanity. We feel this wonder of thee as we hear the music of the spheres pulsing through the universe.

We wait upon thee, oh God the Highest, and we are grateful to be thine. We stand to be used. We stand to have thee use us, thinking through us and as us. As we wait upon thee in this hour, we feel the release of thy glory through all Creation, the lifting Power of thee quelling the turbulence in the nurseries called nations, children being trained. We know that hour upon hour, thy Light and glory are making their foolishness into nothing. You wipe out their loud noises and words as they are spoken.

We know that thou dost lift thy great ones and high Elect, caught in the mesh of earth's work and lessons, thou lift them high above as gifts and rewards greater than they understand or comprehend now. Nevertheless, they shall awaken and ascend. We feel the Power, new lines, new glories of it sifting softly and gently into the hearts of all who love thee, lifting, healing and giving them comprehension. It sifts and penetrates also into the hearts and minds of creatures who know thee not.

Hold us, God above, hold us. Make our standing and our comprehension of Creation Godly, so that no matter what our lessons on earth, we would still walk with our hands in thine, lifted and held, always held. For all the Elect on earth, let every word spoken, all words that fall from their lips, create more Light and let the dark be created into Light. Let every word be a blessing and a glory for thee and in thy name. Thank thee that every word spoken, every prayer made is now a miracle to the one who holds. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. When we say, "Let there be Light," this is the Light beyond Light, and so it is. Amen. – Edna Lister, July 16, 1967.

The Power has been building since Ascension Day. It has now reached an apex of volume, quality and quantity, and is stirring up every bit of world spiritual debt from rocks, oceans and plants, as well as from all individuals. Every smear, blot, block of it is being brought through for divine activity to lift. Darkness must be brought from the frozen abyss to the life spark state. Every hatred must be brought from the whole world, and wherever a life spark is contaminated, it must be lifted above the atmosphere. Some of it must be allowed to fall back to earth to be lifted, for downright evil of every type has even gone through the air.

Hate has a peculiar radiation of its own. It kills all love and Light, and in reaction to Light, it activates all evil of the past to be lifted. This includes every evil thing and every place the Father of Lies has filled with evil suggestions. They have not crystallized, yet in their peculiar evil power, taken from Light, they activate all evil of the past to be lifted. This darkness floats through the air. It touches the lukewarm "good" ones, where it seeks to alight, but it shall not be.

We must now form, by our Word, an absorbing, clockwise-whirling blanket, speedier than earth rotates, to bring together, to gather up and change all sleep, dullness and indifference into Light. We must declare this blanket of Light absorbs all, and darkness cannot move high enough to touch the masses of humanity. This blanket must reach to the knees. Those who see spiritually must visualize it. If darkness is too heavy, it must be spewed out where it bubbles up, and be sacked. We now declare this under the invocation of Light. We must see this clearly and now ready to be vitalized and quickened by Light.

Thou Eternal Glory, Eternal Life, move through thy Chosen and make of each according to his faith and desire, thy perfect instrument, wherever he or she stands. Let them be whole. Let the wonder of thee take over their minds and hearts until thou art the One in their lives, their imagination, thinking, desires and actions. Let thy Power, oh thou glorious and divine, now remove all obstacles this day before the footsteps of those who love thee beyond loving. Let every smallest wish glorify thee and all below.

We wait upon thee in thy high place, and let us bear witness to the glory of thee, to the Power of thee and let us be possessed forever by thy Light. Let every prayer from the lowest to the highest that ascends unto thee this day oh God, let it fulfill itself now. Let all the universes worship thy holiness and thy love. Let all accept the highest possible place for which thou hast prepared them, and let thy glory shine forth as peace and glory. Where they touch, let there be healing and miracles. We, who are thy miracles, bend our knees and offer our hearts, for thou art great. Amen. – Edna Lister, July 23, 1967.

“Thou Eternal Glory, Eternal Life, move through thy Chosen and make of each according to his faith and desire, thy perfect instrument.”

Thou Eternal, we thank thee that we comprehend the Allness of thee, that we are given to see beyond the end into the glory you have prepared for us. We thank thee that in this hour thou hast sent forth enough Power and healing glory for good. We thank thee that thou hast set it in our minds to carry out the next step in Ascension. Thou art the Mind, and thou hast set the time. They shall react according to thy desire and ascension glories without exception.

Each evil one is now contained. One who has thought or concocted evil is lifted and becomes voiceless and thoughtless under thy law. Thou dost raise them to speak the right words in the right way for perfection to hold thy gains, our gains, that those before us have planned as goals and aims that were set aside by foolishness, which is all that is left of the beginning of evil. We constrain evil, and it is slowly being squeezed into nothingness. We know that all evil that we ignore — thoughts, physical or emotional, all manners of imperfection — we are free to become perfect.

Thank thee, oh God, that we are thy servants. Thank thee that thou dost use us and this temple from where thou dost work as always, and that because of it, Terra is being lifted. Thank thee that all uttered here is perfection of our minds, hearts, bodies and souls. Set our feet upon thy Path firmly. Amen. – Edna Lister, July 30, 1967.

Thou Eternal, thou who hast spread thyself from the highest Source, from the highest glory of thyself down into the outermost lowest vibration of thyself possible for the lifting, the cleansing for the Finale. We, thy servants, would hold this outermost magnitude of the universe steadfastly, waiting upon the Light to completely absorb the darkness in ease and in comfort, without tearing down and with as little destruction as is possible. Humanity has cried out and suffered, and thou knowest all the need for the lifting of force. We ask, as thou dost scrape this and release it from the bodies of those who have used dark and force for evil purposes, Father, that thou instantly gather it together in the great sack over the U.N. as they spew forth evil words.

We declare that the agents of the Almighty are out there, a million to one, and no manner of creative ability is left in darkness. It is drained now. Those who wander on the fringes of evil, not knowing where they are or where to go, lift them on wings of Light. This day all messengers come from the universes and the great processes of Creation are all in abeyance for this week's work. Do thou release as much Light as is possible, and as we can bear it to thy honor and glory. We wait upon thee. Make of us instruments greater than ever before. Keep this altar undisturbed by earthly vibrations. We thank thee for this vast garden above, which stretches in every direction, filled with those working back with earth, who have left this plane as if it were a new realm, established in Power to hold us steadfast and lifted.

Let thy shafts of Power move out through each incarnated one. Let this special work be greater than any ten years of the past has been. All who prayed with us before are praying with us now, lifting the last of the evil life sparks of those who have interfered. Send the shaft of Power through us to all those whom we have touched. Let Light move through all our people and through their places of business, filling every transaction and object manufactured, until all become radiant centers for lifting! Let us have a blanket of Light over our men, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force. All that we have claimed in thy name is thine. No one can take it from thee. We call upon all great ones, patriots from England and America, to stand by and hold. No evil shall come nigh the dwelling place of New Jerusalem. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 6, 1967.

Never before have time and space collapsed as this morning. The activity is like the rustle of angels' wings. They are withdrawing and slowly drawing in the consciousness of all the Elect, unsettling and getting them out of ruts and on the way upward in ascension. The Light is to loosen from them the taints of earth and the possession of things. We concentrate all Power upon those in Asia who want to fight us and drive us out.

Oh thou, above all that is above, even this universe is only a part of that which thou wouldst hold in the hollow of thy hands. There can be no deviating from the drawing in and exaltation of Light. Thou, who dost hold the last of the blackened forms caused by misuse of glory, art drawing it in, and the pain of it is great. We welcome it. We welcome the rest of the preparation for thy glory, for this is the birth of the conquering of all that has ever been Light misused. The preparation has been long, but thy hands have ever been immovable, steadfast and sure, and we know thou hast used us as instruments to speak thy Words as perfection to that which is coming to the surface in every possible way.

We now do ask from thy Councils that there shall be a bolstering of sacrifice for each who takes on the pain and travail of o'ershadowing the last sons of Ishmael and places where the Father of Lies has reigned as men and women, so that evil cannot misuse or blot them out, for this travail, pain and the risk of being misused by evil is sacrifice. We ask that they shall not be alone but enfolded in a Source from above to lift, each holding the other. Earth, all over, shall respond, for evil shall not escape.

The Light is the glory, the Power to draw all Creation home. Not only we who have held on earth, but a chain of those many Archangels to take over the ones above, to do this work. You can do this speedily to bring this to pass. Especially over the President, Senate and House, let Light take over those who are most evil. Charge the hearts of the Children of Israel to "Come home." Let every word spoken be great for good. Open their eyes and ears that they know the glory above. We, who are thine, stand as the Light, holding.

We, Father, have been made strong enough to hold all the lines above for those who descend. Keep them intact. Hold them straight and steadfast to do this speedily. Choose the greatest of the black ones. Let Light transform the blackness into blasting, consuming, absorbing Light, and shatter their evil speech until they fall into a faint. This world belongs to thee, oh God. We are bringing it home, and no lesser power can withstand the Power of thy glory. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 13, 1967.

“Oh, Father, whom we do love, worship and adore, grant unto us a
thousandfold ability to love, to expand, to ascend and to pour forth.”

Oh, Father, thou, whom we do love, worship and adore, grant unto us a thousandfold ability to love, to expand, to ascend and to pour forth. We are so grateful to be considered a part of this lifting, Ascension and cleansing. We just ask to comprehend the magnificence and glory of it that we may surrender more and love thee more. We cannot love thee enough, though we burst with it, not enough. Let the prayers of the Elect be such glory, sent of thee, and we know thou dost transform it all to earth as healing and glory.

Wherever our eyes have touched the world and heavens above, let healing power go forth. Let miracles appear now throughout the world. Father, as the Light penetrates and permeates darkness, let it be shattered, scattered and absorbed until earth is free and the Elect rule in the outer. Thou, who dost know the end from the beginning, let the end open, and let each of us be ready to take the next step in thy glory to establish the House of God, here and now, with men worshiping in devotion and love. Thank thee for hearing us and using us. Hold us, lifted, and let our words be thy words. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 20, 1967.

Thou, the true Eternal High Voice above all above, we hear, we hearken unto thee, and we find ourselves ready to release whatever is needed as the next step! We have dedicated ourselves close together, and to thee we pledge our loyalty, allegiance and devotion with comprehension, and all we are hath ever been thine, oh thou Eternal. We wait upon thee while we work out our salvation as thy favored, prepared instruments. We accept the new begotten Power from thee direct, and that Power shall permeate us whenever we reach and stretch our arms above earth gravity into eternal gravity of Light, the spiritual gravity supreme, which pulls us ever through darkness and holds us on every level as we ascend.

We are thine. We stand, and we hold sacred every line thou hast welded together for us, that they shall be unbroken from the Source to the project, and we are grateful that the same welding Power we hold goes through us to weld lines for the Elect. Their lines shall hold when they would thin and weaken. The broken strands are welded in and earth is ascended in every way. It is thine, as all universes are thine. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 27, 1967.

Thou, the Light higher than the Supreme, who hast opened glories above glories, thou who hast placed the Scroll of Life in our hands, upheld day by day from Ascension into Light by all thy manifested Creation. We kneel before thee in awe and devotion, prostrated, ready to be used and filled to overflowing with thy supreme glory now. Our hands are strong to hold the Scroll of Life presented to us in this hour, a glory and magnificence never before touched by the outer rim of thy Creation. For these things, we thank thee, we thank thee, we thank thee. Thou hast now given us the scroll finishing the Armageddon, and we, thy ambassadors of Light, day by day as the Light, earn the right to comprehension.

Thank thee, oh God above, thank thee. We are held in thy high right hand. Nothing shall disturb or deter us. Nothing shall stand in the way of the Light going before us. Father, should thou allow the dark to break through to touch us to lift higher into the glory, we prostrate ourselves and say, "Here we are, prostrate. Use us. Let all these needs named be given to the Emperor, Ruler Sponsor who lifts constantly, firmly, without deviation or ceasing." Amen. – Edna Lister, September 3, 1967.

Oh thou, the Beloved, all bowing, all prostrate, all in adoration and obedience, all thy Creation rejoicing that thou art God. Thou who hast ever heard our prayers, thou, who hast ever held us. Now, with unbreakable bonds of Light, bonds that stretch and allow us to serve thee wherever earth opens for us, thou hast accepted our praise and returned it to us as Light, life and glory to go forth and cover earth.

We offer our gratitude to thee for bringing us this far, our love for thee, thy gentleness and compassion for us, for wiping out our frailties and lukewarmness, for increasing our capacity in love and compassion for thy work. We bow our hearts this day. We have accepted our destinies long since, and thou shalt hold us safe in thy protecting arms. We hear. We heed. We hearken and we obey as we work out our salvation each day, loving thee, hearing thee. We hold. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 10, 1967.

Thou, the All, the above all nameless Power, we are become gratitude, thanksgiving and praise. Our capacity is growing so great that we are about bursting with the glory of it. We, thine outpost instruments, being used to the greatest extent of our capacity, watch this glory descend through all the altars, seeping into and from every Source, coming straight out to spread through, to envelop, to draw in Creation to lift and enfold it. We know the Power is the Word, the Light is the Word, the Word is the Power and the Light. Every word spoken on earth in the name of the One God is now established, and no man or group may cut it asunder.

We are establishing lines to the hearts of all companies for wise design as the heart of their research work. New Power is to come through. It cannot be sullied by idle words. We have lifted every atom of the earth and outer unto thee. We would especially enfold in Light those who do not understand, who reject thee, who are afraid of being lifted, but who are truly forced to come up because Creation is being lifted. Ease their burdens. Hear their pleas for miracles. Restore that which was lost and stolen. Restore the soul substance we have stolen from ourselves and others. We now lift and ask thee to return it, each to its own.

We are servants. We are ambassadors. We are instruments used. Let each day be a miracle and prepare us in every way for October 20th. Make us conscious, comprehensively conscious, moment by moment. Use us and prepare the way as thou ever hast in the past. Thank thee for miracles coming fast. We have all ready to receive from thee. Our minds, our arms, our baskets, our purses are open. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 17, 1967.

Thou, oh God, thou, who hast lifted us above our earnings, held us according to the perfection of our desires, thou, who dost continue this holding, thank thee for this exaltation and the unutterable things about which thou hast forbidden the words. Be with us as we, thy servants, give voice to that Word that is to be given and show us the way. Amen. – Edna Lister, October 1, 1967.

“Every word spoken in the name of the One God is now established,
and no man may cut it asunder.”

Thou the Supreme, the All, as we ascend through the universes to thee, we lift up and draw in as a cloud behind us the evil, force, darkness to be dissipated as Light. Comprehension, oh God, of the Allness of thee — we no longer see thee through a glass darkly, but as a full blaze of Shekinah glory through us. We, always dedicated, consecrated, untouchable by earth, we, who bring that part of us, which thou allotted to be made into the form and image and likeness of thee, to be seen with eyes of men, to be made one again with thy Holy Image which we have allowed to take over. Thy full original Supreme gathering together of the two and the three, which have touched earth, are used on earth now to thy honor and glory, for we are again become wholly One, even in our earth's expression.

Teach us, oh God above, how to use this part, portioned for visibility in a sublimated, perfectly ascending way. Father, we are thine, and our Mount of Transfiguration is now active in the aura around us as protection from earth. This whirling aura moves forth with rays of Light, which become that radiation that absorbs, protects and causes glory. Father, we thank thee that it comes as rejection of all earth's force. We are completely thine, forever. Send forth thy glory through us as One, high and complete, as a blanket over earth that caresses evil into Light, permeates, penetrates, makes itself into glory.

Thank thee, oh Beloved One, thank thee. Light descends and Light is covering the earth as never before, as beautifully as it was in the beginning, and the world is walking in Light as Light, as living souls as great as earth bodies can hold for evolution. Father, Father, Father, we thank thee for thy bestowal of glory upon all whom we love this day, and wherever our words spoken have touched. Amen. – Edna Lister, October 8, 1967.

Aye, Father, we hear, and we obey. We listen for thy Voice, each of us, to hear law for obedience. As the lights search our souls, as the lights search our path, as the lights show our path upon which we have trod to this morning, as the Lights open that pathway into past days — yea, we hear, we accept responsibility for every hour since the Twelfth Night release of Power. Our lukewarmness and missing of the mark — show it. We await the Light upon our path that we may in our responsibility cleanse it in this hour. Yes. We accept. Cleanse, oh Father, cleanse our past and accept our renewal of vows of consecration and dedication to thy laws.

Seeing the Light day and night, we become the Light. The Light bursts around us absorbing weakness, lifting earth. Each of us, according to our heart and soul's desires do now assume responsibility for earth and the working of Light from the highest spot of ruling to the darkest spot of evil. We stand, we hold, and we do not recreate things of self. Add to us, oh God, a new soul portion strong enough to overcome the darkness of earth.

We stand in awe before high thrones, and we kneel with all the Heavenly Hierarchy that we may be counted among the newly ascended ones with no taint of earth. We lift every line, every person, everything and every matter of earth into the highest Light ever to touch earth. Bind us together, oh God, as we wait upon thee every second while we work out our salvation here below. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 21, 1968.

