August 10 to October 20, the Period of Temptation

August 10 is the date set for the annual lifting of accumulated darkness, as force and misused soul substance, from earth and the minds and hearts of men. During three days of initiations (August 9-11), credits are awarded and you reevaluate your vows of conquering. You remake the vows you have not paid in preparation for the period of temptation.
  The period between August 10 and October 20 is called the Period of Temptation, during which you recapitulate all your lessons and tests in obedience to law during the preceding year. The Power released through you is increased daily, as much as you can stand. The amount of Power released through you is set by midnight, September 19, and not increased until after November 1.
  This is the year's greatest initiation period, and your Guards may again actively guide you according to your needs. Initiators enter your life, using outer conditions as the temptation to uncover your weaknesses and remaining selfishness.
  The year's credits are retotaled daily and added to your Chronological Heavenly Chart. Increase the fervor of your prayers, for often only a little more prayer substance will make visible the desires of your heart. Thus, you may find the year's prayed for miracles becoming visible.

Period of Temptation Commentary and Questionnaires

Am I pleased with all my actions and speech?
Have I been fully tolerant of all, or have I lacked tolerance?
   How do I stand in service this day?
   How much of the little self have I sacrificed today?
   Have I blame in my heart for anyone on the outside, and if so, why should it so be?
—Edna Lister, August 25, 1938.

Am I honestly glad to see my neighbor happy?
   Am I glad my neighbor prospers?
   Do I try to dress better than my neighbor?
   Do I go to church just for show, then criticize others who go to church?
   Do I encourage good attitudes among my friends and family?
   Do I cause discontent and disharmony in the lives of others?
   You have no coin of the realm to pay for causing disharmony. To cause disharmony in another's home is a curse on the creator of the disharmony.
—Edna Lister, Daily Questionnaire, August 14, 1939.

How is it with my soul?
   How is it with my faith?
   Is my faith of God, the very greatest thing in my life?
   Is my vision focused upwards at all hours?
   Is my vision forever one with the vision of God?
   What do I see as my full portion?
   Is there any lack in my vision?
   Am I open to all the life my Father has given me now?
   Where am I when the Father calls me into joy, or faith or love or life or Light?
—Edna Lister, Questionnaire, September 8, 1939.

Annually, on September 19, the level of Power is set as to the amount released through the soul, and is not stepped up again until after November 1. Nothing limits the amount of Power you can release. The only limit is what your heart will stand. When you send the Power forth on a full joy vibration, the heart can take a limitless amount. The pure joy vibration is Shekinah glory, direct from the Supreme. You perform miracles on a joy vibration. To reach the highest joy vibration, in fact, the only way you can reach it is by praising God.
  Praise alone will bring miracle after miracle, miracle on miracle. Praising God is as simple as continuously saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts," in reverence before the thrones, without thought of self, wants, or needs of earth. To become God consciousness in ecstasy too great to be borne — this is the praise of God, which releases the love of God as substance, which does bring anything you have ever desired into full visibility. So, praise as much as you can though the summer until September 19.
  Form the habit of living each hour by the praise of God. Rejoice and be glad. Now is the right time. Only at the highest point of the white Light of the Christ can you fulfill all law. It is the point of pure love substance, which you must step down to visibility. Only by the use of praise and singing can you do it, and only on the vibration of the joy of God. Joy is the only medium in which you can lift the soul or lower substance into visibility. Therefore, learn to praise through the joy of God twenty-four hours a day. Hold to it until you understand the joy of God, lived for joy's sake.—Edna Lister, September 10, 1945.

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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 – 1971
The original Pioneering Mystic,
Christian Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister

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