Some references within the Via Christa treat topics of such complexity that explaining them fully everywhere they appear would make the text burdensome and hard to follow. Each Appendix covers a single topic thoroughly.

  A priori Knowledge


  Articles of Faith


  Blessings on the Tribes of Israel

  Blood: Physical Carrier of the Soul

  Burning Sands of the Desert

  China Eggs: Useless Mental Constructs

  Closed- versus Open-ended Questions


  The Creative Fire

  Cup of Lethe

  Declaration of Unquenchable Love

  Declarations for Ascension

  Declarations for a New Life Pattern

  Demiurge (Demiourgos)

  Demon versus Daemon

  Dialectic, Logic of Reasoning

  Ditches and Water in a Dry Land

  The Divine Sign, the Voice of Conscience

  Dream of Scipio


  Dweller on the Threshold of Consciousness

  Effect of Drugs and Alcohol on Consciousness

  Electromagnetic Spectrum


  Esoteric versus Exoteric

  Fate versus Destiny

  Figure-8 Sublimation Treatment

  Free Will or Free Choice?

  Girding Your Loins: A Secret of Eternal Youth

  The Golden Bowl: The Higher Creative Center

  Great Pyramid

  Hebraic Law



  Immanence versus Transcendence

  Is Intuition the Dual Process Theory?

  Jewish View of the Soul

  A Just Appraisal

  Laws of Comprehension

  Laws of the Crown

  Lenten Vows

  The Life is in the Blood

  Lifting Life Sparks, a Treatment

  Lines of Light

  A Mediator versus a Medium

  Mystical Ten Commandments

  Myth of Pandora’s Box


  Pantheism and Panentheism

  Parent Cells

  Path of Destiny or Line of Fate?


  Planetary Rulerships

  Plato’s Doctrine of Recollection

  The Pole of Paracelsus

  Rag Doll Exercise

  Rebellion in the Skies

  Recharging Your Star

  The River of Life

  Rotary Treatment for Balance and Vigor

  Seeds of Life

  Semantic Drift

  Seven Life Urges or Life Principles

  Seven Vital Centers

  Seven Vows of Ascension

  Silver Cord

  Skepticism and the Skeptics

  Solar Plexus or Abdominal Brain

  Soul Groups

  Soul Guidance versus Self-Will

  The Soul’s Descent to Earth

  Speaking in Tongues

  Spiritual Gifts

  Star of the Oversoul

  Sublimation Treatment


  Three Steps of the Creator

  Three Windows of the Soul


  Treatment for Lifting Life Sparks

  The Universal Magna Carta

  What We Believe

  The Wheels of Ezekiel

  The World

  The World Mind

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Edna Miriam Lister
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