God, the All, the Glory, as we kneel before thee, as thou dost reveal thyself unto us, we vibrate as a pulse with thee, permeated and penetrated through to the outermost sheath with life all glorious that penetrates through the thickness the needed condensation of substance to become visible. We wait upon thee until every cell is absorbed into thee. Let thy Light, thy glory hold. Let thy Light and thy glory penetrate all universes as it does. Let it penetrate consciousness. For this universe, including all galaxies and suns, cities and thrones, let it step down, but let it still be Light, healing as it goes forth to condense into the molds of our words, the molds we have held forever, the molds which leak no more from indifference, which thins their walls — but they are established in form.

As we release the Power, let it penetrate brain cells as if divinely melting and absorbing darkness, circling this planet through every head on every throne, whatever fashion — church and religion, politics and state, material world, or world of healing. Let this sheath of glory move through to the heart of this planet, wiping out evil as it moves in a heavy solid mass of Light over the thrones we have placed above the heads of state, the dictators and the puny ones, and let it strengthen.

Let all bodies of water, seas and oceans, become seas of Light, consuming darkness, melting the evil. Every enemy of God, let their hands be restrained where evil is, static and unable to move to guns or machines of war, ships on the sea, under the sea or in the air, restrained with Power from above! Let this sheath of glory hold for the glory of God. Let it move through our own ships and capitals, wherever there is a "throne," a seat of power — and at the U.N., restraining them until they become afraid of evil and turn to Light.

Every prayer of evil this day is turned instantly to performing miracles of Ascension. From the East Coast to the West Coast, from the North Pole to the South Pole — Light! Light! Light! We hold these "thrones" in this glory above every nation, in this Capitol and in all. Let the drugs, being used so widely, become a fire, burning away all dross. Let the Light of God burn out the fuses of bombs and triggers of guns. Nothing evil works. It is held immobile in Light. We, thy servants, hold and know. In thy great names, we know. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 28, 1968.

“Father, we thank thee for thy bestowal of glory upon all whom we love this day, and wherever our spoken words have touched.”

God, the Overall Supreme, the Beginning, the End, the Planner and the Holder, lifting darkness from thy Creation — we see the darkness ascend and being consumed, not in spots, but from the face of the earth, going up as a mist, direct into the arms of Light thou hast outstretched, surrounding all thy Creations in this Day of Manifestation. For thy glory, we thank thee — for thy answers to prayers of hearts and souls, with reward for surrender of thy Elect. Let every block of delay be absorbed now.

We, the Elect, are held, and we reach out with thy arms as us, to uphold all that is Light – and all that is dark, and we cherish and love the dark unto its absorption and change into love. We declare in thy great holy names that the ones who are evil, who have one idea of real hate or destruction shall forget what they were sent to do. We release through them, from lowliest to highest, the pill of the love of God, which absorbs evil. Let love be fed to them like manna in clouds of glory over cities and battle lines, all over the world where evil is planned.

Let there be Light as of now. And we, thy servants, stand. And we, thy ambassadors stand and hold and know all strength, all honor, all loyalty, all integrity — great enough to hold us to vows made before we came — covenanted again and again with thee, that they shall not grow less, but stronger and stronger. Thank thee, oh God, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 4, 1968.

Thou, God, holding the Throne as in the beginning, thou, the glory and the perfection, releasing the Power, thou, who hast held us, one and all, from the beginning, and shall hold us to the end — Thou, who hast the lines being woven out on every one of the millions of suggestions of evil, thou only canst draw them together in one place from the universes that there shall be no taints left in escaped life sparks. That which we see on the outer is but such a tiny bit of the vastness of the cleansing going on in universe after universe. And thou, who dost begin to see the dawn in the outermost, stand now in the full risen sun and the Shekinah glory of the Sources. Let the Light go forth, and let it consume the darkness forever.

We, thy servants, have made our vows since the beginning, renewing them at each step upward, according to our comprehension — finally and at last resting at the Source, purified and cleansed, with all darkness purged forever. We hold ourselves worthy for the highest work to be done. We hold ourselves ready, fully responsible. Pour out then that final Power to condense into form for every outer need, added things to complete the way, the highway, to be strong enough, to permeate and to penetrate every life spark in manifestation.

There is more of the unmanifest and invisible than is visible. And let more of the invisible become visible to all the outer senses. We stand waiting for orders as to our next steps, and we shall use thy substance to thy honor and thy glory. Speak, oh ye God of love and Light. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 11, 1968.

Oh Lord, prepare us for the Source glory. Let us be held stable and established, strong for thy service. We have a sense of oneness never before touched. Let it be increased from this hour, and let us become faithfully aware of the identity of Power using us. Through the stillness now, send forth that wave, which absorbs and consumes all that it contacts that is not pure Light. Let it penetrate the innermost cells of earth and every division shall be covered and held in perfection and awareness of God.

Thou only do we serve. Thou only are we praising. Thou only art God. We lend ourselves, we give ourselves, we surrender ourselves on the highest of altars for the next step in service, which shall bring all back into the Light to thee. We are thine. Oh God, the All, the Holy, Holy, Holy Supreme Overall, we thank thee that thou hast been able to use us for the release of thy Power and glory to bring Terra back far enough to make it possible to overcome the Father of Lies. And we thank thee, Father, that as we are enfolded in thee, that we shall release the Power on earth and through all universes, to finish the conquering of all darkness. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 18, 1968.

Father, great beyond greatness, Beloved beyond being beloved, and truth of very truth – we are held in thine arms of Light. It is enough to be held, for we cannot be held and not be used. It is beyond and above gratitude that we have become an extension of thyself, lifting, holding and in miraculous acceleration of high laws from the Source to the outpost of earth — miracles and miracles now. We hear thy Voice through Creation, saying: "Yes. Come home. Be perfect!" Evil turns again to the Light and says, "Yes, God, here I am. Use me for thy glory, thy honor, thy wondrous unfolding Creation!"

Every life spark sent into outer form from the beginning is now enfolded in thy mighty Being, and earth most of all, a living flame of glory at the center, moving up to the crust, to the circumference, enfolding minerals and oil, enfolding forms of ships under the ocean, near the surface and on the surface, as if they were held in a special flame of life — melting and dissolving, permeating and penetrating, and absorbing evil intent. Father, hold us.

We thank thee that thou hast a million hands, and in each the form of anything destructive in ocean or on the land, and that only enough to conquer the sons of Ishmael and of the Father of Lies can be used. Evil, contained, bursts into a flame inward and upward, and is absorbed where it stands. We thank thee, Father, for this. Thank thee! Thank thee! The time has come to close out evil by absorbing it through inner explosions of flame and fire, absorbing flames, absorbing fire — upward and with no harm to misguided children. Thank thee, Father. Thou do know the Way. Thou art the truth, Light and glory. Here we are and here thou art. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 25, 1968.

“Father, great beyond greatness, beloved beyond being beloved,
and truth of very truth – we are held in thine arms of Light.”

God, the Overall, the All, the begotten, created and ascended all! Let thy completely invisible Light penetrate and permeate, purify and purge the whole of earth of darkness and all in between earth and thyself. This stillness, a penetrating stillness doing the work irresistibly, all-conquering. We surrender to thee. No words are needed. The full glory, the full miracle, the completed miracles of every Age arrive now. We open wide our arms. We dig new ditches for thee to fill. We build new patterns and new molds to hold a new Creation. It shall not destroy itself. It shall be restrained of evil, held as Light, with every good and perfect Word now becoming form. Thank thee, Father, for allowing us to touch the hem of thy high garments. Thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 3, 1968.

Supreme and Almighty, thou who hast brought us through materialism and darkness, and the blackness of disobedience into the Light, thou who hast ever held us in thy everlasting arms, thou who hast held thy hands under us at all times, thou hast never allowed us to fall into indifference, to delay thy supremacy over all. Now that thou hast accomplished lifting us into that Light Supreme, we know now that someone had to contact and be furled into the Supreme of Light to fulfill vows and reclaim covenants, and to meet challenges made by those who sought to rule. Oh God above all above, we are enfolded in thy vast Oneness of Light.

And thou, who hast again quickened us as instruments in thy image and likeness, and recreated us — now, thou art at liberty, free to bestow upon us, as thy Creation, every desire of our hearts as perfection, every dream of our lives for a new heaven and new earth — Let it be so. We have long since acknowledged thy need for us to be perfect, to rule on earth as Viceroys of Power. We, who have struggled to hold fast to thee in all manners of evil challenges and darkness, here we are in devotion, on the knees of our hearts day and night.

Here we are, purified, cleansed to use for thy honor and glory of fulfillment. Touched we are with divinity and perfection, and because thou hast ever held us in the past, now that we have attained and ascended according to thy desires, needs and covenants for the lifting of darkness, we know how great is thy holding, and nothing of our vows, desires and spoken words can be set aside by evil. Thank thee. Thank thee, and descend upon us with thy words of Wisdom and glory. We are thine. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 10, 1968.

Oh, Father, thou the Glory of all glory, the Light of all Light, the Life of all life. Accept our surrender, our renewal of vows, our consecration and our dedication to thee. We would go forth as perfect Chosen Ones again. Thy name upon our lips, thy heart ruling us day and night, thy Words to strengthen, to heal and to release glory and Power to finish wiping clean all darkness, great and small, implanted upon earth and in the minds and hearts of men.

Thy Power and thy glory forever — is all there is. And now, that Power which goes forth, is doubled and redoubled as darkness is absorbed, and added again into Light. Thank thee for the open doors pouring out thy glories on earth. Thank thee for Gates which swing high that we may ascend, and that the Bankers of Heaven send forth a steady stream of gold and silver for our use. Our baskets, our arms are open, and our ditches dug, ready to receive it, and the fulfillment is now. Thank thee, Father, for the super-abundance of thy wealth poured out upon all. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 24, 1968.

Thou the All, for whom there is no name, no words. Thou art the glory, the life, and we are that life and that glory. One with thee, enfolded, upheld, used to thy honor. Thank thee, thank thee that even now thou, the Supreme, hast opened all doors and windows and the minds and hearts of men, for the time has come. Light prevails. Light, which has won, continues to win. There is only Light from the outside in and inside out. Light, permeating, penetrating, absorbing Light. Let every promise for form become visible now. Let substance for miracles fill every mold in every way until the outer physical eyes may see, hear and feel the fulfillment.

Thank thee for blessing every Son and Daughter of God and uplifting them. Thank thee for touching heads of nations, absorbing all darkness within them in this hour, and filling them with Source substance until they are changed. Thank thee. This is thy will and thy way that we have accepted. Thank thee that thou hast fulfilled our glory, and given us wisdom. Thank thee that thou hast smiled upon us in our travails and struggles.

We have been lifted, purified, endowed with the greatest of thyself. We are held and we are ascended unto thee. When thou dost say, "Turn," we turn again unto thee and when thou dost say, "Move," we move forward into all challenges and declare Light. Thank thee that our eyes are open to see this day, and every word spoken is established and shall be seen of men. Our praise ascends and thy glory descends upon us to be felt, to be seen of the world. We walk as thy strength. We love as thy love. We are thine. Thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 31, 1968.

Thou, the glory, we hear thy Voice and we are ready to ascend. We ask that we may prepare and put our house in order, and that wherever the Power, whatever the Power — let it come! We would so dedicate ourselves that every breath, every beautiful word, decree, declaration or prayer that has been uttered, lifts the world unto thee until only Light can live, only Light can breathe, only Light can fulfill. Let the words of our mouths forever follow the meditation of our souls. Let us be aware of the Light, fully aware, fully awake, fully alert, fully alive!

Put thy words upon our lips, and on this day of days, we rejoice and are glad with the Light and the glory thou hast sent through us. Hold us constantly steadfast in praise. Oh thou, the Paradise One, o'ershadow us. Make our path, from this hour forth, a Path of Light and life and glory, a magnet, an irresistible attracting Power that draws everything of earth upward. Speak thou unto us, oh Great One, that we may know the full will of our Paradise Father. We rejoice in our love for thee. So it is. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 7, 1968, Palm Sunday.

“From the fulfillment of all glory, oh God, we come unto thee in gladness.”

From the fulfillment of all glory, oh God, we come unto thee in gladness. For the promises lifted and fulfilled, we stand as the Light. We worship, we adore thee. We have long since acknowledged thee as the All. Now that All hath descended upon earth, and hath penetrated and permeated and absorbed darkness, Light moves upward and leads the Way. We follow the Light. We are absorbed into the Light. We have become thy Light — standing, holding unwavering, steadfast and glorious.

Now, oh God above, we dedicate and consecrate ourselves, on this vibration, the highest of all time, to make the next ascent to all Ascension. Wipe all darkness from the hearts and minds of the Elect. Let them have the increased Power of recollection that all glory may use each of us. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, for the earth glory that has separated evil from Light — and Light shall prevail forever. Speak thou, oh thou Father, Greatest of All. Let thy Voice penetrate and permeate the universes, and let those who hear — hearken, heed and obey. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 14, 1968, Easter.

Thou, the glory, thou, the Fulfillment, thou, holding the Creation — we, thy servants, rejoice and we are glad that we can stand, and having done all else, we stand. Let the Power of thee move through each Elect, so that whatever each individual is lifting of choice and vows given before we came — let the Power hold them. Never let them go, so that there shall be no retreat, backsliding or going into the past – only lifting until we get all into thy inner Kingdom again.

We thank thee, oh God, that we, as instruments, inadequate but constant, can be used to lift the whole Creation so far. And redouble again and again the abilities of thy potential powers through us so that the finale shall come more speedily! Every word spoken by the Elect for mind, heart, bodies and affairs shall come to pass! Bring us safely through the remainder of this darkness to be lifted. We have come this far by holding thy hand. Put Light around our loved ones, and all thou hast marked for Ascension, and those the Power has possessed, make them strong.

Oh God, hold the President and his advisers that they may not falter. Let the strong ones among them speak for good. Keep the babblers of nothing on the outside so they shall be as naught. We declare that the Light through those thou hast touched — being ready — holds them and fills them. And let the prayers of thy Elect hold them that they may be more than adequate. Touch every doctor, lawyer, manager, statesman anywhere in the world, anyone who stands and releases thy Power — let them be adequate from this hour, inner and on the outer.

Thou, knowing all, act as all. For this knowledge, we are grateful. All we need to do is to stand and know, and to hold for thee, Father, with all our minds and souls and bodies. We stand. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 21, 1968.

God above, thou the Holy One, in this hour we declare that every earned petal of the thousand-petaled lotus is opened, lifted in reverence to receive the perfect quality and quantity of thy perfect Source Power to complete the healings for which we have dedicated these body temples for thee to use. We declare that whatever the outer has touched for bondage, any of it, to drag them down, to creep in and deflate the auras, which thou hast created, let the petals erect themselves to receive Power to inflate the auras, especially of those vulnerable to the outer. Lift them, oh God, to stand open to thee forever, to close the world out. Help them so that they do not close into themselves like a hibernating bear — but rise above the meridian [the diaphragm, above the waist] and receive the Power from thy Source — not in drips or tin cups, but fully.

Hold us above the Gates of Light, and let not these low vibrations creep into our body temples. Let not the cross-vibrations move into the Elect, who dare not let go. Thank thee for the abundance of the Paradise Source. Let us be conscious of it. Thank thee, Source of all Sources — Thou comfort us. Thou dost recreate in us that sense of soul responsibility to thee, our Source. We, from that great Source of Power, hold up all places of earth where darkness is seeking to take over.

We thank thee that thou hast ten Legions of Angels to destroy every attempt that the dark ones can produce. As we reach to these trouble spots to lift, Legions of Light surround them — China, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia and any other nations involved — we declare that they are caught up in clouds of glory. We scoop up the trails, swamps, ammunition dumps and airstrips, and thou dost surround them with immutable Light until they are unable to move. Their plans — thy Light frustrates them!

Thy agents of Light have surrounded Washington and every member of the government. Father, for every Legion you have surrounding the U.S., Canada and Britain, for every agent thou hast from the other side, we speak the Word that they move into the British throne, Number 10 Downing Street, the Oval Office, and Congress. Every place where evil is concocted, where Communists are, all fire shall move in to consume. We have used these words to have thee vitalize them from the Source in order that they may stand. Thou art the only One who can combine them and make them produce perfection.

Send us forth with our thousand-petaled lotuses hearing, holding and absorbing from the divine for hearts and minds and affairs. Thou art the Healer. Thou art the glory, and we know this, and we are dedicated to this. Let nothing else move through to disturb us. Every heartbeat, every movement – all is for thee.

Thank thee for the showers of stars of glory settling over South Africa, the Middle East, over Jerusalem, and Mecca. Let the last of the old Father of Lies be absorbed, in whatever bodies the evil suggestions now inhabit, in whichever cities, let there be an explosion. Let it be absorbed. The world is thine. Let there be found enough righteous ones. Oh, Father, thank thee! Amen. – Edna Lister, April 28, 1968.

“Thou dost recreate in us that sense of soul responsibility to thee, our Source.”

Thou, the Holy, the Only, the Perfect, our gratitude ascends to thee for the gift thou hast descended upon us – to let us know that thou art in joy because we are holding the gains and the lines thou hast put in our hands. Oh, Beloved One, we seek to fulfill thy needs as instruments, to be steadfast in love so that thy full Power uses us, even though it almost shatters the instruments, the tone is so great. Enfold us in thy glory, and let every action, every thought behind and underneath the surface be to thy honor and glory that we may fulfill thy desires and achieve the great end of a perfect day, even as thou didst plan in the original Word. Hold us, ascend us, keep us constant and in fervor. Let thy River of Life flow through us so that the darkness is absorbed before it can touch our body temples. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that we are found worthy and make thee joyous. We hold. We love. We stand. Amen. – Edna Lister, May 5, 1968.

