The Creative Fire

Creative fire describes the activity of the Holy Breath of God vitalizing the soul’s life sparks, as expressed through love, joy, and enthusiasm. The creative fire is the activator of the quest for union with God. As a soul, you most commonly express the creative fire through any creative act, physical intimacy, the words you speak, wise or idle, but the best actions include love, joy, and enthusiasm.

In India, the Sanskrit term for the creative fire is kundalini (a), which represents the feminine or negative energy, symbolized by a coiled serpent residing at the base of the spine. In China, Korea, and Japan, the creative fire is known as chi, ch’i or qi, and symbolizes the dragon’s energy or power.

This invisible, physically imperceptible stream of creative fire incessantly ascends and descends via three distinct canals in the spinal cord: the left-side carrier of lunar energy, the right-side carrier of solar energy, and the central canal. To spiritual sight, the creative fire appears brick red at the base of the spine, and clears to brilliant white at the pons of the medulla oblongata, at the base of the skull.

“You use the creative fire constantly,
in everything you do.”

Creative fire expresses the vital activity of the soul’s life sparks of Light-as-substance responding to God’s Mind, Substance and Power flowing as the magnetic currents of earth and the etheric currents of the cosmos, the great River of Life. The creative fire operates at the intersection between body, mind and soul.

You use the creative fire constantly, in everything you do, from baking a cake to writing a symphony to being physically intimate. By misusing the creative fire, you unwisely invest your life sparks of soul substance in people and things. Soul ascension includes drawing the creative fire to its highest expression and redeeming every life spark that carries your soul’s name and number. This is your life in God.

Edna Lister on the Creative Fire

You must lift the creative fire on every plane before you can pass the initiations of that level. — Edna Lister, September 10, 1946.

You inhale four breaths through the lungs, which nourish the four bodies: cellular, molecular, atomic, and electronic. The three higher breaths of Love, Wisdom, and Energy enter through the crown of the head, expanding as Light. Light sends electrical charges through the pineal body and pituitary gland, which chemically recharges the thyroid and contains molecular energy that sustains the desire body. Energy also moves down the spinal column to renew and quicken all cells. So, the three higher breaths recharge the thyroid, give molecular energy to desire body, and cellular energy to physical body.

Electrons and protons generate energy when activated by the white Light of the Christ. The creative fire runs along the spinal column, the pole of Spirit called the “pole of Paracelsus,” from the vital center at the sacrum to the crown center atop the head. The thyroid and gonads (ovaries or testes) are related in that they act upon one another and generate creative fire in the sacrum plexus, at the lower pole of Paracelsus. The pineal body acts as the agent of wisdom and represents freedom through obedience to law. To stimulate the white Light of the Christ, you must have a burning desire to be one with God, a flaming, vivid imagination, and acting as if you had it. — Edna Lister, May 26, 1947.

The first step back to God is kneeling and using the divine creative fire to speak the Word as you praise Him. — Edna Lister, Promises Fulfilled, September 24, 1950.

You conquer by absorbing all so-called enemies in love. Only love’s power, hidden in the aroused creative fire, could make you love your enemies so much that you no longer consider them enemies. — Edna Lister, Secrets of the Hidden Mother, July 22, 1951.

You must expand your rate of vibration to conquer self. Gird your loins to the affect of stress on your adrenal glands. The etheric currents descend through the pineal body, and the pituitary, thyroid and thymus glands. The magnetic currents ascend through the feet, through the gonads to the adrenal glands, and the creative fire flows endlessly in a figure-eight, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet, crossing over at the heart center, through the deep cardiac plexus. — Edna Lister, July 27, 1951.

Love provides the substance, Wisdom builds the frame, and the Son is the carrier for the Holy Breath. The sacrum plexus center at the base of the spine is the seat of love and desire. The creative fire must ascend the spine to the crown to ignite the soul faculties of will, illumination, and wisdom. Desire ascends from the solar plexus, the me-center, and coaxes the creative fire to follow, after it passes the throat I-center. When desire ascends to the heart center, it puts personal will on the crossbar of the cross of the crucifixion of self. When desire ascends to the brow center, the base of personal will, then will and desire can mate. Until then, they live in separate rooms of the same house.

