August 10 Preparation, Making Wise Choices

From Pentecost to August 10, heavenly mentors and guardian angels are under heavy vows not to interfere with or to make unasked for suggestions to their charges on earth. If you desire their advice, you must ask for it. The degree of Power is sustained, and you are placed under full Light at Pentecost to see if you can hold your gains.
  During the summer, you are tested on your ability to hold your position without slipping from it. Your ability to hold fast every day is the testing point of this period, even if you make only a modest amount of progress.
  Law counts your efforts as conquering if you instantly release Power to cover any mistakes, without wallowing in blame or guilt. This is how you gather strength to conquer during the Period of Temptation and to earn new robes and crowns for your November initiations.
  The four keywords to apply during the summer months are to hear, hearken, heed, and obey law. Apply these according to your present understanding of law. Lights will be turned on at each test, trial or temptation to judge your next step in advance.

August 10 Preparation Questionnaires

What does it profit me to gain a point of earth in desire for self-exaltation and lose place, even a degree, in heaven?
What does it profit me to be found exalted in reputation on earth and in such way lose character of soul in heaven?
What does it profit me to be found in truth on earth when it shall cause offense or tears in another?
What does it profit me to stand in the ways of the mighty of earth in service, if in my heart there remains one thing to wound one of the least of God's children?
—Edna Lister, August 1, 1938.

Am I in better control of my wandering thoughts?
Am I able to stand as a strong creator god?
Am I able to control my speech by agreeing and adjusting?
Am I better able to hold my imagination on perfection?
What am I seeing about everyone else?
Put the other fellow, who is mean, on a cloud of Light to see him as perfection.
Is my confidence greater in the Father's faithfulness to fill all promises?
Or do I trust only in the promises of men?
Am I fully nourishing all my creations?
Is my tongue silver-tipped?
Does my voice carry the tones of the golden silence?
Do I hold my full contact continually with the Light?
Do I trust myself fully at all times in my use of God's Light?
How do I love myself?
Do I love my neighbor as myself?
Do I love myself as an expression of perfection?
Do I love my own Oversoul enough to want absolute perfection? (The Oversoul grieves until it is withdrawn if you keep getting into a mess.)
—Edna Lister, Daily Questionnaire for Summer Work, June 14, 1939.

How are you using the power of the white Light to aid in all overcoming?
Is the Light in you pure Light or is the Light that is in you part darkness?
Do you desire to enter into the high Gates completely and perfectly?
Are you doing your full share of making the world Light?
Can you release more Power, more Light? Can you use more love, more praise?
Does your understanding cover all the shortcomings of others?
Is your creed fully love, or only partly love?

You have entered into the joys of the Kingdom, yet you must make greater effort to stay in the Kingdom and defend your place from all manners of worldly onslaughts, brought upon you by the little self. Defend your faith by good works. Praise your good into the open. Seek ever to lift in deeper love, and your own shall come unto you as you call it forth by Praise.—Edna Lister, Daily Questionnaire for Summer Work, July 12, 1939.

How is it with my soul's welfare?
Have I seen and believed?
Have I heard and harkened unto that which I have heard?
Have I turned unto God wholly?
Have I heard truth only to discard it?
Have I praised for release, for healing?
—Edna Lister, Summer Questionnaire, May 3, 1940.

Watch your step after Ascension Day, when the Father frees you to apply what you have learned to what you are doing. The Power will go through your spoken Word, or drop off through June, July and August. You receive double credits for all your studies and sacrifices then. If you exalt and praise God, you release more Power. Simply pray and praise and do your daily labor and lifting for all life. Throw your net on the right side of the boat and haul them in.—Edna Lister, May 14, 1942.

Use these questions morning and night.

Do I heed closely enough the Master's call?
Am I close enough unto the Father during this call for the release of Power?
Am I heedful only of myself?
Do I do all things I find it necessary to do unto the glory of the Father?
How is it with me now? How shall I carry on?
What shall I do for my Father now and henceforth?
Is my love of God great enough?
Is my obedience perfect unto law, joy, goodness, loving, Light?
Is my fervency great enough? At a white point of heat?
Is my joy perfect enough?
Is my surrender full enough?
Is my faith great enough to be fully unconquerable?

Your summer keynote is "I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."—John 12:32.

You will feel hurt just as long as it takes you to give up all self to God. God cannot be hurt. He is all love, health, wealth, peace, joy, Power, Light, good, beauty, charity, all attributes and principles that you are striving to become. Your work is a challenge to become ingenious in giving gifts to the Father. Even cleaning out a closet uncovers the darkness of the appetitive soul and subconscious mind. Take joy in all you do because it is a gift to the Father if you offer it to Him.—Edna Lister, June 12, 1947.

The world must have someone who understands it and preaches divine law. The inventory period on law is from Pentecost to August 10. Take stock. Be fair in your evaluation of your understanding. You could start a negative vibration that knocks someone down, and it might take several incarnations to straighten out the repercussions. You, who understand, are fully responsible and should correct all negative vibrations.—Edna Lister, July 7, 1949.

How much can you pray?
How much can you stand?
Do you know that all is well?
Are you ready to know that love fulfills the law, and that when you obey orders to have all come out right?
Don't you think it is time to sacrifice all and obey?
Are you satisfied that things mature, expand, progress and flower?
—Edna Lister, July 11, 1949.

Have I a personal or universal measuring rod for my love?
Have my compassion and love increased during this past month?
Have I surrendered more to be used by the Power?
Have I surrendered enough for the Power to use me?
Is my devotion great enough to hold?
—Edna Lister, Daily Questionnaire for Summer Work, June 21, 1970.

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