Thou, the Universal, the All, thou, the Light that becomes all things, thou, who art using the substance that we return unto thee for the building and recreating of the great Cities of Light, whose substance we brought with us to create the outer – we thank thee for all, to create all substance above. With every breath we draw, we earn the right to return unto thee. Thou who didst beget us and endow us with thyself, and receive us unto thyself — thank thee! We come again, consecrating ourselves, renewing our vows, dedicating our breathing the life within us again unto thee. We come. We hold. We stand.

We thank thee for every sign we have of thy glory. We thank thee for every new idea, and we thank thee, Father, for thy supreme holding. For the foundation of Light upon earth that thou place under our feet to uphold us! Touch us. Lift us. Lead us. Father, do thou open wide thy arms and the windows of the Source, and pour out upon us thy blessings to seek, to know and to praise and to love thee. Accept the love of our hearts, minds, souls and bodies, and let it return through us increased in strength and value, greater in quantity and more condensed in quality of love.

Thank thee for every moment thou dost spend with us increasing a thousandfold. Bless our people that they are enfolded into the Light of the Source to melt and dissolve all physical, material, mental and emotional blocks in all souls, so that they are using their wings of Light in laughter and joy. Thank thee for this feast. Amen. – Edna Lister, July 7, 1968.

Let there be Light. Let there be no confusion of any kind, so that this original Light as Power and Substance does go forth and absorb here and now. Let it go, God above, who holds it. Add to it as we reach for it from here. Let it move forth into every word of our past! We would have it wipe up the remnants of taints, unlawful use of words, to wipe clean the slates of the past. The ascending life wave — let this added glory vitalize and quicken words of truth, where we have spoken for individuals. Magnify and glorify our words as goals of glory for every name we have spoken. For every word of thy Elect, let it be so. Now, let this new Power through us be expanded over every evil one who has followed the Father of Lies. Let this glory from every Star of thy Angelic Host absorb the darkness of evil, any parts which may have moved in on the Elect.

Make this a day of glory manifest, of completion. Make every window open, Father of the Source. Let every agent thou hast ever touched to give, to lift and to make perfect, let them be touched in this hour — evil wiped away — and returned as saints in their work. Let this Light penetrate hearts and minds of the lowest evil and darkness, the crawling ones. Glorify thyself with this Power. Let earth be penetrated now that the Power is flowing. Let thy servants declare the words of lifting. Let it be intensified as it flows through us — that all evil things shall be wiped from the face of earth. Let there be glory over battlefields and battle lines, evil enfolded in it, all immobilized where they are — and that gadgets, guns and implements of war and terror do not work — declaring that war does not work, and Heaven reigns. We hold that it is so, and that miracles shall come to pass. So it is. Amen. – Edna Lister, July 14, 1968.

Thou, the Word, the glory, the Power — accept our devotion of soul, the gifts of self we have given unto thee and lay upon the altar again and again until the last bit of self be consumed, and we stand free as instruments for thy Power to use for the Finale of the Armageddon, for the final cleansing of evil from earth. Oh Father, thank thee that with every breath we draw and with every thought, we send forth thy glory, and that we shall see thy salvation near us, through us, as us, for us and the whole world to partake of all miracles! Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee again that we know our Source, and have our identity with thee.

We are one with the Source in Power and glory, and the Light of the Source upholds and sponsors us for whatever service comes next. We are ready. Let, oh Father, the work, thy work of thy Mind through us, for every step we take, for every project unfolding to us — let there be Light! Let there be permanency of glory and fulfillment. Thank thee that we do stand, that we do hold, that we do speak the Word. It becomes flesh and blood for the sheath of our contacts with the world, and for every bit of service we give unto thee — miraculous success and glory! Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father, that every name we have spoken is healed, holds and stands. Thank thee that all glory is thine — and shall be all Light! Amen. – Edna Lister, July 21, 1968.

“Thou, the Word, — accept our devotion of soul,
the gifts of self we have given unto thee.”

Oh thou, the glory, thou, the perfect and the Source of our life, thou who hast held us above earth from this great Day that is here, thou, who hast protected and prepared us — we, thy children and servants, do reach out our hand. Do thou reach through our outer arms with the glory of thy arms of Light, and draw in all whom we have contacted and loved. Let all who are praying know they are divinely touched. We thank thee that thou hast answered our prayers now. There is only glory in thee, only love, only perfection, and all things are cared for, and our prayers fulfilled.

Open our eyes to see. Open our ears to hear that we may speak the right word in the right way, and at the right time to bring into the visible the glories thou hast promised the faithful. We thank thee that as we stand high, and see the glory and Power moving out from high Emanations of Light, for fulfillment as of now. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that thou hast led us protected, and brought us ready for the great fulfillment. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 1, 1968.

Supreme glory-Power, this day of earth, thy reign truly is open. It is opened. And the Light goes forth and vitalizes and quickens every prayer from earth. From the lowest to highest, the prayers are answered and miracles encompass earth. Let everyone have a sign, oh glorious Supreme One. Let there be signs and wonders and miracles. We are purged, cleansed and made Light, and are now ready for that greater work and service thou hast planned for us.

Without thee we are nothing, and thou art All. Only through thee can the Magna Carta of all universes be fulfilled. The Light goes forth and does the work, opens the windows and the heavens. Every vibration started by our prayers becomes an avalanche of good, turned into substance, for every need, for expression of thy people, their homes, and our people wherever we have spoken. Light, love, glory, substance visible as health, and things. We are One. Thine, just ready to have law fulfilled to us. Open our eyes, ears, hearts. Thank thee, Father, for watching over us and bringing us through. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 8, 1968.

Oh, Father, let thy Light go forth to blanket earth everywhere. Let thy Light go through every temple, every place of meeting. Let thy Light become our illumination, and for all who speak on this day. Thank thee, Father, that thou hast opened the reservoirs, the great bank, the great sphere of Light to cover all universes. Thank thee, Father. And now, oh thou, the Eternal One, thou who hast held us in thy arms of Light, thou, our intimate, personal Father, who sponsored us, brought us to earth and held us, and ignored our pettiness, hurts and griefs when we do not get the appreciation we aim for on the outer — lift, oh God, this burden from earth.

We, oh Father, face thee, knowing the time has come when we, and the ones we have incarnated with, either serve thee in our love to them, or we are serving ourselves. The time has come when we must serve, for the desire of the soul is to serve thee. Wipe from us the seeking after self. We know the law, oh Father. We give as thee. Thou didst beget us, and we finish the Creation thou didst start, to be as perfect instruments of law, thy law. To be universal servants without thought of gain, except to give. As we work out our salvation, we work out law on all levels. You do not know anyone's final wants, except as us, until we tell thee. We must work out our salvation here alone, as though we were without outer help — then wait, and let the perfect law add according to the greatness of our giving.

The truth has come for all, the opening and crowning of our perfection. The time has come when the great Light uses us, coming through us, to become "added things" for the establishment in the outer, to be seen of men. We know that we delay the adding with our daily debts, whatever we have created by words or thoughts. It becomes Light as we lift. God above, who sends the Power of the highest of the limitless universe and great space for Power, let the Light come forth, and let it become dense enough to become visible now. Thank thee that thou dost give us the potential to overlook "it," the debts, and accept Light. Let all dreams be fulfilled. Let the Power, the Light and the glory go forth as Oneness, as pure Light. Let it go forth as paradise gravity — overcoming, creating as the Magna Carta. Let the Power from this temple go forth and dissolve evil from all Creation.

These words of perfection are the words you are ascending to release the new substance, unformed — to create and to condense as it descends. This week, let the rewards be manifest and be made visible. And for our portion of thy needs, let it become part of the new Creation. Father, thy one great eternal potential quality is forgiveness — you give Light for every slip, and for our stupidities and foolishness. Wipe the ideas of retaliation and revenge from the world now. We stand purified, and stand — released of all limitation. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 15, 1968.

Thou, the Glory — thou, the Holy Supreme — our hearts overflow with the joy of being found worthy in thy service — that thou art in continuity of pouring out upon us the vibration that absorbs the words and sends them forth from our lips to do thy will in thy way. For thou hast long since absorbed darkness uttered by those who hold a Day of Manifestation steady by their devotion. They have long since been lifted, and all instantly, from anything which could go forth to make a tremor in thy work, not through even the universes or the planet earth.

We know that because of our weaknesses, we have forgotten even vows for a second or more in many cases, and it could have destroyed that which you have built through us, yes, through centuries. So, our great appreciation is that we may worship at the hem of thy garment, at thy great invisible throne, to all spaces. Grant unto us, whenever we are together, and wherever our service takes us — great comprehensive words of praise, just to say, "Thank thee," for we know that praise goes forth and magnifies every word we have spoken in service in thy name, no matter where given.

Let each of thy Sons and Daughters have the glory of Shekinah break through, which goes forth and cuts through all blocks — and goes out to bring the creations of glory, built in thy name, to return as added things, joys, glories, homes and lands. That is the next step. Let it be added. Let all good ever uttered be increased a thousandfold. Let it be returned. Wherever our thoughts have rested, make them thy will of glory. This shall be perfect, and a part of the new Christed Age. Every word uttered to thy honor and glory — bring forth to the visible, as it must be, to lift earth. As the Power of glory moves forth from this temple to all, it circles, and brings all good everywhere. Let it be so. Let it be so. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Great God. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 22, 1968.

“Thou, the Holy Supreme – our hearts overflow with the joy
of being found worthy in thy service.”

Thou, the Supreme, thou, whose names are many — we worship, we adore, we surrender, we obey and we thank thee in this hour that thou hast begot us anew, that in this hour we are begotten again in a complete descent of thee. Nothing less than perfection can stand in this newly begotten Light that envelopes us in this moment — nothing. All lesser is absorbed and we at last are One with thee, the Supreme of all Creation, the life of all, the perfection of all. In thy name, Great One, we declare that every vibration of earth shall be consumed into Light as it touches our altars, our temple, our bodies and in our affairs. All are vitalized and quickened in every way. Now it comes to pass.

The Power, which goes through us, moves to the right ones, the right agents, the right places. Thy words of glory and success are on our lips, and every breath we draw is thy divine Breath of Life. Thou who hast ever known our hearts, and who hast overcome for us our neglects and limitations in service, and ever held us steadfast — hold us on a higher and more glorious level than ever before. Let the next two weeks be a glory unto thee from this Pillar. Let it be so. We declare that where we step, thy glory of healing goes forth. Every word we utter — heals. Let the new begotten parts of us from the vital centers, the sun centers, the fire centers — into the outer physical through the very bones, to the surface, be filled with thy glory-Light. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 29, 1968.

Oh thou, the Eternal Beloved, thou, the All — give us the words, oh God, with which to express the heights and depths of our love for thee. And let enough glory go forth through us now to fill all the places we have left undone. Send forth the Light to melt any clouds of darkness between us and the glory waiting to return unto us multiplied, magnified by all the glory thou hast added to our service. Let the complete fulfillment of the great Mission and all its related ideas and dreams — let them all come to pass now.

Thou hast ever held us and trusted us with thy glory, and in us there is no wavering or turning, therefore all is fulfilled and now becomes visible, and includes the world. Thank thee for taking every evil and darkness from the whole world through these speakers who would head the Children of Israel — and thou art using every word to cut the darkness from the Light. This shall be thy nation, thy glory, which thou hast promised, and we, thy faithful ones, declare thy glory and fulfillment. Thank thee, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, October 13, 1968.

God the Eternal, Almighty beyond mightiness, God the Light, thou hast opened the way into glory for all those who search for thee, thy truths and knowledge, into thy Wisdom. The great vibration of comprehension moves forth to touch the highest to the lowest on the outer. We thank thee, oh Father, for thy services and glories and the ways of thy protection, which has brought us through so far and now has opened every path for completion. We thank thee that we stood as thy Light for the highest thrones, and thy Power, thy glory and thy love reach forth through us and lift all.

Oh Father, let the Light penetrate rebellion, rejection and repudiation. Let the Light break through, and in its enfolding Power, let it lift, let it hold despite these earth matters, for the triumph thou art spreading forth. Thank thee that now all thy millions of followers have been vindicated in the Light. No man shall set aside the justice thou hast established. It shall spread to cover all earth. Especially this morning, Father, let this comprehension spread through this nation and everywhere. Let there be Light, comprehensive and enfolding Light.

Let the evil, and the powers it has exercised, be wiped from earth. Thank thee, Father, for drawing the dragon's teeth and shrinking the dragon's tail. Thank thee for drawing the power from every enemy, from minds and hearts, and let war be lifted from this planet, thy home. We, oh God, have stood and still stand and hold. We no longer wait, for thou art the Light on earth now, and darkness knows it is being shrunken. Open now the windows and the doors of the hearts of men to everything of God on earth that is good, not from the self but from Light.

Be thou the souls of men. Penetrate thy people and let there be the sign of the Lamb on their foreheads. When that sign springs forth, let them be ascended with only praise upon their lips. Do thou, oh Lord of Light, open thy lips with new and beautiful glory for thy people. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 26, 1969.

“God the Eternal, God the Light, thou hast opened the way
into glory for all those who search for thee.”

God the Glorious, the Supreme who taketh on supreme form, through which all Mind of space may operate and open the Finale of the Magna Carta of a Day of Manifestation — for thy glory, we thank thee, for thou hast awakened the perfection of thine own image and the likeness with which thou didst endow thy Chosen ones. We wait upon thee, thy glory, active instruments knowing thy glory, knowing the Power that uses us to fulfill our part of the beginning. Thou hast declared us good and very good in our desires, in our surrender and in our love for thee. Hold us. Hold us, use us in thy ways, to thy glory.

Father, thank thee that we have been considered and appointed thy agents for the holding of every gain of Light on earth. We declare the Elect are ruling this government and leading the world now, regardless of self-interest or how they ascend. They are thine, their decisions are thine and they speak as thy glories. Thank thee for the news reporters and columnists, who have held, who are thy great releasers of Power and prophets, and they may not be set aside. Every plan works out, and we thank thee, Father, that as we declare justice, it has come to pass. The prayers of the righteous have prevailed. The evil comes up and is shown as in a mirror for the world to see. Now we conquer darkness.

Israel, which is part of thy glory, and because of our Master's sacrifice, let those who have misused its name be stood up in Light so that the world knows. We surround Israel with the protective glory of the twelve Tribes and Jehovah. The sons of Ishmael penetrated into the Arabs, Nasser, Egypt, and the Kremlin, and in whom the evil of the Father of Lies is now working, let them be brought up and enfolded in the Light, leaving those ascending free to live and be trained to worship their God in their own places, free. Thank thee, Father. Now is the time. This is the day. This is so. Thank thee for bringing our words to pass, every one of them, and for the reward of added things, not because of failures and indifference but because of service. Use us. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 2, 1969.

Thou the glory, the All, who doth allow us to worship thee as a Father, as the Glorious One, all-knowing, all Wisdom, releasing the Power of thy glory and being through us as we wait upon thee, we know that as we surrender unto thee, we are greater than we know. We are vowed to become that glory, to become the Light of the world. Every breath we draw is thine, and we are so grateful that we are here as one. Thank thee that our dedication was thine, and thou hast so declared it perfect and adequate. Be with us God above. We need every particle of that which is the whole, to stand, endure and hold.

We do comprehend the greatness of thy Mission, and we offer all our foibles, discrepancies and stupid things of earth, which overwhelm us at times. Thou dost know the difficulties we encounter on earth. We are so proud and happy to be used by thee to lift our soul debts, which is only a transformation of one life to the next, and it is thy will, thy glory that we have become one. We thank thee that thou hast used us, and those who come, that their work shall be finished "over there." Thou dost advance everyone in chronological order, declaring the Light on earth as expressing. Speak, oh Great One. Let us hear thy words. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 9, 1969.

Thou Eternal, thou who dost hold the Elect and earth in thy hands, and the plan from the beginning for this very day, let the evil, dark and blocks be lifted from nations and among men. Let it be so. God above, thou in charge, man may not block or say "no" through words of lips or writing of pen. Let the shafts of Light do thy splendid glory work speedily. Israel, thy nation, is protected, lifted, o'ershadowed and held, walls of fire blinding evil and evil ones. Let all things slide off the dome of Light. For all places and thy people everywhere, let it be so.

Thou only art the Lord. We, who have never turned from thee, go higher, stand higher, stand taller. Only thy perfection for all nations shall be possible. We go forward so that all Power shall balance earth. Thy need, oh God, the Supreme Holy One, only thou, only thou on earth, working thy perfection and will through men. Bless all earth. Bless those who have been evil. Cleanse thou and purify them. When they say no, let them say yes to God. We serve thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 16, 1969.

Thou, the Eternal, the Source Eternal, the ALL, the Father, all the Orders, all the Hosts of Heaven, the multiple-minded Computer Mind, all the Power to be released, all the substance to become – accept the praise, gratitude, the thanksgiving of our souls and every part of thee involved as us. This is fulfillment. Thou hast brought us through deep seas of darkness. Thou hast saved us through thy Son. Thou hast lifted us above and beyond earth's touching. We have vowed again to become fitting ensamples so that thy glory shall go forth as we breathe, walk and speak.