Free will is the freedom to use the faculty of will through wisdom. Free will is the perfection of the Wisdom of God working within man. Your will is free only when you let God’s Wisdom use you. What you really have is freedom to choose. “Free will” is yours when the Holy Spirit is using you. To achieve this, you must give up the vacillation of self and choosing the negative. Self is the only thing you can surrender. War is how nations use their collective free will in selfishness and negativity. A soul’s use of force is its negative expression of free will. — Edna Lister, October 19, 1953.

Obedience to law sublimates and ascends the creative fire. — Edna Lister, October 20, 1953.

The serpent raised on its tail represents lifting the creative fire. The cobra arisen over the head symbolizes the creative fire ascended. People dream about serpents when they begin raising the creative fire. At first, these dreams represent raising past darkness of expression that is coming to life. If the serpent is quiet, their darkness is merely being shown to them. If it is active, they are expressing the darkness.

If you dream of a serpent, it should be Light and upright on its tail. If a snake bites in a dream, darkness is still active in the subconscious. If you have such desire for dark expressions, no matter how far you climb, they will send you back to earth to conquer it. You must be capable of a balanced neutral analysis of the self without excusing or unrighteously judging self. — Edna Lister, November 30, 1953.

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How to Lift the Creative Fire

Edna Lister lecture transcript; February 2, 1953, Tacoma, Washington. Scribe: Ruth Bender Collord.

You inhale the seven degrees of breath deliberately with each deep, natural breath. The three higher degrees of breath descend to the solar plexus, and the other four travel through all the nerves extending from the spine.

You may lift the creative fire under ascension, from the sacrum to the crown for full illumination. The breath descends the desire body spine through the central canal (the spinal cord), and ascends from the sacrum through the right-side negative lunar tract and left-side positive solar tract, and ascends over the head to meet as one.

The flame of life is created continuously in the lower creative center, the sacral center. The flame of life has two currents, a positive stream and negative stream, one on either side of the body, each doing its perfect work. When you consciously direct and use it, it works wonders in rebuilding the body. It will absolutely remake and reconstruct the original pattern of perfection, no matter what any current limitation may be.

Follow each step of this treatment carefully. Remove your shoes, and sit straight in a chair, with your feet flat on the floor in an uncarpeted room. Leather, rubber and man-made soles, and rubber mats, all insulate against earth’s magnetic currents in various degrees. You may wear cotton or silk stockings. Hold your hands upraised from the elbows, palms turned toward your ears, and close your eyes.

Use your imagination to picture the creative flame of life as it flows to every cell of your body. Vividly imagine the flame of life flowing down the two streams of the sciatic nerves through your hips, left and right. The flames flow through your thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles, insteps of your feet to your toes, where you feel a tingling sensation.

Turn the flame of life back at the tips of the toes, holding it within the body, not allowing any of it to escape. Direct it through the insteps, ankles, lower legs, knees, thighs, hips and to its division in the pelvis. Feel it gently melt and dissolve all irritation and pain, making every cell new and glorious with health.

Now hold the right, positive flame of life at the right side. Direct the negative, left flame through the lower creative center at the sacrum, the base of the spine, through the kidneys, bladder and intestinal tract. Feel it dissolve all unnecessary accumulations, all irritation, feel it purify every organ as it flows. Direct it through the liver, gall bladder and stomach, through the heart and lungs.

Divide the flame and feel it flow over each shoulder and down each arm, through elbows, wrists and hands where it will vibrate and tingle to the end of each finger. Turn it back, holding all of it within the body. Feel it flow through the hands, wrists, forearms, elbows and upper arms to the shoulders and into the neck.

Take the flame into the throat, larynx, mouth and tongue, into the roots of the teeth, burning away all dross. Let it move through the nostrils, ears and eyes, making them perfect windows of the soul. Direct the flame into the upper head, into each cavity of the head, through the hair roots, making it shine with life. Hold the left flame here until the right flame of life joins it.

Direct the right, positive flame of life up through the spinal column. Send it through every set of nerves in each vertebra to every part of the body. Feel it flowing through, dissolving and absorbing anything less than perfection. Feel it building new cells and creating anew every organ. Let it fill your whole body with Light, life and glory, making your body a temple of the living God.

Bring the right flame of life through the brain cells, the gland centers. Feel them becoming perfect instruments for registering the vibrations of divine Mind, bestowing perfect perception of reality. Join the right, positive flame to the left, negative flame, completing the circuit. Know that this work is being done now. So it is and so it shall be. — Edna Lister, February 2, 1953.