All things good arise around us, miraculous gifts and love. As the evil force touches the soles of our feet and moves up, it becomes Light as of the first Day of Creation as it works up through our bodies, for evil cannot exist in the Light thou art, oh God. Father, all thy names are upon our lips and thy Face is before us as perfect. Thou, who hast held us, hold us now that we may be prepared for all thy gifts as they pour upon us and from the world. We are blessed and we are thine. We walk as thy Light. We speak as thy glory and stand as thou art, unchangeable, immovable forever. Let it be so. Speak, oh Father, speak unto us of thy glories. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 23, 1969.

“Thou hast brought us through deep seas of darkness.
Thou hast saved us through thy Son.”

Oh thou, the God of Israel, thou, the Supreme, thou, above all above — oh Father, thy names are manifold. Thy glories are multiple, and we are a holy burning bush in the midst of thy glories. The Power, which goes through this week, is from beyond the outer space, untouched, untouchable new soul substance for everyone who serves thee. Let the Light so shine, and thank thee, oh God above, that the shaft of fire supreme is ready to receive old soul substance, and the trough and flame around it is ready to receive all evil from the world, which has been loosened by prayers of love, and that we scrape up now. We pour it into the trough to be consumed and ascended.

Oh God, let thy Light penetrate through the thickness and blocks of evil, shattering, scattering and absorbing. Oh Father, we have stood against the blackness of the black until it becomes the whiteness of white glory. Let every altar in every church everywhere, of every denomination, in every synagogue and every center of truth all over earth, every altar established by any of the Elect — let them now be consumed by a shaft of Shekinah glory, so that they become like the Ark of the Covenant, blinding to the eye — and all evil is drawn into the Shekinah glory. When every nation, every tongue, and all evil is drawn in, especially those who have torn asunder or perverted thy truth, establish them as inner altars of Shekinah glory to absorb darkness until every altar on earth blinds evil forever.

Father, thou hast given us the Power of speech for thee, and the name of the Supreme Holy One, and thy Son returned to Shekinah glory, walking earth as Jesus the Christ, who was the Begotten, is the Begotten, and ever shall be the Begotten Son of God. Let our words stand as glory on earth. There is no power of darkness concocted in minds of evil that can withstand the Shekinah glory, which fills the earth now. This is so. It is established now. It has come to pass, and every declaration of "good and very good" shall come to pass now, speedily, to the world. We have touched every nation, large and small, with thy Light [naming them], and we stand before this great Shekinah glory altar here, and know that all the evil of this whole world is consumed in the flood of Light now.

Let every line of Light we have established from this place be vitalized and quickened. Let each word ever spoken here be vitalized and quickened around the earth, wherever they have gone. Let the Light be with our astronauts, enfolding all into thy special cloud of glory, and enfolding the landing vehicle in a cloud of Shekinah glory, which sets it down like a feather on the moon, upheld in wings of glory, and encircling it in perfection. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father, that thou doeth the work. Amen. – Edna Lister, July 20, 1969.

Father of Light, thou hast ever held us in the hollow of thy hands. Thou, whose glory we have been and are, thou, the Great One, the Many as One, thy life, thy Light, we are. Pour out upon our lukewarmness, our delinquencies, pour out enough of thyself to completely wipe out and absorb that which is still unlike thee. Thank thee for thy holding arms of Light, for the glory of knowing thou art the beginning and the end and that thou dost know the end from the beginning and nothing that man can do or say or be can touch it. Never is it touched, but is confined to the lowest stratum of this planet.

We know now that the contamination of the Father of Lies, which has touched the planets, is gathered in and ascended in the great shaft of fire under which we stand as soul. We are no longer touched by earth or the opinions, the prejudices, the stupidities of man's thinking that he knows anything of where God is going or taking us. We gather the idle words in books, man's voice, spouting, to lift them forever from earth and to cleanse forever the minds and the hearts of man. As they leave their bodies, they see, they are healed and we, oh Father, by the love thou dost send through us, hold the Gates for them. They shall have the choice when they look upon thee, oh Father and Master, and decide to ascend.

We, who are seeking to ascend, lay ourselves as a living oblation at thy feet, oh Melchizedek the Great, before thy high altar, that the purging may go on through the lowest of physical cells left in bodies on earth that the cleansing, purifying and scraping of the platter goes on for everyone who has accepted good, who has acknowledged thee as a Being of Light and all good. They are protected and cleansed according to their desire to let go of self, according to where they have ascended. Each has a new descent of soul substance, as much as they will accept, all over earth. Let it be so, especially among those who gather to worship thee.

Let the worship of self be changed into worship of thee. As they go to their homes, as they take the Communion of the Saints with them, let earth be ascended unto thee. Wherever our names have been mentioned, let there be Light, great spheres of it, splashes of it, shocks of it to bring perfection and to speed thy work through us that thy Mission of Light, oh Lord of Light, shall be fulfilled through us.

We rededicate ourselves to thy service. We reconsecrate our lips, our tongues, our voices, our feet and the cells of our brains be opened into the Mind of God as of now and never again allow a thought that we have not been ascended or that we have not been bestowed by thee — not one thing to mar the clearness of thy soul substance for functioning, for appearing, for acting, for living on earth. Amen. – Edna Lister, July 27, 1969.

God above and below, from the Almighty Overall Supreme One, holy, glorious, all — we prostrate ourselves before thee that we may become fitting instruments of thy Power, that we may be great enough instruments that thy needs for Light upon earth shall be met, and that thine Agents, visible and invisible, release that Power. Spread it where it is needed in councils and committees, legislatures and for judges all over the world, for crowned heads, parliaments and rulers of every small nation and tribe shall at this moment be touched with the glory. That which they shall send forth shall be perfect for healing and for brotherhood.

Father, put thou crosses of Light upon the lips of every evil one. Place thou shafts of fire everywhere to absorb all unlikeness to thee. Father, let thy Light move into all darkness remaining on earth. Let it now be absorbed by the Light. Let the Light absorb that which is less than perfect. From the good, let there come forth words of comfort to lift. Let there be clouds of glory in our own Senate and House, clouds of Light and shafts of Power over every chair. Thy healing shall be filling space with thyself as Light.

Thank thee for every good word spoken. Every word of life and Light, regardless of whether it is policy or to fool the minds of men, let it come to pass as it is spoken, as Light and good. Let the good work, lifting darkness. Thank thee, Father, thank thee that thou hast heard our prayers and that they are divine, that they are thy Words upon our lips, bringing to pass the great Finale of the Day of Manifestation. Thank thee, Father, that the rest of the year is a glory unto thee, each day ascending, each hour magnifying thee on earth.

Let clouds of Shekinah glory whirl over each altar, blinding the darkness with Light, and the words they speak shall be of glory. The rivers become Light, flowing glory and Shekinah glory of the highest. We, thy servants, dedicate ourselves anew. We are reconverted, redeemed and reestablished as thy Sons and Daughters of Light. For this we thank thee, and we hold thy hands now and evermore. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 3, 1969.

“Father, put thou crosses of Light upon the lips of every evil one.”

God, the Father, the glory, we have arisen. We have ascended and we hold for thee. Father, we declare the past is wiped clean, and as thy Elect work out their salvation on earth, they can no more create it lower than the angels who guard, who uphold them, who show how to live hour by hour and no more. Thy strength, oh God, is the strength that fills each hour and shall blaze the trail to that point where the Power is going before them, and finally at the opening when the doors are open wide and all things are made visible.

Thank thee, Father, thank thee that thou hast cleansed and lifted every group higher, from the lowest to the highest. Church officials will be smitten dumb, even as Zacharias was when he doubted God. Let them be dumb, oh God, when they speak against the truth to pervert it. Thank thee that the time has come and all things shall be added to the faithful, miracles and glory, and glory and miracles.

We reach out with thine arms of Light to hold the ones who are sent to thee unexpectedly, in what would be terror and darkness, and hold them so that they shall be cleansed and healed. All over the world we declare this, and the glory of the Living God. Thank thee, Father, thank thee, that the Power has done the work, is doing the work, and shall continue to hold the high points for the great Finish of the Armageddon. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 10, 1969.

Thou, the Glory, thou, the Power, thou, universes above the vast infinite, eternal space of All, thank thee for opening unto us thy greatness above. Thank thee, Father, for showing us, for giving unto us the Pattern of the Magna Carta as wisdom and as form above form. Thank thee that thou now fulfill all promises.

Thank thee for showing us the real way to surrender to the glory, the way to be free of earth and yet responsible for earth and the glory of its Ascension. Thank thee for every step of this way of glory, and that every delay and pain, every step up has lifted tears and sorrow and grief and illness from earth. Thank thee for this privilege, and that we have been enough in love with thee to stand, endure and hold. Thank thee, that we go forth as Gideon with the sword of the Lord Almighty, the sword of triumph over self.

Oh Father, thank thee that thou hast found us adequate as far as we have come, and that we shall hold the Elect as one to fulfill the destiny of the Chosen, the Ascension of Terra, and the Ascension of the Elect who are supposed to rule. Let them come forth now. The preparation has been difficult and most difficult for thee. So often we have delayed thee and thy work. Now let it be fulfilled speedily until the earth sees a glow as a Light and follows. Let all altars, including the dead and desecrated altars of the past, become arks of Shekinah glory to blind evil and to ascend devotion and love of thee.

Thank thee, Father, that our words hold at last. Thank thee for every step we have taken to ascend our bodies on the path and by the pattern left by thy Begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, still responsible and holding us. Thank thee, Father, every Counselor and everyone above. Hold us in perfect balance, and under this divine pattern, bring physical bodies into desire bodies and let fire bodies burn out the dross. We accept. We follow. We love. We exalt thy glory upon earth.

We are held in thy arms, which form a sphere of Light around us now that nothing can penetrate but all Power can come through and prepare the way before us. Thank thee, Father, for thy healing Power, that thou hast planned the way and that thou hast held us in the right place. Let all the rest unfold as planned. We are ready to fulfill thy plan and fulfill our own promises into form. Thank thee, Father, that it is the truth that thou art all there is through one agent who becomes thy agent complete, just standing, holding, knowing firmly, finally and gloriously. Standing. Holding. Thank thee, thank thee, Melchizedek. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 17, 1969.

“Thou the Holy All-Eternal, the Many and the One,
how can we love thee enough?”

Thou the Holy All-Eternal, the Many and the One, how can we love thee enough? How can we share our love enough? How can we be grateful enough for thy blessings, past, present and those to come? Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee for thy protection. Thank thee that thou hold from the beginning to the end without ceasing. We wait upon thee. We hold, and we know that the earth is being lifted, cell by cell, and every creature is moving onward, upward, homeward.

We thank thee for the privilege of having some gift of self to give thee. Let us be strong, oh God, to hold the gift of our lives great enough in thy sight to be a blessing in thy service. Let every place our feet have trod, everything our hands have touched be a glory to thee now. Let the flowers blossom and let the harvest be magnificent, oh Lord of Light. Thank thee that we have been allowed to stand, to hold and have been given the strength to endure to see thee, invisible as thou art to the world, but visible to us.

Bless the work of our hands, the thoughts of our minds, the glory before us. Increase our capacity to hold, to endure and to release the Power to do thy work. Thank thee, thank thee, Father, for thou hast ever shared thy glory with us. Share it magnificently, continuously, forever. Hold us fast in thine arms of Light. Let every word of ascension we have spoken for, under the sea, in the air and on the land, drawing in where love is needed, and let evil be put in the trough of flame. We lift all that is scraped clean from the lowest creatures through the kings of earth to be carried to the trough of fire for purification and ascension.

Thank thee for the glory, which is thine, and for the week ahead. Make every hour a glory unto thee. Thank thee for all the Elect. Make them thine. They shall not be pushed by darkness but shall be held by Shekinah glory from the Source. The words of evil intent shall be brought to naught, be as nothing, erased from the Book of Life and records, for God rules above and below. Hold them that they stand and move in confidence, waiting upon the Lord to make perfect the ways before them. So shall all come to pass.

Let the spoken Word be a Mandate of Light. Thank thee, thank thee that thou hold us and prepare the way for us, the right hour and time, the right things of earth and glories to conquer. Thank thee, Father. Go before us. Cleanse the way, adding things for our comfort, and thy Light through us. Thank thee, Lord of Light. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 24, 1969.

Oh Father above, thou Overall, who dost reveal thyself unto us in so many words of earth, but only in one way of heaven, the Light. Let thy Power go forth on waves of praise that the time hath come, and now is. In all ways do we receive of heavenly Power an abundance of Light and glory. Thine arms are outstretched and thou art gathering the harvest of our love for thee and our steadfast standing and holding.

This week is a new beginning. Grant us higher comprehension, higher glory, higher holding than ever in all ages since we left thy thrones. Thank thee that we have achieved thy thrones and fulfilled thy needs and laws. We surely are thine, now and evermore. Touch us with the beauty of Spirit, with the radiance of glory, thy glorious radiance, that the world may see and follow. Hold us, then. Ascend us, then.

Give us to eat of the inner manna and the abundance of the life of it that we may fulfill the last of the Armageddon and overcome darkness. How we are thine. Bless all on our lists, and all who have called and touched the fingers of Light as us, and send us forth knowing and upholding thee. We are thine. Speak unto us, oh Lord of Light. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 31, 1969.

And there shall be Light over all universes from the Father of All throughout endless space. There is a quickening, for lifting the last of that which has been festering since the earliest times, for it had to be worked out and lifted. The Light, the Light, the Light, pure All That Is, and new robes of clothing for the soul, new bestowals of Light and Light and Light, and this Light holds its gains. Let there be miracles of Light, from the smallest cells to the highest incarnated souls. Thy Light of Shekinah glory sets men afire from every earth altar, from the stone age to the cathedrals, and it shall be seen of men. We partake of it, Father.

Our prayers go forth now from the highest altars o'ershadowing us as mouthpieces, each of us. Wherever the Elect pray, they are now mouthpieces of eternal flame and glory. And so it is. And so it is. Master, beloved, glorious beyond glory, the Wisdom of God walking earth in thy white robe, thou only art our Lord, and we declare that wherever thy name is known or mentioned, is a miracle, a miracle, a miracle on this day.

Oh Father, our souls' gratitude rides up to every throne above. Thou art so good to us, thy children. We are thy servants of Power and glory and life as Light. Words fail us, oh Father, to say how we appreciate thee, and thou art so great. The love we call upon to give back to thee is greater than all that thou hast given form, and is coming through in greater abundance.

Thank thee for these past weeks of glory, and that thou shalt make it possible for us to accomplish only thoughts of eternity, all the words of eternity that we can pour into one day. Thank thee, Glorious One, thank thee, thank thee. Thou hast bound us together as thine. Thank thee that every step we take, and the words that issue from our lips, are now eternally perfect, eternally righteous and eternally holding as thou dost hold. We are thine, oh God above. Increase our comprehension. Increase our capacities to be ambassadors. Increase the Light that thou dost pour forth in a constant flow to move through all Creations, wave after wave of cleansing life, Light and glory.

We reach out as instruments, as arms to gather up unto thee eternities, all thy Creations and that which had been separated and is made pure Light. Each spark of Light on earth shall be restored to its own state of begotten glory. Thank thee, Father, for holding us, for protecting us and for increasing our computer mind golden bowls that all glory shall touch, permeate, penetrate and flow in a never-ending living glory of all substance needed to supply our earth's needs. Thank thee for the miracles of this week and increase them, oh God, for all. We love thee. We love thee. Master, take over as thou art now: Glory. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 7, 1969.

“Thou Eternal, Magnificent, Divine All, let the words
of thy Magna Carta fulfill themselves now.”

Thou, the Supernal Glory, the All, whose servants we are, ever have been and ever shall be, thou, who dost hold the universes in their cycles of glory, thank thee, thank thee, thank thee for holding us through the lifting of darkness, for having held us without ceasing. Thank thee that we are endowed with the ability to bring these bodies, in which we dwell, high to thy thrones to be received and redeemed from the shades of earth, to stand forever as thy Light.

Thou Great! Words fail us to give thanks enough. We are one great ascending cloud of gratitude that thou hast held us so close, so enfolded that thou hast made every word we have uttered stand fast as the Light. Oh God above, thank thee, thank thee, and in this very hour, do thou send forth the eternal flame of life through every object on earth, through every life wave coming up, through all thy Creations, raising them, cleansing them until they are wiped clean forever of ideas or acts of evil. Again, oh God, let perfection stand forth as in the beginning.

We declare thy reign of Light advanced, for the world to be convinced. Let the hearts and minds of every one of the Elect and the twelve Tribes of glory be convinced of thy Supremacy now! Lift, enfold and strengthen us with thy glory, and send us forth conquering, oh God. In thy name, let it be and let all things of earth be added for thy glory and the sustenance of thy Kingdom as we conquer and rule our kingdom in thy name. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 14, 1969.

Thou Eternal, Magnificent, Divine All, let the words of thy Magna Carta fulfill themselves now. Our outer forms are thine. Use them. Hold us. Lift us into that supernal glory that we may comprehend thy greatness, and every breath on the outer shall be a Breath of Light, life and glory, of strength and Power going forth to fulfill all promises, to fulfill all that must come speedily.