Playing or listening to music on the A chord, its keynotes, inversions and major arpeggios serves to open all vital centers to the continuous flow of Power from sacrum to crown, purifying and cleansing darkness. Thus, you may lift the creative fire above the head centers in complete ascension. — Edna Lister, July 16, 1953.

To lift the creative fire, you release Power to descend the spine, unhindered, through the sacrum plexus to ascend again, without being dissipated. Dissipation of the creative fire includes all taints of darkness, negative thinking, speech and actions, not just promiscuous sex. Power fills the love center, lifts the crystallization from the sacrum, frees its five pairs of nerves, and arises through the vital centers, which enliven the nerve ganglia. The circuit meets over the head in a double-S shape, like a caduceus, which forms the upright serpent of Power, linking the land of Egypt to the Promised Land and the Garden of Eden. Thus, you tie your earth to heaven. — Edna Lister, November 23, 1953.

As you lift the creative fire, you open lotus petals, vital and nerve plexus centers, and glands that you have never opened before. So you heal yourself by restoring all your soul vehicles — the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to perfect functioning — and you can then learn to make soul flights. — Edna Lister, January 24, 1957.

The tenth chapter of Ezekiel deals with ascending the creative fire. All the warnings in the Book of Ezekiel, the burdens of prophecy against Israel, Judah, Jerusalem, the Ammonites and other tribes of the middle east, tell the people to let go of earth’s glamor and attractions. God used Ezekiel to warn the nations of His wrath, and to show the individual souls how to progress quickly. — Edna Lister, December 9, 1957.

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Misusing the Creative Fire

Misusing the creative fire is equivalent to misusing or unwisely investing your life sparks of soul substance. You misuse the creative fire when you separate the Three-as-One, which consists of the trinities of principle — Wisdom, Love and the Word, and Mind, Substance and Power.

People are always using or misusing love as sensation and emotion. The seven lower aspects of love include love of life, love of freedom, love of one’s mate, mother love, love of sensation, love of pleasure and love of things. A self-centered love is personal and selfish in its nature. — Edna Lister, Love: The Highway, November 2, 1930.

As a creator god, you have misused Power and Substance in the past, and so have created what you do not like. Yet, you must be a master of life, a conqueror of soul, lifting the misused substance and creating perfection in its place. — Edna Lister, Your Royal Birth, January 24, 1933.

"Thou shalt not commit adultery" means you may not misuse any facet of the creative fire or the Creative Impulse within the one Power on any level of consciousness. Otherwise, you pay a severe soul debt. Adultery includes unclean thoughts and emotions of any kind. For example, a negative thoughts and feelings indicate adulterated truth or truth adulterated by selfishness. — Edna Lister, Recognizing Your Good, April 22, 1934.

Misuse of the creative fire caused the first plague on Egypt. Turning water into blood symbolizes degrading the purity of the creative fire by cutting off the Power of the Holy Spirit to the sacrum center at the base of the spine. Most occasions for misuse occur when excessively indulging physical appetites or using idle words.

You can adjust to the actions of those who are misusing principle by using your imagination to lift them to a cloud continent of Light and letting Light restrain and cleanse them. As the waters of the River of Life flow through them, call them by name and declare them cleansed, purified and good. — Edna Lister, Ten Plagues on Egypt, May 16, 1934 to June 20, 1934.

When you enslave the creative fire to the outer senses, it cannot "water" the vital centers of your tree of life, your nervous system, and you become infertile. — Edna Lister, Ten Plagues on Egypt, May 16, 1934 to June 20, 1934.

Dissipation of the creative fire includes all pandering to darkness, negative thinking, speech and actions, not just promiscuous sex. — Edna Lister, November 23, 1953.

Rhythmic dancing that induces a trance-like state is quite dangerous. Also, dissonant music that causes discordance, opens the lower creative center to indulge in perversions and misuse of the creative fire. — Edna Lister, December 10, 1953.

In men, the creative fire, rising from the sacrum plexus, must use the prostate gland to ascend. To be successful in this, a man must lift and conquer complaining, bitterness and rebellion. — Edna Lister, The Tree of Life, Ephesus, January 22, 1956.

Most misuse of the creative fire begins with selfishness and self-will. — Edna Lister, The Second Death, Smyrna, January 29, 1956.

Every soul must raise the creative fire, lifting it from sensation into devotion to God. — Edna Lister, Truth, Your Plan, October 21, 1956.

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Edna Miriam Lister
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