Thank thee that thou hast put crosses over the lips of liars that they cannot hold back the Shekinah glory of fulfillment over the altars. In committee rooms they shall face the Light and the Light shall absorb evil as it is spoken. And our President and those thou hast touched for the nations, now let them see the Light. Send Light over the Son of God as President, to make him to be strong. Show up the evil. Let the Light strike words, shatter, scatter and absorb them as they are spoken before him. Let him stand, endure and hold as thy greatest of all. Thank thee that thou canst work through him to hold.

Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee and we know thou dost hold back evil. Let the Light and Shekinah glory cover campuses, streets, and evil is absorbed. Let the Power go forth in this hour as a strong barrage everywhere to burst in the faces of those who would be dark. Thank thee, Father, thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Thou now use us, thy Elect, for the fulfillment of all promises. So it is. So it shall be. We praise and rejoice and are glad. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 28, 1969.

Thou, the Thrice Blessed, the Emperor of Heaven and Earth from the beginning through the great ones, thou Abraham, Moses, Jesus the Christ walking earth, we kneel at thy feet this hour that we may partake of thy glory supreme, undefiled, untouched, undiluted and cleansed of earth, cleansed of evil, evil consumed forever and ever. Thank thee, Father, who hast held us. Thank thee for letting us announce in the beginning of this Dynasty Finale that the golden Light Bringer was the First Begotten Supreme, the Living God who reigns again over earth, whose school of all Wisdom is now established.

Thank thee, thank thee, Father, for this knowledge and that we have served thee long and well. We shall be faithful, more abundantly faithful and declare thy glory over earth a thousand times an hour. We are thy glory. Let thy Temple here be established. Let the Light pour forth and establish every letter of good everywhere. Let this day of days be thy glory and Light moving forth. Let it be so. Let it be so. We kneel before thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, December 28, 1969.

“Increase the depth of our appreciation and gratitude.
Make it a constant song in our hearts to thee.”

Thou Eternal, the Beginning and the End, the glory, thou hast held us and kept us and for all the steps thou hast added unto us for that devotion and love we give thee, thank thee. We realize, oh Great One, the little we give for what we are given. We are so grateful that thou hold us. Thou dost never let us go, thou pour out upon us glories greater than we have room to receive and understand. Thou hast given us the desires of our hearts now. We ask now for this new release of Power, for the ability to apply what thou hast given us to our lives and what we are doing. Increase the depth of our appreciation and gratitude. Make it a constant song in our hearts to thee.

Thou art so good to us. We thank thee. Let this day be a day of praise, thanksgiving and gratitude, carried forth on wings of devotion for our love for thee. Let it go forth to encompass not only earth, but all thy Creation. We would be a high point in thy Power, a high instrument in its working of glory to the greatest extent of our capacity, oh God. Let earth be lifted by thy Power, and as it is lifted, let evil be consumed. Let all evil intent be lifted from everyone. Release the darkness and send thy cleansing Power and rays of destruction of evil through the darkness everywhere. Let it be so, oh God. Let the last rulers of evil, wherever it is remembered or applied be consumed now.

Let the Elect and the Light reign from the greatest of all, the golden Supreme. We beseech thee, let thy Power prevail everywhere. Use us. Let evil and darkness of nation after nation, from the top and underneath coming up, let it be consumed. Thank thee for upholding our colleges and for taking the evil from all thy children of earth. Let liars stand forth to be revealed and consumed. Bring all nations together to worship the One God and mind their business of ascension. Let the Children of Israel stand forth as leaders, healers and lifters of glory unto thee.

Thank thee, Father, that thou use us as thou can, always. Hold us. Let the world see thee through the ones who love thee as evidence that thou art God. Lift all thy people. Lift them! Let Light lift every city and village on earth. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 4, 1970.

Thine the glory, thine the Light, thine the Power and we are thine forever and ever. As of this hour, we open our new incarnation of Light, pure Light, and we thank thee that thou hast protected, lifted, held and enfolded us now as all glory to express. As we step forth from this Temple this hour, physically, let the Light and this salvation and the glory, hold the door open wide. Send the Power forth. Raise us into that place from whence is no retreat, for the glory of it is too great to let go.

Hold us. Open thou every bit of our original equipment until our computer minds release the Power that does the work. Thank thee that in these lives, every book we have touched is vitalized and quickened with Shekinah glory of this new Christed Age. We are this Christed Age expressing. Let it be so. Let every word we have spoken from the beginning be doubled in Power and glory, and let the Light absorb the darkness remaining. We invoke this Power for ascending ones all over the world. We stand and declare thy perfection. Let it be so. Let the day of glory be onward and upward to lift Terra. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 11, 1970.

Thou the Great, who hast held us through the darkness of night, who hast given us more than we have earned, who dost now strengthen us beyond any strength of the past, who dost make it impossible for us to turn back or depart from thy glory, we are One with thee to the Source from this outermost station of love, which it hath become. Know we are servants to do thy will, to finish the glory of this great Day, to bring up to thee the rest of darkness into the Light, wherever we step. Let us lift and be that cleansing glory, thy need fulfilled.

For that which we have earned, we give thanks. For that which thou art giving us, we give thanks. Let the words of our mouths come from the soul of thee and nothing from earth or self. Thank thee, thank thee, Father, for the glory of knowing thee and blessing with thee and glorifying thee. Our love shall magnify thy world. We decree, we declare the pure Power of this Almighty Day of Light pours forth wherever our feet have trod. Let there be Light. For these days of blessings and miracles, we thank thee.

We hold up the scepter of Power and rod of glory, and we declare earth lifted, healed and all darkness consumed. Father, thank thee for the miracles and blessings thou send forth this day into thy classrooms and lesson rooms, that we may speedily learn and go Home. Grant to us, oh God, a consciousness of thy full glory, that we may be aware of thy work every moment of our lives. Let thy blessings cover earth now. Lift and bind as One to thee all thy Creations. We are thine. Use us beyond our strength, beyond our ability and knowing — then add the "new" to us.

We decree and declare that every word thou hast ever given to us in promise is fulfilled. We understand, comprehend and reach up for more strength and comprehension. Make a glory of these earth bodies, and in this hour strengthen them beyond strength and glory. Oh Greatest of All, give us of thy manna. How we love thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 18, 1970.

“We decree and declare that every promise thou hast ever given us is fulfilled.”

Oh Lord God Supreme, we wait upon thy Word. We wait upon the release of thy full Power and glory through us as instruments of Light. We return unto thee, oh God, with all our minds, hearts, bodies and souls, all parts of us created and sent forth that it might be added again to the whole! We, the Chosen, have taken on the evil and sins of the world, thy world that they might be lifted forever and cleansed from the minds and hearts of men. Oh thou Eternal, all glorious, all divine, thou who hast brought us this far, thou who hast worked through us according to our spoken Word in thy name, thou hast done the work in the world. Thou hast cleansed all universes wherever there hast been a taint or a notice of evil.

Thou shalt have the glory as it was at the beginning when thou didst say, "Let there be Light!" and opened this great Day. We reach out now with arms of Light and gather from the whole of this planet the remaining darkness to be lifted. We pour it into the waiting trough of consuming Light that it may have the cleansing that is the first death of all evil. Ascend it through the shaft that goes direct through the Sources to be put again into the River of Life, the Emanations, through which it shall swing until it is as perfect as the Source. This, oh God above, must be done to the Power of the spoken Word for complete purification.

We thank thee that we know what we do. As we reach out and gather in all darkness for this first assembling for this shaft of fire and glory, we shall be conscious of serving thee. We know that according to that which we gather up, every one of us personally as a servant, so shall the glory of added things be given us. Thank thee that we are recreating the bodies we need for expression here, which thou art purifying, cleansing and adding to until we walk the byways of the planet with winged feet. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that thou art doing the work.

Now we reach out and bring our baskets for all we need for expression, new ideas, new alertness, to be fully awake to thy glories, Light and might. Let bodies be healed. Let Light abound. Let every neuron be awakened in thy great name, the greatest of all, and in the name of Jesus Christed, we declare it and give thanks. Accept our love as our offering upon the altars of the Temples. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 25, 1970.

We rejoice, oh Father, and are glad with the glory of heaven moving out and through all our bodies, our affairs and the world. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Let our rejoicing fill the heavens and the earth. Lo, we are thine, forever and ever. Thank thee that every promise we have been able to fulfill is because we are thy instruments. We are thy instruments of glory now. This glory fulfills life itself for the world. Thank thee, Father, that thou canst release through us the full Power for making all things right. Thank thee that the New Jerusalem is taking care of Israel, and that they are taking care of themselves for thee.

Take the burden from every organization. The burden shall be lifted by Light itself. That which must be done for new bodies, it shall be finished. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, for the goal we have reached, touched, stepped into as Light. We have become thy Light. It is so and shall be so. Every word of glory spoken by thy people, oh God, is now fulfilled all over earth and the heavens above. For this we thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. We are home forever. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 1, 1970.

God above, we are One. Thank thee for enfolding us. Thank thee for lifting us, for holding us that through these days of initiations and glories. We shall be absorbed into our new Oversouls, unforgettably to be changeless and abiding forever. We are absorbed as the Light, endowed with every potential Power to use us, move through us from above, from the Source as never before in this great Day. We have stood and received. We shall stand and hold with no deviating, no chance of unconsciousness touching us.

Thank thee, Father, that at last we are truly absorbed into thy Light, which is thy conscious self, the All-Mind and the all glorious. Thou hast made us ready, and thou art strong to hold us. Thou knowest we are thine, forever. Now thou Great One, let thy desires and spoken Words and creative thoughts move forth to fulfill thee as us on earth. In all thy names, we declare this a week of complete fulfillment in all things, in all ways — mail, telephone, people, individuals.

In all ways, let there be miracles for all our people and earth. Let it be a miracle of government. We shall continue the scraping of loose darkness from earth, and cast it upward to be made into Light. Thank thee, thank thee, Father, for our oneness and for darkness consumed, for thy feet, hands, lips and tongue, thine eyes to see. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 8, 1970.

Thou, the Glory of All, we are thine altars as one flame of Shekinah glory ascending unto thee all over the world. We declare that in the invisible, every altar ever erected to thee, including those of evil, now become a flame and a glory. Let altars of Light settle over all nations, from the lowest cathedrals to the highest ones. Let the Light shine out and consume the altars to Baal! Thank thee, Father, that this is thy complete planet, a Star of Bethlehem shining out, consuming darkness with its rays of glory. Thank thee that no scrap or cloud is floating in the atmosphere or troposphere.

Let the Gates of the seven veils of mysteries be open to those who seek in faith, and give them all a vision of thy glories. Let their gifts of sacrificial times pay them in soul visions forever. Now, this day, our miracle produced answers to prayers and good added to each of thy children and the Elect. Let the evolving ones be lifted. Wherever they have congregated, let the halls, fields, schools, and colleges be fields of glory, shining, healed, and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

This is the day of the release of glory, and the words of all the Elect who came forth to lift earth shall stand and be triumphant this very hour. Thank thee, thank thee, Glorious One, that thou hast given voice to us. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father. Let the lifting glory prevail. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 15, 1970.

Oh thou, the Whole, as we stand in Light, as the Light, with the whole Light of universes flowing through us, let the Light do the work of fulfilling the decrees of thy Elect and Sons and Daughters. Let there be Light. Let that Light move forth and take over all darkness and consume it into itself as pure Light again! Let thy instruments be qualified, lighted into eternity of Light, with Light creating as in the beginning, undiluted, untouchable!

Let the lips thou hast given substance to form into words, let them now become sealed with Light, untouchable, unchangeable Light. Let it take over the tongues and lips — and the blacker, the deeper the darkness, let the consuming be more complete until there can be no curses, only Light. We lift all darkness, all evil from the minds and hearts, and lips are sealed, and the sealing of Light takes place. And now darkness cannot get past this sealing of Light upon brain cells, and especially lips. Let this Light now move into every place where darkness is considered. Where darkness abides, let there be Light.

Let Light prevail. Let Light exalt, lift and become pure golden Light. Let every nation, city and capital be domed with Light and be sealed away from darkness. Let Light penetrate through halls of justice and schools and hospitals for healing. Let Light break through all barriers created by ones who seek to take over. Let Light break through all darkness, and cast it out and into thy shafts of cleansing fire.

Thank thee, Father, that thou art speaking thy Words as us, and that darkness no longer exists. Darkness is consumed from the face of earth. Glory shall explode, uphold and confront and each small place of darkness shall be a small sun center of Light declaring good. Thank thee, thank thee, Father, that thou art in charge. Light is containing, upholding and ordering the Kingdom of God in Heaven perfectly everywhere, and all places threatened. Thank thee, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 22, 1970.

“Open thou the windows of heaven and the doors and gates thereof, and
pour out thy abundance in the form thy children upon earth need.”

Lord of Light and Glory, on every level as we have ascended, we leave our consciousness and body according to that level and degree under divine law. We have ascended part of us that far, with our foreheads touching thy feet in worship and adoration, in gratitude and appreciation that we have been lifted so high. We await the descent of the full glory of all universes as life, as Light, as Power, as Substance with which to recreate below and to recreate anew. We thank thee, Father, that thou hast held us and granted unto us the vision, that thou hast opened the archives of the Magna Carta that we may know that the Light is now doing the work of glory, bestowing new life and lifting the whole of the outer Creation. For this, our gratitude and our rejoicing ascends.

As thou dost reach down with arms of Light to uphold us, to extend our vision, to stabilize and make whole the needs of the earth for its Ascension, for all these things, we glorify thy many names. We declare it shall come to pass. In the name of Jesus the Christ, as thou hast promised, let it be so. Uphold us. Show us the way. Fulfill earth's needs for Ascension. Every name on our list, let them be held and their bodies made strong to dwell upon the land thou hast given unto us. Hold us, oh Father, and let every name upon our lips and the hearts of our minds, now be healed.

Open thou the windows of heaven and the doors and gates thereof, and pour out thy abundance in the form thy children upon earth need: monies, legacies, silver and gold in the name of thy First Begotten Son, whose promises shall be fulfilled, and wherever the name of Jesus the Christ shall be spoken. We, thy servants of Light, thank thee, Father, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 1, 1970.

Father, our delight and our glory, we who have ever been thine, we whom thou hast ever used to thy honor and glory, in this hour we accept everything that has ever come to us or been given to us and declare it part of the glorious ascension for the closing of a great Day. Let every word we have spoken shine. Let the new Light cleanse every taint, slight or indifference from the past. Let every line we have declared lifted be lifted this hour again. If we have left a line loose, or a hollow or limitations, we declare they are caught up in thy new glory.

Double our abilities to lift. Let the entire past we have named or spoken in the name of thy Son, Jesus the Christ, be vitalized and quickened until all those neglected and forgotten be again caught up in arms of Light and ascend. Each becomes a new channel of Light shining to cleanse all earth of evil, loose evil and let it go into the trough of Light to be fed into the fires of glory and ascend into the shaft of Light. Thank thee for the manifestation brought into Light and perfection working to thy honor and glory, added things, added glories and our sense of oneness and being held closely in thy heart. Thank thee, Father, for thy watchfulness.

We are in gratitude on the knees of our hearts. We pray thy fulfillment and ours will be accepted now. Thank thee, Jesus the Christ, for being our fulfillment. Thank thee so much. Let all that does not add to our efficiency and glory be absorbed by the Power of thee spread forth in this hour as never before while the Day of Manifestation has been in operation. Let the combined glory, Power and Substance ready to be formed, the Light and the Mind unfinished, let everything be accelerated and double in its work. Make one day as two days with the sun standing still to allow the increase and beauty of thy life to manifest through us now. Give us words to create anew thy Kingdom. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 15, 1970.

We thank thee, Father, for thy glory, thy acceptance of our sacrifice of these bodies to be used. We thank thee, Father, for the final lifting of force that thou didst open with this complete penetrating, unexpected after our surrender and ascension of mind and heart and giving up of body. Thank thee, Father, that in thy name we cleaned up the last of force that had to be picked up to open the Gates to those we have loved, cherished and sacrificed for, whose lines we have ascended. Open thou the doors before them this day in commemoration of thy triumphant entry into the high place of Jerusalem, lifting stress and strain all over the world. Thy triumphant entry o'ershadows earth as clouds of glory in swamps, cities, valleys and wherever marching is done, lifting, lifting, lifting. Light! Light! Light!

Thank thee that in this very hour, every word spoken to lift evil is permeated and penetrated, bursting with glory in hearts, minds and affairs, bodies of men. Our senators, representatives, great praying groups, no matter what their needs, are changed into Light. Post offices and mail that bring hearts, minds and souls of thy Children of Israel together, let them be Light. Let this postal workers' strike be transfigured to Resurrection and Ascension for this power of communion. All lifted for the honor and glory of our New Jerusalem Holy Week, in which we live and of which we are part.

Thank thee, beloved Father, for caring for us, and for thy triumph over evil. Bus lines and all stations, main offices over all the country, air lines, all means of transportation, oh Father, let it be a Day of Resurrection and Ascension for all organizations for the good of God. Let the ones of evil be brought out into Light and lifted forever. We and our bodies have received blows of force for the debts of many. Thank thee that we have been strong enough for thy service. Oh Father, we declare this week shall be holy, and we shall be strong enough for good. Oh Father, we hold ourselves prostrate enough that all blows still needed shall be ascended to altars where every bit of darkness is made into pure Light.

Thank thee that thou always hear us and use us. Thank thee that we are lifted and that the Light prevails over the world. Thank thee that thou hast brought this all for lifting before Ascension Day and the glory of earth, brought it to be freed from hate and war. Let this be the Finale, and let the Power of the Living God resurrect every good, every beauty and wondrous thing of God. Let the wave of triumph move through the ministers all over the world to comfort their people and show them the light. How grateful we are to be used as instruments to lift evil for earth.

Thank thee that all debts are paid and our lines are reaching and gathering in the saints and the ones waiting to finish the Armageddon. Let thy agents step forth, filled with good things before the world, with shining Light. Hold us! Hold us! Hold us forever! Thank thee that thy words stand forever and shall come to pass as spoken. Evil is absorbed, consumed and only Light stands. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 22, 1970.

Thou, Almighty, thou, the Great, the Supreme Fulfilled One, thank thee, thank thee that we have been on time. Thank thee for allowing us to win. Thank thee that our sacrifices here have cleansed the planet itself until no suggestion of evil will be left in swamps and low dives, but cleansed until they turn again unto thee, their Source. We are grateful. Thou the Almighty, the Holy, the Glory, we consecrate, we dedicate and give ourselves again to the glory of the Source to be used.

Let the finale of conquering darkness be accelerated. Let thy glories manifest, oh God, the Son, the First Begotten under the Father, the Emperor who enfolds and o'ershadows all the Councils. We prostrate ourselves before this new shaft of eternal fire below the Sources, which now receives all evil direct from this planet, leaving only the laggards and scrapings from everywhere for the shafts of fire everywhere on earth. Thank thee, Father, that as we reach out and gather evil we also have gathered in the life sparks left behind by evil and those who have been laggards. They too shall be cleansed, each according to his degree and kind, so that by the end of the Age, the life sparks are again absorbed into the eternal flame prepared, and those restored shall have their souls added again. For all this, we thank thee, oh God.

Let thy Power go forth and let this work go on unto Pentecost and let Pentecost be thy triumph, and show that God is using the minds and hearts of the Chosen and Elect and holding the ascending ones for the lifting of earth. Thank thee, thank thee that we are worthy and find ourselves worthy to stand and hold. Thank thee for opening the doors and windows of heaven to fulfill the next step of glory. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. We are now ascended and made great enough in quantity in quality for this next step to Ascension. Thank thee, Father, thank thee, thank thee. Hold us. Illumine us as in the name Jesus the Christ, for the Emperor of Heaven and earth in control. Thou, who dost walk us by the hand in glory, thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 29, 1970.

Thank thee, Father, for the quiet in Heaven, that while the Emanations and vibrations flow, there is quiet that all Creation may be penetrated and permeated with thy eternal glory. The words upon our lips are thy words. Every word we have ever spoken is now vitalized, quickened and working out the Armageddon violence. The Doors are open. The Gates are open. The Windows of Heaven are open from the lowest to the highest. We, thy servants, feel the glory of thee, oh God above, moving earth itself.

All the heads of all the nations everywhere on earth are now touched by a divine flaming fire of glory, and those who are blackest in thoughts, in greed of self are changed. The words from their minds, their hearts, their lips go forth as thy arms of Light to change from all evil to all Light now. We feel it, oh God above, and we know thy work is being done.

With all our minds and hearts, souls and bodies we ask of thee to be held steadfast. We rededicate and reestablish ourselves as thy Elect. Thank thee, Father, every moment, every breath is thine. Use it to thine recreation. We listen for thy Voice. We heed thy law and obey, oh God, thy precepts. We are devoted to thy Light. Make us oracles of thy Word, oh God. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 5, 1970.

Thou the Eternal, the One, hold us. Exalt us in thine arms of Light. May every line of Creation be in thy hands eternally. Thank thee for that Light that has gone forth to recreate from the beginning, wiping out all between until we stand as one forever with thee, the only One. We have heard thy Voice declare, "All evil is finished and shall be lifted from all universes and space forever." We hear and know that thou hast created lakes of fire into which all evil hath been cast to be cleansed through the great ages to come and to no more have memories of evil or darkness.

Thank thee, Father. We give ourselves to thee for this final cleansing, and this shall free all material that has been used for an earth body until we stand before the thrones purified as in the beginning, whole and complete in thee. Absorb and consume, oh Father, anything binding of earth creations. Let heaven free the pure Light of God through us and as us. Thy glory takes over. Thy words from the beginning are on our lips forever. We have eaten of the Tree of Life and that life now possesses us forever.

Thank thee, Father. Thank thee for this great vision this morning, and let the vision penetrate the hearts and minds of those who seek thee as love. Let it be so. We thank thee that once more we have returned to thee. Oh Lord, speak with the Voice Eternal to us as we wait upon Thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 12, 1970.

Thank thee, God above, for the glory thou hast sent forth. Thank thee, God above, for that which thou hast done as part of the great Armageddon, for the bringing together of the world and for the bringing together in prayer the Children of Israel for the twelve Golden Cities, 12,000 from each. Thou, through this glory of miracle-work from space, thou hast opened the way that they shall be one and lifted from the darkness and bondage of the evil ones the world over to bring the nations closer together.

Thank thee, Father, that thou hast everything in the hollow of thy hands. Thank thee that we are being used and that every pain in our bodies is being completely healed. Every nerve and artery in our bodies is being completely freed, healed and opened to flowing. Thank thee that our bodies are now made over in thy image and likeness. Thank thee that we shall be sent forth. The Christed Age is new, and we are thy miracles of glory. Thank thee, Father, that thou now open the doors for our Ascension, that thou open the door for earth to provide the legacies to take us onward for the finale of the day, and evil wiped up and consumed.

Father, words fail us to be grateful enough that we know that we are held, and that we are thine. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. We do, and allow nothing on the outer to interfere with thy will. Here we are, used, held and ascended. We are thine forever, and we lift the whole world. Here we are, Father. Thy Kingdom is here. We are thine. Put thy words upon our lips. Keep our eyes and the eyes of our loved ones steadfast so we see nothing of earth, only the beauty of Paradise and of Heaven. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee and our hearts say thank thee, day and night. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 19, 1970.

Glorious Divine, the Word, the Day and the Night as One, the full Magna Carta in the beginning, "Let there be Light!" Thank thee that in this very hour, thou hast given us not a bit of self but each of us a bit of thyself Supreme, according to our needs, desires, achievements and sacrifices, a full begotten part of thyself to permeate, to penetrate and to take over the last of the outer and make it fire of soul. This is the day of fulfillment, the change from all earth to all heaven for each Chosen one upon earth. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. To be held forever thine, complete, and all earth added objectively that our daily needs shall be more than met, legacies and fulfillment of place, position and thy Power-Light doing the work as us. We thank thee that no man may take this from us, the Breath of Life, fulfilling thee through us.

Show us the way to stand serene and confident. Show us the next step to take, a shaft of Light upholding us firmly without shadow of turning, shaking or trembling. We are thine. Let each name included on our lists be healed, held. Let our eyes be thine eyes, with earth absorbed. Let our ears be thy ears, with fogs absorbed. Let arteries be opened and lymph systems be established. Let all less than thy perfection of this newly begotten added, be completely consumed. Oh, thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that we have held firmly for thee to use on this glorious day of fulfillment. We have made it home. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 26, 1970.

“Thank thee, oh Holy One, that we know thee, that we rest in thy glory,
that every miracle is now accomplished in the name of Jesus.”

Thank thee, oh Holy One, that we know thee, that we rest in thy glory, that every miracle is now accomplished in the name of Jesus. Thank thee that we have lifted through the bodies given us for this great creative work, that they have stood the strain and thou hast held them for the finish of the great Day. Give us, every Elect on earth, the strength to withstand and lift, to stand, to hold, to stand, and make perfect the way for the rest of Creation to ascend.

Thank thee for this Power and glory sent through us now. Thank thee that we have learned how to hold and stand and how to be obedient and to stand! We reach out with thy extended arms of Light now to gather up and bring in every name and every bit of the evil still floating around to be ascended. Cover thou, oh God, the residue of evil that would destroy thy Day. Surround all fighting where it is, that it shall be lifted and made perfect. Surround vessels of earth, water and air that would touch and destroy, and fold them in upon themselves, back into thy substance of Light. Enfold, that they shall not touch anything, but shrink into Light all objects and men. Let them be silent, forget evil and what they would do.

Only thou, God of All, could possibly bring this to pass. Our words are powerless unless thou art behind them, in them, above them, operating through them as instruments. Let every word spoken of healing, of protection and of glory, stand fast. Let Shekinah glory fill all the old, torn down and evil, and the modernists, who know not what they do, let Shekinah glory fill them with thy Power to ascend and absorb the darkness. Let every word repeated about destruction be absorbed and freed.

Thank thee, thank thee, Father. Let our words be Spirit, Life and glory for the Elect. Let the Sons and Daughters of God heed, obey, stand. Let the world open its ears and hear what God has to say. Let them open their eyes to see how the glory of God above is working through them, with them, as them to bring to pass the days promised when evil from the last vial was lifted. Let it be so! Amen. – Edna Lister, July 26, 1970.

Father, the glory thou art, the perfection of thee, and the fulfilled promises thou hast prepared before us. Let our gratitude and joy for them, our devotion and worship of thee, to thee, pour out over the world. Let it know that evil is conquered. Oh Father, our hearts overflow with the joy of loving thee. Our hearts swell and would be great enough in capacity to lift the whole of earth with their eyes opened to see thy glory, their ears opened to hear thy Wisdom. Let thy glory pour over all names mentioned. Let glory and strength spring up to lift weak bodies and bring Love to everyone.

Words fail us! We are just one great expression of thy Love, and we take a delight in knowing that the miracles we have asked for are touching us, enfolding us and come to pass. No manner or combination of evil can touch the expression or bursting of the glory of miracles for everyone we love and all groups of earth. Let shafts of Light strike the evil from the hearts of those who would rule men. Let it be shattered and scattered. Let all Joy, Wisdom and Power of thy glory fill them and render them impotent of evil. Oh Father, thank thee that thou hast charged the whole of thy Creations, and that thou canst touch them and make them over into thine own perfect image and likeness. For this we thank thee.

Let thy Power go forth and meet every obstacle between the ascending ones and their complete, miraculous oneness and life as thee. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that thou art overall and that the renewed Power comes through, ready to do thy perfect will and work. Thank thee, Father. Thank thee, Master. Thank thee for saying yes, yes, yes! Amen. – Edna Lister, August 2, 1970.

Thou the Glory, the Perfection and the holding One, thank thee that thou art at the head of the whole of the universes, lifting and making perfect the Way. Thank thee, Father, that thou givest thy Revelation to us. Thank thee that we are found worthy of passing on what the Magna Carta is doing. Thank thee that thou art bringing to pass what thou promised through this peace on earth, and the promises of standing. Thank thee that thou hast turned the evil unto good and evil is being lifted. We can see the lifting of evil from the whole of earth with our physical eyes. We would have our physical equipment still left on earth made perfect as in the original. Oh God above, lift us, hold us, use us to thy honor and glory.

Thank thee, Father, that thou hast brought us this far and that we have been found in joy and not wanting but ready to release thy glory and to cleanse earth. Hold us then, oh God above, in thy arms of Light hour by hour, each creation of earth, lifted, lifted, lifted. Let it be so. We are thine, and thou knowest and thou art holding. We are thy obedient ones following orders and bringing earth home to thee. Touch us with thy illumination. Make us strong with Light that is perfect.

We win for thee, oh Father, with every breath thou dost give us. We stand and we know and we lift. Hold us. Let every word we have spoken to cleanse earth be fulfilled in this hour. We receive our legacies and our "added things" until we are the wealthiest Dynasty. Let it be so! Let it be so! Let it be so! Thank thee that thou let us work out our destiny on earth. Keep us lifted and close in thy arms conscious of thy glory. How we love thee and how we love each other! Thou the only One, we are thine, and ready to be used. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 9, 1970.

God above, Supreme and glorious, thou, who hast held us from the beginning of thy Creations, thou who hast given us to eat of thy manna supreme that comes from the Source of glory, All That Is, we thank thee for holding us. We thank thee, oh Father, for every line of Light thou hast sent through the Chosen on earth to hold them in their bodies through the lifting days of glory. We thank thee, who made the Light, that we partook of the glory of the marriage of the Lamb, which meant bringing together the whole. Thank thee, thank thee for everyone who did partake of that Oneness of Glory. Thank thee for lifting us through the first illumination to break through the many days of interlude with thee, and for the glories of thy lessons thou didst lay before us night after night that we might partake of thy love day by day.

Thank thee, Father, that thou dost double the Power when we are delinquent, that thou dost not take it from us, but that thou dost double it for the next day's use. We thank thee for this glory, the Sons and Daughters for whom we hold on earth, those of us who know and love thee enough. Let our capacity for love increase in quality and quantity that it may be adequate. Let love put up this magnetic wall of Light between warring factions everywhere — especially in Africa, between North and South Vietnam, Cambodia and around the Capitol that evil shall not enter — for the wall thou dost erect by thy Angels of Light knows its own and allows only the evil to be affected. Let Israel, of thine own Source of Light, be a Power of Light to bring in the sons of Ishmael. Let it be to save Israel and the world.

Thou oh most Supreme of All, hold us! We are poor samples at times of thy glory, but trust us, hold us, ascend us, fill us and express thyself as us. We are thine, and thy strength, oh Great One, is the strength of our expression. We hold for thee and love thee. Evil is lifted in thy Holy Name. So it is. So it shall be. We are thine. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 16, 1970.

Father above, glorious, high, wondrous, thank thee for the vision. Thank thee for the holding. Thank thee for sending the Power through everyone above and below. Thank thee, Father, for this glorious day of fulfillment. Thank thee, Beloved One, glorious and divine. We are thine. Thou dost know the working of our hearts and minds, and that we have given ourselves to thy service as we did in the beginning. Thank thee for putting into the shaft of fire all the evil loosened from the hearts and minds of men. Thank thee for the healing. Thank thee that thou hast watched over us so carefully and held us so strongly. Thank thee, oh Father, for thy Power and thy glory using us now.

Let thy Light go forth and form new spheres of Light around everyone we have touched on earth. Let the Power and glory prevail. Thou knowest that we are thine. Thou knowest of our love for thee. Make it great, and qualify us for the new Christed Age, the mission of the Christed women "clothed with the Sun." Now the Love pours forth and finishes the work of salvation. Thou, in thy might, art holding all. The Doors to Heaven are wide open all the way up for all thy children. Thank thee that each takes a step upward.

Thank thee that all our prayers have turned to miracles of triumph and fulfillment. Thank thee that each of thy Chosen Ones has the greatest of all miracles of all Ages for beauty, glory, wealth and strength. Let it be so. Now, God above, fulfill thy protection and thy work through us as thy completely devoted, surrendered servants. Let the Power go forth now and lift the whole world. Thank thee, Father, for using us. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 23, 1970.

Thou, the Eternal, who dost hold us forever, thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. We love thee. We worship thee and return thy love unto thee. Thou art wondrous. The Power of thee is unspeakable, unaccountable. Thou hast held us, and we seek to feel thy everlasting arms closer around us as we ascend. We know that we have ascended to be with thee. We are ascended to be held that the Power and the glory, in which we live and move and have our being, flows never-ending, outgoing and returning to the Source, cleansing, lifting, holding, perfecting, making strong, showing us the way. Let thy divine Mind possess us. Let it show. Let this day be a day of such lifted glory that the world shall shake with it and be inspired.

Thank thee, Father, that thou hast arms of Light under all, lifting. Thou hast put clouds of Light and glory in the streets of every city, clouds of glory swirling and lifting campuses all over the world, wherever youth are reaching. Show them the Light. Let these clouds of Light settle in and lift these assemblies all over the world. We see the cleansing and the shaft of fire is receiving its own to make it perfect. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father, for all thy great glories. Thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, August 30, 1970.

“Oh thou, whom we love, the Supreme, accept our devotion.
We surrender ourselves to thee to be used.”

Oh thou, whom we love, the Supreme, accept our devotion. We surrender ourselves to thee to be used. Do thou strengthen us with thy glory now. We know that we, being so close to thee, must be the last ones for thy miracles of glory, that they must go forth and lift, as they ascend, those on our list, near and dear to us, whom we love, who do not know thee well, those who are supposed to rule, to be touched with glory. Let thy glory flow into all dark places, to those who have become thy servants to become miracles of Light, to all thy churches and to all governments, with thy Oneness and lifting Power.

Oh Father, thank thee for ever being about thy great upholding miraculous ways of lifting. We know that thou hast cleansed governments. They know not that they have been lifted high. Thy name is handed about and spoken in a sphere of Light, a sun center of Light. They shall be living, moving and having their being in Light, to lift evil, to meet evil, to dissolve and consume evil. Oh Father, turn all darkness into Light. Let us be thy ambassadors of glory and bring the glories of success, the legacies for our College of Ascension, gifts of bounty, and new agents to fulfill all these visions of glory. Thank thee that each is divinely inspired and divinely strong in thy glory.

Thank thee, Father, that thou hear, and that all thy Son-Fathers work as one to release the Power, which goes forth to fulfill the needs on earth, the ones thou hast sent to earth to use, and unto us, all that we need for our expression and experience. Let it be done in the name of our Emperor of Heaven and Earth, the one we call Jesus the Christ. We depend on his name, the glorious release of Power and know that he is our fulfillment.

Thank thee, oh glorious God above. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee! Thank thee, Father, we love thee so. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that thou fulfill thy prophecies spoken through the name of Jesus the Christ, that all is fulfilled. Thank thee that we are thy Sons and Daughters divinely ascending according to thy measure of glory. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 6, 1970.

God above, holy, perfect, our gratitude is an incense of glory upon our altars, ascending unto thee for thy mercy, for thy gifts and for thy miracles and fulfilled promises! How we love thee! How we thank thee. We glorify thy many names for thou hast given us the vision to see beyond the beginning of all and the Power and glory that continues to flow from the original Source to ascend the earth and the fullness thereof, and to bring to pass the "last days" and the last part of the greater Day of glory!

Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that we know we have held, that we knew fulfillment, that we can see thy miracles ahead, and thank thee that our prayers are answered. Oh Father, touch all the people thou hast placed in our hands for lifting. We are thine. We glorify thy many names. We love thee with all our hearts and minds and souls, and all our outer sheaths shall be lifted and last for this whole Day.

Thank thee for the miracles of sustenance of all kinds, that thou take care of us fully and gloriously. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee so much. Thou hear our voices raised from the altars bestowed upon earth, and thou draw from the glories of thy Day of Manifestation the Power and strength that raise us above the trials of earth. Our love ascends. We are thy faith. We are thy strength. We are thine, making possible the lifting of all evil.

Use us then and keep us raising our arms to make certain our hands are in thy hands of glory far above where our outer sheaths can go, to fulfill this greatness needed before October 20. Raise us. Hold us, oh Father, and accept all our love we can send thee as gratitude for thy care. We are thy Sons and Daughters, praying as one. Let our love be adequate, enough, and a glory. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father, for hearing us. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 13, 1970.

Thou the Only, thou the Greatest of All, thou the Head and the Mind, the glory of the Day of Manifestation, thou, moving thyself through every Kingdom to the outermost magnetic walls of universes in Creation, let them be lifted and held. Let them glorify thee with their praises. Father, the Children of Israel, so scattered now into every nation of the world, let their prayers call down thy fire! Restrain, restrain, restrain those who still follow evil, who were servants of evil. Oh Father, move in with thy Power and thy glory and change their hearts and let their minds be changed to the Mind in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Thank thee, Father, that thou dost hold us in the hollow of thy hands. Thank thee for thy prayers and for the miracles that thou art. Thank thee that thou move through us as thy sharing of joy and love given by thee of the Sources. Thank thee for holding the Elect, whom thou hast sent to earth. Thank thee for the joy of knowing thee, and that thou hast no intention of letting darkness win. We come to thee this day in gratitude and rejoicing and knowing that the Power of the Living God changes all darkness into Light and love.

Melt and dissolve the bullets in small arms and in missiles that they shall be made into pure love, and the only expression through them spreads forth the Power of the Living God for all Creation. Thank thee that we are thy new Creation. Let it be so in this very hour, now. Let it be so. For all the rest, let there be healing. Every word spoken, let them form into miracles as of this moment! Thank thee, Father, thank thee, thank, thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 20, 1970.

Father, Father, Father! This is a new Day of Creation, all things created anew. Thank thee, Father, that we have held, that we have held fast to thee, and thou hast held fast to us until all universes are stilled, waiting upon thy glory and thy perfection, with evil completely absorbed and consumed. For all this, we thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Thou hast given us healing and thou art our miracle of glory. We have reached into our Source. We have held fast to our Source, and we have kept our vows of love. Thy glory fills the earth. Even those who have not known thee are brought in, and those whom thou hast touched anew are in praise. We, who are close to thee from the beginning, stand and know.

Let thy Power move forth, doing the perfect work in this very hour. Ears are open, eyes are open, tongues speak thy glory. The new brain cells are established, awake and functioning in new ways of comprehension. Thank thee, oh Father, from the highest Source to the outermost of the Legions working with earth. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father, for working with us, cleansing the way before us, and establishing our miracles. Let thy Power possess us, for we have moved up where thy glory is and we lie in thy arms of love above all glory earth can know. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, September 27, 1970.

God above and below, God the Father, the Supreme, the Glory, thou who hast known from the beginning that darkness would be conquered, overcome, lifted, evil consumed, how we praise thee. How we bless thee. How we thank thee, oh Father, that thou hast renewed our golden bowls of glory. How thou hast repaired and reconditioned and made perfect that which earth has disrupted because of evil and the vibrations that have to be lifted.

We thank thee that we have been able to understand and to allow evil force to be lifted through these body sheaths from the beginning, to stand the test of time. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father, that there are glories from above and mysteries yet to be unfolded. We lay prostrate before thee that we may be reconstructed and rehabilitated for all thy Creation. We have been thy servants. We are thy servants of all the Power and all thy glory moving through each of us, thy Chosen Ones. The Power is moving through thee, through us to lift and to bring to pass the glories of heaven now touching earth.

Thank thee that thou hast taken to thyself the ones who have finished their missions, and that thou hast the next ones who are ready to carry on and to fulfill a mission to lift the last of the blackness of evil. Thou art ascending them by the dozens, and thou art making clear the ways of thy Chosen. We see thy glories settling now over every highway and freeway in the world, in war zones, in every part of the world, a glowing Light, every camp surrounded by a field of consuming fire. Cloak every city with thy glory. We thank thee that our words have ten thousandfold the Power to build walls around every evil thing, every ship below and on top of the waters.

Thank thee, Father, that thou hast moved in now and possessed all evil. Thank thee that evil knows it not and has become the builder of good. As we reach for thy glory, let each of us take higher form as we ascend. Fill each and let them o'ershadow their sheaths while still on earth to fulfill this Armageddon. The whole earth is possessed by the Light, the glory. Every country is filled with glory, and the new Magna Carta of Love prevails. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father, for holding us. Expand the atoms of our bodies for balance and steadfastness in walking forth. Thank thee, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, October 4, 1970.

“Oh Father, thank thee that we can ascend unto thee in consciousness,
and that we can, in our prayers of devotion, give up self.”

Let thy Glory, thy Love and thy Power now move forth and fill the atoms with energy and with thy strength of Power for every Elect one, wherever they may be. Let the groups who have touched our Power and heard our word be lifted and gathered up in this moment, and their auras filled with such glory to shine before men. Thank thee that this is the beginning of the new glory for earth. We love thee. We thank thee. Thou art the great and the mighty Ruler of the Universes. We bow the knees of our hearts before thee and thank thee for the greatness of the miracles thou hast bestowed in this very hour with thy love.

Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Let the arms of Light thou hast granted us reach to the Source that we might be thy perfect instruments, all-powerful, all-mighty before the earth, which is thine. Thank thee, Father, for the glory that fills every altar of earth. Thank thee for the clouds of glory, which rest over all armaments of earth that can destroy, all bases, missile places, fields and factories. Let everything be charged with Power so that if anyone touches an evil power, they shall be absorbed in that Light instantly. Thank thee that every vessel is covered in Light, and it has become invulnerable and immune.

Thank thee that thou hold us in the hollow of thy hand, in Light and glory. We are thy instruments, hour after hour. Thank thee for the miracles thou hast sent forth in the name of thy Son, Jesus the Christed of God. How we love thee, oh Father and Councils. Thank thee. Thank thee. Thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, October 18, 1970.

We love thee, oh Eternal One! We give ourselves to be used. Thou of Eternity and glory, fill us, heal us in thy name, all thy names from the Most High, every great Council. We prostrate ourselves before thee to be purified, to be glorified before thy Service. Thank thee that we know thee. Thank thee that thou dost hold us forever and ever and thou hast never let us go. Thy glory permeates from our souls to the outer most material selves we use on earth in thy service of needs and daily action. Thou hast held us forever and thy supreme glory holds us forever. All we can do is to watch at thy feet for the next great miracles, which thou dost give unto us freely.

We declare that oil slicks are domed and held so they cannot spread. We surround each ship with a magnetic wall and they cannot reach each other. We surround every plane of the air all over earth with thy glory and uphold each on a cloud of glory. The only explosions are inward, if they have evil in mind. Every evil contemplation to hoard and destroy is now gathered up as a great fire for capitals, countries, presidents and heads of state, oh Father, cleansed, lifted with an inner consuming fire, burning out evil. Let every park, every campus, every college, every educational and political committee be walled and domed in fire and glory to lift, to consume that which is destructive. Let them be changed.

Let, oh thou Holy Greatest One, let thy Magna Carta be of the original glory. Let each day be a new beginning for all thy Creations on earth. Thank thee, as we breathe the holiest Supreme Light descending in the name of the Emperor of Heaven and Earth, Jesus the Christ, crucified and glorified, the miracle magic name. Let it touch our words as we spread wide our arms to receive the glory of thy Word, thy Light and the miracles added for our living thy life on earth. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father. We stand as greatly as thou can think us to be. We are ready. We are healed. We are thine forever. In thy Holy Name, Jesus our Lord, the miracle. Thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, October 25, 1970.

God, Father Supreme, thou who hast never forgotten us or let us go, thou whose Word, established from the beginning, is stronger, day by day, in our lives. Thank thee, Father, that we have lifted the sins of the world. We have lifted because we have stood the test of thy time and we declare that every ache and every pain, everything unlike the Magna Carta that we have allowed in our bodies, has lifted thy Terra.

Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that we know thy glory here and now, that we are lifted and held in the arms of Light. There is no leaving, no faltering, and there is no letting go. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that thy glory, greater even than the beginning, descends.

In this time we shall go through seven Days of Creation anew and lift the evil man has created upon earth from the beginning. Let, oh Father of all glory, let us be lifted and held and healed by thy Light. We give ourselves unto thee for the soul searching, for the knowing of every weak spot that it shall be lifted and made into strength, thy glory, thy strength, thy Power to hold us and to rule us. We are thine, and we are more steadfast, more able to hold and to become. Let every line of Light be welded into the whole of us. Let us be that whole, as in the beginning. Let thy shots of Power and thy arms hold us steadfastly, Father.

Hold us. Hold us. Hold us until we are once more completely without fear or favor, just one with thee – that we have become thine again as in the beginning. Let each breath we take, be used by thee, expressing thy glory as us. We lend ourselves, we give ourselves, we abandon ourselves in surrender to be used by the full Power of our Living God. Hold us and bless, oh divine and glorious Source of Light, all thy perfect Creations, so that they shall be held forever. Thank thee, Father, for holding us close, for protecting us. Thank thee for the miracle of fulfilled promises. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Speak to us, Master of Light and glory, our Protector, speak! Amen. – Edna Lister, January 24, 1971.

God our Father Supreme, the Allness, the Oneness of the Magna Carta is being fulfilled in this very hour. Oh thou, Most Supreme of All, let thy Power and thy glory move through, preparing the way. Let the Light that goes through, which enfolds now, the glory receiving our devotional Ascension, which the astronauts represent, the Ascension which shall release earth, for they are being used [the Apollo 14 moon landing]. The direct ray descending has formed a cloud under them, a cloud of glory enfolding them. This cloud is taking with it the fire, flame and smoke that ascends as they take off. It is surrounded by that cloud.

Let the fire and flame, the glory and the energy consume that which we have scraped from earth, from evil and darkness, from swamp lands and dens, every place where evil has been concocted, and where a bit of the ancient evil remains. Let it be consumed, as the evil was at the Crucifixion of Jesus the Christ, who was Abraham, the Beloved One who walks with us still. Let this symbol of ascension on this day fulfill what we have been unable to receive through the bodies, even the new image and likeness bodies. Let it take all this peculiar virus from all who have been touched by it all over the world. Oh Father, let it take the energy, which evil ones would use to destroy thy earth and Magna Carta.

Thank thee for the great cleansing that goes on in this very hour, releasing the bloodstream and cleansing the platelets, making thy Sons and Daughters able to stand again and to know, to hold and to remember and recall their original glory, accept it again and be free. Thank thee, oh God above, thank thee for thy planned rays, thy planned clouds of glory upholding the capitals of earth, for being the Power consuming evil intentions, taking all the energy of darkness out, lifting it and replacing it with Light and pure Shekinah glory from thy Source in this hour.

Oh Councils of Light, eternal and forever for all great Days of Manifestation, let the descended Elect be renewed with great new soul substance, so that which they have sent forth as prayers shall be replaced as clouds of glory around those who have come to earth as thine agents. Let each be cleansed. Let their platelets be returned to the higher creative center. Let their brain cells be awakened to see the glories here on earth. Where there are Sons of God in the Senate committees and governments, let them be lifted and ascended by the great lifting of evil. Thank thee, Father, that thou art taking those above, who can be released, who finish their work over there. Thank thee for lifting them and where thou art leaving them on earth to finish their mission here, let them be healed.

For everyone on our list and those whom thou hast all over earth, lift them, oh God above, as thou hast lifted us. Let our words be Spirit and glory and Light. Let the ministers on earth see Shekinah glory on their altars, and be as surprised as was Saul when glory blinded him to earth and evil and forever wiped out his past evil, which was lifted and made him one of the Elect. Make us again thy Sons and Daughters to stand forever as agents to finish thy Mission of Light in this great Age.

Let thy Power and glory prevail and lift each wheel of traffic, earth, water, air, let it be held in clouds of great glory. Let every bit of energy now be energy direct from the Magna Carta, the Source of Energy and Light. Let it be so. Thank thee, Father, that thou doth say yes and bless your people, oh Lord of Light, whom we worship and adore. We surrender. We stand and hold. So it is. Amen. – Edna Lister, January 31, 1971.

Thank thee, Glorious Supreme, thank thee. How we love thee. Let the love we ascend unto thee now, as thou hast promised, be returned to us ten thousandfold as thy strength, thy glory, thy cleansing Power that comes direct to earth to these bodies we have devoted unto thee and which thou art using as thy Power, thy glory and thy life. Let thy Creations be vitalized and quickened doubly to meet the great day's demand for the lifting of evil.

Oh Father, thank thee that we can ascend unto thee in consciousness, and that we can, in our prayers of devotion, give up self that thou shalt put in sevenfold Power and glory unto thy Sons and Daughters while we are on earth. Oh Father, thank thee that the slightest thoughts of our hearts and minds can ascend completely unto thee, and thy Light and thy full glory moves forth as a cable of Light, as a shaft of Light, endowing each of us as renewed Power, strength and endurance.

Oh God above, show us that thy cleansing Power now whirls through the brain cells, cortex, arteries and glands, consuming all evil and weakness that our past neglect has brought to pass. Cleanse our hearts, our minds that we know thou hast held us, that there is no further delay in our miracles, but that everything thou hast for us is brought to pass now. Thank thee, Father, for our University and College of Ascension. Thank thee for every promise fulfilled with Light and with glory.

Thank thee, oh God, for all this greatness, for the beauty of thy Kingdom now spreads before us and around us and is upholding us as thy Elect ones. All Power, all glory goes through us with thought, with words of devotion, with compassion for the world, but with devotion unto thee. Thank thee, oh Father, above and below. Thank thee, thou Supreme Overall. Give us that confidence, that assurance that as we go forth in the morning, the law shall go into operation through us and the day shall fulfill itself in thy great and Holy Name, oh Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father and Councils and Supreme Councils above.

We are thine. Greater and greater, we are thine, for thy greater use and thy bringing to pass that which each hour must provide. Thank thee, oh God. It is thy life and thy glory that carry us through. Thank thee, Father, for the new soul substance thou art filling us with now and all those whose names are on our lists and all whom we have contacted or touched. Let their new souls possess them to thy honor and thy glory. Thank thee that everyone of Light is now lifted and established, strengthened by thy Power and thy works. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 7, 1971.

Oh Father of all Light and glory, thou art our Light, and thou art the Light universal. And thou, oh Supreme of All, dost hold our hands in thine and the Power. For thee we are grateful that thou dost pay no attention to our lapses, our forgetfulness, our failures to know that the Magna Carta uses us. Bless us, hold us and make us on earth as we are above. We accept our responsibility, and hold fast to thy glory.

We know the earth is being lifted higher and that the quakes [San Fernando earthquake and aftershocks] are proof that the lifting and the Power are almost too great for the earth to bear. We thank thee, oh Supreme of All, that the quakes are our answers of the Light through the sun and the Power is coming through earth and holding it. We declare that every fissure, crack and fault line that can be broken is welded together. Thank thee, oh God above, oh Supreme of All. We ask thee now, with all the love of our souls and devotion of our hearts, to speak to us, to tell us how great thou art. Oh, thou Supreme of All Councils of God, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 14, 1971.

Thou the Supreme, thou who hold us day and night, thou who leave nothing out but send forth a glory and a Power, and more glory and more Power to go into every word of prayer being spoken. Oh thou, the Glorious One, thou who hast held us from the beginning and hold us always, do thou uphold all the workers who are working from the Lord Jesus the Christ, as thou wert and art. Thou Supreme of All Councils, uphold us, strengthen us, and make our faith a thing of the Source. Father of Light, we thank thee for the healing. We thank thee for the glories and friendship and students, and we thank thee, oh Father, that the prayers of thy Elect are answered now.

Let thy glories seal the veins and arteries of every one of thy Elect, coating them inside and out with Light – sealing new spiritual substance in bodies for which we have prayed, golden bowls where we have cleansed and purified all clogging, all for the fullness of thy glory. Let glands be opened that we may "see" thy Power for every organ, lymph system, the bloodstream to be purified with the glory of thee. Let thy Light go before travelers. Let thy Power move from the center of earth, sealing cracks in the earth where earthquakes may be, sealing all faults north, south, east and west. Let them be sealed forever from above.

Thank thee, Father, that every picture we have built is vitalized and quickened with life and Light. So it is and so it shall be. Thank thee that the Glorious Ones speak to fill us to overflowing, that no thing of earth left over of evil shall prevail, that bodies shall be as begotten in the beginning. Thank thee, Father, that you say YES in a loud voice that can be heard from end to end of all galaxies to earth. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. We are healed, lifted, promises fulfilled, legacies come and all is well and perfect. So it is. Thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 21, 1971.

“Thou the Only, thou the Glory, thou before whose high throne
we stand waiting, we thank thee that we are allowed to come here
whilst thou travel the great Way of Light that goes on forever.”

Most Supreme Father, thank thee for holding us, for filling us and using us despite our limitations of earth, in spite of the cross-vibrations that tear each of us. When we pray in the face of outer delays, let these initiations, let every step we have taken so far be a glory unto thee. Let the fires of Almighty God change the remaining doubts and fears of the earth-self into sacrifices, from earth into Light.

We thank thee for thy ways of sending Power to fulfill the new Christed Age glory for earth, every altar, alight with Shekinah glory, every government o'ershadowed now from the Supreme. Let the glory, let the fulfillment of those who have lent themselves to the Light now stand. Thank thee, oh Glorious Ones, who have worked with us, who hold us on our ascending pathway. Thank thee for holding us and sustaining us for the last of the lifting of darkness. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee that thou art sublime, unchangeable, and the faithfulness of thy glory is ours to express. Let the Supreme Mother of Love bless earth and lift it as love in thy great holy name, oh wondrous God the Supreme as One. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. So it shall be. Amen. – Edna Lister, February 28, 1971.

We thank thee, Father, for lifting every burden. We thank thee for moving through all the committees and causing them to say "yes." Let there be freedom. Each of our Elect shall move into an aura of Light, Light, Light. The glory of God that goes through us is so great that Jesus the Christ walks earth to be seen of men. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 4, 1971.

Thou the Only, thou the Glory, thou before whose high throne we stand waiting, we thank thee that we are allowed to come here whilst thou travel the great Way of Light that goes on forever. Thank thee, thank thee that we may lay our hands upon the arms of thy throne and worship in adoration. Do thou in this hour and the hours to come, pour through us thy fullness, All That Is, to uphold the universes we have been put in charge of through our prayers.

Thank thee, God of this great universe, that we are allowed to adore thee, to worship thee and to tell thee how great thou art. Wheresoever thou art, oh Greatest of All, pour the beneficence of thy Power through now. Thank thee for turning our faces and lifted arms to earthward affairs, that every Source, every Emanation is vitalized, quickened and praising thee. We are upheld and we are indrawn and we know we are thine, forever. Pour thy glory through us this day into the bodies we hold upon earth. Pour thyself into us that we may stay here with thee releasing Power and yet be serving at the outpost of thy Day.

Thank thee that all the Elect, the Children upon earth lift the whole of earth up to thee in confidence, in assurance that thy arms are mighty to hold us. Thank thee that every one of thy Elect, every one of thy Councils and ascending ones are enfolded higher and higher. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Open now the pathway before us and let thy healing Power take over and thy fulfilling Power and glory reach out and draw unto us sustenance, fulfillment and legacies already waiting for us upon earth. Here we are, Father. Our devotion, our gratitude ascends unto thee. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 7, 1971.

Father, we have left a portion of ourselves prostrate before Jehovah, Melchizedek and the great Supreme in token of our surrender and belonging unto thee completely. In this position of complete surrender, complete sacrifice of self, we would stay until we are lifted, purged of earth, cleansed of that evil which we have reached out for and have lifted, which has been ascended through our earth bodies unto thee. We would have the last taint of it wiped from these begotten bodies, which thou hast given us, through which the Power has been sent forth.

We, thy Chosen, are grateful that thou hast allowed us to be a part of the lifting of darkness, the conquering of all, the bringing back to thee those twelve tribes of Ishmael, who have sought to rule earth in darkness. We know that this day shall see the last of these sons of darkness lifted and brought to judgment above. We will reach out with our prayers of sacrifice while we are prostrate before all thrones. We would lift every last taint from all the Chosen ones who have returned to thee through trials and tribulations. And the lifting, we give it all to thee to be cleansed again until these earth bodies are purified, as pure as the ones prostrated above.

Hold us, oh God above, through the remaining Lenten work that thy work shall be completed. For each Elect one who is on earth, who has thought about it and desired it, make their prostrated position before the great thrones be complete. We reach out, strong in thy service, and do thou now, release the Power ready for the new universe and the filled Sources of supply to finish the work of lifting and fulfillment before Pentecost. Thank thee that it is waiting for us at this outpost of earth to make miracles of glory and exalt thy Chosen, Father.

Exalt thy Tribes, Father, who defend good, standing with our backs to the Source and releasing the glory of this beautiful, completing age of miracles. You know that we are thine. Hold us. We feel thine arms of love upholding us here for the last of the ascending evil to be changed into Light. Light! Light! Touch us. Let every word from our lips be a miracle of glory, oh Father, and when the work is done and we are lifted again to face the earth in thy names, we are grateful that we will know and the Power will use us.

How we love thee, oh Father. Accept our devotion and with thy glory tap our contact with the new Power to go through us to be used for the next step. Thank thee, Father, that thou dost hold us and do thou, oh high Supreme glory, speak to us here on earth that we may hear the beauty of thy Voice. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 14, 1971.

Now, oh God above, whose we are, whom we serve, whom we love, bless us with thy glory, and with every word we have spoken for thy Chosen Ones on earth, to hold, to love, to know. Oh God above, hold us. Lift us. Bless us. Let thy glory take care of all promises. Oh Father, oh Councils, who face the Supreme and worship the Light, hold us and give us to eat of thy manna of life, thy glory of life. Take our bodies and lift them, oh God above. Lift them above all the evil of earth that we shall be used to cleanse, to purify.

From the highest governments, from the Chosen, let there move forth justice and thy glory, Father. Again we seek thee to be used. And, oh Father, do thou now make us ready for thy glory to use us for thy new Christed Age, to hold us, and magnificently purify and justify us. Oh Father, let thy Power bring us high and make us in thy new image and likeness, every Son and Daughter, every word of glory we have ever spoken unto thee and for thee in thy name, Lord Jesus, let it go forth new and be made perfect, whole and complete. We are thine. We have always been thine. And now, endow us with the new strength to overcome that darkness we must walk through and lift. Let us be conscious of thy glory above.

We rededicate ourselves to thy service. Make us thy beautiful, glorious, healed and strengthened ones. All over earth, let darkness be lifted. Thank thee, Father, thou dost hear us and we are all healed of every bit of darkness and weakness. Increase our energies. Let Light move through to uphold us all. Thank thee, Glorious Ones, we are thine forevermore. Open the door and clear the jungle paths before us. Make us thy perfect images and thine forever. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father, for loving us. We are thine forever. Oh glorious Lord of Light, in thy name we speak, and so it is. Amen. – Edna Lister, March 21, 1971.

Father of all Light, let all who need healing this morning be healed. Let thy Power go forth as never before for all the worlds. Let all the prayers of the ancients and glories of God cure all illness and darkness. Let it be lifted, oh God. Let this day be a day of glory and of fulfillment. Let it be a glory through our thoughts and bodies and answers to prayers. Words fail us in appreciation of thy glory, and appreciation of all that thou hast given us, to be on our knees ever in praise for all.

Touch us, touch us, touch us with the greatness of thee, and never to lose sight of the greatness of the work. Protect us. Lift us. Heal us. Hold us. We cannot do it for ourselves. We are thine now, forever and ever thine. Now, now, now is the time of thy glory. Let all be healed, every virus, every disease, every unlikeness of thee, let it be lifted, and thy way fulfilled despite all that hinders and binds. Lift us up, oh Father.

Thank thee, Councils, thank thee, Father, for holding us. We are weak without thee. Thou art our only strength. Give us that completed fulfillment of All. Be with us for this day of all days. Oh Lord, we adore thee, we worship thee. Save us. Hold us. Lift us and fulfill thyself through us. How we love thee and reach out to each other with this divine love that thou dost pour out upon us! Amen. – Edna Lister, March 28, 1971.

“Oh Father of all Light and glory, thou art our Light,
and thou art the Light universal.”

Oh thou, all glory, thou, who hast opened the Magna Carta as of this hour of this day in a glory from the beginning, let there be Light! Let every record that we have made be in the name of the Lord Jesus the Christ, which has been faithful from the beginning. Make us thy faithful ones above all that is above. Give us to eat of the supreme manna that we have held. Darkness is lifted. Darkness is being cleansed and being lifted and made into Light.

Thank you that we know in this day of honor and glory that we have moved up on honor and that this great eternity prevails. Governments, hospitals and all that are still clinging to darkness are lifted and held and absorbed. The Power shall magnify itself from this Easter on. At August 10 the trumpets shall blow and all the past and evil shall be lifted and the future made perfect. We shall stand as we were sent forth. Let the words we utter, and all Elect over earth, be lifted and partake of this glory ahead of us.

Fulfillment, healing and wiping out of all past darkness that has contaminated, touched us, held us in bondage — let it be covered this week as never before — the finale of all glory and love for our Lord Jesus Christed, more love than we have ever loved him with before. Let us be used by all above who have held us so mightily through the darkness. Let our love of devotion be supreme. Thank you that the door of the Magna Carta at last swings wide, and none of them shall forget who they are. We shall be kneeling as one in great devotion, our hearts thine forever.

Thank you, Father, for this Holy Week and the conquering thus far. Let the conquering through us be complete. Let the cracks of earth be filled from the center with the Power moving through from above, the glory, Light and substance filling them. No evil shall touch our planet or universes. All shall be held as when made in the beginning, thine, ever with thee. No man may hurt, disturb or touch another. All shall be lifted high and above.

Now, we the beginners, we the finishers, we, healed by the Supreme, watched over by the agents of the full Supreme, stand and release through this week and pick up every evil started in the beginning by the foolish ones. We uphold the whole of the last of the darkness to be ascended through the Gates of the Almighty. Thank you that you are the Ruler, and we are being used here on earth. Thank thee for thy glory, Father. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee and thank thee again. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 4, 1971, Palm Sunday.

Oh thou Glorious Supreme, All That Is, our love, our devotion ascends unto thee that thou hast been able to take over all thy Creations and lift the darkness therefrom. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Councils of God. We love thee, we love thee and we hold fast to thee. Use us. Make thy Begotten Creation great enough to contain every small and every great thing of darkness — burst it wide open that the law and the glory shall prevail. Let thy miracles, promised in the beginning, go forth and go into operation. Let that which evil has left behind be ascended now, forever, and have thy Magna Carta free of that which hath delayed.

Thank you, Father, that we hold your miracles in our arms, that we know how to speak, to praise, to love enough to carry our share, which must still be scraped clean and lifted from earth. Father, we see as thy earth becomes thy perfect heaven here and now. Let us be great enough, and let our devotion grow and swell until it is one with thee. Let no separation be on earth, save that which thy Mind sends forth. Let thy great Mind and glory hold us. Let thy great Light and life pour forth that earth shall again begin its ascent home.

Thank you, Lord of Light. Thank you for all glory. Thank you for all the ability that thou hast given us to walk in thy paradise of love. Thank you, Father, for being with us, for making good our words, for fulfilling promises as us and through us, for we are thine only. Thank you for this glorious Easter Day. Thank you for the revelations. Thank you for the blessings. Thank you for the spheres of Light around us. Keep us filled with the Power of thy ray of praise and glory. Thank you for bringing us safely through the dark, the trials and temptations of the past. Hold us.

Glorify thyself through us now. Make the next forty days, days of complete oneness, and the ability to fold us, ourselves, into thy love and thy arms of Light. Let thy Light use us, hour upon hour, and put the right words on our lips. Make us strong in thy strength and thy glory. Let every word of love and praise that we have ever uttered go forth and grow tenfold in thy Power of Jesus the Christed One, in his name, in his honor and in his glory. Let our words be fulfilled now. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Supreme Father, Councils and Begotten Ones. Thank you. We hold. We stand for thee, all the glory. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 11, 1971, Easter.

God above, thou the Creator, thou who hast held us, thou who hast given us to eat of the inner manna, even when we were blind to thee at times in the past, do thou, Father, descend upon us in this hour. We accept the responsibilities of holding fast to thy hand, to thy Light. We bow our knees before thee and declare we are thine, forever and ever, thine. Thou who hast never let go, put thy arms of Light around us, upholding us. Keep us open and ready for thy miracles of glory.

Father, we are thine. We love thee. We hold thee and we declare thy glory permeating everywhere, from the highest of churches, the highest of the ones who are giving to humanity. We declare thy glory enfolding and using them in just ways, and new ideas and wherever Mind flows. Let the ideas fill us all to overflowing that we may be thy glorious instruments now and evermore.

Thou hast used us. We have surrendered as high as we know how. Open our eyes and give us a glory never before touching earth. Hold us through the week ahead that we may more than adequately release thy glory to lift the evil, ten thousandfold more than at the Ascension of Jesus and the first descent of the Holy Ghost. Let us be greater instruments than ever before. We are thine. Embrace us with thy Light and desire to fulfill all promises and hold earth steadfast in the course back to thee.

Let us be ambassadors, fast and holy. Let us glorify thy name, oh God above. Let thy Light possess us and all we touch. Let our words be sparkly with thy Light and shining with thy glory as we walk the way before us, in thy name, oh Lord Jesus. Hold us. Make us perfect in thy sight and before the world. Let our glory shine before thee. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord of Light, Councils, Masters who help. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 18, 1971.

Oh thou Eternal, whose we are, whom we serve without thought of self except that we are healed and lifted above the lower evil, which penetrating Light is still being used to lift. Oh thou Eternal One, whose glorious names are forever written in our hearts and souls, we call upon thee for sustenance, for guidance that thy guarding shall be forever. Open our eyes always to the path that we must tread. Place our feet upon it.

We still ask in the name of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, for every miracle promised for our people, the Israelites, that no evil can interfere. Hold us. Lift us. Exalt us as thy perfected creations. We are thine. We go forth in thy name and in the name of the Supreme. We hold. We stand and we praise. We are One with All That Is. We endure and declare thou art healing these creations of thine, all bodies functioning under the Magna Carta. Thank you, Father, that we are enfolded in thy glory. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen. – Edna Lister, April 25, 1971.

Lord of Light and glory, we glorify thy name and know that all shall be well. So it is. So it shall be. Thank you, Father. Bind us together. Open our eyes, ears, glands and nerves. Lift us back into our Pattern from the beginning. Thank You, Father. – Edna Lister, May 6, 1971.

We surrender unto thee, Father. Make us servants and ambassadors of thy glorious Light that we create a sun center of Light and Power. Let us be banded together to cleanse the cities of this earth of grief. Touch us and give us to eat of thine inner manna. Father, we love, adore, praise and thank thee that thou hast given us to eat of the highest manna from thy Supreme Source, that we shall be healed because evil is lifted from the blood platelets of earth. Let thy Power come through. Put thy words upon our lips, send us forth.

Oh Son of the Father, we reach out unto thee and hold up to thee the lines of Light that thou mayest lift darkness and exhale Power to make tomorrow one of many days to lay upon the altar of the Father. Touch them, Father, so they go forth lifting and praising for the glory of the Source. Send us out to make of our kingdoms something purified by the fires of God. We lift everyone, and declare miracles. Let them be perfect. Thank thee, Master. Amen. – Edna Lister, June 3, 1971.

The sun center of the Light of God goes forth! Thank thee, oh Father, for all above and below. Thank thee for the rays of Shekinah glory. Thank thee for being with us. Thank thee, thank thee, thank thee, Father, more than ever before. Thank thee forever. Thank thee, Father, for the Christ Light. Thank thee, oh Father. We thank thee so much. Amen. We are all set up to receive thy Orders, oh Father of All, and know thou shalt hold thy blessing for us as a New Testament, so that it is the perfection of the closing, in the name of the One God, Amen. And so it is. And so it shall be. Amen. We thank thee, Father, that the Christed essence is about to pour out upon earth. Now let thy Voice go forth as the cry of the "Voice of him that crieth in the wilderness" to all those who have asked. So it is. So it shall be. So it is forever. Amen. – Edna Lister, July 18, 1971.

The following Bible verses were among the last words Edna Lister spoke while embodied on earth: "The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in my people: and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voice of crying." – Isaiah 40:2-3.

"For the people shall dwell in Zion at Jerusalem: thou shalt weep no more: he will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry; when he shall hear it, he will answer thee. And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left." – Isaiah 30:19-21.

Edna Miriam Lister
Ascended to the Father of All Lights August 3, 1971

The First Begotten Son, the Golden One, whom we know as Jesus, the Lord, the Emperor of Heaven and Earth, the Messiah who walks with us still, translates the Universal Magna Carta into words that we can understand.

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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 –1971
The original Pioneering Mystic
minister, teacher, and author

Edna Lister

Our thanks to C.A.W., Edna Bender, Ruth Bender Collord, Ruth Johnson, Lotus Landis, Clara El Damm, May Clark Wilder, and Kay Wilder Abstein, who served as Edna Lister's scribes for decades.

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